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If you don't like Gen 5, then okay, but if you don't like Sunburst, we're gonna have a problem.


Once upon a time, in a story we all know and love. There was a unicorn, who shined as bright as the sun, she was a prodigy in magic and Princess Celestia’s prized pupil. One day, she was sent to Ponyville and met her best friends: Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy. She and her friends were able to defeat any foe that came their way, and spread friendship and harmony throughout Equestria... that is, until Opaline Arcana came, she wanted power, all of it, she even stole the dragon magic, and became a Fire Alicorn. Twilight knew she wouldn’t be able to stop her, so instead, she put Ponykind’s magic into three gems, and put an invisi-bubble around Equestria, so that the evil Alicorn could never harm them again, but the seeds she had planted started growing until each of the three tribes took their gem and separated. Until an earth pony, Sunny Starscout reunited Equestria with Izzy Moonbow, Pipp Petals, Zipp Storm, and Hitch Trailblazer in one MASSIVE quest. Together, they created new magic and defeated the alicorn that even Twilight couldn’t beat.

But I’m trailing off, aren’t I? Ahem, you know that story, obviously, but I wanna show you a story, where Twilight Sparkle, Sunny Starscout, and their friends existed simultaneously.

"There are twelve Elements of Harmony, but only eleven are known so far." Twilight read as she flipped to the next page. "Honesty, Selflessness, Kindness, Empathy, Laughter, Creativity, Generosity, Confidence, Loyalty, Courage, and Hope, the twelfth is a total mystery..."

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I want the chapters to be longer and fkr this story to not die out.

I have wondered about this scenario. Very interested to see how things go from here

Ill be watching this story
btw you dont need the second person Tag unless its actually second person

Hey there. Thanks very much for getting this story started. Certainly appreciate the thought of G4 and G5 both taking place at the same time. Twilight and Sunny being childhood friends is a good touch and I appreciate the thought of Canterlot having a good mix of unicorn, Pegasus AND Earth Pony. Zephyr Heights replacing Cloudsdale is understandable (as is probably Ponyville being a mix of both its canon self AND Maretime Bay) and Bridlewood still being its own thing.

Since G5 has, thus far, a lot fewer villains than G4 (pretty much limited to Phyllis, Sprout, Opaline and Allura [the last of whom I could see being an additional villain alongside Sombra when the Crystal Empire {which would very likely be a mix of its canon self AND Starlight Ridge} returns]), it wouldn't be that hard to work them into the G4 timeline. Phyllis, for example, could easily be a recurring rival to the Flim-Flam Brothers (and one of the Brothers could even be Sprout's estranged biological father, which could lead to Phyllis's issues with unicorns). Opaline could end up becoming the main villain of the Season One finale (foreshadowed after Nightmare Moon's defeat [by having a shadowy figure making a comment about watching over this new group of Element Bearers and getting to know all about their strengths and weaknesses before she finally strikes]) - AFTER Nightmare Moon, but BEFORE Discord - and be a recurring villain afterwards (working with most of the other major villains at least once each before the final season - including occasionally working in disguises that hide her horn, wings or both to avoid calling premature attention to herself).

Sorry about that. Got a bit caught up in my thoughts. (sheepish grin)

At any rate, very definitely looking forward to more of this. Especially the story of how Sunny and Twilight first met when you get to that chapter.

Please do continue this. You've excellently blended the different tones of G4 and G5 in a way that works brilliantly, and from this first chapter alone you have an excellent handle on how Twilight and Sunny are different. I look forward to meeting the rest of the gang!

I love it. I CANT WAIT for more! Twilight and Sunny sound like Twilight and Sunny! And the story is brilliant I’m so hyped!

Oh my gosh I love this already. I especially like how you highlighted how Sunny and Twilight’s personalities differ.

Okay, this is really interesting! I'm really looking forward to seeing more!

Well now I'm hooked!


