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This story is a sequel to Ace Combat: The Equestrian War

Two years after the war with the griffins, peace and harmony once again returned to Equestria. But, from the shadows of the past, a new enemy emerges...

Descendants of ponies, who were long ago exiled from Equestria by Princess Celestia for their dangerous behaviour and experiments, seek to return to the land they used to call home. Over the years, their leader had amassed a great army and gained powerful allies. She decides to exact revenge on the one who exiled her... Princess Celestia realizes the threat and enacts a plan she started shortly after the end of The Equestrian War.

When the conflict erupts and Equestria is attacked by initially unknown enemy, the Mirage squadron is once again sent to the skies, with Rainbow Dash leading them through countless perils. But will the Angels of Equestria be strong enough to stop another invasion of enemy forces? Or will they fail? Only time will tell...

Pre-read and proof-read by Rethkir

This is a second story of the mini-series "Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles". The story takes place during the third season of the show. However, I decided to exclude episodes after "Spike At Your Service" (since it is not specified when exactly they happen), mostly to avoid any additional drama regarding the Twilicorn or Discord interfering.

Like Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, this is not a direct adaptation of any Ace Combat game, but it will contain many references to the series, as well as to MLP: FiM itself. In particular, it contains elements and references from the following games:
- Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
- Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception
- Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
- Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
- Ace Combat: Infinity
- Ace Combat: Joint Assault
- Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

All chapters in this fic will contain links leading to themes from Ace Combat series. It's used to create an atmosphere. Use "Open in new tab" to listen to these themes.

Preceeded by a spin-off:
Ace Combat: Gryphon Wings

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 274 )

It has arrived! :yay:
Have your first Thumbs-up! :twilightsmile:

Post read edit:

The smile is gone now, replaced by a cold shiver running down my spine. It all started with "Agaion".


Whoohoo! :yay: Definitely fav and like. Very nice introduction of the conflict and the enemy. They seem very threatening.
A couple minor grammar issues (not that I don't make some pretty bad mistakes myself), but overall very solid. Looking forward to reading more! :pinkiehappy:

So, I am guessing you know what this character is based on. Just to clarify, I deliberatly chose this spelling of the name. Personally, I find it better than the original ;)

Nice! I was hoping for a sequel!

A little suggestion about Agaion's name. Maybe you should use the original spelling for the names of the Heavy Command Cruiser.

Aigaion = Aegaeon/Briareus
Kottos = Cottus
Gyges remains the same though.

An excellent start to your sequel, Polish. Lady Aurora's side and Celestia and Luna's side were wonderfully crafted. :)

Oh, so that name actually does mean something...
Well, I guess I can use the original.

According to Greek Mythology, Aegaeon/Briareus, Cottus and Gyges are giants called Hekatonkheires. Each of them have a hundred hands and fifty heads.

Namco did well referencing those hundred hands in Aigaion's multiple Nimbus launch ports.

I see. Well, I knew about Briareus, but the other two seemed obscure to me. Thanks.

And we're back!

Wow, this was an amazing opening chapter! Your grammar is a lot better, the opening is gripping and well-paced. That really shows how much you have grown as a writer now.

I love the backstory for the antagonists! So much potential there! You actually gave the bad guys a good reason to be bad, making the reader question who the good guy really is from time to time is really good storytelling. It seems like a revolution is at hoof.

I also assume from what I read that ground-fighting will have a larger role in this installment, something that I found lacking in the last one (but to be fair, it is an Ace Combat crossover). If the enemy has powerful allies, then I suspect that the battles will be much larger-scale, possibly some of them requiring coordination between ground and air forces in order to be victorious. That would be interesting to see.

I wonder if the new alliance with the Griffin Kingdom will benefit Equestria in some way.

Aurora seems like the kind of leader who is insane and evil but is very good at getting her troops to love her. All of history's best generals had that kind of connection with their troops and that only made them more dangerous.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great were very good examples of this.

If she has troops that are devoted to her and love her, then things will be much harder for the good guys.

Mixing tech and magic huh? I've used that as well.

Zeal...I'm sure that will be explained at a later time.

I love the darkish tone you have set for the antagonists' debut!

The enemy is aware of Mirage Squadron, which although bad, is not a surprise. There is no element of surprise for Mirage this time around, which isn't good but they have a lot more experience as a trade-off. I wonder if the enemy has any tricks or contingencies for dealing with Mirage?

This looks like a promising sequel! :pinkiehappy:

I wonder if you have any thing new in store for us? :duck:

Silver out!

Yes! The story is back!

So far, I am thoroughly enjoying this. The opening was well paced and really set the tone for the story, and I can't wait to read more!

And so it begins...
Love the intro; these guys seem like bad news. And I'm guessing their allies are...dragons. That's gonna be a nasty surprise for our heroes, if my guess is correct.

Everything's set up for one HELL of a fight!

(And, the Changelings are still alive and kicking, yet scattered? Possible villains for the next story, perhaps? ;) )

So, it has begun.

And so, the grammar errors have been slain in this story and the last.

Aw, Rainbow Dash and Firefly are the best sisters, and what a sweet, lovely— Oh, my god! This is getting heavy!

Damn. That scene with the baby colt was...horrific.

I came across this doing a weird search... Rainbow Dash, Firefly, Lightning Bolt, Medley, Fluttershy, Cloud Kicker, and Derpy? I have to go back to the beginning and see what this is all about... :yay:


Just to show how serious this will be. No Infant Immortality this time...:ajsleepy:

2980919 (If I may speak in tropes:) Does that mean an Obligatory War Crime Scene is on the horizon? That being averted in the last story came as a surprise to me.

