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ITT: Cancer


Kevin Sprinsteen is just an average Australian. He works a trade, is a man of fine tastes, well educated... Awww who am I kidding? Kevin is a crude, somewhat rude thief from the ass end of the world called Australia. After being fed up with his shitty job as a plumber, life throws him a curve ball to join the newly formed group of thieves only known as the Kangaroo Enforcement Mob. Join him on his adventures as they steal everything that isn't bolted down to the ground, both on Earth and the magical lands of Equestria. So pull up a seat and enjoy the craziness that is KEM.
Cover art by Aegis

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Comments ( 16 )

Video relatable

Oh lord, my sides. They are in pain, please give me more. MOAR I DEMAND MOAR!

God why

Why isnt there moar?!

Because some men want to watch the world burn.


This is hilarious, keep it up.

Tracking this. :coolphoto:

I find this to be relevant to my interests.

Lol, that was funny... and different. color me interested. I shall be tracking this.

What worries me is living in Australia (Perth), this sort of driving is pretty normal out country. I will say one thing, us Aussies definitely know how to make a good car that can manover well at high speed.

Wait... it's funny AND the protagonist is an Aussie!? Awesome! Tracking this now. :raritywink:

And on an kind of related note, Here in Sweden so are Holdens extremely rare... which is sad because they are really cool, but I'm one of very few (I think) people that has seen one in Sweden. :pinkiehappy:

Here, on the other side of the Gulf, I too have seen a Holden exactly once.

Oh, and this story... I think it has a roo in the somewhere.

I expected some australian group to modify the potion so they can transform people into kangaroos instead of ponies... :pinkiecrazy:
Well, it's still fun for a rushed job !

Uhhhhhh.... not exaclty sure what I just read. :applejackconfused:

The same mistakes are being made, over and over again, and the narrative's a little disjointed, I barely know what's going on, and I can't picture any of it at the speed at which you're going.
That's the best I can give you.

1439383 That gag's been around for a while now, but it wasn't until now that DBK actually wrote it. Up 'til now, it was just kangaroo-ification potion, with no references to it anywhere.

Steeny wut r u doin

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