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Inspired by 'Shouldnt have enslaved humanity', written by NoobMaster69, as well as a Hearts of Iron 4 mod called 'Beyond Earth'.

Special thanks to karnazom for proofreading.

"Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plain of dignity and discipline." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Humanity is surprising in many ways. When most expected it to die out from infighting and chaos, it somehow survived, and now, it thrives. Global conflicts, economic and ecological disasters, near-extinction level events and collapses, all of them overcome, all thanks to the undying spirit and will of Humanity. Every challenge thrown their way has been overcome, and they have endured.

However, when a cataclysmic event of immense proportions approaches Earth, Humanity must find a way to preserve their race. And when they re-emerge from the remains of the old world, they find a world not just foreign and unknown, but hostile to them. But like the legendary Phoenix, through it's ingenuity and unity....

Humanity shall once again rise from the ashes.

Chapters (16)

It is 1918. The Allies have defeated the Central Powers and now US marines and US army troops are being sent to Germany for occupation duty. Among them are the men of B company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. Gunnery Sergeant Nathan Blackburn has seen the war through from beginning to finish and is relieved it is over. But when a strange cloud transports him and his comrades to a strange new land where they themselves have taken on strange new appearances, Blackburn soon realizes that his fight is far from over.

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There is a flood on the horizon. Equestria's enemies have united, and the coming tide will not only change the course of history on one world, but two, and bring about a monumental meeting that will bring brothers and sisters from those two worlds together.

At long last, the downtrodden will rise.

The battle begins.

Chapters (41)

1982, a summer just like any other, but a string of border conflicts and botched talks finally pushed the world to world war three, and after that-

Nuclear armageddon.

Nobody surrendered, but nobody kept fighting the war either.

After the end, scientists of all sides and factions concluded a new impending ice age that would wipe out all of humanity. But instead of digging bunkers and accepting the cruel fate, humankind started to work on one-way portals that would hopefully link them up to a habitable planet, and just before winter arrived in 1984, they did it.

One by one, refugees, soldiers covered in bandages and mud, and politicians that soldiers surround formed massive lines to enter the portal. The ones who managed to go across all had the same question-

"Is that a talking horse?"

Based on the HOI4 mod "Equestria at War" and its submod, "Escalation 84" by Euro-General. Timelines are based on season six but altered to fit more into the EaW universe. Special thanks to previously Jadenone and now Ariandel for editing.
It has some comedy in it, but not the entirety of it.

(any depiction of real-life politicians or ideologies does not represent the view of the writer himself, please don't cancel me if you see your favorite/most hated politician being portrayed in a negative/ positive light)

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After the Grangeville uprising and the assault on his garrison, Colonel Von Krieger and the remnant of his forces barely managed to escape the town and flee into the countryside, as they hoped to hide out for the duration of the war. After hours of travelling and encountering other remnant forces, including displaced german citizens, the platoon decides to take a rest, but in the morning find themselves to be in the foreign land of Equestria, within the region of Germaney.

Little did Krieger know... This would be the start of a grand adventure ahead of him, one that would end with the birth of the greatest empire Equestria had ever seen.

The empire of the Germaneian Kaiserreich.

Crossover with 'The Long Long Holiday', first chapters are set before season 1 of FiM.

(Note, this story is not meant to support Nazism or similar ideals.)

Chapters (12)

After being blown up, Lilly wakes up as a cartoon filly, knowing she was lucky enough to be given a new life, Lilly will need to navigate her way through this new world. Much to her annoyance they still treat her like a child. She just hopes the rest of her squad made it out. All she wants in her new life is a little respect from those around her. Maybe she should just let herself live the childhood she never got.

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One million years ago, in the year 2017 A.D., humanity discovered two new types of radiation that were being emitted from an unknown region up in space. Using the Hubble space telescope, scientists were able to discover that the radiation was being emitted from an asteroid, which was on a direct collision path with Earth. 

