Beyblade EQG

by MechaTomX

First published

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

Spike has not decided what to do with his future, he has a talent but the world does not let him take advantage of it, until now .....

He will decide to enter the great Canterlot High beyblade tournament, to prove once and for all that he can be the best blader, on his way he will meet new friends, who will also become his future rivals.

32 participants, one trophy, only one winner ...


This is my first english fic (Im from Mexico) so, I hope everything goes well.
I will try not to make many grammatical mistakes.

Also the ages of the characthers are:

Spike (13 years)
Rumble (13 years)
Button Mash (13 years)
Apple Bloom (13 years)
Scootaloo (13 years)
Sweetie Belle (13 years)
Thorax (14 years)
Ember (14 years)
Mane 7 (15 years)


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We are in a toy store, and we can see a 8 year old boy, who is amazed by a shelf, which was full of what seemed to be some kind of spinning tops, the toys that that child was seeing are called Beyblades.

The boy's name is Spike, he wore a purple t-shirt and green shorts with sports shoes, his skin was purple and his hair and eyes were emerald green.

The reason why he was in the toy store was because his parents decided to give him an award for his incredible grades, so they decided to buy him the toy that was in fashion at that time, a beyblade.

"Well sweetheart, choose the one you want, you earned it" said his mother with a lovely smile. His mother is called Twilight Velvet, she had light gray skin, moderate purple and lighter gray striped hair, light arctic blue eyes, and she wore a lighter gray long sleeve shirt underneath a gray sweater vest over a red shirt, a purple three star necklace, reddish violet cropped khakis, and dark reddish violet ballet flats.

“Ok mommy” Spike said as he looked carefully at the shelf, he had to choose a beyblade that he really wanted “mmmmmmmm i dont know wich one to choose”, At that moment, Spike's eyes stopped at a beyblade whose colors were similar to those carried by Spike, a beyblade whose attack ring was purple but its bit circuitry and its performance tip was emerald green.

But the strangest part was that it seemed that the beyblade was the one that called Spike, for a moment everything went dark and Spike could see an aura emanating from that blade, everything made sense now, that beyblade deserved to be with Spike.

Meanwhile, outside the toy store, an older man and a 10 year-old girl were sitting on a bench. The man was Spike's father, his name is Night Light he had darker blue skin, dark phthalo blue hair, moderate amber eyes, and he wore a blue striped flannel shirt with a orange tie underneath a navy blue sweater, and had grayish blue khakis, and black business sneakers.

The girl was Twilight Sparkle, Spike's older sister, she wore a light blue buttoned shirt and a purple skirt, she wore black school shoes, her skin was a purple similar to her little brother's skin, her hair He was 2-toned purple with a pink line and his eyes were a magenta color, she was reading a book waiting for her mother and lil brother.

A few minutes passed and it was when Spike and Twilight Velvet left the store, Twilight Sparkle ran to her little brother excitedly.

"Which one did you choose? Which toy did you choose?", She asked excitedly, Spike even without answering simply directed his hand to his pocket and took out the green and purple beyblade, he showed it to his sister with joy.

"His name will be Emerald Flame, I just came up with the name," Spike said.

“Wait what? Did you really choose that? Seriously Spike, if mom and dad would let me choose a toy I would have chosen something more useful, like a microscope or a calculator,” said Twiligth Sparkle with a tone of disappointment in her voice.
Spike just lowered his head and looked down, hearing his sister's response was a little discouraged, hearing that, Velvet decided to talk to her daughter.

“Sweetie, remember that this is a prize for your brother and he has the right to choose what he wants” Upon hearing that, Twilight Sparkle felt guilty for having yelled at her little brother, who was she to decide what Spike wanted? “Besides, i think is really cute, look at him Twilight, it has the same colors of Spike,” said Velvet.

“Youre right mom it fits for Spike” Twi approache her little brother “Im sorry for yelling you Spike, could you forgive me for how bad I was with you” Spike hugged her “of course Twi, I know you didn't mean it with bad intentions”

“Spike, why don't you show us how that thing works?” Night Light asked with a curious smile.

"Sure dad, ok all of you, prepare to be amazed," Spike took his launcher, set up the beyblade and secured it so it wouldn't fall off, then paused a little.

"Here I go" Spike felt the energy flow through his body, at that moment he pulled the launcher string and yelled ...


The beyblade began to spin, astonishing his entire family, Spike could only smile when he saw how great his new toy was.

5 years later

“Spike, Spike, earth to Spike........ SPIIIIKEEE” a voice yelled his name.

"Ahhhhh, what, what, what happened?" Spike woke up from his dream and saw that he was in a classroom, Spike now with 13 years old, was much taller and wore an open purple jacket, with a yellow shirt which had the drawing of a green Japanese dragon in the center, he had long black pants, and he wore blue tennis shoes.

"The class ended 5 minutes ago" said a boy of the same age as Spike, who was brown skinned with orange hair, he wore an open brown jacket, he had a red shirt with the image of a joystick in the center, He wore black pants similar to Spike's and he wore red tennis shoes with blue lines, the boy was Button Mash, a friend of Spike and one of the few who shared his passion for the beyblade.

“Oh really???, well i think i see you tomorrow, see ya” Spike said goodbye to Button to go to his home “See you later Spike” said Button.

Spike left Canterlot High, but it seemed like someone was waiting for him at the exit.

He was a boy with indigo blue skin with orange hair, he wore a short-sleeved black shirt with the image of scissors in the center, he wore gray pants, that boy was Snips.

"Oh hi Snips, I think I know why you were waiting for me, you want a rematch" Spike said with a winning smile.

"Of course you do, and this time you won't beat me or my faithful companion Crazy Scissors" Snips pulled an indigo blue and yellow beyblade from his pocket, Spike had a confident look and was up for battle.

"Alright then let's go outside" Spike said as he left the school with Snips following him.

The two of them were placed in a position similar to that of a wild west duel.

“Ready” said Snips.

“Ready as il ever be” said Spike, then both placed their beys in the launcher

Both yelled at the same time:


The 2 beyblades fell into the beystadium that Spike had brought in his backpack then the beyblades were hitting each other as they kept spinning.

"You're going to lose this time, Scissors, don't hold back and attack him with everything you have" Snips said as his beyblade began to move faster and hit Spike's beyblade harder.

However, Spike's confident gaze didn't go away, he just said "You've trained very well Snips, but you can't do anything against Emerald Flame"

Spike's bey began to glow and move faster than Snips's, and that's when Emerald Flame rammed Crazy Scissors so powerfully that it sent him flying out of the stadium.

“RING OUT” yelled Spike

"Grr someday you will pay for this, dragon boy" Snips took his bey and ran from the place.

Well that was fun, but it's time to go home. Spike proceeded to leave

On the way he met his sister, Twilight Sparkle, she had grown up too, she wore a buttoned shirt even more formal than when she was 10 years old, she wore black high boots and a purple skirt, in addition to having grown her hair to her shoulders.

"Spike, where were you? I was waiting for you at the back exit but you never came, so I decided to go home by myself," Twilight said.

"Sorry Twi, I had to attend to some business," he said looking away

Twi became suspicious until reaching an obvious conclusion "Don't lie to me Spike, you got distracted with that little game of yours right"

Spike only replied "Well yes, but you must understand that it is more than just a simple game"

"Spike, you're already 13 years old, you should think a bit about your future, what you want to do, but you waste your time with those spinning tops" said Twilight in a calm way.

"Yes mom," Spike said sarcastically.

Spike did not think much about his future, of course he had certain talents such as cooking, or drawing but he never saw himself living on either of those 2 things.

What the green haired young man did not know is that he could soon take advantage of one of his greatest talents.

Meanwhile at Canterlot High, Principal Celestia was printing some papers.

"It's ready Luna"

"I'm sure it will surprise a lot of students," said Vice Principal Luna, smiling.

In the papers that had been printed the following could be read:

Canterlot High Beyblade Grand Tournament.

Ep 2: A new friend and rival

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Spike was at his home, he was sitting at his desk drawing his favorite character from his comics, a superhero named Humdrum, after he finished the drawing, he felt proud for having done well, but he felt that something was missing, then he decided to glance at his beyblade, "come on Emerald Flame, give me some inspiration, mmmmmm …… .. got it."

10 minutes later

Now in the drawing you could see Humdrum carrying 2 shuriken stars in his hands, which were purple and surrounded by green flames. “Looking good Humdrum, looking reaaally good,” said Spike proudly.

We are now at Canterlot High, in Spike's class precisely, he was writing his notes in his notebook, while Button Mash was playing a video game on a portable console, a few minutes later Miss Cheerilee arrived in the classroom, She was her teacher, her skin is pink and her hair was bright pink, she wore a white buttoned shirt and a long green skirt with the drawing of some flowers, Button, noticing that her teacher arrived, quickly prepared to put away her console.

"Good morning class, today we have great news, as a new student will join us today, say hello to Rumble" said Miss Cheerilee as a boy with light gray skin, grayish black hair combed back and colored eyes purple, he wore a short-sleeved black jacket, a blue shirt with a feather drawing in the center, and blue jeans.

"Um…. Hello …… ”Rumble said in a shy tone.

"Wow this boy seems more shy than Fluttershy, how is that possible?" Spike asked Button as a joke, Button only limited himself to laughing with a low voice so that no one would hear them.

"Well Rumble, would you like to tell us something about yourself?" the teacher asked Rumble.

Rumble looked very nervous and only limited himself to answering the following “Um…. No thanks, ”then, she hurried to the only place that was empty, next to Spike.

Class had ended and recess time had begun, Spike was talking with Button about the new student, apparently, he was not the only one who had transferred, but there was also his older brother named Thunderlane, who was now in the same class as her sister Twilight Sparkle.

As they spoke, they heard a familiar sound in the backyard of the school, they thought it was strange because nobody went there, it was a very desolate place, so out of curiosity they decided to see what was happening.


They heard the noise of something that looked like an object hitting metal, they recognized that sound in an instant.

Is it possible that ……,” Spike thought, Button thought “That sound is from a …….”, The two exchanged glances and rose as if they had communicated telepathically, then they decided to go to the place of origin of the noise.

When they arrived they saw the new boy Rumble, who was training with a beyblade, the bey was grayish blue with black, "Here we go, the strongest blader of all, LET IT RIP," Rumble yelled as he fired the bey from his launcher, which hit the wall, leaving a small crack, this greatly surprised Spike and Button who gave a small gasp, this alerted Rumble and turned only to see that he was being observed.

"Emmm ……. I ……. hey "he said in a shy tone," Listen guys, I… .. "Rumble tried to change the subject but was relieved by Button" Hey dude, don't be ashamed, if you like beyblade, you shouldn't hide it, "Rumble I look surprised at the pair.

Spike and Button took their beyblades out of their pockets, "We are bladers too," Spike said as he showed Emerald Flame, "Yes and we had a lot of fun playing," said Button as he showed him his beyblade which was brown, with various gray and red parts assimilating to the control patterns of the NES console.

Rumble was amazed to meet other bladers like him, one thing that bothered him about his other school, The Crystal Prep, was that apparently no one liked the beyblade, he was alone and had no friends at the time, but apparently , everything would change today.

"This is Emerald Flame," Spike showed his beyblade to Rumble.

Button did the same and said "And he's Digital Debug."

Rumble picked up his bey and said "Wow, that's cool, well, this is Cloud Slayer," Spike thought about how cool the name sounded just like Button Mash.

Unfortunately, the bell rang and the 3 boys had to go back to their classroom.

The class was regular, Spike was just waiting for the moment to leave class, there was nothing new to learn today.

Hours passed and finally the bell rang, Spike was going to talk to Rumble to ask him if he wanted a bey-battle, but Button arrived first and asked him before Spike.

"Of course, yes, it will be fun, but I warn you, you will be defeated by the future world champion" Rumble said to Button, although the words seemed to sound like a joke, Spike could somehow feel that he was not trying to exaggerate, and that maybe Rumble could become stronger than he appeared.

The 3 went out to the front yard, Spike was placed at a distance so as not to interfere in the coming battle, Button Mash and Rumble were placed in battle position, took out their launchers and placed their beys on them. "Ready, Button?" Rumble asked. "Let the game begin," Button replied, then the 2 began to count down.




"LET IT RIP" Both yelled.

The 2 beyblades fell into the beystadium that Spike lent them, Cloud Slayer moved very fast but no matter how fast it moved, for some strange reason, it couldn't hit Digital Debug.

"What's wrong, how come Cloud Slayer can't hit him?" Rumble thought.

Button just laughed, as Digital Debug started the offensive and prepared to attack Cloud Slayer.

That's when Rumble realized, Digital Debug was a beyblade that kept jumping through the stadium, far from staying on the ground spining, that beyblade was practically flying across the entire battlefield.

"Dude come on, i think that's cheating," yelled Rumble.

"No my gray friend, I am not breaking the rules, check the rules Spike" said Button proudly, as Spike took out a rule book on bey-battles from his backpack, leafed through the pages a bit and said "It is completely legal what Button does, there is no rule that prevents spring jumping, as stupid as that sounds, ”he said that last with a sarcastic tone.

The bey kept jumping and attacking, the battle was very uneven, it seemed that Rumble could not do anything, but then he managed to think of a strategy.

"Oh, grown up boy, this is a bey-battle, not a Super Mario Bros Speedrun," Rumble commented mockingly, Button Mash didn't know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment, so I just ignored it, but suddenly Digital Debug was hit, which surprised Button Mash a lot, how the hell was that possible, he had managed to put Rumble on the ropes.

"HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" Button asked screaming.

“Every time it is going to jump, I can hear a little sound, and also the sound is different when Digital Debug lands, based on that, I can guess where you will land, and even if it only lasts less than 1 second, I remind you that my bey is from the fastest "Rumble replied with a winning look and then shouted the following" NOW CLOUD SLAYER SHOW HIM HOW POWERFUL THE STRONGEST ARE, "Cloud Slayer began to advance to the place where Digital Debug would land.
“LET'S GO DIGITAL DEBUG, LET'S KEEP FIGHTING UNTIL THE END,” Button yelled as Digital Debug charged all its energy where it would land to hit Cloud Slayer.

Spike just stared in amazement, seeing a collision between 2 blades.

And suddenly.


The 2 beyblades collided with each other and in a blink the winner of the battle could be seen, the 2 beys kept spinning, that was obvious, but …….

Digital Bug was spinning out of the ring.

"RING OUT," said Spike to Button Mash.

Button Mash's jaw dropped. Rumble was stronger than he looked and he was sure he didn't use his full power, but even with all the shock, he accepted his defeat and shook Rumble's hand.

"That was a very good fight, you are very good," Rumble said to Button, and he kindly replied "Thank you, but don't forget that you are the winner, one day we should fight again", Rumble nodded when he heard that.

After that the 3 decided to return home, but what they did not realize was that 3 girls were watching them.

"What is that they are playing?" asked one of the girls.

"I don't know, but it looks like fun," said another of the girls.

Finally the last girl just stared at Spike.

Spike returned to his house, when he opened the door he realized that Twilight's friends were also there.

They were Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Sunset Shimmer (I'm not going to describe each one, just imagine they have the same look as in Equestria Girls).

"Hello Spikey-Wikey" Rarity said hugging him.

Spike blushed at the nickname and hugged "Ehhh .. Hi Rarity."

Twilight knew that Spike had gotten over his crush for Rarity years ago, but even so the boy was still nice to her, so seeing him blush like that was no wonder.

"May I ask why are you late again?" Twilight asked her brother.

"Did nothing bad happen to you on the way?" Fluttershy asked in a shy and worried tone.

"No, nothing bad happened, I just stayed talking to a new friend" said Spike trying to calm Fluttershy.

The girls were surprised to hear the news, but the one who was most excited was Pinkie Pie, who approached Spike with superhuman speed to ask him the details "Anewfriendwhoiswhatihisnamelikespartieswhatishisfavoritecolorisheyourclassmatecouldheanswerallthesequestionsquickly? " Pinkie asked as quickly as possible, scaring Spike and the other girls.

“A’h think you should let him breath Pinkie,” Applejack said, Pinkie released Spike after hearing that “Oh sorry Spike.”

"It's ok Pinkie, well his name is Rumble and ..." Spike was about to keep talking, but Rainbow Dash cut him off.

"Rumble, he's Thunderlane's younger brother, he transferred to our class, he's a good athlete, he was captain of the soccer team at Crystal Prep, I can't believe you're friends with his little brother," said Rainbow Dash, Spike asked "Why can't you believe it?"

"Well…. How to put it, his little brother looks like he's also an athlete, while you…. Um ...... you're a geek "said Rainbow, which made the girls gasp.

"Rainbow Dash, that was rude" Sunset scolded her, "Yes, the director Celestia told me that friendship can work in any setting, just look at the two of us, based on that observation it would mean that we could not be friends." Twilight added, to which Rainbow proceeded to apologize.

"You're right I'm sorry girls and sorry to you Spike, I think I got carried away." Spike accepted his apology without any problem "It does not matter Rainbow, do not take it as an insult anyway and if I can answer you because he is my friend even though we have different tastes, it is because like me, he is also a blader."

Only Pinkie, Fluttershy, Sunset and Twilight understood what Spike said while the others were left with a confused look.

"A’h don't mean to sound ignorant, but what is a blader?" Asked applejack.

Twilight spoke to explain "It means he also plays the same game that Spike and Button Mash play."


"Wow I never would have guessed," Rainbow mentioned.

"Yeah, and he's so good, he managed to beat Button Mash," added Spike.

"Well little brother, I'm glad you got at least another male friend, I was starting to worry that you only had one," Twilight said.

"Yes, it feels good to have another friend, well girls, I think I'll go to sleep, see you on Monday" Spike said goodbye to the girls to go to their room, but Twilight stopped him "Actually Spike, you will see them tomorrow, they will spend the night here, after all it's a sleepover. "

Spike's eyes widened in a look of fear and he slowly turned his gaze to the girls, who looked at him with dirty and evil eyes, including Fluttershy. Spike just gulped, probably thinking that he should sleep with one eye open.

"Oh no," Spike thought.

Ep 3: The Dragon Princess

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Spike had put on his pajamas which consisted of a green sleeveless shirt, purple shorts and dragon shaped slippers, he lay down on his bed and quickly fell asleep, after all his day had been very exhausting.

The night passed and Spike woke up, still sleepy he decided to get out of bed, but for some reason he couldn't move, he felt stuck, so he turned to both sides and saw the reason.

“WHAT THE........ PINKIE, FLUTTERSHY WHYA ARE YOU IN MY BED,” Spike yelled when he noticed the 2 girls who were hugging him, Pinkie and Fluttershy were wearing their pajamas (I'm not going to describe their clothes, just imagine they are the same ones they used in Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks).

"Sorry Spike, but you looked so sweet asleep, we couldn't help it," Fluttershy said with a smile on her face, then she gave Spike a kiss on the cheek making him blush even more.

"Don't worry Spike we would never get that far, hehehe," Pinkie kissed Spike on the other cheek and laughed to which Spike calmed down a bit but his face was still red.

"Still I can't believe Twilight allowed them to do this," Spike said trying to get out of his bed but it was impossible because the girls had him trapped, then they looked at each other and laughed.

"Spike, this was all Twilight's idea," Pinkie giggled even harder, Fluttershy just giggled.

"Smile," said a voice Spike recognized.


"WHAT ?," Spike said in shock, but before he could ask another question he heard a sound coming from the door of his room and when he turned what he saw was a flash from a camera.

When his eyes recovered from the flash, he visualized his sister dressed in her nightwear holding her cell phone horizontally, there she realized what happened, her sister had taken a photo of her hugged by 2 girls older than him, after moving a little Pinkie and Fluttershy decided to release him from their grip, then he approached Twilight.

"Sister, please what will you do with that picture? Won't you upload it to the internet? " Spike asked blushing.

Twilight giggled and then proceeded to calm Spike. "Don't worry little brother, I won't upload this photo to the internet."

"Thanks, that's a relief, I can't imagine the chaos a photo like …………" Spike continued speaking but was interrupted.

"I'll only show it to the girls and our parents," Twilight finished speaking with a smile.

Spike just sighed at that statement.

"Anyways, get dressed you three, its time for breakfast," said Twilight.

A few minutes later, the entire Sparkle family including Twilight's friends were having breakfast at the dining room table, fortunately the table was large enough to hold up to 15 people.

Velvet broke the silence "So, does anyone have plans for the weekend?"

"The girls and I will go shopping mom, to the mall" Twilight responded enthusiastically, the girls just nodded next to her.

"What about you, Spike?" Night Light asked.

"Mmmmm, I don't know, maybe I called Button Mash," Spike pulled out his phone and proceeded to call Button, when he answered, Button didn't seem to hear him because he wasn't answering Spike, but Spike could hear Button.

"He answer with his butt," Spike thought, but after trying to listen to Button, he heard the sound of a chainsaw and Button's voice yelling "No, no, please not with the chainsaw, AHHHHHHHHHHHH."

"Button, Button, talk to me, what's going on?" Spike worried about his friend, but he heard him again. "Again, no, how is this guy lowering my entire life bar with a single attack? It doesn't matter, I have the whole weekend to finish this game."

Spike hung up knowing that his friend was going to spend the weekend playing an action video game with survival horror elements (YES, IT MAY HAVE TERRORIFYING MOMENTS BUT IT'S NOT A HORROR GAME) "Well I'll call Rumble."

Spike remembered that he hadn't given Rumble his cell phone number and he didn't know his, "Um, I think I'm out of friends for today, I guess I can go to BeyStore to hang out."

"I still can't believe that silly game has a store of its own, not that it's a real sport," Rainbow Dash said, a comment that made Spike annoyed.

"You know Rainbow, Beyblade is not a silly game, and FYI if it is considered a real sport," Spike said, defending his hobby.

"Spike, Rainbow didn't mean something like that, but I don't think Beyblade can be considered a real sport," Twilight said.

"Just wait and see," Spike said charged with determination.

Spike arrived at the BeyStore, the store was small, it had 4 Beystadiums available, a counter next to the door and some bathrooms at the back but apparently it was empty, there was no one and the counter was unattended.

After checking the place a bit, Spike thought about leaving but when he reached the door, he heard a voice behind him that scared him.

"Where do you think you're going, little dragon," said a tall, muscular man with blue-gray skin, purple eyes, red hair, and a green sleeveless shirt and black pants as well as his shoes.

"For Faust sake, don't scare me like that Mr. Torch," Spike said as he recognized the shop owner who had entered through another of the doors.

"I'm sorry about that but I couldn't help it hahaha," Mr Torch laughed and Spike stared at him with a confused look, until Mr Torch resumed the conversation "I think you already realized the place is empty today, but you are my favorite customer so I will allow you to have a beybattle."

"Wow I didn't know that you are also a blader, I knew you had a store, but I didn't think you would play," Spike said excitedly, just thinking about Mr. Torch's possible strategies, unfortunately that was not the case.

"Sorry Spike, I'm not a blader, I know about the sport but I still haven't had time to try it" said Mr Torch to Spike, who only reacted by apologizing "Oh I'm sorry to suppose that ......"

"But don't worry, you will have a beybattle ... .." said Torch while Spike ended up more confused, if not against Mr Torch, who would it be? Suddenly there was a knock on the same door that Mr Torch entered.


"Just in time," thought Mr Torch. "Come in, I want to introduce you to someone," he said as 2 girls appeared at the door, the oldest appeared to be 14 years old, had light blue skin with long dark blue hair, orange eyes and was dressed in a jacket similar to the one Spike wears only yellow, black pants and black boots.

The other girl appeared to be Spike's age, her skin was orange, her purple hair was long but no longer than the older girl's, her eyes were a gray-blue color, and she wore a red sleeveless shirt with a pair of gray shorts and red athletic shoes.

"Spike, they are my daughters," Mr Torch pointed to the older "Ember," then pointed to the younger "And Smolder."

"Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Spike," Spike offered his hand in greeting, but the two of them just stared at him, then withdrew his hand.

Observing his "enthusiastic response" Torch spoke to his daughters "Girls show a little respect, this guy is not only my best client, he is the strongest 3rd blader I know."

"Really? him? dad, look at him, he's just a runt, ”Ember said making Spike a bit annoyed.

"Well, your right he is rather tiny, heh-heh, heck even I could squish him with my arm," said Mr Torch giggling.

Spike gave a nervious chuckle "heh- heh, how funny Mr Torch."

"That wasn't a joke, it was a fact," Torch said with a serious look.

"Oh," said Spike.

"Still Ember, I think he can give you a battle worthy of your skill," said Mr Torch, saying that, Spike connected the dots and asked enthusiastically "Are you bladers too?"

"Yes we are, but my older sister is superior to me on many levels," Smolder said, then turned to Ember and said "And you'll soon know why when you see her in action."

"Sounds good to me, what do you say Ember?" Spike asked Ember, to which she only replied "Sounds good to me, but first take a look at the competition, she's Blood Stone," Ember showed her beyblade to Spike, it was a dark blue beyblade in the attack ring and its performance tip was gray, its bit circuit was a deep red color.

"Wow, what an interesting beyblade, well here is the rival, he is Emerald Flame," said Spike as he showed his beyblade to Ember, they went to the Beystadium area, chose one and got into position.

"Very well, I will be the referee if you don't mind, the battle will be like in official tournaments, the first one who manages to score 2 points wins, a ring-out finish and a survive finish is 1 point and a burst finish is 2 points," he explained. Mr Torch.

Spike and Ember took out their launchers and put their beys on them.




“LET IT RIP” Only Spike yelled while Ember remained in silence.

The 2 beyblades fell to the beystadium, both were moving in an aggressive way, Ember remained silent, it seemed that he had something planned, quickly Blood Stone jumped very high, he almost fell from the ring, but no, it is more when he landed, he hit Emerald Flame.

"Don't give up, FLAMEEEEE," Spike yelled.

Soon in an incredible way, Emerald Flame started spinning even faster.

"Well done," Spike added.

"It's not possible, how can it keep spinning after that hit?" Ember asked, but then she got a more determined look again and yelled "DON'T THINK I CAN ONLY DO THAT JUMP ONCE, LET'S GO BLOOD STONE."

"Damn Spike, think, how can you stop it," Spike thought and quickly saw Ember's beyblade, preparing to jump out of a corner, seeing this Spike quickly formulated a plan "EMERALD FLAME GO TO THE OPPOSITE CORNER OF THE STADIUM," yelled Spike.

Emerald Flame jumped even more than Blood Stone, and this one to go faster pushed it in the air to push it outside the stadium, while Spike's beyblade fell into it.

"Ring out, one point for Spike, next round," shouted Mr Torch.

Ember picked up her blade and looked at Spike, he said "I think I underestimated you boy, you are little but obviously you know what you do."

"Well I'm not that little, you're only a year older than me, but thanks for the compliment," Spike said, to which Ember replied, "But don't think you've seen everything about me."




“LET IT RIP” This time both yelled.

Again the beys fell to the beystadium, only this time Ember's blade was spinning slowly, that made Spike think that Ember had a plan against him.

"FLAME, STAY AWAY FROM HER," Spike yelled at his bey, making it back as far as possible, that was a good choice since after being still he began to move like crazy and crash against the walls of the beystadium.

"I see you're smart too," Ember said as her bey staggered, to which Spike just smiled.

"This is my style Ember, I have a lot of experience in this, and now your bey is weak, it is time," Spike told Ember as Emerald Flame approached Blood Stone at full speed.

"END IT EMERALD FLAME," Spike yelled with a big smile on his face, Spike's bey got closer, but suddenly Ember's bey regained its energy and spun again quickly, to which Ember smiled and said "You fell in the trap."

"FLAME GET AWAY," Spike yelled but Ember yelled "TOO LATE SHORTY, TIME TO TEACH HIM BLOOD STONE, ATTACK," Ember yelled with a smile, at that moment Blood Stone hit Emerald Flame so hard that it disarmed, basically a Burst Finish .

"No," Spike thought.

“Burst Finish 2 points for Ember, the winner of this match,” announced Torch.

"I never doubted you sister, I knew you would win," Smolder said to Ember as they clasped hands.

Spike fell to his knees, he was speechless.

Spike was picking up the pieces of his bey scattered on the beystadium, he had a defeated look, “I…. I lost…." Spike thought.

At that moment Ember helped him and handed him the last piece that had fallen to the beystadium, "That was a great battle, you are very strong Spike, I would like us to meet again some other time."

Hearing that, Spike smiled, of course defeat doesn't taste good, but at least he knew he did his best.

"I have to admit, you had my sister on the ropes, you do have the talent, Spike," Smolder said.

"Thank you very much, it was a fun battle and I will accept that rematch whenever you want Ember, and I would also like a battle against you Smolder," that comment from Spike excited Smolder, then Spike spoke to Mr Torch "Mr Torch, your daughter is a great blader and I'm sure Smolder is too. "

"Heh-heh, when I told you you were the third best blader I know, the other 2 are my daughters and I am proud of them," said Mr Torch with a smile.

Spike left the store saying goodbye to Mr Torch, Ember and Smolder, hoping to have more battles in the future and this time to practice to be able to beat Ember, what he did not realize is that a red-haired girl with yellow skin was following him.

That girl approached the store that Spike came out of, and entered out of curiosity.

Ep 4: A new enemy

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The weekend was over, it was Monday morning at Canterlot High, the students were on their lunch break, Spike, Button Mash and Rumble were sitting at a table, Button looked exhausted.

"Buddy, you haven't slept in 48 hours for playing that game," Spike asked Button.

"Hey maybe i am crazy but not so crazy, the game only lasts 20 hours, since you told me about that Ember I realize that I need to train a lot to be at her level," Button replied.

"Does that mean you were spinning Digital Debug all Sunday?" Rumble asked to which Button nodded proudly.

Later in the classroom.

Later, Principal Celestia and Assistant Principal Luna came into the classroom to give an announcement.

“Good morning students, my sister and I have great news for you,” said the principal.

The assistant principal continued and said "In addition to the Friendship Games, our school announces a new competition and this is possible thanks to the collaboration of BeyStore."

Several students were left with confused looks at not knowing what BeyStore was, others were looking seriously, few were those who had a smile on their face, of those few there was our trio of bladers who looked at each other with emotion assuming what kind of competition this would be, at that moment Assistant Principal Luna showed them a large poster.

Principal Celestia announced with excitement, "Canterlot High is proud to be the first school in this city to host the first official Beyblade tournament, this competition is for freshmen and seniors of all ages."

Once again, several students looked confused, some probably didn't even know what the Beyblade was.

Spike took out his beyblade and remembered what his sister told him, about thinking about his future, that was a good opportunity that he was not going to waste, being a professional blader.

Rumble pulled out his beyblade and thought of all the tough opponents that could make his way to be the strongest more difficult.

Button Mash took out his beyblade and could only think that this was his chance to get stronger, to assert his training.

"It seems that there are students who are already excited," said the principal happily as she looked at Spike, Rumble and Button, who realized that they had frozen like a concentrated anime protagonist staring at the poster with their blades in their hands.

Noticing the position they were in, they quickly put their blades away causing the students around them to give a little laugh.

The assistant director approached them with a smile and said "It seems that this tournament is made for you, do your best."

The 3 just nodded with a smile, before leaving they announced one last thing "In order to register, come to our office when you have the time, those who want to participate but do not have a beyblade, can purchase it at the Bey Store."

3 girls who were sitting behind Spike, Rumble and Button, looked at each other afterwards without anyone seeing them, the 3 sneakily took out beyblades from their bags.

Later at lunch, the guys were talking about how great the tournament would be and they were so excited that they didn't notice the arrival of mane 7 at their table.

"Hello darlings," Rarity greeted them.

"Oh hello girls, how have you been?" Spike asked.

"We are good sugarcube, but I'm sure you guys are excited, we already heard the news of the tournament," said Applejack.

"You can bet your cider because that's true," Button responded enthusiastically.

"They must have seen Twilight's face, she couldn't believe it," Sunset told them pointing to Twilight who had a confused face. "And I still can't believe it, how is it that a game like that managed to be put at a school competition level."

"Hahahahahah, well I think someone owes me an apology for saying that this was a silly game that would not do me any good, don't you think so sister," Spike laughed and smirked looking at Twilight, to which he only responded with a glance. would be.

"Ooooohhh he caught you Twilight," Pinkie Pie said to Twilight making her even more frustrated.

“But what we came to, guys, there are already 3 other contestants that I'm sure will give you trouble advancing through the rounds,” Rainbow said.

"Who?" Rumble asked.

"They Rumble," Fluttershy said as the other girls walked away to reveal that there were 3 other girls behind them, those girls appeared to be the age of Spike, Rumble and Button.

"Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle? Will you participate? " Spike asked.

"Howdy Spike, and yes we are," Apple Bloom said as she and the girls took out their beyblades.

"Um Spike, who are they?" Rumble asked.

"Oh right you don't know them, they are the Crusaders, Apple Bloom is Applejack's younger sister, Sweetie Belle is Rarity's younger sister, and Scootaloo is Rainbow Dash's younger sister."

"Hi Rumble, we're in your class but we haven't talked," Scootaloo greeted to which Rumble accepted the handshake.

"This is great, I didn't know you guys were going to compete," Button said.

"Well, we were encouraged after watching how they had fun playing, a few days ago we bought the blades" Sweetie replied.

"That's fantastic, let's do our best and it doesn't matter who wins or loses, it will be fun, but I want to make it clear to you that I am not losing," said Spike while Apple Bloom looked at him and replied "Me neither, Spike, neither. "

When the classes finished, Spike, Rumble, Button, Apple Bloom, Sweetie and Scootaloo went to the office of the principal Celestia, when arriving they realized that Snips and Snails were leaving the place.

"Don't bother entering, after all I'll be the winner," Snips said with a confident, wicked look.

"That's right, we'll beat everyone, especially you dragon-boy," Snails added as the two left.

"Grrrr where did that nickname dragon-boy come from, it doesn't make sense," Spike said frustrated to which Button looked at him with an expression of "Are you serious?"

"Spike you checked your backpack," Button said as Spike saw that his backpack had a drawing of a Chinese dragon in the center.

"Well I ..." Spike wanted to talk but was interrupted again by Button "You should also check your notebooks, your shirt and your DragonMaster5Greed gamertag."

"Ok I understand I like dragons but I didn't think it would get that much attention," Spike said while the Crusaders just laughed.

"I think it's nice that you express yourself, little dragon," Apple Bloom said as Spike blushed at that comment.

They entered the office of the director Celestia, she assumed because they had come and gave each one, registration sheets for the tournament, they filled in the sheets with the necessary data.

"Very well your registration is done, the tournament will be in 2 weeks, as your principal I wish you the best of luck," added Celestia.

The group of 6 left the school and were about to head to their respective homes, but at that moment they heard a sound coming from a tree.

"Did you hear that? I think …………… ”Spike was interrupted by a blade that shot towards him, fortunately Spike managed to dodge it, the blade landed very hard lifting the earth as if it were a meteorite.


"AHHHHH WHAT RUBIES WAS THAT," Spike yelled as he noticed the beyblade, it was a white and blue blade, its shape was similar to that of Emerald Flame.

"SPIKE, ARE YOU OKAY?" Apple Bloom asked approaching Spike to make sure he hadn't gotten hurt.

"I'm fine Apple Bloom," Spike replied, calming her down a bit.

"Look in the tree," Rumble pointed to a guy who was standing on one of the branches.

"Who are you?" Button Mash asked, then the subject jumped from the tree to fall in front of the 6.

"You can call me the Dark Crystal Knight." The mysterious subject appeared, he wore long pants and a leather jacket in addition to wearing gloves, the most striking thing about his clothing is that it covered his entire body, you could not see anything of his skin, the color of all his clothes it was black, including the mask that covered his entire face leaving only room to see his eyes and blue hair.

"A weird name," Sweetie Belle said.

"Believe me, soon my name will not matter to any of you, I only came here for one thing," the Dark Crystal Knight said as his blade returned to his hand.

"And that is…..?" Scootaloo asked.

"Defeat Spike and destroy your blade," he told Spike, alerting all of his friends.

"Okay, but I must warn you that I am not a weak blader," Spike said as he prepared, he took out his launcher and put his blade in it, but the Dark Crystal Knight interrupted him and said "But not now, I know you are not weak but you are not yet at my level, I only accept worthy battles and you are far from being a worthy opponent, but don't feel safe, you will soon see me again when you get stronger. "

At that moment the mane 7 arrived at the place and they noticed the mysterious subject that was in front of Spike, upon seeing him, Twilight Sparkle approached him to confront him "Hey, what are you doing to my little brother."

The knight just looked at Twilight with a serious look and climbed the same tree that he came down from.

"We will see each other again, Spike," he quickly escaped from the scene jumping through the school buildings, leaving Spike confused who was expecting a battle.

