• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Final Episode: The End of a Story, The Knight Against the Dragon

The fun and joy that had set the party at Sugarcube Corner faded when the Dark Crystal Knight made his dramatic entrance, he had returned to defeat Spike once and for all.

The young green-haired boy was nervous and scared, but more because of the situation rather than the fear that the Dark Crystal Knight instilled.

"Enough running away, I WILL DESTROY YOU, HERE AND NOW," the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as he leaned against a chandelier on the ceiling.

“THE DARK CRYSTAL KNIGHT,” Spike's friends and Twilight's friends yelled in fear.

"The WHO?" Night Light and Twilight Velvet wondered.

He jumped and landed in front of Spike causing him to swallow hard.

At that moment, Spike knew he couldn't run anymore, he clenched his fists because he knew he was in a difficult situation.

"Spike," his father spoke to him, "who is he?"

"And why is he in a disguise?" asked his mother.

Spike swallowed, he hadn't told his parents about the Dark Crystal Knight for fear that they would worry, he didn't know what to say, he looked both ways to see if someone could help him, unfortunately Twilight was just as nervous, but at that moment, Apple Bloom approached him to calm him down.

At that moment, through the front door, all the bladers allied with the Dark Crystal Knight entered with the exception of Heath Burns.

"Hi Spike," Thorax greeted, to which Pharynx rolled his eyes.

"Hi Thorax," Spike greeted him back, even knowing he was on the wrong side, Thorax was already a friend.

“Hello handsome,” Cozy Glow and Adagio Dazzle said at the same time.

"Oh no, please not hers," Spike said nervously and scared.

“Great, only this was left,” said Apple Bloom sarcastically.

The last to enter were Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, who winked at Rumble and Button Mash, which Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle did not like.

The situation couldn't get even more out of control, in that Apple Bloom approached Spike.

"Spike, I think it's time you were honest with your parents," Apple Bloom told him.

"Listen to your girlfriend and spit out the beans," the Dark Crystal Knight told him, "and do it quickly because I'm losing my patience."

Spike just lowered his head, although he didn't want to say it, he knew it was for the best, besides he couldn't find a better excuse to tell his parents that a cosplayer had been harassing him since the tournament started.

"Mom, dad, I have something to tell you," at that moment Spike began to explain to his parents everything that the Dark Crystal Knight had done, since he first appeared on the outskirts of Canterlot High to the last battle that Button Mash had against him, it went without saying that Night Light and Twilight Velvet were more than surprised.

"Well, I think that's all," Spike finished telling them, while his parents couldn't decide what was crazier, everything their son had been through those days or the tranquility with which he recounted all those events.

"Twilight, did you know about this?" Night Light asked his daughter, who sadly agreed looking down at the ground.

"Why didn't they tell us anything?" Twilight Velvet asked.

"Because I thought you gonna freak out, I didn't want you to worry," Spike replied.

“And I bet you didn't tell them for fear they'd ban you from beyblading,” the Dark Crystal Knight added.

"Shut up, you're not helping," Spike told him.

“I'm not trying to help you, stupid boy,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

"Whatever," Spike got fed up with talking to him, then he turned to his parents, "Mom, dad, I'm sorry, I should have told you a lot sooner."

There was silence for a few seconds, in those seconds that passed, Spike kept his head down, he expected any disapproval from his parents, he expected to hear that they were disappointed, but those words didn't come.

"Spike, we're not mad at you, we're not disappointed either," Night Light told him.

"Huh?" Spike's eyes snapped open, surprised by what his father told him.

“I admit this is all hard to process, but you told us everything you went through with your friends, who went out of their way to protect you,” Twilight Velvet added, “You really thought we were going to take all of that away just because of a lunatic with a mask."

“Okay, enough of making fun of my mask,” the Dark Crystal Knight interrupted, “what I decide to do with my outfit is my own business.”

"It's my problem too when you're dressed like a freaking final boss from some cheap RPG," Button Mash told him causing the Dark Crystal Knight to glare at him, this scared Button, "Sorry."

“And one way to return the favor to your friends is to defeat that guy,” NIght Light encouraged him.

Spike was touched that his parents were with him, supporting him even through everything that happened.

"You can do it Spike," Twilight Sparkle encouraged, "finish him off."

