• Published 6th Jul 2012
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The Conversion Bureau: New Tactics - no sh*t sherlock

The ponies use new tactics to ponify all humans

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Chapter 5: Checking Out

Chapter 5: Checking Out

If I could blame my capture on something it would have to be my over confidence. After over 8 months of not even being seen, I figured that they would never catch me. Obviously I was wrong.

After I had murdered Marcus on the emergency stairs, I felt I couldn't stay in the hotel anymore. I wanted to leave, but I would have nowhere to go to. Moving around alone over a short distance was risky, over a long distance would almost always end in a capture. I still wanted to leave and I decided that my best shot was to meet up with Hudd and his resistance group.

It had been a while since I had spoken with Hudd. I hadn't received a message from him in just under a month. His last message had called for another bomb to slow the ponies down. I still remember it.

"Our attempt at Celestia has failed. Hundreds of earth and unicorn ponies after us, slow the pegasi in New York down. Unsure where to go now. -9"

After my meeting with Celestia I realized that it had been Hudd's group who had blackened her coat with bullet streaks. The [color=red"]-9" meant that he had lost 9 men from his group. He now only had 6 men left including himself. This number was much too small to be much of a threat to the ponies.Being pursued by Celestia with only 6 people meant that they were as good as gone.

Many times after that I would send message asking if they were alright and were they were. I never received any responses so I had to assume that Hudd had either moved out of the transmitters range or had been captured. Regardless of the reason, I was now on my own and had my own problems to worry about. I figured I only had about two good options to take.

Option one was to continue to live in the hotel while infrequently bombing the pegasi camp. Staying in the same place for a long time was usually dangerous, but it had worked out in my favor so far. After all, I had an abundance of food and water and none of the ponies knew I was living here. I was very secure and had supplies here. But there was that body of the human I had killed here, so even though it wasn't very rational to leave, I still felt I had to.

Option two was try to make it to my old friend, Micheal Reed's house. Mike was a good man, but after making a few poor financial choices, he found himself buried under a mountain of debt. His wife was pregnant with his child and they both thought It was best to undergo conversion. His house was a couple of minutes south of Baltimore. I could use one of the electric cars I had found in the underground garage. I had already found the keys to a couple Tesla models. After 2016 Tesla Motors lead the industry for years in all electric cars. I could take a sports car and be at his house in a couple hours. I didn't know what I would do there, but a good place to start was to try to get Hudd to respond again.

I looked over the two and decided to mash the two together for one last plan. I had bombed the ponies 12 times, and I would do it again three more time for a total of 15. Then I would leave the hotel and try to make it to Mike's house. I wouldn't just leave the hotel though, I would go out with a bang. The ponies would notice a car leaving, so I would have to create a distraction. My final act in New York would be to destroy the hotel that had sheltered me for many months. That was the plan and in my eyes it was a pretty jngood one. wasbut plans don't always go the way you want them to.

The next week I went on the largest gas run I had ever done. I would need as much explosive power as I could get to destroy the building. It also gave me a reason to spend as little time as possible in the hotel. For the first four nights I pumped as much gas as I could. The gas station that had supplied me for months finally seemed to be tapped out so I had to find other sources. Cars that still ran on gas were still around and they were a good source, but the problem was that they were all spread out from each other. So I had to spend another night to take all the cans to the gas station parking lot. The last two nights were spent transferring all the cans to various rooms on the lower floors. I brought out the-

My writing was interrupted by another message from Celestia.

"The United States and Canada. These two countries now hold the last humans who were on record after the year 1965. Humans on record were put into four different categories; deceased, converted, awaiting conversion and resisting. The humans who were on this extensive list, from all other continents expect North America are now confirmed as either deceased or converted. Yes you heard right, there is only one continent left with humanity still tainting it. The humans in Europe tried their hardest to resist, not as much as the rebels in Australia, but still they gave a tremendous effort. In time however, they realized how much better they could be living if they just under went the conversion. Now to the last humans; I may never fully understand why you choose to continue living in the horrid conditions that you do. I may never know what you could possibly hold so dear that would make you want to resist. But as I said before, you are only prolonging what has to happen. You are still welcome to willfully to come to the Atlanta Bureau or to peacefully seek out ponies who can escort you. Remember that this is the end of your world, but still only your beginning in ours."

