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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 5: Canterlot High Beyblade Grand Tournament Starts

It was night at the Sparkle family house, Spike was in his room getting ready, since tomorrow was the big tournament, he was testing his different launchers to see which one he had the best results with when spinning Emerald Flame, he decided on the green string launcher which Spike had customized to have a more offensive rotation, in addition to giving it a more striking design with protruding green flames, which were positioned so that it could be pointed to the place where the beyblade would fall, even with all these improvements, Spike was nervous.

Suddenly his parents entered his room, seeing the expression of his son decided to find out what was wrong.

"Are you okay sweetie?" Velvet asked.

“Sure, I'm just thinking about the tournament, because, I can't help but think the worst, I say, this is my great moment to show how much I have tried in this sport, what if I am not strong enough? What if I lose in the first round? What if everything i were working on is a lie? What if I end up disappointing my friends? what if ……… ”Spike continued, but.

"Whoa, chill son, you sound just like your sister when she gets stressed, which happens a lot," Night Light interrupted.

"Sorry, it's just, I ……" Spike couldn't finish his sentence, but suddenly Velvet decided to hug him.

“No matter what happens Spike, we are proud of you win or lose and we will always support you in your decisions because we know you are a good kid,” Velvet said.

Then Night Light joined the hug.

"Thanks mom and dad, even so I promise to give my best." Spike said with a look more confident than his previous expression.

"We know Spike," Night Light said.

Spike began to wonder, how are his friends? They will also be thinking of a strategy to improve?

Button Mash was at his house, it seemed that he was building something since he had many spare parts as well as parts necessary to assemble the launchers.

“Brace yourselves, because I already am, and I'll win this with a single coin,” Button said aloud.

"Button, it's midnight, you should sleep," said Button's mother, Cream Heart.

"I'm sorry, Mom."

Rumble was at home, lengthening the launcher's guide to double the speed of his beyblade.

"Very good, faster, punches with more impact."

Back at the Sparkle house, Twilight was talking on the phone, she seemed surprised.

"What are you talking about? It's some joke, it can't be true Rainbow, ”Twi asked Rainbow.

"Yeah, I think it will be great and I will surely win, I already got mine yesterday."

Twilight began to ponder the implications of the situation and decided to be honest with Rainbow.

"After all the times you've made fun of Spike about it, now that it's important he decides to go in, that doesn't sound right."

"Hey, it's supposed to be an event for all students, so I'm not doing anything wrong, well I have to get ready, see you tomorrow Twi," Rainbow said goodbye.

"Oh no," Twilight said.

The next day.

At Canterlot High, several students were in the gym waiting for the competition to come, among those students were Spike, Button, Rumble, and the CMCs.

At that moment, the principals arrived to announce the great event.

“Good morning students, I am glad that many of you wanted to participate,” said Celestia.

"And to all competitors we wish you the best of luck" said Luna.

“This is how the tournament will work, we have 32 bladers that will compete in a direct elimination format until reaching the final round, the battles will be decided to the best of 3 points, from the semifinal the battles will be decided to the best of 5 points , ”Celestia said.

"So let's start, on this screen you will see who is your opponent and who will play first, give your best young bladers," said Luna while pointing to a huge screen on one of the walls of the gym, on the screen you can see the photos of the bladers who were going to face:

Rainbow Dash VS Spike

Flash Sentry VS Heath Burns

Sweetie Belle VS Silver Spoon

Derpy Hooves VS Trixie Lulamoon

Ember VS Photo Finish

Snails VS Button Mash

Soarin Skyes VS Zephyr Breeze

Diamond Tiara VS Scootaloo

Featherweight VS Bon Bon

Rumble VS Bulk Biceps

Tender Taps VS Skeedadle

Snips VS Cheese Sandwich

Lyra Heartstrings VS Pipsqueak

Apple Bloom VS Twist

Microchips VS Time Turner

Smolder VS Thorax

Spike was surprised to see who his opponent was, he quickly searched the public and managed to locate Rainbow Dash, she only saw him with an expression that said "You're going to lose."

Spike was confused, he did not know how to feel in that situation, several times since he met Rainbow, she had always made fun of him for his liking to beyblade, he knew that she did not do it with bad intentions since they were simple insults that any friend would do, but there were still times where he got upset at Rainbow's teasing even though he knew she wasn't a bad person, why was he so upset then? He wondered in his mind.

Even so, he continued to see the other participants, he was glad to see Ember and Smolder participating again, but there was something that worried him, where was the Dark Crystal Knight?

"I think he did not participate because of the age limit?" Spike wondered.

Button who seemed to hear him replied "Even so, you have to be careful Spike, we don't know all his intentions."

After a while, Vice-Principal Luna announced who would be the first to fight.

"And the lucky ones who will open the opening duel will be: Rainbow Dash and Spike, the fight will be in 15 minutes, use that time to prepare."

All the students left the place excited, especially Rainbow, who was happy to be the first to fight.

On the other hand Spike looked nervous, he quickly went to his locker where he had put on his gloves for his launcher, then he proceeded to put them on, even so he was a bit exhilarated, when he heard a voice.

"Spike, are you okay?"

Spike turned to see Twilight, she approached him.

"Of course I'm fine Twi."

"Spike, please, I've known you since you were born, I know you're feeling bad."

"No, it's not that Twi, it's just that …… umm… .. you wouldn't understand."

"Is it about Rainbow Dash?"

Spike sighed and simply nodded.

"I know you are surprised by her participation, I also did not know how to react when she found out, and regarding what she has told you, you know that she does not do it with bad intentions."