WOW OKAY THAT IS ALOT (but i don’t mind 🥳)

Opaline MIGHT and just MIGHT be foreshadowed in season 1 but you’ll never know 🥰🥰 also Opaline is one of my FAVORITE VILLAINS and i did NOT think about the Crystal Empire- okay, that was a lie. I’ve planned out the whole series in a day 😭😭😭 I do not know how I did that in a day so that’s concerning. And I’m sorry but Sprout being a child of the Flim-Flam brothers- I love Sprout and I’m not gonna do my homie like that.

Also, Twilight wears glasses in this AU, idk why I need to say that but I wanted to put something here soo


Thanks very much for the information. And yeah, I can understand why you would do it that way. After all, it's your story series. And, for the record, I definitely meant "working with most of the other major villains at least once each before the final season when most of them are going to be teaming up anyway".

And, on another note, I could see Zipp and Pipp also being Flight School friends of Rainbow and Fluttershy. As well as Hitch being a childhood friend of both Applejack and Rarity. And Izzy, Pinkie and Fluttershy being Misty's first three real friends. This universe's version of "Cutie Mark Chronicles" should definitely be good to see.

Comment posted by RomaTsarenko deleted February 9th

Honestly, only getting rid of Sprout's racism would work for this universe. Since Equestria never became what it did in G5, no reason for him to have it. That's assuming he, Sunny, and Hitch, even know each other here.


“Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, the eldest used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn; the younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects, all the different types of ponies. But as time went on, the younger sister became resentful. The ponies relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth but shunned and slept through her beautiful night. One fateful day, the younger unicorn refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. The elder sister tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in the young one's heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness: Nightmare Moon. She vowed that she would shroud the land in eternal night. Reluctantly, the elder sister harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponykind: the Elements of Harmony. Using the magic of the Elements of Harmony, she defeated her younger sister, and banished her permanently in the moon. The elder sister took on responsibility for both sun and moon, and harmony has been maintained in Equestria for generations since.”

As the story ended, a purple unicorn with a dark indigo mane with streaks of purple and pink closed the book and used her magic to put the book back into her bag.

"Hm, the Elements of Harmony, I feel like I’ve heard of them, but where?” The unicorn inquired to herself.

“Twi!” An earth pony called out. She had a pinkish-orange coat with a dark purple-ish magenta mane with streaks of red, yellow and blue with rollerskates on. “Come on, we gotta get ready!”

“Sunny, we don’t have anything to do today.” The unicorn, now known as Twilight, said.

“Uh, yeah we do. Don’t you remember? I kept reminding you about it for the past 2 weeks!” The earth pony, now known as Sunny, said.

The unicorn still had a face of confusion.

“You know! The get together?”

“Oh, uh, right, that reminds me, I’ve gotta get back to the library to uh, research for homework? ” Twilight feebly lied as she tried to walk away.

“Twilight, it’s summer vacation, we don’t have homework.” Sunny deadpanned.

“Um, would you believe me if I said Princess Celestia gave homework to me herself?”

“Twilight, come on! You never come to these parties, even the Winter Wishday party your mom threw!” Sunny said.

“Sunny, you know that I had assignments coming up! I had to do them, and the party just happened the be around that time!” Twilight argued.

“You mean the diorama? Let’s face it Twilight, you make dioramas in one hour flat, and one about Starswirl the Bearded? You probably did it in thirty!” Sunny sighed. “If I help you with whatever you’re doing, then will you go to the party?”


“Yay!” Sunny cheered. “So, what’re you doing anyway?”

Play the music!


Oh! Well, um, uh, it might seem crazy what I’m boutta say... :twilightblush: The, uh, rasicm isn’t exactly related to ponies if I may


............eh, not surprised.
If he can't be racist towards other ponies, then he'll be racist to non-ponies.

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Comment posted by MatTheBook deleted February 9th

You’ve got that right

So, I deleted that my and your most recent message because I realized i misworded it :raritycry:


Ouch. DEFINITELY feeling for Spike (a dragon) in advance (and probably Sparky too for the same reason) and maybe for Gilda (a Griffon) and VERY definitely for Zecora (a zebra). And THAT's just Season ONE.

