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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 44: The Grand Final, The Outcome Between The Scale and The Feather

As the Beyblade Tournament Finals continued at Canterlot High, the battle between Spike and Rumble raged on.

In the first round, Rumble had managed to land a Burst Finish in exchange for using a rather risky move, injuring himself quite a bit in the process, and apparently, that was Spike's plan.

"This is our chance, Flame, we'll go again, but stronger," Spike told his bey.

Rumble frowned, he was rubbing his shoulder, he looked at his bey and spoke, "We won't lose to that kind of trick, we won't give up, Slayer."

“I can't believe Spike came up with that plan,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Velvet, that's cheating,” Caring Hearts yelled angrily.

Twilight Velvet, who was on the other side of the gym, smirked, "Well, what do you want me to do?"

“Technically he didn't cheat,” Apple Bloom said.

"That's right, I read the rule book, it's not an illegal move," Twilight Sparkle added.

"Well, no matter what tricks Spike uses, he's going to need more than that to beat Rumble," Scootaloo said.

Celestia: A spectacular move.

Luna: But it's time to start the second battle.

Celestia: Rumble only needs one point to be crowned champion.

Luna: But will Spike be able to beat him even without having any point at this moment?

Celestia: We'll know now, bladers to your positions.

Spike and Rumble noded, took out their beys and launchers, the two of them placed the bey in the launcher's slot, Rumble began to take a few steps back while Spike began to tie the string of the launcher again.

Luna: The second round of the last battle of the tournament will begin in…

Celestia: 3

Rumble was placed a few meters away from the beystadium.

Luna: 2

"This is going to hurt a little," Spike thought.

Both: 1

Rumble sprinted towards the beystadium while Spike threw his best launch.

And all the students shouted:


Rumble upon reaching the beystadium jumped and managed to launch his beyblade.

Spike pulled the string so hard that a small green flame sprang up as he threw it, but Spike suffered some pain from the recoil, "Aghh."

“Oh Spike, don't overdo it,” Apple Bloom and Twilight Sparkle yelled at the same time.

"Don't worry girls, he looks like he knows what he's doing," Sunset Shimmer told them, "Keep moving those pom-poms anyway."

The girls nodded and continued with their cheerleading stand.

The 2 beys fell to the beystadium.

Both landed with great stability and speed.

"Attack him, no mercy," Spike yelled, at which point, Emerald Flame was the first to land a punch.


Emerald Flame had hit Cloud Slayer, but Cloud Slayer didn't flinch.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Rumble.

Spike ignored the question and continued with his bey, "Again."


Emerald Flame hit Cloud Slayer again, but the one who suffered the knockback was Emerald Flame, sending him far away.

Rumble realized what was happening, but it was already too late to react, "Wait a minute, maybe..."

"Flame, jump," Spike said.

Using the momentum from his punches, Flame managed to jump using the beystadium's sloping surface, landing directly on Cloud Slayer.


Cloud Slayer was sent towards one of the traps.

“Hold on, Slayer,” Rumble said, this causing his bey to avoid the trap.

"Ufff," Rumble was relieved, wiping sweat from his brow and looking at Spike, "I'll admit you're good at strategizing."

"Thanks Rumble," Spike thanked, "But you're like an impenetrable wall, it seems like nothing can knock you down."

"Years of training," Rumble replied with a grin, "And now I'll make it count, Cloud Slayer."

Rumble ordered his bey to attack Spike's bey.

"Dodge it Flame," Spike ordered making his bey dodge the attack.

“That was close,” Flash Sentry said.

“But Spike can't win like this,” Ember added.

“But if it's put his guard down, my little brother will be in trouble,” Thunderlane finished.

"Grr, don't let him get away," Rumble ordered his bey.

"It's yours, Flame, now," Spike yelled as his bey went straight for Rumble's.

But Rumble managed to foresee the attack so he took evasive action, "Careful, Cloud Slayer."

Cloud Slayer had narrowly dodged Emerald Flame's attack.

Luna: Hits and just misses.

Celestia: It was close for Emerald Flame, but close does not take the trophy.

Luna: Cloud Slayer is really fast.

“Boost yourself,” Spike said as his bey bounced off one of the beystadium walls.

"Huh?" Rumble wondered, since it seemed strange to him since the direction in which Flame bounced was not pointing one bit towards where Cloud Slayer was, "Maybe he missed the bounce."

