• Published 26th Sep 2012
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The Conversion Bureau: Prisoners of War - Codexwriter476

As a prisoner of war, you have two choices: Escape or Convert. Which would you chose?

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Prologue: Capture


Human Liberation Press, October 14th 2030

-As of ten o’clock Monday morning, Equestrian Royal guards raided communities held by the Human Liberation Front along the Hudson River Valley to as far as Saratoga, seizing innocent and aggressive American citizens and transporting them to Conversion Bureaus in Albany and Manhattan. Many citizens continue to evacuate to Buffalo in attempt to escape the escalating guerilla warfare between the HLF and the combine Equine/PER forces around the New England region.

“This is your last chance! Surrender and no harm will come to you!” A voice shouted from down the road, breaking the human‘s attention from the article on his tablet. Fort Ticonderoga was one of the last strongholds of the Human Liberation Front in New York, mainly the entirety of New England. The bleak October weather had made the grounds wet and moist, the dirt and grim spattered on every human shoe where as their foe paid no heed. The rain seemed to bounce off their golden armor and the emotionless expressions continued to survey the stone and wooden obstacle separating them.

“Fuck off horse!” A reply shouted back, followed by a stray shot. The young man was pulled back by his comrades as several accurate bolts of magic struck the ramparts.

“You’ll get your chance Mikey.” The man looked up to his friend. Michal Hilts or Mikey as his friends called him was around twenty or so from Downtown Brooklyn when Equestria appeared some time ago. He had lost his family and home to those pastel freaks of nature and he wanted to kill every last one, along with every other human in the HLF. His friend Jacob fought alongside him since they started forcing people to get converted at the Bureaus. The AR-15 of his was looted off a dead military man from a previous engagement near Albany, along with a bandolier containing fifteen magazines and a spare pistol. His grey hoodie was drenched from the rain, along with strands of his hair.

"Battalion, Advance! Reserves on center and left! Bombardiers on point!” The same guard shouted and the mass of hooves trembled the ground beneath them. Their attack had begun.

“Here they come!” Another shouted, firing a lever action towards the advancing enemy. Hundreds of guards were charging at the fort, several detachments of unicorns and the majority well trained recruits or members of the PER. Mikey had always hated those bastards and took pride in him for killing every one he saw. They were traitors to humanity. Guns were ablaze at the ground and to the skies. Fast flying groups of pegasi were bombing the ramparts with that grape smelling poison, some delivering their payload before being shot down.

“Get some, you fuckers!” Mikey shouted as he shot at them. The grounds before the ramparts were littered with the dead and more just kept coming at them.

“If they keep this up, we’ll run out of ammo!” A member shouted, her M14 ablaze.

“Keep it up! We may have them!”

The enemy’s numbers were dwindling and victory seemed to be within reach for humanity, only to die in vain when a explosion similar to a firework display shattered the wooden main gates leading into the parade grounds. Anyone not currently fighting off the herd turned towards the gates as a couple of guards quickly galloped in, followed by dozens more.

“They’ve breached the gate! Fall back to the barracks!” A higher ranked HLF member shouted, pointing towards the gate with his shotgun. A bolt stuck him in the head, killing him instantly. Panic soon started the spread amongst the younger members as they ran for cover, half of them cut down or infected by the tonic. Mikey and his friend remained on the ramparts, trying to keep them from scaling the walls but that too was short lived. A Pegasus dive bombed their position with a tonic in hooves.

“Mikey, watch out!” His friend pushed him aside as the tonic splattered on his head. He landed with a grunt as he turned to his friend. The purple liquid was seeping into his skin. Groaning in agony, he looked to Mikey. “Do it Mikey. Do it!” he shouted. Mikey aimed down his sights and pulled the trigger, the bullet sped through his skull. He watched as his friend collapsed over the side into the chaos below. All around him, members were shooting at both the enemy and their former comrades who were unfortunate enough to get infected by the tonic. It had become a protocol within the HLF to shoot members who were infected by the Ponification Serum.

He still had a war to fight and the loss of his good friend continued to fuel his hatred for those ponies. Before he could, a magic aura surrounded his gun and pulled it out of his hands. He reached for his pistol but that too was tossed aside. His own gun turned on him and squeezed a round into his arm. Groaning in pain, he fell down to the grounds beneath him crashing into crates. His vision was slightly obtuse and splinters pierced his back.

“Don’t move!” a guard overlooked him. Several guards had scaled the wall and surrounded him, their horns and hooves ready to do damage if he resisted. By now the battle was a lost cause with barely any humans left to fight it. Young members who hid were eventually found and those who resisted were disposed of on the spot. He looked towards the green where the flag of his country was being lowered and in its place that of Equestria. Mikey soon turned back towards the guard to hear a very old and clique quote.

“For you, the war is over.” A guard said before a bright light blinded Mikey. As he faded, he could barely make out their words and felt his hands and feet bound by something. His world soon went black as he fell unconscious.