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The Conversion Bureau: New Tactics - no sh*t sherlock

The ponies use new tactics to ponify all humans

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The Conversion Bureau: New Tactics

By: no sh*t sherlock

In 2021, the humans of Earth were silent as a landmass emerged in the North Atlantic Ocean. The island was 24 miles from the southernmost point of Nova Scotia and countinued down 16 miles above Bermuda. Satellite images captured pictures of a green beautiful land. When they were shown on T.V., the land immediately enticed people. Imaginations went wild and people came up with many outrageous theories, although the one most people believed was that Atlantis had rises from the depths.

Driven mostly by thoughts of discovery and riches, many people tried to go and explore this unknown land. Corporations dreamed of natural resources and sent workers and equipment. However, every ship, plane, submarine or unmanned drone to try to get to the land was destroyed about two miles from the island's shores, by an unseen force. Many lives were lost trying to reach the island. Countries foolishly assumed that it was the work of their enemies and tensions between them were once again high.

The U.S. believed that another country had already occupied the land and was destroying any craft bound for it. No country had yet claimed responsibility. President Russell Collins held a meeting with the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff about the security issue the island posed if it was occupied by an enemy nation. President Collins gave the go ahead to launch more than 50 cruise missiles at the island, mostly to see if a nation would retaliate. However the missiles would never launch because when President when back to his office there was a creature standing next to his desk.

The Creature was white and slightly resembled a horse. Major differences were the horn, wings and the fact that it could talk. The Presidents security already had guns drawn, but the president was intrigued and let her speak. She called herself Princess Celestia and she explained that she came in peace and that she ruled along side her sister, Princess Luna. They were rulers of the island call Equestria.

She apologized for the lives lost by her force field around the island, but she told him no human or man made object can ever reach Equestria. She said the only way to live in Equestria was to get turned into a pony. She knew the world was in a bad state and asked for the Presidents permission to repeat her words to the nation and also to open a building for people who wanted to undergo the conversion to a pony. He agreed to both and her message was given as a Presidential address to the United States.

When people saw it they had mixed reactions. Most were scared out of their minds and refused to believe it was real, while some wanted the conversion as soon as possible. The video was put online and translated into almost every language in the world. The planet now knew of this race of sentient ponies.

After that ponies started leaving Equestria and moving about to areas of the Earth. They told stories of how much brighter and happier Equestria was than Earth. The way they depicted It made more humans hungrily await the opening of the first building for conversion.

The first site opened in New York City on January 16, 2022. There was a crowd of over 2 million people that took up side walks and blocked city streets to undergo the process. The thought of a peaceful land where everyone would be cared for attracted people. It was so different than the world they knew. It was also a free process, that really got people interested. Especially from poor homes who could barely make ends meet. The President saw the attraction that people had toward conversion and allowed for more sites to be constructed. He gave the official name of the sites "Conversion Bureaus".

The next three Conversion Bureaus to be built were in Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Princess Celestia insisted that Conversion Bureaus be operated only be ponies originally from Equestria. President Collins didn't see this as a problem and approved.

The rest of the world showed extreme interest in conversion and built sites of their own after having Celestia's permission. She said "Conversion is not just for your people, but a choice for all humans who want it".

After that there was a conversion bureau in almost every city around the world. Two major things happened that year; The first major wave of Conversion and the formation of the Human Liberation Front.

The first major wave of conversion, from 2022 to 2026, dropped the worlds population from 7.5 billion to 4 billion. It was a an eye opener to most people that this was reality. With over 2 million less humans in the world daily, it was hard to not to accept the fact that it was really happening . Many people found themselves in the same situation and had no choice but to go through the process. Their employer would undergo conversion and fire all the workers or the people who used to buy the products got converted and business went down the shitter. Another reason people wanted conversion was to save their own lives. Terminal illnesses were cured with conversion. For people diagnosed the choice was either to wait and die and get converted and live.

As the Conversion grew in popularity, the HLF also picked up speed. What started as a group of nonviolent protesters outside of the first Bureau in NYC, they rapidly evolved into a violent hate group. They resented the ponies and humans that could so easily abandon humanity. They would attack people going into the Bureaus and the new ponies that would come out. Sometimes they would take things would go to far and a lives would be lost. Because anyone could claim to be a member of the HLF, it appeared as though they were unorganized and scattered. No one yet knew just how organized they were. There were only little more than 1000 real members of the group and they were lead by Daniel Breman. This was a very intelligent and patient man whose had plans would take his movement to new places, just not the places he wanted.