On another hand/hoof/claw, Twilight and/or Sunny verbally ripping into Sprout for his prejudice against Spike should be good to see. As well as Zipp and Pipp berating Sprout for the disrespect toward Gilda (if they're Flight School friends of Rainbow and Fluttershy, then they would probably be this to Gilda too).

Actually, Twilight and Hitch comparing notes on Spike and Sparky should be cute, particularly Twilight thinking of Spike as a little brother (as she was only a filly when Spike was hatched and she had a lot of dragon-care help from her family and possibly Sunny as well) and Hitch thinking of Sparky as a son (as he would be already a young adult when Sparky hatched).

Oh, Sprout isn’t racist to dragons (mainly to the fact that he’s outright TERRIFIED of them to make even 1 mean comment)

Plus, Sprout is too busy with something in a... uh, far away land so he’d probably never meet Zecora or Gilda

“I think I’ve had enough apples for a lifetime, maybe I’ll take my Apple Smoothie off the menu.” Sunny said.


Nice to see Sunny keeps her smoothie business. Wonder what happened to the lighthouse. Doubt Sprout destroyed it here.

It just needs a little TLC :scootangel:

This one came earlier than I expected- you do not know how hard it is to write Applejack :ajsleepy: IT TOOK ME 5 REWRITES OF AJ’S SCENE TO GET IT TO BE OKAY

Don't worry! you did Great, keep it up!

REALLY loved the work going into this latest chapter concerning the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Glad you kept the stuff about Sunny being from Maretime Town (which is apparently a hybrid of Maretime Bay and Ponyville) before she moved to Canterlot (and will probably be moving BACK to Maretime Town by the time this first adventure is over). And Twilight realizing how Innocently Insensitive her comment about Earth Ponies was after seeing Pinkie in action was good too. And, yeah, Sunny (the most sociable of the group out of her, Twilight and Spike) getting overwhelmed by that mass of Apple Family members is a good indication of how much the Apples were overdoing it. And Sunny having her fill of apples (at least for the time being - though I'm sure Applejack would be open to mixing other fruits with her apple products after a while) was great for a rare sentence. All in all, rather entertaining to see.

And, just for future record, Zipp is just as athletic as Rainbow and just as much of a daredevil, but also a fair bit more cerebral and is an aspiring detective (to the point where she would probably like both Daring Do AND Shadow Spade equally when we get to those book series). The "just as athletic and just as much of a daredevil" stuff meaning that, if Zipp was helping Rainbow, they could have probably gotten the clouds clear in FIVE seconds flat instead of TEN.

And the next chapter, we're probably heading for Mane Melody (owned and operated by both Rarity AND Pipp - though I have to wonder which one of the two Spike is going to develop the crush on) and probably checking up on Fluttershy and Hitch (who is very likely going to be trying to help Fluttershy out with the animals and might still be an even earlier childhood friend to Sunny than Twilight). Pinkie, Izzy and Misty will probably be seen (again in Pinkie's case) shortly afterwards.

Anyway, definitely looking forward to more of this.

Thanks again for the information. Especially appreciate the hints of Sprout's whereabouts during "Griffon the Brush-Off" and "Bridle Gossip". Of course, I could easily see Opaline spying on the Mane Twelve for much of the first season to learn as many of their strengths and weaknesses as possible before she strikes. The only thing I'm wondering is if she is going to be doing her own spying (in disguises to hide her horn, wings or both in order to avoid calling premature attention to herself) or if she is going to be using a minion to be doing her dirty work. After all, magic has, obviously, NOT been sealed away and there's no "invisi-bubble" keeping her from working directly so she might not think she needs a minion yet (disguises, maybe, but not minions).

If she doesn't think she needs a minion yet, Misty might have not ended up in Opaline's "care" and, if that's the case, then this would be a Misty that was actually raised in Bridlewood by her actual father (Alphabittle) and might have been Izzy's first real friend in Bridlewood. And they, in turn, would be Pinkie's first friends after the latter left the Rock Farm.