I'm hoping Cipher has a bigger role in the story than just his mention in the History of Conflicts book. Also curious as to whether Pixy may show up with him or as an enemy. Other than that, that scene with the mother holding her dead child really got to me.:fluttercry: Looking forward to how this story is going to play out!

you should have update the original, so i knew that there was a sequel:derpytongue2:

Another great chapter! This is only the beginning! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Silver out!

You just got a favorite, :moustache:, and a moustache.

So, who's the Big Bad this time? The changelings? Crystal Empire? Or some new OC villianous group? :trixieshiftright:

When a child is dropped in the first couple of chapters, you know the dark stuff is just getting started. By teh way, is lightning Dust going to be more in this story than just a passing conversation piece? I like to think that she has a lot to offer as a character; after all, it's not uncommon for glory seekers, social darwinists, or borderline sociopaths in war. Just saying.

Regardless, this is an awesome start.

who are their allies? Diamond dogs? Dragons? This is sure to be an amazing story, just like the last one. :twilightsmile:

Amazing chapter, nice pacing and well worded. I'm glad to see i was right with my prediction of the diamond dogs. This story is already shaped into being a true master piece. :pinkiehappy:

Too bad that Luna and Celly swore not to intervene directly (as was said in the first fic) , Luna being some kind of long forgotten Ace using antiquated but still effective (because they are unusual and make use of her superior alonge and strengh) maneuver and tricks would have being fun... as would be Gilda joining Mirage as a matter of fact. :rainbowdetermined2:

How long do you think it will be 'till the next chapter? It's been over a month. :raritydespair:

I am aware of that. Unfortunately, I barely have time to write. But I assure you and all readers that there are a few percentages of progress every day. It will come out before September ends.

There were a couple of grammar errors in here, but they didn't hurt the story at all. I would tell you where they are, but I can't find them again...must not be that important.

The gryphons better show up! That's the whole point of an alliance yo! When an ally goes to war, you go to war!

Equestria is about to be re-introduced to the Suck! :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

Maybe forming a foreign legion would help them too? Mercs that were former criminals and outkasts that fight with you for money (and possibly Equestrian citizenship rights). The best part is, if they get wiped out, the Equestrians won't give a damn because they're foreigners. :yay::yay:

Another great chapter! On standby for more! :pinkiehappy:

Silver out!

That Starlight is one insane b***h. Is she inspired by Sunset Shimmer?

The griffins should aid the EAF, but I'm not sure if their own forces have recovered during the two year time-skip.

Pretty good setup. It keeps the style of the original while adding new elements, which is pretty cool. Starlight is definitely treading on the Scale of Scientific Sins, most notably transponyism and immortality.

One grammar issue I'd like to point out.

“What makes you say that?”, the pink pegasus asked.

Remove that comma.

This first chapter was absolutely outstanding, from the opening of Rainbow Dash and Firefly to the tragedy that befell an earth pony town.

Starlight's story is definitely a tragic one. A pony doesn't become an alicorn by force; she has to *earn* that right. This makes Starlight an interesting villain for every non-alicorn pony to face.

Crap, no Infant Immortality, wanting to get at Luna, Pipsqueak considering Luna best princess, Pipsqueak now living with Dinky, Pipsqueak and Dinky having joined the Cutie Mark Crusaders....

I sense a very possible road to tragedy that I am going to pray doesn't happen, but having read George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series I cannot discount it...

Hope the ones responsible for burning that city really get the shit beat out of them!

So....you've put Seekers into the thing. I almost expected one of them to boast about how no one can defeat his master Megatron.

Dang, you beat me to the fourth Chapter.

Anyway, I'm liking the fight scenes so far and hope you use that machine gun pod (MGP) wisely in the story. I like how you use Beast Squadron's theme for the Reapers' introduction. :)

Also, is that a nuclear warhead or a Trinity warhead?

That warhead is stylized after Trinity, so it can be considered a cruise missile with the power of a nuke, but without nuclear radiation.

First thing that seems off is you use "will"s in weird spots, and most of the time the sentence would flow better if it wasn't there. Other than that: Huzzah for Best Ace Combat!

My first reaction when I saw THE NAME was "holy Celestia they are in trouble"

That was close! Good going, Rainbow. :rainbowdetermined2:

Wasn't expecting the first real fight to all be a diversion; that was a big twist.
Fish any survivors out of the water, and burn tail to the south! Get to it,Mirage!

AC 5 mission yay!

Oh...the Scinfaxi huh? Well, damn.

Silver out!

Yet another brilliantly-written chapter, P.V. Rainbow Dash and her crew are definitely being put through their paces.

Kinda hoping that Black Star appears and tries to help out against this new threat. The reason I say that is because he got off WAY too easily even though he supplied the heroes with vital information to end the first.

In other words, he still has a long way to go before he is officially redeemed in my eyes. Especially since he just shrugged off all he did and treats everything so damn casually. Yeah, he should bleed for redemption instead of thinking doing some good deed makes up for all the bad ones he's done.

Awesome chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Are we ever going to see the Alicorn Amulet in action, out of curiosity? :duck:
It'd be awesome if the Equestrians used that as their ace-in-the-hole...

The Equestians seem to be badly outpowered by the Exiles. They need some allies or a really good secret weapon if they want to win at this point.
Maybe gryphons... or changelings... I wonder how good Chrysalis would be in aerial combat...

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