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no sh*t sherlock

i like this stuff


*Story will soon undergo a revision of all chapters.*

After a large scale attack on the Bureaus by the HLF, Princess Celestia claims the Earth and decrees that ponification is no longer a choice, but mandatory. World governments have become weak and countries no longer have the military strength to stop the forced ponification. The new methods have forced most of the remaining humans to go into hiding. With their population dropping everyday, its only a matter of time until there are none left.

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Ok yes I saw some grammer errors but other than that GOOD JOB BRO!:pinkiehappy:

I think you could make a good story with this. Like, maybe a revolt in pony kind or something? You could really mold this into anything. Maybe you could make a story of a human on hiding, trying his best not to be converted. I like where this could go. Good work!:rainbowkiss:

This is the main reason why I hate TCB, the genocide inflictiong ponies. :ajbemused: But good job, this is the best work I've seem thus far that really flies in the face of TCB. :pinkiehappy:

Ok so Im actually interested to see where I can take this story so I think Ill continue this but with REALLY short chapters. They'll pobably be only like 1000 words long, but ill update it frequently.

oh, ho ho ho, it's like a zombie Apocalypse scenario, only they are smart
meh, I'd still be safe from it, based on contingency plans, strategy, and back ups of back ups
although, I'd most likely be one of the first to go through with it
it all begins with location, and boy do I have that down already, Lol, LET THEM COME
my sanity is back, nothing to see here, move along...

A lot of grammatical errors and a bit rushed you you did pretty good job with the setting.

Let's hope the remnants of Humanity really make the ponies pay.

I like this whole concept of a universe you've created. First of it's kind from what I've seen. Can't wait for the rest, although you need to go back and fix some errors that you made, but it was still clearly visible as to what you meant to say. Good work! :pinkiehappy:

what's hilarious is that in normal emergencies the library is the best place to seek refuge simply because no one neither goes there or thinks anyone else would
why, even during Hurricane Katrina, almost every building was broken into or looted, either broken into for a shelter or for the items in it
the only buildings spared were libraries, they were not damaged one bit, save for water damage
indeed even in other survival stories, rarely is the library used as it seems 'useless'
in any case, the further from 'settled' area you are, the better off you'd be
I only brought this up because I'm sure in this universe you created, Twilight would almost certainly visit as many 'old' libraries as she probably could to read the books there, thus making the plan useless
oh yeah, keep working on that grammar, other than that keep up this interesting story

Anybody know someone who could make me a picture for this story?

875003 what type of pic are you looking for?

The same one I have but with the title in the top left corner where the clouds are.

i would fire the moar cannon, but it's in for repairs. great idea, great story!:rainbowkiss:

Heh... Twilight as a prison guard, Rainbow Dash chasing down fighter jets and Applejack (?) giving orders? I wonder what the others are up to? :flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::duck:

Imposibru! Australia wouldn't fall that early on, we have our boarders protected by Great White Sharks and Crocodiles. But a good chapter never the less.



that won't work because they got 'HER' :flutterrage:

I love how he has a thing to his bombing
Keep up the good work

896504 Fine I'll sit on the cape with a Minimire and an OZSTYER and take them out... oh and Ill bring my cousins around in the Holden Ute. Equestria isnt prepared for the sawage sizzle that will go down.

Nice story so far. Although I think humanities DOOMED!. I don't see how ever going to get out of this.

Take an M-82, and put charges in the room your'e shooting from. Shoot a couple of pegasi from a window. Run the fuck out of there. When they get in the room. KABOOM!!! Tiny little pony parts for everybody.

I am really enjoying the story, keep it up, keep, it, up.

This is good. Keep it up. Idea, make him spray a little gasoline over few buildings around the bomb and make him spray the grass too. Makes a good fire, and scares even more than a random bomb.

896374 dont forget your kangaroos!!!! they would desimate the ponies.

I hope Twilight realizes they're the evil ones here. :ajbemused: But nevertheless, keep going! :pinkiehappy:

Like you wrote in the first chapter, on how they cut off the internet. Thats pretty hard to do man. There has to be a couple groups of humans sustaining the deepnet, along with cell towers, especially now that cell phone companies can fit a cell tower into a 60x60mm box. The internet is forever man.

so hes a panic inducing money bomber, wonder what his cutie mark will be?

Hmmm, I wonder what date could be so special, lol it sounds like an execution

This was short, but what was said was powerful

I really want to hear how he finally got caught! :flutterrage: OH well, I can wait... :ajbemused:

I like how you make ponification process seem like deaths row.

probably Independence day, hope he gives a kick ass speech
like the Gettysburg Address or something

919229 That's kind of what it is.

919229 That's kind of what it is. In my opinion, at least.

Anyway, good job! And I hope he does make an awesome speech.

Btw nice last of us cover art. (ignores the fact that no credit is given to the game for art.):twilightsheepish:

Im sorry but why doesn't humanity unleash an nano-virus , or because its not technical man made a biological (biololjcal) into the barrier.

lets commit a roflacaust

Oh, yes, Celestia. "Perfectly" reasonable. A Bureau gets attacked, so you decide to confirm the reasons why they attacked. Dumb move. Very dumb move. For once, I would like to see a fic in which it isn't kill or be killed, convert or die. I mean, Twilight likes reading, right? Have her read history one WWII and notice the similarities between events, or something! Wake up, you self-righteous chunks of glue and stop being self-righteous "my race is superior" chunks of glue!

Sorry, it's not you, Sherlock. It's just that I've been trying to find a story in which neither side is made of hypocrites and bigots, and so far have been unsuccessful.

Now THAT was an ending that was both surprising and incredible, I'll be sure to read any other stories you write in the future,
the way this ended, it seems like more to this story could definitely be told

You need a sequel or something! There are so many different stories you could make with this! Like a different guy who camps in the woods, or a girl who lives in the sewers! You gotta do something, because this story was A++! :raritystarry:

I just want to see some ponies -main character ponies, mind you- be reasonable instead of 'all humans are evil' genocidists. Granted, by that same vein, I would like to see one in which neither side are assholes, and it has a happy ending. It was a good read, but I would have liked to see Twilight actually reading the note and considering everything on it. I doubt she'd just read a note part-way and then toss it away because she doesn't like what she reads. It's not in character, even less so compared to all this conversion stuff.

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