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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Other tag is for Grandma Figgy. Featured on 1/16/2024.)

Not long after the defeat of Opaline, Grandma Figgy comes to Maretime Bay for a visit. But she's not just here to see her favorite grandson. No, her visit has something more important at stake.

Grandma Figgy wants to have a talk with Phyllis Cloverleaf, somepony who's been noticeably withdrawn and distant since the crystals were brought together. Grandma Figgy hopes a talk mare to mare will be just the thing to get Phyllis to start opening up again.

But it's hard to overcome years of set in stone beliefs. Is Phyllis truly willing to change her mind? Or will she remain stuck in her ways for all time?

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Superb work on this one-shot. Definitely appreciated the work going into the dialogue, characterizations and general wrap-up. REALLY loved Figgy talking to Phyllis about things the latter was still having trouble accepting.

REALLY looking forward to more of your work.

I don't like the cartoon version of the characters - they're creepy looking, particularly when they smile.

11801264 It was the best I could do. I couldn't find any still images of Grandma Figgy from "Make Your Mark".

The way they smile looks like they're wondering what you taste like.

Phyllis put a hoof to her forehead. "Did you have to bring that up, Figgy? Canterlogic was my life's work, my life's purpose," In spite of her better instincts, she couldn't help but snarl. "And thanks to Sunny, suddenly it was all for naught. Ponies no longer had a need for my products. It was bad enough I had ponies thinking I wasn't a good parent because of what Sprout did, losing Canterlogic on top of that was a harsh blow. I needed time to recover, to think about what I would have to do without Canterlogic to provide for me and my family."

Well, to be fair, you spent the first half of the movie Lady Macbething Sprout.
Pretty good. My only criticism is I would delete the horizontal rule in the middle. It doesn't really seem to serve a purpose.

"Then why is that I didn't see you once when everypony else was raising their voices and singing in encouragement?" Figgy questioned quite sternly, her eyes locking onto Phyllis' own. "Even your own son was capable of that much."

Yeah that is weird she didn't show up during that episode but they were starting singing to give hope

"Then why is it that I'm hearing from Hitch that you were nowhere to be seen even before Opaline showed up?" Figgy questioned further. "He says the last time he saw you was when those dragons arrived in Maretme Bay with Sunny and her friends. And that was the first time he'd seen you out in public at all since the crystals were brought together. You weren't even present when Canterlogic was converted into a movie studio. Even your son at least was hanging around the premise before then."

Yeah and there's also that she did appeared during the pipp first open her salon but then she just suddenly disappeared I was like what the heck

Figgy went on speaking. "Much as we might wish it weren't so, life is always going to keep on changing. Nothing ever stays the same forever. But the way I see it, we have two options when the world inevitably changes: We can either adapt to it as best we can and try to carry on, or we can shut ourselves away and let the world pass us by. But no matter what we say or do, the changes can't be undone. I know it hurts feeling like you don't have control of your life."

Yeah things change it always happens all the time either a good thing or a bad thing but sometimes we just have to go through changes in our life

Okay this was a pretty nice story so it looks like figgy is having a meeting with Phyllis about the past events been happening she even talked about why did you not partake of the event of defeating Opaline and she had no answer the only thing she answered is that the changes pretty much ruined her career and her reputation and she was afraid of change ever since during the aftermath of the new generation but sometimes you can't run from it it might be hard to accept the change but we just had to live on and embrace it which it looks like Phyllis decided to make that slowly but surely and she wanted to talk with sunny and the others hopefully this will be a bright future for her this was a pretty nice story keep up the good work

G5 really hates the idea of a complete family unit. With onlh single parents who never bring up their parter or just don’t exist. Where grandpa Where is sunny mom. Wheee Misty’s mom etc

11823853 I guess it's to try and make G5 relevant in today's world of increasingly common divorce and single parent households.

Maybe if one or tia of them. But no. It every single character has onlj one Parent. I know it minor nit pick but gah ?
Story is nice

all the while waiting as Phyilis slowly but surely approached her.

I thought Phyllis was hurrying?

Phyllis is change at the end seemed to me to be rather sudden/rushed.

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