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no sh*t sherlock

i like this stuff


On Earth, air is a hard thing to avoid. So when the PER use it to spread a ponification gas, do humans have any hope?

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I think I was holding my breat at the end there! :twilightoops:

He'll make it i know it.

EDIT:Wow a downvote for saying that the protagonist will survive unconverted think i know who that's from.


"Wait is this a one-shot?"
"Or a full story?"


A short, suspenseful one shot.

He'll barely make it.

3536967 On his way, he runs into a very lost air tank merchant, followed by a rogue group of human insurgents attacking Equestria with a very persistent batch of nerve gas. When the Princesses meet with the UN for aid, all the politicians were wearing a shirt with this message.

Seems a little unfeasible to keep living in conditions like that, but otherwise it was good.

EDIT: Huge-ass typo in the title. "Breathe" should be the word.

This was very suspenseful at the end. I was so tense, I had a hard time breathing. Sort of ironic, eh?

You can't breathe if you're already dead...

Comment posted by CmderJeremy deleted Mar 3rd, 2014

Trying to remember what episode this was from. I know it was Dr. Who (more than likely)

It was that episode? Sweet! (I need to watch it again...)

The episode your looking for is called The empty child (that's the episode with the gas masked zombies)

Had I been there, I might have made it.

Had I not, then those PER members might be in trouble. Lol.

Still, nice story. I hope he survives as a human.

This was the first conversion bureau story I read before I got hooked

3537781 :) They are reveling in their misfortune. That U.N.

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