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Have you ever considered what happens to those fighting in the Human Liberation Front if they were captured in action?

Many will try to escape the prison camps before they are shipped off to the Conversion Bureaus while others will unwillingly accept their fate. One such group of POWs are determined to escape their camp in the Hudson River Valley and continue their fight.

Clearly, they forgot the old saying.

"For you, the war is over."

Will contain content from The Great Escape and mention parts of no sh*t sherlock's 'New Tactics' stories
Rated Teen for language and violence

Chapters (8)

Humanity has fallen, and Equestria reigns triumphant. A few scattered members of the Human Liberation Front fight on, but they are gravely outmatched. In the aftermath of a pitched battle, a member of HLF and a unicorn filly walk among the dead.
One Shot, Complete

Chapters (1)

The Ponies take over our lands. The lands we have works so very hard to create, to earn, and to develop.
We have started wars on this land. we have started wars FOR land.
We, the human race, have worked to far. killed to much, and survived to long to be exterminated like pests.

I stand here now as the last human on earth. There's no hope for me, or for my race. but the purple unicorn in front of me dares to ask the question that every other pony has asked before: Why do we fight?

(Rated teen for course language and slight death)
Big thanks to cshadd for the updated (and better) cover art

Chapters (1)

When human base is discovered inside Mount Everest, 30 years of war breaks out leading to the Final Solution.

Chapters (1)

*Story will soon undergo a revision of all chapters.*

After a large scale attack on the Bureaus by the HLF, Princess Celestia claims the Earth and decrees that ponification is no longer a choice, but mandatory. World governments have become weak and countries no longer have the military strength to stop the forced ponification. The new methods have forced most of the remaining humans to go into hiding. With their population dropping everyday, its only a matter of time until there are none left.

Chapters (7)

I'm sure you've heard all about it by now. Rainbows and sunshine. Unhappy humans turning into happy ponies. Dancing and singing together in harmony, now and forever.

All of those stories you've heard, exaggerated. All those statistics and graphs, faked. Propaganda. Delusions.

They didn't tell the real story, what it was actually like. So, I've decided to write this book to record some of the truths that have been... glossed over.

My name is Matthew Roberts, and I'm the Mayor of New Hope. While my covering may have changed, I am still human.
This is the untold story of the Conversion. The one they never wanted to acknowledge.

Chapters (7)

Description: Two years after the camps opened up, the Western Territories of the USA are nearly vacant. It is once more a frontier, ripe for exploration and settlement. On bequest of Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle is to experience the human world by joining a family of Pony Settlers on their journey out West. It's Dangerous to go alone however, so in an act of good will, the US government is sending someone to make sure no harm befalls the ponies.

Chapters (10)

Humanity is dead.
It's members have been converted and brainwashed. Its homeworld has been absorbed, and its culture has been eradicated.
Princess Celestia couldnt' be happier.

Unfortunately for Celestia, there are beings out there who don't look too kindly on xenocide. Beings much more powerful than her...

Inspired by Rush's "The Conversion Bureau: Celestia's Silly Plan"

Author's note: For the record, I don't hate all TCB fics. My problem is with the ones that depict humans as irredeemable bastards whose only hope for salvation is to convert themselves into talking horses. They piss me off. They really piss me off.

Chapters (1)

Dr. Nikolai dies in an accident while researching about wormholes, trying to turn back time despite it seeming impossible and ends up waking up in the Everfree forest in the body of a young pony, unaware of what he is.

His experiments on magic, his newfound interest attracts attention to himself despite his desire to remain hidden.

(The Art on the cover page is mine. Do not steal. You can ask and use if I agree.)

Chapters (14)

When an ancient Equestrian artifact suddenly tears a hole in time and space, Sunny Starscout gets the chance to meet her idol, Twilight Sparkle, for real! However, not only is Twilight shocked by the changes to the Equestria she loves, but Opaline's ever-present eyes see this as an opportunity to undo her defeat at Twilight's hooves. Twilight and Sunny must find a way to stop the mad alicorn if Equestria is to remain stable.

G4/G5 crossover.
Timeline: Pre-season 9 of FiM, post G5 holiday special.
My 40th pony fic!
Coverart by Adagiostring.

Chapters (16)