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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 22: This Episode is Nuts (But the ending is worth it)

We meet again in the gym, where Trixie and Lyra Heartstrings were fighting.

"ILLUSION MASTER, IT'S TIME FOR THE GRAND FINAL," Trixie's bey sent Lyra's bey flying, which landed outside the beystadium.

"Oh, Heart Striker," Lyra said as she picked up her bey.

Luna: That really was a “magical” fight.

Celestia: With a score of 2 – 1, the winner is….

Celestia was interrupted by the energetic student.

“The Great and Powerful Trixie,” Trixie yelled.

Several students applauded.

In the stands.

"I hate to admit it, but I think Trixie has skills," Applejack said.

“If only she could apply them better, instead of being an egomaniac who thinks she's number one,” Rainbow Dash added.

"Yeah, we don't need another egomaniac, that's what we have Rainbow for," Pinkie Pie replied.

"Yeah," Rainbow agreed but then realized what Pinkie said, "Wait what?"

Twilight, Rarity, Sunset, and Fluttershy just laughed.

“Thank you, the great and powerful Trixie is always focused on putting on a good show for her audience,” said Trixie.

Celestia: Thank you very much Trixie, but it's time to announce the next battle, now.

“Ehhh, wait a minute, I haven't sung the opening theme yet,” Trixie said as Celestia gently led her to the benches.

Luna: Where were we? Oh yeah, about to announce the next bladers.

Luna pressed a button on her controller.

On the screen that was on the ceiling began to show images of the participants at random, suddenly it stopped at one.

"It's me," Flash Sentry said.

"Good luck Flash, do your best," Spike said.

"It's Flash," Twilight said.

“Well darling, remember to cheer him on with everything,” Rarity told her.

But then Pinkie Pie started moving weird.

"Oh no, the Pinkie Sense," Rainbow Dash said.

"That means Flash's opponent will be..." Pinkie said as she squirmed.

Suddenly the roof of the gym began to open, which surprised all the students, especially the principals.

Celestia: What's going on Luna?

Luna: I don't know, i don't authorize this.

Celestia: Me neither.

When the roof was fully opened, a yellow helicopter could be seen flying over Canterlot High, a skydiver jumped out of the helicopter.

What's that? All 7 except Pinkie wondered at the same time.

The skydiver opened his parachute and landed in style in the center of the gym, to which the principals approached him.

Luna: Can you tell what this fuss is about?

“Oh this?” said the skydiver, "It's just my grand entrance."

At that moment the skydiver took off his helmet at the same time that the screen showed the next participant, and as if it were fate, it was the same skydiver.

"CHEESE," Pinkie Pie yelled with heart-shaped eyes.

Celestia: Umm, yes, then, the ones who will have the honor of fighting will be Flash Sentry and Cheese Sandwich.

Many students began to think about the upcoming battle.

The minutes passed, Flash was getting ready in the bathroom, he had never seen Cheese play, he didn't even know his tactics, but he knew that he was someone unpredictable and that it was obvious that he would bring him surprises.

"Hey, you shouldn't worry," Flash turned at the sound of a voice, saw Spike walking in with a smile.

"After all, you defeated one of the Dark Crystal Knight's goonies, you are very strong Flash, remember that."

Flash looked at his beyblade and smiled, "Thanks Spike, I needed to hear that."

Back in the gym.

Celestia: Alright, now that we've taken a break, let's get to the last battle for today.

Luna: This time we're back with our beloved favorite guitarist, Flash Sentry.

Flash approached the center of the gym a little embarrassed by the title of "favorite guitarist."

Celestia: And arriving just in time for her battle, another one of the great party planners we have at Canterlot High, Cheese Sandwich.

Cheese approached the center of the gym, when he arrived, he took the microphone and introduced himself.

“Im Cheese Sandwich and I dare to be stupid.”

And out of nowhere, confetti shot out like an explosion.


Many students stumbled, obviously not expecting confetti to come out, Pinkie being the exception, "WEEE."

