• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 11: Endurance Round No Continues

In the gym, many students were grateful to Flash Sentry for saving them from the evil Heath Burns, some were even asking for autographs.

Flash was feeling nervous, so he just smiled.

But Spike arrived and said: "" Better enjoy your 5 minutes of fame Flash, you earned it. "

After a few minutes the principals announced the next bladers to fight.

“Please get ready, Snails and Button Mash,” announced Principal Celestia.

"Smash that dork, Snails," Snips said.

Snails just laughed and said as he walked away from the benches, "I'm going to make you see what a Game Over screen is like in real life."

"Yeah, it's finally my turn," Button Mash said excitedly.

"Do your best, Button," Rumble said.

"Don't let Snails get away with it," Spike said.

Button nodded and headed for the center of the gym, but before he could move on he heard a voice.

"Good luck Button," Sweetie Belle was yelling.

Button Mash couldn't help but blush and nervously said, "Um, thanks Sweetie, I'll do my best."

As Button Mash walked away, Rumble asked Spike something.

"Spike, if I could ask you, how did you meet Button Mash."

Spike without answering only limited himself to observing Rumble, he wanted to know if he had anything else to say.

Rumble continued: "Well, I thank you for accepting me as a friend, since at Crystal Prep I was always alone, so I would like to hear more about you for how kind you have been to me."

Spike was moved by those words that Rumble blurted out, so smiling he proceeded to tell him: "It's a funny story, it happened a year after my family moved here."


6 years ago.

A little 7-year-old Spike was sitting waiting in a classroom, in that same room were Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, the 3 were also 7 years old, they were talking, Spike thought about approaching them, but he felt that he would be left out of the place, being a boy and all of that, so he just settled for sitting alone.

This was a normal situation for Spike when he was at school, he always went alone, since he did not have any friends there, when Spike spent time with someone it was with his sister Twilight Sparkle and her friends, although many times he was left out.

There was also his brother Shinning Armor, who always invited Big Mac, Applejack's and Apple Bloom older brother to play Ogres and Oubliettes, those were the only times Spike had fun with other boys.

Then the classroom door opened and the teacher entered next to a boy that no one knew, the boy had brown skin, orange hair and his most remarkable feature, he wore a hat with a propeller.

The teacher said: "Good morning children, today we have a new student with us, his name is Button Mash, before you sit down, do you want to tell us something about yourself?"

Button a little nervous, he was thinking about what to say, then the following words came out of his mouth: “Hello, my name is Button Mash, I like video games and …….”

Button was speechless and he proceed to sitting down only to find there was no empty chair for the direction he went: "Oh, Pony feathers."

"Why don't you sit there, right behind Spike," the teacher pointed to an empty chair behind where Spike was sitting.

"Oh ok," Button sat behind Spike.

The class continued normal until the break time came, some children went to the playground, others to the hall and others stayed in the classroom, Spike had remained in the classroom as Button Mash.

Spike pulled a Power Ponys comic book out of his backpack and he read it to pass the time.

As Spike read, he heard gunshot sounds behind him, so for a moment he stopped paying attention to his reading and proceeded to turn around to see Button Mash playing a video game on a handheld console he was holding.

But it wasn't just any video game, it was a Power Ponys video game.

Flashback interruption.

"Wait, you say they became friends thanks to the Power Ponies?" Rumble asked.

"I told you it would be a funny story," Spike said. "But I will continue."

Back to the Flashback.

"Is that the Power Ponys video game?" Spike asked.

"Uhh," Button was surprised someone spoke to him, paused his game and cleared his gaze from the screen to see Spike "Oh yeah, great game."

Button noticed that Spike was holding one of the Power Ponys comic books, there he realized that he was also a fan, Spike came to see the game closely and realized that the character that Button chose was Humdrum.

"Wow, you like Humdrum too, he's my favorite character," Spike said enthusiastically.

"Yes, it may not have powers but it is very cool and without it, the Power Ponies would have been defeated on more than one occasion," added Button.

Button and Spike continued to talk about the things both like, it turns out they had a lot in common.

Hours later.

Classes had finished, so Spike and Button were heading to the exit to return to their homes, they were on the second floor so they had to go down some stairs that were there.

"Spike," came a voice, Spike turned and saw Twilight on the first floor waiting for him "It's time to go home."

"Oh well it's time to go, see you later," Spike said goodbye to Button Mash.

He replied "Yes, you should go to my house one day, we can play different types of video games."