"Twilight," Spike said as he also heard his sister cheering him on, soon he heard the voices of all his friends in the room.

“Don't let him intimidate you,” Ember told him.

"Destroy it before he does," Smolder told him.

"You can beat him, the beyblade wouldn't be the same without you," Flash Sentry told him.

At that moment Rumble and Button Mash approached.

“You know how he fights, we know you can win,” Button Mash told him to which Spike nodded with a thumbs up.

"He won't destroy Flame, that's a fact, break his barrier," Rumble advised.

"I plan to," Spike replied determinedly.

"Today, the story will be different, this time it will be the Kind Dragon who will save the Princess from the Evil Knight," Apple Bloom told him.

"A good analogy, but the princess is..." Spike said but was interrupted by Apple Bloom who kissed him on the mouth, Spike melted into that kiss the moment their lips connected.

After a few seconds, they finished kissing, a thread of saliva formed between their mouths, Spike could only smile at Apple Bloom's response, "In case you didn't notice, I'm the princess."

Spike blushed like he was on fire.

“What a sweet moment,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he pulled out his launcher, “But stop putting this off and face me properly.”

Spike nodded seriously, to which Apple Bloom stepped back to give him space, he took out Emerald Flame.

“Spike, here, catch,” Twilight Sparkle yelled as she hurled Spike's launcher at him.

Spike jumped up and caught the launcher in the air, an action that impressed several onlookers, "Thank you sister."

The Dark Crystal Knight looked at him warily, clearly Twilight Sparkle had modified the launcher, "It will be a little more difficult than I anticipated."

"But just one question before our battle," Spike told him to which the Knight nodded.

"Why are you still interested in defeating me?" Spike asked, "I didn't win the tournament, I don't think I'm the blader you're looking to destroy."

The Dark Crystal Knight laughed, “You think I measure a blader's power based on his victories, you literally used so much power that even your beyblade exploded, your friend was just lucky his bey spin for much longer.”

Although Spike was flattered by the Dark Crystal Knight's comment for being impressed with his level, he became furious to hear him to insult Rumble, "I'm sorry but I have to ask you to retract, Rumble is just as powerful a blader as I am."

“Hehehe, you make me laugh, that's why I'll give you an alternate way to end this,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

Spike raised an eyebrow.

“I will spare your bey's life, I am not going to destroy it, I only ask you to renounce this, run away from here, but I will stay with Emerald Flame,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

Spike gasped, a feeling of anger taking over him, "No, I'm not going to run away, I'm not leaving my friends at your mercy and there's no way I'm going to give you Emerald Flame."

“How dare he,” Rumble and Button Mash said at the same time.

"Oh, aren't you afraid of me?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

"Of course I'm afraid of you, I can't deny that," Spike replied, looking down, but then he raised his head with a determined look, "But my older brother, Shining Armor, taught me a very valuable lesson."

"And what did he teach you?"

"That bravery isn't the absence of fear," Spike replied as he began to tie the string to the launcher, "It's our ability to act even with the fear surrounding us."

The Dark Crystal Knight frowned.

"And if it means you stop infecting the beyblade world, then I'll stop you, even if I fear you," Spike finished as he slotted Emerald Flame into his launcher.

“If that's the way it will be,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied placing Crystal Barrier on his launcher, “I guess I'll have to take it off you, when I defeat you.”

Spike and the Dark Crystal Knight got into battle stance.

"If you don't mind, I'll be the referee," Thorax announced as he placed himself in the middle of the two, "This will be a battle like the ones in the final of the tournament, the first blader to get 3 points will be the winner."

The 2 agreed.

“3 points,” Smolder said, “Interesting.”

“This could be good for Spike, he can have a wider margin of recovery,” Ember added.

And at that moment, the countdown began.


“It all ends here,” Spike said as he prepared himself.


“Show me your strength, little one,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he braced himself.


"Spike, win," he heard his family's voice, Spike smiled.

And at that moment, Thorax shouted:


The 2 launched their beys to the beysatdium and at that moment they began to spin.

Emerald Flame took advantage of the moment to circle around Crystal Barrier.

"Be very careful, Flame," Spike said, "Avoid centered blows."