"No I didn't," Spike replied with a smirk, then he pointed to the beystadium, "Look over there."

Rumble looked and realized that Flame landed in the spinning area, that made his bey change direction towards where Cloud Slayer was, and to make matters worse, it did it with even more speed.


"NOW FLAME, USE THE OVERDRIVE," Spike yelled as his bey collided with Rumble's.


But Cloud Slayer resisted being bursted.

Doing his best, Rumble continued to fight alongside his bey, "Don't let him take you down, you're the strongest bey."

"Grrr, he really is a tough guy," Spike said, "EMERALD FLAME, CONTINUE YOUR ATTACK."

Spike began to feel the pressure of the 2 beys colliding, "Noooo."

"It's not that easy to sustain an attack like that, is it," Rumble told him.

"FLAME, AHHHH," Spike yelled with his best effort.

“SLAYER,” Rumble yelled.

Celestia: Ahhh, Luna, that's a lot of power.

Luna: You can say it again.

At that moment, it caused such a huge impact that it caused the bladers to stumble.


"Gyahhh," Spike yelled as he fell to the ground on his back.

“Ahhh,” Rumble yelled as he stumbled.

From the ground, Spike could see Emerald Flame being thrown from the beystadium.


Rumble looked at the beystadium and saw that his bey kept spinning, he smiled, since he already had the tournament won.

"Well done Slayer," Rumble said but then he looked at Spike who had a slightly strange look, it seemed a serious expression, then Rumble understood everything, "I know that look, he hasn't given up yet."

And in that moment.


"WHAT THE..." Rumble yelled.

Cloud Slayer Burst just a few seconds before Emerald Flame hit the ground.

Luna: Impressive, Cloud Slayer seemed to have won but Emerald Flame resisted much more.

Celestia: And because of that resistance, the victory of this battle goes to Emerald Flame, thanks to that, the score has been tied, 2 – 2.

"Well done Spike," Apple Bloom yelled excitedly as she waved her pom-poms.

"That was very unpredictable, crazy, had a high chance of failing, and it still worked," Twilight Sparkle said in surprise.

"Twily, you know your brother, being unpredictable and crazy is a part of him," Twilight Velvet told her, "And for that we love him."

Twilight and Apple Bloom smiled.

“That came out of nowhere,” Scootaloo said.

“Now I regret training him,” Rainbow Dash said.

“You still have a chance Rumble,” Caring Hearts yelled as she waved her pom-poms.

“That's right, Rumble only lost this round because Spike's bey was slow to land,” Scootaloo said.

From the infirmary.

“Wow, what an incredible display of power,” Button Mash was surprised to see the broadcast of the battle.

"Spike planned that, or he improvised?" asked Sweetie Belle.

“A little of both,” Button replied.

"Well done Spike," Flash Sentry encouraged.

“I admit we didn't expect it,” Ember said, “Victory is closer for him.”

Spike couldn't contain the excitement he felt, he jumped into the air, "Yeahhh, you did it Flame."

Rumble was still in shock, "What the hell happened?"

Spike picked up his bey, "It was risky, but we caught up with it, now we just need to get past it."

Rumble picked up the pieces of his bey and put it back together, but as he did, a smile spread across his face, "I don't know why, but I'm so excited because I feel like I could spit fire."

Spike heard him, "I think that's something I should say, my bey is called Emerald Flame and I like dragons."

"Oh please, what else could I say?"

"Good point."

“In any case, I'm glad our first match was in the final round of a tournament,” Rumble said.

Spike realized that he was right, he hadn't had a beybattle with Rumble since he met him, Spike smiled, "You're right Rumble, which means this battle is and will be even more special than it already is."

They both smiled determined to start the third and final round.

Celestia: It's time for the third round.

"Wait," Rumble interrupted, "can I call a time out?"

Luna: Time out granted.

This made the viewers doubtful.

"Sorry Spike, I need a few minutes to process everything," Rumble apologized.

"Don't worry Rumble, in fact I needed to calm down a bit too, so much intensity made me nervous," Spike answered trembling.

Celestia: We'll take a 10-minute break.

The 2 bladers nodded and returned to their corners.

"Dude, what happened?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"What happened is that I underestimated him," Rumble replied, "I've seen his battles before but Spike is unpredictable."

"Spike may lack masculinity, but that doesn't mean he's not powerful," Fluttershy told him.