“Yes, it would be the best, we could AHHHHHHHHHHH ………….” Spike slipped on a banana peel that some idiot had left on the ground.

Button tried to avoid the fall of his friend trying to hold him, but the only thing he managed was to fall along with him to the first floor "SpiAHHHHHHH ……."


"SPIKE," Twilight yelled worried about her little brother.

"Don't worry Twi, we're fine ..... UGHHH," Spike said before being knocked out, the same thing happened with Button Mash.

Minutes later.

Nurse RedHeart, a woman with white skin and pink hair, was bandaging Spike and Button Mash's arms and legs.

"Very well children, you are ready, next time be more careful where you go, this is not a cartoon, but you never know when you will step on a banana peel," said the nurse jokingly.

"We will be more careful," the two said at the same time.

"Wait a minute," the nurse asked them to wait while I took out 2 popsicles from a drawer, "They were very good patients today and good patients take a popsicle."

The 2 accepted the popsicles and thanked Nurse RedHeart.

End of Flashback.

“From that day on, Button and I became best friends, sometimes I would go to his house or he would go to mine and we would do many things from playing video games to reading comic books, of course I already had friends before like my sister friends or Apple Bloom's older brother, but that relationship was more of being the “younger brother of the group,” so Button came in and made a difference. "

Rumble liked Spike's story, but there was a detail that he didn't take into account, “Wait, but what about the Crusaders, you know, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, they are your same age, why they never invited you to hang out? "

"Well, everyone will have their reasons, but I guess I had to have talked to them too, so I can't blame them for not spending time with me, they were surely only doing women's things and they believed that the dynamic wouldn't work with me, well, what I know?, I'm just a man, ”Spike replied.

The Crusaders overheard the conversation and were quickly overcome by guilt.

Spike realized that he forgot to say something important, "Oh right, I forgot to tell you, I was the one who introduced Button to the beyblade."

"Seriously?" Rumble asked.

“Yes, a few days after I bought Emerald Flame, he became interested in beyblade, so I took him to the store and that's when he bought Digital Debug, it was crazy it seemed that he was spiritually connected with Button Mash since in their first battle was a Burst Finish, ”Spike replied.

Amazed by the anecdote, Rumble just said "Wow."

Suddenly the principals announced the next battle.

Celestia: Be prepared for the next battle.

Luna: And with that, here are the participating bladers.

Celestia: In the red corner, a quirky student, his video game skills are only matched by his skills on the beyblade, 13-year-old High Score master Button Mash.

Button walked happily to the center of the gym, but he got nervous, he had never been in front of many people, he did not even feel nervous at anime and video game conventions where there were many people, but this time it was different, ignoring everything, he quickly decided go to the gym center.

Luna: And in the blue corner, a student who showed his musical talent at the last festival of the battle of the bands alongside Snips, 13-year-old Snails.

Snails was walking around greeting everyone, but when he got to the center of the gym, he pulled out a microphone and started talking.

Snails: Students from Canterlot High.

Celestia: What, how?

Luna: I think he somehow managed to interfere with the speakers.

Snails: Today, I come to give everyone a great show.

Celestia: Snails, disconnect or else you will have another day of detention.

Snails: I'llbeatthemall,sodon'tevenbotherparticipating.
That last thing he said at high speed before turning off his microphone.

“Inspect your opponent's bey,” Vice-Principal Luna said, while Snails and Button took each other's beyblade.

Button looked at Snails' beyblade and thought: "Wow, it's a BALANCE type, just like Digital Debug, I mustn't underestimate it or defeat will be inevitable."

But Snails only seemed to show a mocking look upon seeing Digital Debug.

The 2 returned the beyblade to its owner but Snails had something to say.

"Wow, this is your bey, I think you got it out of a cereal box."

Button just looked at him with a serious expression.

"I'll give you some useful advice, drop this, give up and run to the nearest arcade, maybe there you can dry your gamer tears after tasting defeat," Snails continued.

Button said nothing and at that moment he put Digital Debug in his launcher and got into battle position.

"Hey silly, do you have plugged ears, because I'm talking to you," Snails said frustrated.

"Sure I heard you, but Spike taught me how to deal with people like you, I just have to ignore them, so I suggest you save your comments and prepare for battle," replied Button Mash.

This frustrated Snails more, but then he came up with a better tactic.

"Your mother."

"What?" Button asked.

Snails continued: "I bet you will cry into your mother's arms when you lose, your incredibly attractive mother."