“I see you learned from your friends,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him, “But it won't be enough, Crystal Barrier.”


With considerable speed, Crystal Barrier struck Emerald Flame.

"Ahh, I didn't anticipate that," Spike said.

“The Dark Crystal Knight is playing a bit of offense,” Button Mash said.

“Spike will have to think about it, when to attack and when to dodge,” Rumble added.

Emerald Flame kept spinning, avoiding contact with Crystal Barrier.

"Grrr, you want a fight," said Spike who was already losing his cool, "Well, you'll have a fight."

“No Spike,” Twilight Sparkle yelled.

"He's just provoking you," Apple Bloom yelled.

But it was already late, Emerald Flame was going straight towards Crystal Barrier.

“Crystal Barrier, activate your shield,” the Dark Crystal Knight ordered.

Crystal Barrier created a kind of force field which pushed Emerald Flame.

"Dammit," Spike complained, "I fell into his trap."

He looked at the beystadium and realized that the Emerald Flame was losing energy, it would soon stop spinning, "Come on Spike, think."

But something caught his attention about Crystal Barrier, he saw that it was in the center.

"Wait a minute, maybe," Spike thought, and then a smile spread across his face, "I've got it."

The Dark Crystal Knight raised an eyebrow at his face, quickly seeing the beystadium, he saw that Emerald Flame didn't dare to attack him, he just revolved around Crystal Barrier, it seemed strange to him until he thought of something, “Wait, perhaps he wants to lock me in a vortex.”

The Knight looked at Spike who simply smiled as if he had the battle won.


Crystal Barrier began to chase after Emerald Flame.

"EMERALD FLAME, RUN," Spike yelled.

“You will not escape,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him, “Strike him, Crystal Barrier.”

Crystal Barrier approached from behind Emerald Flame, he was going to attack him, but at that moment…


Emerald Flame had disappeared, which surprised the Dark Crystal Knight.

"Where is he?" he asked himself.

“Twilight, look,” Apple Bloom pointed out, seeing Spike's bey feat.

“Incredible,” Twi replied in amazement.

Spike chuckled, "Behind you."

Emerald Flame had appeared behind Crystal Barrier.

“Barrier, watch out,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"FLAME, ATTACK," Spike yelled and at that moment.


Crystal Barrier was hit so hard that he was thrown out of the beystadium.

"Grrr," the Dark Crystal Knight glared at Spike.

Spike smiled at his reaction, "Don't underestimate me."

“Ring Out,” Thorax announced, “One point for Spike and Emerald Flame, 1 – 0.”

"Yes," Spike celebrated, "That's how things are done at home."

Rumble and Button Mash gave a thumbs up in approval.

"Very well done Spike," Apple Bloom encouraged.

"That's right, you tricked him," Twilight Sparkle added.

“Way to go son,” said Night Light.

“Keep it up,” Twilight Velvet yelled.

“Sounds like it was worth doing a little digging,” Smolder said.

“He even investigate his opponent in the heat of battle,” Ember added, “That takes a lot of bravery.”

"And so he got the point," Flash Sentry said, but then turned to a serious look, "But it's too early to celebrate, Spike won't use that same tactic a second time because it won't do him any good."

"You're right," Rumble approached, "That lost the element of surprise."

“But the Dark Crystal Knight must not lower his guard either,” Button Mash added.

At that moment, the Dark Crystal Knight picked up Crystal Barrier, he looked at Spike and smiled, although no one could tell from the mask he was wearing, "Not bad at all, but you'll need more than cheap tricks if you want to take us down."

Picking up Emerald Flame, Spike looked up at the Knight with a determined smile, "That's right, we know this trick won't work again, but we don't worry, because we'll end everything in the next battle."

“So you say you intend to beat me with a Burst Finish,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, “Too much arrogance for someone so small.”

"I told you not to underestimate me, that includes my height," Spike said as he glared at him, at which point he slotted his bey into his launcher.

The Dark Crystal Knight followed suit, “Then prove me wrong.”

"Next battle, the countdown begins," Thorax announced.


Spike wrapped the string around the launcher.


The Dark Crystal Knight stretched out his arms and got into a battle stance.


Spike got into a battle stance.

