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This story is a sequel to Brighter Horizons

Adopted from infancy, there are few things Flash Skies wouldn't sacrifice for Equestria and the ponies who love and raised him. But when a pony is brutally murdered and all evidence points to Equestria's adopted son, unshakeable loyalties are questioned, friendships are strained, and a mysterious enemy more deadly than anything Flash has ever faced will manifest their dark designs against Equestria itself. Can friendship truly prevail where there is uncertainty of who is truly a friend?

Friends are close, but enemies draw closer in this thrilling sequel to Brighter Horizons!

Edited by Venerable Ro.

(Cover Art: Shimmering Sunset by Kirk Crane)

Chapters (3)

It wasn't Eric's fault he hit the alien with his truck. How was he supposed to see a dog-sized horse walking down the highway in the pouring rain? His life would've been simpler if he just left the animal like any other roadkill. But in his injured delirium, the horse spoke.

This accident soon ends with an intimate personal knowledge of just how dangerous magic can be. An ancient rises, tied to a mysterious tome the pegasus was protecting on the night of the accident. A malevolent force grows within those pages, whispering louder and louder about the cleansing flame. But without the spells inside that cursed tome, Eric's humanity will be gone forever.

He has no choice but to master the words of power contained within, before his life is turned to ashes around him

A commission for Muziki. Edited by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

The various artistic works created for this story are credited to their artists within the chapter they appear.

Chapters (42)

Princess Twilight Sparkle discovers a fact about alicorn reproduction she never expected.

So do the other princesses.

Editors: Pascoite

Image Credit: Twilight Sparkle Play Doh Eggs from Toy Kingdom (Honest! It surprised me a little too.)
Now on Equestria Daily. Those cruel, cruel people.
And a wonderful reading by Pony and Wolf Productions

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to "colts don't cry"

Time has passed since Braeburn broke his heart, but broken hearts heal. He's moved on and he's almost feeling confident enough to show his new partner, Soarin, to his family: it'll probably be awkward when he does.

Follow up to my entry to the 2023 M/M shipping contest, "colts don't cry". Familiarity with that story is recommended for this one, but probably not essential.
Major thanks to metronome for proofreading!
Any feedback is appreciated, as brutal as it needs to be.

Chapters (3)

Once upon a time, in a story we all know and love. There was a unicorn, who shined as bright as the sun, she was a prodigy in magic and Princess Celestia’s prized pupil. One day, she was sent to Ponyville and met her best friends: Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy. She and her friends were able to defeat any foe that came their way, and spread friendship and harmony throughout Equestria... that is, until Opaline Arcana came, she wanted power, all of it, she even stole the dragon magic, and became a Fire Alicorn. Twilight knew she wouldn’t be able to stop her, so instead, she put Ponykind’s magic into three gems, and put an invisi-bubble around Equestria, so that the evil Alicorn could never harm them again, but the seeds she had planted started growing until each of the three tribes took their gem and separated. Until an earth pony, Sunny Starscout reunited Equestria with Izzy Moonbow, Pipp Petals, Zipp Storm, and Hitch Trailblazer in one MASSIVE quest. Together, they created new magic and defeated the alicorn that even Twilight couldn’t beat.

But I’m trailing off, aren’t I? Ahem, you know that story, obviously, but I wanna show you a story, where Twilight Sparkle, Sunny Starscout, and their friends existed simultaneously.

"There are twelve Elements of Harmony, but only eleven are known so far." Twilight read as she flipped to the next page. "Honesty, Selflessness, Kindness, Empathy, Laughter, Creativity, Generosity, Confidence, Loyalty, Courage, and Hope, the twelfth is a total mystery..."

Chapters (5)

What do you do, after you've made the impossible, possible?

With the Wonderbolt tryouts looming just around the corner and rumors of Spitfire being able to perform the Sonic Rainboom at will, Dash is at wits end. She needs something greater, awesomer, more epic than just a mere Rainboom. After all, to perform that trick a second time would label her a one trick pony and if Spitfire could pull it off, then what was the point?

So what trick could possibly be greater than a Sonic Rainboom?

Chapters (2)

Anon and Coco have been friends for quite some time. They’ve hung out several times, too many to count on two hands alone. Yet, this time around, something was different. Something was really different. Anon couldn’t put his finger on it.

Coco Pommel knew. And she was not wanting to let him go without saying it to him. That's why she invited him to go for a walk to her favorite coffee shop.

Neither expected the outcome.

Inspired by SONS - Ghosts.

Pre-read by Rikkity.

Art by Styarema.

Chapters (1)

When reality becomes blurred, and Twilight's mind can't distinguish between the real and the false, she falls into an endless abyss devoid of any meaning for her, especially when she awakens with a broken horn. However, Applejack, in her attempt to pull the unicorn out of this melancholic pit, tries to understand why Twilight woke up asking for wings she never had.

Chapters (3)

After facing a devastating defeat, Chrysalis has lost everything. As her end grows closer, though, she is found by her old rival, Celestia. Their meeting ends with fatal consequences, not only for the two royals, but possibly for all of Equestria as well. Now, with time running out, it's up to Twilight to figure out how to right these wrongs and save the day. This time, though, she'll need some help from an unlikely ally: Chrysalis herself.

Chapters (66)

So many resets, so many changes; all just to blur together after a while. The void became, well, not my 'home', but not quite not a home either. I was content with the nigh nothingness I experienced while I waited for Frisk to reset, only to suddenly end up somewhere else entirely.

I'd seen all kinds of humans, all kinds of monsters. A muscular seahorse, a talking bowl of water obsessed with cleaning. What I didn't expect was an entire world of talking pony people who, despite being the only human there, they treat with kindness.

But, once again, the happiness didn't last; it never does.

Now with a reading!

*Takes place after the events of season 2 but before season 3.*

*This is an undertale crossover fic, but you do not necessarily need to know anything about undertale to enjoy it.*

Huge thanks to Phaoray and DekaSkittalz, and Reily for helping with editing and proofreading!

Currently looking for a dedicated illustrator!

Cover art done by one of the best artist I've ever had the pleasure to work with! I am eternally grateful.

Featured: 6/10/21 onward. Thanks so much! I wasn't expecting anyone to like this story.

Chapters (38)