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Have you ever considered what happens to those fighting in the Human Liberation Front if they were captured in action?

Many will try to escape the prison camps before they are shipped off to the Conversion Bureaus while others will unwillingly accept their fate. One such group of POWs are determined to escape their camp in the Hudson River Valley and continue their fight.

Clearly, they forgot the old saying.

"For you, the war is over."

Will contain content from The Great Escape and mention parts of no sh*t sherlock's 'New Tactics' stories
Rated Teen for language and violence

Chapters (8)
Comments ( 31 )

An interesting start, curious to see where you go with it :twilightsmile:

*Comes online to see results compared to last night*


Minor nuance, but if the official stance was indeed that of the PER's, wouldn't the PER would cease to exist as a separate entity? They'd be one and the same.


Minor nuance, but if the official stance was indeed that of the PER's, wouldn't the PER would cease to exist as a separate entity? They'd be one and the same.

The answer is as simple as your grammer issue.


What was that?

You seem to have a spelling error.

1344189 :ajbemused:
*User disconnected from comment board*

I like it, but why bother with the prison camps? Why don't they just ponify the HLF members then and there?

1344727 It will be futher explained in the next chapter

Only two fics on the atrocities of Equestria and it's ponies have appeared in the past week... is it a trend inside of a trend?

Tell me, mate, have you perchance ever played Homefront? Everything in this fic so far screams "inspired by the game".

1370997 Heard of it, yet never played it.

1371160 I'm impressed, because this could pass for an adapted novelization of it set in the TCB universe. The setting is similar, the beginning is almost the same...

1371179 Would you believe that that most of the TCB stories I've read thus far kinda fell into play here?

1371205 A military guy jumping off an enemy bus coming from or going to a prisoner camp? Really?

1371259 It was either that or spending the entie story digging a tunnel

1371271 Oh, I get it. You're referring to the "escapee" shtick.

That O' Brother where art thou reference...

So why aren't they brainwashed? :rainbowhuh:

1375293 Field variants aren't as strong as those within the Bureaus, and it only removes a small portion of their memories and genetic structure whereas the Bureau varients removes all traces of humanity aside from the basic emotion sets and key memories.

"its screen displaying
a headline about some bombings in

Manhattan against the ponies there."

Awwww yeah!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Humanity will win in the end and if they cant nuke em all make the earth a glass ball if we cant have it they cant ether

1873303 If you think so sir, you best not say anything about the Bonus chapter coming soon

2269394 Bonus chapter oh god i hope humanity makes it

Now that's how you die like a boss

...least he took 'em with him in the end.

great book dude that was a great ending

P.S humans rule :)

There's only one man insane enough to turn an HLF defeat into a victory.

Give it up for Capt. Price and task force 141!

No seriously, give up. You literally have no ####ing chance.

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