Once again after her message the prison noises stopped as everyone came to terms with it. It was terrible knowing that the last of my species could be soon be inside this one building. I didn't want to get converted, but now it seemed as if it was inevitable. I had one last thing that gave me hope, but I doubted that it would come soon enough. I looked up at the bars of my cell and hoped that Twilight wouldn't come by, I wasn't in the mood for her cheerfulness. I could do nothing from behind those bars except continue to write down my story and hope that maybe one day another human or pony would read it.

I brought down the charges and got the duck tape out, it was time I made some bombs. I made them all the same way, three cans surrounding one charge in a triangle shape. I went outside and found the charges that the HLF member had brought. The were on a cart, covered by a black blanket. His supply gave me 25 more charges and their detonators. It also had a Master Detonator, which meant I could blow up all of his charges at the same time. Each one could also be armed for its individual detonator as well. These were also slightly bigger than the ones Hudd gave me. I should have taken these things into account, that fact that a master detonator was included with them meant that they were much more modern and potentially more explosive.

It took me about a day to complete a total of 58 bombs. I thought it was best to place the bombs around different supports in the building first. I started in the basement garage. I was no demolitions expert, but then again this wasn't a supposed to be a harmless demolition. There were about a dozen cement pillar that went around the inside perimeter. I placed one bomb, that I had made with the new charges, against them. I found the support pillars on the first floor lobby and placed another 12 bombs on those as well. I went ahead and armed the bombs on the pillars with the master detonator. I armed the other bombs and placed them next to supports on the higher levels. I placed them close enough together so that one detonation on each floor could explode each charge on that level.

I had one bomb left from the newer charges, so I decided that would be the 13th bomb used on the ponies camp.

As it turned out, this was a big mistake. I should have realized that these were much more advanced charges than the ones I had been using. These were only slightly larger, but had the potential to be much more powerful. I should have found some way to test them before I put them use.

I taped a huge wad of cash on the top and pushed it into black garbage bag. When it was night, I snuck across the street and into the park. I quickly made it to outside the ponies base. I didn't know it then, but this would be my last time going to their base as a free human.

I slid the bag under a wagon, with only a little sticking out. It reached into the bag and armed the the charge for its detonator. It was a little closer to the ponies than I usually put them, but I thought the wagon would suppress the explosion. If I had been using the other charges it would've worked, but I had chosen not to. I sprinted back to my room and rested until morning. I was confident that they wouldn't find it, they never had before.

A couple of hours later, I woke up and dragged myself out of bed. I picked up the detonator and walked over to the open window. There were a couple of ponies walking away from the wagon. I looked closer and I could still see the black bag. I smiled. They never seemed to learn. I squeezed the detonator.

The bright flash of blue was the first thing I noticed about the bomb that was different. I brought my hand to my eyes for the brief moment. A very loud, delayed POP came after thejh flash. The blue light was quickly went away and was replaced by the familiar, billowing, orange curl of fire from the gas. I ran a grabbed some binoculars from my desk. After that I made my big mistake. I climbed in the window to get a better view, I didn't expect any ponies to be looking around after what had happened.

The wagon was gone, I could find no traces of it anywhere. Their tents looked blown to one side away from the explosion, some closer to it were tipped over. Ponies, even at a considerable distance away, were picking themselves up off the ground. The money was still falling, but it had been pushed far away from the camp. I didn't know that two ponies died from that bomb. I scanned around and familiar ponies came into view. The orange maned, leader pony came out of a sideways tent and the fast light blue one emerged from another. They looked as if they didn't quite know what to make of the new situation. I looked over to the left of where the wagon used to be, that's when I saw her.

It was a pony with binoculars, looking right at me. She pulled them down once she realized what she was looking at. I watched helplessly as she ran to her superiors and frantically told something to them. The last thing I saw in that window was the light blue ponies smug smile as she looked up towards me.

"Jacob Sanders, Princess Celestia has called for you."

