• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 12: Sugar, Apples and Friendly Rivalry

In the beystadium there were 2 beys fighting, one was magenta with yellow in the center and the other was blue with brown in the center.

"Your time is up," said a light brown skinned boy with long brown hair wearing a trench coat in addition to wearing a scarf.

That boy was Time Turner, a very clever 15-year-old student and science fiction fan, known to many students as "The Doctor."

"Time is relative my friend," replied a boy with magenta skin with blue-gray hair, wearing a yellow shirt and wearing glasses.

That other boy was Microchips, an exemplary student whose major is mathematics, he was also known for his love of technology.

Suddenly Microchips beyblade dodged the Time Turner beyblade attack.

"What was that?" Timer Turner asked when he saw that the Microchips bey moved at a vertical angle.

"Time for our special attack," said Microchips, he prepared to shout: "CODE BREAKER, SLIDING UNLOCKABLE."

Code Breaker began to move, but not to the Time Turne beyblade, rather to a corner, this confused many students who were watching the battle, why send a beyblade directly to the wall of the beystadium?

The answer was given to him when Code Breaker crashed, the bounce caused by the collision made it faster, Time Turner tried to order his bey to dodge, but it was too late "SPACE CHRONOS."

The collision was inevitable, and Space Chronos disarmed ended up being the victim of a Burst Finish.

Luna: A Burst Finish, which means it's 2 points for Microchips.

Celestia: And with a score of 2-1, it will be Microchips who will advance to the next round.

The students who witnessed the duel gave great applause for such an amazing show.

Time Turner collected the pieces of Space Chronos and put it back together, after putting it together, he decided to held out his hand.

"It was a very out of this world battle, and I dare say out of this timeline," Microchips said, shaking his hand in acceptance of the doctor's greeting, that comment made Time Turner let out a small laugh.

“You are very skilled, your mysterious abilities blew me away,” Time Turner said excitedly.

"Well, it's not a mystery if you analyze the data doctor," Microchips showed his beyblade to Time Turner "I myself modified Code Breaker especially to be able to react to the drastic speed change, so I avoid losing balance at the cost of losing a little more of energy. "

“That's amazing, you definitely won a place in the next round of this tournament,” said Time Turner but suddenly his phone rang: “Great whickering stallions, look at the time !, I'd better go or else I'll be late, Allons-y!"

Time Turner proceeded to leave the place in a hurry.

"Wow, that guy is always in a hurry," said Flash Sentry who seemed to be in conversation with Rainbow Dash, Ember, and Smolder.

"Seriously?" Smolder asked.

"Yeah, no one knows where he's going, but they always see him walk into various phone booths for some reason," Flash replied.

"That's weird, but there is still something I don't understand," Ember said.

"What?" Asked Rainbow Dash.

Answering with another question Ember said: "What is a phone booth?"

Ughhh, Rainbow thought in frustration.

Celestia: Alright that was another great spectacular battle from our older students.

Luna: But now is the time to shine for the little ones.

Celestia: In 10 minutes the next battle begins.

Luna: And the selected bladers are Apple Bloom and Twist.

"Yeah, this is great, this is very exciting, are you excited like me Applebloom?" said a girl with cream-colored skin, her fluffy hair was red and she wore glasses, obviously that girl was Twist.

"Of course if Twist, this is going to be a lot of fun, having a battle with a friend," Apple Bloom said happily.

"A lot of fun," Twist said. "But don't think I'm going to make it easy on you."

Apple Bloom replied, “Oh yeah? Well, me neither."

Before Apple Bloom went to get ready, Spike stopped her by taking her hand.

"Apple Bloom, I wish you the best of luck and I hope you win, plus thank you for helping me when I was feeling lost," Spike said.

Apple Bloom blushed: "Thanks Spike and don't worry, I'll do my best, and I'll always be there when you need a hand."

Now Spike was the one who blushed, but the moment was broken when Apple Bloom remembered that she had a pending beybattle "Umm, Spike you can let me go now."

Spike noticed and reacted quickly to let go of her hand "Oh, I'm sorry for that hehe."

As Apple Bloom left, Spike proceeded to sit down again, but received stares from his friends.

"Well, well, well, so the enchanted apple managed to cast a spell on the magic dragon's scales," Button Mash said jokingly.

"So, Apple Bloom?" Rumble asked smirking.

"Oh grow up you two," Spike said sheepishly.

While Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo only just laughed a little.

A few minutes later.

Celestia: It's time for the next battle.

Luna: But first, you have to introduce the bladers, first, in the red corner, a working girl whose family has provided their services in the school cafeteria for many years, the youngest of the Apple but with a strong will, 13 years old, Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom was a bit nervous, but she started to move forward, her nerves quickly fading when she watched her siblings in the stands encouraging her.