Sorry about that. Rambling again. (sheepish grin).

Considering Sunny was a one-mare operation in ANG with the lighthouse, I'm curious how she's been keeping it working. Especially if she's in Canterlot. It's a miracle it looked as good as it did I feel in the film.

Every villain needs a henchmare... maybe except for Nightmare Moon, Discord, Sombra, Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, Starlight... well, Sunset had a minion! ...But that doesn’t even it out does it. :facehoof:

Well, actually Chrysalis had an entire army of them - for a while. As did the Storm King. Starlight had an entire town of them in her first appearance (but not after that). And Allura has one too. Adagio Dazzle actually has two of them. That comes pretty close to evening it out.

Wait... the the ponies in Our Town Town are minions!? Oh, that actually explains a lot.

Well, more along the lines of cult members, but same difference.

Hey there. Excellent work on the latest chapter to this story. Absolutely loved the work going into the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Indeed, you ARE doing a really good job mixing G4 with G5 - even including bits of modern human world technology even before Sunset Shimmer makes her return to Equestria (given Sunny has mentioned bits of mass media). Izzy helping out Rarity and Pipp at Mane Boutique was a great touch as was Sunny already knowing about Pipp. Rocky having a criminal record was an amusing touch in a Black Comedy Burst sort of way. And, yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if Izzy turned out to be a distant cousin (but close FRIEND) of Pinkie Pie (with Twilight making a crack about how it's actually NOT surprising that they're related later on). And then Twilight mentioning Queen Haven and Zipp visiting Celestia from time to time was another beautiful touch (though I have to say that it makes me wonder if Haven outranks Celestia [Haven being a Queen while Celestia is a Princess] - despite the former being a Pegasus and the latter being an Alicorn [of course, to be fair, Haven might just be a better politician despite Celestia being a lot more powerful]). Of course, the meeting with Hitch was another beautiful touch (including the bit with Sparky being aged up to Spike's age) - though I have to wonder if they are going to do that "special hoof-shake" from the movie and Tell Your Tale episode "Sparky's Sick" later on and - if so, Spike is going to make a crack about how Twilight has an even more elaborate special hoofshake with Cadance).

So, next up is Fluttershy (and possibly Misty). Of course, Fluttershy probably already knows Sparky, but would still probably be quite friendly to Spike. And then Sunny, Spike and Twilight heading for the lighthouse.

Sunny: "Sorry about the lighthouse being such a mess, Twi. I haven't been in here since I moved to Canterlot, which was just a few weeks before I met you - which, in turn, was a couple of weeks before Spike hatched. The library is still pretty well stocked, though." (just seconds before the Pinkie Pie party gets sprung on them).

Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to more of this.

But, anyway, really looking forward to more of this.

Well. Answered the question of whether Sunny and Hitch still knew each other at least. Does make me wonder just what Haven and Celestia's relationship is. Queen outranks Princess.

But Haven, even in G5 proper, doesn't seem crazy enough to try her luck against Celestia. With Zephyr Heights still part of Equestria, and Zipp and Pipp acting as they are, maybe queen is actually part of Haven's name, and not a title.


Nope, rulers only get the title of “Queen” IF they have a filly/colt, because that would be VERY hard to distinguish who’s the ruler and who’s a princess by birth :pinkiehappy:

This is beautiful. Keep up the great work!

I really like how you adapted Sparky's character into the story

“No! You can’t go out there looking like Ms. Frizzle!” Pipp said. “Come with me!”

...please let this be a normal haircut!

“But didn’t he cut off a pony’s ear?”

Jazz: ...

Picture for Reference:


I like te fact that Sunny noticed the change in the Moon as well. Izzy trying to come up with names was fitting for her but it makes sense that Nightmare Moon would find it insulting.

