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The aliens attacking Earth have arrived in Equestria, causing destruction and bloodshed in both worlds. As both of their worlds fall apart, Earth and Equestria must stand together to fight what threatens to destroy both of their worlds as they know them... *Sequel to Guardians of the Elements of Harmony, Another Story I wrote. Do not read this if you haven't read that one first*

A repost of the story by DeadLight63 with author permission.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 6 )

1705822 Terrorist Aliens! Spooooooky..........:rainbowderp:

I'm scared that this might be the end of Equestria.....:fluttercry::applecry::unsuresweetie::raritycry:

I beat giant dragon rip right thought their aliens. all need find smallest of animal give a grenade fly in space ship thrown in and fire works. or get dragon Carrier Pegasus on it back the Pegasus bombs, poesies things like poison joke, rainbows like hot sauces that burn their eyes or if get in their mouth you what well happen. and if Pegasus can control the weather lighting, hail, tornado and wind will make it for the spaceship.

I wish Sonic was in this too because you can count on him and his friends to save the planet from destruction and from taking over the world.

Need reinforcements more like Sonic Forces!

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