"This is bad, I could use all my strength to have the advantage, but he is very smart and he knows that I am thinking about it and he is going to devise a strategy to counter me, or maybe he is thinking that I am thinking that he is thinking in a strategy and think of something so that my thought…”


At that moment Scootaloo threw a bucket of water at Rumble.

"Hey, was that necessary?" asked Rumble who was now wet.

"Yes, it was necessary," Scootaloo replied, "You're overthinking it."

"But Spike..." Rumble said but was interrupted by Scootaloo.

"I know he's very smart, but you shouldn't let that intimidate you, just play with your style and you'll win, after all, it's the style that defined you as a blader," Scootaloo told him.

Rumble smiled upon hearing his girlfriend's words, but then he remembered the Dark Crystal Knight, "But, if that's the case, why couldn't I defeat the Dark Crystal Knight."

“Because the Dark Crystal Knight is not a blader who has the necessary harmony, and I know that even you could beat him in a rematch,” Caring Hearts replied.

Thunderlane's voice was heard from the stands, "No matter what happens Rumble, we will always be proud of you."

Rumble smiled again, "I'm glad you're here today to support me."

“And we always will,” Scootaloo replied.

“Just don't expect to see us wearing these ridiculous outfits next time,” Rainbow Dash said, pointing to the cheerleading outfits.

They all laughed hearing that.

"Spike, you're shaking again," Twilight Sparkle told him.

"I know Twi," Spike replied trying to calm down, "But Rumble is tougher than I thought."

"And how did you find out, from his way of throwing his bey or from his obvious musculature?" asked Sunset Shimmer.

"I don't have time for sarcastic comments Sunset," replied Spike who was still nervous, "He's seriously strong, he could shoot real bullets with those things, while I just have noodle arms."

"Spike," Apple Bloom said but Spike continued.

"I don't know what to do, I'm finished, how do I increase my muscles in 10 minutes?, AHHH it's useless, I'm going to be crushed under a lot of rubble created by Cloud Slayer which will be used to build my tombstone, and my epitaph will say: "Here lies Spike, he died because he wasn't strong enough and he's a geek with an obsession with mythological fire-breathing reptiles."

"Okay, that's it," said Apple Bloom determinedly.


At that moment Apple Bloom hit Spike in the face with a large ice pack.

"Ouch," Spike groaned from the pain of the blow as he rubbed his face in pain, "That hurt."

"I'm sorry Spike, but you were freaking out," Apple Bloom apologized.

“And the ice will help you stop shivering,” Sunset Shimmer added.

"But it doesn't work like that," Twilight Sparkle said as she took the ice pack from her, "Give me that."

At that moment, Twilight placed the ice pack on Spike's head, unbelievably, the bag melted in a few seconds.

"Thanks," Spike thanked, "I needed that."

“Yes we notice that, I think you should relax sweetie,” Twilight Velvet told him.

"It's hard to relax when Rumble…" Spike said but was interrupted by Apple Bloom.

"And what if Rumble has physical strength on his side, and maybe he's braver, but don't let that stop you from advancing, because you're smarter, remember to enjoy this battle as you always do and you will triumph," Apple Bloom told him.

Spike smiled upon hearing his girlfriend's words, "Thank you, having you by my side makes me feel like I have a chance."

“It's because you have it,” Flash Sentry yelled from the stands.

“So go over to that beystadium and show the gray boy with the cool haircut who he's messing with,” Ember yelled from the stands.

“They are right, you are stronger than you think,” Night Light added.

Spike nodded and returned to the beystadium.

Celestia: Looks like the bladers have already been able to take their break.

Luna: So the show must go on.

Spike and Rumble approached the beystadium to decide once and for all the winner of the tournament.

The motivating words seemed to have an effect, since neither looked nervous, on the contrary, both had determined looks.

Spike took out Emerald Flame, but before placing it in his launcher, he looked at him, "Together we got this far, we'll be ready for anything."

At that moment, the Emerald Flame began to glow, Spike smiled as he witnessed the glow.

Rumble took out Cloud Slayer, just like Spike, he watched him, "No matter what happens, nothing will knock us down, you've been with me a long time, so I'll always fight by your side."

At that moment, Cloud Slayer began to glow, Rumble smiled as he witnessed the glow.

And at the same time Spike and Rumble spoke: "It's you and me against the world."

Hearing each other, the two of them giggled.

"I guess I should thank you Spike," Rumble said, "You make it more fun."