"Damn it." I muttered.

"She wants you in line for conversion."

"Can I at least finish this first?" I was so close to the end. I would hate it if I didn't get to complete it.

"Only if you can walk and write at the same time. Now lets move."

I walked from my cell and took my paper with me. The guards were close behind me and in front. I brought the pencil to my paper, I figured I may as well try to finish.

I snatched up all the active detonators I could and pushed them inside a plastic grocery bag. I took my transmitter and gun off the desk on the way out. I went to the kitchen and grabbed some snacks and a some water bottles. I took the emergency stairs and jumped past the dead human corpse. I dug through the drawer in the lobby and found the keys to one of the electric cars. When I got into the car, I tossed my stuff on the passenger seat, put the key in the ignition and turned on the motor. All of the buttons and lights came on to confirm it still had a charge.

I stepped on the accelerator and the car lurched forward. I steered it up the ramp where the garage connected with the street above. It emptied out into the side of the hotel. I looked behind me to see dozens of pegasi flying in a around the higher floors of the building. I didn't see the leader or the fast blue pony up there, so I assume that they were already in the inside the building. I saw so many pegasi taking flight that I thought I should send out a message just in case.

"I don't know if you're still there, but I might need your help. I've been spotted and I'm not sure if I can get away. If you don't get another message from me in 24 hours, then I'm probably on my way to Atlanta. It was a pleasure working with you."

The possibility of getting caught frightened me, but I never thought that it would actually happen. I drove about another block before I pulled about the master detonator. I looked up again at the building and covered my ears and squeezed the trigger.

Even though the charges were inside, I could still see a blue flash. It was followed by another deafening POP and the sound of of concrete and rocks breaking. It grabbed random detonators from the bag and triggered them as well. Smaller explosion could be heard. When I had used all of the detonators, I looked back to the building and waited for something to happen.

Okay so when I look back on it, thinking I could "destroy the building" was a really dumb notion. I would have needed more than four times as many charges in order in make that become a reality. However I did manage to fuck it up pretty good. The first four floors gave way and collapsed under the pressure. No longer having supports the buildings tilted towards another, slightly smaller building. Gravity finally pulled the hotel down on the top of the of the other building. It rested, for the moment stable, on the building at a slight angle. I thought for sure this would stop the ponies, but again I was wrong.

Dazed pegasi started flying out of the broken windows, not as many as before, but still a considerable number. That's when I made my second mistake. When I that there were still ponies moving, I hit the accelerator again. The thing was that there was dust and smoke still lowto the ground and when I moved the car, the wind from it made the dust move too. That's how they found my car.

I heard angry shouts and looked back to see lots of pegasi following me. I turned down a one way street and pushed down the pedal. 50, 60, 70, the speedometer kept rising. If there had been cars on the road I'd have been fucked, but there were none of course. I started to leave some of the pegasi farther and father behind. I looked behind me for a quick moment, I saw them so far behind me. With one hand one the wheel I looked back and laughed and pointed. I was such a little kid move.

When I looked forward again I noticed something in my peripheral vision. I looked to my left and saw the orange maned pony. The leader of the base had come to find me. I looked to my right and knew that I probably wasn't going to get away. The light blue pony with the rainbow mane was flying upside down next to me. There was a dart gun in her hands and it was pointed at me. She was had extremely bored look on her face, as if my escape attempt simply wasted her time.

With my right hand I made a reach for my gun, but it was too late. When I moved she shot it into me. I slammed on the brakes and the car slowed, rapidly approaching 20mph. I felt something move through my entire body, it made me shutter. Then I felt the darts true effects effects of the dart. It was in my right shoulder and that arm was the first to become non responsive to my thoughts. It spread to my chest and from there it went to all my other appendages. It was a weird feeling be paralyzed, it was like it wasn't my body anymore. I could look down and see my arm or my leg, but I had no control over it.

Without speaking to me, four ponies picked me up and carried me back to the base. I was paralyzed only from the neck down, so I shouted every profane word I knew. They didn't react to them, so I gave it a rest when I got to the camp. All eyes were on me as I was carried into it. The yellow pegasus was tending to those injured in both the bomb and the building. I saw to big lumps on the ground covered by a thick blanket, they were dead ponies, the two I had killed.

