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Not really.


"...I have done many horrible deeds... but perhaps, there still a chance to atone for my mistakes...” ~ Black Star, former Captain of the Griffin Kingdom Air Force.

Decades before the Equestrian War began. The Principality of Belka, a griffon fascist nation located just south of the Griffin Kingdom and east of the Crystal Empire accepted the terms of surrender and merged it's government with the superpower the Griffin Empire to become the latter's industrial state. The Griffin Empire thought that the merging between the two nations will gain some benefit, unaware of the seeds of hatred were already being planted inside the newfound state...

Just 20 years before the Equestrian War, a massive catastrophe engulfed the planet as an asteroid broke up into ten thousand fragments and impacted the planet, causing severe loss of life and structures despite multiple asteroid counter-weapons had already been built. The disaster caused the Griffin Empire to collapse and become the smaller Griffin Kingdom, which it's relation with the neighboring superpower Equestria became more and more strained ever since the disaster.

Now, ten months after the Equestrian War, the griffon Black Star who seeks atonement or his past mistakes find himself caught in the crossfire between the rebellious state of Neue Gryphus and the still recovering Griffin Kingdom. The crossfire quickly escalated into a war and every dark secrets behind the war may plunge the entire Equine world into chaos. What's worse, an old threat from the past may hadn't made it's final move...

Will Black Star find atonement for his mistakes? Or die trying. (MLP: FiM universe merged with Strangereal)

Editor: Rethkir

This is a spin off of PolishValsion's Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles and I already had his approval to write this. Several characters from his fic will appear in the future.

His stories:
Ace Combat: The Equestrian War
Ace Combat: Wings of Unity

The character profiles of this story can be viewed here:
Ace Combat: Gryphon Wings Character Profiles

If you find any grammar or spelling mistakes, I apologize. English is my second language and I'm still not very good at it. (very)

The story takes place before the start of Season 3 of the MLP: FiM and it will focus more on the griffons rather than the ponies. The story takes several elements from Air Combat, Ace Combat 3, 04, Zero, 6, Northern Wings, and Infinity.

Just like PolishValsion's stories, there are music links on the chapters to provide a sense of atmosphere on the story. Just open up a new tab and listen while reading. This is purely optional of course.

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 85 )

I can safely say I'll be following this story.

Oh great, it's finally here. How I come I didn't noticed it...?

A thumb up and a follow-up :D

Just to inform you, most of the ponies in this fic are racist towards the griffins since they're not under the princesses' rule.

if i see flied in this one as well, i will cry.

unless i am mistaken the other story this is based off, Polish fell into one of Englishes irregularities and used flied instead of flew for all of the story.

Oh, thanks for noticing me.


You mean "flied"? That issue has already been solved long ago.

@Bwaak Your story keeps getting better :)

Haven't gotten too far in, but it looks like you just might need an editor to comb over these. For example:
"The figure turned around and gave the filly an ominous glare, causing the filly to froze in horror."
'Froze' should be 'freeze' in this instance.

The previous editor already give the Prologue a comb and already pointed out most of the mistakes in it. He didn't bring that issue up.
Thank you.

Comment posted by Bwaak deleted Jan 1st, 2014

Oohhh... the plot thickens!
I better start updating my story, too. Yours keeps getting better and I keep seeing fewer grammar mistakes.

Really? An art block? I think I had one when making my story, I mean two months. You update yours much faster.
Good to see some good deeds out of Blake. And I'm starting to like Kite, too ^ ^

I wish you waited for me to edit this before posting it. I haven't been able to take a look at it yet. You should never release a product before it is ready. It's better to wait a couple days for for the grammar to be corrected first.

Yeah, I suffered one when I'm writing this. I forced myself to finish this chapter, hence why the quality started to degrade on the last parts. But it's my favorite chapter to write because of the Canyon Flight with Kite and Aggrypa.

Comment posted by Bwaak deleted Feb 11th, 2014

S.A.I.T.N.? I know how that is pronounced... clever.
Nice to see the changelings holding up still.

S.A.I.T.N.s acronym will be revealed in the next Chapter. It's due three of four weeks from now at best.

Damn, that was instense. And thanks for a small concept toward the Zeal.
Also, yay for a certain pony :)

Juggernaut is a small fry, there are two other Z.O.E. drones more powerful than him.