"Who was that Spike?" Twilight asked to which Spike replied "Apparently a lunatic who wants to beat me and destroy me."

“WHAAAT ???,” all the mane 7 yelled at the same time.

Ep 5: Canterlot High Beyblade Grand Tournament Starts

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It was night at the Sparkle family house, Spike was in his room getting ready, since tomorrow was the big tournament, he was testing his different launchers to see which one he had the best results with when spinning Emerald Flame, he decided on the green string launcher which Spike had customized to have a more offensive rotation, in addition to giving it a more striking design with protruding green flames, which were positioned so that it could be pointed to the place where the beyblade would fall, even with all these improvements, Spike was nervous.

Suddenly his parents entered his room, seeing the expression of his son decided to find out what was wrong.

"Are you okay sweetie?" Velvet asked.

“Sure, I'm just thinking about the tournament, because, I can't help but think the worst, I say, this is my great moment to show how much I have tried in this sport, what if I am not strong enough? What if I lose in the first round? What if everything i were working on is a lie? What if I end up disappointing my friends? what if ……… ”Spike continued, but.

"Whoa, chill son, you sound just like your sister when she gets stressed, which happens a lot," Night Light interrupted.

"Sorry, it's just, I ……" Spike couldn't finish his sentence, but suddenly Velvet decided to hug him.

“No matter what happens Spike, we are proud of you win or lose and we will always support you in your decisions because we know you are a good kid,” Velvet said.

Then Night Light joined the hug.

"Thanks mom and dad, even so I promise to give my best." Spike said with a look more confident than his previous expression.

"We know Spike," Night Light said.

Spike began to wonder, how are his friends? They will also be thinking of a strategy to improve?

Button Mash was at his house, it seemed that he was building something since he had many spare parts as well as parts necessary to assemble the launchers.

“Brace yourselves, because I already am, and I'll win this with a single coin,” Button said aloud.

"Button, it's midnight, you should sleep," said Button's mother, Cream Heart.

"I'm sorry, Mom."

Rumble was at home, lengthening the launcher's guide to double the speed of his beyblade.

"Very good, faster, punches with more impact."

Back at the Sparkle house, Twilight was talking on the phone, she seemed surprised.

"What are you talking about? It's some joke, it can't be true Rainbow, ”Twi asked Rainbow.

"Yeah, I think it will be great and I will surely win, I already got mine yesterday."

Twilight began to ponder the implications of the situation and decided to be honest with Rainbow.

"After all the times you've made fun of Spike about it, now that it's important he decides to go in, that doesn't sound right."

"Hey, it's supposed to be an event for all students, so I'm not doing anything wrong, well I have to get ready, see you tomorrow Twi," Rainbow said goodbye.

"Oh no," Twilight said.

The next day.

At Canterlot High, several students were in the gym waiting for the competition to come, among those students were Spike, Button, Rumble, and the CMCs.

At that moment, the principals arrived to announce the great event.

“Good morning students, I am glad that many of you wanted to participate,” said Celestia.

"And to all competitors we wish you the best of luck" said Luna.

“This is how the tournament will work, we have 32 bladers that will compete in a direct elimination format until reaching the final round, the battles will be decided to the best of 3 points, from the semifinal the battles will be decided to the best of 5 points , ”Celestia said.

"So let's start, on this screen you will see who is your opponent and who will play first, give your best young bladers," said Luna while pointing to a huge screen on one of the walls of the gym, on the screen you can see the photos of the bladers who were going to face:

Rainbow Dash VS Spike

Flash Sentry VS Heath Burns

Sweetie Belle VS Silver Spoon

Derpy Hooves VS Trixie Lulamoon

Ember VS Photo Finish

Snails VS Button Mash

Soarin Skyes VS Zephyr Breeze

Diamond Tiara VS Scootaloo

Featherweight VS Bon Bon

Rumble VS Bulk Biceps

Tender Taps VS Skeedadle

Snips VS Cheese Sandwich

Lyra Heartstrings VS Pipsqueak

Apple Bloom VS Twist

Microchips VS Time Turner

Smolder VS Thorax

Spike was surprised to see who his opponent was, he quickly searched the public and managed to locate Rainbow Dash, she only saw him with an expression that said "You're going to lose."

Spike was confused, he did not know how to feel in that situation, several times since he met Rainbow, she had always made fun of him for his liking to beyblade, he knew that she did not do it with bad intentions since they were simple insults that any friend would do, but there were still times where he got upset at Rainbow's teasing even though he knew she wasn't a bad person, why was he so upset then? He wondered in his mind.

Even so, he continued to see the other participants, he was glad to see Ember and Smolder participating again, but there was something that worried him, where was the Dark Crystal Knight?

"I think he did not participate because of the age limit?" Spike wondered.

Button who seemed to hear him replied "Even so, you have to be careful Spike, we don't know all his intentions."

After a while, Vice-Principal Luna announced who would be the first to fight.

"And the lucky ones who will open the opening duel will be: Rainbow Dash and Spike, the fight will be in 15 minutes, use that time to prepare."

All the students left the place excited, especially Rainbow, who was happy to be the first to fight.

On the other hand Spike looked nervous, he quickly went to his locker where he had put on his gloves for his launcher, then he proceeded to put them on, even so he was a bit exhilarated, when he heard a voice.

"Spike, are you okay?"

Spike turned to see Twilight, she approached him.

"Of course I'm fine Twi."

"Spike, please, I've known you since you were born, I know you're feeling bad."

"No, it's not that Twi, it's just that …… umm… .. you wouldn't understand."

"Is it about Rainbow Dash?"

Spike sighed and simply nodded.

"I know you are surprised by her participation, I also did not know how to react when she found out, and regarding what she has told you, you know that she does not do it with bad intentions."

"Yeah, but it's still hard to forget the things she told me," Spike began to recall some insults Rainbow used to say about the beyblade, calling it child's play, saying it's not a real sport and that any fool can play and win, thinking it wasn't a big deal.

"But it doesn't matter, because all I need to do now is beat her," said Spike as he had an eye twitching.

"You're sure you're okay, because you're sweating," Twilight said, pointing to Spike's sweat-soaked jacket.

"Oh, I didn't notice," Spike took off his jacket and left it in his locker while he pulled out another exactly the same jacket and put it on "Much better."

Twilight stared at Spike with a confused expression, to which Spike replied, “What? Applejack has 20 versions of her hat, is it weird that he has 2 of the same jackets? "

At that moment, Principal Celestia's voice was heard through a loudspeaker "The first battle will start in 5 minutes, participants Spike and Rainbow Dash are asked to go to the gym."

"Alright, they call me Twi, wish me luck." Spike proceeded to leave.

"Sure Spike, good luck."

Spike started walking to get to the gym, when he arrived he was surprised that he was in front of almost all the students, all the stands were full, only the participating bladers sat on the nearest benches to better see the fights.

Celestia: Hello everyone, it is a pleasure that you can join us to start this magnificent event.

Luna: Sure, sister, you can see the emotion.

Celestia: Let's go over the rules.

Luna: As it is an official tournament, the matches will be carried out with the official rules.

Celestia: The first blader to score 2 points will advance to the next round.

Luna: If a blader wins with a survive finish or ring out, that will count as 1 point.

Celestia: And if a blader wins with a burst finish that will count as 2 points.

Luna: Those are the winning conditions, it's time to introduce the first bladers.

Celestia: In the red corner, with great energy and a strong competitive spirit, she came to blow it all away, Canterlot High most speed athlete, 15-year-old, Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow entered the stage running and playing her guitar, a tune that seemed to be rock, when she reached the center of the gym.

She listened to her friends supporting her.

"Do your best Rainbow," Soarin yelled.

"You can do it sister," Scootaloo yelled.

"You're beautiful Rainbow," Zephyr Breeze yelled, a comment that made Rainbow wince.

Also in the stands were her friends supporting her although she could not hear them because of how far away they were.

"Fight Rainbow, Yay" Fluttershy tried to scream but that was the smallest yay the girls heard.

"Keep your nose in game sugarcube, Spike is not someone to let your guard down," Applejack said.

Luna: And in the blue corner, with a great passion for this sport, someone who supports whoever needs it, the dragon boy, 13 years old, Spike.

Spike was at the entrance to the blue corner, but he wasn't moving and seemed to be shaking.

"Oh no, I should have guessed this would happen," Button Mash said.

"What are you talking about?" Rumble asked.

Sweetie Belle replied "Spike has stage fright, he gets nervous if he is in front of crowds."

Spike was still motionless until Principal Celestia called out to him "Spike, sweetie, you can move on now."

Spike nervously approached the center of the gym where a beystadium was, there he placed himself in front of Rainbow Dash.

Spike was nervous but suddenly his nerves diminished when he heard his friends cheer him on.

"You can do it Spike," Button Mash yelled.

"Don't let your guard down," Rumble yelled.

"I know you can do it Spike," Apple Bloom yelled louder, Scootaloo realized that her friend wasn't cheering for Rainbow Dash, she just asked "Whose side are you on?"

"Come on Spike," Flash Sentry yelled.

In the stands Twilight was watching nervously.

"What's wrong darling?" Rarity asked.

"It's just …… I'm not sure if I'm happy if either of the two wins, Rainbow Dash is my friend but Spike is my little brother."

"No matter what we can't do anything but watch," Rarity said. "This battle will decide itself how those two do."

"I know" Twilight said, "but it's still hard."

“Inspect your opponent's beyblade,” Vice-Principal Luna said.

Spike and Rainbow approached and they both handed the bey to the other.

Rainbow took Emerald Flame and inspected it, I didn't notice anything wrong with the bey, so she just handed it back to Spike.

But Spike almost had an epileptic seizure when he saw Rainbow Dash's beyblade, it lived up to its name, each part of the bey had a different color, they were the 7 colors of the rainbow, unlike Emerald Flame which was a balance type This was obviously an attack type, far from it, he didn't notice anything weird about the beyblade, so he gave it back to Rainbow.

"Surprised right, when I saw him I knew that he would be my blade, I called him Rainbow Meteor," Rainbow said.

"She looks strong Rainbow, but I'm still not going to lose," Spike said with a serious look.

"Well bring it on," Rainbow yelled.

Celestia: Alright bladers put the beys in their launchers and get ready for battle.

Rainbow and Spike put the beys in their launchers, Rainbow's launcher was like Spike's and it seemed to have pegasus wings that protruded at the top, apparently those wings had the same function as the green flames of Spike's launcher , improve accuracy.

In the distance on the roof of the gym was the Dark Crystal Knight watching through a window the next battle that was coming, "Let's see if you're worthy, Spike," he told himself.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Celestia and Luna: 1

Everyone in the audience including Spike and Rainbow screamed as they launched their beys.


As Emerald Flame and Rainbow Meteor shot to the beystadium that was in the center of the gym, the battle had started and one thing was for sure, this tournament would be many things but it would not be boring.

To be continue....

Ep 6: The Dragon that flew to the Rainbow

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The battle started, Emerald Flame and Rainbow Meteor began to spin with the aim of hitting each other, Rainbow Meteor had an advantage because it is an attack type beyblade so in terms of attacks against other beyblades it was simply game won, even so Emerald Flame wouldn't give up and kept spinning offensively.

"COME ON FLAME, FIGHT," Spike yelled at his blade, which dodged Rainbow Dash's blade attack.

"This battle is evenly matched," said Rumble.

"Oh come on, my sister can't be beaten by anyone," Scootaloo said proudly.

"Hey, don't forget it's Spike his opponent, he's been playing this since he was 8 years old while Rainbow has only been around for 1 week," said Button Mash.

Back in the game, Spike did not underestimate Rainbow, in the short time he had bought her beyblade, her abilities had grown radically, Spike was going to lose if the battle continued like this, so he chose to go on the attack.

"FLAME, USE THE OVERDRIVE," Spike yelled as Emerald Flame started to move straight towards Rainbow Meteor and started hitting him repeatedly, one of those hits was so strong that it sent Rainbow Meteor into a corner of the beystadium.

Spike felt confident, one more hit and Flame defeated Meteor, but that look of confidence faded when Rainbow smirked, then Rainbow said "Alright, we've got the boost."

When Rainbow Meteor collided with the corner of the beystadium, instead of disarming it just pushed further, its speed increased, this worried Spike.

"No, it can't be," Spike thought.

"Spike might be strong but Rainbow is the number 1," Scootaloo said.

"SPIKE DON'T GIVE UP," Rumble yelled.

"METEOR NOW, SURPRISE THE DRAGON WITH OUR SPECIAL MOVE," Rainbow Dash yelled, Rainbow's beyblade changed direction and headed for Spike's, then she yelled the name of her special move.


Rainbow Meteor accelerated in such an extreme way that it left a marked rainbow when accelerating.

"FLAME, NOOOOOOO," Spike yelled as Rainbow Dash's beyblade hit his so hard it sent him flying off the beystadium.

Emerald Flame was left out of the beystadium, although for Spike's good luck, it was left in one piece, if only one piece had detached from the bey, Spike would have been permanently eliminated from the tournament.

Celestia: Ring Out, 1 point for Rainbow Dash.

Luna: We are going to start the second round, the score 1-0 Rainbow Dash is taking the lead.

Suddenly in the stands and on the benches everyone began to applaud.

"Alright sister," Scootaloo yelled.

"I knew you would win Rainbow," Zephyr Breeze yelled.

"Well done," Soarin thought only.

"Flame," Spike told himself, as a very strong feeling began to wash over him.

"I think today is not your lucky day Spike, of all the opponents you played against me in the first round and I came to win." Rainbow laughed.

Spike just frowned.

"And that's because I'm 20% cooler," said Rainbow with pride.

The feeling that had invaded Spike strengthened, Spike began to grind his teeth, he remembered the many insults that Rainbow told him but this time he did not remember them as a simple joke, he remembered them with hatred and contempt, he felt diminished, and this time it was his chance to put the girl with the rainbow hair in her place.

Spike picked up his blade, stood up without saying a word, and looked directly at Rainbow.

"Wow, I thought you would give up witnessing the Sonic Rainboom, I guess I'll have to beat you in this round little dragon, I have a trophy with my name on it," Rainbow said with a winning smile.

In that moment, Spike knew what the feeling was that washed over him.


Spike put Emerald Flame in his launcher and said "no."

"What did you say?" Rainbow Dash asked as she placed Rainbow Meteor in her launcher.

"I SAID I, I DON'T THINK OF LOSING TO SOMEONE LIKE YOU," Spike yelled and basically the entire audience listened to him.

His friends on the bench looked worried while in the stands his sister Twilight was confused, she knew that her little brother almost never got angry and when he did he tried to keep his calm, but this time it was different.

"Spike," Twilight Sparkle said concerned.

On the roof of the gym was the Dark Crystal Knight watching the battle attentively.

"I WILL TEACH YOU NOT TO UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENTS, RAINBOW DASH, AND I WILL ALSO TEACH YOU TO GIVE ME THE RESPECT I DESERVE," Spike yelled as his pupils began to change from their circular shape to a longer shape, almost resembling the eyes of a snake or maybe …… just maybe…. in the eyes of a dragon.

Also while grinding her teeth Rainbow noticed a little sharper, looking like fangs, later, Spike was placed in battle position.

Some students noticed this and were scared.

"Haha, if you think you managed to intimidate me, you're wrong," Rainbow said as she got into battle position.

Celestia and Luna were still nervous but decided to continue to announce the battle.

Celestia: W..W… W..Well, its time to start.

Luna: Y..Y..Yeah youre right sister, lets count.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Celestia and Luna: 1

This time only Spike and Rainbow yelled:


The 2 beys landed on the beystadium, Rainbow Dash ordered Rainbow Meteor to hit Emerald Flame, while he defended himself from the impacts.

"I knew you were just pretending little one, you won't be able to beat me," Rainbow said as her bey prepared to use her special move.

"GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Spike yelled causing the Emerald Flame to move like crazy.

Rainbow reacted quickly and gave the order to Rainbow Meteor "LET'S END THIS METEOR, SPECIAL MOVE, SONIC RAINBOOM."


The 2 beyblades collided in the center of the stadium, creating an explosion that caused all spectators except the participating bladers to recoil, some falling out of their seats, others wobbling.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WE ARE NOT GOING TO LOSE," Spike yelled as Emerald Flame pulled Rainbow Meteor out of the beystadium.

While the bey was in the air, Rainbow Meteor disarmed, turning that defeat into a Burst Finish.

"You gotta be kidding me," Rainbow Dash thought.

But one of the Rainbow Meteor pieces flew to the stands, that piece almost collided with Twilight Sparkle, fortunately she ducked dodging the piece but she was still scared.

Spike continued with a sinister look, until he saw what he did, his attack with his bey almost hurt his sister, and he saw that all the students and even the principals had a look of fear to him.

Spike's teeth and eyes returned to normal, he felt bad about everything he caused, the beyblade was supposed to be fun and he was the one who killed the fun.

He quickly picked up his beyblade and could feel it, his beyblade, Emerald Flame, deep inside him, was crying.

Celestia: Umm… .. I guess that's a Burst Finish, which means 2 points.

Luna: Which means that the victory of this match is for Spike with a score of 2-1, he will advance to the next round of the tournament.

Even with that, no one applauded for the triumph, everyone was scared, Rainbow could only pick up the pieces to put Rainbow Meteor back together, as she headed with Twilight to deliver the last piece to her.

Tears began to flow from Spike's eyes, who simply grabbed Emerald Flame and ran out of the gym.

On the outskirts of Canterlot High, Spike was sitting in a very hidden corner to be alone, he just said to himself "What did I do, why did this happen, this is not the way to enjoy the beyblade, why? What happened to me?"

"So you finally knew how to use your anger well," said a voice Spike recognized.

Spike looked up and saw that in front of him was the Dark Crystal Knight, Spike was on guard and asked "You again, now what do you want?"

"Haha, at the moment I don't want anything with you, you are still weak, but you saw how strong you are when you surrender to your anger, maybe if you use it maybe I will see you as a worthy opponent," said the Dark Crystal Knight.

Without either of the 2 noticing, the Mane 6, the Crusaders, Rumble, Button Mash, Ember, Smolder, and Flash Sentry arrived and witnessed the conversation Spike was having with the Dark Crystal Knight.

"This creepy dude again?, I'm going to teach him …… .." Twilight said but Apple Bloom interrupted her.

"Wait Twi, it doesn't look like they're fighting."

They approached to be able to listen to the conversation but stealthily so that they would not notice their presence.

"No," Spike said.

"No?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

"That's right, the moment I used my anger may have given me victory, but if the victory I achieve equates to treating a friend badly then it is not a victory worth achieving." Spike said standing up.

That comment made Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Sunset Shimmer, Applejack, Rumble, Button Mash, Scootaloo, Ember, Smolder and Flash Sentry proud while Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Sweetie Belle were touch by that Spike´s coment while Apple Bloom couldn't help but looking at Spike, there were still tears in the boy's eyes but that didn't stop him from speaking with his heart.

"When the time comes I will beat you, Crystal Dork and I will not need to have anger, in fact, the day that I depend on anger again to win a beybattle, will be the day that I quit being a blader, Spike said facing the Knight.

Maybe those words were triggers, because when Spike finished speaking Apple Bloom ran to where the two were and stood in front of Spike, took out his beyblade and said "And he is not alone, he has good friends who will guide him to the right path. "

The Dark Crystal Knight saw Spike's friends in the distance and decided to retreat. "Then you better get stronger, because soon our battle will begin."

"Apple Bloom? Guys ?, ”Spike noticed the presence of his friends.

Spike walked over to Rainbow Dash, he lowered his head "Rainbow, I'm so sorry, I let my anger get the worst of me and you paid the price."

Rainbow just smiled "Don't worry squirt, look, Rainbow Meteor is intact."

Spike looked at Rainbow's beyblade and luckily his bey was still intact, he thought he had destroyed it, but he only disarmed it with a burst.

"I'm sorry too Meteor", Spike said and then approached his older sister "Twi, I'm sorry too, I almost hurt you and I can't imagine if something happened to you I feel very guilty for ……… .."

Twi interrupted Spike's apology by hugging him, Spike was still sad so he asked "How can you forgive me so easily?"

"Spike, I was never mad at you, I was just worried that your personality change would be permanent," Twilight said smiling as she saw her little brother return to his normal self.

"I promise Twi won't happen again."

Suddenly over the loudspeaker, Principal Celestia announced the next battle of the tournament "Ember and Photo Finish report to the gym, your battle will start in 10 minutes."

"I think it's my turn," Ember said excitedly.

"Spike told me you managed to beat him, you must be very strong," Rumble said.

"Of course, I will give you a show that you will not forget." Ember said as she walked to the gym eager for her battle.

After that, everyone returned to their respective seats, this moment was to support their new friend Ember.

Ep 7: The Photogenic Dragon

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It was already time for Ember's battle, she did not look nervous, although she knew that she could lose at any moment, she was more excited by the spirit of competition that was within her asking her to give her best.

Celestia and Luna announced the arrival of the contestants.

Celestia: We prepare for the next battle, in the red corner, a girl who is not intimidated by anyone, recently transferred from another city and a great blader long before this tournament, 14 years old, Ember.

Luna: And in the blue corner, a girl who knows how to take the best photos, she can be a little impulsive if we talk about photography but she knows how to do her job well, 15 years old, Photo Finish.

Ember was approaching the beystadium at the same time as her opponent, her opponent was a girl with light blue skin and gray white hair, that girl's name is Photo Finish, apparently she had a hobby of being a photographer and always carried a huge camera with her wherever she goes.

Ember looked a little strangely at Photo Finish, she wondered where her launcher was stored, if all she saw was that huge camera, even so she decided not to think much and introduce herself "Nice to meet you, I'm going to do my best in this battle so I hope you do your best too. "

Say no more! I, Photo Finish, will capture za magiks of this battle, ”she said and then took her camera“ switching to launcher mode. ”

After pressing several buttons the camera lens seemed to change shape, now you could not see a glass, what you could see was a large empty space, then Photo Finish took out of its bag a black beyblade with light blue and purple in it center and place it inside the empty space.

"You've got to be kidding me, her launcher is her camera," asked Spike in surprise.

“We bladers will always look for ways to adapt our play style, sometimes to have a synergy with our blade, we decide to use things that we use in our daily routine to have a power that transcends,” Button Mash mentioned seriously.

"Wow, that was very poetic Mashy, who would say that behind that screen would be a tender and sensitive boy," said Sweetie Belle making Button Mash blush.

"Em well i, i, i …… .." said Button Mash blushing.

Celestia: All right, the countdown begins.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And suddenly, all the students in the gym including the 2 participating bladers screamed.


The 2 beys fell to the beystadium, the bey from Photo Finish took center first, it seemed to be a resistance bey.

"Yes, Yes, keep that pose Photo Snaps," Photo Finish ordered her beyblade (apparently her name was Photo Snaps) and suddenly her camera returned to its normal state, immediately afterwards she began to take many photos of her beyblade while turning, the bad thing is that she had not removed the flash from his camera.

"Ahhhhhhh, hey, what's wrong with you, are you crazy?" Ember asked a little annoyed, since several of the flashes had blinded her a bit.

"Ember, watch out," Spike yelled from the bench.

"What?" Em ber said as she regained her vision and realized that Photo Snaps was starting to hit Blood Stone.

"Dodge it, Stone," Ember yelled as Blood Stone avoided the attack.

"Ha, it looks like you survived the attack," Photo Finish said.

Ember, a bit annoyed and still rubbing her eyes from the flashes said, "That was a dirty, photogenic, but dirty move."

Luna noticed that and said "Photo Finish, that was an illegal move, if you shoot a flash directly into the eyes of your opponent again you will be disqualified."

"I get it, I guess I'll have to turn the intensity down a bit," said Photo Finish.

Ember realized that it was not Photo Finish's intention to cheat when she saw her expression, to correct her mistake a bit she said "Okay, we were all wrong, why don't we continue with the fight?"

"I like that, that this has an ending worthy of capturing in a photo," said Photo Finish as he began to take many photos of the beystadium, only this time without flash.

The beyblades readied themselves and began to charge their maximum attacks.

“BLOOD STONE IS THE TIME, SPECIAL MOVE, POWER FLAME, ” Ember yelled as her bey seemed to be engulfed in blue fire and lunged straight for Photo Snaps.

"PHOTO SNAPS, TIME TO SHINE, SPECIAL MOVE, SHINE SHOOT, " shouted Photo Finish as she did not stop taking photos, while that was happening, Photo Snaps began to shine, and suddenly began to rotate faster but without leaving the center.

"Holy Gems," Spike yelled.

"I don't want to see," Sweetie Belle said covering her eyes.

"So epic," Rumble and Scootaloo said at the same time.

The 2 beys collided, as in the previous duel, causing a small explosion that made several students stumble.

What Ember saw she couldn't believe, was Blood Stone fired outside the beystadium, thinking she was going to lose the first battle, Ember could only smile at the strength of her opponent, but a second before Blood Stone hit the ground , Photo Snaps was disarmed in a Burst Finish.

"Unimaginable," Photo Finish said in surprise.

Celestia: That's a Burst Finish.

Luna: That means that the winner of this battle with a score of 2-0, is Ember, she will be the one to advance to the next round.

Several students began to applaud for Ember's victory.

"Very well done Ember," Spike yelled.

"That's the spirit," Rumble yelled.

"Way to go sister," Smolder yelled.

Ember approached Photo Finish and said "It was a good fight, I would like to face you again one day."

Photo Finish replied "The feeling is mutual, but I still consider this a victory for me."

"What do you say?" Ember asked confused.

"I say nothink. Photo Finish lets her work speak for itself, ”said Photo Finish as she took out of her camera several photos that she took in the beybattle, they were photos of Photo Snaps and Blood Stone, even though they were rotating, the photos were incredible, it seemed impossible that someone as Photo Finish you will be able to take as many photos in a single battle.

"Wow, these photos are amazing," Ember said.

"Thank you, I wish you the best of luck in the next round," said Photo Finish.

"I'm going to do my best, it's a promise," Ember said raising her fist in the air, something that caught the attention of Photo Finish.

"Hold that pose! Ja Ja! You have the power! Prepare the launcher !, ”Photo Finish said as she took many photos directly of Ember, but this time she took them with flash, leaving Ember a little stunned.

"Hold on! What the— ?! Ahhhhhhhhhh, ”Ember yelled.

After that, the students were eager to wait for the next battles.

Ep 8: Dancing in the Tight rope

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"Now Heart Striker," shouted a girl with green skin and greenish-white hair, that girl is Lyra Heartstrings who was having her battle against Pipsqueak, a boy a little short for his age with white skin with a brown spot surrounding his eye and his hair was brown.

In the beystadium, a mint green bey launched the attack against a defending brown beyblade, in that quick confrontation the green beyblade won, taking the brown beyblade out of the beystadium.

Celestia: Ring Out.

Luna: which means that Lyra Heartstrings will win with a score of 2-1, she will be the one who will advance to the next round.

"Yes, yes, yes, I won," said Lyra, hopping, then she went to hug her friend Bon Bon, who was the next blader to participate in the next battle.

Spike, Rumble and Button Mash approached the corridor that Pipsqueak had gone through, although they did not talk much to each other, Pipsqueak was still his classmate, they wanted to make sure that he would be fine after his defeat.

"Hi Pip, how are you?" Spike asked touching the boy's shoulder, but when he turned around, he had a happy face.

"I'm fine, what? Did they think that I would be depressed about my defeat? " Pipsqueak asked laughing.

"Well we ... MPHHHMPHGHH ...," Rumble spoke but was interrupted by Button Mash covering his mouth.

"Heh, don't worry about me, I'm aware that I wasn't going to win, I just got Storm Ship 2 days ago, I only participated because FeatherWeight asked me to," replied Pipsqueak showing them his blade.

The boys looked at each other surprised, Pipsqueak clarified the situation, it turns out that FeatherWeight thought it was great news for the school newspaper, since FeatherWeight is the one who is in charge of said newspaper, according to Pipsqueak, FeatherWeight wanted some members to participate to have a more experience close to the beyblade, instead of just reporting it, but no one seemed to be interested, being his best friend, Pipsqueak decided to participate along with it.

"Well, I hope FeatherWeight at least gets lucky," Spike said.

“Hahahaha,” Pipsqueak started laughing “I like FeatherWeight, but that guy doesn't even know how to hold a launcher. "

"That means?" Rumble asked but was interrupted by a noise coming from the gym.


The boys headed there.

Celestia: Speaking of the fastest Burst Finish in the world.

Luna: Certainly sister, maybe we should speak to the Guinness World Records.

Celestia: But going back to professional comments, the winner of this battle is Bon Bon.

Luna: With a score of 2-0 she will advance to the next round.

In the beystadium, there was a blue and pink colored beyblade spinning while the other one that was a black and white color was laying in parts.

There was FeatherWeight a thin brown haired boy, but he did not seem to be sad with his victory, as Pipsqueak had said, he was interviewing the winner of the match, Bon Bon, a girl with blue and pink hair.

"It was a great battle, how did you plan your strategy," FeatherWeight asked as he jotted everything down in his notebook.

"It's classified," Bon Bon replied seriously.

"Excuse me?" FeatherWeight asked, surprised.

"I mean, you shouldn't know too much, because if you did, it would have to make you disappear," Bon Bon said in a terrifying tone.

“I… I… I…,” FeatherWeight wanted to ask something but no words came out of his mouth, he was too scared to do so.

Bon Bon started laughing out loud "Hahahahaha, this is a joke, fear not little one."

FeatherWeight just chuckled nervously as Bon Bon left the gym.

Meanwhile in the girls' bathroom, Bon Bon was talking on the phone.

Bon Bon put on some sunglasses and said to his phone, “Agent Sweetie Drops reporting, the beyblade operation is working well, the name I gave my beyblade is Top Secret, the results of the battles vary and there are many bladers. whose potential I do not know, I will let you know more personal information about them later. "

Bon Bon ended his call and turned around, there he saw his friend Lyra Heartstrings with a surprised face.

Bon Bon got nervous, "Lyra, I can explain."

Back in the gym, the boys were wondering about the next ones who would participate, they quickly found out thanks to the Principals.

Celestia: Let's go to the next match.

Luna: In the red corner, a boy who is the pride of boy scouts, his prowess on the field shows off his great skills, 13-year-old Skeedadle.

At the center of the gym a child with light blue skin with blue hair with some yellow lines approached, he seemed confident but he walked in without accelerating his pace.

Celestia: And in the blue corner, dance floor terror, former winner of last year's 13-year-old dance contest, Tender Taps.

At the center of the gym a boy with orange skin and purple hair combed back was approaching, he stopped for a moment before running forward jumping that made him look fabulous.

On the benches the boys saw the rivals interested.

"I wonder what kind of battle this is going to be," FeatherWeight said as he began to jot down notes in a notebook.

"Before you start, I could see your beyblade, I'd like to know what type it is," Rumble asked kindly.

"Oh sure," FeatherWeight agreed, displaying a black and white beyblade.

Button looked at him closely and said "Hmm, defense-type, that explains a lot, Bon Bon's blade had an advantage as a Stamina-type."

Celestia: I hope you're ready.

Luna: Because the battle is about to begin.

The 2 bladers took out their blades, Skeedadle's was an attack beyblade, its color was blue with yellow in the center while Tender Taps's beyblade was a balance beyblade so neither would have the advantage in this battle, its color was purple with orange in the center.

Celestia said "Inspect your opponent's bey."

The boys proceeded to check each other's bey, nothing was out of place, so they proceeded.

Later, Skeedadle took out his launcher, it was a strange launcher because it was not a ripcord launcher or a string launcher, many of the students who saw it were left wondering how the beyblade of that thing would launch.

The doubts would be dispelled when from his pocket, Skeedadle took out a long tiny rope and began to tie it in the center of the launcher where it fitted perfectly.

"Now what is he doing?" Pipsqueak wondered.

Spike just looked at Skeedadle with a look of surprise and said, "He's going to speed up."

FeatherWeight did not understand well and asked "How to increase the speed?"

"The longer the ripcord of a launcher, the faster the beyblade will be launched," Rumble replied.

"Yes, but ripcord has its weak point, you can't make it too long because the beyblade becomes uncontrollable or useless, so some choose to use string launchers," said Button Mash.

"But this guy is using a small rope, it means he must have experience, I wonder why the other guy still hasn't gotten his launcher," said Rumble.

While they argued, Tender Taps got into a strange position, it seemed that he was going to prepare for a dance fight, at that moment he placed his beyblade in one of his boots, these had a slot to place the bey.

This surprised the boys who watched it from the benches.

"It can't be," Spike said.

"Is he… .." asked Button Mash.

"No, I don't think he will," Rumble replied.

The principals began the countdown.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And everyone screamed.


Skeedadle pulled the rope of his launcher as hard as he could, causing his beyblade to move at an unmatched speed as he landed on the beystadium.

But the real surprise was seeing Tender Taps launch a kick which sent his bey flying into the beystadium.

"OH MY GOSH," Spike said.

"He did, I didn't think it was possible, but he threw his bey with his legs," Rumble said.

"Has anyone else seen what I saw?" asked Pip.

"I saw more then meets the eye," Button said.

"Please don't involve robots in this Button," FeatherWeight replied.

Meanwhile in the beystadium the battle still showed no signs of starting, because Tender's beyblade took the center but what attracted the most attention was that Skeedadle's beyblade was spinning on the edge of the beystadium.

"How did you manage to make it turn with such precision?" Tender asked Skeedadle.

He replied "I'm very adept at tying knots, I'm so obsessed with it that I decided to base my beyblade style on something similar."

Skeedadle's beyblade was starting to spin faster.

"It's like my beyblade is an expert at running a tightrope."


Skeedadle's beyblade was pushed by Tender's in less than 5 seconds.

"Oh shoes," Skeedadle said as he saw his beyblade outside the beystadium.

Luna: That's a ring out, 1 point for Tender Taps

"But remember that when you live on the edge, sometimes you can fall," said Tender Taps.

"Grrrr, don't think you have an advantage over me," Skeedadle replied.

Another countdown started





The beyblades fell back onto the beystadium.

Skeedadle's bey kept moving along the edge of the beystadium.

"You didn't learn anything, did you, let's finish this, Killer Moves, hit him with everything," Tender Taps ordered his beyblade.

But Skeedadle just laughed.

At that moment, Killer Moves collided with Skeedadle's bey sending him flying, but instead of sending him out of the beystadium, he sent him flying at a vertical angle.

“CAN'T BE,” Tender Taps yelled.

"Now I'll show you who will fall off the tightrope, FATE STRING, DO YOUR MAGIC," Skeedadle yelled.

And at that moment, Fate String landed on Killer Moves but it seemed that the blow had no effect, Tender was relieved for a moment, but he noticed that the direction his bey was moving was out of the beystadium, he tried to do something but it was too late, Killer Moves was spinning outside the beystadium.

Celestia: And that's a Ring Out too, which means it's a point for Skeedadle.

Luna: This leaves them tied with a score of 1-1, the next battle will decide everything.

Celestia and Luna: Final Round, get ready.




And with all the might in the world the 2 bladers screamed.


This time, the 2 blades fell with power to the beystadium.

Fate Strings turned around the edge of the beystadium again, this worried Tender Taps, since it was his best attack.

"NOW, FATE STRING," Skeedadle yelled as Fate String began to go straight for the Killer Moves.

And in that moment…….

Tender Taps began to move mysteriously at the same time that his Killer Moves eluded Fate String.

"What the… ..?" Skeedadle said.

On the benches the boys were surprised to see Tender Taps move strangely, then they realized what he was really doing.

"Is he dancing?" Pipsqueak asked.

“Sounds like it,” FeatherWeight replied as he wrote in his notebook the following that would show in the school newspaper: DANCER STUDENT CONTROLS HIS BEYBLADE WITH STYLE AND BIG MOVEMENTS.

In battle you could see that Killer Moves moved to the rhythm in which Tender Taps danced, each time changing from one style to the other.

First as simple dances, then it became Break Dance, then to resist the attacks of Fate String it began to take the center with a style similar to ballet.

But suddenly he began to make straighter attacks and this step to tap dancing.

"I taught him that," Apple Bloom said to the other Crusaders.

“NOW FOR THE GREAT ENDING,” Tender yelled as he did a backflip which surprised everyone including the Dark Crystal Knight who was watching the battle from the ceiling.

And quickly Killer Moves jumped upside down landing on Fate String, causing it to disarm.

"No," Skeedadle thought.

Celestia: Burst Finish, with a score of 3-1.

Luna: Therefore, the winner is Tender Taps.

Celestia: But let's not forget your opponent, I certainly don't make things easy for him.

