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Aww. I have a sudden urge to give one white alicorn a hug. Thankfully, she gets enough hugs in my fics. :trollestia:

Thousands of years old and beloved by everypony in her own kingdom....
...Acts like an angsty teenager complaining that she doesn't get enough obsessive attention by anonymous keyboard warriors.

This is my take on what Kim Kardashian would write in a 4th wall letter to us - The brony fandom - about our portrayal of her.

They can label and call you whatever you want. What matters is what you choose. :scootangel: All Hail Princess Celestia of Equestria! :pinkiehappy:

Okay, I have to do this:

Dear Princess Celestia,

Here is my open letter to you. You have intrigued me since the day I became a brony. Your reunion with your sister was one of the most touching scenes I have witnessed. Your ballad to Twilight showed how proud you were of your faithful student and touched my heart. Your kindly demeanor, regal posture and obvious care for your subjects made you one of my favorite ponies, along with your sister Princess Luna and Fluttershy. It is why I started writing my story, after all, despite a rather silly premise of you and Pinkie Pie swapping bodies. I do admit that I fell in the third category of your "popular" characterization, that you are a prankster bored with the life of a royalty and for that, I sincerely apologize. It was what we found affectionate about you, after all, for better or worse.

I enjoyed exploring your character and psyche-- Well, that sounded very wrong but that is a truth. You are a wonderful and deep character and your relation and history with your sister, although sad and heartbreaking, were all the more touching and heartwarming when the two of you were finally reunited. Even if you were never meant to be the main character of the show, I had always looked forward to your appearance in every episode. Never think that you are unloved, princess. Your subjects love you dearly, even if your station intimidates them somewhat. They had your best interest in their hearts always, even if it had not been in the way of your liking.

I would give you a hug to cheer you up but I... am uncomfortable with physical contact... Well, I would probably make an exception for you, however.

Your loyal fan,

I hope I haven't creep anyone out... :twilightblush:


You bear the portrait of the void, yet you are not the prophet I had anticipated...

Wow. This.. This is amazing. You.. Writer. YOU MAKE ME FEEL BAD!!!:flutterrage:

I too, fall into the category of people who just see Celestia when she is there, and as soon as she is gone, no more thought goes into her. I can now say that while I will never like Celestia as much as Luna, I will never ignore her again.

You have written one of the most touching things that I have read on this site. Thank you.


Also, Celestia can have as many hugs as she needs. Though it might be a bit awkward seeing as I am a whale and only have these small fins, but I can try.

Now I feel bad for spreading propaganda about the Tyrant Celestia, even if it was jokingly... :fluttercry:

2140231 You do not "Creep me out".

what about Twilight? she IS your friend....

:raritydespair::raritycry: I'll be you're friend Celestia:fluttercry:

I feel like Celestia's character is only interesting because you can make her whatever you want her to be. She's easily one of my least favorite characters in the actual show, but she's probably my favorite character to type about because I can make her different in every story I write. She doesn't have very much screen time (and most of it that she does have is just her talking to Twilight), not to mention she's as old as dirt, so I feel like it's up to the author to decide what her personality and life are like. With that said, if they want to make her a troll or a tyrant or a kind-hearted princess, that's completely fine. And if princess Celestia actually existed and started crying about it, I'd tell her to shut her dirty mouth-hole and just be glad that people like her enough to type any fanfictions featuring her.

Um, yeah. I share your sentiment of Celestia being misrepresented by the fandom and all, but you are really laying it on thick here. :unsuresweetie:

I get that Celestia would want to be portrayed in a proper light. I get that she'd be upset with others calling her a troll or a tyrant. But her self-esteem should not be dictated by us, and she should know that. And don't tell me she doesn't have anyone to confide in. She has her sister Luna, her niece Cadence, her faithful student Twilight, her pets Philomena and Cerberus, and that's just those that are close to her. Heck, I'd even put Discord and Blueblood on that list, even if the former isn't too fond of her, and the latter is, well, Blueblood. :derpytongue2:

I'll give you a hug anytime you wish, Your Majesty. But I will not take part in a pity party. Mainly because parties are meant to be fun! :pinkiehappy: So buck up and stop feeling sorry for yourself, alright? I know you're better than this. :twilightsmile:

Note that I have no qualms with the story itself. It's well-written, and like I said, I share your sentiments. I just disagree with this particular portrayal of Princess Celestia's reaction to her misrepresentation.