I was tossed to the ground from about five feet. I landed on my left shoulder, it would have probably hurt, but I couldn't feel any pain. I was rolled into a tent and still ended up on my left side, facing the entrance. I could hear cheers outside, but it died down. I could see the shadows of two ponies standing out side the tent. They were arguing. I could make out everything, but I did hear somethings. I concluded that they were arguing over what they should down with me. Eventually one walked away and the other stayed with their head down, she had lost.

It was a while before they actually said anything to me and when they did, it wasn't much. The leader and the rainbow one both came into my tent. They looked me over for a while before I prompted them to speak by shouting "What".

The leader spoke. "My name is Spitfire. I'm in charge of this base, which you had constantly put in harms ways. This is Rainbow Dash. Sorry if she doesn't say much to you, but shes not really in a good mood. Anyway she will be escorting you and a few others to Atlanta. Hope you enjoy your new life." The whole thing sounded really fake and the last sentence, twice as much.

I think she knew that I had first purposely tried to kill her, but got two of her team instead. I don't know why Rainbow Dash was pissed, but maybe she knew one of the four ponies killed. She grabbed me leg and dragged me outside. There were two other humans waiting at the basket of a elaborate looking hot air balloon.

She dragged me next to them and called for ropes. Three ponies came out and tied my arms behind my back and my feet together. The other two were bound in the same manner. This was their idea of being escorted. I liked the human way better. She picked me up and dropped me into the basket, probably meant to be payback. She gently placed the others down and then gave a smile to me.

The rest is pretty boring actually. The balloon took off and couple days later it touched back down again in front of the bureau in Atlanta. We were met in the air a few time by ponies bring water and food. I was magically levitated inside the bureau and taken to a cell. This was about two weeks ago and a few days ago I decided to write down my story.

Currently I am 3rd in line for a forced conversion. Regardless of who reads this, whether it be pony or human, remember that this is the end of my world.

The End.

I fold the all the pages together and put them in my pocket. I had finished writing my story in some of the last moments of me being a human. It depressed me and the scene around me made it worse. It looked so grim and dark that it was like we we're going to be executed. I'm looking around for any possible ways to escape. I finally see one. The guard ponies around us have made an opening that I might be able to get through.

I move up to second in line and see Twilight and the princess walking down the hallway. Its now or never. I make a run for it. I make it through the guards, I thought I was good for a moment. The other prisoners remain silent as a bright purple flash appears in front of me, followed by a kicking pair of legs. Twilight teleported in front of me and kicked me down.

"Sorry." She says. At least it sounded kind of genuine. The other guards pick me up and push me back into line, making sure to stand very close to me. Celestia comes over and looks at me.

"Even now you choose to resist. I would ask why, but you probably don't kn-" Shes not able to finish. A blast in the wall makes everyone get down. Smoke and dust fills the air. Then I hear gunfire, It has to be a lot of people ballsy enough to attack a bureau after what happened last time. I go crouched down, covering my ears. Dust is still making it hard to see. I start crawling, but feel someone grab my back. I look up to see Hudd.

"Come on!" He yells while he pulls me up.

I couldn't believe he was actually here. He was risking his life to save me. A hoard of humans run out through the hole in the wall. The guard ponies were all shot dead, but more were coming. I get up and am about to run through the hole, but then I see something on the side. Its Twilight, shes rubbing her head, but she hasn't been shot. She sees me and for a second we stare at each other. I give a sly smile before I reach into my pocket and throw my story to her. Then I disappear through the wall.

We run through the night, dozens and dozens of humans. I find Hudd and easily stick to him and whats left of his team. I thought about how I hadn't wanted Twilight to read my story when I first started it. Now it didn't matter. Thinking back to it, I should have put a question mark at the end, because that wasn't really the end. Now that I had been saved it was only the beginning.

AN: My first ending to a creative work. I think its decent. If you liked it, give it a thumbs up because it looks better and makes me feel good. Sorry if I let some people down with this. Maybe I'll make another.