Several claps rang out, it was an incredible battle, it was not only for Tender Taps, other students were cheering for Skeedadle, after that, Skeedadle picked up the parts of his bey to put it back together.

"It was a good fight buddy," said Tender Taps.

"Sure you do, I hope you can better refine those steps in the future," Skeedadle replied.

"Very well we will announce the next battle," Celestia said.

“The selected bladers are Flash Sentry and Heath Burns,” Luna said.

Spike was surprised when he heard that, it was time to see Flash fight professionally, he turned to see Flash, who had a serious smile but at the same time seemed not to underestimate his opponent.

But he quickly turned to see Heath, he had a horrible sinister smile as he pulled out a black and red beyblade.
Spike turned away to avoid disturbing Heath who looked dangerous.

One thing was for sure, the next battle would be anything but boring.

Ep 9: Memories in a Flash

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8 months ago.

12-year-old Spike had gone out to the schoolyard, the classes had finished, he always waited for his sister in that place so that the two of them would go home, however the minutes passed and Twilight did not appear, tired of waiting he decided to go back inside to see if Twi was in any of the classrooms.

In one of them, he heard Twilight's voice so he decided to take a little look, what he saw surprised him, Twilight was kissing a boy with yellow skin and blue hair combed back, he was wearing a black jacket, with a white shirt that had a symbol of a shield with a lightning bolt and carried a guitar case with it.

Spike decided to move away to avoid being discovered eavesdropping but at that moment he bumped into someone who was passing by.

She was a girl with intense yellow skin and orange hair that looked like a flame.

"Ouch," the girl said.

"Oh I'm sorry, it was my mistake," Spike said as he helped the girl pick up the books she had dropped when the two of them fell to the ground.

There Spike noticed that the girl was accompanied by 2 other students, a boy with light blue skin with navy blue hair and a girl with greenish blue skin with white hair.

The girl who bumped into Spike told him "Don't worry, accidents happen, just ……" that's when she interrupted herself, "Hey, you're from elementary school, right?"

"Well yeah, but its my last year actually," Spike replied a bit confused, as she asked in an authoritative tone.

"I'm sorry, but elementary students can't be here without special permission," the girl said, this made Spike freak out a bit.

The boy with light blue skin tried to calm the situation "Come on Spitfire, I don't think he's breaking a rule because classes are over, just let him go."

"Yeah I'll just go and you can forget you even saw me, see you next time," Spike said as he left, but Spitfire had taken it from his jacket preventing the boy from escaping.

"You're not going anywhere, stupid, except Vice-Principal Luna's office," Spitfire said without letting go of Spike.

"Anywhere less here" Spike yelled trying to get away.

"Good, then you'll deal with me," Spitfire said.

"PLEASE, PRINCIPAL CELESTIA, VICE PRINCIPAL LUNA HELP," Spike asked for help but it didn't seem to work.

"Uh ???, what was that?" Asked the boy who kissed Twilight.

"Mmm, it looks like it's coming from the hallway, let's see," Twilight Sparkle said and the two headed for the hallway.

There was her little brother Spike, being dragged by the legs by Spitfire, who seemed to be losing his patience.

"I'll take care of this, you seek help," he told Twilight.

"It has to be a joke, she always does this Fleetfoot, this is the sixth child she takes by the legs," said the blue-skinned boy to the greenish-blue girl.

"It's something we can't help Soarin, you still have to admit it's funny when she does it, hahaha," Fleetfoot said with a laugh.

"Listen, this is all just a big misunderstanding," Spike said as he was dragged down the hall.

"Oh really, then why aren't we trying to make sense of this situation," Spitfire said as she dragged Spike off his legs.

"Hey leave him alone," came a scream.

“Flash Sentry? What do you want, you can't see that I'm busy, ”Spitfire said as she held onto Spike's legs.

"Yeah, I see, you're busy, busy kidnapping children," said Flash Sentry.

"He broke a rule," Spitfire said.

"I bet he hasn't done something so bad that you have to take him against his will," said Flash.

"Precisely," a voice was heard.

The students turned to see that they were the principals accompanied by Twilight Sparkle.

"Spitfire can you please let go of Spike," ordered Vice-Principal Luna.


"He didn't break any rule Spitfire, because classes ended 15 minutes ago," Principal Celestia interrupted.

Nervous, Spitfire released Spike and quickly proceeded to retreat along with Soarin and Fleetfoot, after which Spike got up off the ground and thanked everyone for saving him.

A few minutes later, Spike and Twilight were returning to their house, but they were not going alone, Flash was accompanying them.

"Wow, that girl, Spitfire, is really scary," Spike said.

"Arguably yes, she's not the quietest," Twilight replied.

"At least this is her senior year, you're lucky," said Flash.

"Oh right, I guess I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Spike, Twilight's brother, nice to meet you, Flash right?" he introduced himself while offering his hand as a formal greeting.

"Yes, Flash Sentry, nice to meet you, Spike," Flash accepted Spike's greeting by shaking his hand.

Flash continued “I am Twilight`s emmm …… ..”

"He is my boyfriend Spike," Twi cut him off.

Although at this time that was already very obvious, that revelation surprised Spike, he did not think that his sister would be able to take that first step that many talk about, although without saying anything to anyone, Twilight's relationship reminded him of the love that he could never find, realizing that Rarity didn't feel the same way about him.

The months went by and the bond between Twi and Flash was strengthening, also, Flash ended up becoming a great friend to Spike along with Button Mash and Big Mac, it could even be said that their relationship was similar to the one that Twilight had with Cadence, sometimes when Twilight was not available, Flash and Spike spent the time playing video games, and even managed to learn things from each other, Spike managed to awaken a small part of musical talent playing the piano, when Flash gave him small classes and Flash got good grades in cooking class thanks to some tips Spike gave him.

But one day.

Twilight and Flash were at the mall, they were leaving the theater to go home, Twilight knew that Spike was there too, so they decided to find him to go home.

Spike was in the Beystore, he as always had the advantage over his opponent, Snails.

At that moment Twilight and Flash entered the store, this was not the first time that Twilight entered, she had already entered many times, although they were all to pick up Spike, not because she was interested in the game.

But Flash was surprised in the store, he had never seen a place like that, he saw that the customers who were there were very diverse, from small children to young people of the same age as him, there were even adults there, all enjoying the wonders of the beyblade sport.

"This place is amazing Twilight, what is Spike doing here?" Flash asked.

Twi, who was curious by her boyfriend's amazement, replied, “Well, this is the place where Spike spends most of the time when he is not playing with Button Mash, this is where beyblade is played, a little game that Spike likes it a lot, you use a kind of spinning top to fight another opponent, the first top to stop or get out of the ring loses, it's a very simple game."

Flash hearing that generated a certain interest, "Well, it seems to be a simple game, but people seem to take it seriously, I mean, just look at Spike."

Twilight turned to visualize her little brother who had a beybattle.

"NOW EMERALD FLAME, USE THE OVERDRIVE," Spike yelled as his bey attacked Snails' beyblade.

And in the blink of an eye, Snails's beyblade fell apart into pieces.

"No Spyral Shell, how could I lose," Snails said as he watched Spike grab his beyblade "Hey, I want revenge, I won't let this stay that way, dragon-boy."

"Ughhhhh fine, but this is the last one, I already beat you 4 times," said Spike a little frustrated preparing for the next battle.

At that moment Twilight arrived and said, "Spike, it's time to go."

Spike turned to Snails and said, "Sorry my friend, make it another time," then Spike proceeded to leave with Twilight.

"I am not your friend," Snails yelled, "I am your nemesis."

Spike realized that Flash was there too "Oh hi Flash, I see you came too."

"Hey Spike, that battle was amazing, how you did it, it seemed out of this world," said Flash enthusiastically.

"Well, with a little practice you can play this sport, but the most important thing is to have the spirit of a blader, have the necessary passion and you will achieve great things," Spike told Flash.

Twilight said: "I doubt this is a sport, Spike, but hey, we have to go, we're late, come on Flash, I'll accompany you to …… .. Flash?" Twilight said confused to see that Flash was no longer with them.

Meanwhile in the Beystore was Flash, looking at some beyblades on the counter, many looked great to him but he could not decide on any.

"Do you need help boy?" asked Mr. Torch.

"Well, I'd like to buy one, but I'm a beginner, I don't know which one to choose," Flash replied.

"Well, in this game there are 4 types, ATTACK, STAMINA, DEFENSE and BALANCE, each type has its strengths against other types as well as weaknesses, but the BALANCE type has no strengths or weaknesses," he said while Flash kept looking and in that moment happened.

While Flash was looking at the ATTACK type beyblades, one of them seemed to stand out from the others, that beyblade was yellow, its performance tip and center were an electric blue color, but the strangest thing for Flash, was the fact that it seemed like the beyblade was calling out to him.

"Excuse me, but I think my eyes went to that one," Flash said as he pointed at the bey.

"Interesting, an ATTACK type, but something tells me you chose him for more than just the colors," Mr. Torch replied.

Flash didn't know what to say, but Mr. Torch kept talking.

"You know, many say that you don't choose the beyblade, it's the beyblade who chooses the blader and if that's true, it means that the blader chose you," he said as he handed the beyblade to Flash.

"Wow, thank you very much, I promise not to disappoint anyone," said Flash excitedly.

He quickly paid for the beyblade and proceeded to leave the store, where Twilight and Spike were waiting for him at the entrance to the mall.

"Hi guys," he said somewhat nervous as he forgot the fact that they were waiting for him.

"Where have you been," Twi and Spike asked at the same time.

"Well then, I guess I was getting ready to join the party," he told them as he showed them his new beyblade.

"It can't be," Spike said happily.

"It can't be," Twilight said in surprise.

"What do you think, it has beautiful colors, don't you think?" Flash said.

"Did you buy a beyblade?" Twilight asked.
"Yeah, I'd like to see how this plays out, plus I think Spike can teach me a bit," Flash replied.

"This is great," Spike said, he couldn't believe the Flash would be interested in the beyblade.

"Ummm, ok, I guess it looks cute, just like Spike's, this one has your colors on it," Twilight said.

"By the way, you named it, a lot of bladers name their bey, it's bad luck if you don't," Spike said.

"Spike, those are just superstitions," Twilight said.

"Hey, luck is a benefit factor too," replied Spike.

While the siblings argued, Flash was thinking about what to name his beyblade, while he was looking at it from the corner of his eye, something happened that many would describe as magical.

Flash saw his beyblade shining and without knowing why, in his mind he visualized the image of a creature, a twenty foot high silver robotic humanoid dragon, with light blue armor and orange trim on its arms, legs, chest and shoulders, from its shoulders and it wore a red scarf which was emblazoned with the same symbol as the one on Flash's shirt.

And suddenly Flash blurted out a few words, "Flash Heart."

The siblings stopped their discussion and asked him what he said.

Flash replied, "I already have a name, he will be called Flash Heart."

Spike was amazed, for some reason the name fit very well with Flash's personality.

Twilight just smiled, it seemed like Flash would enjoy this.

And so Spike and Flash's friendship grew stronger, seeing that both had the passion of a blader, although Flash always said that he still did not feel ready to fight other bladers, he just spent it with Spike, looking for a way to beat him, which he never achieved, since Spike was very good, but that did not discourage Flash, on the contrary, it pushed him to always want to improve to be just as strong as Spike.

Present time.

Everyone in the gym was looking forward to the next battle.

Celestia: Alright, time to introduce today's bladers, in the red corner, a guy who has a great musical passion for him, he's probably even more talented than the Rainbooms.

"HEY" Rainbow Dash yelled from the benches, apparently that comment offended her.

"I'm sorry for my mistake, well he'll surely surprise us, 15-year-old Flash Sentry," Celestia finished narrating.

Flash approached the center of the gym, he was nervous, not as nervous as Spike was in his battle but he was close to that, he visualized Twi and her friends in the stands encouraging him.

"You can do it Flash," Twilight Sparkle screamed.

And from the benches, Spike was cheering him on.

"Do your best Flash, remember to give your all in any battle."

Then Luna announced her opponent.

Luna: And in the blue corner, a mysterious boy about whom little is known, but we should not underestimate him, according to rumors that have spread, he is always on fire for a beybattle, 15-year-old, Heath Burns.

To the center of the gym, Heath approached, he walked with a very serious expression, but there was a bit of an expression of hatred, Heath was a boy with lilac skin, he wore a red jacket with black pants with a reddish tone, he had red hair combed up looking like a flame, Flash thought he looked very rough, so he would be careful this time.

“Inspect your opponent's bey,” Vice-Principal Luna said.

Flash took Heath's bey and vice versa, Heath's bey seemed normal, it was not altered but there was a detail that made Flash uncomfortable, the metal of beys generally feels cold, but when touching Heath's bey, Flash felt that his metal was hot, but even with that hesitation, he gave back his beyblade.

"Everything seems fine," Flash said as he handed back his bey.

Heath had finished inspecting Flash's bey and Flash sneered "Hehe this is your beyblade, it's pathetic."

"What?" Flash asked.

"I mean this battle will be a waste of time, you are going to lose so don't bother participating," Heath replied.

"You don't know me, you don't know what I'm capable of," Flash said angrily.

"Of course I know enough, but if you're not going to give up, then I will make your soul burns in hell," Heath said seriously.
Flash just looked at him maliciously.

“It is time for the countdown,” Principal Celestia announced.

All students counted




They all shouted:


The battle started, could he put Heath in his place? or maybe the latter is keeping a secret?

Ep 10: The Blader who came from Hell

View Online

The 2 beyblades fell on the beystadium, Flash Heart attacked Heath's beyblade well, which being a STAMINA type, there would be no advantage for anyone in this battle.

The beyblades kept hitting each other, the sound of metal sounded very loud, but after several blows delivered, Heath's bey began to wobble, Flash used his opportunity to order his bey to attack.

"Now Flash Heart, go get him," Flash Sentry yelled, then Flash Heart swooped down at Heath's beyblade, which took the impact that sent him flying.

"Alright Flash, that's how you attack," Spike said.

"That guy is too strong to be his first battle, are you sure you're the only blader he's faced?" Rumble asked Spike.

"Yes, but he always learned from his losses, I'm sure that even though he doesn't play as professionally, Flash is as good as you, as me, as Button, even as Ember," Spike replied.

"I'm so happy for you Flash," screamed Twilight Sparkle yelled that surprised her friends and scared Fluttershy.

"Darling, you sounded just like Pinkie Pie," Rarity said.

"Yeah, I didn't know you were a fan of this," Applejack said.

"Well I don't know what to say but, it feels good to see Flash with that emotion on his face, I think I should thank Spike for that." Twilight said.

"Certainly, but you're also happy for Spike," added Sunset Shimmer.

"What do you mean Sunset?" Fluttershy asked.

"Do you remember when your family moved here and we met them?" Sunset turned to Twilight.

"Oh my, I think …………" Twilight replied but was interrupted.

"We don't have time for that in this chapter, that flashback will be written near the final chapters of this fanfic," said Pinkie Pie.

The girls were confused by what she said, but they knew the rules, IT'S PINKIE, DON'T QUESTION IT.

Back in battle, Heath Burns showed no emotion.

"What's wrong with you, was I stronger than you thought?" asked Flash Sentry.

But Heath just smiled, Flash knew this was bad news, he quickly focused on the beystadium to see if Flash Heart kept spinning, if it kept spinning, but he noticed another detail, Heath's beyblade didn't sound when supposedly He had taken it out of the beystadium.

"Looks like you figured it out," Heath said.

At that moment Flash looked up and saw Heath's beyblade fall towards the beystadium with speed.

"NOW HELL FIRE, PUT THE WEAKLING IN THEIR PLACE," Heath yelled as his beyblade advanced towards Flash Heart leaving a trail of fire in the way.

Flash Heart was hit by Hell Fire, the latter managed to get him out of the beystadium.

"FLASH HEART," Flash yelled.

"It can't be, since I didn't see that," asked Rainbow Dash.

"As a balance-type beyblade it can have such great speed and stamina, as well as a strong attack," Ember replied.

"It's like that beyblade is perfect, flawlessly," added Trixie.

Celestia: Ring Out, that's a point for Heath Burns.

Luna: The battle goes in Heath's favor with a score of 1 - 0, get ready for the next round.

"I told you to surrender, that you were weak to be here, but you didn't take it, so I had to waste my time on this," Heath said without showing any emotion.

"Enough already, I may not be that skilled, but I can beat you," said Flash, fed up with Heath's pedantic attitude.

"Grrrr, because you can't accept that you can't win, you keep insisting that you have a chance, you're just fooling yourself, but well, I was nice to you, now I'll take care of destroying your bey, not just disarm it, I'll turn it to ashes," Heath replied now. being angry.

"Just try it," said Flash placing Flash Heart in his launcher, Heath did the same with Hell Fire.

And the countdown began again.




All the students yelled at the same time:


Again the 2 beys fell to the beystadium.

This time Flash Heart was spinning a bit more controlled, Flash Sentry knew Heath Burns could fool him again, so he stayed out of it.

"What's wrong with you, won't you attack me? Then die, ”Heath said as Hell Fire began its attack on Flash Heart.

"FLASH HEART, DODGE IT," Flash Sentry yelled.

Flash Heart dodged Hell Fire's onslaught.

"You're not going to beat me by dodging you idiot," Heath Burns said.

"Sure?" Flash asked.

The battle continued with Flash Heart dodging Hell Fire's attacks, Heath losing patience, and ordering his bey to keep attacking, until, in one of those failed attacks, Hell Fire collided with a corner of the beystadium.

"Flash Heart, attack him," Flash ordered his bey which hit Heath's bey but couldn't get him out of the beystadium.

"It's sad that you think you have a chance," Heath said smiling when he saw that his bey was not removed from the beystadium.

"Who does Heath think he is?" Twilight Sparkle asked obviously fed up with Heath's attitude.

"I know Darling, that guy is worse than Sunset in his old days," Rarity added.

Sunset just looked at her with a serious look.

"No offense, Darling," Rarity said ruefully.

"None taken," Sunset said.

Flash Heart continued to attack Hell Fire, but could not get it out, at that moment, Heath prepared to go on the offensive.

"Hell Fire, destroy him," Heath yelled, but he noticed that Hell Fire was moving slowly, "Hell Fire, NOOOOOOOO, YOU CAN'T LOSE AGAINST HIM, NOT THIS FOOL, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."

The Flash's plan worked, it caused Heath's beyblade to deplete its energy to the point where it would be the first to stop.

Heath screamed as if he was being stabbed, after a few seconds, Hell Fire stopped.

"Ability is not only based on strength, it is also based on intelligence, don't you think Heath?" Flash said.

Heath was still frowning like there was no tomorrow.

"Alright Flash," Twilight Sparkle and Spike yelled in unison.

Luna: And suddenly the battle is balanced with a score of 1-1.

Celestia: This match will decide who will be the blader to advance to the next round, so get ready.

"Brace yourself, I'm not saving anything," Flash said to Heath as he placed Flash Heart in the launcher.

But Heath did not take out his launcher, on the contrary, he put it in one of his pockets and proceeded to open his backpack, this confused Flash.

"Hey, what are you doing now?" Flash asked.

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to make sure you burn, GYAHHHHHHHHHH," Heath said shouting in a rather terrifying tone and then he pulled a kind of flamethrower out of his backpack.

"Holy gems, is he trying to incinerate him?" Spike asked.

"I think cremating him is the kindest thing I could do given that boy's attitude, I doubt this is still considered a worthy beybattle," replied Button Mash.

"Oh no," Twilight Sparkle said.

"Don't worry Darling, Flash is very strong, something like that can't intimidate him," Rarity said.

Heath then placed Hell Fire on the mouthpiece of the flamethrower.

"So that's a launcher, I wonder why you designed it to look like a flamethrower, if it's to intimidate me then you're wasting your time," said Flash.

"You will see that it is much more than that," Heath replied as he pointed the flamethrower at the beystadium.

Celestia: What an interesting twist, Heath Burns has released a new launcher.

Luna: You must admit it sister, that design is, ummm, "quirky."

And for the last time, another countdown began.




The bladers were the only ones who yelled this time:


Flash pulled with all possible force the ripcord of his launcher and Flash Heart spun as if the life of its owner depended on it.

But when Heath fired his launcher to launch his beyblade, real flames could be seen accompanying the bey.

"It can't be," said Flash.

"That guy is crazy," Spike said.

"He start a fire," Twilight said.

Indeed, Heath's launcher not only looked like a flamethrower, it was a real modified flamethrower so when Hell Fire fell to the beystadium, it was surrounded by fire, a lot of fire, which if spread could cause many injuries to the students.

"I TOLD YOU WILL BURN, DIE NOW," shouted Heath.

"HEY, ALL THIS FOR ONE BEYBATTLE?" Flash asked trying to keep distance between the beystadium and the flames.

"I WILL DO ANYTHING TO WIN," Heath replied.

"Stop this, someone could get hurt," Flash yelled as Flash Heart struggled to avoid the fire of the beystadium.


"Heath Burns, that is very dangerous, you are disqualified now stop this," Celestia said with disgust.

"SILENCE, NOBODY WILL STOP THIS BATTLE," Heath replied as he pointed his flamethrower at the spectators "IF SOMEONE TRIES TO STOP ME THEN THE STUDENTS WILL BE CALCINED."

Neither Celestia nor Luna knew what to do in the face of such a threat, it was obvious that Heath Burns had lost his mind, but Flash Sentry took care of the situation.

"Don't worry, I won't let him hurt anyone, LET'S FIGHT FLASH HEART," Flash yelled as his bey spun so fast this time he put out the fire.

"NO YOU WILL NOT, HELL FIRE, USE YOUR DEMONIC FIRE SHOCK," Heath yelled as his bey bathed in fire and went straight to attack Flash's bey.

Flash was scared, it was obvious that Heath's attack would overcome his bey, he did not know what to do, for a little moment he thought about giving up, but when he turned to see his bey, it began to glow, it seemed that he wanted to communicate with him.

Then Flash visualized the same dragon that he saw when he acquired his bey, there, somehow, Flash had already reached the level of Spike.

“FLASH HEART, GO FOR IT,” Flash yelled.

Then the 2 beys were approaching with full force expecting a collision.

"NOW, SPECIAL MOVE, SHINNING IMPACT," Flash Sentry yelled as his bey began to glow.

"BRING IT ON," Heath shouted.

And when the 2 beys collided, Hell Fire shot out of the beystadium, but was thrown so far that it even flew through a window.


"You lost," Flash replied.

All the students began to applaud, grateful that Flash saved them from such an eyesore.

Luna: And that's a Ring Out, a point for Flash Sentry.

Celestia: And with a score of 2-1 the definitive winner is Flash Sentry.

"Even though you tried to kill me, it was a good fight," Flash told Heath.

"YOU, WE'RE NOT DONE, NEXT TIME…." Heath was interrupted when he felt a hand on his back, Heath turned and saw a police officer.

The police officer introduced himself. "I'm Officer Hard Case," he showed him his badge. "Heath Burns, you are under arrest for disturbing the peace, attempted murder and pyromania."

Hearing that, Heath was scared, he decided to throw a punch at the Hard Case officer which he could not dodge and fell to the ground, then Heath ran out trying to escape.

"He's trying to escape," Pinkie Pie yelled.

"He won't," Rumble said, "Spike, Button, I need your assistance."

Spike and Button nodded and the 3 guys got ready to launch their beyblades towards where Heath was running and then yelled:


Heath noticed that and tried to dodge them, but the beyblades did not hit him, but his launcher, when the flamethrower was hit it was destroyed by Rumble, Spike and Button Mash's beyblades, Heath got frustrated, but it was not time to looks of hatred, he simply decided to flee the gym through the same window his bey was shot at.

Outside the gym, in one of the gardens, Heath tried to look for his beyblade but could not find it, he had to be fast if they were chasing him, Heath was still searching but he heard a voice that made him stop.

"You were looking for this."

Heath turned to see who the subject was speaking to him, it was the Dark Crystal Knight and he had his beyblade Hell Fire in his hand.

"Boss, good to see you, thanks for finding my bey," Heath wanted to take Hell Fire but the Dark Crystal Knight prevented him.

"You really think you deserve a bey like Hell Fire after your pathetic performance in that battle," he replied in a very stern way.

"That fool looked incredibly weak, I underestimated him, but you can't blame me for a loss, it happens to everyone," Heath said.

"Obviously you don't understand anything, I'm not mad at you for losing, that doesn't matter to me, what was horrible was that you threatened innocent people and used dirty tricks to try to claim a victory you didn't deserve," the Dark Crystal Knight reproached him.

"But boss, I thought this was all about winning, that's what a blader does," Heath said.

"No, it's about much more than that, and you don't deserve to be a blader so you won't get Hell Fire back, I recommend you go back because you need to pay for your crimes," the Dark Crystal Knight said coldly.

Heath started to get angry and he attacked the Knight "GIVE ME MY BEY."

But he dodged the blow and threw a kick which hit his head, knocking out Heath, then he proceeded to leave the place "Pathetic, but it's not like I have only Heath, I have another sidekick who, if he has dignity and spirit , you better watch out Spike, if you can face him in the tournament. "

Minutes later the students, the principals and the officer arrived at the crime scene and were surprised to see Heath unconscious, Twilight noticed that Spike was looking in a different direction, full of curiosity she saw the direction that her brother was looking towards. the roof of Canterlot High, there was the Dark Crystal Knight, staring at Spike and vice versa, the 2 seemed to have a competition of glances trying to look as intimidating as they could.

After that the Dark Crystal Knight proceeded to retreat, while Spike only showed a serious expression, but Twilight knew Spike very well, she knew that her little brother was scared, he had no idea who that guy was, but now she knew that he had minions and possibly one of them is participating in this tournament.

Spike froze, seeing that, Twilight came up behind him and proceeded to hug him.

When he felt a hug, Spike turned to see that Twi was responsible, she could see that Spike's expression changed from serious to concerned.

“Twi… I…. He …… I don't know if I can ……… beat him. " Spike spoke scared, being the target of a blader like the Dark Crystal Knight, Twilight comforted him "Remember Spike, you are not alone in this, you have me and your friends to support you and we will never abandon you."

Then Spike outlined a small smile, those words were necessary for him to come to himself.

"Hey, why aren't we going to see Flash and congratulate him on such a great battle," Spike said.

"Of course Spike," Twi replied, and at that moment they returned to the gym also eager for the next battle.

But now that the evil manifested in the form of a fire demon was defeated, which will be the next evil in disguise guided by the Dark Crystal Knight, only the beybattles would decide and one thing was for sure, none of the bladers will give up on this. epic journey.

Ep 11: Endurance Round No Continues

View Online

In the gym, many students were grateful to Flash Sentry for saving them from the evil Heath Burns, some were even asking for autographs.

Flash was feeling nervous, so he just smiled.

But Spike arrived and said: "" Better enjoy your 5 minutes of fame Flash, you earned it. "

After a few minutes the principals announced the next bladers to fight.

“Please get ready, Snails and Button Mash,” announced Principal Celestia.

"Smash that dork, Snails," Snips said.

Snails just laughed and said as he walked away from the benches, "I'm going to make you see what a Game Over screen is like in real life."

"Yeah, it's finally my turn," Button Mash said excitedly.

"Do your best, Button," Rumble said.

"Don't let Snails get away with it," Spike said.

Button nodded and headed for the center of the gym, but before he could move on he heard a voice.

"Good luck Button," Sweetie Belle was yelling.

Button Mash couldn't help but blush and nervously said, "Um, thanks Sweetie, I'll do my best."

As Button Mash walked away, Rumble asked Spike something.

"Spike, if I could ask you, how did you meet Button Mash."

Spike without answering only limited himself to observing Rumble, he wanted to know if he had anything else to say.

Rumble continued: "Well, I thank you for accepting me as a friend, since at Crystal Prep I was always alone, so I would like to hear more about you for how kind you have been to me."

Spike was moved by those words that Rumble blurted out, so smiling he proceeded to tell him: "It's a funny story, it happened a year after my family moved here."


6 years ago.

A little 7-year-old Spike was sitting waiting in a classroom, in that same room were Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, the 3 were also 7 years old, they were talking, Spike thought about approaching them, but he felt that he would be left out of the place, being a boy and all of that, so he just settled for sitting alone.

This was a normal situation for Spike when he was at school, he always went alone, since he did not have any friends there, when Spike spent time with someone it was with his sister Twilight Sparkle and her friends, although many times he was left out.

There was also his brother Shinning Armor, who always invited Big Mac, Applejack's and Apple Bloom older brother to play Ogres and Oubliettes, those were the only times Spike had fun with other boys.

Then the classroom door opened and the teacher entered next to a boy that no one knew, the boy had brown skin, orange hair and his most remarkable feature, he wore a hat with a propeller.

The teacher said: "Good morning children, today we have a new student with us, his name is Button Mash, before you sit down, do you want to tell us something about yourself?"

Button a little nervous, he was thinking about what to say, then the following words came out of his mouth: “Hello, my name is Button Mash, I like video games and …….”

Button was speechless and he proceed to sitting down only to find there was no empty chair for the direction he went: "Oh, Pony feathers."

"Why don't you sit there, right behind Spike," the teacher pointed to an empty chair behind where Spike was sitting.

"Oh ok," Button sat behind Spike.

The class continued normal until the break time came, some children went to the playground, others to the hall and others stayed in the classroom, Spike had remained in the classroom as Button Mash.

Spike pulled a Power Ponys comic book out of his backpack and he read it to pass the time.

As Spike read, he heard gunshot sounds behind him, so for a moment he stopped paying attention to his reading and proceeded to turn around to see Button Mash playing a video game on a handheld console he was holding.

But it wasn't just any video game, it was a Power Ponys video game.

Flashback interruption.

"Wait, you say they became friends thanks to the Power Ponies?" Rumble asked.

"I told you it would be a funny story," Spike said. "But I will continue."

Back to the Flashback.

"Is that the Power Ponys video game?" Spike asked.

"Uhh," Button was surprised someone spoke to him, paused his game and cleared his gaze from the screen to see Spike "Oh yeah, great game."

Button noticed that Spike was holding one of the Power Ponys comic books, there he realized that he was also a fan, Spike came to see the game closely and realized that the character that Button chose was Humdrum.

"Wow, you like Humdrum too, he's my favorite character," Spike said enthusiastically.

"Yes, it may not have powers but it is very cool and without it, the Power Ponies would have been defeated on more than one occasion," added Button.

Button and Spike continued to talk about the things both like, it turns out they had a lot in common.

Hours later.

Classes had finished, so Spike and Button were heading to the exit to return to their homes, they were on the second floor so they had to go down some stairs that were there.

"Spike," came a voice, Spike turned and saw Twilight on the first floor waiting for him "It's time to go home."

"Oh well it's time to go, see you later," Spike said goodbye to Button Mash.

He replied "Yes, you should go to my house one day, we can play different types of video games."

“Yes, it would be the best, we could AHHHHHHHHHHH ………….” Spike slipped on a banana peel that some idiot had left on the ground.

Button tried to avoid the fall of his friend trying to hold him, but the only thing he managed was to fall along with him to the first floor "SpiAHHHHHHH ……."


"SPIKE," Twilight yelled worried about her little brother.

"Don't worry Twi, we're fine ..... UGHHH," Spike said before being knocked out, the same thing happened with Button Mash.

Minutes later.

Nurse RedHeart, a woman with white skin and pink hair, was bandaging Spike and Button Mash's arms and legs.

"Very well children, you are ready, next time be more careful where you go, this is not a cartoon, but you never know when you will step on a banana peel," said the nurse jokingly.

"We will be more careful," the two said at the same time.

"Wait a minute," the nurse asked them to wait while I took out 2 popsicles from a drawer, "They were very good patients today and good patients take a popsicle."

The 2 accepted the popsicles and thanked Nurse RedHeart.

End of Flashback.

“From that day on, Button and I became best friends, sometimes I would go to his house or he would go to mine and we would do many things from playing video games to reading comic books, of course I already had friends before like my sister friends or Apple Bloom's older brother, but that relationship was more of being the “younger brother of the group,” so Button came in and made a difference. "

Rumble liked Spike's story, but there was a detail that he didn't take into account, “Wait, but what about the Crusaders, you know, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, they are your same age, why they never invited you to hang out? "

"Well, everyone will have their reasons, but I guess I had to have talked to them too, so I can't blame them for not spending time with me, they were surely only doing women's things and they believed that the dynamic wouldn't work with me, well, what I know?, I'm just a man, ”Spike replied.

The Crusaders overheard the conversation and were quickly overcome by guilt.

Spike realized that he forgot to say something important, "Oh right, I forgot to tell you, I was the one who introduced Button to the beyblade."

"Seriously?" Rumble asked.

“Yes, a few days after I bought Emerald Flame, he became interested in beyblade, so I took him to the store and that's when he bought Digital Debug, it was crazy it seemed that he was spiritually connected with Button Mash since in their first battle was a Burst Finish, ”Spike replied.

Amazed by the anecdote, Rumble just said "Wow."

Suddenly the principals announced the next battle.

Celestia: Be prepared for the next battle.

Luna: And with that, here are the participating bladers.

Celestia: In the red corner, a quirky student, his video game skills are only matched by his skills on the beyblade, 13-year-old High Score master Button Mash.

Button walked happily to the center of the gym, but he got nervous, he had never been in front of many people, he did not even feel nervous at anime and video game conventions where there were many people, but this time it was different, ignoring everything, he quickly decided go to the gym center.

Luna: And in the blue corner, a student who showed his musical talent at the last festival of the battle of the bands alongside Snips, 13-year-old Snails.

Snails was walking around greeting everyone, but when he got to the center of the gym, he pulled out a microphone and started talking.

Snails: Students from Canterlot High.

Celestia: What, how?

Luna: I think he somehow managed to interfere with the speakers.

Snails: Today, I come to give everyone a great show.

Celestia: Snails, disconnect or else you will have another day of detention.

Snails: I'llbeatthemall,sodon'tevenbotherparticipating.
That last thing he said at high speed before turning off his microphone.

“Inspect your opponent's bey,” Vice-Principal Luna said, while Snails and Button took each other's beyblade.

Button looked at Snails' beyblade and thought: "Wow, it's a BALANCE type, just like Digital Debug, I mustn't underestimate it or defeat will be inevitable."

But Snails only seemed to show a mocking look upon seeing Digital Debug.

The 2 returned the beyblade to its owner but Snails had something to say.

"Wow, this is your bey, I think you got it out of a cereal box."

Button just looked at him with a serious expression.

"I'll give you some useful advice, drop this, give up and run to the nearest arcade, maybe there you can dry your gamer tears after tasting defeat," Snails continued.

Button said nothing and at that moment he put Digital Debug in his launcher and got into battle position.

"Hey silly, do you have plugged ears, because I'm talking to you," Snails said frustrated.

"Sure I heard you, but Spike taught me how to deal with people like you, I just have to ignore them, so I suggest you save your comments and prepare for battle," replied Button Mash.

This frustrated Snails more, but then he came up with a better tactic.

"Your mother."

"What?" Button asked.

Snails continued: "I bet you will cry into your mother's arms when you lose, your incredibly attractive mother."

Button started to get angry.

"How is it possible that such a pretty woman gave birth to you," Snails continued.

"You know I bet it was a teenage pregnancy," he scoffed.

Button Mash was trying to keep his composure, so he said to Snails: "You will not disrespect my mom or your beyblade will pay the price."

"Oh no, he's insulted his mother, that's not good," Spike said.

"You don't do that, Snails," Rumble yelled.

"BOOOOOO, GET OUT, DOWN SNAILS," Sweetie Belle yelled.

All of Button's friends stood by his side and were ready to support him no matter what.

Snails put his bey in his launcher and got into battle position "You're just a loser and the reason you have friends is that they felt bad for you."

Celestia: All right, the countdown begins.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And everyone present shouted at the same time:


The 2 of them pulled the ripcord of their launcher as hard as they could and the 2 beyblades fell to the ground.

"Alright Spyral Shell, get this geek to see a GAME OVER screen," Snails ordered his beyblade as he approached Button Mash's beyblade.

"I will teach you what a GAME OVER screen is and I will also teach you that you can make fun of me as much as you want, but you can´t disrespect my loved ones, DIGITAL DEBUG, MAX POWER," shouted Button Mash as his beyblade approached to Snails with unimaginable speed.

"WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT," is all Snails could yell before hearing a sound of metal colliding.


And that's when Snails witnessed his beyblade destroyed in pieces, they had not disassembled it, this was total destruction.

"Spyral Shell, NOOOOOOOOO," Snails yelled as he saw his destroyed beyblade.

"I told you your bey would pay the price," Button Mash said coldly.

"Why did you do this?" Snails asked annoyed.