“This can be a problem,” said Button Mash.

“I understand you, Cheese Sandwich, no one has seen him play, since his first battle was a default victory and his opponent run away,” Rumble said, then pointed at Button Mash, changing his tone to a more sarcastic one, “And that it was thanks to you.”

Button bowed his head sheepishly, "I already said I was sorry."

But Spike didn't seem worried.

"Umm Spike, what's up, why are you so quiet?" asked Rumble.

Spike just replied, "I have faith in Flash."

Back then the bladers had already inspected their opponent's bey.

"His has a BALANCE type, for someone of his nature, I didn't expect his blade to be like that, but that means no one will have the upper hand in this fight," Flash thought.

But Cheese only looked at him with a smile.

"What is he thinking," Flash asked himself.

"Even I don't know that, friend," Cheese replied, "I'll just say that the thoughts in my mind are an enigma."

“Wait a minute, did you read my mind?” Flash asked scared.

Cheese started laughing, "Hahaha, no mate, you just thought out loud."

"Oh," Flash replied sheepishly.

“Flash, don't let it get into your head,” Twilight yelled from the stands.

Luna: The countdown begins.

Flash took out his launcher where he placed Flash Heart, he had already prepared himself for whatever weird thing Cheese planned.

But then Cheese brought out a jagged-looking launcher in the shape of one of his chickens that he used as a party prop.

"And now what is that madman thinking?" Rainbow asked.

"She's thinking about winning Rainbow," Pinkie replied seriously, which made the other girls uncomfortable.

Cheese placed his beyblade in the slot on that launcher and the countdown began.




And all the students shouted:


Flash with all his strength managed to launch Flash Heart perfectly, while Cheese did it his way, jumping as if dancing while his launcher made a screeching sound.

And the 2 beyblades fell to the beystadium.

Flash Heart spun as Flash formulated a plan.

“Alright I got it Flash Heart, I need you to move on to…” Flash was interrupted by a flurry of confetti that flew right into his face.


"Aghhhh," Flash shouted as he was hit by the confetti, "Hey, what's your problem?"

“None,” Cheese Sandwich replied with a laugh, “It's the party spirit my bey, Party Crasher has.”

Party Crasher hit Flash Heart directly as he released more confetti.

“Flash Heart, dodge it, don't let… BLWOOORGH,” Flash said before one of the confetti attacks entered his mouth.

Celestia: Luna, is that allowed?

Luna: According to the rules, this is the work of the beyblade, so it's allowed.

“That can't be true,” said Rumble and Button at the same time.

But Spike pulled out a rule book and showed them a page, "Actually, it is."

"You always carry that in your pocket," Rumble asked.

"When you have a sister like Twilight, you have books even in your soup," Spike replied.

"Blaggh blghh," Flash tried to get the confetti off his tongue, "Ahhhh, do you think this is a joke?"

“Dude, everything in this world is a joke,” replied Cheese Sandwich, “But always remember SMILE SMILE SMILE.”

“Cheese, that is my song,” Pinkie yelled at him.

"Oh, sorry Pinkie," Cheese replied, "Time for the grand finale, Party Crasher, LIGHTS OUT."

And suddenly 6 other beyblades appeared and they all looked like Party Crasher but each had a different color.

“What the…” Flash wondered.

“It's his special move, LIGHTS OUT, when he runs out of confetti, he uses the stage to make seven times the fun,” replied Cheese.

"Is it me, or does this little game no longer make sense in this story?" Flash Sentry asked.

"Breaking the fourth wall, that's how you react, well if that's the case," Cheese continued, "Let me tell you, you weren't going to be that big of a deal in this fanfic."

"What are you talking about?" Flash asked.

"Have you noticed why you have a considerable amount of appearances despite not being a main character?" asked Cheese.

Flash just shook his head.

"Your appearance is just a way of thanking the author who made you a hero in his stories, because that author inspired the writer of this fic."

