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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 25: The Song of the Mermaids

In the school infirmary.

“Ouch, ouch, it hurts,” Spike complained as the nurse Red Heart placed bandages on his arm.

"What were you thinking training your arm like that?" the nurse asked Spike.

“In that i wanted to win the battle, Ouch, can you do it more delicately?” Spike answered.

“Well you did it,” said Apple Bloom who had bandages on her arm.

The nurse finished bandaging Spike's hand, "That's it Spike, just rest a bit and your hand will be healed."

"Thank you very much, Nurse Red Heart," Spike thanked her.

"You're welcome Spike, just remember not to push yourself too hard next time," the nurse told him gently.

"I agree with the nurse Spike, you're not an anime character who can heal his wounds quickly," Apple Bloom told him.

"Hey, you too outdid yourself Miss Barn Buster, besides it would be cool to be one, have you seen how that guy with a dragon inside his beyblade does amazing moves, that's amazing," Spike replied.

Apple Bloom laughed, the two proceeded to leave, but were stopped by Nurse Red Heart, "Wait a minute, patients don't leave here without a lollipop."

The nurse offered them popsicles and they took one with a little shame, Spike took a purple one and Apple Bloom a yellow one.

“Thank you Nurse Red Heart,” they said at the same time.

In the halls.

Spike and Apple Bloom walked out of the infirmary while eating their lollipops.

There was Sweetie Belle and Button Mash waiting for them.

“It took a long time,” Button Mash told them.

“I'm sorry, but Spike has been complaining all the time,” Apple Bloom said with a giggle.

"I remind you that I'm very sensitive," Spike said trying to protect his pride, to which everyone laughed.

“That's what I like about you,” Apple Bloom told him as she kissed his cheek.

"Well, I like that you're strong," Spike replied, giving her a kiss on her cheek.

“I hope this doesn't become a habit,” Sweetie Belle said.

"Hehe, you're just jealous," Apple Bloom replied, hugging Spike.

Sweetie Belle pouted.

“Well, at least they're both fine,” said Button Mash.

"And how is Rumble doing in his battle?" Spike asked.

“I think you have to watch this video,” Button told him showing a video on his phone, in which Rumble had a beybattle against Soarin.

"CLOUD SLAYER, USE YOUR SPECIAL MOVE, WIND BLADE," Rumble ordered as Cloud Slayer went straight in a diagonal line to attack Wind Chaser, Soarin´s beyblade.

Suddenly, like a leaf, Wind Chaser was kicked out of the beystadium in the most graceful way possible.

"Wow," was the only thing Soarin could say, despite losing, the way Rumble fought was unique.

Luna: And that's a ring out.

Celestia: Which means that with a score of 2-1, the winner is Rumble.

All the students applauded.

The video ended.

"Wow, Rumble sure knew how to control the situation," Spike said in awe.

"I know, who would have thought, Scootaloo must be fighting Tender Taps right now, let's go see her," said Sweetie Belle.

The 4 went to the gym to witness their friend's beybattle.

In the gym, there was Scootaloo and Tender Taps, both were checking their rival's beyblade, after checking that there was nothing wrong, they returned the bey to its respective owner and placed themselves in battle position.

Scootaloo took out her launcher and placed her beyblade on it, while Tender Taps placed a bey on his shoes due to his battle dance style.

“I'm sorry to tell you, you won't last long, dancer boy,” Scootaloo told him confidently.

"What?" asked Tender Taps confused.

“5 seconds,” Scootaloo declared showing her 5 fingers on her right hand, “I will defeat you and it will only take 5 seconds.”

Tender Taps frowned.

In the stands, Rainbow Dash laughed upon hearing that, "Hehe, she's declaring her victory before the battle even starts."

“Why would Scootaloo do that? She's a bit arrogant,” Fluttershy wondered.

“Maybe it's because I teached her, I told her she'd win this round and her opponent would be one of the easy ones, so a little arrogance never hurt anyone,” Rainbow Dash answered.

“I just hope it doesn't become a habit Rainbow, I wouldn't want Scootaloo to turn into a little version of you,” AJ joked.