And at that moment, Thorax shouted:


Spike jumped up and with all his might, yanked on the launcher's string, launching Emerald Flame into the beystadium.

The Dark Crystal Knight yanked on the launcher's string with all his might, launching Crystal Barrier into the beystadium.

The 2 beys landed.

"Crystal Barrier."


At that moment Crystal Barrier attacked Emerald Flame.

"Grrr," Spike grumbled with a frown.

“I go on the offensive so fast?” Rumble wondered.

“This is bad,” Button Mash said, “With that, the Dark Crystal Knight changed his strategy.”




Crystal Barrier kept hitting Emerald Flame, which drove Spike crazy.

"Flame," Spike yelled.

"Hehe, what's up Spike," the Dark Crystal Knight sneered, "Are you too cowardly to attack?"

At that moment, Crystal Barrier took the center of the beystadium, which Spike didn't care about.


"No, Spike," Apple Bloom yelled.

“He's just provoking you again,” Twilight Sparkle added, but Spike seemed to ignore her warnings.

“ATTACK,” Spike yelled.

“You fell for it,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, “Crystal Barrier, activate your force field.”

At that moment, Crystal Barrier created his force field while Emerald Flame went straight towards him engulfed in green fire.

But Spike smiled, "Did you really think I was that dumb?"

"What?" the Dark Crystal Knight wondered, and at that moment, Emerald Flame avoided the collision, “What the?”

“I knew you would activate your shield at the moment of my attack,” Spike stated, “but you left your rear unprotected.”

"Damn, how did you find out?" the Dark Crystal Knight wondered.


At Button Mash's house a few days before, was the trio of bladers who reached the highest in the tournament.

“I can say that for my battle,” Button Mash said.

“You say you have a theory that the Dark Crystal Knight's bey shield has a weak point,” Spike said.

“I can assure you,” Button Mash stated, “if he protected his rear, it would mean something.”

"I remember that, in my battle, my most powerful attacks were to his back," Rumble said, "I think that would be his weak point."

Spike smiled as he received help from his friends.

"I can't believe it, Spike tricked him again," said Apple Bloom.

"And we were afraid of that fool," Twilight Sparkle said, "He might look powerful, but he clearly doesn't seem to be planning any good strategies."

"Forgive me for doubting you Spike," Twilight Sparkle said to herself, remembering how easy it was to tease her little brother in the past, "You've really grown up."

Back to the battle.

"NOW FLAME, ATTACK IT FROM BEHIND," ​​Spike yelled as his bey began to attack the force field.


Crystal Barrier began to wobble.

“NOOO, THE SHIELD,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled.

And in that moment…

The sound of a bey bursting was heard.

"Nice," Spike said, clenching his fist.

"You did it Spike," Rumble celebrated, "You beat it."

“And the icing on the cake, is that you beat him so easily,” added Button Mash.

But something weird happened, they heard giggles coming from the Dark Crystal Knight bladers.

“How foolish,” Pharynx sneered.

“As if Mr. Knight falls for it that easily,” Aria Blaze added.

So they understood the situation.

"Wait, oh no, his armor," Rumble said.

"Hehehe, do you think you've won?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

"What?" Spike wondered as he looked at the beystadium, Crystal Barrier was still spinning, while his ring was separated from him, "Oh no."

"What happened there?" asked Twilight Sparkle.

"It didn't beat him," Apple Bloom replied, "That just made him lose his armor."

"Oh please," Twilight Sparkle complained, "That can't be legal."

"That's right," Twilight Velvet added, "He's cheating."

"Unfortunately," Spike replied, "It's a legal move."

“They need to update that rule book,” said Night Light.

“I have to admit, you really did scare me,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him, “And I can't forgive that.”

"Damn," Spike said, a little scared.

“Crystal Barrier, special move,” the Dark Crystal Knight ordered, “Armor Strike.”

At that moment, Crystal Barrier went to where his ring was and caused it to bounce, and worst of all, the direction it bounced, was headed for Emerald Flame.

"Run away from there, Flame," Spike yelled in desperation.

Unfortunately, Flame didn't manage to escape in time and was caught in the middle of Crystal Barrier's attack and his ring.


"Flame," Spike yelled as he saw his bey take that quick attack.