"Because a blader must respect his opponents, those who resort to cheap tactics do not deserve to be bladers," replied Button Mash.

Snails yelled angrily: "Ahhhhhhhhhh."

Meanwhile on the benches, many were speechless by that battle that lasted very little.

Rumble and Spike who knew Button Mash best were speechless.

The crusaders, Flash Sentry, FeatherWeight, and Pipsqueak were terrified of such power.

While others like Ember and Rainbow Dash never imagined how badass Button looked.

Celestia: I'd say it was a violent encounter, but technically that was a Burst Finish.

Luna: I agree sister, it was a bit violent, but the winner is Button… ..

Luna was going to continue but was interrupted by a voice "WAIT."

And from the benches Snips approached.

"After having seen that cruelty, I cannot allow this to remain like this, I will take care of destroying your bey," Snips threatened Button Mash as he put his bey in his launcher.

"Look, you haven't done or said anything bad Snips, so please go back to your place," Button said trying to calm my situation.

"Ah, you're just praying that I don't destroy your precious bey," Snips pointed to the beystadium where Digital Debug was still spinning.

"Snips, don't do it, it won't do you any good," Button Mash was saying.

"Please Snips return to your seat," Principal Celestia said.

"It is not your turn yet," Vice-Principal Luna said.

But Snips didn´t listen.

“I'll show you and make you run crying with your mom, LET IT RIP,” Snips yelled as he tossed his bey right where Button's bey was spinning.

"That's dirty play, poor Button, his bey must be exhausted," Sweetie Belle said.

Scootaloo continued "You're right, Snips and Snails don't have a good competitive spirit."

"I hope nothing bad happens," said Apple Bloom.

But Spike and Rumble felt bad, but not for Button, they felt bad about what would happen to Snips' bey.

And in that moment.


Snips 'beyblade was destroyed just like Snails'.


"Snips, I told you not to throw it, I tried ……" Button tried to apologize, but was interrupted by Snips.

"Just shut up, I can't bear to hear your voice, grhhhhhg," Snips ran out of the gym.

"I tried to stop him, but I couldn't, I just hope this experience will serve as a lesson for the future for those 2," Button said discouraged.

"Button, you were just defending yourself, you shouldn't blame yourself for that," Principal Celestia said.

"And that is why you are the winner of this battle," Vice-Principal Luna said.

All the students clapped while Button just smiled nervously and walked back to the benches.

"Very well done buddy," Spike said.

"You showed off," Rumble said.

"I knew you would win Mashy," Sweetie hugged Button which made him blush.

In the roof, the Dark Crystal Knight was observing: "The power of a blader has no limits, every battle is full of surprises, and I hope that dragon surprises me."

Ep 12: Sugar, Apples and Friendly Rivalry

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In the beystadium there were 2 beys fighting, one was magenta with yellow in the center and the other was blue with brown in the center.

"Your time is up," said a light brown skinned boy with long brown hair wearing a trench coat in addition to wearing a scarf.

That boy was Time Turner, a very clever 15-year-old student and science fiction fan, known to many students as "The Doctor."

"Time is relative my friend," replied a boy with magenta skin with blue-gray hair, wearing a yellow shirt and wearing glasses.

That other boy was Microchips, an exemplary student whose major is mathematics, he was also known for his love of technology.

Suddenly Microchips beyblade dodged the Time Turner beyblade attack.

"What was that?" Timer Turner asked when he saw that the Microchips bey moved at a vertical angle.

"Time for our special attack," said Microchips, he prepared to shout: "CODE BREAKER, SLIDING UNLOCKABLE."

Code Breaker began to move, but not to the Time Turne beyblade, rather to a corner, this confused many students who were watching the battle, why send a beyblade directly to the wall of the beystadium?

The answer was given to him when Code Breaker crashed, the bounce caused by the collision made it faster, Time Turner tried to order his bey to dodge, but it was too late "SPACE CHRONOS."

The collision was inevitable, and Space Chronos disarmed ended up being the victim of a Burst Finish.

Luna: A Burst Finish, which means it's 2 points for Microchips.

Celestia: And with a score of 2-1, it will be Microchips who will advance to the next round.

The students who witnessed the duel gave great applause for such an amazing show.

Time Turner collected the pieces of Space Chronos and put it back together, after putting it together, he decided to held out his hand.

"It was a very out of this world battle, and I dare say out of this timeline," Microchips said, shaking his hand in acceptance of the doctor's greeting, that comment made Time Turner let out a small laugh.

“You are very skilled, your mysterious abilities blew me away,” Time Turner said excitedly.

"Well, it's not a mystery if you analyze the data doctor," Microchips showed his beyblade to Time Turner "I myself modified Code Breaker especially to be able to react to the drastic speed change, so I avoid losing balance at the cost of losing a little more of energy. "

“That's amazing, you definitely won a place in the next round of this tournament,” said Time Turner but suddenly his phone rang: “Great whickering stallions, look at the time !, I'd better go or else I'll be late, Allons-y!"

Time Turner proceeded to leave the place in a hurry.

"Wow, that guy is always in a hurry," said Flash Sentry who seemed to be in conversation with Rainbow Dash, Ember, and Smolder.

"Seriously?" Smolder asked.

"Yeah, no one knows where he's going, but they always see him walk into various phone booths for some reason," Flash replied.

"That's weird, but there is still something I don't understand," Ember said.

"What?" Asked Rainbow Dash.

Answering with another question Ember said: "What is a phone booth?"

Ughhh, Rainbow thought in frustration.

Celestia: Alright that was another great spectacular battle from our older students.

Luna: But now is the time to shine for the little ones.

Celestia: In 10 minutes the next battle begins.

Luna: And the selected bladers are Apple Bloom and Twist.

"Yeah, this is great, this is very exciting, are you excited like me Applebloom?" said a girl with cream-colored skin, her fluffy hair was red and she wore glasses, obviously that girl was Twist.

"Of course if Twist, this is going to be a lot of fun, having a battle with a friend," Apple Bloom said happily.

"A lot of fun," Twist said. "But don't think I'm going to make it easy on you."

Apple Bloom replied, “Oh yeah? Well, me neither."

Before Apple Bloom went to get ready, Spike stopped her by taking her hand.

"Apple Bloom, I wish you the best of luck and I hope you win, plus thank you for helping me when I was feeling lost," Spike said.

Apple Bloom blushed: "Thanks Spike and don't worry, I'll do my best, and I'll always be there when you need a hand."

Now Spike was the one who blushed, but the moment was broken when Apple Bloom remembered that she had a pending beybattle "Umm, Spike you can let me go now."

Spike noticed and reacted quickly to let go of her hand "Oh, I'm sorry for that hehe."

As Apple Bloom left, Spike proceeded to sit down again, but received stares from his friends.

"Well, well, well, so the enchanted apple managed to cast a spell on the magic dragon's scales," Button Mash said jokingly.

"So, Apple Bloom?" Rumble asked smirking.

"Oh grow up you two," Spike said sheepishly.

While Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo only just laughed a little.

A few minutes later.

Celestia: It's time for the next battle.

Luna: But first, you have to introduce the bladers, first, in the red corner, a working girl whose family has provided their services in the school cafeteria for many years, the youngest of the Apple but with a strong will, 13 years old, Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom was a bit nervous, but she started to move forward, her nerves quickly fading when she watched her siblings in the stands encouraging her.

"Apple Bloom, don't worry, win or lose we are proud of you," said Applejack.

Big Mac as always just said, "Eeyup."

On the benches his friends were also cheering him on.

"Fight Apple Bloom," Spike said.

"Don't give up," Scootaloo said.

"And have fun," Sweetie Belle said.

Afterwards, Principal Celestia announced the next blader.

Celestia: And in the blue corner, a girl who is known for her great talent at making sweets, even rivals Pinkie Pie, a very cheerful and energetic 13-year-old girl, Twist.

Twist was approaching the center of the gym with a big smile on her face, excited to participate in such an event.

"Come on Twist, you can do it," Scootaloo said.

"You have the energy for this," Sweetie Belle said.

"Wait, who are you supporting?" asked a girl with pink skin and purple hair with a white line, the girl wore a tiara.

“We support both Diamond Tiara, after all the two of them are our friends,” Scootaloo replied.

“Yes, win or lose, they will have fun,” added Sweetie Belle.

"Examine your opponent's beyblade," Vice-Principal Luna said.

Apple Bloom and Twist handed their bey to each other and began to analyze.

"Sugar Rush, Twist's beyblade, an ATTACK type, from what I learned, has an advantage over my Golden Apple beyblade, being a STAMINA type," Apple Bloom thought upon seeing Sugar Rush, which was a red and white beyblade. , its colors resembled those of a candy cane.

"So this is Golden Apple, it definitely feels like a bey that Apple Bloom would control to perfection, so I must not underestimate it," thought Twist upon seeing Golden Apple, the beyblade was a deep red color except for the ring attack, which was covered in a nice golden color.

After that both of them returned the bey to its respective owner.

Celestia: It is time for the countdown as this battle is about to begin.

Apple Bloom took out its string launcher which had a design that resembled an apple split in half, then placed Golden Apple in the launcher.

Twist also took out a launcher, it was a ripcord launcher whose colors were exactly the same as Sugar Rush, then she placed the ripcord through the launcher and placed her bey there.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


Apple Bloom and Twist with all the might in the world, threw their beyblades into the beystadium.

The 2 beys started spinning, but Golden Apple had taken over the center, while Sugar Rush was spinning around Golden Apple without attacking it.

"Sugar Rush is fast, but if you don't attack you won't beat me Twist," Apple Bloom said knowing that Twist's bey was an ATTACK type, so it wouldn't last long spinning.

"Hehehehe, don't worry Apple Bloom, that's not even half of her true speed, is it Sugar Rush," Twist said and suddenly her beyblade began to advance at a hell of a speed.

"What the… .." said Apple Bloom.

"It can't be, it's too fast," Spike said worriedly.

"It is faster than Cloud Slayer," Rumble said.

"But look, the more it moves, the more unstable it seems," Button Mash pointed out to the Twist bey, he was wobbling a lot, it seemed like at any moment he was going to Auto-Burst.

"Then Apple Bloom just has to hold out and win," Spike said.

"You seem very concerned, but you shouldn't be Spike, look on the bright side, if Apple Bloom loses, you can kidnap her," Button Mash said.

"Yes, in your castle, surrounded by your legendary treasures," Rumble added with a laugh.

"Seriously, can you two stop making bad jokes about dragon stereotypes right now?" Spike asked.

Sugar Rush began to spin more and more until it formed a small tornado on the beystadium.

"DON'T GIVE UP SUGAR RUSH," Twist yelled.

"Resist Golden Apple," Apple Bloom ordered her bey, but it was late, Golden Apple had been absorbed by the tornado and after several laps, it was thrown from the beystadium.

Celestia: That's a Ring Out.

Luna: The battle goes in favor of Twist with a score of 0-1.

"Wow, who knew Twist could be that strong," Sweetie Belle asked.

"I know, Apple Bloom will have to give more than she has to survive this encounter," Scootaloo replied.

"Wow," was the only thing Apple Bloom could say as she placed Golden Apple in her launcher, she was amazed at how Twist used the power of Sugar Rush.

Twist was in the beystadium where she picked up her bey, Twist looked happy to take the lead, then he put Sugar Rush in her launcher to prepare for the second battle.

Apple Bloom looked at Twist seriously but then smiled: "I was not expecting that Twist movement, it shows that you tried a lot."

"Thanks Apple Bloom, I called that attack the Sugar Rush," Twist replied cheerfully.

"But isn't that your bey's name?" Apple Bloom asked somewhat confused.

"Umm yeah, now that you mention it, I don't think I thought it through," Twist said ruefully.

Apple Bloom giggled, she had known Twist for a long time and knew that she was not the best at making up names.

Celestia: Now, it's time to start the second battle.

Luna: You're right sister, countdown time.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And as always all the students shouted:


Again the 2 beyblades fell to the beystadium.

They assumed the same positions as in the previous battle, Golden Apple taking center while Sugar Rush circled the beystadium.

"Very well, I must stop her the moment she decides to use the Sugar Rush attack," Apple Bloom thought.

Twist suddenly ordered her bey "You have to go faster Sugar Rush."

"Very good Apple Bloom, you only have one chance, you must use it well," Apple Bloom thought.

"SPECIAL MOVE, SUGAR RUSH," Twist yelled as her bey dramatically increased speed and spun around the beystadium again creating a kind of small tornado.

Apple Bloom began to analyze the situation, but still did not order Golden Apple to attack, she was waiting for the right moment.

"What is Apple Bloom doing? If she continues like this, her beyblade will be sucked into that tornado and she will lose the battle," said Applejack worried about her little sister.

"Eeyup," said Big Mac.

Apple Bloom, Spike thought.

The tornado that Sugar Rush generated was getting stronger and it was only a matter of time to get Golden Apple out of the beystadium.

But Apple Bloom still did not lose her concentration, she tried to follow Twist's bey with her eyes, she saw him spinning at great speed, when suddenly she managed to calculate well the place where she should attack.


Golden Apple headed to the exact spot to collide with Sugar Rush, but before colliding, Golden Apple changed its color to being a 100% gold beyblade.

The collision was inevitable.

The 2 beys collided, that caused a great tremor that made the bladers and the principals stumble.

"Wow, this looks like an unstoppable force is pitted against an immovable object," Twilight Sparkle said.

"I think you're exaggerating a little bit Twilight ," Applejack said, "And what are you doing, Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy had her eyes covered with her hands: "I don't want to see."

Sunset said, "Fluttershy, this is a beybattle, not a bar fight."

Back in the battle, the 2 bladers were not giving up.

"GOLDEN APPLE," Apple Bloom screamed.

"SUGAR RUSH," Twist yelled.

The beys continued to give their best, but it was all over when Sugar Rush broke through Golden Apple's defense.

"Oh no," Apple Bloom thought.

"Victory will be mine," Twist said as she watched Apple Bloom's bey get sucked into the tornado.

"Golden Apple, no," said Apple Bloom when her bey was fired outside the beystadium.

Victory was for Twist.

Or so she believed.

A few seconds before Golden Apple landed outside the beystadium, Sugar Rush was the victim of a Burst Finish due to the power she used by maximizing speed.

"Oh no, this can't be happening," Twist said.

Sugar Rush disarmed.

Celestia: Let's watch the slow motion replay.

The principal Celestia put the video of the battle to determine who won, they zoomed in on the moment where Sugar Rush disarmed, it was clearly seen that Golden Apple fell to the ground a second after Sugar Rush did Burst.

Luna: Because Golden Apple was still in the air, the victory goes to Apple Bloom with a score of 1-2.

Celestia: So it will be Apple Bloom who goes to the next round.

Luna: But let's not forget her opponent, sister, she didn't make it easy for him.

Many students applauded, that battle was another one that took the beyblade to the limit.

"Alright Apple Bloom," Spike, Scootalo, and Sweetie Belle said at

the same time.

"Spectacular, don't you think Diamond?" said a gray-skinned girl with silver hair, wearing blue glasses and a pearl necklace.

"Yes, it was very exciting, you were right Silver Spoon, this tournament is fun," replied Diamond Tiara.

“Way to go, little sister,” Applejack yelled.


Twist was picking up her bey and at that moment Apple Bloom approached her.

"Twist, that was a lot of fun, and you fought very well, I hope we can have another battle in the future," Apple Bloom held out her hand.

"True, yes, I plan to accept a rematch whenever you want," Twist accepted Apple Bloom's gesture. "But next time it will be different."

Many of the students who were spectators were moved, although the 2 were very friends, that did not prevent them from giving their all even if they had to face each other, apparently this game although it was about competition, also seemed to encourage friendships .

Celestia: Okay, this is what the beyblade is about.

Luna: That's right, respect your opponent and all battles will end with a smile and maybe even a new friend.

Several minutes passed and finally it was announced who would be the next 2 selected bladers.

Celestia: It's time to continue, and the bladers who will have the honor will be ...

Luna: Diamond Tiara and Scootaloo.

"Yeah, it's finally my turn, woo hoo, I'm going to wipe it all out," Scootaloo yelled.

"It's your turn Diamond, you must be excited to fight Scootaloo," Silver Spoon said.

"Um, yeah, exciting," Diamond Tiara replied, but she looked nervous and concerned about something.

Ep 13: Shattered Diamond

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It was not long before the next battle began, Diamond Tiara VS Scootaloo.

Scootaloo was excited, she was impatient: "Yes, it's finally my turn."

But Diamond Tiara was not excited, she was very quiet, quickly the crusaders, Spike and Button Mash realized it and knew what Diamond was feeling.

"Hey Diamond, are you okay?" Scootaloo asked as she put her hand on Diamond Tiara's shoulder.

Diamond, being nervous, replied and then ran to the restroom: "Me, yes, everything is fine, why shouldn't I be? I have to go to the restroom, don't follow me."

In the stands, the Rainbooms managed to hear a bit of their conversation.

"Oh my, she must still be affected," Fluttershy said.

"Poor girl," Rarity said.

"I think it's time for her to let go of the past, don't you think so Sunset?" Twilight Sparkle asked, but was surprised to see that Sunset Shimmer wasn't there.

"Where did Sunset go?" Applejack asked.

Back on the bench, Rumble was the only one who was not aware of the situation. "Hey, can someone explain to me what's wrong with Diamond."

"Oh right, forget you're new," Scootaloo pointed out. "Alright Spike, would you do me the honor?"

"Umm, I guess that's okay," Spike replied feeling a bit uncomfortable, but proceeded to tell the reason for Diamond Tiara's behavior, "You see Rumble, DT in the past was not our friend, she was a bully."

"Did you say bully?" Rumble asked in surprise.

"Actually, the two of us were," replied Silver Spoon, embarrassed by her past. "We are not proud of who we were."

"Silver, that is in the past, now we are friends," added Sweetie Belle.

"Thanks Sweetie, you can continue Spike," Silver Spoon said.

Spike kept thinking it wasn't his place to tell about Diamond's past without her being around, but he had to keep going.

"I met her when I first transferred to this school, she always messed with the crusaders, later with me, even Button became one more victim when he was transferred," said Spike.


6 years ago

"Diamond, give me back my bow," yelled a 7-year-old Apple Bloom.

"Do you want your bow? Well go get it, ”said a 7-year-old Diamond Tiara as she tossed Apple Bloom's bow out of a window.

"That was very cruel, Diamond," said a 7-year-old Scootaloo.

"Oh please she works all day on that dirty farm, a little mud on her bow is nothing to her," said a 7-year-old Silver Spoon with a laugh.

"Why are they so mean, what did we do to them?" said a 7-year-old Sweetie Belle.

"As if we were going to tell you," Silver Spoon said.

"Hey, leave them alone," they heard a voice approaching.

The 5 girls turned and saw a 7-year-old Spike approaching with an annoyed expression.

"My, my, look who we have here Diamond," Silver Spoon said with a wicked grin.

"But it's the boy with the name of a dog," Diamond Tiara scoffed.

"Enough , don't disrespect us, or eif not ……." Spike replied but was interrupted by Diamond Tiara.

"Or if not what? Are you going to punch us? Are you going to hurt some poor girls? " Diamond Tiara asked with a sarcastic tone.

"No, I do not use violence, it is always better to solve problems with words, no matter how stupid the person it is," Spike said in a calm tone, that made Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon angry.

"That's how Spike speaks," Scootaloo yelled.

"You say it Spike," Sweetie Belle said.

While Apple Bloom was touched that Spike was defending her.

"Oh, so you think you can solve this with words," said Diamond Tiara.

Spike just nodded, but suddenly he felt a huge pain in his crotch: "UGHHHHHH, OUCH."


Silver Spoon had kicked Spike in his nether regions: "You wanted words, so have your words."

Spike with all the pain in the world got on his knees to try to keep the pain from increasing "OUCH, Silver… .. those… .. were not… .. words."

The crusaders watched the scene in horror, they didn't expect Silver Spoon to use that kind of violence on a boy, but the worst part would come later.

"SO THEN GET MY WORDS TOO, DRAGON LOVING IDIOT," Diamond Tiara ran straight to where Spike was, who was still sore from the kick that Silver Spoon gave him.

Seeing Diamond approach to punch him in the face, Spike could only blurt out 2 words: "Oh, Rats."


The last thing Spike saw was Diamond's fist, after that all he could see were stars.

End of Flashback

"Ouch, that had to hurt, what happened after she hit you?" Rumble asked.

"Umm, I don't know, I remind you I was unconscious, after that I woke up in the nursery," Spike replied.

“It turns out that, fortunately, Vice Principal Luna was passing by and saw it all,” said Apple Bloom.

"We got into a lot of trouble after that," Silver Spoon said.

"And just 1 year ago, we found out why Diamond's attitude," said Button Mash.

“When the principals called their families to tell them what they did, we met their mother Spoiled Rich,” said Scootaloo.

"Her mother was a sweetheart," Sweetie Belle added sarcastically.

“It turns out that her mother pushed her too much into trying to make her the perfect young lady, the stress she generated made her take it out on us who weren't up to the expectations of our families,” added Spike.

Guiltily Silver Spoon said: "And since I was her childhood friend, I decided to follow her no matter how many people she hurt, but that doesn't make me any less guilty."

Sweetie Belle placed her hand on Silver Spoon's shoulder "But everything changed when one day we saw a vulnerable Diamond Tiara, she was crying, so we walked over and told her that everything would be fine."

"And what happened?" Rumble asked.

With a smile Silver Spoon told the end of the story: “In the end Diamond expressed her true feelings to us and together we went to her mansion to confront her mother, Diamond's response to her mother was so great that even her father Filthy Rich supported his daughter, from that day on Spoiled Rich stopped pressuring Diamond Tiara. "

"I imagine they became friends after that," Rumble asked.

"Of course we do, good friends, we managed to make amends," replied Silver Spoon. "But even so, Diamond can't seem to forget the past and continues to struggle with her inner demons."

"So we have to remind her that everything is in the past, let's cheer her up," said Apple Bloom, as Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon followed her to the girls' bathroom, "Spike, Rumble, Button, aren't they coming?"

The reason they didn't follow was obvious, they would never enter the girls' bathroom.

"Um yeah, I don't think that's adequate," Spike said.

"I'd like to, but I'll leave it to you, I don't want you to think I'm a degenerate," Button Mash said.

"Good luck," Rumble said.

Meanwhile in the girls' bathroom.

Diamond was speaking in front of a mirror "Why, why it had to be against Scootaloo, what should I do, I don't want my competitive side to get the worst of me, I don't want to go back to that other me."

After processing it a bit, Diamond Tiara came up with an idea “Maybe I should give up and give Scootaloo the win, for what I did in the past I don't deserve to step on the same ground as my friends, your forgiveness is enough for me. "

"Nooo," Diamond Tiara heard a scream, so she turned to see Sunset Shimmer at the bathroom door.

"You shouldn't give up that easy, what would Scootaloo think?" Sunset Shimmer asked.

"Me…. I… ”Diamond tried to reply, but no words came out of her mouth.

Sunset approached Diamond, placed her hand on her shoulder and said, "I know what you're going through, because like you I was a bully, and you think you don't deserve the friends you have."

Diamond Tiara just nodded.

“The first thing you should do is forgive yourself, make it clear that your actions are a thing of yesterday, for a long time I was lost, I did not know how to feel the time the girls offered me their friendship, they told me that I should forgive myself myself, ”Sunset said.

"And it worked?" Diamond asked.

"It worked, now they like me and I like them, we form a huge connection, a point where we can get the best of all, that's what our friendship is about."

Diamond Tiara just smiled.

"Although if you still feel like you need to apologize, then you can do your best, giving your all in your fight against Scootaloo, show her that you are a blader with heart," said Sunset.

"Thank you so much Sunset, for everything," said Diamond Tiara as she hugged Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset found Diamond's gesture cute, Sunset thought it looked like something a little sister would do.

"Wow, all this for a spinning top game," thought Sunset. "Maybe I'll be encouraged to play too."

Suddenly the other girls entered the bathroom.

"Diamond, how are you feeling?" Scootaloo asked concerned.

“I feel good Scootaloo and I'm ready for our battle,” Diamond Tiara responded excitedly.

Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Silver Spoon all smiled when they saw that their friend was feeling better.

"I don't know what you told Sunset, but I think you should talk to Silver Spoon before our battle, maybe she can play better," Sweetie Belle said jokingly.

"Hey," Silver Spoon replied.

After that scene all the girls present laughed and headed to the gym, where an epic match between friends awaited, LET IT RIP.

Ep 14: Tag Battle

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The girls came to the gym and got ready.

On the benches were Spike, Rumble, and Button Mash.

"Well, it looks like everything is fine now," Spike said to which Rumble and Button nodded.

Celestia and Luna announced:

Celestia: It seems the contestants are ready.

Luna: Now the introductions.

Celestia: In the red corner, a girl with great sports skills especially when she makes great maneuvers on her scooter, the president of the Rainbow Dash fan club, 13-year-old, Scootaloo.

Scootaloo was approaching the center of the gym, excited, but suddenly seeing Silver Spoon cheering from the benches, an idea occurred to her.

Luna: And in the blue corner, a special girl, she has been through many things, currently she is one of the students with the biggest heart, showing us that we can all change for the better, 13-year-old Diamond Tiara.

Diamond was approaching the center of the gym, she had a happy and enthusiastic face.

Meanwhile in the stands.

Sunset Shimmer was returning to her seat.

"Where were you?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

"Me? Well, I had business to resolve, ”Sunset responded.

In the distance they could see Diamond looking at Sunset, the latter raised her thumb in support.

"Sunset, did you help Diamond with her confidence problem? That was very nice of you, ”Fluttershy said.

“I felt like I should help her, just like you girls helped me,” added Sunset.

“How cute, you two seem like you formed a sister / reformed villain bond,” Pinkie Pie said.

"I'd rather stick with 'just sisters' sugarcube," Applejack replied in confusion.

Back with Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara.

Vice Principal Luna told them that they should inspect their opponent's bey, but before doing so, Scootaloo spoke.

"Before we begin I would like to request something," Scootaloo said.

"What thing are you requesting Scootaloo ?" asked Vice Principal Luna.

Scootaloo leaned over and whispered something in her ear, Diamond was curious as to what she was asking of the vice principal.

Scootaloo finished whispering to the vice principal and she said, "Hmm, that's an interesting proposition."

Luna approached Diamond Tiara.

"Diamond Tiara, Scootaloo thought you might like a tag battle along with Silver Spoon."

"What??? A tag battle? " Diamond Tiara asked smiling.

“Yes, since the next to compete are Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon, Scootaloo thought it would be a good idea to have the 2 battles in a single round, you and Silver Spoon VS Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, of course it will only be possible if all participants accept , so what is your answer? "

"Of course I agree," Diamond Tiara replied enthusiastically.

Scootaloo got excited, so the 2 of them went straight to the benches to convince Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle to have the tag battle.

"What happen?" asked Silver Spoon.

Diamond Tiara and Scootaloo explained the details, to which they both accepted with excitement.

"This is going to be a lot of fun," Sweetie Belle said.

Luna: It seems that all accepted, ladies and gentlemen, since all the participants agreed to the condition, for the first time in this tournament, we will have a tag battle.

Many students were confused, others excited.

Celestia: Sounds like an excellent idea sister, could you explain how this battle will work?

Luna: Of course, in this battle only a single round will be played, in teams of 2 VS 2, here the Burst Finish and Ring Out will be worth the same, a single defeat and the blader will be eliminated, when the 2 beyblades of a team are unable to keep spinning or to be out of the ring.

Celestia: Interesting, but what if 3 beyblades stop spinning and only 1 player is left standing?

Luna: Simple, if there is only one player left standing, it means that victory is for the entire team she is on, but be careful, because losing a bey could put your partner at a disadvantage.

Celestia: With everything in place, it's time to start the battle, bladers, brace yourselves.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were placed in the left corner of the beystadium while Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were placed in the right corner.

Sweetie Belle began to feel a little nervous, luckily Scootaloo noticed it in time "Sweetie Belle, it's okay, remember it's just a game, you shouldn't be nervous, just have fun."

“Are you Silver ready? Don't worry, as Scootaloo said, we just have to have fun, ”said Diamond Tiara to Silver Spoon.

"Sure, Diamond, but I'm still not going to go down so easy," Silver Spoon replied.

"Well me neither," Scootaloo added.

"Neither have I," Sweetie Belle added.

"I'll give all my power too," said Diamond Tiara as the 4 of them pulled out their launchers and proceeded to place their beys on them.

Scootaloo's beyblade was an ATTACK type, the entire top was painted purple while the performance tip was bright orange.

Sweetie Belle's beyblade was a DEFENSE type, it was all white, but it had some pink lines surrounding its center at the top.

Diamond Tiara's beyblade was a DEFENSE type, its color was crystal blue, but with some pink details around it.

Silver Spoon's beyblade was a STAMINA type, the beyblade was completely silver, with a bit of blue in the center.

Meanwhile on the benches.

"This will be great, we should have tag battles too," Spike said.

"Yes, that would be a lot of fun," Rumble replied.

Button Mash saw that there was a flaw in the plan, "Umm, guys, there's a little problem."

"If it is because of teamwork? It's not a problem, we can always adapt to each one of us's style of play, ”said Spike.

"Yes, besides being exciting," Rumble added.

"That was not what I meant," Button Mash said a little frustrated.

"You already confused me," Spike said.

"Look, to have a tag battle, we need 4 bladers," Button continued while Spike and Rumble were still confused, "AND WE ARE ONLY 3, DIDN'T LEARN TO COUNT?"

That realization felt like a bucket of cold water was thrown at them, Spike and Rumble had felt foolish for not considering it.

"Oh gems, it seemed like a very good idea if I ………" Spike spoke but stopped when by chance he turned to see one of the windows that pointed towards the soccer field, there was the Dark Crystal Knight talking to a boy which Spike had not seen, that boy had black skin, red hair and poisonous purple eyes, he wore an outfit that consisted of a black leather jacket, a purple shirt, black pants and black boots in addition to having chains that were hooked to your pants.

"Are you ok Spike?" Button Mash asked.

Spike nervously replied "Umm, yeah, I'm fine Button, I remembered i left my cell phone in my locker, I'm going to get it."

Spike proceeded to secretly retreat to the soccer field.

"I don't know what he's up to now, but I can at least stay one step ahead of the Dark Crystal Knight," Spike thought.

Back to the gym.

Celestia: Alright girls, are you ready?

The 4 girls responded by nodding while they placed the beys in their launchers, they all used a string launcher that corresponded to the color of the bey except Sweetie Belle which had a ripcord launcher.

Luna: Perfect, it's time for the countdown.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And suddenly Scootaloo, Diamond, Silver and Sweetie screamed at the same time as they threw their beys onto the beystadium.


The 4 beyblades started spinning and the battle began.

Quickly and without thinking twice Scootaloo ordered her beyblade to give the first attack "XTREME RAPTOR, GO TO THEM."

Xtreme Raptor went straight for Diamond and Silver's beys, prepared for a collision.


"Now Silver," Diamond Tiara said.

"Sure, she replied," Silver Spoon.

The 2 beyblades moved away in opposite directions avoiding the attack, unfortunately behind those 2 beys was Sweetie Belle's bey, which collided with Scootaloo's.

"Hey, watch out, you almost made Sweet Tone explode," Sweetie Belle claimed.

"Sorry Sweetie," Scootaloo replied ruefully.

Then they saw the opposing beyblades advancing in a very synchronized way, they were shocked at first, but they knew that DT and SP are very good friends and they had surely played before.

"We can play like this too, follow me Sweetie," Scootaloo said.

"Ok," Sweetie Belle replied as Sweet Tone followed Xtreme Raptor.

Meanwhile on the benches.

"Come on squirt, show them what you've got," Rainbow Dash yelled.

"You must be proud of her," Soarin added.

"Sure, I know my little sister can handle this," Rainbow Dash replied.

And in the stands.

"YOU CAN DO IT SWEETIE / DIAMOND," Rarity and Sunset yelled at the same time, then both laughed.

Xtreme Raptor managed to hit Silver Spoon bey and it flew off.

"IRON PRINCESS, NOOOOO," Silver Spoon yelled.

But suddenly Diamond Tiara's bey advanced and jumped into a corner of the beystadium and managed to hit Iron Princess, preventing her from leaving the stadium.

"WHAT?" Scootaloo asked.

"Thank you very much DT," said Silver Spoon.

"Thank Jewel Crown," Diamond Tiara replied.

"I must admit, that was a good move," Rumble said.

"Yes," replied Button Mash who was still processing the move made.

The battle continued.

"JEWEL CROWN, NOW," ordered Diamond to hit Xtreme Raptor, but Sweet Tone got through absorbing the blow, curiously, they saw Sweet Tone turn faster.

"Thanks Sweetie," Scootaloo said.

"Whenever you want Scoots," Sweetie Belle replied.

But then the 2 beyblades were hit by Iron Princess which came from behind.

"Well done, NOW USE YOUR SILVER ARMOR," ordered Silver Spoon as Iron Princess began to strengthen and received the attacks of the Xtreme Raptor, which began to lose speed.

Oh no, Scootaloo thought.

Celestia: An interesting move, you think this will be the end.

Luna: Maybe sister, but I know these girls very well and I'm sure they will give us a great surprise.

"I have to admit, you girls are very powerful at tag battles," Scootaloo said.

"Thank you, but you are not making it easy for us," Diamond Tiara replied.

"But it is time to end this battle," added Silver Spoon.

“Same here, it's time for the final attack,” added Sweetie Belle.

"Wait, since this is a tag battle, does that mean it will be a combo attack?" Button Mash asked.

"I think so, do you know anything about that Spike?" asked Rumble "Spike?"

The two of them noticed their friend's absence.

"Where did he go?" Button Mash asked again.

"Maybe they haven't realized something," Sweetie Belle said.

"Just look at Sweet Tone," Scootaloo pointed out.

Smolder seemed to notice "Ember look at that."

"Is it… .." Ember said.

And they both said at the same time "Reverse rotation."

"The great and powerful Trixie is confused, what is reverse rotation?"

“When a beyblade turns to the left instead of to the right, there are few beys that turn in that direction and Sweet Tone is one of them, normally their fights end with great speed since they absorb the impact of normal rotating beys, ”Smolder replied.

"We won't let them intimidate us, Silver now," Diamond Tiara said.

"ATTACK," Silver Spoon yelled.

"ROYAL HALBERD," the 2 yelled at the same time as Jewel Crown and Iron Princess began to spin one after the other, it seemed like they were going in a DNA pattern.

"Scootaloo ready?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Ready as i ever be," Scootaloo replied.

" SONIC TWISTER,” the 2 yelled at the same time as Xtreme Raptor began to create a tornado around the beystadium while Sweet Tone took up center stage.

Suddenly the 4 beyblades collided at the same time causing a small explosion which made the students stumble.


A few minutes earlier on the soccer field.

Spike was hiding behind the stands, he was trying to spy on the conversation that the Dark Crystal Knight and the mysterious boy were having, unfortunately as he was far away he could not hear what they were saying, but still managed to hear a few sentences.

"Trust him," the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"Don't worry, I know he can finish off that Spike guy," said the mystery boy.

Spike gulped, it seemed like they really wanted to destroy him, well, not destroy him, but maybe destroy his ambitions to be a blader.

"I must leave," the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"Won't you stay to watch the next battles?" asked the mystery boy.

"No, I saw what it had to do with it, Spike already said that he will not depend on his anger to win, although that Button Mash boy surprised me, although what he did was to defend his mother's honor, I would not consider it anger, it's just that Snips and Snails were very weak and I'm sure that Rumble boy will win his battle, ”the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

After that, he proceeded to leave, leaving the mystery boy alone.

"Hmm, so he's not only targeting me, but my friends as well?" Spike thought.

Then the impact of 4 beys was heard, which made Spike and the mystery boy stumble.


The explosion tripped Spike, which made a noise that caught the mystery boy's attention.

"HEY, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING," the mystery boy yelled upon noticing his presence and quickly ran over to where Spike was.

"AHHHHHHHHHH," Spike yelled scared and tried to run away, but he didn't see where he was going so it was inevitable that he would collide with one of the stands hitting his head and falling to the ground knocked out.


Back to the gym.

Luna: that was something that will not be forgotten, but where are the beyblades?

Celestia: I think you should look up sister.

They all looked up and saw that Sweet Tone, Xtreme Raptor, Iron Princess and Jewel Crown, kept spining as they descended, seeing this the 4 girls gave their last order to their bey.

"DON'T GIVE UP," the 4 of them yelled at the same time and after that, they leaned on their knees on the ground, they were very exhausted.

And soon the result of the battle was known because in the air the sound of what was a Burst Finish was heard.

The 3 pieces of 2 beyblades fell to the beystadium along with 2 other full beys.