"Hey, what's wrong with me?" Rainbow Dash asked to which the Mane 7 burst out laughing confusing her even more, "Someday I'm going to kick all of your asses."

“5 seconds huh? Then I'll start my break dance attack,” Tender Taps replied with a smile.

"Bring it on," Scootaloo told him and then she thought, "Oh why did I take your advice Rainbow? I'll look like a complete idiot if I lose."

Celestia: It's countdown time.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students present shouted:


Scootaloo launched her beyblade into the beystadium while with a break dance move, Tender Taps launched his.

Celestia: And we have the release of Tender Taps which never ceases to amaze.

Luna: But Scootaloo will be able to stop him, remember that she said she would beat him in 5 seconds.

“And she won't,” Tender Taps thought, then made a crazy move, “ATTACK.”

“Ughh, I'm going to die,” Scootaloo said dejectedly and then yelled, “XTREME RAPTOR, USE YOUR SPECIAL MOVE, CLAW TWISTER.”

The 2 beyblades collided, but quickly...


The beyblade of Tender Taps did Burst.

“AHHH,” Tender yelled in amazement.

Celestia: Wow Luna, what was that?

Luna: A battle that lasted 5 seconds.

"What?" Scootaloo said covering her eyes with her hands.

Celestia: With a score of 2-0, the winner is Scootaloo.

All the students applauded.

"Wait, I win?" Scootaloo wondered.

“Looks like you kept your word, you have my respect,” Tender Taps told her as he backed away.

"Ugh, that was close," Scootaloo said relieved and then thought, "Mental note, don't be so arrogant next time."

"Thats how you win squirt," yelled Rainbow Dash.

“I'll admit she did very well,” AJ told her.

Just then, Spike, Apple Bloom, Button Mash, and Sweetie Belle arrived.

“Damn, we missed the battle.”

Several minutes later.

The principals were in the center of the gym announcing something.

“Thank you all for participating, this Friday the last 2 beybattles of this round will be on,” said Celestia.

"I'm glad I'm not you, Button, only strong rivals left," Spike told him.

"Yes, like Microchips, he's very clever that he was able to use advanced technology in his beyblade," Rumble said.

"There's also Ember, she must be pretty strong because she beat Spike in the past," added Sweetie Belle.

"Thank you guys, you guys are so good at making me feel better, before I was just nervous about Thorax, now I'm nervous about 2 more bladers," he replied sarcastically.

“But before we go, some young ladies have offered to sing at the halftime show,” Luna said.

Many students were left expectant when they saw that the lights went out and a lot of smoke began to rise in the center of the gym.

The principals left the center and then 3 girls who seemed to be the age of the mane 7 entered through a door.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,” the girls introduced themselves, who had microphones so that everyone present could hear them.

“Im Adagio Dazzle, nice to meet you,” the pooffy-haired girl introduced herself.

“My name is Aria Blaze,” the girl with the pigtails introduced herself, she didn't seem happy at the moment.

“And im Sonata Dusk,” the girl with the ponytail introduced herself, she seemed the happiest of the 3.

“And together we are, THE DAZZLINGS.”

"The Dazzlings?" Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo wondered.

“The Dazzlings,” Spike, Button Mash, and Rumble gasped.

"Do you know them?" They asked.

"They're a BBA Pop Idol group," Spike replied.

“BBA?” asked Sweetie Belle.

“BeyBlade Association,” Button Mash replied.

"And what do they do?" Scootaloo asked.

"They usually sing at various events to put on a show, but they're also very good bladers," Rumble replied.

“Mmm,” Twilight murmured, which was heard by Rainbow.

"Is something wrong Twi?" she ask her.

She answered a little uncertainly, "I don't know, they don't inspire confidence."

“Before we begin, we want to thank the bladers who have fought with all their hearts in this tournament,” said Adagio.

“We know there were inconvenients,” Aria said as she flashed a photo of Heath Burns on the screen.

"But it's all settled," Sonata said.

“And it's thanks to bladers like you that we can enjoy this sport,” Adagio said.

“So, it's time to shine,” the 3 said, and at that moment, music began to play and they began to sing a beautiful song.