"Finish him, Barrier," the Dark Crystal Knight yelled, there his bey hit Spike's so hard that the latter burst.

Spike was speechless.

“Burst Finish, 2 points to my lord and Crystal Barrier, the score is now 1 – 2.”

"Well done my lord," Pharynx celebrated, "One more point and the bey is yours."

“Oh Golly,” Cozy Glow exclaimed, “My lord never ceases to amaze us.”

“It was so fast I could barely see it,” said Adagio Dazzle.

Spike collected the pieces of Emerald Flame and put it back together.

"You knew that Crystal Barrier had an armor," the Dark Crystal Knight told him, "But I bet you didn't know that it could be used as a weapon once it was released."

Spike gritted his teeth, "I knew you might have tricks up your sleeve, but don't think you can intimidate me with that, you can pull off all the tricks you want, damn it, even if your bey fired laser beams, it would still fight."

"Laser beams, that wouldn't be a bad idea," the Dark Crystal Knight wrote that last on a notepad.

"And it's true that you might have a good bey with a too good special move," Spike continued, "But I can still win, that spinning armored shield won't get the better of me."

“Yeah Spike,” Button Mash said.

“That's how you talk,” Rumble added.

"Do you really think that?" The Knight said as he placed his bey on his launcher, "That means you haven't contemplated the true power of Crystal Barrier."

"Neither have you contemplated the true power of the Emerald Flame," Spike replied as he placed his bey in his launcher, when he did, he quickly wrapped the string around it.

"If all is well, then time for the next battle," Thorax announced, and at that moment, the countdown began:




And at that moment, Thorax shouted:


Spike jumped up and with all his might, yanked on the launcher's string, launching Emerald Flame into the beystadium.

The Dark Crystal Knight yanked on the launcher's string with all his might, launching Crystal Barrier into the beystadium.

The 2 beys landed perfectly.

Spike watched Crystal Barrier, he was relieved to see that she had taken center, "He is playing in defense this time."

"My lord, are you sure that is a good idea?" asked Pharynx.

“Yes,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied, “Let's see how powerful he is, if he wants to win, he will have to pass through the shield.”

"Go for it, Emerald Flame," Spike yelled as his bey went straight for the Dark Crystal Knight's.




Emerald Flame was hitting Crystal Barrier, who was unfazed by those attacks.

“It's useless, your attacks have no effect on my shield,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"Please," said Apple Bloom, "make it all right."


Emerald Flame kept attacking but Crystal Barrier's shield was too strong.

“TIME TO COUNTER-ATTACK, CRYSTAL BARRIER,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as his bey managed to push Spike's bey to the edge of the beystadium, “IT'S TIME TO DESTROY YOU.”

"GYAHHHH, NOW, FLAME," but Spike didn't give up and used that attack as some sort of booster.

"What the hell?" exclaimed the Dark Crystal Knight.

"GREED OVERDRIVE," Spike yelled, at that moment, Emerald Flame was covered in even greener flames and headed towards Crystal Barrier.


Emerald Flame managed to hit Crystal Barrier so hard, to the point of breaking through the shield.

“AHHHHH,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as he watched his bey being sent flying.

"AND DON'T THINK WE'RE DONE," Spike yelled.

At that moment, Emerald Flame rushed towards Crystal Barrier, and hit him a second time, finally knocking him out of the beystadium as the sound of a beyblade Burst was heard.

“IT'S IMPOSSIBLE,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as he saw his defeated bey.

Emerald Flame landed in the beystadium, he kept spinning, Spike (Who was tired from using his maximum attack) smiled and looked at the Dark Crystal Knight with a winning smile, "How you like that."

Needless to say, all the viewers were shocked.

“Damn, I guess it's all over,” Adagio said.

"But he still gonna pay us, right?" asked Sonata.

“She said it's over,” Aria replied.

“My lord,” Pharynx said in disbelief that the Dark Crystal Knight was bested like that.

After a few seconds of processing, Spike's friends smiled and celebrated.

“NICE,” Button Mash yelled.

“YOU DID IT DRAGON BOY,” Rumble yelled.

“GOOD ATTACK SPIKE,” his parents yelled.


"HE WON'T BE ABLE TO TAKE YOU AGAIN FEEL..." Twilight Sparkle yelled but was interrupted by Thorax.

