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Fanfic's aren't a strong area with me, but I wanted to be able to watch some that i'm following easier.


For the second time Equestria has been torn apart by war between the New Lunar Republic and Solar Empire. Only this time both sides have to contend with another entity: the Legion of Discord, who started an invasion of both side's territories.
One squadron of the New Lunar Republic Air Force; the 13th Tactical Fighter or "Lunar" squadron, finds itself involved in many of the game changing events of the war. Will Lunar squadron help end the war, or will Discord crush both sides and plunge Equestria, and the rest of the world into chaos?

Chapters (20)
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Here is info on the characters and stuff:
Full size poster
Character sheet.
Lunar squadron wing patch.
Lunar squadron SU-37 Terminator.
NLRAF squadron list
Legon of Discord plane
Nightshade's J-20
LoD flag
Soundtrack Playlist (updated as the story goes along)
This fanfic does requre some knowledge about the military and the Ace Combat series, but I've tried to make it as uncomplicated as possible.
If you see a clickable link for a designation (like F-14 or CBU-97), it's a link to show you what it is in case you're not into the military. If a section of text is a link, it's the music for that part of the story or to a video to show an example. The music ends when a scene ends (like the end of a battle), or another song starts.

1173968 if it will be in here i will squeal like a piggeh


Excalibur!!! Holy shit fangasm. Great chapter I love this fic but it is also an excellent crossover with AC. Keep it up.


Nice, I like where this is going so far. I have my own AC fic going on, and I must say that great minds do think alike

one question: are they like in the show or anthro? because it would be pretty hard to fly a damn Su-37 or any other plane with f*cking hooves!!!

god damnit give the lunar squadron those damn cfa-44s now you son of a bitch!

1398892 like in the show (just look at the cover art). PonyMarine came up with the idea of a harness that attaches to Pegasus that allows them to control the plane like they were actually flying. And of course unicorns use magic. Earth ponies: Not sure (as Sylvester the Cat said in a cartoon once: "Anything is possible in a cartoon": http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=jxAvQhhLZ5I#t=301s :derpytongue2: )

ok seriously give lunar squadron some damn cfa-44s or my foot will meet your asshole.

Another exciting chapter with a fight in it as well. I like it, keep it up and don't dissapiont, if you can even do that.

I love ace combat, especially AC5 :yay:

oh for god sake, when will the damn lunar squadron get those cfas!?!?!?


Dude, you need to calm down. :applejackunsure:

Silver out!

1420992 not my fault, i know hes going to add them in its just a mater of when, that and i have limited patience


If he is adding them, he's probably waiting for the right moment.

Silver out!

hah, ac5 reffrence from LT cmdr. davinport. rest in peace you magnificent bastard!

When they called Angel "Motormouth" in the past, I predicted this scene happening.

Silver out!

1516774 paying homage to ac5


My favorite one.

Silver out!

1177569 I'm probably/most likely wrong, but is that the Pak-Fa? :rainbowderp:

1398892 Don't analyze it! :rainbowlaugh: Not trying to be a :trollestia: here, but the small details don't need to be written out.

1518542 what? my avatar is not a pak-fa, its a space fighter

Good chapter again. Last time you included Sonic music and this one has Top Gun, one of my favorite movies. Combining Sonic, AC, and Top Gun in and of is itself is amazing then you add a good story like this.

So the Razgriz are in this too huh?

Silver out!

Stealth cruise missiles? That is creative.

Silver out!

Damn... Celestia is packing heat. And it was only a matter of time before the Republic started taking losses.

Though I'm wondering... the mane six must have split off to join different sides. It's confirmed :rainbowdetermined2: joined the republic, :twilightsmile: i know for a fact stayed with Celestia... just curious about the rest

So Octavia, Vinyl, and Rarity are with the Empire... pity


MOAR! and please give lunar some CFA-44s PLEASE!

If you were trying to use "Excalibur" theme from AC: Zero when of them said "Alright, it's showtime", seems like the link is dead. You should find the song again.

Also, it's good to see I'm not the only one here who does AC x MLP story :)

Thanks for the heads up. I replaced it.

I notice a lot of the thumbs down come after people read just the first chapter. I didn't put the "alternate universe" tag on it for nothing. Deal with it.
Besides. It's all about to change.

Boy My Battleship Pacific sure packs a punch!

Whiteblaze! ... Can... Tiger be okay too!?

And now the plot thickens. :trixieshiftright:

I spotted a mistake.

Whitemare AFB
6 October 2017
12:00 hours.
The squadron had been waiting in the situation room for 30 minutes when Tex walked in and started the feed. Soon Moonstone was on.
"OK pilots here's the story. The rest of you and Eagle squadron will be joined by a Marine rescue force, and the Shadow and Ocelot squadrons, who pretty much demanded to be included in this operation. You will began your search for their beacons here, West of Rhone. We're pretty sure they're following the river to some point around here. You guys will crisscross in a grid pattern to try and locate the beacon and take care of any enemy activity.
Once you find them, contact the Marines. They will land with their Ospreys and rescue them, then all of you get out of there."
"How's the weather?" Maverick asked.

How is he in two places at once? Did Maverick find a way to clone himself? :trixieshiftright:

If that's the case, they'll win for sure! :twilightsmile::yay:

Silver out!


Just trying to be helpful!

Silver out!

Yay they've been rescued and peace is possible! Though... Poor glory.

I love where this is going!

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