"I have many talents," Spike replied with a smile.

"Well, it will all end here, I will crush you as I crushed Button Mash."

"Don't compare me to Button Mash, I was the one who taught him how to play."

From the infirmary.

Button heard that and frowned, "Hey."

“Though that's true sweetie,” Cream Heart told him.

"Zeykamiff!," Button complained in a strange language when he remembered that it was indeed Spike who taught him how to play.

“Button, I was young too and I know you said something rude,” his mother told him.

"Oh rats."

At that moment Rumble placed Cloud Slayer in his launcher and began to take steps back, "Well if that's the case, then all I can do is wish you luck."

Spike smiled, "Same here, I wish you luck, because you're going to need it."

Celestia: The last battle begins, the countdown begins.

Spike placed Emerald Flame in his launcher and then adjusted the string, "Let's fight, Flame."

Luna: 3

Rumble was preparing to take his running shot, "It's time, buddy."

Celestia: 2

They both stood their ground, ready to give it their all, and unaffected by what they saw, Rumble saw strange bat-like wings on Spike's back, and Spike saw strange angel wings on Rumble's back, but being so focused on the battle, no one gave it any importance.

Both: 1

At that moment, Rumble began to run directly towards the beystadium, this time it was the most powerful since he left a huge current of air behind him, when he approached the beystadium he jumped as high as he could.

But what surprised him was that Spike also jumped as high as he could, so hard he ended up hurting his legs, "Gyahhh."

And suddenly the 2 bladers shouted:


Risking injury, Rumble ended up pulling too hard on the string that broke his launcher.

But what surprised him was to see Spike in the air doing the same thing, only he had a more unstable launcher, he was sent flying thanks to the terrible rebound effect of his launcher, "Ahhhhh."

“Spike,” his friends and family yelled as they watched Spike crash into a wall.


"Ouchh, don't worry Twilight, the launcher is still intact," said Spike who was pressed against the wall.

“Spike you idiot,” Twilight Sparkle yelled.

"I hope you know what you're doing," said Apple Bloom.

Rumble had fallen to the ground, but since he jumped too high, he didn't have time to stabilize.


"Ouch, my back," Rumble grumbled in pain as he fell onto his back.

But those risky throws had paid off as both beys landed in the beystadium with plenty of power built up and ready to unleash on their respective opponent.

"Very good Slayer, you did it."

"You did it too Flame," Spike said as he peeled off the wall and approached the beystadium even with all the pain he had in several of his bones.

The beys were going so fast that they used parts of the beystadium as if they were ramps and were lifted colliding in the air.

"Go Emerald Flame," Spike yelled.

“Give it your all, Cloud Slayer,” Rumble yelled.


The 2 beys collided in the air with a lot of power, sending the spectators reeling.

Luna: This battle is on another level.

Celestia: Almost at a divine level and it's just getting started.

The 2 beys kept colliding in the air, neither seemed to want to give up, but at that moment they landed separating simultaneously.

"Use Overdrive," Spike ordered his bey.

Emerald Flame was engulfed in flames and went straight for Cloud Slayer.

But Rumble reacted quickly, "Counter with Wind Blade."

And in the most graceful way possible, Cloud Slayer fended off Emerald Flame's attack with his own attack.


They collided at the same time and again separated.

"Grrr," Spike grumbled, as he began to think about what he could do, "The spinning zone."

"Flame, go to the spinning area," Spike yelled as his bey headed for that area.

“We won't fall for the same trick twice,” Rumble said, “Cloud Slayer, be ready to dodge any of his attacks.”

Cloud Slayer kept away from the spinning zone, he was spinning around it waiting for any attack from Emerald Flame.

"Spike's plan failed?" Sunset wondered.

"I doubt it, Spike knows that even if Rumble isn't the smartest, he wouldn't do something that foolish," Apple Bloom replied.

“I know he has a good plan,” Velvet added.

In the beystadium, Emerald Flame had taken over the center of the beystadium.

“So if you're not going to attack me, you're going to wait for my bey to stop,” Rumble said.

"I admit that was one of my plans," Spike replied, "but I think you figured it out."

"Of course I noticed and don't think you'll get away so easily because your plan failed, that mistake will cost you victory," Rumble said and then ordered his bey to attack, "Cloud Slayer use your new special move, Hurricane Blade.”

"Hurricane Blade?" asked Spike.

"That's right," Rumble replied, "Hurricane Blade, see the result for yourself."