Wow, if there was ever a time I was glad for my sloshing through endless fics, it sure is now.:unsuresweetie:

While I admit, at first glance, this letter hits right in the feels, and hits HARD, might I add, I'm glad it also missed a few wonderful fics I've read.:twilightsmile:

I've read quite a few, including My Little Alicorn that wonderfully portrays Celestia and Luna's rekindled relationship, and also allows our Solar Diarch to find a friend in the Modern Pony age. Throw in a few other similar fics that show her getting out of the Castle and into interacting more with her subjects, and I'm happy to say Dear Celestia certainly DOES have a kind and loving Fanbase. :pinkiehappy:

While I'm not her biggest fan, mind you, I'm also somepony who would give a hug if I even caught the slightest inkling to such sad demeanor. And I think I speak honestly when I say I'm not the only one. :yay:

To all who've read this fic, I challenge you. Seek out the Celestia fics!! The ones to warm the heart, the ones that open up her character in ways beyond the normal tropes. Seek them, read them, and commit them to heart! We love and tolerate as Bronies, but so too should that extend to all ponies, even the ones we are unsure about. GO FORTH, FOR THE PRINCESS, FOR EQUESTRIA, FOR MUFFINS!!!:derpytongue2:

2140197 #ponyworldproblems

I’m just a lonely pony who is overshadowed by the cuter background characters. The pony that is trudging her way through life. The pony who has lost the magic of friendship.

That line. That line is just...wow. I'm sorry Celestia!:raritydespair:

We love you Celestia don't worry. You know what you need, you need some ice cream or a cupcake from Sugarcube Corner. :pinkiehappy:. Pinkie likes you, Twilight, and many other.
P.S. Maybe you can read my story "My Day in Ponyville"

*hugs Celestia* I hope you feel better with that Princess! I may love your sister more than you, but I still DO like you!

:fluttercry: Celestia, please understand, human's have a tendency to wildly speculate about things we know little of. It's not that we hate you, we just don't know a lot about you so our minds go in every possible direction to try and puzzle out what you might be like. Our willingness to try so hard to understand something is an admirable trait to be sure, but we also have a tendency to assume the worst about things. Mainly from experience. Although, the more we see and know of you, the more we will come to love you. THIS I SWEAR! Now come over here and give me a hug.

i love you princess, and you have a beautiful singing voice

Hope you're proud of yourselves, people.

Reeeally disappointed in the fandom, I am.

My letter:

To Her Serene Majesty Celestia Everfree, Princess of the Equestriani Concordiat,

Dear Tia,

From the first moment I saw you I knew you were something special. I knew from the first moment when you forgave her sister, and yourself, that you were a kind and just ruler. As I got further along I saw more of your character and more I got to love you. You live by the Virtues; you are honest in your actions, loyal to your family, generous to your nation, kind to even your greatest foe, you bring joy to the hearts of many, and friend to all. So it was a surprise to me when I saw how the fandom treats you; with hate and disdain.

But they are only a small part of the fandom, albeit the loudest, we do care for you. Yes you are not cute, you are beautiful, and there is a difference. You are not unloved, you have a sister and a niece, a student and her friends and family; you have every pony from the Rheaic Ocean to the Drakenridge Mountains, from the Crystal Empire to the Everfree Forest. You are loved by all of them.

You are not a Troll for you wish to spread joy for them and not just for you.
You are not a Tyrant for you stood up to protect your ponies and nation
You are not a Molester for you love unconditionally
You are not a Mary Sue for you have restraint
You are not Useless for you tried
You are not cute for you are beautiful both inside and out

Anyone who can think logically and not be blinded by their own hate can see what we see. A loving and just ruler who wishes the best from everypony. That last point was proven when you sung to your student. I am proud to be your Paladin, your sword and shield, and I am proudest to be your friend.

Sincerely Your Paladin and Friend,
Leaf Trace

PS: To those wish to argue with me about this, I shall see you in the arena and May Epona Preserve the Righteous

I shall send my hugs to Celestia and add this to my group. To 2140581 and anyone with the similar sentiments I send out an blanket invite to the "Protect Celestia", you are not alone, and neither is she.