With their last energies, the girls approached the beystadium, to see who was the winner.

That's when the principals announced the results.

Celestia: And the winners are …….



Luna: Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

All the students began to applaud for the spectacular battle they saw.

Scootaloo and Sweetie saw that their beys were still spinning, while Diamond and Silver picked up the pieces of theirs.

"DT, SS, that was a great battle," Scootaloo said.

"Thanks Scootaloo, maybe we lost, but for some reason I feel good," said Diamond Tiara smiling.

"Yeah, I feel amazing too, it was a lot of fun," said Silver Spoon also smiling.

"It is true," Sweetie Belle said in a squeaky tone.

The 4 of them laughed after that.

"Well now the only thing left is to support you, I hope you win more battles," Diamond Tiara said as she shook Scootaloo's hand.

"But next time we won't make it so easy for you," Silver Spoon said as she shook Sweetie Belle's hand.

Luna: It's nice to be young, don't you think so, sister.

Celestia: Indeed.

Luna: And with this, the bladers that advance to the next round are: Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

"SCOOTALOO YOU DID IT, YOU WON," Rainbow Dash yelled proud of her little sister.

"Sweetie Belle, I'm so happy for you," Rarity said as she cried with joy so much that her makeup was running off.

"It looks like they will be tough opponents, Spike will have to use all his power to keep up with them," Twilight said but then she realized her little brother's absence. "Wait, where's Spike?"

A few minutes later.

Spike woke up.

"Ughh, I think I hit my head," he said while rubbing his head, he still felt a bit of pain.

"You didn't notice where you were going," said a voice.

Spike turned around and saw that it was the same mystery boy who was with the Dark Crystal Knight.

"And didn't they teach you that it's rude to spy on someone else's conversation," said the mystery boy annoyed.

"AHHHHHH," Spike yelled and tried to run away, but the other boy grabbed him by the hat of his jacket preventing him from escaping.

"Hey calm down I'm not going to hit you, I'm not a villain" said the boy.

“But you were with the Dark Crystal Knight and I don't know about you, but with a name like that and hanging out watching over my beybattles and those of my friends doesn't convey anything friendly,” Spike replied.

"Ha, so you're the guy I'm talking about, let me tell you, I don't know what he wants with you, but, I can only say prepare yourself, because he's not the only threat," said the mystery boy.

"I assumed It was working with someone else, so you are the other threat," Spike asked.

"Me? No, I'm not even competing, but I don't want to ruin your surprise, so I'll just say you'd better take care of yourself, "the boy replied as he pulled out a completely black beyblade," But first, I'd like to know why the Dark Crystal Knight considers you so special. "

"I'll assume you're challenging me to a beybattle," Spike asked as he pulled out his launcher.

"Just one point," the boy replied.

"Okay, but just tell me your name first," Spike said as he placed Emerald Flame in the launcher.

"I am not obliged to tell you my name," he said as he took out an entire black ripcord launcher as he placed his bey "But if I don't tell you, you won't know who the mighty blader was that defeated you."

Spike began to fear at that statement, but still stood his ground.

"My name …… .." he paused and continued "It's Pharynx."

Ep 15: The Shifter Attack

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The battle was over and the girls returned to their seats on the pews.

"That was unbelievable," Rumble said.

"They blew us away," added Button Mash.

"Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were very powerful," said Diamond Tiara.

"But we will not let that discourage us, one day we will catch up," commented Silver Spoon.

"Still, you girls were the best teammates," Sweetie Belle said.

"Yes, they should participate in tag tournaments one day, don't you think Apple Bloom?" Scootaloo asked.

Noticing that there was no answer they turned around and realized that their friend was not present.

"Where did Apple Bloom go?" Scootaloo asked.

Rumble replied "She went looking for Spike."

Meanwhile on the soccer field.

Spike and Pharynx were about to start their battle, the two of them were inspecting their rival's bey.

"Damn, I don't know what type this bey is, its performance tip I haven't seen before," Spike thought upon seeing Pharynx's bey, his bey was completely black, except for the attack ring, which was on the sides. sharp parts a strong dark red color.

"He doesn't look that special, is this kid really as good as my boss says?" Pharynx thought as he analyzed Emerald Flame.

"Here you go, everything seems fine," Pharynx said as he handed the beyblade back to Spike.

"Same here, there doesn't seem to be any tricks on your bey," Spike replied handing the beyblade back to Pharynx.

Spike pulled his beystadium out of his backpack "Time to start Pharynx ..."

"SPIKE", was heard the scream of Apple Bloom who came running.

"Apple Bloom?" Spike asked.

"Spike, where were you? We were wondering why you were taking so long to…." Apple Bloom stopped when she witnessed Pharynx "And who is that?"

Spike just said "Works for the Dark Crystal Knight".

Apple Bloom was surprised to hear that "Be very careful Spike."

"Don't worry Apple Bloom, this guy won't be able to intimidate me," Spike said confidently.

"Seriously? Because it appears you tried to flee just moments ago, ”Pharynx replied.

"Umm, that wasn't…." Spike said nervously.

"And you screamed like a girl," Pharynx interrupted.

"You just took me by surprise," Spike replied, "And I don't scream like a girl."

"And lastly the most obvious," Pharynx added. "You're sweating a lot as well as shaking."

That was very true, it seemed that Spike had run a marathon because he was sweating a lot, in addition to that he could not put his bey in his launcher well because he was shaking.

This made Apple Bloom giggle, this was one of the things she liked about Spike, of course he was not the bravest of the boys, but still he had a heart and a strong will.

"Enough chatter Pharynx, and get ready," Spike said as he pointed his launcher.

Pharynx proceeded to place his bey in his launcher "I'm ready."

Meanwhile in the gym.

The principals were about to announce the next battle.

Celestia: In the red corner, a girl whose spirit is magical, and today she will show us why she is the great and powerful, 15 years old, Trixie Lulamoon.

Suddenly the stage was filled with smoke and when it dissipated, they could see Trixie already prepared, she even had her characteristic hat and sorceress cape.

Trixie was a girl with blue skin, bright white hair and lilac eyes, she wore a dark blue hoodie, a purple skirt and blue boots.

In the stands.

"Ughh it's Trixie," Twilight Sparkle said in frustration.

"You don't like her do you?" Sunset Shimmer asked.

"My dear, Trixie is too egotistical, but it doesn't mean we hate her," Rarity replied.

"It's just that she always wants to compete with Twilight, as well as putting on a show every time we meet her," added Fluttershy.

"She even filled my locker with lots of confetti just because it was her birthday," Applejack said.

"Um I don't think it was her," Pinkie Pie said nervously.

On the benches.

"Ughh, here we go, another performance by the so-called great and powerful," Rainbow Dash said. "She always thinks she's the best of all."

"Look who's talking," Flash Sentry replied.

"What did you say?" Rainbow asked.

"Nothing," Flash Sentry replied in fear.

"I thought so."

Luna: And in the blue corner, a certainly adorable girl, she is loved by all the students at Canterlot High for her big heart, as well as being full of surprises, 15-year-old Derpy Hooves.

Derpy was advancing towards the stage, she was a blonde girl with gray skin, a green shirt and skirt, she wore sandals with socks on but her most notable feature was her eyes, her eyes were not well aligned due to a disability that she had, however, That did not stop her and she was still the same happy girl, which she tripped over.

"I'm fine," she said, recovering.

Luna: All right, inspect your opponent's bey.

The 2 gave their bey to their rival and began to analyze it.

"Hmm, a DEFENSE type, just like mine," Trixie thought as she analyzed Derpy's beyblade, it was an entirely gray bey except for the center, which was yellow in color.

"It's the same type as mine," Derpy thought as she analyzed Trixie's beyblade, it was a blue bey with several purple parts including the center.

The 2 returned the beys and took out their launchers.

Derpy's launcher was a simple, small one with a ripcord.

But Trixie's was striking, it was a magic wand with a star in the slot where the bey is placed.

They both placed their beys and the countdown began.




"LET IT RIP" everyone yelled.

The 2 launched the beys.

This promised to be a tough battle between 2 defense beys.

Unfortunately it was not like that because suddenly a burst sound was heard.


And just like that, Derpy's beyblade burst when launched.

"Ooops, sorry Bubble Burst, I think I did it again," said Derpy.

Trixie was confused "But, but, my great show."

"Looks like you won, very good luck next round," Derpy said cheerfully as she picked up his bey and proceeded to retreat with a smile.

"Hey wait, the great and powerful Trixie won't accept a win like this, I demand a rematch," Trixie said furiously trying to chase Derpy but she was stopped by the principals.

Celestia: No Trixie no.

Luna: You already won, you will have another chance to show your magic Trixie.

Meanwhile in the stands.

The girls were laughing.

"That was a lot of fun," Twilight said.

"You can say it again, sugarcube," Applejack replied.

“It was fun, but it's time for the real beybattle of this episode,” Pinkie Pie said as the girls had a confused face, “What? Didn't they know that Spike is fighting a sidekick of the Dark Crystal Knight? "

Twilight freaked out "My brother is fighting one of his sidekicks."

Back to the soccer field.

Pharynx took out a totally black ripcord launcher except for the ripcord, it was purple.

They both proceeded to place their beys in the launchers and Apple Bloom began the countdown.




Spike and Pharynx yelled:


And the 2 beyblades fell to the beystadium.

The battle was going normal as Emerald Flame spin rapidly as it punchs Pharynx's bey.

"So yours is a STAMINA type," Spike said.

Pharynx just laughed.

"What is so funny?" Spike asked.

Pharynx replied "Oh, it's nothing, I just hope to see your surprised face."

Spike didn't understand what Pharynx was referring to, but then Pharynx ordered his bey to make the first attack.

"NOW DARK SHIFTER, TAKE DOWN THAT LOSER, DARK COPYCAT," Pharynx yelled and suddenly, Dark Shifter began to move differently, now moving rapidly around the beystadium, just like Emerald Flame.

"It can't be," Spike said as Emerald Flame was pushed away by Dark Shifter.

"I told you you'd be surprised, weakling," Pharynx said, "This is Dark Shifter's special move, the Dark Copycat, an attack that allows me to turn him into the type of bey he's fighting, it works so much better when I use it in a balance type like yours hahaha. "

"SPIKE," Apple Bloom yelled as Emerald Flame was thrown out of the beystadium.


And miraculously, Emerald Flame landed on the edge of the beystadium surprising Pharynx.

"Impossible," Pharynx said.

Spike replied "Nothing is impossible when you have faith in your Bey, EMERALD FLAME, USE THE OVERDRIVE."

Emerald Flame used the momentum of the fall to crash into Dark Shifter, Pharynx couldn't believe it.

"I cannot believe it," Pharynx said.

And suddenly.


The sound of a beyblade being made by Burst was heard.

And it was Dark Shifter.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," Pharynx yelled.

"Yeah, you did it Spike," Apple Bloom said smiling, "You won."

"I DID IT, I WIN," Spike yelled.

Pharynx picked up his bey and proceeded to leave, but not before saying something important, “Now I know why he considers you so special, you have small courage, but don't think this is the end, we will return soon, and until that happens, I hope you arrive at the finals of the tournament. "

Spike just replied "I am not thinking in lose, but I will not underestimate any of the participating bladers, they are here for the same reason as me, so it would be selfish to assume that I will reach the final, even so, I will do my best."

With that said, Pharynx proceeded to retreat.

"That was incredible Spike, who would say ..." Apple Bloom was interrupted by a hug from Spike.

"Thanks for being here Apple Bloom, it was very scary, I thought Pharynx was going to beat me up," said Spike crying comically without letting go of Apple Bloom.

5 minutes passed and finally Spike calmed down, but he was still hugging Apple Bloom, the 2 realized it and they both blushed, they quickly stopped hugging.

"Um then…. Do you want to go back to the gym? Spike asked still blushing.

"Yeah right," Apple Bloom replied without making eye contact because she was blushing too.

Back to the gym.

Spike and Apple Bloom sat on the benches, waiting to witness the next battle.

"Where the hell were you?" Rumble asked.

"It's a long story, I'll tell you later."

Suddenly the voices of the principals announced the next bladers to fight.

Celestia: The next bladers will be Bulk Biceps.

Bulk Biceps: YEAH

Luna: And Rumble.

"About time, I was starting to lose my patience," Rumble said as he headed to his corner.

"Good luck Rumble," Spike and Button Mash said at the same time.

"Wish luck to Bulk, he will be the one who needs it even more," Rumble said with a lot of confidence on his face.

Suddenly a security camera was activated that was in the gym.

From an unknown room, the Dark Crystal Knight was sitting on a chair, watching a monitor that showed the area of ​​the gym where the tournament was organized.

Next to the Dark Crystal Knight, there was a girl of about 13 years old, her skin was pink, she had scarlet eyes, she wore a white dress, black sneakers, she had a backpack with a drawing of a chess tower, but what the most outstanding thing about that girl was her light blue hair which was styled with many curls.

"Thanks for helping me with this," the Dark Crystal Knight said to the girl.

"Oh please, all I did was hack a camera, any brat with minimal knowledge could do it," replied the girl.

"Still, it's better to watch from here rather than stand for 4 hours on the roof of a school," said the Dark Crystal Knight.

"Still, all this for a boy," the girl asked.

"Just stick to the plan" The Knight said. "To see how far that boy is capable of going, he needs to be pushed."

"And exactly how many people are you willing to risk to push him."

"Not to many, but he cares for his firiends, its so amazing how strong their bond is."

"Aw you do care" the girl joked, "and all this time I thought there was nothing but dark crystals in that chest."

"Umm, well if you want you can take the rest of the day off, I'll keep investigating," said the Dark Crystal Knight.

As the girl was leaving, she looked at the screen and saw a photo of Spike, "I must admit, he is very handsome."

And so one more battle is expected, but what plans will the Dark Crystal Knight have, what is certain is that our heroes will be ready to face him.

Ep 16: The Strongest Pegasi

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Spike was telling his friends about his battle with Pharynx and all the information he managed to get out of him, after finishing, his friends were thoughtful.

"Hmm, curious," Button Mash said.

"What is curious?" Ember asked.

"Why precisely at this moment?" Button Mash resplied with another question.

"You could be more specific," Scootaloo said.

"I don't think it's weird that a super villian is trying to beat Spike and just happens to have a tournament on the same day," replied Button Mash.

"You're right, do you think the Dark Crystal Knight had something to do with the organization of this tournament?" Apple Bloom thought.

"I guess, it can't be a coincidence," Smolder said.

"So this can't just be me, it's all of us, we have to be careful," Spike said.

"You mean that the Dark Crystal Knight may have more cronies who want to face us?" Sweetie Belle asked terrified.

"Unfortunately yes," Spike replied looking at the ground.

"Hey, but don't be discouraged, you and Flash have already defeated 2 of their sidekicks, I don't think they're that powerful," Rainbow Dash said without showing signs of fear.

"I don't know Rainbow, at the moment they are unknown enemies, with those we must not lower our guard," said Flash Sentry.

"I guess one of you two has a plan," Ember asked, pointing at Spike and Button Mash.

They just nodded.

"So what is the plan?" Smolder asked.

"Run away and hide," Spike and Button Mash said at the same time.

"WHAT?" yelled all his friends present.

Spike and Button looked at each other confused.

"Running away and hiding? I thought you were the brave one" Spike asked Button.

"Hey, that was going to be my plan, and in what universe am I the brave one?" Button responded with another question.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe in the mushroom kingdom, you, mr 8-bit ," replied Spike losing patience.

"Wow, look who's insulting me, bad idea, I say it because you don't know how to hide your Power Ponys fanfiction," Button answered annoyed.

"You did what?" Spike asked surprised and scared.

"Yes and let me tell you that you are a predictable writer, you only created Fading Bloom so that HumDrum would have a girlfriend, what a waste of character," Button Mash replied with an angry look.

That comment infuriated Spike, "What did you say, Punk."

Button replied slowly and loudly "WORST… .OC… .EVER."

Spike with all the anger in the world, took off his jacket and showed his slim arms forming a battle stance, "I will teach you that my writing and drawing skills are not just to impress girls."

"Bring it on Dragon Boy, bring it on," replied Button Mash just as furious.

"No, people. Let's be smart and bring it off, ”said Flash Sentry, trying to intervene.

"Oh, so now the waifu thief is gonna preach to us," Pinkie Pie replied.

"Waifu what?" asked Flash Sentry.

It looked like a fight was going to start but luckily someone else interfered.

"ENOUGH," Twilight Sparkle yelled making everyone turn to her.

"I understand that you are scared, but fighting between you will not solve anything, it will only make things worse," Twilight said to Spike and Button, that comment made them react.

"Sorry, Button," Spike said ruefully.

"No, I'm sorry Spike, take things too far by mentioning your secret fanfic," replied Button Mash.

"What secret fanfic?" asked Apple Bloom.

Spike blushed and quickly wanted to change the subject, “NO, IT'S NOTHING APPLE BLOOM, um…. Where we were?"

Smolder replied, "Evil bladers chasing us."

"Oh right," Spike replied.

"Shouldn't we, call the police?" Fluttershy asked.

"And what are we going to tell him? That a group of villains are attacking us with spinning tops, ”Rainbow Dash replied.

"They would think we are crazy." Button Mash said.

The discussion continued but they were interrupted by the voice of the Principal Celestia through a speaker.

Celestia: It's time to introduce the participating bladers.

Everyone returned to their respective seats, the discussion about the Dark Crystal Knight's sidekicks could wait, at this time they had to give encouragement to their friend, Rumble.

Luna: In the red corner, a formidable student from Canterlot High, our physically strongest student and the winner of the best muscle award, 15 years old, Bulk Biceps.

Suddenly a loud noise from a wall breaking was heard, the students realized that it was Bulk Biceps, a student with great muscles, who appeared breaking one of the walls of the gym.

"YEAHHHHHH," shouted Bulk Biceps as he approached the stage.

Luna: Bulk Biceps you're going to have to fix that.

"Sorry Vice-Principal Luna," Bulk Biceps said ruefully.

Celestia: And in the blue corner, our newest addition, transferred from Crystal Prep, a boy who will surprise us with his competitive spirit, 13-year-old Rumble.

Rumble was approaching the center of the gym running with a determined smile, ready for battle.

Rumble heard some screams so he turned to see, "You can do it, Rumble, do your best and Cloud Slayer."

It was Spike and Button Mash, Rumble smiled, he was happy to have them as friends.

Suddenly Rumble remembered his past.

1 month ago.

Rumble was in a classroom, he was wearing the Crystal Prep uniform, as always he was bored in the classroom, not talking to anyone.

"Hey, you're going to try to pass the next national exam," said one of the students.

“Yes, it will be the best to secure a scholarship,” another of the students replied.

Rumble who was sitting, heard the conversation in the distance.

"Jeez, this place is so boring, they don't think about anything other than studying," thought Rumble in frustration.

Suddenly the bell rang.

"Well, I'm leaving here," Rumble proceeded to leave the room, but when he opened the door there were 2 other students blocking it, Rumble was going to politely ask them to let him pass, but before he could do so the students reacted.

"Ahhh, Rumble sorry," said one of the students.

"We didn't mean to bother you," the other pulled away so he could pass.

Rumble just kept going, but he could hear the students from afar.

"Wow, Rumble always looks so scary."

"Shut up, he might hear you."

Indeed Rumble listened, but he simply went to his locker, there he made sure that no one was there, he opened his locker and there was his beyblade Cloud Slayer.

"Everyone here judges me by my appearance, they think I'm some kind of bully, I haven't done anything wrong, why do they treat me like that? It's not fair," Rumble thought while shedding tears of fury.

Rumble was holding his beyblade.

"Cloud Slayer, you are my only friend."

Present Time.

"Cloud Slayer, you are my only friend," Rumble said, "Or so I thought, but I met Spike and Button Mash, of course you are still my friend Cloud and thanks to you I got to know them."

Rumble took out his beyblade and looked at it.

"I will never forget the day my brother said we were going to be transferred, I didn't know how to feel, but today, all I feel now is happiness."


On the benches.

Spike and Button Mash had tears in their eyes, that was noticed by the CMCs.

"Are you crying?" Scootaloo asked.

"Men have feelings too," Spike replied, shedding more tears.

Apple Bloom smiled upon hearing his answer.

"He was very brave, he spent more time alone than the two of us and yet he still retains his enthusiasm and his smile, as if he had accumulated infinite lives, that is why we are so proud of Rumble, our friend," replied Button, trying to hold back his tears, didn´t work.

"How sweet, your friendship is like ours, where you can be yourselves," Sweetie Belle said while Apple Bloom nodded.

"Except I don't cry," Scootaloo said trying to protect her pride, to which the other Crusaders looked at her with a face that said "SERIOUSLY."

"Hey I've never cried for anything like feelings," Scootaloo said.

"Will you show her the video or will I show it to her?" asked Apple Bloom.

"What?" Scootaloo asked.

"I will," Sweetie Belle said as she pulled out her cell phone and showed Scootaloo a video, "You must see this, miss who never cries."

In the video were Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo crying hugging Tank, their pet turtle.

"TANNNNKK," Rainbow Dash yelled crying.

"WE DON'T WANT YOU TO GO," Scootaloo screamed in tears.

The video ended and Scootaloo was embarrassed.

"That was just one time, it doesn't count," Scootaloo said trying to protect her pride.

"Does not count? You acted like Tank was going to die, ”Apple Bloom responded.

"Ughh," Scootaloo gave up as Aple Bloom and Sweetie Belle giggled.

Back with Rumble, he turned his gaze to the stands, specifically a boy with black skin and white hair, his older brother Thunderlane "THUNDERLANE, THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME HERE."

In the stands.

Thunderlane looked at his brother with a smile, "It was a good idea to bring him here and I also have to thank his friends, I haven't seen my brother smile like that in a long time."

Bulk Biceps approached the center of the gym, took out his beyblade, "YEAAAHHH, get ready little one, because you are about to witness the brute force of Bulk and his partner, Thunder Nimbus."

Rumble enthusiastically replied, "AWESOME, you better not hold back, because we will fight with all our might."

"YEEEAHHHH," Bulk said upon hearing Rumble's reply.

Luna: Alright, now it's time to inspect your opponent's bey.

Rumble gave his bey to Bulk, Bulk did the same.

"Hmm, an ATTACK type like mine, this could be trouble," Rumble thought as he looked at Bulk's bey.

"I can handle this, this one looks weaker than Thunder Nimbus," Bulk Biceps thought as he looked at Rumble's bey.

The 2 returned the beyblade to its respective owner.

"Do you think he can make it?" asked Flash Sentry.

"It's Rumble, he's got this match won," Spike replied.

"Yes, why do you think he could lose?" Button Mash asked.

"Because you haven't seen his opponent's launcher," Smolder replied.

Spike and Button Mash looked at Bulk's launcher, Spike fainted when he saw it.

"For the love of Palutena, what the hell is that?" Button Mash asked when he saw Bulk´s launcher.

Bulk's launcher looked like a bazooka, he even put his beyblade in the mouthpiece like he was loading some kind of ammo.

"Um, is that allowed?" Rumble asked the Principals.

Celestia: Bulk, is that weapon real?

"No, principal, it's just an altered launcher," Bulk replied as he showed them the launcher, it was clearly not dangerous.

"Okay Rumble, you have to be very careful, you don't know what kind of advantage that launcher will give him, but you can do it," Rumble thought.

"That thing must be heavy," Twilight said.

"I'm not surprised, Bulk is the strongest student," Sunset replied.

Fluttershy was just shaking.

Rumble placed his bey in his launcher, Bulk noticed that the ripcord was longer.

"Hah, so you made the ripcord longer, I hope you don't think you're the first to use that silly trick, it won't work on me," said Bulk Biceps.

Rumble just replied, "Bring it on."

Celestia: Alright, it's time for the countdown.

The 2 bladers took up a battle position.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


Rumble and Bulk threw their beyblades into the beystadium.

Rumble pulled the ripcord harder to make Cloud Slayer go faster.

Bulk pulled the trigger of his bazooka launcher and his bey was fired like a missile.

"AHHHHHHHH," Spike (who had woken up a few seconds ago) and Button Mash yelled, "That's a lot of speed."

"What do you mean?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"The reason Rumble lengthened his launcher ripcord was to double the speed of his bey," Spike replied.

"But because of the boost the bey received from Bulk, his speed is 4 times higher, it makes him more unstable, but now Rumble can only win if he keeps dodging his attacks and running away," added Button Mash.

"And that's the problem, Rumble isn't someone who runs away, he's someone who always attacks first, but in this battle, it won't do him any good to play that way," Spike finished.

"CLOUD SLAYER, GO FOR HIM," Rumble ordered his bey.

Cloud Slayer headed to attack Thunder Nimbus, but at the moment of colliding, Thunder Nimbus began to lose stability quickly, that would be good news for Rumble… ..

If only Cloud Slayer hadn't been fired from the beystadium.

"WHAT?" Rumble said.

Celestia: Ring Out.

Luna: That's a point for Bulk Biceps who leads the score 1-0.

"YEAHHH," shouted Bulk Biceps.

"Can't be, apparently he was faster than Cloud Slayer," Rumble thought.

"Brother, I know you can win," Thunderlane thought.

Rumble didn't know what to do, he couldn't match his opponent's speed by lengthening the ripcord, he was trapped, but suddenly he heard a voice that made him react.

"RUMBLE, I know you can win, don't you dare lose this round," Scootaloo yelled.

The crusaders were shocked, the only time Scootaloo yelled like that was to cheer Rainbow Dash on.

Rainbow Dash just smiled upon hearing her little sister with spirit.

Hearing that, Rumble began to think of a possible strategy, until it seemed like he found one.

"What's wrong little one? Are you overwhelmed by my incredible show of force? " Bulk Biceps asked.

Rumble replied, "No, I'm just thinking about the fact that your muscles won't give you victory."

"We'll see," Bulk replied as he placed his bey in the slot of his bazooka launcher.

"It is very risky what I am going to try, there is a great possibility that it will fail," thought Rumble as he placed his bey in his launcher and then looked at Bulk, "But if I don't do it, I will lose."

Luna: The second round begins.

Rumble started backing up until he was 3 meters from the beystadium, this surprised all the students.

"What is he doing?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Spike shook his head, "I don't know, but I know he's not trying to escape."

"Now what are you doing? Trying out some crazy and lame technique? you won't be able to launch your beyblade from there, ”said Bulk Biceps.

Rumble just replied, "You'll see."

"Yeah, whatever," said Bulk.

Celestia: Umm okay, let's start the countdown again.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

At that moment, Rumble started running towards the beystadium.

"This brat lost his mind," said Bulk Biceps.

Celestia and Luna: 1

And as he approached the beystadium, Rumble jumped high while pointing his launcher.

All the students were surprised at such a feat, yet they shouted:


Except Bulk, he yelled, "YEAHHH."

The 2 beys were thrown into the beystadium.

"CLOUD SLAYER GOT FOR HIM," ordered Rumble upon landing, several students got confused, he tried to do the same and ended up losing, why do it again?

But this time, Cloud Slayer wasn't thrown out of the beystadium.

"WHAT ?," said Bulk Biceps.

"Now it all makes sense," Spike said.

"Yes, the momentum generated by jumping and acceleration increased Cloud Slayer's speed, he is now 4 times faster," Button Mash replied.

After several seconds, due to its instability, Thunder Nimbus began to lose energy, so Bulk yelled, "Thunder Nimbus, hold on."

"IT'S THE TIME, CLOUD SLAYER, USE YOUR SPECIAL MOVE, WIND BLADE," Rumble ordered as Cloud Slayer went straight in a diagonal line to attack Thunder Nimbus.

Suddenly, like a sword, Thunder Nimbus disarmed in the most graceful way possible.

"NO," shouted Bulk.

Many students were left with their mouths open, a 13 year old boy defeated the strongest student.

Celestia: That was unexpected.

Luna: It practically came out of nowhere, but it's still a Burst Finish.

Celestia: Which means that the winner, with a score of 1-2, is Rumble.

"Yeahhhhh," this time Rumble yelled as he jumped.

Rumble heard that from the benches they were cheering him on.

"Very good Rumble," Spike and Button Mash yelled at the same time, of course there were evil bladers who were targeting them, but united they could defeat them, they remembered that when they saw Rumble in his beybattle.

“I knew you would win,” Scootaloo yelled.

"For just a kid, you fought really well," said Bulk Biceps.

"Thanks, but I had to improvise a new technique, I was just lucky," Rumble replied as they both shook hands.

All the students were applauding, they were excited at that quick but epic battle.

Several minutes later.

"That trick was great," Spike said.

“How in the blooming apples did you do that? asked Apple Bloom.

“You jumped and threw like some kind of superhero or anime protagonist,” added Sweetie Belle.

"You should show me," Scootaloo said.

"How did you learn it?" Button Mash asked.

"Hehe, I've actually seen this trick before," Rumble replied ruefully.

"Has anyone else done it already?" Spike asked.

"Yes, I mean no, well, theres a TV show, it's actually an anime, where a boy named Tyson…." Rumble told his friends, in the distance his brother Thunderlane was watching with a smile.

"You've made good friends Rumble, I couldn't be more proud of you."

Meanwhile, in one of the school bathrooms.

A young man with green skin and purple eyes in its entirety, he was looking at himself in the mirror, then he took out a beyblade from his backpack, the beyblade was orange with green in the center, he did not identify what type it was.

"It's just a short time away, so I can make my move," said the boy.

It seems that things will get more intense for our heroes, what will hold for them in the last battles of the first round? find out in the next episode.

Ep 17: The First Round Ends

View Online

In the beystadium of the gym, a beyblade with green and yellow colors was attacking a beyblade with blue and black colors.

"Rainbow, my triumph will be dedicated to you," a tall boy with green skin and blonde hair said to Rainbow Dash who was watching from the benches.

“He's very annoying,” was the only thing Rainbow Dash said as she frowned.

"Zephyr focus on the game," Fluttershy said in a very cute way, trying to shout to cheer him up.

“Your brother sure is, um, special,” Sunset Shimmer said.

“Zephyr Breeze,” Twilight Sparkle said, “From what Spike has told me, that beyblade seems to fit his style of play, a STAMINA type.”

"If you ask me, I think it's extremely boring, why just spinning and do nothing and just wait to counter?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Well, it seems that each contestant has their own elegant style, Darling," Rarity replied.

“When I defeat this fool………” Zephyr Breeze said to Rainbow Dash, but was interrupted when he heard a sound.


Zephyr turned to see what happened and could see that her beyblade had been disarmed while the blue beyblade was still spinning.

“Oops,” was all Zephyr Breeze could say.

"That was a good battle buddy, I'm not an expert, but I think you shouldn't have taken your eyes off the beystadium," replied a boy with light blue skin and dark blue hair.

Celestia: That's a Burst Finish.

Luna: Which means it's 2 points.

Celestia: And with a score of 1 – 2.

Luna: The winner is Soarin Skyes.

A few minutes later.

On the benches were Spike, Ember, and Smolder discussing the previous battle.

"That boy Soarin sure did take us by surprise," Spike said.

“He is strong, but we are better,” Ember replied.

“Indeed, and I'm finally glad I'm following,” Smolder said excitedly.

"That's strange, I don't know your opponent well, I haven't seen him," Spike said.

“Now that you mention it, it's the first time I've seen it around here,” Smolder replied.

"Actually, I do know him," Ember said, "He's a boy from my class, he's very shy and hardly speaks."

Interesting, Smolder thought.


Rumble was running towards the bathrooms, he was in a hurry.

"Note to self, never drink 2 bottles of water after a beybattle."

But when he got to the bathroom, someone opened the door and Rumble collided with the open door crashing.

“Oh, I'm really sorry,” Rumble, who was on the ground, heard a voice and looked up to see a boy with green skin, full purple eyes, and orange hair.

"It was my fault," Rumble said as he looked at the other boy's pocket was a launcher, "Oh, you're also participating in the tournament."

"Yes, and in fact it's my turn to fight," replied the boy as he proceeded to leave, "Wish me luck."

“Wait, I don't know your name yet,” Rumble said.

"Oh right, my name is Thorax," he replied as he backed away.

"Thorax," Rumble thought and then remembered why he was there and proceeded to go into the bathroom.

Celestia: Alright, we've seen great battles today.

Luna: But it's time to close this round with the last battle of the day.

Celestia: And now let's introduce the bladers.

"Good luck Smolder," Spike and Ember said at the same time.

Smolder went to prepare.

Luna: In the red corner, a girl who is not bullied by anyone, recently transferred from another city and a great blader, 13 years old, Smolder.

Smolder approached the center of the gym with a victorious smile on his face.

Celestia: And in the blue corner, a quiet boy with a shy personality but who can hold great power, 14 years old, Thorax.

Thorax approached the center of the gym without emotion.

“Looks like it is as you described it, Ember,” Spike said.

"There's something weird about him though," Ember added, "But I don't know what it is."

“Nice to meet you, I've been looking forward to this battle for a long time,” Smolder said.

Thorax replied nervously, "Thank you… um… I'll do my best."

Luna: Inspect your opponent's bey.

The 2 gave the bey to their rival.

"Hmm, curious, I can't figure out what kind of beyblade it is," Smolder thought as she saw Thorax's bey, a green beyblade with orange parts in the center and on the tip.

“A DEFENSE type, I guess it'll come in handy,” Thorax thought as he saw Smolder's bey, an orange beyblade with yellow bits on the tip and a purple center.

Afterwards, the 2 returned the bey to its respective owner.

Smolder pulled out an orange ripcord launcher into which she placed her beyblade.

Thorax took out a black string launcher where he placed his beyblade.

They both got into battle stance.

Celestia: It's countdown time.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted at the same time:


Smolder and Thorax launched their beys into the beystadium.

Smolder's bey collided with Thorax's.

“Very good Royal Claw keep it up,” said Smolder.

Thorax looked nervous, seemed like he didn't know what he was doing.

“IT'S TIME, SPECIAL MOVE, FIRE HOPE,” Smolder yelled as Royal Claw changed his rotation, now turning left and going straight to attack Thorax's beyblade.

Royal Claw hit Thorax's bey repeatedly, Thorax was speechless.

Suddenly, Royal Claw's attack ring was engulfed in fire

“Now what does he do?” Spike asked.

“I don't know, he must have given up,” Ember replied.

“I don't think so, he must have some plan,” added Button Mash.

"Have a plan? It looks like a statue,” added Scootaloo.

"Scootaloo's right, Thorax isn't moving," Sweetie Belle said.

"But it means that Smolder will be victorious, isn't that good news?" asked Apple Bloom.

"No, my sister doesn't like to win like that, she, like me, wants our opponent to give it their all, something Thorax doesn't seem to be doing," Ember replied.

“Now, um, come on what can you do,” Thorax said, but at that moment his beyblade was hit.


“Uh oh,” Thorax said as he saw his beyblade shoot out of the beystadium.

Celestia: That's a Ring Out.

Luna: It means that it is a point for Smolder with a score of 1 – 0.

“Very good Smolder,” Spike yelled.

"Interesting," Thorax thought as he picked up his beyblade, "I think I have the data."

"What are you talking about?" Smolder asked.

“You will see,” Thorax replied with a chuckle.

Celestia: Prepare for the next round.

Thorax suddenly put away his launcher and took out another of the same color, only it was a ripcord launcher, this seemed strange to Smolder.

"What is he planning?"

The 2 put the beys back on their launcher.

Luna: Countdown time.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


Again the 2 beyblades landed on the beystadium.

Thorax's beyblade moved differently due to the change of launcher.

“A change of launcher won't give you victory,” Smolder said, “Come on Royal Claw.”

Royal Claw headed for Thorax's beyblade, but Thorax quickly dodged it.

“I see you learned well, however, that won't do you any good,” Smolder said, “ROYAL CLAW USE YOUR SPECIAL MOVE AGAIN, FIRE HOPE.”

Royal Claw started to turn to the left as a bit of fire formed around his attack ring.


The sound of metal colliding was heard.

Thorax's bey was hit by Smolder's but this time it didn't leave the beystadium.

"He didn't even flinch," Ember said in surprise.

Spike looked strange, the scene seemed very familiar to him.

Suddenly receiving another hit, Thorax's bey began to move in a very similar way to Royal Claw, the situation was strange.

"What the hell?" Smolder said as she watched Thorax's bey spin.

It was also spinning in reverse rotation and some fire covered the attack ring.

“He can't be, he is copying my technique,” ​​Smolder yelled in surprise.

"IT'S LIGHT SHIFTER'S SPECIAL MOVE, THE LIGHT COPYCAT," Thorax said in a more sinister voice, "With that I can copy the technique of any beyblade."

"It can't be," Spike thought, remembering something.

“NOW,” Thorax yelled.