“Wow, they have a beautiful voice,” Sweetie Belle admitted.

"But not as beautiful as yours," Button Mash responded to which Sweetie Belle blushed.

Spike and Rumble smirked at Button.

"What? I only speak the truth.”

The Dazzlings kept singing and in the middle of the song, they took out beyblades which they launched.

But as they sang, their beys moved to the beat of the music, which drew attention.

"Like me, they also wear voice control rings, so they can make their beys dance," Sweetie Belle said in surprise.

After several minutes, the Dazzlings finished singing and proceeded to leave.

“We wish all the remaining bladers, good luck.”

Celestia: See you on Friday for more beybattles.

Luna: That's all for today.

Spike, Rumble and Button were walking down the halls, talking about their past and future beybattles, also talking about the show.

“I'm telling you, this is more than one can handle,” Spike was saying.

“Just don't let your guard down,” Rumble said determinedly.

"And always expect the worst," Button said shakily.

"Sorry, I forgot you were fighting in a few days," Spike said.

They kept walking down the hall until they heard voices.

"Wow, what do we have here?"

They turned around and saw the Dazzlings behind them.

"The Dazzlings," Spike thought, then greeted them politely, "Oh, nice to meet you, we liked your performance."

“Yes, a very good use of the voice system,” said Button Mash.

“A great show,” said Rumble.

“Thank you little one,” Adagio replied.

“It was nothing, we always sing like that,” Aria said as she looked away.

"It's so much fun to sing while controlling our beys," added Sonata.

“Anyway, we talked to the principals, and they told us that you 3 have the most spirit when it comes to this sport,” Adagio told them.

“Hehe, well, we've been playing this since we were little,” Spike replied.

Adagio giggled at that answer.

"Well, even more little," Spike said.

“And that's why we'd like to invite all 3 of you to try out a new battle mode,” Sonata said.

"A new battle mode?" Rumble asked.

“Yes, more modes are being developed in Seaquestria to have more variety in the battles,” Aria answered without showing any emotion.

“The labs gave us the devices to make that mode possible, and we want you to be the first to use it,” Sonata told them.

"That's great, of course we agree," Button responded to which Spike and Rumble nodded, "And what's this new battle mode?"

“It's a surprise, you'll have to come with us to find out,” Sonata told them, to which they decided to pay attention.

At that time, the 6 headed to an empty area of ​​the school.

"Umm, where exactly are we going?" Rumble asked.

“You'll see, this new mode is complicated,” Aria replied.

At that moment Sonata's phone began to ring and she answered the call.

“Hello, Mr Knight, yes, we have them right here,” Sonata said to the caller.

"Mr Knight," Spike thought.

“Hey, I can't hear you right, I'll put you on speaker Mr Knight,” Sonata said switching to speaker mode.

"No Sonata, don't put it on speakerphone, they'll know it's me, and we won't be able to capture them," came a voice that Spike recognized.

"THE DARK CRYSTAL KNIGHT," Spike yelled in shock.

“Oh, I think they heard me, I'm going to hang up, I hope you can handle the situation well,” the Dark Crystal Knight hung up.

Sonata just laughed nervously, "Hehe, oops."

“You ruined everything Sonata, now they know who we work for,” Aria told her, who was furious.

"Hey, it's not my fault, it was the bad reception of this place," Sonata answered, showing her cell phone.

“Perhaps you should work more on that peanut of yours that you call a brain,” Adagio told her.

The Dazzlings turned to see that the boys looked nervous.


"You girls…. You work for the Dark Crystal Knight.”

“Look, I know you must be scared, but we can do this the easy way and get in that truck,” Adagio pointed to a parked truck, which had letters painted on it that read FREE CANDY.

Startled, Button asked, "Why does it say FREE CANDY?"

“That's because it's a rental van,” Sonata added with a smile.

“Or, we can do this the hard way,” Aria said with a wicked grin as she clenched her knuckles.

"Ok ok, calm down, I think we know what to do now," Spike spoke up to which Rumble and Button nodded.

"And what will they do?" Adagio asked.

