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Adventures in The 6ix - Wiz Ahmad

After a malfunction with the Crystal Mirror during a demonstration, the Mane 6, Spike, Tempest, and Skystar get transported to another world - Toronto.

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Chapter 3: A New Town



Tempest lay on the roof of the train’s passenger car for a long time, staring out at the bright endless blue sky. Nothing about the situation irritated her - not the wind pulling her mane back or threatening to chap up her lips, not the gray smoke from the train’s stack, not even the prospect of falling off due to a potential sharp turn. All that racked her mind again and again was why? Why had a group of elitist ponies deliberately refuse to attend an event specifically designed to clear her name, then to show up again and verbally degrade her in front of everyone at the station? Had they been specifically set up by another pony with bad intentions, or were they simply just being annoying because they felt that they could speak and act in such a way? The answers were fuzzy and fuddled.

“I should ask you to ask Celestia to inquire about that group of miscreants, Twilight,” Tempest whispered, laying down to relax in peace.

The town of Ponyville loomed into view. Tempest tightened her hoof grip, preparing to jump down in between cars so she wouldn’t be seen by those at the station.

“Well, here we are everypony!” Pinkie Pie announced happily, pointing out the window at the train station, which was clearly visible on the horizon.

Tempest crept silently across the top of the passenger car and jumped down - just as the train driver hit the brakes.


Tempest found herself slammed against the train car door, her legs dangerously dangling over the edge near the hinge and buffers. Shaking herself conscious, she pushed herself up to her feet and stood on the edge outside the door, holding onto a rail until the train came to a complete stop.

The doors opened, and a flood of ponies came on and got off. Feeling insecure, Tempest jumped off on the other side and crouched down, out of sight but listening in closely. Finally, the noise died down until it was audibly clear the station was empty, except for a few voices.

“Tempest, where are you?”

“Darling, come out, please!”

“She’s probably -”

“Here,” finished Tempest, stepping out from behind the train as it sped off.

“Tempest! You’re okay!” Twilight exclaimed, running to her.

“I’m alright,” Tempest replied, giving the anxious Twilight a hug. “I just hope Ponyville is alright too, if you know what I mean.”

“Don’t get yourself too tied up with anxiety,” Pinkie said encouragingly as they walked down the road. “Ponyville is a very welcoming and friendly place. No pony here has an elitist mentality. They all go about their own lives without so much of a scuffle.”

Feeling a little bolder, Tempest continued down the road, using the moment to take in all the sights and sounds of the outskirts of the new town. The trees, bushes, and flowers provided a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, as if it were actively showing love and care - exactly the qualities and behavior she hoped to receive from the townsfolk of Ponyville. Yet as she started down one of the main streets, something seemed off.

A few residents were out and about, selling fruit at stands or simply out for a walk. But for the most part, the town looked empty, as if everypony had fled with a couple stubborn residents staying behind.

“All this beautiful socialization and flourishing economy, abandoned,” Tempest muttered. “It’s like they already knew a storming attack was coming.”

“Fizzlepop, you’re not a storm or a danger to anypony,” Rarity pleaded. “You’re powerful, strong, and beautiful, no matter what some petty low-lifes may say.”

“I’ve heard...less,” Tempest muttered under her breath. Inside, she wanted to just abandon Ponyville, abandon Canterlot, and just return to the solo outcast life she’d always known prior to being under the rule of the Storm King. Just to be in a place where she would have nopony to worry about except herself. It was pointless if living amongst others if they were stubborn in their seemingly deliberate fear of your presence. Rarity’s puppy eyes were the only miniscule driving forces that kept her moving forward.

“Hey, what’s with all those low whispers?” Fluttershy interrupted, and was met with a shrug from the others.

“No, seriously,” she replied. “Listen, it’s like a whole crowd on the far side of town.”

“Well, it is 1 o’clock y’all,” Applejack added.

“One o’clock?!” Twilight yelped. “I totally forgot - Mayor Mare’s holding a town meeting today regarding a new citizen!”

Without a word, Twilight flew off to the center of Ponyville, her friends instantly in tow, while Tempest stood briefly in thought.

“Um-hm!” she exclaimed, the dots finally aligning and connecting. Now she realized why almost everyone in town was absent - they hadn’t ran away, they were waiting for her to arrive! Maybe this meant they actually wanted her to live with them…

Having understood the situation, Tempest took off after Twilight and her friends, her hoof armor leaving a loud clanking sound in her wake. Reaching the town hall, she noticed the crowd all gathered around the town hall building. There were so many, in fact, that they extended all the way back across the main road and into some side roads. Over their whispers, Tempest caught the notable voice of Mayor Mare, who’d been giving them all a short preface.

