• Published 26th Sep 2012
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The Conversion Bureau: Prisoners of War - Codexwriter476

As a prisoner of war, you have two choices: Escape or Convert. Which would you chose?

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Epilogue: Trenton of the South

The lights were dim as Mikey walked down the corridor towards the Conversion chamber. He, along with several others caught in New York had arrived at the Atlanta bureau only two days ago and already they were facing their fate. The profanites of the detainees still lingered in the corridor by inmates still awaiting their turn from behind barred cells, with small slivers of moonlight beaming through the windows above. Their shoes shuffled on the freshly polished floors, easily drowned out by the guards marching alongside the column; each spaced out for every five humans on the line. He couldn’t help but look back to one of the prisoners behind him, flanked by two guards and a lavender unicorn. He knew that one from somewhere, but the name was lost in time. The prisoner seemed to be writing something, but he couldn’t tell what though, maybe his life story or just something that unicorn wanted him to fill out.

Up ahead, the line moved slowly. Too slow to his liking. For a massive facility, the process seemed to take forever. Maybe this was the only conversion chamber they had, talk about engineering fail. There was a bright side to the slow nature however. It gave him time to think about his friends; both dead and converted alike. He had managed to chat with Toby, Jackson and surprisingly Murdoch before he was loaded onto the zephyr bound for Atlanta and he stole a kiss from Kelly before she entered the chamber yesterday evening.

He was now the fifth in line.



He was second in line, before the doors when an explosion shook the world around him. He collapsed to the floor as gunfire flew above his head, killing guards around him. Mikey turned back to see the Front leading people out. It was a surprise attack on the bureau and a rescue mission, as if fate had other plans for him.

“Let’s go! Let’s go! Everyone out!” One of the members shouted, pulling up prisoners on the ground. The member took hold of Mikey and pulled him up.

“Do you have a spare gun?” Mikey asked. The member tossed a sidearm towards him and followed them out of the smoking building, towards the streets of Atlanta, towards Freedom once more.

'New York's war maybe over, but Humanity's war is far from it.'

Author's Note.

Your probably aware that this ending and the 'Fight...' chapter runs parallel to the 'New Tactics' stories by no sh*t sherlock because of the settings and time. Truth be told, it is. I originally had no intent to do so, but my mind works in mysterious ways and thought it would be interesting to have another Point of view.

As for the title of this certain chapter, I thought it gave that sort of revolutionary feel to it.