Flash was still listening a little confused.

“Terms like, Royal Knight, Element of Courage, or those times when you have been a protagonist in a fic based on a card game for children, even the name of your beyblade is the same as one of your creatures, you were a hero in those stories,” Cheese continued, “But these are not your stories.”



The two of them turned to see Pinkie approaching the beystadium.

"Listen Cheese, Flash, I get that, breaking the 4th wall is fun, but you've already pushed it too far, other readers won't understand," Pinkie snapped, "Besides, that's my job."

The two didn't know what to say.

"So you'd better continue with this story as usual and stop referencing other readings," Pinkie ordered, to which they nodded.

“Very well, now let us return to the battle.”

“Come on Party Crasher,” Cheese yelled as 7 copies of his bey closed in on Flash Heart.

Flash watched without fear and suddenly noticed something that would make him win the fight "Flash Heart, go for the blue."

"It can't be, how did he know," Cheese thought.

Flash Heart dodged the other beyblades and hit the blue painted one, which sent it flying.

"How did you know that was the real one?" asked Cheese.

Flash Sentry replied, “The real…. Is the one who always stays behind.”

"Cheese, how could you be so careless," Pinkie yelled.

"I told you, Flash wouldn't disappoint," Spike told his friends.

Party Crasher was sent flying, but Flash wasn't done yet.


Flash Heart using one of the corners propelled himself to get to where Party Crasher was, which he dealt another hit.


Party Crasher had disarmed, turning the match result into a burst finish, at the same time, Party Crasher's clones disappeared.

Celestia: Wow, talking about crashing the party.

Luna: Well, ladies and gentleman that was a burst finish.

Celestia: Which means that with a score of 2 – 0 the winner is.

Moon: Flash Sentry.

The students applauded.

"Well done Flash," Twilight Sparkle was yelling louder than anyone at the time.

Cheese collected the pieces of his bey and in an instant put it back together.

Celestia: But let's not forget his opponent.

Luna: That's right sister, he gave us a good show, it was very funny.

Cheese smiled, "Well it looks like my job is done."

Flash walked up to him, "I mean you did really well, a little weird, but it was fun."

Cheese smiled, "Well, my goal wasn't to win, look around you."

Flash looked over and all the students had smiles on their faces, "My goal was to fill their hearts with big smiles, and I'm sure you'll achieve that in this tournament."

Cheese was retreating into the distance.

“Thank you, Cheese,” Flash Sentry said.

"That was impressive, those were great battles today," Spike was saying to his friends, to which they nodded.

At that moment the main ones announced the next battle.

Celestia: Thank you all for joining us today, tomorrow we will continue with more.

Luna: And those who will inaugurate the first combat of the second day will be.

Again the screen descended and showed many images of the participants, after a few seconds it stopped, and the selected participant left.

"It's me," Spike shouted, "YESSS."

"Good luck Spike," Rumble told him.

“It doesn't matter who your opponent is,” Button Mash added, “because I know you'll beat him easily.”

Suddenly the image stopped and showed a blader that Spike hadn't thought to face so soon.

“It's… me” said Apple Bloom nervously.

The other crusaders were also shocked at such a revelation.

Apple Bloom looked at Spike who was still looking at the screen while he had his mouth open.

Suddenly he snapped out of her trance to turn to see Apple Bloom, their eyes meeting in what could best be described as a mixed feeling of seriousness and concern.

One thing was for sure, the next battle would be anything, but it wouldn't be boring at all.

Author's Note:

Well, here is another chapter, yes, I know this was very weird, but I didn't know how to put Cheese Sandwich without going crazy, besides when I wrote it, it was 5 AM in the morning and I had a lot of coffee in my body to stay awake Still, I hope you enjoy it.

And don't miss the next one, a love fight between Spike and Apple Bloom, I understand that some find it strange that they only face each other in the second round, but Spike needs this to advance as a character and be able to beat the Dark Crystal Knight in the future.

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