Princess Luna's role in the story will be more than just this, expect her to show up again in the future.

In the future, around Chapter 14 or 15

Noticed at least two new references: Red Moon and Valais Air Base.
This looks good. Not yet edited, it seems, but it looks like your grammar is improving.

Hope you'll like my upcoming chapter, too ^ ^"

There are multiple references here beside the Ace Combat ones. Surprise is an example and the dialogue about "..brief taste of coconuts" was from Iron Man 2.
Just wait, the next battle is nothing but pure offensive to retake the city.

It's getting very difficult to remember all these characters, since 99% of them are not from the show. I know you've drawn some of them, so it would be a very good idea to make a character sheet with pictures and provide a link to it in the description for quick reference.

Scratch that previous comment, Gilda's going to appear on Chapter 12. She's a part of a squadron.

Thanks, I never expected Ronin to be popular though.

Yikes, these Belkans are real bastards, aren't they? Great chapter!

(Though to be pedantic: an "Obligaory War Crime Scene", going by the TvTropes definition, is technically when the GOOD GUYS commit a war crime, AFAIK. So if our heroes, for whatever reason, bombed a Changeling Hive that they knew had hatchlings in it without warning, that would fit the strict definition. But that's just me being nitpicking; don't mind. :P)

4506537 Thanks man, for the comment and for the fave.

Going to overwatch, standing by

"Learn to accept it kid, this is war." - Larry "Pixy" Foulke

Also, Esser's not evil. He just views the world differently from the heroes, also, he's a little bit nuts.

4513918 Welcome! I really like what you did here; you mirrored Polish's style nicely, but put your own twists on it. I especially like how the griffons are just a touch more brutal and aggressive in battle than the ponies, being carnivores/predators and armed with those sharp talons. :raritystarry:

And again, sorry for being pedantic earlier. I just saw the trope name, complete with capital letters, and my inner nitpicker came out. :pinkiesick:

(And anyway, I can't see anything like what I mentioned happening in this fic, even if it is somewhat darker than the original story. After what happened with Firefly's parents, and now Belkan atrocities in Pisa, I don't think Blake/Black Star would tolerate his squadron doing ANYTHING like that. He'd probably be the first to go in slashing if it did.)

Yeah, one problem with that. Black Star is only second-in-command in this story. The leader of the main squad is a Belkan named Riddle; he's a renowned scientist and weapons developer (like Tony Stark), a little bit of a troll, a veteran of the Belkan war and an honorable knight of the round table. Well, used to be.

That's an intense battle out there. I like it! :D

That ending... Fatality.

Damn man, that's one twist I did NOT see coming. :pinkiegasp:

Still, I think you should check the text once more, there are some minor issues with commas or graamtical errors. Nothing too severe, though.

Keep up the good work :)

Heh, I'm glad that you guys were caught off guard by it. Blake's brain needed some time off after that reveal, in other words: he will enter a Horizon of Despair mode like Rainbow Dash.

Which text?

Wow, that was touching. And nice of you to fully wrap up Blake's story. The writing's not so bad, but I just Wonder about what Ronin said in Japanese...

4713523 Ronin's basically saying "Damn... " in amazement.

I kinda hope that Blake doesn't wind up making a Heroic Sacrifice at the end of all this, because it would be rather cool to see Aquila squadron flying alongside Mirage squadron.

4739559 You just have to wait and see. ^_^

Beautiful, man! Loved Ronin's "Cruel Mercy" moment with Blue, great way to get rid of him.

And loving the reveal that we have a false Queen leading the 'lings under Esser's orders, not an alliance. I have a suspicsion she'll be involved in his inevitable demise somehow...hoist by his own petard, if you will.

Comment posted by Bwaak deleted Aug 8th, 2014

4783014 I didn't quite mean it like she'd BETRAY him, more like go feral and take him out in an irrational attack. But yeah, knowing Esser he's got contingencies aplenty.

Ah well, plenty of other ways karma can come back to haunt him, right?

actually, the task of the Valkyrie was to escort those who died in battle to the halls of Valhallah, as well as being great warriors in their own right

4880637 Hey, I just use Google. Thanks for the info tho.

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