These two newly discovered radiation types were dubbed Keifer's radiation (later nicknamed harmonic radiation) and Chaotic radiation. Keifer's radiation was found to be completely harmless to humans and animals, although it was later discovered that Keifer's radiation tended to be attracted to certain animals. Chaotic radiation, on the other hand, was found to be extremely harmful to humans in large amounts, causing fatal mutations to humans. 

The discovered asteroid was found to be over twice as big as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. In the year 2018, scientists predicted that the radiation was expected to reach fatal, critical levels by the year 2027. The asteroid itself was estimated to only crash into Earth one thousand years later, long after the rest of humanity would be wiped out by the lethal Chaotic radiation.

As a result of this, world leaders got together and began construction of Utopia, a large underground bunker, capable of housing four hundred thousand people, two thousand from each country. The chosen few were gathered together within Utopia and would be the last of humanity.

However, the radiation was estimated to have a half life of at least 1,000,000 years. This led world governments to invest heavily in suspended animation and cryogenic technology. And finally, in the year 2024, the first cryogenic pod was invented, capable of freezing someone for an infinite amount of time, without the need for sustenance, as long as there was a power supply.

Exactly one million years later, the humans reemerged to begin recolonisation... only to find several sentient species currently inhabiting the planet that they once had absolute, unchallenged authority over. 

One of them was humanity, which was able to recolonise and repopulate the planet from the few members of the human race that managed to survive the Second Flood, long before the Utopians woke up. But there was something wrong, humanity was being used as slaves by the ponies and several other species.

How will humanity answer to the fact that Planet Earth (now renamed Equus) is no longer theirs? Will they make peace with the locals, or will they attempt to wipe them off the face of the planet with their stockpile of nuclear weapons, that were there for the very purpose of reinstating human rule if another creature evolved to their level?

[Heavily inspired by the tv series The 100]

Featured from 19/7/21 to 23/7/21

Featured on 25/7/21

This is the old version of this story. The rebooted version is available here:

Beyond Earth Phoenix Rising

Chapters (36)

Effective immediately, this series is now cancelled for a rewrite.

As they tread upon the other side of a Dimensional Gate, two companions scout the area in search of a group of traitors from their world into a strange land. A land ruled by magic instead of cogs and gears. A land untouched by a hundred years of war. A land until today, protected from alien incursions. A land where equine creatures talk and the mythical exists.

Set a month after season 9's "The Ending of the End", the Mane 6 will find that even strangers from a world traumatized by the Great War, Comradery holds a greater bond than iron.

While this is my first fanfic, this story touches one of the many worlds and races my sister and I put together so technically this is a crossover of sorts to "a wider web" of other (potential) stories. However, no prior info is needed to get into the plot and story as I hope this will be the first of many to connect the "wider web" I was referring to.

Chapters (10)

After years of shame and ridicule, archaeologist and explorer Lyra Heartstrings stumbles across a discovery that validates all her theories and ideas in one fell swoop. Along with her best friend, Bon Bon, and her old classmate Cadance, they find themselves faced with a mystery and marvel that may change everything.

Following the next greatest lead found in the database of an ancient race, another international team is formed. Led by Doctors Carter and Jackson, they strike out to explore another network of Stargates discovered in a galaxy on the edge of the local cluster. In the process, their findings will cause them to question much of what they thought they knew.

The adventures continue and unlikely allies will face dangers new and old as the Legacy of the Ancients continue to unravel in the latest chapter of the universe.

[Co-written by Thunderclap and Shagohad12] Formerly co-written by Grey Cait. [Edited by: Lithl and m2pt5][Cover art: 1, 2 modified + vectors]
Now with a Russian reading by SviMik

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A community on Discord hosts a battlefield 4 game but suddenly has to battle for Manehatten, Ponyville, and Canterlot. Well sadly for these ponies, they are going to get in the crossfire. What will the Main 6 do in order to stop such chaos. Will they negotiate or have no choice but to fight.

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