“Our town’s newest resident is one that many may or may not be familiar with. She tried to take over Canterlot by the command of the Storm King, until she rebelled and instead pushed him to his own demise, thus saving Equestria from eternal chaos and destruction. Everypony please welcome, Tempest Shadow!”

Back at the rear of the crowd, Tempest heard the call, and strode forward.

“Excuse me, everypony, I need to get through!” she asked several times, trying to get through the rows of ponies, but they refused to budge.

“This row isn’t for…” one rude stallion began, then looked up at the bold, serious, and muscular figure of Tempest. He choked on his own words, falling silent.

“Hehe,” Tempest smirked. “Have it your way, little ponies. I’ll do it my way.” Glancing around, she spotted a low-lying ledge and jumped. Getting a grip, she then caught sight of a balcony two stories up on a house on the opposite side of the street. Without a second thought, she pulled herself up onto the small ledge and kicked off hard with her hind legs, taking an enormous leap towards the balcony. This was her special power: Tempest didn’t have wings, but she could leap, spin, and kick very hard. She’d used it before to unleash the Storm King’s magic to encase the Princesses in stone, now she’d use it to reach the stage where everypony would know of her presence as a good pony.

Crashing through the balcony’s wooden railings, Tempest spotted a lamppost and made another huge leap spanning some thirty meters, landing right on top of it. Before her weight would crush its frame, she threw herself sideways, rotating her front legs and tucking her back ones in. With a mighty crash, she landed on the town hall’s announcing stage, rolling as she fell.

“Tempest!” Twilight shrieked. “Are you okay?”

“Sometimes...you...you gotta use old strategies to get yourself to where you can fully embrace the new,” Tempest groaned. She wasn’t writhing in pain, but clearly achy.

“Good thing your armor protected you,” came a familiar voice. “Maybe even tougher than dragon scales.”

“Hey Spike,” Tempest waved, getting to her feet. “Twilight’s told me all about you.”

“How’s the castle?” Twilight inquired.

“Did the workload overclock your awesome dragon powers?” Rainbow Dash teased.

“Ah, it wasn’t much,” Spike bluffed. “I swept all the hallways, organized a cluttered section of the library, and baked a couple things.”

Tempest gave him a glance-over, before turning to the stage - or what was left of it. Her landing had cracked the concrete wall and punctured a hole in the floor. Added to which, the podium had fallen over and Mayor Mare’s papers were scattered everywhere. It was a mess.

“Go,” Twilight urged her. “I’ll fix this, while you fix the other,” she added with a sly wink. Tempest smiled back and turned to face the crowd, her worries receding slightly as the townsfolk remained in their positions, not yelling or running away. It was a huge improvement over the events in Canterlot.

In no time, the papers were collected and sorted, and the podium was back up.

“You may begin,” Mayor Mare coaxed in a low voice.

“Thanks,” Tempest whispered, before turning to face the crowd.

“In all honesty I shouldn’t be here,” she admitted firsthand, keeping her voice clear and definite. “I should be in the deserted lands way down south, scraping out a living with whatever destiny throws my way. But I came here - because I had a choice, and firm belief that the choice was a good one. I wanted to get back into pony society, to be loved and help others out, to make new friends. Beforehand, I wanted nothing more to restore the one thing that brought about all my sadness and exile - my horn. And that led me into the wrong hands. Now in the right league thanks to my newest friend Twilight Sparkle, I make my return to pony society. I stand before you all, in hopes of your love and acceptance. I know you understand that we all are special in our own ways, even if said ways may mean we look or perform differently. But if we overcome those differences and recognize ponies for who they truly are in the now, then we can truly function as a prosperous and harmonious society. Thanks for allowing me to speak, and I wish you all a fantastic day.”

Unlike in Canterlot, the crowd cheered immediately, clapping and smiling back at her.

“Thank you for being a great friend, Twilight,” Tempest complemented, raising her voice so the crowd would hear it clearly.

“You too,” Twilight replied with a loving smile. “You helped me understand too. In fact, I have something special to show you. But for now, go establish yourself amongst those you reach out.”

Nodding firmly, Tempest stepped off the town hall stage and headed for the main road. Amazingly the crowd politely parted to make way for her.

“You don’t have to be so submissive, but...but thanks,” Tempest chuckled, walking down the ‘hallway’ that was formed. Spotting a couple fruit stands, she headed straight for the market. She was ready to assimilate herself back into the society she left so long ago.

Author's Note:

What's with all these sudden wave of favorites? Thanks a bunch!
Somepony said the chapters should be longer, but honestly I think they're fine at 1,500 - 2,000 words. Later in the story I may increase that.

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