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As the second world war kicks off at the end of 1939, Equestria appears in the middle of the Atlantic, dead set on "bringing peace and love to the earth." Axis and Allies are forced to unite in order to defeat a common enemy.

Co-authored with RandomPerson.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 346 )

Hmm. Not bad if a tad short. The opening was a bit dry but not bad.

I gotta see how First Contact's gonna go before I can say anything else.

I'm waiting for Panzers, T-34s and japanese banzai charges.

YESSSSSSS!!!!!! MOAR!!!!!!!

Intriguing... Proceed.

Interested on seeing how this goes...

But please don't make Celestia lolevil grimderp. Or, since you are considering the "spreading love and kindness" please do a good job and not just GLORIOUS human crusaders GLORIOUSLY defeat Celestia in GLORIOUSLY GLORIFUL combat TO THE GLORIOUS DEATH and save everyone ever (GLORIOUSLY).

this has a great deal of promise. awaiting more!

About time someone did something like this. :pinkiehappy:

Is there going to be any historical characters in this? Other than the usual Winston, Hitler and all that jazz. Anyone else such as actors, musicians, film makers, comedians from that time who could get a role in this?

It is a sad day when you can look at someone's freaking protagonists, and genuinely say, "Yep, I would side with Hitler over these guys."

Granted, I'd still have to deal with Hitler afterwards, but good God, they managed to come up with an organization that would be a more pressing issue during World War II than the freaking Nazis.


Does Harry Turtledoves Worldwar series mean anything to you?:trixieshiftright: Cuz this story reeks of its influence. That's not a bad thing though, was waiting for one of these to pop up. Will be interesting to see how things play out.

1888696 I posted the idea in the Anti Conversion Bureau thread and it came up in the comments but that's all I know of it.

A WW2 Conversion bureau fic? Insta-Fav and like!:pinkiehappy:

Looks interesting! Except one thing:

Axis and Allies are forced to unite in order to defeat a common enemy.

That makes this man our ally!



Xenolestia or Adolf Hitler! DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

1888696 I've never actually read that, neither has my coauthor, and we'll probably refrain from reading it, at least until this is all done.

Well since it means it's at the start of WWII that means Germany will gladly do experiments on the ponies!

Greate job Celestia! Not only did you just teleport your entire nation onto a planet at the start of our biggest war in history, you managed to kill several hundred humans and destroyed thousands of dollars in equipment! You also sent armed soldiers to another one of Earths battleships! :facehoof:

First contact, your doing it wrong.

Comment posted by RandomPerson deleted Jan 7th, 2013


Well... she still killed alot of people and destroyed like 7 ships. :twilightsheepish:

1890579 Wait, the guards weren't armed? It appears my coauthor and I need to work on communication.

*looking in le popular stories box*

TCB? Nope! Downvote and a comment about how the author is a fucking moron who should die in a fire!

*reads description*

Hmm... Read later.


I assumed they were armed. Some other guy told me differently :derpytongue2:

Oh for fucks sake, we've been over this.

Comment posted by RandomPerson deleted Jan 2nd, 2013

1888267 but... That's exactly what's supposed to happen :fluttercry:

1890250 No, they wouldn't (the Germans weren't that messed up) ... the Japanesse would.

Bring out the USMC, the Panzers, the Zeros, and the Spitfires, and the unlimited hordes of the soviets let the wrath of humanity come down upon our enemy :flutterrage: CHARGE!!!!

1893114 yeah, and hooray for kamikaze bombers!

1889286 I'd chose Hitler. In a heartbeat.

When your little sister PMSing scares you into hiding you lose some points.

first and awesome chapter cant wait for the next.

Chamberlain is going fuck things up isn't he? Appeasing the Nazi's and appeasing the Equestrians. "Peace in our Time" my ass!

Celestia is going to screw it up. Goddamn idealist ponies... :twilightangry2:


If Chamberlain hadn't prevented war by appeasing the Nazis, Britain would have likely been invaded due to them not having allies that could help them if a war broke out. Also, WW1 was still fresh in the minds of many people; so they naturally wanted to avoid war. Plus one of the PM's earliest policies was to severely cut funding to defence; so there wasn't much they could do anyway. I'm not saying that he's a great Prime Minister, but he doesn't deserve some of the hate he gets.

MOAR! :flutterrage:

I-if.. that is... y-u dont mind.:fluttershysad:

Well this is going to be great.
Can't wait for everything to go to shit. Oh well.
I'm sure that the Germans will be able to use their rocket technology to escape to the moon or something.

believe it or not, WWII started 'officially' on the day the US declared war on the japs, which in turn his allies declared war on the former, and so on. 1939 is when the war started, but 1940 is when it became a world war

1906829 The first declaration of war was on September 1, 1939. At that moment, World War 2 started. It became a World War in 1941, but that's irrelevant, because that's when the USA joined what was ALREADY a war.

And the Soviets can escape to Mars, return in a few hundred years and teach glorious Atheism to the religious ponies, or the Soviets just Charge en Masse on the barrier.

So Equestria gets to be the first victim of the A-bombs? :yay:

Comment posted by RandomPerson deleted Jan 7th, 2013


No, that would merely prove them right. What would be infinitely more satisfying is if they get a legitimate "not so different" speech and offer of alliance from the Third Reich.

Although, granted, being TCB ponies they're likely to not acknowledge it without a swing in public opinion and information distribution inside the Barrier.

well of course they do! leave it to Feynman to find a way around that barrier... getting around things is sort of his specialty.

Let's see those stukas and hellcats in action

OK Does celestia have ANY Idea of what diplomacy is?
It sure as HELL isn't walking up to the leader of a nation and saying LOL you are all bastards and your religions are false so you should just turn yourselves into ponies which i will not explain further since i think your a bunch of idiotic warmongering children.
And how is fighting for resources trivial?
I hope they show her just how wrong she is about EVERYTHING She said.

Comment posted by RandomPerson deleted Jan 7th, 2013
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