"Yeah, but it's still hard to forget the things she told me," Spike began to recall some insults Rainbow used to say about the beyblade, calling it child's play, saying it's not a real sport and that any fool can play and win, thinking it wasn't a big deal.

"But it doesn't matter, because all I need to do now is beat her," said Spike as he had an eye twitching.

"You're sure you're okay, because you're sweating," Twilight said, pointing to Spike's sweat-soaked jacket.

"Oh, I didn't notice," Spike took off his jacket and left it in his locker while he pulled out another exactly the same jacket and put it on "Much better."

Twilight stared at Spike with a confused expression, to which Spike replied, “What? Applejack has 20 versions of her hat, is it weird that he has 2 of the same jackets? "

At that moment, Principal Celestia's voice was heard through a loudspeaker "The first battle will start in 5 minutes, participants Spike and Rainbow Dash are asked to go to the gym."

"Alright, they call me Twi, wish me luck." Spike proceeded to leave.

"Sure Spike, good luck."

Spike started walking to get to the gym, when he arrived he was surprised that he was in front of almost all the students, all the stands were full, only the participating bladers sat on the nearest benches to better see the fights.

Celestia: Hello everyone, it is a pleasure that you can join us to start this magnificent event.

Luna: Sure, sister, you can see the emotion.

Celestia: Let's go over the rules.

Luna: As it is an official tournament, the matches will be carried out with the official rules.

Celestia: The first blader to score 2 points will advance to the next round.

Luna: If a blader wins with a survive finish or ring out, that will count as 1 point.

Celestia: And if a blader wins with a burst finish that will count as 2 points.

Luna: Those are the winning conditions, it's time to introduce the first bladers.

Celestia: In the red corner, with great energy and a strong competitive spirit, she came to blow it all away, Canterlot High most speed athlete, 15-year-old, Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow entered the stage running and playing her guitar, a tune that seemed to be rock, when she reached the center of the gym.

She listened to her friends supporting her.

"Do your best Rainbow," Soarin yelled.

"You can do it sister," Scootaloo yelled.

"You're beautiful Rainbow," Zephyr Breeze yelled, a comment that made Rainbow wince.

Also in the stands were her friends supporting her although she could not hear them because of how far away they were.

"Fight Rainbow, Yay" Fluttershy tried to scream but that was the smallest yay the girls heard.

"Keep your nose in game sugarcube, Spike is not someone to let your guard down," Applejack said.

Luna: And in the blue corner, with a great passion for this sport, someone who supports whoever needs it, the dragon boy, 13 years old, Spike.

Spike was at the entrance to the blue corner, but he wasn't moving and seemed to be shaking.

"Oh no, I should have guessed this would happen," Button Mash said.

"What are you talking about?" Rumble asked.

Sweetie Belle replied "Spike has stage fright, he gets nervous if he is in front of crowds."

Spike was still motionless until Principal Celestia called out to him "Spike, sweetie, you can move on now."

Spike nervously approached the center of the gym where a beystadium was, there he placed himself in front of Rainbow Dash.

Spike was nervous but suddenly his nerves diminished when he heard his friends cheer him on.

"You can do it Spike," Button Mash yelled.

"Don't let your guard down," Rumble yelled.

"I know you can do it Spike," Apple Bloom yelled louder, Scootaloo realized that her friend wasn't cheering for Rainbow Dash, she just asked "Whose side are you on?"

"Come on Spike," Flash Sentry yelled.

In the stands Twilight was watching nervously.

"What's wrong darling?" Rarity asked.

"It's just …… I'm not sure if I'm happy if either of the two wins, Rainbow Dash is my friend but Spike is my little brother."

"No matter what we can't do anything but watch," Rarity said. "This battle will decide itself how those two do."

"I know" Twilight said, "but it's still hard."

“Inspect your opponent's beyblade,” Vice-Principal Luna said.

Spike and Rainbow approached and they both handed the bey to the other.

Rainbow took Emerald Flame and inspected it, I didn't notice anything wrong with the bey, so she just handed it back to Spike.

But Spike almost had an epileptic seizure when he saw Rainbow Dash's beyblade, it lived up to its name, each part of the bey had a different color, they were the 7 colors of the rainbow, unlike Emerald Flame which was a balance type This was obviously an attack type, far from it, he didn't notice anything weird about the beyblade, so he gave it back to Rainbow.

"Surprised right, when I saw him I knew that he would be my blade, I called him Rainbow Meteor," Rainbow said.

"She looks strong Rainbow, but I'm still not going to lose," Spike said with a serious look.

"Well bring it on," Rainbow yelled.

Celestia: Alright bladers put the beys in their launchers and get ready for battle.

Rainbow and Spike put the beys in their launchers, Rainbow's launcher was like Spike's and it seemed to have pegasus wings that protruded at the top, apparently those wings had the same function as the green flames of Spike's launcher , improve accuracy.

In the distance on the roof of the gym was the Dark Crystal Knight watching through a window the next battle that was coming, "Let's see if you're worthy, Spike," he told himself.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Celestia and Luna: 1

Everyone in the audience including Spike and Rainbow screamed as they launched their beys.


As Emerald Flame and Rainbow Meteor shot to the beystadium that was in the center of the gym, the battle had started and one thing was for sure, this tournament would be many things but it would not be boring.

To be continue....

Author's Note:

Finally we started with the tournament, it was about time, what do you think of the characters that I chose as participants? (For me it was really hard to chose 32).

And one last thing.

Which side are you on? Spike´s or Rainbow´s?

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