• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 3: The Dragon Princess

Spike had put on his pajamas which consisted of a green sleeveless shirt, purple shorts and dragon shaped slippers, he lay down on his bed and quickly fell asleep, after all his day had been very exhausting.

The night passed and Spike woke up, still sleepy he decided to get out of bed, but for some reason he couldn't move, he felt stuck, so he turned to both sides and saw the reason.

“WHAT THE........ PINKIE, FLUTTERSHY WHYA ARE YOU IN MY BED,” Spike yelled when he noticed the 2 girls who were hugging him, Pinkie and Fluttershy were wearing their pajamas (I'm not going to describe their clothes, just imagine they are the same ones they used in Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks).

"Sorry Spike, but you looked so sweet asleep, we couldn't help it," Fluttershy said with a smile on her face, then she gave Spike a kiss on the cheek making him blush even more.

"Don't worry Spike we would never get that far, hehehe," Pinkie kissed Spike on the other cheek and laughed to which Spike calmed down a bit but his face was still red.

"Still I can't believe Twilight allowed them to do this," Spike said trying to get out of his bed but it was impossible because the girls had him trapped, then they looked at each other and laughed.

"Spike, this was all Twilight's idea," Pinkie giggled even harder, Fluttershy just giggled.

"Smile," said a voice Spike recognized.


"WHAT ?," Spike said in shock, but before he could ask another question he heard a sound coming from the door of his room and when he turned what he saw was a flash from a camera.

When his eyes recovered from the flash, he visualized his sister dressed in her nightwear holding her cell phone horizontally, there she realized what happened, her sister had taken a photo of her hugged by 2 girls older than him, after moving a little Pinkie and Fluttershy decided to release him from their grip, then he approached Twilight.

"Sister, please what will you do with that picture? Won't you upload it to the internet? " Spike asked blushing.

Twilight giggled and then proceeded to calm Spike. "Don't worry little brother, I won't upload this photo to the internet."

"Thanks, that's a relief, I can't imagine the chaos a photo like …………" Spike continued speaking but was interrupted.

"I'll only show it to the girls and our parents," Twilight finished speaking with a smile.

Spike just sighed at that statement.

"Anyways, get dressed you three, its time for breakfast," said Twilight.

A few minutes later, the entire Sparkle family including Twilight's friends were having breakfast at the dining room table, fortunately the table was large enough to hold up to 15 people.

Velvet broke the silence "So, does anyone have plans for the weekend?"

"The girls and I will go shopping mom, to the mall" Twilight responded enthusiastically, the girls just nodded next to her.

"What about you, Spike?" Night Light asked.

"Mmmmm, I don't know, maybe I called Button Mash," Spike pulled out his phone and proceeded to call Button, when he answered, Button didn't seem to hear him because he wasn't answering Spike, but Spike could hear Button.

"He answer with his butt," Spike thought, but after trying to listen to Button, he heard the sound of a chainsaw and Button's voice yelling "No, no, please not with the chainsaw, AHHHHHHHHHHHH."

"Button, Button, talk to me, what's going on?" Spike worried about his friend, but he heard him again. "Again, no, how is this guy lowering my entire life bar with a single attack? It doesn't matter, I have the whole weekend to finish this game."

Spike hung up knowing that his friend was going to spend the weekend playing an action video game with survival horror elements (YES, IT MAY HAVE TERRORIFYING MOMENTS BUT IT'S NOT A HORROR GAME) "Well I'll call Rumble."

Spike remembered that he hadn't given Rumble his cell phone number and he didn't know his, "Um, I think I'm out of friends for today, I guess I can go to BeyStore to hang out."

"I still can't believe that silly game has a store of its own, not that it's a real sport," Rainbow Dash said, a comment that made Spike annoyed.

"You know Rainbow, Beyblade is not a silly game, and FYI if it is considered a real sport," Spike said, defending his hobby.

