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This special edition of COPS is written on location with the stallions and mares of law enforcement. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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This is my take on what Celestia would write in a 4th wall letter to us - The brony fandom - about our portrayal of her.

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As the second world war kicks off at the end of 1939, Equestria appears in the middle of the Atlantic, dead set on "bringing peace and love to the earth." Axis and Allies are forced to unite in order to defeat a common enemy.

Co-authored with RandomPerson.

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The aliens attacking Earth have arrived in Equestria, causing destruction and bloodshed in both worlds. As both of their worlds fall apart, Earth and Equestria must stand together to fight what threatens to destroy both of their worlds as they know them... *Sequel to Guardians of the Elements of Harmony, Another Story I wrote. Do not read this if you haven't read that one first*

A repost of the story by DeadLight63 with author permission.

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Eight years ago, Equestria emerged in the South Pacific Ocean. Two weeks after, the bureaus opened. Three weeks after that... they declared war.

Now, in the last days of man, a man fighting for humanity gets transported into a vastly different Equestria

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When a United States Army Ranger arrives in Equestria, the land is plauged by chaos, even the Royal guards cannot fight them off. Befriended by the mane six, the soldier is hired to help guard and fight for Equestria...

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Author has consented

I remember noticing some grammar errors when reading this first time, unfortunately I'm too lazy to correct. If you guys'll comment on them, I'll fix 'em.

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It's been a long time since Rainbow was brought back to Equestria, and some things have not gotten better over the course of a year...

A repost from fanfiction.net, with the authors permission.

I've more or less become the official reposter of DeadLight63's works.

Original Link http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8135475/1/My_Little_Dashie_Unbreakable_Bonds

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After a failed attempt on Rainbow Dash's life, Pinkie Pie reveals a shocking truth behind the events that occured in her basement...

This is a repost of a story on fanfiction.net


All credit goes to DeadLight63. The author has consented to this reposting.

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