• Published 6th Jul 2012
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The Conversion Bureau: New Tactics - no sh*t sherlock

The ponies use new tactics to ponify all humans

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Chapter 1: Checked In

Chapter 1: Checked In

Hello, my name is Jacob Sanders and I am currently awaiting my forced conversion in a holding cell at the new Atlanta Conversion Bureau. Once the paralysis wore off I had loads of time to myself to think. I had a wonderful time the last couple years of disrupting pegasus movements in New York. I decided that I should write down the last couple years of my life as I think ponies might like to read about me in the future.

The purple unicorn pony, who frequently walked around holding cells, seemed very excited when I asked her for the items I needed to write a down my story. She started going on and on about how much she loved to read and what what her favorite books were. She asked me a bunch of questions about my favorite books too. She talked to me like I wasn't behind steel bars.

Eventually she came with my paper and utensils and she told me to yell if I needed more ink. I silently said "yeah right", screams were some of the only sounds made in this place and I doubted she would hear mine. Anyway now that I've gotten this out of the way, Im ready to begin my actual story. I think I'll start at the hotel.

Taking refuge in that abandoned hotel was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. It provided a wonderful view of the overgrown Central Park, which now served as a base camp for ponies. It had multiple kitchens with pantries full of non perishable foods and I found hundreds of bottles of water. I was well taken care of in the needs department, but luxuries were also available to me. The bed I found was fucking amazing, like I was floating. It was just how I liked it. Unfortunately I wasn't there just to relax on a comfortable bed, I had serious work to do.

Huddlet me stay in the hotel, but asked if I could something for him while I was there. Hudd was the leader of a small resistance group of only 15 people. They had gone bravely door to door, after Celestia claimed the Earth, trying to find any humans that were still in their homes. They had found me in my bedroom still sulking over having lost my family. I never gave him an answer, but followed after them anyway. Hudd wanted to me to observe and, if I could, disrupt the ponies camp in Central park. I agreed and he gave me some valuable equipment:a battery powered, two way text transmitter that was good for up to 350 miles, a pair of binoculars, a backpack with 45 small charges and their detonators and a silenced handgun with several mags of ammunition.

I thanked him and asked where his next move was. He told me first they'd try to make it to a warehouse that Daniel Breman used to stash weapons in New Jersey. From there they'd make their way to Trenton, Philadelphia and Baltimore trying to find humans who were still willing to fight for humanity. He said if their group rose to a considerable number they would head to D.C. I just smiled and wished them luck, knowing that they would all probably end up being converted. Princess Celestia had taken a liking to the former nation's capitol and had the White House remodeled to an odd looking castle, where she would rule the Earth. If Hudd was trying to go there it could only be for a shot at trying to take her out.

The hotel was 40 stories high and I chose a suite on the 39th. Being so tall ,it left many places for me to search. I would start on the first floor. I went to the front desk of the hotel and found many helpful items. There were keys to cars in the basement garage, maps, cash and the master key to the supply closets. I thought about burning the money, seeing as it was now worth nothing. When I searched them, most only had extra towels and soap. However I "struck gold" so to speak, on the 25th floor. When I opened that supply closet and stepped inside I found myself in battery world.

Each wall was filled with batteries of every shape and size. Hudd hadn't given me any extra ones for the text transmitter so I would've been screwed had I not found these. This room alone could last me for decades. I moved all the water, food and batteries to the room next to me. Now that I had a stockpile of supplies, I was going to focus on observing the ponies.

Most of my time after the first couple days was spent either sleeping on my heavenly bed or spying out my window on the ponies. It seemed to mostly be pegasus ponies in the camp, which made sense because they could come and go easier than the ponies that had to walk. I saw some pretty scary shit during the times I watched them. I lots of people still paralyzed with their hands and feet bound. Most of them yelled and cursed while some stayed silent. No matter what they did, they were headed to be converted at the Atlanta Bureau.

The scariest thing was when I saw the fighter pilot. He was in what looked like an F-35 which, despite its age, was still a very capable aircraft. He was being pursued by a single female pegasus and was banking and rolling hard trying to shake her. It was no use though, she stuck took him like glue and after a couple minutes she landed on the planes nose and stared into the cockpit. The pilot had given up and ejected, his chute opened and he safely floated down into the of middle of the camp. I watched as he calmly unbuckled him self from his seat and the ponies let him take off his flight suit before a dart was fired into his arm. The light blue pony that followed him, made me nervous. I had a pilots license for twin prop planes and if I was discovered in the hotel I planned to go to the airport and try to fly my way out. But if a fight jet could shake that pegasus how could a twin prop? I knew it couldn't so I would put my efforts into remaining unseen and spying on ponies.

Another week went by and I was pretty sure I had found the ponies in charge of the camp. There were six ponies who all wore the same uniform, but half of them were hardly ever around,so that narrowed it down. I decided to observe one of the remaining three, this one was a female with a bright orange mane and tail. I watched other ponies, even ones who had the same uniform come to her. She would tell them something and they would nod and do some task. I concluded that she had to have some level of authority over all of them.

I looked back towards the book bag in the corner of the room. Hudd had given me charges and now that I had found a target, it was time I put them to good use.

End Chapter 1

Wrote this one faster than the other.Like i said it is a short chapter, but Ive already started on the next one. If you dislike, please post a comment as of why, because i want to know what ive done wrong and what I could improve.