"Apple Bloom, don't worry, win or lose we are proud of you," said Applejack.

Big Mac as always just said, "Eeyup."

On the benches his friends were also cheering him on.

"Fight Apple Bloom," Spike said.

"Don't give up," Scootaloo said.

"And have fun," Sweetie Belle said.

Afterwards, Principal Celestia announced the next blader.

Celestia: And in the blue corner, a girl who is known for her great talent at making sweets, even rivals Pinkie Pie, a very cheerful and energetic 13-year-old girl, Twist.

Twist was approaching the center of the gym with a big smile on her face, excited to participate in such an event.

"Come on Twist, you can do it," Scootaloo said.

"You have the energy for this," Sweetie Belle said.

"Wait, who are you supporting?" asked a girl with pink skin and purple hair with a white line, the girl wore a tiara.

“We support both Diamond Tiara, after all the two of them are our friends,” Scootaloo replied.

“Yes, win or lose, they will have fun,” added Sweetie Belle.

"Examine your opponent's beyblade," Vice-Principal Luna said.

Apple Bloom and Twist handed their bey to each other and began to analyze.

"Sugar Rush, Twist's beyblade, an ATTACK type, from what I learned, has an advantage over my Golden Apple beyblade, being a STAMINA type," Apple Bloom thought upon seeing Sugar Rush, which was a red and white beyblade. , its colors resembled those of a candy cane.

"So this is Golden Apple, it definitely feels like a bey that Apple Bloom would control to perfection, so I must not underestimate it," thought Twist upon seeing Golden Apple, the beyblade was a deep red color except for the ring attack, which was covered in a nice golden color.

After that both of them returned the bey to its respective owner.

Celestia: It is time for the countdown as this battle is about to begin.

Apple Bloom took out its string launcher which had a design that resembled an apple split in half, then placed Golden Apple in the launcher.

Twist also took out a launcher, it was a ripcord launcher whose colors were exactly the same as Sugar Rush, then she placed the ripcord through the launcher and placed her bey there.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


Apple Bloom and Twist with all the might in the world, threw their beyblades into the beystadium.

The 2 beys started spinning, but Golden Apple had taken over the center, while Sugar Rush was spinning around Golden Apple without attacking it.

"Sugar Rush is fast, but if you don't attack you won't beat me Twist," Apple Bloom said knowing that Twist's bey was an ATTACK type, so it wouldn't last long spinning.

"Hehehehe, don't worry Apple Bloom, that's not even half of her true speed, is it Sugar Rush," Twist said and suddenly her beyblade began to advance at a hell of a speed.

"What the… .." said Apple Bloom.

"It can't be, it's too fast," Spike said worriedly.

"It is faster than Cloud Slayer," Rumble said.

"But look, the more it moves, the more unstable it seems," Button Mash pointed out to the Twist bey, he was wobbling a lot, it seemed like at any moment he was going to Auto-Burst.

"Then Apple Bloom just has to hold out and win," Spike said.

"You seem very concerned, but you shouldn't be Spike, look on the bright side, if Apple Bloom loses, you can kidnap her," Button Mash said.

"Yes, in your castle, surrounded by your legendary treasures," Rumble added with a laugh.

"Seriously, can you two stop making bad jokes about dragon stereotypes right now?" Spike asked.

Sugar Rush began to spin more and more until it formed a small tornado on the beystadium.

"DON'T GIVE UP SUGAR RUSH," Twist yelled.

"Resist Golden Apple," Apple Bloom ordered her bey, but it was late, Golden Apple had been absorbed by the tornado and after several laps, it was thrown from the beystadium.

Celestia: That's a Ring Out.

Luna: The battle goes in favor of Twist with a score of 0-1.

"Wow, who knew Twist could be that strong," Sweetie Belle asked.

"I know, Apple Bloom will have to give more than she has to survive this encounter," Scootaloo replied.

"Wow," was the only thing Apple Bloom could say as she placed Golden Apple in her launcher, she was amazed at how Twist used the power of Sugar Rush.

Twist was in the beystadium where she picked up her bey, Twist looked happy to take the lead, then he put Sugar Rush in her launcher to prepare for the second battle.

Apple Bloom looked at Twist seriously but then smiled: "I was not expecting that Twist movement, it shows that you tried a lot."

"Thanks Apple Bloom, I called that attack the Sugar Rush," Twist replied cheerfully.

"But isn't that your bey's name?" Apple Bloom asked somewhat confused.

"Umm yeah, now that you mention it, I don't think I thought it through," Twist said ruefully.

Apple Bloom giggled, she had known Twist for a long time and knew that she was not the best at making up names.

Celestia: Now, it's time to start the second battle.

Luna: You're right sister, countdown time.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And as always all the students shouted:


Again the 2 beyblades fell to the beystadium.