Button started to get angry.

"How is it possible that such a pretty woman gave birth to you," Snails continued.

"You know I bet it was a teenage pregnancy," he scoffed.

Button Mash was trying to keep his composure, so he said to Snails: "You will not disrespect my mom or your beyblade will pay the price."

"Oh no, he's insulted his mother, that's not good," Spike said.

"You don't do that, Snails," Rumble yelled.

"BOOOOOO, GET OUT, DOWN SNAILS," Sweetie Belle yelled.

All of Button's friends stood by his side and were ready to support him no matter what.

Snails put his bey in his launcher and got into battle position "You're just a loser and the reason you have friends is that they felt bad for you."

Celestia: All right, the countdown begins.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And everyone present shouted at the same time:


The 2 of them pulled the ripcord of their launcher as hard as they could and the 2 beyblades fell to the ground.

"Alright Spyral Shell, get this geek to see a GAME OVER screen," Snails ordered his beyblade as he approached Button Mash's beyblade.

"I will teach you what a GAME OVER screen is and I will also teach you that you can make fun of me as much as you want, but you can´t disrespect my loved ones, DIGITAL DEBUG, MAX POWER," shouted Button Mash as his beyblade approached to Snails with unimaginable speed.

"WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT," is all Snails could yell before hearing a sound of metal colliding.


And that's when Snails witnessed his beyblade destroyed in pieces, they had not disassembled it, this was total destruction.

"Spyral Shell, NOOOOOOOOO," Snails yelled as he saw his destroyed beyblade.

"I told you your bey would pay the price," Button Mash said coldly.

"Why did you do this?" Snails asked annoyed.

"Because a blader must respect his opponents, those who resort to cheap tactics do not deserve to be bladers," replied Button Mash.

Snails yelled angrily: "Ahhhhhhhhhh."

Meanwhile on the benches, many were speechless by that battle that lasted very little.

Rumble and Spike who knew Button Mash best were speechless.

The crusaders, Flash Sentry, FeatherWeight, and Pipsqueak were terrified of such power.

While others like Ember and Rainbow Dash never imagined how badass Button looked.

Celestia: I'd say it was a violent encounter, but technically that was a Burst Finish.

Luna: I agree sister, it was a bit violent, but the winner is Button… ..

Luna was going to continue but was interrupted by a voice "WAIT."

And from the benches Snips approached.

"After having seen that cruelty, I cannot allow this to remain like this, I will take care of destroying your bey," Snips threatened Button Mash as he put his bey in his launcher.

"Look, you haven't done or said anything bad Snips, so please go back to your place," Button said trying to calm my situation.

"Ah, you're just praying that I don't destroy your precious bey," Snips pointed to the beystadium where Digital Debug was still spinning.

"Snips, don't do it, it won't do you any good," Button Mash was saying.

"Please Snips return to your seat," Principal Celestia said.

"It is not your turn yet," Vice-Principal Luna said.

But Snips didn´t listen.

“I'll show you and make you run crying with your mom, LET IT RIP,” Snips yelled as he tossed his bey right where Button's bey was spinning.

"That's dirty play, poor Button, his bey must be exhausted," Sweetie Belle said.

Scootaloo continued "You're right, Snips and Snails don't have a good competitive spirit."

"I hope nothing bad happens," said Apple Bloom.

But Spike and Rumble felt bad, but not for Button, they felt bad about what would happen to Snips' bey.

And in that moment.


Snips 'beyblade was destroyed just like Snails'.


"Snips, I told you not to throw it, I tried ……" Button tried to apologize, but was interrupted by Snips.

"Just shut up, I can't bear to hear your voice, grhhhhhg," Snips ran out of the gym.

"I tried to stop him, but I couldn't, I just hope this experience will serve as a lesson for the future for those 2," Button said discouraged.

"Button, you were just defending yourself, you shouldn't blame yourself for that," Principal Celestia said.

"And that is why you are the winner of this battle," Vice-Principal Luna said.

All the students clapped while Button just smiled nervously and walked back to the benches.

"Very well done buddy," Spike said.

"You showed off," Rumble said.

"I knew you would win Mashy," Sweetie hugged Button which made him blush.

In the roof, the Dark Crystal Knight was observing: "The power of a blader has no limits, every battle is full of surprises, and I hope that dragon surprises me."

Author's Note:

Well this battle was good for Button Mash and yes, Snips and Snails are both out of the competition.

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