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For many people, the conflict was the end. For many people, when Celestia attacked, the entire world ground to a terrible halt, and their lives were completely upended. It was the end of everything

For Dr Jacob McArthur, it was just another long road to travel. The same as many roads he had traveled in his life.

For the last three months, he has been on the run, making his way across the country in an attempt to fix his mistakes. Many things have happened in this time, new friends made, old friends found, yet in the end he traveled alone towards his final destination. Yet as it has always been for him, the end of one road may well lead down another longer road.

Second chances are precious things, and often come at some great cost, to ourselves or to others. For Jacob, his second chance, his desperate attempt to fix things, may just cost him everything.

Note: This is a sequel to Requiem, if you have not read it, it likely won't make as much sense. Though it should stand fairly well on its own.

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Comments ( 31 )

Not buying the premise... If only because I think "tyrant celestia" is the absolute most retarded fanon in the fandom. Completely contrived.

Not horrible, but, puts a bad taste in my mouth. And is probably just a carbon copy of The Road.

well while this is a good fic i gotta ask .... WHAT THE FUCK MAN WHY DID U PONIFY EM!!!!!!!!!!!!

seriously allthough it might sound interesting i liked this human cause he was a HUMAN that was counter to everything that tyrantestia has said about us and he was resisting without falling to the lows that she was accusing our race of. now that hes a pony.... with or without his preveous mind i am not realy ok with this. because this means that he is no longer the human standing for what is right. he is now the pony with a mind of a human trying to stop celestia from killing humanity. it just.... doesn't have the same ring to it. *sighs* if you continue this with him a pony i will continue reading as i still injoy this fic. im just... realy disappoint.

well lets go into the actual detailed review (this is of the story not the grammar or anything as im not a grammar nazi)

First off im happy to see that humanity is well dug in as we would be. I hate it when fics portray humans as weak and we all get owned in minutes from the ponys

Second The morals. im happy to see that he still keeps hold of his moralitys through this and shuns the unnecessary death.

3rd i love the big debate with celly on moralty and our race. your main charactor seems very pationate about his work and he wants nothing more then to stop celly with leads me to admire his drive. however this brings us to piont 4

4th he gives up to easily. after that big debate i would have thought him to put much more resistance to him being ponified even if you know its piontless. this would honestly suit his character as he seems to be a guy who despite impossible odds *stopping celly* he is fighting to the end. it doesnt make sense that he would sign his own death/failure warrent at somthing he has worked so hard on back up plan or not.

now last thing. despite being a pony whats stopping him from using a different radio station? im sure theres more then just that one or another method of broadcasting the signal.

ok ... well while slightly dissapiont i will continue to read. i hope you do not take offence in anyway to my comment as i mean none, just trying to piont out some possible flaws or ...downsides to your fic

well hope for the best Shadowless_night
Good bye and have nice day (fps russia reference)

Really looking forward to where you go with this, you know where to find me if you need proofing :twilightsmile:

1503711 100% agreed. I can't stand the whole tyrant Celestia thing either.

It's a bit clunky, but I'm enjoying it. Work on getting Celestia a character, if she's going to show up more, and turning those cuddly hordes into something more than backdrop.

how the hell did this get Featured? Its okay, but.....god. needs work.

wait... how did this get featured?


That's actually one of the reasons I started writing this story. Celestia always needed some character, least in my mind, and I always felt this fic was a good chance to do just that.


Honestly, while I was torn about the whole conversion, I felt, in the end, it was really the only way it could work. Simply put there is only so long a man, who's dedicated himself to not harming anyone, can run around a violent landscape and not end up having -something- happen to him. Caught by purity, potion squad, who knows what else, simply put it was far too likely something would happen to him for me to think that he wouldn't end up down this path. As for his whole giving up, he always fought when he felt he had at least a slight chance. Stuck with Celestia and a good 8-9 ponies of purity, he knew damn well he didn't have a shot of trying anything.


I'm not quite sure either, though it seems I don't see it in the featured box anymore so I dunno?


While I have read good things about the road, I can tell ya, I have both never read it, and from my understanding from my sister who has, this is not the same idea whatsoever. Still, I understand your dislike of tyrant Celestia. I like the ten rounds universe, but the lack of motivation for Celestia always irked me. So thus this story came about. You don't have to read or like it, I know its niche, but there's my thoughts at least.

1504685 fimfic occasionally spazzes out so i guess that's your answer. not a bad story, the last time the accidental-feature happened it was a, lightly, a peace of crap... so good for you :pinkiecrazy:


Heh, thanks. I honestly thought nothing TCB would ever get featured, so who knows. All I know is that this is a chance to continue working on my writing, cause there's always room to get better!

A TCB fic being featured? So I guess this is not the average wish-fulfilling misanthropic TCB story, right?


No, its far worse. :U

In all honesty, I can tell you, I don't really want to be Jacob. Nothing nice happens to Jacob.

I can't speak for other people, but I rather like the story. I liked the first part, in fact I loved that one. And I liked this one because I now know what happens after. Is there to be a third for the conclusion?


More than a third. I see at least two more parts, there might even be a third, we will see how it goes. Requiem was meant to stand on its own, but this one we're going to see all the way to the end.

1503789 My thoughts exactly.

1506299 but i believe it was the fact the he was a peace driven man surviving in such conditions that made me and several others wish to read it. while it would be very difficult to keep writing with a human he was... inspiring in a way. by taking his humanity away he is no longer the one who gives us that inspiration. Like i stated before i still enjoyed the story and i will continue to read it until its end. I'm just very disappointed that you eliminated the main factor that made me love this story.


I think I understand what you mean, but in the end that's one of the theme's of the story. Still, when I set out writing this story, I knew simply put some would prefer Requiem to end as it did, and that's fine. With any luck though, you'll like it despite the changes. Its just, a big theme of these stories is that one's actions define them, not their species.

So with any luck, you'll end up enjoying it though to the end anyway. Here's hoping!

Did he become an unicorn? I cant tell.


Species hasn't yet been said. That being said, next chapter will explain it a bit more.

1523240 well then he has to be an unicorn you know because he's so smart and it seems all smart ponies are unicorns.

When I saw the sequel I was like:
Then I read the end and was like:
Then I saw there was more to be written and was like:


Oh don't worry. This isn't the end. There's more coming. Requiem ended on a note I could agree with, but with plenty left to go, a lot left unresolved.

Let's just say What's Left Undone will not have that problem.

Oh he is going to play double agent love it hope humanity wins

Well, all I can say is I'm amazed I missed this.

I saw Requiem and loved it, and wanted to see what was next. So I'm glad to see a sequel. I'm curious though. Is Jacob fully pony mentally, or is he still himself and just playing Celestia? Cause if the latter, I want to see what he does next. I'm a bit upset that he didn't get the kill switch flipped (I was waiting for that and waiting to see how this worked and how they react), but hopefully at the end of this fic, it will be flipped.

Ohhh kay!

Requiem set up a great story and had a decent ending for a shirt, though I'm glad you continued it.

This sequel paints a wonderful picture of what is, in essence the brainwashing debate from the some wonderful classic science fiction.
I noticed this was posted in 2012. Are you planning on writing more or is it just to be a favorite second short?

Could you put in another chapter

Is this the end? It has been years. I was really hoping to read another chapter.

Nothing, really? I was so looking forward for this story to be continued!

Yeah, this is dead

make more chapters please

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