"It's too early to celebrate, you should check the condition of Crystal Barrier."

"What do you mean Thorax?" Spike asked, but as he got closer, he understood what Thorax was referring to.

"I couldn't burst Barrier," Spike said to himself when he saw Crystal Barrier outside the beystadium with his ring out of place, "All I did was take his armor off, again."

“Ring Out, 1 point to Spike and Emerald Flame, tying the score at 2 – 2,” Thorax announced.

“I knew my lord would not go down without a fight,” Cozy Glow said.

"He's very strong, although that boy is giving him a fight," said Adagio Dazzle, "besides being handsome."

“For the first time Adagio, you and I agree on something,” Cozy Glow replied.

"Ahhh, too bad," Apple Bloom said, "Spike already had him on the ropes."

"Don't worry Apple Bloom," Twilight Sparkle reassured her, "That's good news."

"She's right," Rumble said.

“It means he can still beat him,” Button Mash added.

“That was close,” the Dark Crystal Knight said furiously as he picked up the pieces of his bey, “I have had enough of you, either join me, or die.”

"Die?" Spike asked a bit surprised.

"Sorry, that was a poor choice of words, but basically something similar, only you would still be alive," the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

Spike frowned, "I'd rather be dead than betray my friends, including Emerald Flame, so come on old man, get ready for the final battle."

“You'll see that tough-guy façade will be gone soon,” the Dark Crystal Knight threatened as he placed Crystal Barrier into his launcher slot, “When I'm done with you, you won't touch a bey in your life again for the fear I've will cause on you.”

Spike simply placed Emerald Flame in the slot of his launcher and wrapped the string around it, he looked at him with a defiant look and said only one thing, "Bring it on."

"Final battle," Thorax announced, "To your positions."

And the countdown began.


Spike started to brace himself, bent his knees to take his leap.


The Dark Crystal Knight flexed his muscles and then placed his hand on the string to make his strongest launch.


"For my friends, for my family, and for the beyblade," Spike jumped as high as he'd ever taken, "We'll show you what we're capable of, Flame."

And at that moment, Spike and the Dark Crystal Knight shouted:


“HAAAAA,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as he launched his beyblade.

“GYAHHHH,” Spike yelled as he launched his beyblade into the air, but didn't think of a way to land, “Oh no, I jumped really high, AHHHHHHH.”

"AHHHHH," Twilight Sparkle yelled as she saw that Spike was about to land where she was.


Spike landed on top of Twilight.

"Ouch," Spike groaned, "Sorry about that sis."

“Its okay bro, ouch,” Twi groaned in pain, “It's not like this is the first time this has happened to me.”

At that moment, the 2 beys landed in the beystadium.

"Now, go get him," Spike said to Emerald Flame, who headed for Crystal Barrier.

“Stop it with your shield,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, at that moment, Crystal Barrier generated the force field that made Emerald Flame repel.


"Overdrive," Spike yelled as his bey engulfed itself in green fire and charged towards Crystal Barrier.

“Everything you do is useless, you can't beat me,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as his bey took the impact of Spike's bey.

“Interesting,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"Keep it up," Spike yelled as Emerald Flame continued to slam into the force field.




The blows did not stop, which made the Dark Crystal Knight lose his temper, "Grrr, you don't understand, you insolent."

"DON'T GIVE UP SPIKE," Spike heard the voices of his friends and family encouraging him, he smiled as he heard them, "We won't give up."

“You have good people supporting you,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, “but that doesn't change anything, it won't change the outcome of this battle.”

"We'll see about that," Spike said, "GO FOR HIM, FLAME."

"DESTROY IT, BARRIER," the Dark Crystal Knight yelled at the same time Crystal Barrier changed back to the offensive,

"FLAME," Spike yelled.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH,” the 2 bladers yelled at the same time.

And in that moment…


A huge explosion went off in the beystadium, and throughout Sugarcube Corner, causing all the spectators to stagger from the impact.

When the impact ended, the beystadium was observed, the first thing that was seen when the smoke cleared, was Crystal Barrier, who still had the force field, and the Dark Crystal Knight standing as if nothing.