"Spike, Rainbow didn't mean something like that, but I don't think Beyblade can be considered a real sport," Twilight said.

"Just wait and see," Spike said charged with determination.

Spike arrived at the BeyStore, the store was small, it had 4 Beystadiums available, a counter next to the door and some bathrooms at the back but apparently it was empty, there was no one and the counter was unattended.

After checking the place a bit, Spike thought about leaving but when he reached the door, he heard a voice behind him that scared him.

"Where do you think you're going, little dragon," said a tall, muscular man with blue-gray skin, purple eyes, red hair, and a green sleeveless shirt and black pants as well as his shoes.

"For Faust sake, don't scare me like that Mr. Torch," Spike said as he recognized the shop owner who had entered through another of the doors.

"I'm sorry about that but I couldn't help it hahaha," Mr Torch laughed and Spike stared at him with a confused look, until Mr Torch resumed the conversation "I think you already realized the place is empty today, but you are my favorite customer so I will allow you to have a beybattle."

"Wow I didn't know that you are also a blader, I knew you had a store, but I didn't think you would play," Spike said excitedly, just thinking about Mr. Torch's possible strategies, unfortunately that was not the case.

"Sorry Spike, I'm not a blader, I know about the sport but I still haven't had time to try it" said Mr Torch to Spike, who only reacted by apologizing "Oh I'm sorry to suppose that ......"

"But don't worry, you will have a beybattle ... .." said Torch while Spike ended up more confused, if not against Mr Torch, who would it be? Suddenly there was a knock on the same door that Mr Torch entered.


"Just in time," thought Mr Torch. "Come in, I want to introduce you to someone," he said as 2 girls appeared at the door, the oldest appeared to be 14 years old, had light blue skin with long dark blue hair, orange eyes and was dressed in a jacket similar to the one Spike wears only yellow, black pants and black boots.

The other girl appeared to be Spike's age, her skin was orange, her purple hair was long but no longer than the older girl's, her eyes were a gray-blue color, and she wore a red sleeveless shirt with a pair of gray shorts and red athletic shoes.

"Spike, they are my daughters," Mr Torch pointed to the older "Ember," then pointed to the younger "And Smolder."

"Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Spike," Spike offered his hand in greeting, but the two of them just stared at him, then withdrew his hand.

Observing his "enthusiastic response" Torch spoke to his daughters "Girls show a little respect, this guy is not only my best client, he is the strongest 3rd blader I know."

"Really? him? dad, look at him, he's just a runt, ”Ember said making Spike a bit annoyed.

"Well, your right he is rather tiny, heh-heh, heck even I could squish him with my arm," said Mr Torch giggling.

Spike gave a nervious chuckle "heh- heh, how funny Mr Torch."

"That wasn't a joke, it was a fact," Torch said with a serious look.

"Oh," said Spike.

"Still Ember, I think he can give you a battle worthy of your skill," said Mr Torch, saying that, Spike connected the dots and asked enthusiastically "Are you bladers too?"

"Yes we are, but my older sister is superior to me on many levels," Smolder said, then turned to Ember and said "And you'll soon know why when you see her in action."

"Sounds good to me, what do you say Ember?" Spike asked Ember, to which she only replied "Sounds good to me, but first take a look at the competition, she's Blood Stone," Ember showed her beyblade to Spike, it was a dark blue beyblade in the attack ring and its performance tip was gray, its bit circuit was a deep red color.

"Wow, what an interesting beyblade, well here is the rival, he is Emerald Flame," said Spike as he showed his beyblade to Ember, they went to the Beystadium area, chose one and got into position.

"Very well, I will be the referee if you don't mind, the battle will be like in official tournaments, the first one who manages to score 2 points wins, a ring-out finish and a survive finish is 1 point and a burst finish is 2 points," he explained. Mr Torch.

Spike and Ember took out their launchers and put their beys on them.




“LET IT RIP” Only Spike yelled while Ember remained in silence.

