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SIE Blurb #2 Princess Panic · 5:26am Oct 11th, 2023

This blurb takes us to the sprawling city of Canterlot.

Shining Armor walks side by side with Princess Celestia through on of the many lavish hallways.

"Glad you could come on such short notice Captain Armor."

"The plesures all mine Princess. Anything dealing with equestrias safety is my duty."

"So you've read the report I see. So you are well away of our newest arival."

"This creature posses abilittys like we've never seen and if it is our enemy we might not stand a chance."

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SIE blurb #1 · 4:36am Jun 8th, 2023

(This is a small little blurb of a upcomming part in my story SIE.) (PLEASE NOTE: ALL THING SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!!)

I stood defiantly staring down my opponent. They stood at the ready as well. The green and purple dragon drew a long broadsword. I activated the blades in the guantlets of my suit which had energy blades on the edges. He took a fighting stance and stared me down.

"I'll give you one last chance."

"I don't surrender dragon."

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James Monroe · 5:03am Feb 12th, 2023

James Monroe is 6'1 and has a fit build and a slight stubble on his face. He wears usually military wear or has a vest on under his 'casual' clothes. They consist of a grey hoodie with E.C.O. in the top left. A pair of black jeans, combat boots, and a faded military jacket over his casual clothes (if he doesn't have the hoodie).

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