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Since I was little I have been a fan of video games, anime, cartoons, comics, tcg, etc. But in 2019 i became a brony.


Spike has not decided what to do with his future, he has a talent but the world does not let him take advantage of it, until now .....

He will decide to enter the great Canterlot High beyblade tournament, to prove once and for all that he can be the best blader, on his way he will meet new friends, who will also become his future rivals.

32 participants, one trophy, only one winner ...


This is my first english fic (Im from Mexico) so, I hope everything goes well.
I will try not to make many grammatical mistakes.

Also the ages of the characthers are:

Spike (13 years)
Rumble (13 years)
Button Mash (13 years)
Apple Bloom (13 years)
Scootaloo (13 years)
Sweetie Belle (13 years)
Thorax (14 years)
Ember (14 years)
Mane 7 (15 years)

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Curious on what happens next there.

Wonder if the rematch happens to be in the tournament?

If spike parents are nightlight and velvet would spike uncle be torch or discord?

In this AU Discord exists but in this first season he has no appearances, and Torch, well, read chapter 3

I like it a bit, but I am pump to see spike getting ready to battle. And facing that new villain. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

Keep it up. :moustache:

Wonder how much trouble will this new villain would be causing?

Thank you for reading the next episode is the start of the tournament

Although his intentions are to defeat Spike, to avoid spoilers he will not be a cheating villain.

Thanks, although in this story I don't intend to include OCs, not even mine.

But in the next story I would love to

Great chapter, and yeah, Spike needed to teach Rainbow a lesson. Another thing she didn't apologize to Spike for in the series was in Tanks for the Memories. She compared Spike to a tortoise, and when Spike used the same words Fluttershy said she racially told him "What do you know? You're a dragon!"

Yeah that also was a horrible and racist thing to say.

It was really cool in seeing Spike having this berserk mode/dark side or something.

Yeah, i like when some character turns into a berserk beast to win a battle

Hey man I just wanna say I really love your story. But I was wondering if I could give you some advice?

Do you think you can make the chapters longer as in add more words/paragraphs and stuff? The way I see it, the longer the chapters the better the story. At least that’s what I figure.

Ok and maybe you could use Grammarly when you write your story, I hear it’s really good and helpful.

Yeah, i struggle with that.

Im from Mexico, so the english is a bit hard for me to write

That’s why I suggest using Grammarly I’m sure it’ll help you with your spelling and writing.

I find it in poor taste that Rainbow bashed Beyblade and told Spike it was lame and not a real sport and now she is in a Beyblade Tournament, I hope she looses hard.

Oh that Photo Finish turning even a Beybattle into a photo shoot.

That was a good battle.

Who would be fighting next?

I think its gonna be 3 battles

I decided to finally give this story a read. Seems like an interesting idea.

Nice battle between Rumble and Button. The way Rumble’s Bey was jumping kinda reminds me of Heat Salamander from Turbo, but it has been forever since I watched the earlier versions of Beyblade it may refer to any of them I don’t remember.

So Spike is over his crush on Rarity huh? I will keep my fingers crossed for him and Ember then.

Sorry, i like Ember, and one of the best Spike shippings, but not my favourite shipping, even so, she will be an important character in this story.

Rats, oh well. I’ll still keep reading.

Nice job introducing Ember here. Hope the two of them will get a rematch in the tournament.

"You can call me the Dark Crystal Knight."

If that doesn’t scream “I’m the bad guy” I don’t know what does.

These are some interesting matchups. I wonder why Rainbow entered the tournament even though she doesn’t think it is a real sport? I am definitely on Spike’s side though.

Yikes. Looks like Spike has a “Superpowered Evil Side”. Don’t piss him off.

Kinda easy to predict that Ember would win, but still a great battle.

Those were some good matches. And I loved Tender's method of launching his blade. That's another thing I liked about the first series, so many bladers had so many unique ways of launching them.


The rules of these beybattles are the beyblade burst rules, but this fic has a lot of things that make special the first series (Bakuten Shoot)

I like how you incorporated Skeedadle and Tender Taps talents for how they launch their Beys. Also, FeatherWeight losing to Bon Bon entirely off-screen was pretty funny for some reason. Probably because they call it the "world's fastest Burst Finish".

Glad you like it, i bet you will like more the next battle.

Well this is an interesting chapter. I see Flash's Bey is named after his ace monster from Banshee531's Yugioh series. I hope Flash beats Heath.

Nice seeing Flash, but man Spitfire that ain't how a hall monitor behaves to children younger than them.

Well, hall monitors are not common here in Mexico, I don't know of any school that has any of them, so my only knowledge is only the ones I saw on TV series.

But I also want to put a reference to chapter 20 of YuGiOh GX hehe.

Yeah, i really like that story, specially the 3rd one, and the reason Flash is fighting Heath its because in Banshee story Heath is one of the most powerful enemies, also is kinda the rival/enemy of Spike.

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