Suddenly Light Shifter hit Royal Claw sending her flying.

“ROYAL CLAW,” Smolder cried out in concern.

“LIGHT SHIFTER END THIS,” Thorax yelled.

Light Shifter kicked off and jumped off one of the corners of the beystadium and managed to catch Royal Claw out of the air.


Royal Claw was disarmed, ending in a Burst Finish.

“NOOOO,” Smolder yelled.

Button Mash and Sweetie Belle had their mouths open while Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Spike were terrified at such a sudden change in Thorax's personality.

“Sister,” was the only thing Ember could say feeling sorry for Smolder.

Celestia: Wow, what an interesting show, but it was a fair play, so it's a Burst Finish.

Luna: Which means that with a score of 1 – 2, the winner is Thorax.

Few students applauded for Thorax.

“Oh, thank you very much,” Thorax returned to his shy voice and personality.

Smolder picked up the pieces of her bey, Thorax handed her one.

“I think this is yours,” Thorax said.

"Oh thanks," Smolder replied taking the missing piece "Hey, sorry to underestimate you, although I lost, that was a clever strategy."

“Thank you, you could say I have a very good coach,” Thorax replied.

The two shook hands and proceeded to leave.

Celestia: Without a doubt, this first round was very full of surprises.

Luna: That's right sister, we had loose emotions, great friendships formed and even a lunatic student who was going to burn down the school.

Celestia: But it's time to advance to the second round, on Monday we will announce the formation of the battles, for now we congratulate all the participants.

Luna: And have a nice day.

The Principals proceeded to withdraw.

Smolder leaned a little embarrassed towards Ember, "Im sorry sis."

“Hey, don't apologize, you did your best and that's enough for me,” Ember replied with a smile.

“But I still lost,” Smolder said.

"But you have nothing to be ashamed of, sister," Ember replied hugging her, "Besides, who would have thought he was such a powerful opponent."

Spike was still thinking, Thorax's movements and strategy had already been seen before, “Is it possible that he….. No, I don't think so….. he seems to be a good guy……. But……."

Suddenly Rumble arrived who had been in the restroom all this time.

"Hey guys, what did I miss?" I ask without understanding the situation.

Everyone looked at him with an expression that said "SERIOUSLY."

Meanwhile in the computer room.

Thorax was talking to someone in a video chat.

“You did very well, I knew you wouldn't let me down,” a voice came from the computer.

“Don't worry, I have the situation under control, boss,” Thorax replied.

Then we could see the person on the video chat screen, it was the Dark Crystal Knight.

“All is going according to plan,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

“Yes, I will take it upon myself to obliterate them in this tournament,” Thorax replied.

"Sounds good to me," the Dark Crystal Knight began to laugh uncontrollably, "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha."

Thorax also began to laugh like a lunatic, “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. ”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

"Wait a minute, why are we laughing like we're some kind of super villain?" Thorax asked.

"Umm, i dont know?" the Dark Crystal Knight replied with another question.

Now what will happen in the next round, what sinister plans the Dark Crystal Knight will be preparing? our heroes will be victorious? we will soon know.

"But you won't know in the next chapter, there will be a few episodes before you get to the second round of the tournament," said Pinkie Pie smiling to the reader.

Ep 18: Rest in The ClubHouse

View Online

It was Friday, the students were already preparing to return home and enjoy their weekend.

Spike, Rumble and Button Mash were outside Canterlot High, unlike other students, they couldn't wait for the weekend to end so they could participate in the second round of the tournament.

“It was a fun experience, I must admit I didn't expect to see so many skilled bladers,” said Rumble.

"Ugh, but there were also rotten bladers like Heath Burns, that lunatic," Button Mash answered but then remembered Snips and Snails, "And some even though they tried to play dirty, they didn't deserve what happened to them."

"Buddy," Spike said as he placed his hand on Button's shoulder, "We all make mistakes, you just don't let them consume you."

Memories of his battle with Rainbow Dash flooded Spike's mind, "I swear I'll never succumb to anger again."

“Only then will we defeat the Dark Crystal Knight and his minions,” the 3 boys said at the same time.

The 3 looked at their beyblades and after a few seconds the 3 returned to their respective homes.

Hours later.

At the Sparkle family's house.

Spike, Twilight Sparkle, Night Light, and Twilight Velvet were having dinner in the dining room.

"Tell us Spike, how did that tournament go?" her mother, Twilight Velvet, asked.

"It was fantastic, Mom, we all did great," Spike answered cheerfully, but then he remembered Smolder and Thorax's battle, "Well, almost everyone."

"Did something happen Spike?" his father asked, Night Light seeing Spike's mood drop.

Spike didn't know what to say, but Twilight Sparkle chimed in.

“Smolder didn't make it through the first round,” Twilight Sparkle said.

“Smolder? Isn't she one of the BeyStore manager's daughters?" Twilight Velvet asked.

Spike and Twilight Sparkle nodded.

“Well, that happens sometimes son, remember there can only be one winner and eventually several of your friends, even you could be eliminated, but don't let that discourage us,” said Night Light.

"Dad's right Spike, remember you got through the first round because you worked hard, so you should always keep your head up, Smolder wouldn't like to see you second-guessing," Twilight Sparkle continued.

Spike smirked, “You're absolutely right, I don't know how, but I'm going to avenge Smolder, well, professionally speaking, I'm not some emissary of revenge like in my comic books,” Spike said, but then he remembered that the tournament battles were set randomly, "Well, if I ever get to face Thorax, if not, I'll leave the job to Button Mash or Rumble or even Ember."

Suddenly Spike's cell phone started ringing.

"Oh, can I answer?" he asked his parents, after all, they were having dinner, it would be impolite to answer without asking permission.

“Of course sweetie,” Twilight Velvet replied.

Spike answered his cell "Hello?"

"Hey, Spike," said a voice Spike recognized.

"Apple Bloom, hello how are you?"

"Well, we just met in class a little while ago, I guess I'm fine and I'll assume you are too."

"You assumed correctly."

"Oh right, the reason I called you, the rest of the Crusaders are celebrating in the clubhouse, because we all made it through the first round, I wanted to know if you'd like to come."

"Sure Apple Bloom, I'll be glad to be there in half an hour."

"Alright, see you there then."

Spike hung up his phone and turned around with a smile on his face and saw his sister and mom giggling, and his dad smirking, he looked confused saying, "what?"

His mom and Twilight giggled again, "nothing Spike."

His dad asked out of the blue, "hey son, how do you feel about your friend there?"

“AppleBloom?” Spike answered with another question.

"Looks like they're getting along better since this tournament started," Twilight Sparkle added.

"I guess so, she's kind of cool, she's not like other girls," Spike answered blushing.

His mother smiled, "You know Spike, you have that look, I've seen that look before, and those other times have been when Twilight is with Flash or when your brother Shining Armor is with Cadence."

Spike only blushed even deeper, trying to put his hood on his jacket to keep his family from seeing him.

"Well, I, ummm," Spike said trying to speak but trailing off, he thought, "Why am I feeling this?"

Twilight Sparkle giggled at the sight of her nervous little brother.

"Well, we'll talk about that later, I have to go, I'll be back in a few hours," Spike said incredibly quickly as he sped out of the house.

His parents giggled, "Young love is so cute."

Spike was in Sweet Apple Acres.

"Okay, time to go to the tree house," Spike thought but then remembered something important, "Wait a minute, where's the clubhouse?"

Spike felt silly for not asking Apple Bloom for her exact address when he talked to her on the phone.

He was going to talk to her, but then he saw Big Mac coming out of the barn.

"Hey Big Mac, nice day don't you think?" Spike said.

Big Mac only responded with a single word, "Eeyup."

“You may wonder what I am doing here.”


"Well it turns out that your sister invited me, but I got lost, do you know where the clubhouse is?"


“Could you tell me where it is?”

"Eeyup," Big Mac pointed in the direction Spike had to go.

“Thanks Big Mac,” Spike started in the direction Big Mac pointed, but then stopped, “You know Big Mac, the spring break is starting soon, maybe I'll have an O&O session, would you like to join in like old times? ”

Big Mac beamed and yelled "EEYUUUUUUPP."

"Fascinating, see you later."

Spike kept walking through all the apple trees of Sweet Apple Acres until he managed to see the tree house, he headed to the place but at that moment.


Spike collided with something and when he opened his eyes he saw that something was Button Mash.

“Button?” Spike asked and then saw Rumble approaching.

“Rumble? What are you doing here?"

"Sweetie Belle invited me, what are you doing here?" Button Mash replied with another question.

"Me? I'm here because Apple Bloom invited me,” Spike replied.

"And Scootaloo invited me, interesting," added Rumble.

The three of them were silent for several seconds pondering the implications until Spike decided to speak.

"Well then, why don't we go in."

Rumble and Button Mash nodded and the 3 went to the clubhouse, climbing it was not difficult and when they arrived Spike knocked on the door.




The door opened and they were greeted by Apple Bloom, "Guys, you're here, come on in."

The boys entered the clubhouse, they were surprised by how well kept and clean it was.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were sitting on chairs by the window and gladly received them.

"So this is the famous tree house, it's cuter than I imagined," Spike said.

Apple Bloom blushed, to which Spike decided to correct himself, “Umm…. I meant the tree house.”

"What? Wait a minute, you hadn't seen her, hadn't we invited you before?" asked Apple Bloom, then she looked at the other Crusaders to see if they had invited him before, however, they both shook their heads.

"Oh," Apple Bloom thought.

Minutes passed and the 6 were enjoying that little celebration.

Button Mash listened to Sweetie Belle singing, she had brought with her a speaker where songs were played.

Sweetie Belle sang:

“Ready to sing for this crowd,
Listen up, 'cause here's our story
I'm gonna sing it
Very loud!!!!!!!”

Button Mash was amazed, Sweetie Belle sounded like an angel singing, or at least that was his way of describing it.

“We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders
On a quest to find out who we are
And we will never stop the journey
Not until we have our cutie marks!!” Sweetie Belle stop singin.

“Wow, that was amazing Sweetie Belle,” Button said in awe, "Wow, I was also encouraged to sing but the new songs I know are video game soundtracks."

“Well, I like to sing, I do it in my spare time,” Sweetie answered with a blush.

“You should do this more often,” Button Mash said then remembered something in his backpack, “You should actually have this.”

Button handed Sweetie a white attack ring, Sweetie Belle witnessed the ring, it had a white design but it looked kind of heavy.

"Wow Button, what is this?"

“A voice controlled ring, the BBA labs are located in Seaquestria, in that city is where modifications are made to improve the game, they invented the Burst system.”

Sweetie Belle listened intently as Button almost lost herself in her gaze.

"Sorry I got excited," Button apologized and continued, "Anyway, they invented a system to control the beyblade through voice, sound attack rings."

"Seriously?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"Yes, Spike and I bought a sound attack ring when they were available, but since we couldn't get our voices to sync well, we couldn't control them, but I'm sure you could control it, after all, your beautiful voice deserves to be heard even in the beybattles,” Button Mash said as he handed her a kind of bracelet that had a microphone on it.

"This, that's very kind of you, Button," said Sweetie Belle as she took Sweet Tone out of her bag and placed the ringing ring on it, "It looks prettier that way."

Button just smiled as she watched Sweetie Belle place Sweet Tone on her launcher and spin it around.


Sweet Tone whirled as Sweetie began to sing.

“La, la, la.”

Sweet Tone reacted by making better movements in sync with the rhythm of Sweetie Belle's voice.

Button and Sweetie were surprised to see how the device worked.

“That's amazing Button, thanks for making beyblade more fun for me,” said Sweetie Belle as she hugged Button Mash.

Flustered, Button could only say, "Umm, your welcome Sweetie."

Meanwhile, Rumble had left the tree house to get some fresh air, when suddenly an apple came down and hit his head.


“Ooops, sorry Rumble,” Scootaloo said.

Rumble looked up and saw that she was at the top of the tree.

"Scootaloo what are you doing there, it's very dangerous."

“Relax, I always come up here, it's the best way to get some fresh air,” Scootaloo replied, surprising Rumble.

Rumble asked, "How did you get there?"

“With a lot of practice, maybe one day you can learn to….” Scootaloo said but stopped when she noticed that Rumble was no longer there.


"Ahhhhh, how did you get here?" Scootaloo asked.

Rumble laughed, “Are you really asking that? Remember I jumped higher in my battle against Bulk Biceps.”

"How arrogant," Scootaloo laughed, "You remind me of my big sister."

“I imagine you admire her a great deal,” Rumble said.

"Yes, she is my heroine, I would like to be like Rainbow Dash because she is never afraid of anything," answered Scootaloo, "But what about you, what can you tell me about your brother?"

"Thunderlane was very close to me, not counting my mother, I only had him since I had no friends until I met you," said Rumble while Scootaloo felt sorry for him, "He is someone who always stays with you and you can say your problems, but he is also someone who never gives up, he is always training.”

“Wow, you must admire him a lot too,” Scootaloo said to which Rumble nodded.

"Yes, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here right now."

At that moment, Scootaloo was going to fall off the branch, "Whoaaaa whoa."

But Rumble broke her fall by grabbing her hand.

“I got you,” Rumble said as he held her up, making them both blush.


Spike was leaning against the window of the tree house looking up at the stars.

Apple Bloom walked over, "Admiring the sky Spike?"

"Yeah, from this angle the trees don't block the sky, so I can see the stars," Spike replied.

Apple Bloom walked over to Spike to witness the beautiful starry sky.

"I have to thank you for having us Apple Bloom," Spike said, "After we got through the first round, I think we all deserved a break like this."

Apple Bloom smiled, but soon her smile began to fade.

"Actually Spike," Apple Bloom said in a sad tone, "I want to apologize to you, and so do Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle."

Spike was surprised and confused, because they wanted to forgive him, they hadn't done anything wrong to him.

"Why?" Spike said strangely, "You girls didn't do anything to me."

"That's exactly why Spike, we didn't do anything," Apple Bloom said with tears in her eyes.

Spike could only say one thing, "What?"

"When you and your family moved here, we quickly became friends right?" Apple Bloom recounted the time they first met, "Twilight got along perfectly well with our older sisters and the others."

Spike was listening intently, he thought he knew where the story was going.

"But you, you were alone, we were able to invite you to our group but we didn't dare ask you," said Apple Bloom with tears in her eyes, "I wouldn't know where I would be if it wasn't for Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, but you…."

Spike tried to calm the situation, "Hey hey, it's okay Apple Bloom, we were little kids, we didn't think well, besides that I'm a boy, I understand why, and I wasn't alone, I had Big Mac, he behaved like a second older brother to me.”

"Still, you needed friends your age and none of us cared about you, we were selfish," said Apple Bloom who was crying this time.

At that moment Spike hugged her, "Apple Bloom I know how you feel, but the truth is that I was selfish too, I could have spoken but I decided to stay quiet, I felt comfortable with Big Mac and a year later I met Button Mash, but I never worried about you, the selfish one here is me.”

Apple Bloom dried her tears, "I guess we all made mistakes, I think we shouldn't let them dominate us."

Spike smiled and then realized that their faces were very close, this made him blush.

Apple Bloom also noticed and blushed too.

"Oh no, why so soon," Spike thought, "Wait a minute why do I feel?"

Apple Bloom closed her eyes out of inertia.

“Perhaps my heart feels something for….”


He couldn't finish thinking because suddenly the ceiling broke because Rumble fell from the branch where he was and went through it.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Spike yelled in fear and pain as Rumble and various pieces of debris had fallen on top of him.

“Rumble/Spike, you're okay,” Scootaloo and Apple Bloom said at the same time.

Sweetie Belle and Button Mash came over to see what was going on.

“Don't worry, I'm very resistant, besides it didn't hurt at all,” said Rumble recovering from the fall and with injuries.

"That's because it broke your fall, clumsy," Spike said in pain as he was under Rumble and the rubble.

Button laughed, "Normally these things happen to me, hehehe."

Spike didn't like Button's comment so he threw a rock at him.


“Where's the leak ma'am?” Button Mash said dazedly.

That stone hit him on his head causing him to fall to the ground knocked out.

And so our heroes had a day to relax.

Ep 19: Beybattle Royale

View Online

Spike, Rumble and Button Mash were talking in a video chat.

"Hello, do you hear me?" Rumble said as his audio cut out.

“Rumble, I think you have a bad connection to internet,” Button Mash replied.

Several minutes passed.

“Grrr, I hate technology,” Rumble said angrily.

“Okay okay, I just wanted to show you this,” Spike said as he sent a photo that appeared to be an announcement for a small event.

In the photo, many beyblades were found spinning in a beystadium, and at the top it said: BEYBATTLE ROYALE.

“Wow, what is that?” Rumble asked.

"Obviously it's a flyer," Button Mash responded.

"I already know it's a flyer," Rumble said frustrated.

"Then why did you ask?" Button Mash asked with a bored expression.

"You're lucky a computer screen protects you Mashy," Rumble replied.

"That's enough," Spike interjected, "we've got better things to do than argue over this."

Spike began to explain to them that the beystore would be hosting a small battle royale just for fun, it wouldn't be an official tournament and there wouldn't be any prizes.

"Very interesting, don't you think? It would serve as training,” Spike said excitedly.

The other 2 boys were amazed.

"This tournament will only be for the first 15 bladers who sign up, I'm going straight to the store, don't you want to come too?" Spike asked Rumble and Button.

"Sorry Spike, but I'm going to be busy today," Button replied dejectedly declining the invitation, but then smiled, "But it doesn't mean I won't train for the next round, just wait and see."

Suddenly, Button Mash went offline.

Spike wasn't surprised, normally Saturdays were Button's relaxation days, obviously he wouldn't go, but saying he would train in another way caught his attention.

“I'll have to turn down your offer too Spike, I'll train another way too,” Rumble said, “But I wish you the best of luck.”

Rumble also logged out.

"Well, I guess it'll just be me," Spike said as he prepared to head to the beystore.

Meanwhile at Button Mash's house.

Button was modifying a white launcher.

“There, now you can launch with more precision and power,” said Button Mash handing over the launcher.

"Thank you very much Button, you are very generous, but are you sure you don't want to go to that event with Spike?" Sweetie Belle said upon receiving the launcher.

"No way Sweetie, for now I prefer to focus on every probability of a beybattle," Button said as he typed various codes on his laptop.

Sweetie Belle was surprised by the speed at which Button Mash was typing, "Wow, you sure are good at programming, I thought…."

"Did you think I was just someone whose only talent is playing video games?" Button Mash replied smiling, "I don't blame you for thinking that because that's what I am, but I'm also more than that."

Sweetie Belle smiled.

“If I want to have a chance against Spike and Rumble I have to go all out and that briefcase in that corner will help me,” Button Mash said as he finished typing and picked up the briefcase.

He opened it.

"Will that work?" Sweety asked.

Button just nodded.

Meanwhile at Rumble's house.

Rumble was with Scootaloo, in the center of the room, there was a beystadium whose center rotated.

"Does this serve to control the balance?" Scootaloo asked in amazement.

“Yeah, good training for bladers who have speed on their side, so we're in control,” Rumble replied inspiredly.

Scootaloo just smiled.

On the streets of Canterlot.

Spike was riding his bike to the beystore.

"I wonder what kind of bladers there will be," he thought as he continued to pedal.

At that moment, he saw someone in the distance, it was Apple Bloom who was walking.

Spike walked over to her and braked.

“Apple Bloom.”

She heard his voice and turned around.

“Spike, how are you, good to see you,” Apple Bloom said with a smile.

"I'm fine Apple Bloom, in fact, I notice you're going to the mall," Spike said.

Apple Bloom nodded.

"Well, don't you want me to take you?" Spike asked.

“Your such a gentleman,” Apple Bloom said with a smile.

"Hey, that's just me," Spike said proudly.

Apple Bloom giggled and decided to get on the bike, luckily the seat was big enough to accommodate 2 passengers.

“Okay, hold on,” Spike said as he started pedaling again.

Apple Bloom hugged Spike to avoid falling, this made Spike blush a little, but he kept pedaling.

"Are you going to the Beybattle Royale Spike by any chance?" asked Apple Bloom.

Spike was surprised, "You guessed Apple Bloom."

“I guess both great minds think alike,” Apple Bloom replied.

"Will you participate too?" Spike asked smiling.

Apple Bloom gladly nodded.

“Well, what are we waiting for, lets go,” Spike said as he sped off.

Minutes passed and suddenly they were already in the parking lot of the mall.

“Looks like we're on time,” Spike said.

"Yeah, I highly doubt that…" Apple Bloom was interrupted by a yell from Spike.


Apple Bloom saw the reason why Spike screamed, it was because a black car was approaching them, it seemed that the driver was not paying attention.

“Oooooh, SWEET APPLE SAUCE,” Apple Bloom yelled as the car got closer to them.

Suddenly Spike made a maneuver to avoid the car and avoid the collision.


“Ahhhh,” Apple Bloom and Spike yelled as they dodged around the car and fell into a puddle.

"Ughh, that was close," Spike said recovering from the fall.

"You say it," said Apple Bloom and then looked at the car, "Hey, if you're going to drink don't drive."

Then the glass of the car began to lower revealing the driver.

"Flash?" Spike and Apple Bloom said at the same time.

"Spike, Apple Bloom, hello," he greeted them and then remembered almost running them over, "Sorry, the brakes picked a bad time to go off."

"And that's why, you always have to do security checks every month," said Twilight who was in the passenger seat, "Oh, hey Spike, hey Apple Bloom."

"Hello Twilight," they both said at the same time.

"May I ask what are you doing here?"

Apple Bloom showed Twilight the Beybattle Royale flyer.

“Wow, that's fun,” Twilight Sparkle said.

“Yes it is, I'd like to participate,” Flash Sentry said.

Twilight just smiled, it was obvious that Flash would be up for something like that.

"Great, but we've got to hurry, we don't know if there are any spots available yet," Spike said as he headed for the mall entrance.

Apple Bloom followed him, but the 2 were stopped by Twilight and Flash.

"Wait a minute, Spike, I don't think you should come in with wet clothes," Twilight said.

Spike and Apple Bloom remembered that their clothes were wet from falling into a puddle.

"But we didn't bring any more clothes, and we can't go home, we'd waste a lot of time," said Apple Bloom.

"Fortunately, I always come prepared," Flash said confidently.

"What do you suggest?" Spike asked.

Flash went to the trunk of his car and opened it.

There was a big bag there.

“I have extra clothes in case something like that happens,” Flash said, opening the bag as he lent some of his clothes to Spike and Apple Bloom.

Spike and Apple Bloom were shocked.

"Flash, why do you have clothes in your car?" Spike asked.

"I am always prepared for any situation," Flash said with a smile, then Twilight spoke.

"That's not true, it turns out we just stopped by a laundromat to pick up his clean clothes," Twilight said.

"Twilight, they were buying it."

"Sorry Flash," Twilight said with a giggle.

After that, Spike and Apple Bloom went to the bathrooms to change their clothes.

A few minutes later.

"Wow, this makes me look smarter," said Apple Bloom.

"Wait a minute, that's mine," Twilight told Flash as she glared at him.

"What, can't I have your clothes as souvenirs?" Flash asked jokingly.

Then Spike came out.

"It's amazing, I feel like I'm some kind of delinquent or some kind of criminal," Spike said and then nervously glanced at Flash, "No offense Flash."

“None taken,” Flash said.

"Well, let's not waste any more time," the 4 headed to the beystore.

Mr. Torch was behind the counter, waiting for enough bladers to arrive to start the Beybattle Royale.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Mr. Torch saw Spike, Apple Bloom, Flash Sentry, and Twilight Sparkle enter.

"Spike, nice to see you, I imagine you're here to participate," Mr. Torch said.

"The pleasure is mine, Mr. Torch, and yes, we did come to participate," Spike replied.

"That's great, just when there are only 4 spots left," said Mr. Torch.

“Actually, I won't be participating,” Twilight said, after all, she wasn't a blader, “I just came here to cheer you on.”

“Oh, I guess we'll just have to wait a few more minutes and if no one shows up I'll have to start with just 14 people,” Mr. Torch said.

But at that moment the doorbell rang again, everyone looked and saw a 13-year-old girl, her skin was pink, she had scarlet eyes, she wore a white dress, black sneakers, she had a backpack with a drawing of a chess tower, but what the most outstanding thing about that girl was her light blue hair which was styled with many curls.

The girl entered, she had a nervous expression.

"Welcome to Beystore, can I help you?" asked Mr. Torch.

"Oh, hello, I came to participate in this event, if you don't mind," the girl said sweetly.

"Of course, with you we already have enough bladers, it will start in 10 minutes," Mr. Torch said.

As they got ready, Spike and Apple Bloom approached the girl.

"Hi, I'm Apple Bloom, this is Spike, are you a blader too?" asked Apple Bloom.

"Hello, my name is Cozy Glow, it's nice to meet you," she introduced herself and greeted them in the most formal way possible, "Sure, I'm a blader, but I don't think I'm as good as you."

Spike and Apple Bloom were surprised to see Cozy Glow's good mannerisms when speaking, as if she had a much higher education.

"Don't worry, if you're determined you can learn quickly, that's the best thing about beyblade, Apple Bloom only started playing a little over 2 weeks ago and she's already pretty good at it," Spike said.

“Seriously, that's great,” said Cozy Glow cheerfully, “I hope we can be friends after this battle.”

Spike and Apple Bloom smiled.

Minutes passed and Mr. Torch told the participants to get ready.

They went to the central part of the store where there was a very large beystadium for 20 people, quickly all the participants were placed in position.

Twilight was sitting in one of the chairs watching the upcoming battle.

Spike, Flash Sentry, Apple Bloom, and Cozy Glow stood together each had their bey out and placed it on their launcher.

Cozy Glow's beyblade was pink except for the center which was blood red, and his launcher was black, which confused Spike, he thought his launcher would be a more cheerful color.

“Alright, I'll tell you how this works, here when your beyblade stops or bursts it's eliminated, there's no second chance, the last one of the 15 beys that keeps spinning will be the winner,” Mr. Torch said.

Everyone understood, so then the countdown began.





Then Spike, Flash, Apple Bloom, Cozy, and 11 other bladers launched their beys into the huge beystadium.


But quickly a beyblade burst.

"What the....?" asked a random guy.

"Nice job Flame," Spike said cheerfully.

“And we already have the first eliminated, it seems that Spike started strong,” Mr. Torch said, narrating the match.

"Very well done Spike, but do you think you can do this?" Apple Bloom said as she ordered her beyblade to attack, "Golden Apple, maximum armor."

Another beyblade headed straight for Golden Apple hoping to break its ultimate armor, but upon colliding……


And quickly, the beyblade was launched out of the beystadium.

“Ring Out, we already have another eliminated,” Mr. Torch announced.

"Nice move," Spike told Apple Bloom.

“I try,” Apple Bloom replied.

But as they spoke, the sound of a beyblade bursting was heard again.


Spike and Apple Bloom turned their eyes to the beyblade responsible for it, they were shocked to see Flash's beyblade taking out not one, but 3 other beyblades, ringing out 2 and bursting the other.

Spike and Apple Bloom were amazed at such a feat while Flash only cracked a smile loaded with confidence.

"Impressive, Flash Sentry managed to eliminate 3 bladers at once, it is clear that he has great power, now there are only 10 contestants," Mr. Torch announced.

“LET'S GO FLASH HEART, SHINNING IMPACT,” Flash ordered his beyblade to do its special attack.

The seconds passed and the battle became intense, several of the bladers began to unsuccessfully attack Spike's beys, Apple Bloom and Flash Sentry but they didn't even flinch.

“Oh no,” there was a cry.

Spike directed his eyes to the source of the scream and saw a worried Cozy Glow.

The reason was because the remaining 6 bladers except for them teamed up to all go against Cozy.

Cozy's beyblade was being chased by 6 other beyblades, noticing that, Spike decided to take the initiative.

“EMERALD FLAME, GO TO ONE OF THEM AND HIT IT WITH YOUR OVERDRIVE,” Spike ordered his beyblade, which pulled one of them out of the beystadium.


“And there goes another blader out there,” Mr. Torch announced.

“Hey, what are you doing, stay out of this,” said the random guy who was eliminated.

“I don't know where you learned to play, but 6 vs 1 doesn't seem fair to me,” Spike replied.

“Thank you very much Spike,” said Cozy Glow.

"You're welcome Cozy," Spike replied.

"But it doesn´t matter how you look at it though," Cozy Glow's tender tone changed to a more frightening one, "This battle is unfair, but not for me."

Spike, Apple Bloom, and Flash Sentry were speechless upon witnessing Cozy Glow's pitch change.

Cozy Glow continued to speak wickedly, "It's unfair to the poor pathetic bladers, who think they can beat me, they're just trash, I suggest you give up and lick my shoes."

The other 5 bladers heard that and felt insulted.

"How dare you?"

"You're a brat."

"Respect your elders."

"I'll make you cry."

"Enough talk guys, attack, all against her," ordered the last of them.

5 beyblades were heading towards Cozy Glow's beyblade ready to destroy it.

But at that time, Cozy just smiled, "You are all pathetic."

As the beyblades closed in, she yelled commanding her beyblade to make an attack, "POWER EMPRESS, DESTROY THEM WITH YOUR SPECIAL ATTACK, GODDESS BARRIER."

Cozy Glow's beyblade started getting black cracks on its attack ring for some strange reason.

And the moment the 5 beyblades collided with the Power Empress.


Spike watched the scene in horror, 3 of the attacking beyblades were destroyed, but the worst awaited the other 2 who were thrown out of the beystadium.

The other 2 beyblades shot out, hitting their owners.



“Ouch,” one of them groaned in pain as he was hit by his own beyblade, then fell to the ground in a faint, the other did the same.

Apple Bloom who was watching was annoyed, "You did it on purpose, right?"

“Did they think i was just a cute and sweet girl? How sweet, they must know that appearances can be deceiving," Cozy Glow laughed, "Well, there would be no point in lying, of course it would, it's fun to hurt them."

"You're crazy," said Apple Bloom.

“I'll take that as a compliment if it comes from a dumb cowgirl,” said Cozy Glow.

Spike hearing this got upset, "Back off."

"Dawww, did I hurt your girlfriend feelings," said Cozy Glow.

Spike began to get angry, his eyes began to change, now they looked like the eyes of a dragon, but then he remembered something.

Flash back.


End of Flashback.

Spike remembered the last time he succumbed to anger, his eyes returning to normal.

"Are you okay Spike?" Flash Sentry asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry, I'm not descending into darkness like Cozy did."

“HAHAHAHAHA, you 3 can't beat me,” Cozy Glow laughed maniacally.

Spike, Apple Bloom and Flash Sentry looked horrified, but kept calm, knowing that it would be difficult to beat her.

“You guys can beat her,” Twilight thought worried about the situation they were in.

While without anyone noticing, the Dark Crystal Knight entered the store, and hidden from a corner began to witness the beybattle.

To be continue.

Ep 20: The Evil Empress

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Previously, our heroes had signed up to participate in the Beybattle Royale, what they didn't have was a blader who appeared to be a good person but was actually quite the opposite.

“Hahahaha, they won't beat me,” shouted Cozy Glow with a laugh.

There were only 4 bladers left, Cozy, Apple Blomm, Flash and Spike.

"Flash Heart, take her out," Flash was the first to order his beyblade to attack.

“Interesting, I thought all 3 would come for me at once,” said Cozy Glow.

“I will defeat you, after all, I learned what it's like to be an honorable blader, and you're not,” Flash said making Cozy Glow angry.

“Grrrrrr, how dare you,” Cozy Glow reacted angrily.

"Okay, she fell to my taunt, better attack now," Flash thought and then yelled, "FLASH HEART, IT'S TIME, SPECIAL MOVE, SHINNING IMPACT."

"Okay Flash, you managed to trick her" Spike thought happily.

But just as Flash Heart was going to hit Power Empress, it dodged the attack.

"WHAT?" Spike, Twilight, Flash and Apple Bloom yelled at the same time.

"But how?" Apple Bloom wondered.

“Do you three think you can fool me?! I know a diversion when I see it!” Cozy Glow replied.

“Oh no,” Twilight said.

“Oh yes,” the Dark Crystal Knight thought as he hid himself.

"NOW POWER EMPRESS, GET OFF HIM," Cozy ordered her beyblade to attack Flash's.

And in that moment.


Power Empress collided with Flash Heart, the latter exploding in a burst finish.

“FLASH HEART,” Flash yelled as he saw his beyblade disarmed, but inside he was relieved that it hadn't been destroyed.

“Ummm….um…..well there are only 3 contestants left,” Mr. Torch narrated, he was still amazed at Cozy Glow's power, “Maybe Ember and Smolder could have beaten her, but I support them in all their decisions.”

Meanwhile somewhere else.

We were inside a comic book store, but in the center there was a big beystadium, although not as big as the one seen in the beystore.

There, voices were heard.


2 beyblades were launched into the beystadium.

One beyblade was reddish with pink in the center, while the other was Royal Claw.

“Come on Royal Claw, attack,” ordered Smolder who was having the battle.

Ember was sitting watching her little sister in the beybattle.


Suddenly as if it were nothing, the reddish pink beyblade collided with Royal Claw, the latter managed to remain stable while the other was disarmed.

“Oops, I guess that's a Burst Finish, so victory is yours Smolder,” said a girl with reddish-brown skin and pink hair.

“Thank you, Mina, for letting me do the challenge,” Smolder replied to the girl.

"You're welcome and you're the first girl your age to complete it, no other girl has managed to beat the best bladers in this shop in one day, you earned a spot on the victory wall," the girl said with pink hair, whose name was Mina.

“Victory Wall? What's that?" Smolder asked, but before she could ask any more questions a camera flash was heard.


Mina pulled out a large camera and shot it directly into Smolder's eyes.

“UGHHH,” Smolder was stunned by the flash right into her eyes.

At that moment, a photo came out of the camera, one where Smolder came out with her pupils dilated, Mina took it and put it on a wall along with other photos of other bladers, they all seemed older than Smolder.

Mina took a microphone and announced to the entire store, "Attention Dragon Town Comics customers, it is an honor to announce a new addition to the victory wall, a 13-year-old blader with great strength, Smolder."

All the customers in the store began to clap.

“Very good, well done Smolder,” Ember said.

Smolder smiled, then the 2 sisters decided to leave the place, but not before being intercepted by Mina.

"Before you go, can I ask you something?"

"Umm, sure," Smolder replied.

“It is clear that you are very good at playing, why did you come to a small shop like this?”

Smolder and Ember looked at each other.

“Don't take this the wrong way, I'm glad to have more clients, but aren't you wasting your talent here?” asked Mina.

"I, I thought I was skilled, but I saw that in this world there are many skilled people in the most hidden places," Smolder began to remember her fight with Thorax, she frowned, but then smiled, "So I decided to start a training , I will search every store possible for skillful bladers and beath them, only then will I become stronger.”

“I'm glad you kept going, Smolder,” Ember said.

“You have passion, I like it,” Mina said.

As the two of them proceeded to leave, Ember caught a glimpse of one of the photos on the victory wall.

In it was a boy with red skin, prickly orange hair and a sinister look, and his name was written under the photo.


Back to the beybattle at Beystore.

There were only 3 beyblades left spinning, Emerald Flame, Golden Apple and of course Power Empress.

Spike and Apple Bloom could only wait for Cozy Glow to make the first move, they were too terrified to dare throw the first punch.

“You two sure are boring, okay, THIS WILL END HERE AND NOW,” Cozy Glow said this last yelling.

"This is awful," Spike said, "Apple Bloom, take evasive action."

But it was too late because Cozy Glow ordered Power Empress the next attack, "GODDESS BARRIER."

Cozy Glow's beyblade started getting black cracks on its attack ring again.

But this time, Emerald Flame and Golden Apple were directly sucked into Power Empress like a black hole.

“Oh no,” Apple Bloom said as she saw the beyblades being absorbed.

Spike saw the scene and in one last desperate attempt, ordered his beyblade to execute one last attack "FLAME, SAVE GOLDEN APPLE."

Apple Bloom was surprised to hear that, "What?"

"Well, this is not what I planned," the Dark Crystal Knight said, "But it is worthy of a Knight."

"Spike," Twilight Sparkle said proudly of her little brother.

As Golden Apple was being sucked in, Emerald Flame directly advanced and pushed it out of the vortex.

Unfortunately this caused a weakened Emerald Flame to hit Power Empress's barrier.


And quickly, Emerald Flame was thrown out of the beystadium.

"SPIKE," cried Apple Bloom sadly.

“OH GOLLY,” said Cozy Glow angrily.

"Why did you do that?" asked Apple Bloom.

“I don't know, but I felt like Flame wanted to defend you, like my beyblade had spoken to me,” Spike replied.