2140575 Wayta miss the whole point of the story dude :derpytongue2:

*hugs Celestia and strokes her ears*

Dear Princess Celestia,

Your character is in fact one of my favorites within the show. The infallible ruler who is not a tyrant, and wields her power carefully and only when necessary. Yet, at the same time, you are somehow always ready for a joke, something the rulers of our world find to be lacking of...

I dislike Molestia, hate Tyrantlestia, I don't mind prankster Celestia, but only to an extent. I find there is so much actual character that can be explored within Celestia, but for some reason the fans create their own bloody versions...

To be brutally honest I have just probably created the newest way to portray you... Changelestia. Though the only reason I ever did is because I always wondered what would happen if the loving ruler of Equestria was the loving ruler of Equestria, but actually a Changeling? You've been a feature of almost every single one of my fanfictions and I hope to continue to use your character and portray you as the best I can.


Wait, so Celestia isn't Xenephobic?

Here goes.

Dear Princess Celestia,
I'm sorry I made a chapter in my Death Battle parody of the Hulk beating you up.
An unimportant fan :fluttercry:,

In unrelated news:
Those rape-off artists should be ashamed! :flutterrage:
>>CplHenderson, Thank you.

Dear Princess Celestia.

I understand the feeling of wanting to go to sleep and never wake up, but if that happened Equestria would be a much darker place.
Without you there'd be no sun to light the sky and our life, Everytime I get lucky enough to see you, you always make me laugh.
Please don't think nopony loves you, one is right here

Your faithful subject

Sorry about that Princess, but alas we humans love to hate those that are in charge.

Oh god :raritycry: I feel so bad now! I'm so sorry Tia! :raritycry: *Hugs celestia*

Celestia is and always will be best Princess!

I love you TIA!!!!! :heart:

Don't be sad!! :raritydespair::pinkiesad2::applecry:

omg. ive called her molestia more than my fair share of times. after reading that,this was my face:fluttershbad:
heres my own letter to celestia screw you mane six its my turn.
dear princess celestia,
i understand your pain. i understand how it feels to be unappreciated.
i appreciate you.
you are one of my favorite ponies and you always will be.
my dearest apologies to you for as many times as i've insulted you.
your subject,
(srry i cant risk using my real name.):twilightblush:

i believe that the main reason people have portrayed her in these light is because she is innocent ,and some times it can be fun ruining that. is that a bad theory?

Dear Celestia,

Have you ever thought of how the night sky is to the eye? It's peppered with stars, all of them twinkling, shining or gleaming in their own ways. However, what draws the eye are those most luminous ones, which seemingly dwarf the light of those around them and steal your attention from the others which are farther away.

And here is where I stop being vague.

The same applies to us, people. My dearest alicorn, don't let these poisonous portraits envenom your view of us. The shinier stars aren't bigger, just closer for the most part, just like those impersonations are the most vocalized and circulated around the fandom. There are zealots out there (I'm not citing names, though) fighting for your purity and honor as a pony at every seedy disparage that is said regarding your person, including me. Hell, there is a whole deviantArt group dedicated solely to you. And just like there are far more fixed stars than the more impressive comets and novas in the firmament, far more fans love and respect you for who you are, and much unlike the flashier astronomical displays, they stand, and last for a long, long time, reaching out to touch you even after that light has been snuffed out at the source.

While, to the rats and roaches and other mangy worthless sods, you may be Tyrantlestia, Trollestia or Molestia, to those that love you, you were never any of that. You are not even Princess Celestia; that's just a cold title, a profession being used as a mask. You're just Celestia. Our Celestia.

My darling Celestia.

Next time you feel so down, lonely and hopeless... just count the stars.

Your most loving admirer,
~Editor Beetle :heart:

:twilightangry2: And now I demand a sequel! Set after she's read all of this mail she is getting, with her reaction :yay:

Great writing, very emotional.

I love Celestia, the canon Celestia. She is an extremely complex character that is really hard to nailed in while writing. It is simply easier to porttray her differently, turn to just one aspect of her. Instead of looking for a deep explanation, it is easier to say: she send Twilight to the dragon because she is a troll.

