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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 33: Strengthening the Bonds

Author's Note:

I'm sorry it was another short chapter, but don't worry, the next one will be worth it.

The reason I'm posting it today is to let you know that I'll be announcing something important on my blogs on this page, it's also due to the fact that my birthday is tomorrow, August 16, so stay tuned.

Without more to add, enjoy the episode.

It was a new day, the sun began to rise, lighting up the city of Canterlot.

At the Sparkle family home, Spike was asleep on a sofa bed, but his sleep was interrupted by the sound of his alarm clock.


"Ugghh, I hate mornings," said Spike who had woken up, he rubbed his eyes with his hands, he looked around wondering why he wasn't asleep in his bed, he directed his gaze to the place where his bed was and he realized, "Oh, that's why."

Rumble was asleep in his bed.

There he remembered what happened, after his battle against the Dark Crystal Knight it started to rain, so they decided to take refuge in Spike's house, the rain lasted all night so Spike invited Rumble to spend the night in his house, which he accept not without first notifying his family.

"I hope yesterday's battle was helpful, because after Button, the next battle will be yours," Spike thought as he looked at the beystadium he had in his room, there were Emerald Flame and Cloud Slayer.

“Mmnhhdgggg,” Rumble muttered as he woke up.

"Good morning."

"Again, thanks for your hospitality," Rumble thanked Spike.

"Nah, it was nothing," Spike replied, "Actually, I think this is the first time I've invited you to my house."

“Don't blame yourself, the tournament has kept us busy,” Rumble told him and then looked around, Spike's room was full of comic books and drawings that Spike must have drawn, “Wow, you do like comic books.”

"What can I say," Spike said a little smugly, "I'm a first-rate collector."

Rumble chuckled, then picked up his bey, "Hope Button Mash gets lucky."

"Button is very strong," Spike said with a smile, "Win or lose, it won't change what we think of him."

Rumble grinned.

While they were talking, Rumble saw a photo where Spike and Twilight Sparkle were, but there was another boy, a taller one, with white skin and two-tone blue hair, that made Rumble curious.

"Spike, who is he?"

"Oh, this is Shining Armor, my older brother," Spike replied.

"Do you have an older brother?" Rumble asked again, "Why haven't I seen it?"

"Well, the thing is, he's already married and moved out," Spike replied, "He's a good brother, he taught me and Twi a lot of things."

“You seem to admire him a lot,” Rumble said, smiling.

At that moment they heard a voice.

"Boys, it's breakfast time, if you don't hurry, you'll be late for school."

It was his mother's voice, the boys decided to get ready and go down to the dining room.

A few minutes later, in the dining room.

The Sparkle family and Rumble were having breakfast.

"Rumble right?" Night Light asked to which Rumble nodded, "Spike has told us a lot about you."

“Yeah, he's told us how dedicated you are to beyblade,” added Twilight Velvet.

"Well, I like it and would like to improve it, Mr. and Mrs. Sparkle," Rumble answered a bit sheepishly.

"Although it's weird that it was just the two of you, why wasn't Button with you yesterday?" asked Night Light.

Spike and Rumble looked at each other, but Spike spoke up, "Button had to train, after all, today is his battle."

"Oh, I understand, but then what were you guys doing yesterday?" Twilight Velvet asked.

The boys gulped, they couldn't tell them they were going to fight a masked lunatic.

Spike was about to say something but Rumble jumped in, "We're staying after school, we had to do homework for next week."

Night Light and Twilight Velvet believed the lie, but Twilight Sparkle hadn't believed them at all, she thought, "They're hiding something, Spike only does his homework a day before due date."

"Well, I hope you have luck in the tournament," Night Light told them, "Although looking at you, it seems to me that you are the strongest."

"Hehe, thanks dad," Spike thanked him for the compliment.

"Well, one should never let one's guard down no matter who one's opponent is," Rumble said, "But thank you for the vote of confidence, Mr. Sparkle."

"No, thanks to you, Rumble," Twilight Velvet said, "We're glad Spike has made a new friend, and a very loyal one."

Rumble listened carefully.

"Before we moved, our kids didn't have any friends," Twilight Velvet continued.

"Umm, mom," Spike said, and Twilight Sparkle continued, "I don't think we'd want to remember that part of our lives."

"Yeah, it's pretty embarrassing," Spike added, feeling embarrassed.

"Hey, don't worry, I won't judge you," Rumble clarified, "Actually, I had those problems too, I didn't have any friends at Crystal Prep, so I'm glad I met you, you Spike, Button and the others."

Twilight Velvet and Twilight Sparkle put their hands on their hearts, they were moved, Night Light and Spike just smiled.