At that moment Cozy Glow became even more enraged, "You idiot, you ruined everything, you and I were supposed to be the last remaining bladers," saying that, Cozy Glow calmed down and smiled coquettishly at Spike, "But it also confirms that you are a good subject, besides being very handsome.”

"Excuse me?" Spike asked confused.

Apple Bloom felt jealous.

“Yes, it is a quality that the Dark Crystal Knight would approve of,” said Cozy Glow causing everyone to gasp.

"Do you work for him?" asked Apple Bloom.

Cozy Glow just nodded.

"But you're just a little girl, why are you with him?" Flash Sentry asked.

Twilight was also confused as to how a little girl could have allied herself with someone as mysterious as the Dark Crystal Knight, "But why?"

“I suppose each will have their reasons,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, emerging from his hiding place.

"You," Spike said angrily.

"I wouldn't waste my time with hateful looks, when what's really important is supporting your little friend, don't you think so, Spike?" said the Dark Crystal Knight.

Spike's eyes widened, he had to cheer Apple Bloom, "Apple Bloom, do your best."


Golden Apple began to spin into a golden beyblade, just what happened in her battle against Twist and Sugar Rush.

The attack between barriers began the 2 beyblades collided and the 2 were still in the center without being able to push the other.

"Come on, Golden Apple," said Apple Bloom a bit tiredly.

But Cozy Glow didn't flinch.

“If that is all your power….” Cozy Glow said quietly but then yelled, "SO I HOPE YOU WILL WALL IN YOUR MISERY FOR BEING SO WEAK."

Power Empress began to spin rapidly as the black cracks on her attack ring completely covered it, "OUR ATTACKS ARE SIMILAR, BUT I CAN DO SOMETHING YOU CAN'T, DUMB COWGIRL, I CAN INCREASE THE POWER OF MY BARRIER."

And with a superior attack Power Empress launched Golden Apple out of the beystadium, which was shot at a devilish speed.

But the bad thing is that the beyblade was aimed at Apple Bloom.

“Apple Bloom watch out,” Twilight Sparkle yelled.

“Ahhh,” Apple Bloom yelled as she used her arms to try to cover herself and minimize the damage.

At that moment, Spike stepped in front of Apple Bloom to prevent her beyblade from hitting her.

“Spike NOOOO,” Apple Bloom yelled.

And in that moment.


Golden Apple hit Spike in the stomach.

“UUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH,” Spike groaned in pain as he took the hit from the Golden Apple, after which he fell to the ground.

"SPIKE," Twilight and Flash leaned in closer.

"Spike, are you okay?" asked Apple Bloom worried.

"Ouch, don't worry Apple Bloom, at least I didn't lose my personality," Spike said jokingly, but still feeling pain.

Mr. Torch had to announce the winner, even though he didn't want to, “Ummm, the winner is….. umm…. Cozy Glow.”

However, Cozy Glow didn't smile, she kept a straight face, "So I win, I don't really care."

Cozy walked over to Spike, who was still on the ground.

Apple Bloom stood in front of her, "Now what do you want, you already beat us, so why don't you run off with your master and……….."

Apple Bloom couldn't finish speaking because Cozy Glow pushed her to the ground.

"Ugh, this isn't over, I'll beat you next time," Apple Bloom said on the floor.

“You might want to drag yourself up to my level first,” Cozy Glow said taunting her.

Cozy Glow spoke to Spike, "Even though you lost, you kept your composure, and you fought honorably even though I played dirty."

“Ugh…. I will always fight honorably, no matter how rotten my opponent is… ughh… a beybattle…. I will always put my heart into a beybattle,” Spike said still sore.

"Hehehe, you're so silly," Cozy Glow sneered, "But you're also so cute."

At that moment, she took Spike with her hand and pulled him close, "We'll meet again."

Then, Cozy Glow kissed Spike on the lips against his will, Spike tried to resist, but the pain prevented him, Spike couldn't escape.

Twilight and Flash gasped at Cozy Glow's action, while Apple Bloom frowned furiously.

Cozy Glow finished kissing Spike as a string of saliva formed between their tongues.

Spike had been shocked by Cozy Glow's action, he couldn't say anything, he couldn't express anything.

Cozy Glow smiled evilly, "Judging by your reaction…."

Spike glared at her.

"That was your first kiss right?" asked Cozy Glow.

Spike didn't say anything in an attempt to protect his pride.

"Hahahaha, I think so, let me tell you that you tasted very good."

"Yeah, it was his first kiss and it was with me, what do you think cowgirl," Cozy Glow told Apple Bloom.

An annoyed Apple Bloom launched directly to hit Cozy.


But she couldn't but was stopped by Flash and Twilight.

“Apple Bloom, don't do it,” Flash said holding her up.

"Let me go, let me give her what she deserves."

"Apple Bloom, we are all angry just like you, but that's just what she wants, for you to lose your composure," Twilight said, also holding her.

“You are nosy, alright, time to go,” Cozy said as she walked out of the shop along with the Dark Crystal Knight.

"I think that kiss was unnecessary Cozy."

Cozy just laughed.

Apple Bloom continued to stare at Cozy Glow, not able to get their battle out of her head. She had been completely helpless against her, but she swore the next time they met she would settle the score.

As they walked away, all of his friends, his sister, and even Mr. Torch walked up to Spike, "Spike, you're okay?" they all asked, they worried about him, because of everything that happened so fast.

Spike couldn't say anything, there was a lot going on in his head, so he could only yell in anger and despair, "AHHHHHHHHH."

Ep 21: The Second Round Starts

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Canterlot High.

It was a Monday like any other, but it was different for Spike and Apple Bloom.

It was lunch time, at the table where Rumble, Button and Spike were sitting, it was very quiet, there was a lot of tension, this was because Spike was frowning all the time.

Rumble and Button Mash whispered to each other.

"I can't believe a mysterious blader kissed him," Rumble said in a low voice.

“I can't believe that crazy woman used her tongue, I don't know whether to feel sorry for him or to be jealous of him,” added Button Mash in the same low tone of voice.

Rumble just glared at him, "In any case, let what happened to Spike be a lesson to all of us, the Dark Crystal Knight will recruit even the most insane blader for the sole purpose of... ummmm... I guess defeating us.”

Button nodded, "I won't let them humiliate Spike like that again, if I had been there, maybe... I could have beaten her."

"Or maybe, you would have lost to her, too," Spike replied, shocking them both.

“Ahhhhh,” Rumble yelled, “how much did you hear?”

"I heard everything, you know that I was with you right?"

Rumble and Button looked at each other, then just lowered their heads.

Meanwhile at the Crusaders table.

"And then she left with the Dark Crystal Knight, on top of making fun of us, can you believe it?" Apple Bloom was telling the other Crusaders what happened, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were also present.

The reactions were different.

Scootaloo was upset, Sweetie Belle was disgusted while Diamond and Silver stared at Apple Bloom with blushes on their faces.

“She use the tongue?” Diamond and Silver asked at the same time.

"Was that the only thing you heard?" Scootaloo replied annoyed, "We just heard about a move from the Dark Crystal Knight, a new threat, a girl our age with Twilight Sparkle's intelligence, and you guys just think of the stolen kiss from Spike."

“Sorry, but it's very vulgar when a girl our age does that,” Diamond Tiara said.

"I agree with DT, when you put it like that, it's the most shocking thing i heard," Sweetie Belle added to which Apple Bloom glared at her, a scared Sweetie continued, "But it's also a terrifying fact that Spike was defeated."

“I know, I mean, he's been playing this for a lot longer than us, for him to be beaten even in those conditions makes me feel weak,” Silver Spoon said.

Apple Bloom only replied with a lot of determination, "Then, we should get stronger girls."

The 5 nodded determinedly.

Meanwhile in the halls.

"I'm worried about Spike," Twilight Sparkle said as she walked down the halls with her boyfriend.

“Yeah, with everything that's happened to him, I'd be surprised he wanted to go to school today,” Flash Sentry replied.

"I don't think it's healthy Flash, but what can I do, this is all out of my control, sometimes...." Twilight said but was interrupted by Flash.

"Twi, calm down, remember what Principal Celestia and Cadence told you, don't push yourself too hard."

"But…. But I….."

"I know you love him very much, and that you wouldn't forgive yourself if something bad happened to him, besides being your brother, he's your friend," said Flash as he continued, "But he's also my friend and if fate wants, he he will also be my brother in the future.”

Twilight blushed upon hearing that part.

"That's why I'll take care of protecting him too, I care a lot about him too, and if any of those lunatics want to get close to him, then they'll take me on and I'll show them how terrifying a guitarist can be."

Twilight walked over to Flash and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

“I love you so much, Flash.”

Hours passed and the students met in the gym, the principals were there to announce the second round of the tournament.

Celestia: Very good, I'm glad to see you all gathered here, the participating bladers gave everything to get here.

Luna: The excitement is sure to be twice that of the last round, so lets get our competitors on stage.

The remaining 16 bladers approached the center of the gym while this time, the other 16 eliminated bladers were in the stands with the other spectators.

Celestia: Very well, from now on the selection of participants will be through this screen.

Vice-Principal Luna took out a controller and pressed a button, suddenly from the ceiling of the gym, a flat screen descended which had pictures of the remaining bladers.

Luna: Each round we will select 2 bladers at random and those 2 are the ones who will fight, our first participant will be….

Luna pressed the button and on the screen it was seen that the pictures of the bladers were moving very fast, suddenly one of the photos stopped revealing….

“It's me,” Bon Bon said excitedly.

Celestia: And her opponent will be….

Celestia pressed the button of her own control and the picture of the selected blader was shown, which was…

“Wow, it's you Sweetie Belle, you'll be the first to fight,” Scootaloo told her excitedly.

“I wish you good luck, make sure you do your best Sweetie,” Apple Bloom told her.

“Um, yeah….” Sweetie Belle responded nervously, she didn't expect to be the first to open the second round.

Luna: Everyone else retreat, so we'll start the battle.

Saying that, the other bladers went to sit on the benches.

Afterwards, Sweetie Belle and Bon Bon approached the center of the gym where the beystadium was.

Celestia: Inspect your opponent's bey.

Sweetie Belle and Bon Bon handed their bey to each other and began to analyze.

“She has a STAMINA type, which means big trouble for me, she'll have the type advantage in battle, oh no, don't freak out Sweetie Belle,” Sweetie Belle thought.

“That's good, it's a DEFENSE type, according to the data I've collected, it means that the odds of my victory are greater than I anticipated,” Bon Bon thought.

After that both of them returned the bey to their respective owner.

Luna: It is time for the countdown as this battle is about to begin.

“GOOD LUCK BON BON, SHOW THAT BRAT HOW STRONG YOU ARE,” Lyra yelled from the benches.

“Wow, Lyra sure appreciates Bon Bon,” Button Mash said hearing Lyra in the distance.

“She's her best friend, makes sense,” Scootaloo said.

“From everything I've seen, I think they're more than friends,” added Apple Bloom.

"Remember Sweetie Belle has us, cheer her up too," Spike said.

The 2 took out their launchers and placed their beys in the slots.

But then Sweetie took out the same bracelet that Button had given her when they were in the clubhouse.

That was when the countdown began.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And all the students screamed.


The 2 launched their beys which fell to the beystadium.

“Okay, let's get this over quickly, Top Secret, attack,” Bon Bon ordered his beyblade.

Top Secret hit Sweet Tone and since it had a type disadvantage, it was more susceptible to hits from its opponent.

In the stands.

"Oh no Sweetie Belle," Rarity said worriedly.

“Looks like the little girl is in trouble,” Applejack added.

"Hey, she's stronger than you think, you have to have faith in her Rarity," Rainbow Dash told her.

"Thank you, Rainbow," Rarity answered, slightly relieved but still nervous.

In the benches.

“She's in a trouble spot,” Spike said.

Come on Sweetie, use it, I know you can, Button Mash thought.

Sweetie Belle looked at her bracelet and sighed, "I better try now, and if I lose, at least I'll have given it all my power."

"Now what is she doing?" Bon Bon wondered.

And then Sweetie Belle began to sing, "La, la, la."

“She's singing,” Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash yelled at the same time.

“I think so,” Fluttershy added.

"You have to admit she has a beautiful voice," Pinkie Pie said.

“Is she using….” Twilight Sparkle thought.

Sweetie was still singing.

"It's a trick, she wants to distract me, attack Top Secret," Bon Bon ordered his bey.

But at that moment Sweet Tone dodged Top Secret's attack.

"La, laa, laaaaa."

"It can't be, it's moving to the beat of Sweetie Belle's song," Rumble pointed out.

“But how come Sweetie…. Wait, Button, it was you,” Spike said.

“That's right, she's wearing a Sound Attack Ring,” Button Mash said proudly.

“Do you think you can beat me singing?”

But at that moment...


Bon Bon's bey had disarmed, resulting in a Burst Finish.

“I don't think so, I know,” Sweetie Belle replied.

Celestia: But what a great turn of events.

Luna: Sweetie Belle using the power of music won this match with a score of 2 – 0.

“YOU WON SWEETIE BELLE,” Rarity yelled as she hugged Rainbow Dash and Applejack.

"Rarity, I can't breathe," Rainbow Dash said as she was suffocated by Rarity.

All the students clapped for the show.

Bon Bon picked up Top Secret parts, she placed her finger on a device in her ear and spoke, "Special Agent Sweetie Drops reporting, mission failed."

At that moment Sweetie Belle went to her, "You played very well."

"Umm, thanks, I don't know much about this game yet, but please go through to the other rounds."

Sweetie nodded and then looked at Button and thought, "Thank you very much Button, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have won this battle."

While Button blushed at the way Sweetie Belle looked at him.

Ep 22: This Episode is Nuts (But the ending is worth it)

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We meet again in the gym, where Trixie and Lyra Heartstrings were fighting.

"ILLUSION MASTER, IT'S TIME FOR THE GRAND FINAL," Trixie's bey sent Lyra's bey flying, which landed outside the beystadium.

"Oh, Heart Striker," Lyra said as she picked up her bey.

Luna: That really was a “magical” fight.

Celestia: With a score of 2 – 1, the winner is….

Celestia was interrupted by the energetic student.

“The Great and Powerful Trixie,” Trixie yelled.

Several students applauded.

In the stands.

"I hate to admit it, but I think Trixie has skills," Applejack said.

“If only she could apply them better, instead of being an egomaniac who thinks she's number one,” Rainbow Dash added.

"Yeah, we don't need another egomaniac, that's what we have Rainbow for," Pinkie Pie replied.

"Yeah," Rainbow agreed but then realized what Pinkie said, "Wait what?"

Twilight, Rarity, Sunset, and Fluttershy just laughed.

“Thank you, the great and powerful Trixie is always focused on putting on a good show for her audience,” said Trixie.

Celestia: Thank you very much Trixie, but it's time to announce the next battle, now.

“Ehhh, wait a minute, I haven't sung the opening theme yet,” Trixie said as Celestia gently led her to the benches.

Luna: Where were we? Oh yeah, about to announce the next bladers.

Luna pressed a button on her controller.

On the screen that was on the ceiling began to show images of the participants at random, suddenly it stopped at one.

"It's me," Flash Sentry said.

"Good luck Flash, do your best," Spike said.

"It's Flash," Twilight said.

“Well darling, remember to cheer him on with everything,” Rarity told her.

But then Pinkie Pie started moving weird.

"Oh no, the Pinkie Sense," Rainbow Dash said.

"That means Flash's opponent will be..." Pinkie said as she squirmed.

Suddenly the roof of the gym began to open, which surprised all the students, especially the principals.

Celestia: What's going on Luna?

Luna: I don't know, i don't authorize this.

Celestia: Me neither.

When the roof was fully opened, a yellow helicopter could be seen flying over Canterlot High, a skydiver jumped out of the helicopter.

What's that? All 7 except Pinkie wondered at the same time.

The skydiver opened his parachute and landed in style in the center of the gym, to which the principals approached him.

Luna: Can you tell what this fuss is about?

“Oh this?” said the skydiver, "It's just my grand entrance."

At that moment the skydiver took off his helmet at the same time that the screen showed the next participant, and as if it were fate, it was the same skydiver.

"CHEESE," Pinkie Pie yelled with heart-shaped eyes.

Celestia: Umm, yes, then, the ones who will have the honor of fighting will be Flash Sentry and Cheese Sandwich.

Many students began to think about the upcoming battle.

The minutes passed, Flash was getting ready in the bathroom, he had never seen Cheese play, he didn't even know his tactics, but he knew that he was someone unpredictable and that it was obvious that he would bring him surprises.

"Hey, you shouldn't worry," Flash turned at the sound of a voice, saw Spike walking in with a smile.

"After all, you defeated one of the Dark Crystal Knight's goonies, you are very strong Flash, remember that."

Flash looked at his beyblade and smiled, "Thanks Spike, I needed to hear that."

Back in the gym.

Celestia: Alright, now that we've taken a break, let's get to the last battle for today.

Luna: This time we're back with our beloved favorite guitarist, Flash Sentry.

Flash approached the center of the gym a little embarrassed by the title of "favorite guitarist."

Celestia: And arriving just in time for her battle, another one of the great party planners we have at Canterlot High, Cheese Sandwich.

Cheese approached the center of the gym, when he arrived, he took the microphone and introduced himself.

“Im Cheese Sandwich and I dare to be stupid.”

And out of nowhere, confetti shot out like an explosion.


Many students stumbled, obviously not expecting confetti to come out, Pinkie being the exception, "WEEE."

“This can be a problem,” said Button Mash.

“I understand you, Cheese Sandwich, no one has seen him play, since his first battle was a default victory and his opponent run away,” Rumble said, then pointed at Button Mash, changing his tone to a more sarcastic one, “And that it was thanks to you.”

Button bowed his head sheepishly, "I already said I was sorry."

But Spike didn't seem worried.

"Umm Spike, what's up, why are you so quiet?" asked Rumble.

Spike just replied, "I have faith in Flash."

Back then the bladers had already inspected their opponent's bey.

"His has a BALANCE type, for someone of his nature, I didn't expect his blade to be like that, but that means no one will have the upper hand in this fight," Flash thought.

But Cheese only looked at him with a smile.

"What is he thinking," Flash asked himself.

"Even I don't know that, friend," Cheese replied, "I'll just say that the thoughts in my mind are an enigma."

“Wait a minute, did you read my mind?” Flash asked scared.

Cheese started laughing, "Hahaha, no mate, you just thought out loud."

"Oh," Flash replied sheepishly.

“Flash, don't let it get into your head,” Twilight yelled from the stands.

Luna: The countdown begins.

Flash took out his launcher where he placed Flash Heart, he had already prepared himself for whatever weird thing Cheese planned.

But then Cheese brought out a jagged-looking launcher in the shape of one of his chickens that he used as a party prop.

"And now what is that madman thinking?" Rainbow asked.

"She's thinking about winning Rainbow," Pinkie replied seriously, which made the other girls uncomfortable.

Cheese placed his beyblade in the slot on that launcher and the countdown began.




And all the students shouted:


Flash with all his strength managed to launch Flash Heart perfectly, while Cheese did it his way, jumping as if dancing while his launcher made a screeching sound.

And the 2 beyblades fell to the beystadium.

Flash Heart spun as Flash formulated a plan.

“Alright I got it Flash Heart, I need you to move on to…” Flash was interrupted by a flurry of confetti that flew right into his face.


"Aghhhh," Flash shouted as he was hit by the confetti, "Hey, what's your problem?"

“None,” Cheese Sandwich replied with a laugh, “It's the party spirit my bey, Party Crasher has.”

Party Crasher hit Flash Heart directly as he released more confetti.

“Flash Heart, dodge it, don't let… BLWOOORGH,” Flash said before one of the confetti attacks entered his mouth.

Celestia: Luna, is that allowed?

Luna: According to the rules, this is the work of the beyblade, so it's allowed.

“That can't be true,” said Rumble and Button at the same time.

But Spike pulled out a rule book and showed them a page, "Actually, it is."

"You always carry that in your pocket," Rumble asked.

"When you have a sister like Twilight, you have books even in your soup," Spike replied.

"Blaggh blghh," Flash tried to get the confetti off his tongue, "Ahhhh, do you think this is a joke?"

“Dude, everything in this world is a joke,” replied Cheese Sandwich, “But always remember SMILE SMILE SMILE.”

“Cheese, that is my song,” Pinkie yelled at him.

"Oh, sorry Pinkie," Cheese replied, "Time for the grand finale, Party Crasher, LIGHTS OUT."

And suddenly 6 other beyblades appeared and they all looked like Party Crasher but each had a different color.

“What the…” Flash wondered.

“It's his special move, LIGHTS OUT, when he runs out of confetti, he uses the stage to make seven times the fun,” replied Cheese.

"Is it me, or does this little game no longer make sense in this story?" Flash Sentry asked.

"Breaking the fourth wall, that's how you react, well if that's the case," Cheese continued, "Let me tell you, you weren't going to be that big of a deal in this fanfic."

"What are you talking about?" Flash asked.

"Have you noticed why you have a considerable amount of appearances despite not being a main character?" asked Cheese.

Flash just shook his head.

"Your appearance is just a way of thanking the author who made you a hero in his stories, because that author inspired the writer of this fic."

Flash was still listening a little confused.

“Terms like, Royal Knight, Element of Courage, or those times when you have been a protagonist in a fic based on a card game for children, even the name of your beyblade is the same as one of your creatures, you were a hero in those stories,” Cheese continued, “But these are not your stories.”



The two of them turned to see Pinkie approaching the beystadium.

"Listen Cheese, Flash, I get that, breaking the 4th wall is fun, but you've already pushed it too far, other readers won't understand," Pinkie snapped, "Besides, that's my job."

The two didn't know what to say.

"So you'd better continue with this story as usual and stop referencing other readings," Pinkie ordered, to which they nodded.

“Very well, now let us return to the battle.”

“Come on Party Crasher,” Cheese yelled as 7 copies of his bey closed in on Flash Heart.

Flash watched without fear and suddenly noticed something that would make him win the fight "Flash Heart, go for the blue."

"It can't be, how did he know," Cheese thought.

Flash Heart dodged the other beyblades and hit the blue painted one, which sent it flying.

"How did you know that was the real one?" asked Cheese.

Flash Sentry replied, “The real…. Is the one who always stays behind.”

"Cheese, how could you be so careless," Pinkie yelled.

"I told you, Flash wouldn't disappoint," Spike told his friends.

Party Crasher was sent flying, but Flash wasn't done yet.


Flash Heart using one of the corners propelled himself to get to where Party Crasher was, which he dealt another hit.


Party Crasher had disarmed, turning the match result into a burst finish, at the same time, Party Crasher's clones disappeared.

Celestia: Wow, talking about crashing the party.

Luna: Well, ladies and gentleman that was a burst finish.

Celestia: Which means that with a score of 2 – 0 the winner is.

Moon: Flash Sentry.

The students applauded.

"Well done Flash," Twilight Sparkle was yelling louder than anyone at the time.

Cheese collected the pieces of his bey and in an instant put it back together.

Celestia: But let's not forget his opponent.

Luna: That's right sister, he gave us a good show, it was very funny.

Cheese smiled, "Well it looks like my job is done."

Flash walked up to him, "I mean you did really well, a little weird, but it was fun."

Cheese smiled, "Well, my goal wasn't to win, look around you."

Flash looked over and all the students had smiles on their faces, "My goal was to fill their hearts with big smiles, and I'm sure you'll achieve that in this tournament."

Cheese was retreating into the distance.

“Thank you, Cheese,” Flash Sentry said.

"That was impressive, those were great battles today," Spike was saying to his friends, to which they nodded.

At that moment the main ones announced the next battle.

Celestia: Thank you all for joining us today, tomorrow we will continue with more.

Luna: And those who will inaugurate the first combat of the second day will be.

Again the screen descended and showed many images of the participants, after a few seconds it stopped, and the selected participant left.

"It's me," Spike shouted, "YESSS."

"Good luck Spike," Rumble told him.

“It doesn't matter who your opponent is,” Button Mash added, “because I know you'll beat him easily.”

Suddenly the image stopped and showed a blader that Spike hadn't thought to face so soon.

“It's… me” said Apple Bloom nervously.

The other crusaders were also shocked at such a revelation.

Apple Bloom looked at Spike who was still looking at the screen while he had his mouth open.

Suddenly he snapped out of her trance to turn to see Apple Bloom, their eyes meeting in what could best be described as a mixed feeling of seriousness and concern.

One thing was for sure, the next battle would be anything, but it wouldn't be boring at all.

Ep 23: A Dragon Blooms

View Online

At the Sparkle family home, Spike was in his room.

In the living room, Night Light, Twilight Velvet, and Twilight Sparkle were sitting on the couch as they thought about Spike's situation.

"Spike hasn't come out of his room," Velvet said worriedly.

"What is happening to him?" asked Night Light just as concerned.

Twilight Sparkle thought and told them what she guessed, "Spike, you must be feeling nervous."


"Tomorrow will be his beybattle," Twilight said with a sigh, "And his opponent is Apple Bloom."

“Oh, poor thing,” Velvet said.

"He just started having feelings for Apple Bloom and they're already facing them so soon," said Night Light.

"Sooner or later it would have to happen, though I think it was sooner," Twilight Sparkle said.

At that moment, a cry from Spike was heard, "GYAHHHHH."

“I think this is affecting him more than we thought,” Night Light said as he headed to Spike's room.

"Dawww, honey," Velvet followed Night Light, to which Twilight followed.

Velvet knocked on Spike's door calling, “Honey, are you there? We know how you feel would you let us in.”

But at that moment, Spike's beyblade, Emerald Flame, shot out destroying part of the door, causing everyone to freak out, "AHHHHHHH."

Spike came out of his room, he didn't have his jacket on and he was sweating profusely, "Oh hey, you guys need something."

"Spike, what are you doing?" Twilight Sparkle asked as she picked up the beyblade.

"I'm training, it's not obvious," Spike replied as he picked up his beyblade, "Tomorrow I'm up against Apple Bloom and I know it's going to be a tough battle."

“Oh,” Velvet said, “we thought it would be very difficult for you to have a battle with your girlfriend.”

Spike blushed, "Umm, she's not my girlfriend mom, she's just a friend that I like very much and she's very pretty, kind, nice and….."

Velvet, Night Light, and Twilight smirked at Spike.

"I think I was too obvious," Spike said.

"About time you rediscovered love, lil bro," Twi said as she hugged Spike, "I did worry about you after the whole thing with Rarity."

"Twi, I was just a stupid kid back then, deep down I knew Rarity was impossible."

"And does Apple Bloom know?" asked Night Light.

Spike responded with another question, "Umm, maybe?"

Twilight smiled and walked over to Spike, "Spike, I've heard her and from what AJ tells me, I'm sure she feels the same way about you."

Spike blushed and smiled, "And that's why…"

Spike's smitten look changed to a more determined one and he continued speaking with more confidence, "And that's why I train hard, Apple Bloom won't forgive me if I let my feelings get in the way of this battle, if I don't focus, I'll be insulting her, so I'm going to do my best."

Everyone smiled at Spike's attitude, he had clearly changed for the better, and they couldn't believe it was thanks to a game of spinning tops.

"Well, we wish you the best of luck, show Apple Bloom that you're a man worthy of her," Velvet said, "Maybe you should try to avoid smashing doors, though."

Velvet pointed to the hole in the door because of Spike's bey.

"Oh, sorry mom, I'll fix it," Spike said sheepishly.

The whole family present laughed at that moment.

Meanwhile at Sweet Apple Acres.

The sound of a roof breaking was heard.

“What in tarnation?” Applejack entered the barn and saw Apple Bloom who had launched her beyblade.

“Oh hey sister, we've always talked about repairing the roof right,” Apple Bloom told her with a nervous laugh as she picked up her beyblade, Golden Apple.

"What were you thinking?"

“Because tomorrow is my beybattle against Spike, and I have to be stronger than I already am if I want to stand a chance,” replied Apple Bloom.

AJ's frown faded, "Oh, I guess you must feel bad about facing him so early."

"It can't be helped AJ, but just like him, I'm a blader too, and I won't let my feelings get in the way of this, I'll give it my all, if I don't, I'll dishonor Spike."

AJ smiled at the firmness with which her little sister spoke, but she continued.

"Also, I must become stronger, there is still someone with whom I have unfinished business."

AJ realized what Apple Bloom was planning, "You mean Cozy Glow?"

Apple Bloom nodded, "That witch, what she did to Spike, GRRRR, I'll make myself stronger and when I see her again, I'm going to defeat her."

"I know you will become a powerful blader," Applejack said comforting her little sister, "Right Big Mac?"

Big Mac who entered the barn said, "EEYUP."

But then he saw that the roof of the barn was destroyed.


The next day at Canterlot High.

In the gym, the students were more than excited for the next battle, one in which 2 incredibly powerful bladers would fight.

Celestia: I'm glad you're all up today.

Luna: Of course sister, today's fight promises a lot.

Meanwhile in one of the corridors was Spike with Rumble and Button Mash.

“Remember not to underestimate Apple Bloom,” Button Mash told him.

“And fight with all your might, otherwise you will lose,” Rumble warned him.

“Thanks guys, no matter what, I'll keep my spirits up,” Spike told them as he headed to the gym.

But before leaving, he told them one more thing, "And thanks for being by my side, you two are my best friends."

Rumble and Button Mash smiled upon hearing their friend.

In another part of the corridors was Apple Bloom with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

"Don't let your guard down, Spike's been playing this game longer than we have," Sweetie Belle warned her.

“Which means, even if it's only the second round, this is going to be your toughest battle in this tournament,” Scootaloo told her.

Bloom nodded, "I know," she looked back towards the gym, "But I've come too far to let myself be beaten here, Spike might be strong, but I'm no pushover, besides," she turned to smile back at the two, "I have you two backing me up, thank you for being with me all this years."

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle smiled as they listened to their friend.

Back in the gym.

Celestia: Now, it's time to introduce the 2 participating bladers.

Luna: In the red corner, our favorite farm girl, a girl just like her beyblade, hard to knock down, she is nice to others, helping them find their vocations, ladies and gentlemen, the mighty apple, Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom was advancing to the center of the gym.

“YOU CAN DO IT SIS,” Applejack yelled.

“EEEYUUUUPP,” yelled Big Mac.

"GOOD LUCK," yelled Sugar Bell, Big Mac's girlfriend.

Celestia: And in the blue corner, our favorite young artist, a boy whose strength doesn't come from his physique, but from his great intelligence compared to that of his older sister, ladies and gentlemen, harmony dragon, Spike.

“Harmony Dragon?” Spike wondered about that weird nickname as he made his way to the center of the gym.

"COME ON BRO," Twilight Sparkle yelled.

“YOU BETTER NOT LOSE,” Rainbow Dash yelled.

"YOU CAN DO IT, SPIKEY-WIKEY," Rarity yelled.

Luna: I have a question for you two, we have received information that says that you are a couple.

"WHAAAAT?" Spike and Apple Bloom yelled in surprise at the same time.

Celestia: If so, this battle would be poetically beautiful.

Nervous, the 2 looked at each other and as if they had read each other's mind they tried to deny it.

"Hehe, we're just friends."

"Yes only friends."



In the stands Twilight facepalmed upon hearing that, "Who could have been the fool who gave information to the principals."

The mane 6 looked at Rarity who was flustered, "Hehe, I thought I should boost their love."

"Rarity, you embarrassed them in front of the whole school," Twilight told her annoyed.

“Twi's right, I get that young love is cute, but we need to let them take their time and not rush them,” Sunset Shimmer told her.

"I'm sorry girls, especially you Twi, I didn't mean to make your little brother uncomfortable, I shouldn't have said that to the principals."

"Do you feel guilty about what happened years ago?" Fluttershy asked her to which Rarity nodded.

"I was selfish, I always kept Spike by my side to help me with many things, but I never gave him anything in return, and the day he knew that ours would not be possible..."

The girls looked at Rarity with pity.

"I never thought he would love again, so I like that he developed feelings for AJ's little sister."

The girls smiled and hugged her.

"Your intentions were good Rarity," Twilight told her, "But now the decision is Spike's."

Luna: Inspect your opponent's bey.

They showed their bey to the other, but neither took it.

Luna: You should check the opponent's bey to see if it's not rigged.

"Apple Bloom would never do that, I trust her," Spike told him.

"And I trust Spike, he would never cheat to win," said Apple Bloom.

Luna smiled hearing that, it was clear that the two of them were more than friends.

They then placed their beys on their launchers and got into battle stance.

Celestia: If everyone's ready, it's time for the countdown.

"Hope you're ready Spike," Apple Bloom said.

"Let's do this." Spike replied.




And all the students shouted:


At that moment Spike and Apple Bloom launched their beyblades at the beystadium with all their might.

The 2 beys landed on the beystadium, Golden Apple taking center stage while Emerald Flame spun around it.

“Come on Flame,” Spike yelled as Emerald Flame went straight to attack Golden Apple.


Emerald Flame hit Golden Apple but it did not lose balance.

Spike smirked, "Looks like you have good stamina Bloom."

“Golden Apple won't let itself be brought down against anyone,” Apple Bloom replied smirking as well.

Afterwards, the battle continued for a few more seconds.

"Spike's in trouble, he has to attack but Apple Bloom's bey seems immovable," said Rumble.

"I have to think, how can I hit her," Spike thought but was snapped out of his thoughts when Apple Bloom spoke.

“Very slow Spike,” Apple Bloom said as Golden Apple burst out of the center of the beystadium and attacked Emerald Flame sending him flying.


"FLAME," Spike yelled worriedly.

"I'm not done yet, come on Golden Apple, it's time to use your new attack," said Apple Bloom and she yelled, "UPDOWN IMPACT."

“UPDOWN IMPACT?” Twilight asked concerned.

"It's an attack she was practicing yesterday," Applejack said smiling, "It's so powerful it destroyed our barn, Spike may have more experience, but he won't win."

Hearing that, Twilight gave Spike more encouragement, "DON'T GIVE UP, SPIKE."

Golden Apple launched from a corner like a skateboarder on a ramp, and used the momentum to jump towards where Emeradl Flame was.

“ATTACK,” Apple Bloom yelled.


“FLAMEEEE,” Spike yelled worriedly.

Emerald Flame flew out of the beystadium, miraculously, it didn't burst.

“Tchh, I manage to hold on,” Apple Bloom frowned.

Celestia: Ring out.

Luna: With that we have a score of 1-0 in favor of Apple Bloom.

Celestia: Can Spike get through this?

Luna: Or will Apple Bloom manage to defeat the dragon?

Spike picked up his beyblade then looked at Apple Bloom with a smile.

“Don't think I'll let you win,” Apple Bloom said with a smile.

"You're smart," Spike told her.

"Well, I try," Apple Bloom replied.

"Are they... flirting?" Trixie asked creeped out.

"Looks like it." Derpy agreed.

“I can't afford to lose,” Spike said as he placed Emerald Flame back on his launcher.

“Then you'll have to go through me if you want victory,” Apple Bloom told her as she placed Golden Apple on her launcher.

Celestia: It looks like our contestants are ready for the next round.

Luna: Countdown time.


And all the students shouted.


But before launching her beyblade, Apple Bloom noticed green flames coming out of Spike's launcher.

"It can't be," said Apple Bloom.

"What is Spike doing?" AJ asked concerned.

Twilight replied with a smile, "Your sister wasn't the only one who trained for this."

“LET IT RIP FLAME,” Spike yelled, and Emerald Flame was shot into the beystadium so fast it was engulfed in green flames.

“LET IT RIP,” Apple Bloom yelled as she threw Golden Apple harder, hitting the beystadium floor, leaving a crack.

"Apple Bloom, I hope you fight with all your might, because you will face the power of my new technique," Spike told her.

Apple Bloom just smiled, definitely the battle would be more interesting.

Ep 24: Overcome your Limits and Open your Heart

View Online

The battle continued, Apple Bloom had the advantage in this fight, but Spike had brought out a new technique that could give him a boost in battle.

Celestia: This is amazing, somehow Spike's beyblade is surrounded by flames.

Luna: Rather it's burning, sister.

"His beyblade is on fire," Applejack said.

“Eeyup,” said Big Mac and then yelled, “WELL DONE SPIKE.”

Applejack glared at him, "Hey, and whose side are you on?"

Big Mac flustered, only replied, "Umm..NOPE."

“Come on Flame,” Spike said to his beyblade, which began to attack Golden Apple.

Clank Clank Clank.

Emerald Flame hit Golden Apple much harder, but what caught Apple Bloom's attention was that his punches were more effective.

Golden Apple staggered every time it took a hit.

"So those flames weren't just aesthetic," Apple Bloom said with a smile, then, she looked at Spike and saw that he had one of his arms resting on the other, "Spike, your arm."