However, it was not the same in Spike's case, he was on the ground, as if he had lost the battle, since Emerald Flame seemed to be staggering.

Seeing that, the Dark Crystal Knight sneered, "I told you that you would not be able to defeat me and yet you fought with everything knowing that you were going to lose, that you hoped to win with this."

"A blader doesn't run from a battle, even if it's a losing battle," Spike replied, unable to get up, "Grr, and I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's too early to celebrate."

"What?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

At that moment, he looked at Crystal Barrier and could feel it, the force field was gone, "Oh no, the barrier is broken."

"NOW FLAME, GYAHHHHH," Spike yelled as he stood up, his arms and legs aching, but he couldn't help but feel emotion.

With her last strength, Emerald Flame went straight towards Crystal Barrier.


“FULL POWER FLAME, SPECIAL MOVE, GREED OVERDRIVE,” Spike yelled, and at that moment, both beys collided with each other.

And several spectators claimed to see a knight in white armor with black parts, fight against a purple dragon with green spikes.


“GYAHHHHHHH,” the two of them yelled, but Spike was the one who suffered the most from feeling pain.

Another explosion went off, and at that moment, Spike gave one last command to his bey, "DO IT NOW FLAME."

At that moment, Emerald Flame hit Crystal Barrier so hard.

Managing to get him out of the beystadium to the amazement of the Dark Crystal Knight.

“Incredible,” was all the Dark Crystal Knight could say as he saw his bey outside the beystadium and Spike's bey still spinning in the beystadium.

Thorax took a few seconds to process, but finally announced the final result, "Ring Out, by the score of 2 – 3, the winner is Spike."

"I, I won..." thought Spike who couldn't believe his ears, after a few seconds of processing it, all he could do was raise his fist in the air in victory.

And quickly, Sugarcube Corner was filled with cheers for their champion.

“THAT WAS AMAZING SPIKE,” the Sparkle family yelled, proud of their son/little brother.



"Rumble, Button..." He was going to continue but Spike was interrupted when they approached him, accidentally hitting him and because of that the three of them fell to the ground.


"Ouch, you don't think I've been hurt enough today," Spike told them.

“A hero doesn't complain about pain,” they replied, the 3 laughed after a few seconds.

"SPIKE," Apple Bloom yelled as she came running over.

"We'd better give him his space," Button and Rumble ran out of the room, allowing Apple Bloom to pounce on Spike.


"Ouch, my bones," Spike groaned again in pain, but he didn't care too much anymore, especially with his girlfriend nearby, "Apple Bloom, tell me I won and I'm not dead."

"You won Spike, you won," replied Apple Bloom with tears in her eyes, "I knew you would make it."

At that moment Apple Bloom gave Spike the longest kiss she could give, who totally melted in the kiss.

After a few seconds they broke apart to catch their breath, Spike spoke, "Thank you, Apple Bloom, for everything you've done for me."

Apple Bloom smiled as Spike wiped away her tears.

"Good job Spike," Ember told him.

"I won't be able to recover from that," Smolder added, then she turned to Ember, "We must train a lot more to be stronger than him, don't you think sister?"

Ember nodded.

"You did very well, Spike," Flash Sentry told him.

"Thank you guys," he thanked them.

Spike got up and saw his family approaching.

“We never doubt you,” Night Light said.

“We always knew you would achieve great things,” Twilight Velvet said.

"Mom, Dad," Spike said with tears in his eyes.

"And most importantly, you stood your ground, you defended your ideals and you won, I'm proud of you brother," Twilight Sparkle told him.

"Sister," Spike was no longer hiding his tears of joy, and at that moment, he was embraced by his family.

Meanwhile, with the Dark Crystal Knight.

He had stared at his bey, expressing no emotion.

His companions watched him without knowing what to do or say.

"My lord," Cozy Glow reached out to try to cheer him up but was surprised by a laugh coming from him.

“Hahahaha,” the Dark Crystal Knight laughed but not in an evil way, it was a sincere and warm laugh.

His companions were definitely speechless, they had never seen their leader with a defeat, but they never imagined what his reaction would be and they definitely didn't imagine it would be one where he laughed happily.

“Hehe, I guess that's all,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, taking out envelopes from his pocket and handing them to his companions, “Here's your pay for the help you gave me.”