Cloud Slayer began to spin around the beystadium at full speed, he was going so fast that he ended up creating a huge vortex of wind, but it wasn't a normal wind, Emerald Flame who was in the center of the vortex began to take damage.


"What the…" Spike said.


"Gyahh," Spike whined, "even I felt the pain."




Emerald Flame lost more stability as the gusts of wind hit it.

"It's time to act, we won't lose like this," Spike said and then ordered his bey to do his special move, "Flame, use the special move, Greed Overdrive."

At that moment Emerald Flame regained stability by being wrapped in green flames but in an uncontrolled way, the flames consumed the entire beystadium.

Celestia: The beystadium is in fire.

"Don't worry, Principal Celestia, it's a controlled hell," Spike assured her.

Suddenly the flames were consumed in the hurricane, creating a kind of hurricane of fire.

“GRRRR, CLOUD SLAYER, PUT THE FIRE OUT,” Rumble yelled with a frown.

At that moment, Cloud Slayer executed a maneuver in the air falling into the fire, which seemed to be the end of the battle.

But the hurricane began to weaken.

The flaming hurricane had vanished and only the 2 beys remained, but they had changed.

The 2 beys started to glow brightly.

"What's going on?" Rainbow Dash wondered.

“I'd say it's not scientifically possible, but I'd better not ruin the moment,” Twilight Sparkle said.

"Flame?" Spike wondered when he saw his bey.

"Slayer?" Rumble wondered as he saw his bey.

Emerald Flame finished glowing and now he had green flames, but spinning around him.

Cloud Slayer finished glowing and now had small sparkles of electricity surrounding him.

Celestia: This is amazing.

Luna: It seems that the beys have awakened a new power.

“AWESOME,” Spike and Rumble yelled at the same time.

"What do you say Spike, let's put on a show and at the same time show who the true champion is," Rumble told him with a determined smile.

"You don't need to ask me, it's obvious that Flame and Slayer are ready to go full force," Spike replied with a determined smile.

“Oh yeah,” Scootaloo exclaimed.

“Something epic is coming up,” said Apple Bloom.

“FLAME / SLAYER, ATTACK,” the 2 bladers yelled at the same time.


The 2 beys collided, but this time, the impact was so great that one of the gym windows broke.

"CLOUD SLAYER," Rumble yelled, as his bey lashed out at Spike's, driving him close to a trap.

"FLAME, RESIST," Spike yelled, so his bey managed to push Rumble's bey away from the trap.

“GO GET HIM,” they both yelled at the same time.


The 2 beys were sent to fly.

" THEY HAVE NOT DEFEATED US YET , " Spike yelled as Emerald Flame regained stability in the air.

“CLOUD SLAYER, SHOW HIM YOU CAN GET BACK TOO,” Rumble yelled as Cloud Slayer regained his footing.


And this time the 2 beys collided in the air, the clash was so strong that it shocked the spectators.

From the lightning and flames that emanated from those clashes, some no longer saw the 2 beys fight, some saw a baby dragon fight against a pegasus foal.

“DON'T GIVE UP,” Rumble yelled.

"YOU CAN DO IT," Spike yelled.




After several collisions, the beys looked like they were about to fall.

"IT'S YOUR CHANCE," Spike yelled.


And at that moment, both bladers shouted the name of their special attacks, "GREED OVERDRIVE / HURRICANE BLADE."

In the air, the beys executed their most powerful techniques, it was a great visual spectacle for the spectators, but what they realized later was that when they collided, they fell at a devilish speed to the beystadium as if it were a meteor falling down.

“Uh oh,” Spike exclaimed.

Luna: The beys will fall to the beystadium in a few seconds, what will it be...


And at that moment the 2 beys landed causing a huge explosion throughout the gym.

And at that moment, Spike with all his might shouted, "FLAME."

“SLAYER,” Rumble yelled with all his might.

The two of them focused their energy on that last attack.

The astonished cries of the spectators were heard, some fell from their seats, others were paralyzed when they saw that this explosion ended up destroying a large part of the beystadium, even destroying all the windows.

Even in shock the Principals remained professional in narrating the battle.

Celestia: Fortunately we have insurance.

Luna: The good thing is that it doesn't look like any bystanders got hurt.

Celestia: But where are the bladers?

Celestia asked that because there was a lot of dust which covered the central part so no one could tell how the bladers or their beyblades were doing.