The second wave of Conversion, from 2026 to 2028, reduced to population to under 2 billion. This was the time the everything started to shut down. Electricity was slowly cut off, running water was ceased to flow. Bottled water was now desperately needed. But there was not much need to rush to the store to buy it, even 2 billion people spread out across the globe made the chances of running into another human at the grocery store very low. Even the largest companies couldn't stay operational with the lack of business and the CEOs would go through conversion. Small towns, devoid of humans, were ideal places that ponies would pick to repopulate. Ponies now outnumbered humans on the planet and what the remaining governments didn't realize is that ponies are longer citizens of their countries and thus not subject to their laws. All ponies, converted or not, are under Princess Celestia's and Princess Luna's rule.

November 7, 2028, This was the day that Daniel Breman choose to attack. His members had placed bombs in nine chosen Bureaus around the world. The Bureaus in London, Beijing, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sydney, Johnannesburg, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro were all destroyed . Over 25,000 human deaths and 6,000 ponies lost. This was the first simultaneous attack on Conversion Bureaus around the world. With some places not getting electricity, most were unaware of the attacks until they got word by mouth.

This was the day that the ponies started to adopt new tactics. The bureaus had all been rebuilt by late summer 2029, but they were much smaller. Two new bureaus began construction the same time as the others were being rebuilt. The new bureaus were in Paris and Hong Kong. These Bureaus were at least six times bigger than the others. The previous Atlanta Bureau was demolished and moved to another site and construction started at the same time as the other two. Because the three new buildings were larger, they were to be completed in early spring 2030.

Conversion slowed dramatically during the time of reconstruction. People were scared of another possible attack by the HLF and stayed away. This is what Breman wanted, for the time being his planned had deterred people from the Conversion Bureaus.

From the time of the bombings until the new Bureaus were completed, remaining humans began seeing changes in the way ponies acted. Humans, that weren't members of the HLF, would leave ponies alone and ponies would do the same. But now ponies, ponies all of the sudden, seemed very interested in talking with humans. Many ponies would follow, pester and basically harass humans, asking questions like: "Where do you live?" and "Why haven't you gotten converted yet?" As many as 15 ponies would follow a single human around. The sudden interest in their lives was ominous and being alone in the middle of a different species that was just as smart, if not smarter, than your own was scary.

On March 31st, 2030 the three large Bureaus were completed and the next day countless ponies around walked up to humans and told them they were going to be converted. Many humans just laughed, thinking it was one of those old April fools jokes. That's until they were hit with the darts that would temporarily paralyze them from the neck down. These humans would then be carried off to either the Atlanta, Paris or Hong Kong where they would wait their turn to be forcefully converted.

The next day when the sun rose Princess Celstia's voice could be heard in the mind of every pony and human.

"I thought we could exist together in harmony, but I now realize that there is no peace to be found in Humanity. When you destroyed my Bureaus, who killed more of your own kind than you did ponies. You humans are most dangerous to each other and will destroy each other. Because of this I have decided that its best for me to take full control of the Earth. To save you from yourselves it is best that you all get converted as soon as possible. Please for you own sake don't waste your time by hiding and resisting. A better life awaits you as a pony!"

Terrified humans thought their governments would retaliate, but they were now too weak to be of any help. What drove the U.S. to silence was when President Colston was converted. It The superpower that had once been The United States was now over. This dampened the spirits of many people and drove them to go into hiding or surrender, except the HLF. They made their final stand out side the Washington monument, one by one they were all paralyzed until only Breman was left standing. He was surrounded by hundreds of ponies all ready to shoot their darts and he had only a pistol left. For a while no one shot anything and Breman kept his gun pointed at the ground.

Princess Celestia appeared in front of him and moved close.

"Daniel Breman, leader of the HLF, you are responsible for the deaths of many innocent people and ponies. Truthfully you should be allowed to live as a pony or a human, but I am forgiving and will allow it. Now are you ready to be converted?"

The broken leader just sighed and looked her right in the eye.


He then put the barrel of the gun in his mouth, smiled and pulled the trigger.

Daniel Breman took his own life to avoid become a pony on April 18th, 2030 in front of more than 300 ponies, including Princess Celestia. The ponies looked down at his body and slowly they all just left. Celestia was the last to leave after she pondered for hours on why he would rather die than become a pony. She could come up with no logical reason and then turned away and left him there to decay.

Two years later in 2032 ponies have been searching for the last of the humans. Now with less than 200 million left, only the most skilled can remain hidden. Jacob Sanders is one of them.


Ok I wrote this in like like 3 hours so its probably filled with errors. Ill fix em when I see em. Just my try at a conversion bureau type story. I dont really care too much about this story so If i do decide to continue this it'll probably be wayyy later. Right now I just want something to get my mind off my other failure of a story. Oh and i Wanted to give mine dates cus not a lot TCB stories have them. it'd be funny to see what kind of reactions I get on it.