Hi there. Not much I can say except splendid job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. Definitely liked the meeting with Fluttershy and Misty before they arrived at the lighthouse (though I admit I'm surprised Sunny didn't attempt a polite correction on her part [i.e. "Actually, my father and I DID used to live in Maretime Town - we moved to Canterlot somewhat more than ten years ago (though still definitely less than eleven years). Though I admit that I didn't really know anybody here except Hitch until today."] just after Pinkie got done with her speech). Sunny's banter with Hitch concerning the cooking was pretty amusing (though I have to wonder who the worse cook between Hitch and Sweetie Belle is). The backstage scene with Celestia was great foreshadowing too, as was Sunny starting to catch on that Twilight was right even before Nightmare Moon actually appeared. Izzy's attempt at a name for Nightmare Moon was funny, though it DID upset Nightmare Moon a bit more.

REALLY looking forward to more of this (especially the extra Element Trials and/or efforts to make the Element Trials cover two or more of the Elements.

And, yeah, before I forget, I can't help thinking about how the Crusaders (Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Seashell, Glory and Peach Fizz) all come together a couple of months later (just "the Crusaders" because, in addition to trying for their Cutie Marks, they could also work toward helping out bullying victims by providing both emotional support and a wide range of activities to build the bullying victims up both physically and mentally).

A possible bit for the possible "Dragonshy" analogue, Sunny can catch on to Fluttershy's fear of adult dragons much more quickly and try to reassure her ("Look, Fluttershy. I get it. Literally ANY sane sapient being WOULD be scared of a bad tempered fellow sapient being MANY times larger and proportionately stronger than themselves. And that's not even factoring in the fire breath and flying ability. Any of us who have any common sense ARE really scared, but we're doing this for the safety of the entire town - not just ourselves. We are trying to gently encourage this dragon to find a much safer napping spot for the sakes of every living being in Maretime Town - not just the ponies, Sparky and Spike, but for all of our animal friends too."

Another possible bit for a possible future chapter (around the time of the "Bridle Gossip" analogue), Sunny could comment to most of the Mane Twelve except for Twilight (as she was actually backing up Twilight), Zipp and Pipp (who have probably seen Zebras before when they visited Canterlot) "Come on, guys! Twilight is right. I mean, you weren't THIS afraid of Nightmare Moon! And, yeah, you had good reason to be terrified of an adult dragon (pretty much any sane sapient being WOULD BE terrified of a bad-tempered being many times their own size and proportionate strength) but you still put the needs of the town ahead of your fears. But this display. Really? I mean, you're LITERALLY treating a Zebra minding her own business like she's worse than Nightmare Moon!"

Nightmare Moon was banished when they still spoke Archaic English (probably, seeing that she was banished for 1000 years.), so I added ‘thou, thy, tis, shall, and thine’!

Originally, Nightmare was gonna be like, “woah, what is that!” about phones. But I scrapped it, seeing I couldn’t find a way to put it in. :ajsleepy:

Yeah. A really stupid experiment that Hasbro immediately scrapped after Luna Eclipsed. Seriously. Go watch FIM again. Not once was that way of talking ever used again. Even by the Pillars, who were also from that time.

Also, it's been a 1,000 years. NM shouldn't have been too surprised to see how far technology has advanced in that time. And if Luna was still doing dream walking (and it can't be anypony else), then she already knows all about phones.

You make a good point, Nightmare wouldn’t have been all too surprised. But Luna will be! Oh, now I know a future chapter idea! Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

“Oh, uh, thanks! I-I’m Misty Brightdawn. I, um, it’s nice to meet you!”

You know?
I remember that her last name was made up by her but at this rate it is her last name

Sunny left the room. Twilight followed behind but not before muttering something. “I hope you're right Sunny.” She left the room, unaware that the mare formation on the moon disappeared.

it has Begun

“Thou has come here to negotiate, as thou sayest.”

This means that Nightmare Moon says that Hitch came to negotiate when it makes more sense for her to claim that she herself came to negotiate. Also why does Nightmare Moon think Hitch in particular would be interested in her offer?

She saw that Hitch was like the leader of the group in her view, so if he left, it wouldn’t be long before the others give up. Also, I had no ideas for Hitch’s part.

UPDATE: Wait, by re-reading that comment... I’m gonna edit the chapter.

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