“RUN AWAY,” Spike yelled, at which point he, Rumble, and Button Mash ran off.

“Don't let them get away,” Adagio ordered Aria and Sonata.

In the hallways, Spike, Rumble, and Button were running for their lives.

“Oh no, are they still behind us?” Button asked running.

"I don't know, just keep running," Spike replied running.

"The Dark Crystal Knight went nuts, using idols to capture us," Rumble added running.

"I know, we've already reached ridiculous levels of villainy," Spike replied as he ran on.

But at that moment...


“AHHHHHH,” Button yelled.

The 2 turned around and saw Sonata who was on top of Button.

“Girls, I caught one,” Sonata yelled happily.

“RUN, SAVE YOURSELVES,” Button Mash shouted to his friends.


The two kept running, “No, they've got Button,” Spike thought.

After several minutes running, the 2 turned and it seemed that they had lost sight of them.

“Okay, we lost them, let's call someone to help us,” Rumble said as they reached into their pockets for their phones, but realized they weren't there.

"Our phones, they're gone," Spike said startled.

“They must have taken them from us when we weren't looking,” Rumble said.

"Then what do we do?" Spike asked.

“Go to the principals they'll know what to do,” Rumble replied as they headed for the office.

But upon arrival, they realized that Adagio was guarding the entrance.

“Damn, they knew we were coming here,” Rumble said.

"I guess we're not as stupid as we seem," came a voice from behind them.

The two of them turned around and saw that it was Aria.

“Uh Oh,” they said as Rumble pushed Spike away.


“I GOT YOU,” Aria said with a wicked grin as she held Rumble down.

“SPIKE, RUN,” Rumble yelled, to which Spike decided to heed.

“ADAGIO, THE LITTLE DRAGON STILL REMAINS,” Aria yelled, drawing Adagio's attention.

Adagio proceeded to chase after him, but Spike jumped out the window.

“AHHHH,” Spike yelled and landed safely outside of Canterlot High.

"Wow, and they said reading comics wouldn't do me any good, thanks Humdrum."

At that moment, Spike got on his bike and rode away from the place.

"Well, I lost them, I must go home to ask for help, and if I must, I will also go to a police station, maybe they can help."

As Spike pedaled, he could hear the engine of a motorcycle approaching him.

When he turned around he saw Adagio on a motorcycle approaching.


"YOU'RE MINE," Adagio said as she drive over to Spike, "TAKE THIS."

“GYAAHHH,” Spike yelled.


Adagio rammed Spike, causing him to fall off his bike, the worst thing is that he had fallen from a hill near a river.


Adagio parked her bike in front of Spike, "You caused us a lot of trouble, this could have been for good."

Spike, still in pain from that fall, used his energies to speak to her, "Ouch... what do you girls want from us?"

“It's nothing personal, just that the Dark Crystal Knight pays us very well,” Adagio answered as she took out a bottle and a tissue and walked over to Spike.

Spike knew what she was planning, that must be chloroform, so he tried to run away but was stopped by Adagio.

"No no, don't try to run away from me little one," Adagio giggled.

“Sleep,” Adagio said as she placed the tissue on Spike's nose, he tried to fight back, but Adagio was stronger.

At that moment, Spike fell unconscious due to breathing in the chloroform.

Minutes later.

Adagio arrived at the place where they parked the truck while carrying an unconscious Spike.

“I have to admit, this was more fun than I thought,” Aria said as she carried an unconscious Rumble.

"Yeah, it was a lot of fun, plus they're really cute," Sonata added as she picked up an unconscious Button Mash.

“Well, remember we only follow orders,” Adagio reminded them.

Adagio opened the back door of the truck and the Dazzlings placed the unconscious boys in it.

“Okay, all set, time to go,” Adagio said.

Sonata looked at the boys, "We are going to have a lot of fun with you."

“Oh shut up Sonata,” Aria and Adagio said at the same time.

"We don't mean that fun."

"They are right, this is a story for all audiences, we could not have fun with them that way," Sonata said.

Author's Note:

Well, the Dazzlings appeared and they also work for the Dark Crystal Knight.

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