"Oh no, what happened?" Scootaloo asked trying to brush away the dust.

"Please, may everything be alright," Apple Bloom worried.

After several seconds, the dust had cleared, and the bladers could be seen.

Spike and Rumble stood without saying a word, they saw that the beystadium was completely destroyed from the impact of the combined attacks.

Emerald Flame and Cloud Slayer were spinning in the only stable parts of the beystadium.

Celestia: The bladers seem to have given it their all.

Luna: But who will be the winner?

The 2 bladers continued to look at each other as their beys continued to spin.

But at that time.

Cloud Slayer started to stagger.

And as if they were connected, Rumble fell to his knees on the ground.

“Rumble,” Scootaloo yelled in concern.

"You did very well Rumble," thought his mother, Caring Hearts.

“You did your best little bro,” Thunderlane smiled.

Seeing that, all Spike could do was raise his arm in victory.

Rumble smiled, "Looks like it's all over."

Spike said nothing and let his friend continue.

"You did it Spike, I think I'm happy that it was you who defeated me, I would have been happy too if it had been Button, you proved that you are the strongest blader, you have the power of a dragon, thanks for fighting with me," spoke Rumble while Cloud Slayer was losing power, he was going to stop at any moment.

But Spike still didn't respond.

Rumble found that fact strange, he tried to get up but his legs were weak, "Spike?"

With all the pain in his bones, Rumble stood up, "AHGGHH."

He looked at Spike and covered his mouth with his hands at the condition his friend was in.

"No," Rumble said concerned, "Spike."

"What's going on?" asked Apple Bloom, "Why Spike doesn't move?"

Twilight Sparkle took out a pair of binoculars and focused her eyes on her little brother. Twi got scared when she saw him.

“No, no no no,” Twilight exclaimed with tears in her eyes.

"Twily what's happening?" asked her mother, Twilight Velvet.

"Its Spike, look," she handed the binoculars to her mother.

She looked at Spike and couldn't believe her eyes.

"Honey what happened to Spike?" asked Night Light who had approached.

"Spike," Velvet answered sadly, tears in her eyes, "He's not conscious."

"WHAT?" Night Light yelled, quickly he grabbed the binoculars "Lend me those."

As he approached Spike's face, he showed no expression, and his beautiful green eyes full of life, now they were eyes with a grayish green tone and lifeless, and although Spike was unconscious he was still standing with his arm raised.

"It can't be," Night Light said with tears in his eyes, "He's not even conscious and the only thing that keeps him standing is the power of his will and his desire for victory."

"Noooo Spike," Apple Bloom began to cry, "You fought until the end just for us to see how strong you have become, you already showed us, you showed us that you are the strongest blader, you can stop now."

Unable to hide her tears, Twilight Sparkle continued, "Spike, we've always been proud of you, you don't have to carry that weight."

Velvet and Night Light nodded tearfully.

In the stands, Ember, Smolder and Flash had been left in shock, equally worried about their little friend.

Even the cheerleaders in Rumble side also felt sorry that none of them could say anything, only Rarity was the only one who can talk.

"Noooo, my little Spikey-Wikey," Rarity cried.

"Spike..." Rumble was going to speak but he fell to the ground again because of the pain he felt.

And even though he was unconscious, Spike managed to get out a few last words, "Thanks for everything, Flame."

Immediately afterwards, Spike smiled and fell to the ground, closing his eyes but not losing his smile.


And when it fell to the ground, something happened in the beystadium.


Emerald Flame had Burst, disarming.

"No," Rumble thought but couldn't say anything because he fainted at that moment.

And Cloud Slayer stopped spinning.

Everyone in the beystadium was quiet, some sobs could be heard, clearly it was a battle that no one would forget even if they tried hard.

"SPIIIIIIKE," yelled and cried Apple Bloom with tears in her eyes when she saw her boyfriend fainted in the floor.

Even with sadness and pain, the Principals approached to declare the winner of the tournament, they saw the 2 unconscious bladers on the floor clearly they would have to take them to the infirmary.

"The winner is... Rumble."

Author's Note:

Well, this may disappoint many, but it was inevitable.

Since I started writing this story, I always had in mind that this is how the tournament would end.

Maybe you think it was exaggerated but I had my reasons, it's necessary for the growth of the characters, you can send me private messages to give me your opinion without making spoilers in the comments.

We only have 2 episodes left, wait for them soon.

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