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Spearpoint a down-on-his-luck stallion was a terrible royal guard who could barely perform his duties. However, he is given the opportunity to be on Celestia's cleaning staff as one of her maids. But...she secretly starts to turn other rude and lazy royal guards into maids as well. Spearpoint now known as Mop Head rises through the ranks to become the head maid of the transformed stallions and helps them get used to their new lives (and some start to enjoy being mares). But Mop Head has to also find a way to stop Celestia's madness...

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Lyra and Bon Bon are so excited to begin their married life together. In the time between a proposal and a wedding, there's so much preparation to do, but despite all the work, the two sweethearts are determined to not let it interrupt the time they spend together. Deciding to try something new, they attend a session of Ponyville's new musical workout gym... and quickly realize just how out of shape they are.

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