The 2 beyblades fell to the beystadium, both were moving in an aggressive way, Ember remained silent, it seemed that he had something planned, quickly Blood Stone jumped very high, he almost fell from the ring, but no, it is more when he landed, he hit Emerald Flame.

"Don't give up, FLAMEEEEE," Spike yelled.

Soon in an incredible way, Emerald Flame started spinning even faster.

"Well done," Spike added.

"It's not possible, how can it keep spinning after that hit?" Ember asked, but then she got a more determined look again and yelled "DON'T THINK I CAN ONLY DO THAT JUMP ONCE, LET'S GO BLOOD STONE."

"Damn Spike, think, how can you stop it," Spike thought and quickly saw Ember's beyblade, preparing to jump out of a corner, seeing this Spike quickly formulated a plan "EMERALD FLAME GO TO THE OPPOSITE CORNER OF THE STADIUM," yelled Spike.

Emerald Flame jumped even more than Blood Stone, and this one to go faster pushed it in the air to push it outside the stadium, while Spike's beyblade fell into it.

"Ring out, one point for Spike, next round," shouted Mr Torch.

Ember picked up her blade and looked at Spike, he said "I think I underestimated you boy, you are little but obviously you know what you do."

"Well I'm not that little, you're only a year older than me, but thanks for the compliment," Spike said, to which Ember replied, "But don't think you've seen everything about me."




“LET IT RIP” This time both yelled.

Again the beys fell to the beystadium, only this time Ember's blade was spinning slowly, that made Spike think that Ember had a plan against him.

"FLAME, STAY AWAY FROM HER," Spike yelled at his bey, making it back as far as possible, that was a good choice since after being still he began to move like crazy and crash against the walls of the beystadium.

"I see you're smart too," Ember said as her bey staggered, to which Spike just smiled.

"This is my style Ember, I have a lot of experience in this, and now your bey is weak, it is time," Spike told Ember as Emerald Flame approached Blood Stone at full speed.

"END IT EMERALD FLAME," Spike yelled with a big smile on his face, Spike's bey got closer, but suddenly Ember's bey regained its energy and spun again quickly, to which Ember smiled and said "You fell in the trap."

"FLAME GET AWAY," Spike yelled but Ember yelled "TOO LATE SHORTY, TIME TO TEACH HIM BLOOD STONE, ATTACK," Ember yelled with a smile, at that moment Blood Stone hit Emerald Flame so hard that it disarmed, basically a Burst Finish .

"No," Spike thought.

“Burst Finish 2 points for Ember, the winner of this match,” announced Torch.

"I never doubted you sister, I knew you would win," Smolder said to Ember as they clasped hands.

Spike fell to his knees, he was speechless.

Spike was picking up the pieces of his bey scattered on the beystadium, he had a defeated look, “I…. I lost…." Spike thought.

At that moment Ember helped him and handed him the last piece that had fallen to the beystadium, "That was a great battle, you are very strong Spike, I would like us to meet again some other time."

Hearing that, Spike smiled, of course defeat doesn't taste good, but at least he knew he did his best.

"I have to admit, you had my sister on the ropes, you do have the talent, Spike," Smolder said.

"Thank you very much, it was a fun battle and I will accept that rematch whenever you want Ember, and I would also like a battle against you Smolder," that comment from Spike excited Smolder, then Spike spoke to Mr Torch "Mr Torch, your daughter is a great blader and I'm sure Smolder is too. "

"Heh-heh, when I told you you were the third best blader I know, the other 2 are my daughters and I am proud of them," said Mr Torch with a smile.

Spike left the store saying goodbye to Mr Torch, Ember and Smolder, hoping to have more battles in the future and this time to practice to be able to beat Ember, what he did not realize is that a red-haired girl with yellow skin was following him.

That girl approached the store that Spike came out of, and entered out of curiosity.

Author's Note:

Well folks, that was the introduction to Ember, and don't worry, the tournament will start in the next chapter.

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