That said, doing that can be fun too and there are fans that do it nicely. C'mon people, she is not the only character changed that much on stories. I've read tyrant Luna, tyrant Twilight, evil mane six but Twi, evil Spike, and let's not forget muderous Pinkie Pie. If the story is fun to read why is it wrong? What It is sad, is when fans really think the foul versions of the character are more than the original though and recognise them more. Celestia is much more interesting than Molestia and Trollestia.

I respect stories with a good portray of canon Celestia more, and enjoy them more too.

Dear Princess Celestia

You are #1 Princess. I wuv you :3 *hugs hugs hugs*

-Your #1 fan TC


I always thought it was because she is outwardly flawless and people don't like flawless. Flawless makes people fell uncomfortable and a little inadequate. It also makes you completely unrelatable because no one is perfect. It's really hard to write stories about characters without flaws. Celestia as the show presents her really has the deck stacked against her. It's not to say you can't work within those confines but it's an awful lot harder. I suspect it's one reason she's rarely used even in the show.

2141266 The 'point' of the story is that Celestia is butthurt, despite being a princess. I gave my honest opinion on Celestia's character, and it wasn't trollish or mean in any way. Apparently, the only comments allowed here are ones where people role-play that they're talking to an imaginary character, so I'll do just that.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I have trouble feeling sorry for you. You're a super rich princess that's clearly loved by all. But for some reason you see the need to whine about a bunch of random people from a different dimension making puns about your name and giving their own interpretations about your (lack of) personality. If you can't stand what equates to a very small amount of joking criticism, I question whether or not you are mentally fit to be leader of a country.

Sincerely Ethesto

Here, this oughtta show that we truly love you:

I don't understand the hate on Celestia. I think she's funny and not in the "Molestia" kind of way. I think she's exactly how I would want to rule my kingdom. Compassion, honesty, kindness, fairness, generosity, love, and of course, a sense of humor.

Good job, Coporal, you made me feel sorry for her. :fluttercry:

Bravo, good sir. You are truely intune with this character and I hope to see mor eof your work do just as good.
Stay Strong

Poor Celestia. Fortunately I value her for her wisdom and not what many see her as in this little story. I really want to give her a hug now, especially after seeing that coverart.

I gotta do one too now.:fluttercry:

Dear Princess Celestia,

Where to start? I'm not someone who sees you as a tyrant or rapist or troll. On the flip side, I'm not really sure how to see you. So far, I see a pony who I can fully respect, but I myself find hard to like you because you just seem too.... perfect. How do you want to be seen? I haven't seen much of who you are, and if you took the time to sit down and talk about yourself, I would most certainly listen.

Please understand that I want to like you, but you come off as perfect to many of us, and nobody can relate to perfect. If you were to show some of your flaws, that would actually make you more relatable and likable in my view. After all, our flaws make up a large part of who we are, do they not?

If you wish to talk, about anything, please know you can turn to me. I'm not really much of a talker myself, but I'm a great listener, and I think you'll find that others will be willing to listen to your words as well. Best of wishes from your hope-to-be friend.


P.S: I'm not your subject. It's not you. I just can't stand being anyone's subject or servant or anything of the sort. You still have my respect, and if things go over well, my friendship.

P.P.S: Since everyone else has offered one...... Would you like a hug?

Aww, poor Celestia!

True, I usually portray her as a troll myself, but it's done in a very positive light. A fanfic of mine has a subplot where Chrysalis returns (disguised as Derpy, long story) and Celestia absolutely destroys her... and she does it with trolling.

I know what you mean, though. Celestia needs more love!

She does come across as a bit whiny and angsty. It doesn't seem to perfectly fit with how she's been portrayed in the show, though that could be just be a cover - a mask if you will. Her voice just isn't quite as 'refined' as I would expect.

However, this follows my own thought processes almost exactly. Celestia is my favorite character largely because of fan works and I my desire to give her a hug. I've grown rather jaded when it comes to fanfiction because there just seems to be so much more that puts her down than there seems to be for any other character. My art and writing is definitely colored by this perception - many of the things I've done have been inspired by the simple desire to portray Celestia in a more positive light.

"Celestia is, and always has been, actually a horrible pony inside; she just hides it well." -Me lamenting what I feel is an all-too-common idea.