They assumed the same positions as in the previous battle, Golden Apple taking center while Sugar Rush circled the beystadium.

"Very well, I must stop her the moment she decides to use the Sugar Rush attack," Apple Bloom thought.

Twist suddenly ordered her bey "You have to go faster Sugar Rush."

"Very good Apple Bloom, you only have one chance, you must use it well," Apple Bloom thought.

"SPECIAL MOVE, SUGAR RUSH," Twist yelled as her bey dramatically increased speed and spun around the beystadium again creating a kind of small tornado.

Apple Bloom began to analyze the situation, but still did not order Golden Apple to attack, she was waiting for the right moment.

"What is Apple Bloom doing? If she continues like this, her beyblade will be sucked into that tornado and she will lose the battle," said Applejack worried about her little sister.

"Eeyup," said Big Mac.

Apple Bloom, Spike thought.

The tornado that Sugar Rush generated was getting stronger and it was only a matter of time to get Golden Apple out of the beystadium.

But Apple Bloom still did not lose her concentration, she tried to follow Twist's bey with her eyes, she saw him spinning at great speed, when suddenly she managed to calculate well the place where she should attack.


Golden Apple headed to the exact spot to collide with Sugar Rush, but before colliding, Golden Apple changed its color to being a 100% gold beyblade.

The collision was inevitable.

The 2 beys collided, that caused a great tremor that made the bladers and the principals stumble.

"Wow, this looks like an unstoppable force is pitted against an immovable object," Twilight Sparkle said.

"I think you're exaggerating a little bit Twilight ," Applejack said, "And what are you doing, Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy had her eyes covered with her hands: "I don't want to see."

Sunset said, "Fluttershy, this is a beybattle, not a bar fight."

Back in the battle, the 2 bladers were not giving up.

"GOLDEN APPLE," Apple Bloom screamed.

"SUGAR RUSH," Twist yelled.

The beys continued to give their best, but it was all over when Sugar Rush broke through Golden Apple's defense.

"Oh no," Apple Bloom thought.

"Victory will be mine," Twist said as she watched Apple Bloom's bey get sucked into the tornado.

"Golden Apple, no," said Apple Bloom when her bey was fired outside the beystadium.

Victory was for Twist.

Or so she believed.

A few seconds before Golden Apple landed outside the beystadium, Sugar Rush was the victim of a Burst Finish due to the power she used by maximizing speed.

"Oh no, this can't be happening," Twist said.

Sugar Rush disarmed.

Celestia: Let's watch the slow motion replay.

The principal Celestia put the video of the battle to determine who won, they zoomed in on the moment where Sugar Rush disarmed, it was clearly seen that Golden Apple fell to the ground a second after Sugar Rush did Burst.

Luna: Because Golden Apple was still in the air, the victory goes to Apple Bloom with a score of 1-2.

Celestia: So it will be Apple Bloom who goes to the next round.

Luna: But let's not forget her opponent, sister, she didn't make it easy for him.

Many students applauded, that battle was another one that took the beyblade to the limit.

"Alright Apple Bloom," Spike, Scootalo, and Sweetie Belle said at

the same time.

"Spectacular, don't you think Diamond?" said a gray-skinned girl with silver hair, wearing blue glasses and a pearl necklace.

"Yes, it was very exciting, you were right Silver Spoon, this tournament is fun," replied Diamond Tiara.

“Way to go, little sister,” Applejack yelled.


Twist was picking up her bey and at that moment Apple Bloom approached her.

"Twist, that was a lot of fun, and you fought very well, I hope we can have another battle in the future," Apple Bloom held out her hand.

"True, yes, I plan to accept a rematch whenever you want," Twist accepted Apple Bloom's gesture. "But next time it will be different."

Many of the students who were spectators were moved, although the 2 were very friends, that did not prevent them from giving their all even if they had to face each other, apparently this game although it was about competition, also seemed to encourage friendships .

Celestia: Okay, this is what the beyblade is about.

Luna: That's right, respect your opponent and all battles will end with a smile and maybe even a new friend.

Several minutes passed and finally it was announced who would be the next 2 selected bladers.

Celestia: It's time to continue, and the bladers who will have the honor will be ...

Luna: Diamond Tiara and Scootaloo.

"Yeah, it's finally my turn, woo hoo, I'm going to wipe it all out," Scootaloo yelled.

"It's your turn Diamond, you must be excited to fight Scootaloo," Silver Spoon said.

"Um, yeah, exciting," Diamond Tiara replied, but she looked nervous and concerned about something.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed that battle, so you can see that even if she lost, Twist did not hold back for a second, now the next battle will be very interesting, since in this AU things are a little different but similar to the things that happened in FiM and EqG original series.

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