After breakfast, Twilight, Spike, and Rumble got ready to head to school.

On the way, Twilight decided to ask them about what they did yesterday.

"Hey, I'd like to know what really happened, and I want the truth."

Spike sighed, he didn't think Twi would catch on so quickly, "Okay Twi, turns out it was another Dark Crystal Knight plan."

Spike and Rumble began to tell Twi about Rumble's battle against the Dark Crystal Knight.

"It can't be," exclaimed Twi terrified, "Spike, we have to put a stop to this, that's why you didn't tell mom and dad, so they wouldn't worry."

"Thats right," Spike replied, "But I guess we're not going to be able to hide it for long."

"I'm sorry to say it Spike, but your parents must know what's going on, we don't know what that crazy guy is planning right now," Rumble told him.

"Ughh, fine, but I'll tell you when the tournament is over," Spike said.

"I agree with Rumble, Spike, this stopped being a simple game days ago," Twilight told her, to which Spike nodded doubtfully.

Arriving at Canterlot High, they headed to their corresponding classrooms.

But before they parted ways, Twilight walked over to Spike and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Spike, I know this has all been difficult for you, but I want you to know that you're not alone, you have me, it's a big sister's duty to take care of her little brother," Twilight said, "Don't forget, you can always count on me."

Spike smiled, feeling touched, "Thank you Twilight, I'm glad to have you in my life."

Then, the 2 siblings hugged each other and then headed to their classrooms.

Spike and Rumble were on their way to their classroom but were intercepted by Button Mash on the way.

"Hey Spike, hey Rumble."

"Button, good morning, how was your training?" Spike asked.

“Great, I will give my full power in this battle,” Button Mash answered, but then he ask them what they feared, “And now you are going to explain to me, what happened yesterday?”

A bit hesitant, Spike and Rumble began to explain to Button about the whole thing with the Dark Crystal Knight, ending with Button's jaw dropping.

"Oh no, they're injured, did something happen to you?"

“No no, we're fine Button,” Rumble replied.

"Yeah, I could tell the Dark Crystal Knight was scared by our abilities and ran away," Spike said, clenching his fist.

Rumble and Button Mash just looked at him with a dry look.

"Ok, I think I exaggerated that part," Spike said, causing all 3 of them to laugh.

"It looks like they at least got the situation under control," Button said.

“Just a little bit, it was more of a luck factor,” Rumble replied.

“The next time the Dark Crystal Knight makes his move again, I'll be ready, I'll show him he can't scare us,” Button Mash said.

“Me too, now that we know his style of play, nothing can surprise us anymore,” Rumble said.

"Yeah, that dork will pay for get you two into this, it's my fault," Spike said.

"Spike, this isn't your fault, we all know the risk," Rumble said.

“And as your friends, we will fight by your side, always,” said Button Mash.

“Guys,” Spike said with tears in his eyes, “I know this isn't something men do, but….”

“Group hug for good luck?” asked Button Mash smiling.

“Yeah, a group hug for good luck,” Rumble said smiling, “Oh what the heck.”

The 3 gave each other a group hug.

"Good luck with your battle Button," Spike and Rumble told him.

“Thanks guys, I'll give it my full power,” Button Mash said with a tear in his eyes as they continued the hug.

The hug ended when they heard Rarity's voice behind them.

"Dawww, that's so cute."

“Gyahhh,” the 3 of them yelled as they turned around and saw Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity.

"Umm, how much did you see?" Spike asked.

"We saw enough, but don't worry squirt, that doesn't make any of you any less masculine," Rainbow Dash replied.

"Yes, it's very nice that you can have such a strong bond of friendship," Rarity said.

"Quoting my brother, Eeyupp," Applejack said, "Just like Apple Bloom and her friends."

"Hehe, I think they should be called the Male Crusaders," Rainbow Dash said laughing, "What do you think AJ?"

"Ah think they could use a more original name, but Male Crusaders is a nice distinction," Applejack replied.

"Hehe, very funny," Spike replied sarcastically.

"Button, be very careful, Sweetie Belle was training like crazy yesterday, just thinking about the battle she will have against you," Rarity told him.

Button just smiled, "She, she's unique."

“And let me tell you that you have my approval,” Rarity told him.

"Wait what?" asked Button blushing intensely.

“See you later,” the girls said goodbye, giggling at the sight of Button blushing.

"You heard that Button, Rarity gave you her blessing," Spike told him.

“Just don't let it affect your battle, Romeo,” Rumble told him.

Button came to his senses but without losing his smile, and headed to the gym, "Okay, it's time."

“Good luck Button,” Spike and Rumble said at the same time and headed to the benches to witness the big battle to come between Button and Sweetie Belle.

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