Did Celestia do it with intent to cause excessive harm? That's trolling. Trolling involves finding pleasure in making others hurt. That's why 'Trollestia' is such a misnomer - canon Celestia is not malicious with the jokes she plays.

1,013 words. Those words took and absolutely destroyed the good mood i had tonight. I still don't regret it, after the half hour composing this comment and three readings of the story. This comment also marks the third 'letter' i've written, to date, and only the second to Celestia, if i remember correctly.

Dear Princess Celestia,
I know you're feeling down, depressed, and unloved. But, you aren't unloved. There are those of us who love to see and read about you just as you are, and look past that 'Molestia' and 'Tyrantlestia' nonsense. If I can, I'm offering a hug now, because I know you need one.

I can't personally give an answer to the question 'who is best princess?' because between you, Cadence, Luna, and now Twilight, you each have your own quirks and attributes that make you 'best' princess on your own. Cadence hasn't been shown much, but is loving, as shown with Shining Armor and foalsitting Twilight. Twilight we know from the show, and she has grown much from when she and the other bearers of the Elements originally freed Luna from Nightmare Moon's grasp. And onto Luna, she just seems mysterious because we haven't seen much of her, but that also gives so much leeway when creating artwork or stories involving her, she can be anything the artists or writers dream up. Leaving you for last, Celestia, you are a tough character to describe... you are both stoic and unwavering, that you seem somewhat cold to your subjects, but on the other side of the coin, you also are caring and motherly, like when teaching Twilight. You also appear so optimistic and playful, like when visiting Ponyville.

I can just bet that when Luna was on/in (that part really wasn't specified, so it's kind of a grey area there, and I'm afraid to ask her about it.) the moon, you had to take up her duties on top of your own set. Forging ahead, doing the jobs of two princesses couldn't be easy, and probably killed whatever free time you had before then.

The next time you feel down, Celestia, I want you to read this letter, and take this to heart. Just because it's not being shown to you directly, that doesn't mean you aren't loved; and while those that wish to call you 'Molestia' or 'Tyrantlestia' are out there and being quite vocal about it, there are those like myself, who love you as you are.

You aren't a 'background character' as you put it, in my eyes. You're a kind ruler, who puts in extreme amounts of overtime, just to help keep her country running.

Celestia, the thought occurs to me, that you might need to take a break or vacation from ruling Equestria, and just go out and get to know others. Now, I know you've probably got several reasons not to do just that, but as you said before, 'Luna doesn't need you' and thus, maybe she's ready to rule alone for a couple weeks (or years, as the case may be.) while you get some needed rest, relaxation, and the chance to be a regular pony again. You, of all ponies, deserve a vacation, if for no other reason than you took up both Luna's and your own roles for a thousand years, immediately after having to banish her.

I don't want to leave this letter off on a sour note, so I'll say this again, you aren't unloved, Celestia. Though those that do probably aren't the most vocal of ponies or people, they still love you the same. Sometimes we forget to show you that we love you, and that can be worse than you not being loved at all. I'm showing it now, with this letter, and I hope it is received in kind. The hug offer still stands, by the way.

A loving fan and editor,

P.S. Your singing voice is beautiful. For some reason, I felt the need to add that.

Well, apparently that was much longer than anticipated. I guess my emotions got the better of me when writing that. I would love a sequel to see her reaction to all the comments and mail she'd be receiving, if at all possible, CplHenderson. It doesn't need to happen, but i personally would love it. That letter is more than half the size of the chapter i read, that says something about me, and i'm not quite sure exactly what as of yet.

Hey, author! Make a response to these letters! We have a bunch!

2143148 i never saw here like that... huh.

:raritydespair: The feels!!!

:raritycry: Celly!
I've never wrote her as a troll, and don't plan to. Molestia is just for teh lulz. Tyrantlestia I refuse to read.
Celly is a bit of a Gandalf-type character to me; she's there for guidance, but that does not prevent her from being very wise and powerful.

Now come here, Celestia.

| | | | |--------------
| | | | | :heart:
|--------------| | | | :heart:
| | | | | ____ :heart:
| | |__________| |_________|

I see what you were getting at, but as someone who mostly ignores all the offbeat alternate character interpretations of Celestia, this letter came off as more "whiny" than "legitimately hurt."


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