They all took an envelope which contained a lot of money, they were grateful.

"Thank you very much my lord, but what are you going to do now?" asked Cozy Glow.

“Yes, your goal was to defeat that boy,” Pharynx added.

"But now..." Thorax said but was interrupted as the Dark Crystal Knight approached Spike.

"Hey Spike," he called, getting his attention, Spike looked a bit intimidated but listened, "That was a spectacular battle."

"I must say, I had fun, even though you were threatening me," Spike said with a smile.

“Hehe, about that,” the Dark Crystal Knight said with his hand on the back of his neck, “That was not my intention.”

"Your intention was to destroy me?" Spike asked.

“Not either, nothing sinister,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

"Then why did you do all those things that haunted Spike?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

“It was a test, though I admit I did overdo it,” the Knight replied.

"A test?" Spike asked.

"There is a bigger tournament in the future, one that promises to be even more intense than this one, the company that organized it assigned me to test you and your friends, to see if they were worthy of being participants in that tournament," the Knight replied, "It's called, the Umbrum Tournament."

Everyone was surprised to hear of a possible new tournament.

“And I must say, you passed,” the Knight told them, “all of you Canterlot bladers have been admitted.”

Those words caused a great impact and emotion in the bladers present.

"A new tournament."

“Definitely go inside.”

"This will be fun."

"Wow, who would have thought, but why did they send you specifically for me?" Spike asked.

The Dark Crystal Knight chuckled, "I guess it's time to show you."

The Dark Crystal Knight began to remove his mask.

At the time of taking it off, it revealed the face of a white-skinned young adult with long blue hair, with a regal appearance for any woman to consider him handsome.

Spike and Twilight were shocked beyond words, speechless for a few seconds, but Spike managed to blurt out a word, "It's you."

"It's good to be back," said the blue haired man whom Twilight and Spike seemed to know.

“SHINING,” Twi and Spike yelled at the same time who hugged him very tightly.

“I've missed you both,” he hug them back.

“It can't be, Shining Armor, you were the Dark Crystal Knight,” his parents said.

“Yes I was,” Shining told them.

“We've missed you too,” Twilight said with tears in her eyes.

“I'm glad to see how much you've grown,” Shining Armor told them.

"Everything has been so different without you," Spike said with tears in his eyes.

"Spike who is he?" Ember asked.

"He's my older brother, Shining Armor," Spike replied.

"He was always the Dark Crystal Knight?" Apple Bloom asked.

"It was too obvious, didn't anyone else know?" added Pinkie Pie.

"I'm proud Spike, you really are strong," Shining told Spike.

"Shining, thank you," Spike replied with tears in his eyes, knowing that everything he went through was not in vain.

Several days later.

There were Spike, Rumble and Button Mash on the roof of the school, they had a determined look.

"The Umbrum Tournament," Spike said as he held up Emerald Flame.

"Where great bladers compete," Rumble added as he held up Cloud Slayer.

"And where the challenges will be greatest, I can't contain my excitement," said Button Mash as he held up Digital Debug.

"Are you ready," Shining Armor asked them, he stopped wearing his Dark Crystal Knight gear.

"Yes, Coach Armor," the three boys said at the same time, as they embarked on a journey that would bring many emotions to come in the Umbrum Tournament.

And so, this story ended, with the promise of a great tournament and the reunion of a dear older brother, what challenges would await Spike and his friends in the future, it doesn't matter, because they would be ready to face them.

Author's Note:

And with that, we finish this story, I must say I'm glad to be able to finish it since this is the first story I published, I hope I can grow as a writer after all this experience.

The Dark Crystal Knight was always Shining Armor, did anyone already know? Whoever suspected it, write it in the comments.

I also want to thank you, my readers who helped me make this story bigger than I expected, especially those who left their comments, because all the comments I read inspired me and helped me improve the quality of this story, I am very grateful to them.

I hope to see this story on TVtropes, it would make me feel good that someone has analyzed it part by part, and I would really be grateful to anyone who would dedicate a page to it on that site.

As you know, it's obvious that this story will have a sequel, although for the moment I'm going to write other stories that I have planned and I hope you like them as well, in addition to concentrating on my main story.

See you later and thanks for reading.

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