Spike resisted the pain and decided to calm her down, "Yeah, don't worry Apple Bloom, I just haven't perfected that technique yet, OUCH."

“That will hurt tomorrow,” Rumble said.

“It'll hurt today, you don't know how sensitive Spike is,” Button Mash told him.

“Keep it up Flame,” Spike said as Emerald Flame continued to pummel Golden Apple.

"I won't let your hits land," Apple Bloom said, then ordered her beyblade to do the special attack, "GOLDEN APPLE, USE YOUR BLOOM BARRIER."

Golden Apple had turned into a golden colored bey but this time a reddish aura surrounded it.

As Emerald Flame approached, he was repelled by the reddish aura like 2 magnets.

"No," Spike thought, now it would be harder to land a hit, and worse yet, he saw that when Emerald Flame got closer to the barrier, it slowed down, affecting its rotation.

"Yes," said Sweetie Belle.

"Now Apple Bloom will win, not only did she strengthen her shield, but Spike also used up a lot of energy," Scootaloo added.

“This can't be, I have to do something fast or I'll lose,” Spike said, but at that moment, he felt energy emanating from Emerald Flame.

Spike stared at his beyblade, he felt like he was talking to it, "I see, but that's too risky," Spike said causing Apple Bloom to be confused.

"Who are you talking to?" Apple Bloom wondered.

“BUT THOSE WHO DON'T RISK DON'T WIN,” Spike yelled as the flames on his beyblade expanded.

"WHAT THE..." Apple Bloom asked, "IT GOT STRENGTH."

"Thats right," Spike replied, gripping her arm more tightly.

Luna: Incredible, despite everything, Spike managed to gain more strength.

Celestia: But I doubt that's enough to break Apple Bloom's barrier.

"Oh Spike," Twilight worried.

"Is something wrong Twi?" Sunset asked.

"It's just, Spike is overexerting himself, I hope he doesn't get hurt too bad when this is over," Twilight replied.

“Just remember that Spike is strong, even if he doesn't seem so,” Sunset said, relieving Twi.

Twi smiled, "You're right Sunset, he's not a little boy anymore."

“FLAME, IT'S TIME FOR YOUR SPECIAL ATTACK, OVERDRIVE,” Spike yelled as Emerald Flame went straight for Golden Apple.

“GOLDEN APPLE, DON'T LET IT TAKE YOU DOWN,” Apple Bloom yelled as she strengthened her shield.

And at that moment, Emerald Flame began to hit Golden Apple's barrier as it stood its ground.

The blows were so strong that they staggered not only the bladers, but the other students as well.

Celestia: Ahhh, Luna, this battle has no limits.

Luna: Same here Celestia.

The blows continued and Emerald Flame weakened, but that didn't stop Spike.

“GRRR, EMERALD FLAME, YOU CAN BEAT HER,” Spike yelled with all his might, letting go of her arm and this cry of pain, “GYAHHHHH.”

"Impossible, even with everything against him, Spike keeps fighting," said Apple Bloom.

At that moment, Emerald Flame expanded its flames even more, which caused…


…a huge explosion.

“Gyahhh,” Apple Bloom yelled.

And all the spectators covered themselves as best they could when witnessing such an explosion.

When the smoke cleared, Apple Bloom saw Spike who fell to the ground, but got on his knees.

"SPIKE," Apple Bloom cried worried, she went over to Spike to see if he was okay.

But Spike was smiling, “Hehe, at least…. I…. I could give... everything I had.”

Then Apple Bloom looked at the beystadium and could see that Golden Apple was still spinning like nothing, which made her smile.

But Emerald Flame was slowly swaying, that meant it would stop at any moment.

Celestia: Oh wow, that was awesome.

Luna: Well, due to the upcoming result, the winner of this battle is Apple…..

But then there was a sound


Everyone turned their attention to the beystadium, there it was seen that Golden Apple did Burst while Emerald Flame stopped spinning.

“AHHHHHHH,” Button Mash yelled.

"But how?" Rumble asked.

"Who won?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"I don't know," answered Scootaloo.

Celestia: That…was unexpected.

Luna: I guess we should watch the replay.

Meanwhile somewhere else.

The Dark Crystal Knight watched the battle through his screen, at his side was Cozy Glow.

“That was intense,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

“Really intense,” Cozy Glow said nervously.

"Apple Bloom's gotten a lot better these days," the Dark Crystal Knight told her, to which Cozy responded defensively.

"GRRR, no matter how much that girl gets stronger, she won't be able to beat me."

“Oooh, im so nervicited,” Pinkie Pie said in shock.

"You know that's not a word right?" asked Applejack.

After a few seconds, a replay of the end of the battle was shown in slow motion.

"Everything is decided at this point," Apple Bloom and Spike said at the same time.

In the video Emerald Flame could be seen about to fall, but a single second before, Golden Apple had Burst.

The stadium remained completely silent, as everyone tried to come to grips with what they'd just seen.

Until finally, Celestia and Luna broke the silence.

Luna: Golden Apple did Burst before Emerald Flame stopped.

Celestia: Therefore, the winner with a score of 1-2 is Spike.

The crowd broke into a mighty cheer, with nobody cheering louder then Spike's Friends, "He did it!" Button Mash cried happily, "he won!"

"Way to go!" Rumble cheered before he and Button turned towards one another, then high-fived, "ALRIGHT!"

Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo sighed before they both smiled. "You were great," Sweetie Belle called out to Apple Bloom, "Well done."

Scootaloo nodded, "Yeah, she gave everyone a really good battle."

“It definitely exceeds my expectations,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

Cozy Glow nodded.

"I'm proud of her, she gave her all, she has nothing to regret," Applejack said smiling.

“Eeyup, Bloom has nothing to be ashamed of, who would have thought she would be dealt such a strong opponent,” said Big Mac.

"Spike, if Shining Armor saw you right now, he'd be so proud of you," Twilight Sparkle thought with a smile and tears in her eyes.

And Apple Bloom was proud, but that didn't mean she wasn't a little upset at having lost. "Awe man!" She cried out, only to smile over at Spike. "Oh well, the better blader won!"

Spike smiled back at her, almost blushing at the praise, still holding his arm. "Thanks, you sure didn't make it easy for me."

Apple Bloom nodded before getting serious. "It's up to you now, keep fighting to win this tournament Spike."

Spike nodded, "Don't worry, I will."

Apple Bloom smiled, she approached Spike and without thinking twice, she kissed him on the lips.

Spike was caught off guard by this action, but quickly melted into the kiss, accepting Apple Bloom's feelings for him.

The entire field erupted in a cheer as the two kissed, this last almost a full minute before they pulled away.

When they finished kissing, Spike asked blushing, "What was that?"

Bloom replied with a blush, "Something I've wanted to do for a long time."

Celestia: That was really cute.

Luna: Congratulations to the new couple.

Apple Bloom blushed even more, "Hehe, I think I should have thought better of doing this in public."

Spike calmed her down, "Don't worry, you acted from the heart, that's fine, I would have done the same."

Apple Bloom smiled and kissed him again.

“Well done Spike,” said Rumble and Button Mash at the same time.

"Well, it looks like Spike got a prize for that win," Scootaloo said with a smile.

Sweetie Belle nodded and blushed, "I hope we can find that prize too."

The 7 mane were moved by such action.

Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle thought it was a very cute thing.

While Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer smiled and gave the new couple a thumbs up.

Ep 25: The Song of the Mermaids

View Online

In the school infirmary.

“Ouch, ouch, it hurts,” Spike complained as the nurse Red Heart placed bandages on his arm.

"What were you thinking training your arm like that?" the nurse asked Spike.

“In that i wanted to win the battle, Ouch, can you do it more delicately?” Spike answered.

“Well you did it,” said Apple Bloom who had bandages on her arm.

The nurse finished bandaging Spike's hand, "That's it Spike, just rest a bit and your hand will be healed."

"Thank you very much, Nurse Red Heart," Spike thanked her.

"You're welcome Spike, just remember not to push yourself too hard next time," the nurse told him gently.

"I agree with the nurse Spike, you're not an anime character who can heal his wounds quickly," Apple Bloom told him.

"Hey, you too outdid yourself Miss Barn Buster, besides it would be cool to be one, have you seen how that guy with a dragon inside his beyblade does amazing moves, that's amazing," Spike replied.

Apple Bloom laughed, the two proceeded to leave, but were stopped by Nurse Red Heart, "Wait a minute, patients don't leave here without a lollipop."

The nurse offered them popsicles and they took one with a little shame, Spike took a purple one and Apple Bloom a yellow one.

“Thank you Nurse Red Heart,” they said at the same time.

In the halls.

Spike and Apple Bloom walked out of the infirmary while eating their lollipops.

There was Sweetie Belle and Button Mash waiting for them.

“It took a long time,” Button Mash told them.

“I'm sorry, but Spike has been complaining all the time,” Apple Bloom said with a giggle.

"I remind you that I'm very sensitive," Spike said trying to protect his pride, to which everyone laughed.

“That's what I like about you,” Apple Bloom told him as she kissed his cheek.

"Well, I like that you're strong," Spike replied, giving her a kiss on her cheek.

“I hope this doesn't become a habit,” Sweetie Belle said.

"Hehe, you're just jealous," Apple Bloom replied, hugging Spike.

Sweetie Belle pouted.

“Well, at least they're both fine,” said Button Mash.

"And how is Rumble doing in his battle?" Spike asked.

“I think you have to watch this video,” Button told him showing a video on his phone, in which Rumble had a beybattle against Soarin.

"CLOUD SLAYER, USE YOUR SPECIAL MOVE, WIND BLADE," Rumble ordered as Cloud Slayer went straight in a diagonal line to attack Wind Chaser, Soarin´s beyblade.

Suddenly, like a leaf, Wind Chaser was kicked out of the beystadium in the most graceful way possible.

"Wow," was the only thing Soarin could say, despite losing, the way Rumble fought was unique.

Luna: And that's a ring out.

Celestia: Which means that with a score of 2-1, the winner is Rumble.

All the students applauded.

The video ended.

"Wow, Rumble sure knew how to control the situation," Spike said in awe.

"I know, who would have thought, Scootaloo must be fighting Tender Taps right now, let's go see her," said Sweetie Belle.

The 4 went to the gym to witness their friend's beybattle.

In the gym, there was Scootaloo and Tender Taps, both were checking their rival's beyblade, after checking that there was nothing wrong, they returned the bey to its respective owner and placed themselves in battle position.

Scootaloo took out her launcher and placed her beyblade on it, while Tender Taps placed a bey on his shoes due to his battle dance style.

“I'm sorry to tell you, you won't last long, dancer boy,” Scootaloo told him confidently.

"What?" asked Tender Taps confused.

“5 seconds,” Scootaloo declared showing her 5 fingers on her right hand, “I will defeat you and it will only take 5 seconds.”

Tender Taps frowned.

In the stands, Rainbow Dash laughed upon hearing that, "Hehe, she's declaring her victory before the battle even starts."

“Why would Scootaloo do that? She's a bit arrogant,” Fluttershy wondered.

“Maybe it's because I teached her, I told her she'd win this round and her opponent would be one of the easy ones, so a little arrogance never hurt anyone,” Rainbow Dash answered.

“I just hope it doesn't become a habit Rainbow, I wouldn't want Scootaloo to turn into a little version of you,” AJ joked.

"Hey, what's wrong with me?" Rainbow Dash asked to which the Mane 7 burst out laughing confusing her even more, "Someday I'm going to kick all of your asses."

“5 seconds huh? Then I'll start my break dance attack,” Tender Taps replied with a smile.

"Bring it on," Scootaloo told him and then she thought, "Oh why did I take your advice Rainbow? I'll look like a complete idiot if I lose."

Celestia: It's countdown time.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students present shouted:


Scootaloo launched her beyblade into the beystadium while with a break dance move, Tender Taps launched his.

Celestia: And we have the release of Tender Taps which never ceases to amaze.

Luna: But Scootaloo will be able to stop him, remember that she said she would beat him in 5 seconds.

“And she won't,” Tender Taps thought, then made a crazy move, “ATTACK.”

“Ughh, I'm going to die,” Scootaloo said dejectedly and then yelled, “XTREME RAPTOR, USE YOUR SPECIAL MOVE, CLAW TWISTER.”

The 2 beyblades collided, but quickly...


The beyblade of Tender Taps did Burst.

“AHHH,” Tender yelled in amazement.

Celestia: Wow Luna, what was that?

Luna: A battle that lasted 5 seconds.

"What?" Scootaloo said covering her eyes with her hands.

Celestia: With a score of 2-0, the winner is Scootaloo.

All the students applauded.

"Wait, I win?" Scootaloo wondered.

“Looks like you kept your word, you have my respect,” Tender Taps told her as he backed away.

"Ugh, that was close," Scootaloo said relieved and then thought, "Mental note, don't be so arrogant next time."

"Thats how you win squirt," yelled Rainbow Dash.

“I'll admit she did very well,” AJ told her.

Just then, Spike, Apple Bloom, Button Mash, and Sweetie Belle arrived.

“Damn, we missed the battle.”

Several minutes later.

The principals were in the center of the gym announcing something.

“Thank you all for participating, this Friday the last 2 beybattles of this round will be on,” said Celestia.

"I'm glad I'm not you, Button, only strong rivals left," Spike told him.

"Yes, like Microchips, he's very clever that he was able to use advanced technology in his beyblade," Rumble said.

"There's also Ember, she must be pretty strong because she beat Spike in the past," added Sweetie Belle.

"Thank you guys, you guys are so good at making me feel better, before I was just nervous about Thorax, now I'm nervous about 2 more bladers," he replied sarcastically.

“But before we go, some young ladies have offered to sing at the halftime show,” Luna said.

Many students were left expectant when they saw that the lights went out and a lot of smoke began to rise in the center of the gym.

The principals left the center and then 3 girls who seemed to be the age of the mane 7 entered through a door.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,” the girls introduced themselves, who had microphones so that everyone present could hear them.

“Im Adagio Dazzle, nice to meet you,” the pooffy-haired girl introduced herself.

“My name is Aria Blaze,” the girl with the pigtails introduced herself, she didn't seem happy at the moment.

“And im Sonata Dusk,” the girl with the ponytail introduced herself, she seemed the happiest of the 3.

“And together we are, THE DAZZLINGS.”

"The Dazzlings?" Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo wondered.

“The Dazzlings,” Spike, Button Mash, and Rumble gasped.

"Do you know them?" They asked.

"They're a BBA Pop Idol group," Spike replied.

“BBA?” asked Sweetie Belle.

“BeyBlade Association,” Button Mash replied.

"And what do they do?" Scootaloo asked.

"They usually sing at various events to put on a show, but they're also very good bladers," Rumble replied.

“Mmm,” Twilight murmured, which was heard by Rainbow.

"Is something wrong Twi?" she ask her.

She answered a little uncertainly, "I don't know, they don't inspire confidence."

“Before we begin, we want to thank the bladers who have fought with all their hearts in this tournament,” said Adagio.

“We know there were inconvenients,” Aria said as she flashed a photo of Heath Burns on the screen.

"But it's all settled," Sonata said.

“And it's thanks to bladers like you that we can enjoy this sport,” Adagio said.

“So, it's time to shine,” the 3 said, and at that moment, music began to play and they began to sing a beautiful song.

“Wow, they have a beautiful voice,” Sweetie Belle admitted.

"But not as beautiful as yours," Button Mash responded to which Sweetie Belle blushed.

Spike and Rumble smirked at Button.

"What? I only speak the truth.”

The Dazzlings kept singing and in the middle of the song, they took out beyblades which they launched.

But as they sang, their beys moved to the beat of the music, which drew attention.

"Like me, they also wear voice control rings, so they can make their beys dance," Sweetie Belle said in surprise.

After several minutes, the Dazzlings finished singing and proceeded to leave.

“We wish all the remaining bladers, good luck.”

Celestia: See you on Friday for more beybattles.

Luna: That's all for today.

Spike, Rumble and Button were walking down the halls, talking about their past and future beybattles, also talking about the show.

“I'm telling you, this is more than one can handle,” Spike was saying.

“Just don't let your guard down,” Rumble said determinedly.

"And always expect the worst," Button said shakily.

"Sorry, I forgot you were fighting in a few days," Spike said.

They kept walking down the hall until they heard voices.

"Wow, what do we have here?"

They turned around and saw the Dazzlings behind them.

"The Dazzlings," Spike thought, then greeted them politely, "Oh, nice to meet you, we liked your performance."

“Yes, a very good use of the voice system,” said Button Mash.

“A great show,” said Rumble.

“Thank you little one,” Adagio replied.

“It was nothing, we always sing like that,” Aria said as she looked away.

"It's so much fun to sing while controlling our beys," added Sonata.

“Anyway, we talked to the principals, and they told us that you 3 have the most spirit when it comes to this sport,” Adagio told them.

“Hehe, well, we've been playing this since we were little,” Spike replied.

Adagio giggled at that answer.

"Well, even more little," Spike said.

“And that's why we'd like to invite all 3 of you to try out a new battle mode,” Sonata said.

"A new battle mode?" Rumble asked.

“Yes, more modes are being developed in Seaquestria to have more variety in the battles,” Aria answered without showing any emotion.

“The labs gave us the devices to make that mode possible, and we want you to be the first to use it,” Sonata told them.

"That's great, of course we agree," Button responded to which Spike and Rumble nodded, "And what's this new battle mode?"

“It's a surprise, you'll have to come with us to find out,” Sonata told them, to which they decided to pay attention.

At that time, the 6 headed to an empty area of ​​the school.

"Umm, where exactly are we going?" Rumble asked.

“You'll see, this new mode is complicated,” Aria replied.

At that moment Sonata's phone began to ring and she answered the call.

“Hello, Mr Knight, yes, we have them right here,” Sonata said to the caller.

"Mr Knight," Spike thought.

“Hey, I can't hear you right, I'll put you on speaker Mr Knight,” Sonata said switching to speaker mode.

"No Sonata, don't put it on speakerphone, they'll know it's me, and we won't be able to capture them," came a voice that Spike recognized.

"THE DARK CRYSTAL KNIGHT," Spike yelled in shock.

“Oh, I think they heard me, I'm going to hang up, I hope you can handle the situation well,” the Dark Crystal Knight hung up.

Sonata just laughed nervously, "Hehe, oops."

“You ruined everything Sonata, now they know who we work for,” Aria told her, who was furious.

"Hey, it's not my fault, it was the bad reception of this place," Sonata answered, showing her cell phone.

“Perhaps you should work more on that peanut of yours that you call a brain,” Adagio told her.

The Dazzlings turned to see that the boys looked nervous.


"You girls…. You work for the Dark Crystal Knight.”

“Look, I know you must be scared, but we can do this the easy way and get in that truck,” Adagio pointed to a parked truck, which had letters painted on it that read FREE CANDY.

Startled, Button asked, "Why does it say FREE CANDY?"

“That's because it's a rental van,” Sonata added with a smile.

“Or, we can do this the hard way,” Aria said with a wicked grin as she clenched her knuckles.

"Ok ok, calm down, I think we know what to do now," Spike spoke up to which Rumble and Button nodded.

"And what will they do?" Adagio asked.

“RUN AWAY,” Spike yelled, at which point he, Rumble, and Button Mash ran off.

“Don't let them get away,” Adagio ordered Aria and Sonata.

In the hallways, Spike, Rumble, and Button were running for their lives.

“Oh no, are they still behind us?” Button asked running.

"I don't know, just keep running," Spike replied running.

"The Dark Crystal Knight went nuts, using idols to capture us," Rumble added running.

"I know, we've already reached ridiculous levels of villainy," Spike replied as he ran on.

But at that moment...


“AHHHHHH,” Button yelled.

The 2 turned around and saw Sonata who was on top of Button.

“Girls, I caught one,” Sonata yelled happily.

“RUN, SAVE YOURSELVES,” Button Mash shouted to his friends.


The two kept running, “No, they've got Button,” Spike thought.

After several minutes running, the 2 turned and it seemed that they had lost sight of them.

“Okay, we lost them, let's call someone to help us,” Rumble said as they reached into their pockets for their phones, but realized they weren't there.

"Our phones, they're gone," Spike said startled.

“They must have taken them from us when we weren't looking,” Rumble said.

"Then what do we do?" Spike asked.

“Go to the principals they'll know what to do,” Rumble replied as they headed for the office.

But upon arrival, they realized that Adagio was guarding the entrance.

“Damn, they knew we were coming here,” Rumble said.

"I guess we're not as stupid as we seem," came a voice from behind them.

The two of them turned around and saw that it was Aria.

“Uh Oh,” they said as Rumble pushed Spike away.


“I GOT YOU,” Aria said with a wicked grin as she held Rumble down.

“SPIKE, RUN,” Rumble yelled, to which Spike decided to heed.

“ADAGIO, THE LITTLE DRAGON STILL REMAINS,” Aria yelled, drawing Adagio's attention.

Adagio proceeded to chase after him, but Spike jumped out the window.

“AHHHH,” Spike yelled and landed safely outside of Canterlot High.

"Wow, and they said reading comics wouldn't do me any good, thanks Humdrum."

At that moment, Spike got on his bike and rode away from the place.

"Well, I lost them, I must go home to ask for help, and if I must, I will also go to a police station, maybe they can help."

As Spike pedaled, he could hear the engine of a motorcycle approaching him.

When he turned around he saw Adagio on a motorcycle approaching.


"YOU'RE MINE," Adagio said as she drive over to Spike, "TAKE THIS."

“GYAAHHH,” Spike yelled.


Adagio rammed Spike, causing him to fall off his bike, the worst thing is that he had fallen from a hill near a river.


Adagio parked her bike in front of Spike, "You caused us a lot of trouble, this could have been for good."

Spike, still in pain from that fall, used his energies to speak to her, "Ouch... what do you girls want from us?"

“It's nothing personal, just that the Dark Crystal Knight pays us very well,” Adagio answered as she took out a bottle and a tissue and walked over to Spike.

Spike knew what she was planning, that must be chloroform, so he tried to run away but was stopped by Adagio.

"No no, don't try to run away from me little one," Adagio giggled.

“Sleep,” Adagio said as she placed the tissue on Spike's nose, he tried to fight back, but Adagio was stronger.

At that moment, Spike fell unconscious due to breathing in the chloroform.

Minutes later.

Adagio arrived at the place where they parked the truck while carrying an unconscious Spike.

“I have to admit, this was more fun than I thought,” Aria said as she carried an unconscious Rumble.

"Yeah, it was a lot of fun, plus they're really cute," Sonata added as she picked up an unconscious Button Mash.

“Well, remember we only follow orders,” Adagio reminded them.

Adagio opened the back door of the truck and the Dazzlings placed the unconscious boys in it.

“Okay, all set, time to go,” Adagio said.

Sonata looked at the boys, "We are going to have a lot of fun with you."

“Oh shut up Sonata,” Aria and Adagio said at the same time.

"We don't mean that fun."

"They are right, this is a story for all audiences, we could not have fun with them that way," Sonata said.

Ep 26: Battle in the Deep Blue

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“Ughhh, what happened?” Spike asked as he regained consciousness, he realized that he was in a different place which he didn't know, "Where am I?"

The whole place seemed like a warehouse without any furniture, but the strangest thing was that there was a kind of huge glass box surrounding Spike, it seemed that he could not get out of there since there was no way out, “Where are Rumble and Button? ”

Spike began to feel cold and also the ground felt cold for some reason, then he realized when he looked at the reflective surface of the glass, he no longer had his clothes on, the only thing he was wearing green swimming trunks.

"What the hell, where are my clothes?" Spike shouted scared.

Looking around, Spike saw his friends unconscious on the ground, they were also wearing swimming trunks, Rumble's were black while Button Mash's were red.

"Rumble, Button, wake up," Spike shook them awake, to which Rumble woke up.

“Ouch, I feel like I got hit by a train,” Rumble said as he regained consciousness, then realized his situation, and started asking Spike questions, “Spike, where are we, how long were we unconscious and why are we almost naked? ”

Spike was surprised by how calm Rumble took his situation, "Hey, aren't you worried?"

“Yeah, but being crazy won't get us out of here, now help me wake up Button,” Rumble replied as they headed to where Button Mash slept.

“Button, wake up, Button,” Rumble told him but Button Mash didn't move.

“Wait let me try,” Spike said as he walked over to Button and whispered, “Game Over, you want to continue, press Continue, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2……”

“CONTINUE, CONTINUE, I WILL INSERT A COIN, I WILL NOT GIVE UP,” Button Mash yelled, waking up furiously.

"Wow, he woke up that easy," Rumble said.

"Where we are?" Button Mash asked and then looked at Spike and Rumble, "Umm, we decided to go swimming or something."

Spike and Rumble shook their heads.

But then Button Mash remembered the girls who had knocked them out, "Wait a minute, the Dazzlings, it was them, they kidnapped us and we ended up here."

"Oh no, what do you think they want from us?" Spike asked.

“They've already kidnapped us, perhaps they'll hand us over to the Dark Crystal Knight,” Button Mash replied.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no," Spike said repeatedly.

“Hey, calm down,” Rumble yelled at them, “We know we're trapped and we can't get out and that's kind of scary, but we won't be able to think straight if we're terrified, so I'll ask again, does anyone have a good idea?”

The 3 of them started to think about how to get out until they heard a voice, "I hope you slept well."

At that moment, through a part of the enormous glass box, a door opened which was difficult for them to distinguish because it was hidden very well with all the glass, and the Dazzlings entered, and to make the situation even more strange, they were wearing bikinis, Adagio's was purple, Aria's was green, and Sonata's was pink.

Seeing them, the boys had been stunned by their beauty, but remained calm…. the best they could.

“Oh look, I think the boys were wowed by our swimsuits,” Sonata laughed.

“Ughhh, I guess we can't blame them,” Aria said emotionlessly as she looked at herself in the reflective surface of the glass.

“Oh my 1up,” exclaimed Button Mash, “I had a dream like this once when I was 12.”

“I don't think this will end well like that dream, Button,” Spike told him.

“Are you…..?” Button asked to which Spike continued for him, “You girls…. Did you undress us?”

“Unfortunately yes,” Adagio replied with a flirtatious smile, while Button and Spike had blushed brightly, “Hey, why are you so embarrassed?”

“Yeah, it's not like you have anything we haven't seen before,” Sonata added.

"Oh my gosh, these girls have no limits," Spike thought.

Seeing that none of his friends said anything important, Rumble decided to speak first, "What do you want from us?"

Hearing that, Spike and Button Mash remembered that they were still kidnapped, "Where are our beyblades?"

"And what the hell is this crystal prison?"

“Okay, we'll explain everything, but first, here you go,” Adagio said as she handed the boys back their beys, along with their launchers.

The boys took them, but they realized something.

“Wait, this is new,” Button Mash said, noticing that his beyblade had an extra piece on its performance tip.

"Yes, what is this?" Spike asked.

"It's part of the new battle mode, which you guys are helping us test," Aria replied coolly.

“So, it's time for the fun to begin,” Sonata said as she pulled out a remote and pressed a button.

Suddenly a kind of compartment opened in the middle of the glass ceiling and from there water began to enter which was filling the entire space.

“What the….?” Rumble asked in surprise as the space began to flood.

And as it was obvious, Spike and Button Mash were worried when they felt the rising water gradually covering part of them.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Spike yelled in shock.

"We're going to drown," Button Mash shouted in fear.

"I do not know how to swim."


"We're going to die."


“Thats enough of you two,” Rumble yelled as he smacked Spike and Button on their heads.

“Ouch,” Spike and Button complained at the same time as they rubbed their heads.

“It is clear that they are not going to drown us, what do they think they are, mermaids?” Rumble told them.

“Though I admit it would be pretty cool to be one,” Sonata interrupted.

"Keep dreaming Sonata," Aria told her.

“Anyway, just stop yelling and calm down, or you could make the situation worse,” Rumble finished.

Button and Spike nodded a little sheepishly.

At that moment, the water stopped, reaching up to his waist.

“Very well, we will explain how this works,” Adagio said as she took out her bey and launcher.


Adagio launched her bey and the boys were surprised to see that the beyblade spun on top of the water without sinking.

“Wow,” Spike, Button Mash, and Rumble all said at the same time.

"Exciting, don't you think?" Aria asked them.

“This is the Water System, the new mode in which beyblades can spin on top of water, making battles more interesting,” Sonata told them.

"But it also requires balance," Adagio added as her bey sank, "If you are not one with your bey, then it will sink."

The boys understood the explanation.

"Alright Sonata, before we start, could you pass me my beyblade," Adagio asked Sonata.

"Hey why don't you do it?" Sonata asked.

“Because I don't want my beautiful hair to get wet when I dive in,” Adagio replied.

“I guess that makes sense,” Sonata said, then dove down to pick up Adagio's bey.

"I assume you already understood everything?" Aria asked them.

“We want a battle against you using the Water System,” Sonata told them.

“Sure thing, that's why we're in bathing suits,” Rumble replied.

"Yeah, I was already worried, I thought the worst waking up like this," Spike added.

“Ugh, I'm relieved, it's just a beybattle,” Button Mash finished.

“Oh no, you shouldn't be relieved,” Adagio told them.

"What?" Spike asked.

“Look, it's a small bet, if you guys win this one-point battle, we'll set you free and we won't kidnap you again,” Adagio told them.

“And what will happen to us if we lose?” Rumble asked.

The Dazzlings looked at each other with evil smiles, they approached the boys, they felt nervous being so close to them.

“The Dark Crystal Knight thinks that if you lose to us, you will no longer be considered a threat to him,” Adagio told them.

Aria walked over to Rumble and said, "And he told us that if you guys lost, we could do anything with you."

"Wait what?" Rumble asked nervously.

“I'm scared,” Button Mash said scared.

Sonata walked over to Button to hug him, and said, "And you should be, because I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with you, because when he said anything, we meant it, hehehe."

Nervous, Spike watched as Adagio approached him and whispered in his ear, "So, you guys don't want to lose."

At that moment Adagio kissed Spike on his cheek.

"Umm, umm," Spike couldn't think of a response.

“Dawww, they're so adorable,” Sonata said, then she kissed Button on his cheek.

“Don't worry, we'll be gentle when you lose,” Aria said, then kissed Rumble on his cheek.

After that the Dazzlings went to their respective corners and took out their beys and placed them on their launchers.

Spike, Button and Rumble looked at each other blushing, they thought the same thing, "WE CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE."

“I'm only 13, tempting as it is, this is wrong,” Button Mash said.

“We all have 13 Button, but you're right, I wouldn't want to be, um, what's the word, touched, by mermaids,” added Rumble.

"Hey, I hope you take this beybattle a little more seriously than necessary, I remind you that I have a girlfriend," Spike added with a determined look, but still a little scared, "And Im not going to cheat on Apple Bloom."

“Hey Spike, you shouldn't push yourself this time, your hand is still bandaged,” Button told him and then turned to Rumble, “And you won't be able to do your high jump with the space so tight, so let me be the offensive force this time.”

Spike and Rumble nodded.

The 3 of them placed their beys on their launchers and got into battle stance.

“Looks like they're ready, so let the countdown begin,” Adagio said.




And the 6 shouted at the same time:


The 6 beyblades fell into the water and the boys were amazed to see their beys as if they were floating.

"Wow, that's amazing," said Rumble.

"It really works," Spike said.

But his stunned thoughts were interrupted when Adagio's beyblade hit Spike's.


“Well done, Sea Huntress,” Adagio was saying to her bey.

"Ahh, sure, concentrate, come on Emerald Flame," Spike was saying.

“Too bad your flames go out in the ocean, where you'll be fish food,” Adagio told him as the 2 beys collided.

Rumble's beyblade collided with Aria's, Rumble having a hard time keeping control of his beyblade in the water.

“Ughh, damn it,” Rumble complained.

"Looks like you're in trouble, I think you'd rather be fighting in the air," Aria told him, then ordered her beyblade to attack, "Hit him, Leviathan."

But Rumble made Cloud Slayer dodge the attack.

“It doesn't matter if I'm in the water, neither I or Cloud Slayer aren't going to give up,” Rumble replied.

Button Mash's beyblade made precise jumps in the water, which caused Sonata to be shocked.

“Woooow, what a fun way to have a beybattle,” Sonata told him.

“Umm, sure, it's my style, straight out of video games,” Button said that last bit under his breath.

“That's fun, but I won't give up, come on Deeps Dweller,” Sonata said.

His beyblade was chasing Button Mash's.

After several minutes of battle, the Dazzlings were beginning to get bored that neither of them lost.

"Girls how about we do our special attack?" Adagio asked them, to which Aria and Sonata nodded.

"They're planning something," Spike said.

“You have to be careful,” Rumble said.

“Stop jumping around Digital Debug for a moment,” Button Mash ordered his bey.

“Now is the time,” Adagio said.

“SEA DIVA SWIRL,” all 3 yelled at the same time.

At that moment her beys, Sea Huntress, Leviathan and Deeps Dweller started spinning one after the other.

“OH NO,” shouted Spike, Rumble and Button Mash who already knew what the Dazzlings were planning.

The beyblades began to form a kind of whirlpool which began to absorb the boys' beys, Emerald Flame, Cloud Slayer and Digital Debug.

“This is bad,” said Button Mash.

"This is worse than bad, we're going to lose and we'll be at their mercy," Spike said scared because he felt that Emerald Flame was going to burst at any moment.

“CALM DOWN ALREADY,” Rumble yelled, drawing their attention.

“Look at that, I think they're getting worked up,” Aria scoffed.

"Oh, poor things," Sonata said feeling sorry.

“Wait a minute, the one with the rough face looks like he has a plan,” Adagio told them.

“Okay guys get closer,” Rumble ordered.

Spike and Button walked over and Rumble started whispering in their ears.

Afterwards, he finished speaking.

"Very risky," Spike said.

“But we don't have a choice,” added Button Mash.

“NOW,” the boys yelled at the same time, at which point their beys allowed themselves to be sucked into the whirlpool.

"What's wrong with them?" Aria wondered in surprise.

“Looks like they lost their minds,” Sonata added.

But Adagio remained thoughtful, “Wait a minute… no.”

As the 3 beys were absorbed at the same time in a sudden way, they collided at the same time, and miraculously none burst, and being fired so quickly by the rebound, they ended up breaking the whirlpool.


“They broke the whirlpool,” Adagio said in surprise, “No wonder the Dark Crystal Knight has his sights on them.”

"It's time, attack."

“GYAHHH,” Spike yelled.

“AHHHH,” Rumble yelled.

“RAHHHH,” Button Mash yelled.

And at that moment his beys hit the Dazzlings' beys so hard, causing them to Burst.

"Surprising," Sonata said.

“I hate to admit it, but that blew me away,” Aria said.

“We did it,” Spike said cheerfully, then bumped fists with Button and Rumble.

“We did it,” said Button Mash.

“It was a good fight, although the Water System lacks perfection,” Rumble said, then looked at Aria, “Umm, no offense.”

“We are not offended, which is why this battle was a beta test,” Aria told them.

“Next time we will improve the Water System,” said Sonata.

"But a deal is a deal," Adagio told them as she drained the water with her controller and opened doors in the glass, "You are free to go."

They proceeded to leave the place as fast as they could, but Spike stopped, "Before we go, can I ask you something about the Dark Crystal Knight?"

“You already did, but yeah,” Aria replied.

"What do you want to know about him?" Adagio asked.

"What do you want from us and why do you work for him?" Spike asked.

“Technically those were 2 questions, but we can only answer the second one,” Sonata replied.

"I guessed so," Spike said.

“You just have to understand that the Dark Crystal Knight has his sights on you, but he doesn't play dirty, he will never cheat in any of the beybattles he organizes, thats why we are with him” Adagio told him.

"Got it, thanks for clearing it up for us," Spike thanked her.

“And we can also see that you girls aren't that bad,” Rumble told them.

"Oh, and why do you think that?" Aria asked them.

“For your beys, you treat them very well, they have a great blader spirit, you may be a little crazy, but you are not evil,” replied Button Mash.

“Dawww, you're cute,” Sonata said as she hugged Button Mash, making Button Mash blush even more remembering that they were wet and still in bathing suits.

“Ummm, thanks,” Button responded nervously as they walked away.

"Well, I guess we'll go now," Spike waved goodbye to them.

“See ya,” Rumble said goodbye.

The Dazzlings graciously escorted them out, but not before handing them back their clothes.

Outside the place.

"Guys, we need to tell our friends about this," Rumble told them.

"You're crazy, what will Apple Bloom say if she finds out about this?" Spike asked.

"Spike, AB will find out sometime and she will be mad at you for not telling her," Button added.

Spike sadly nodded, "You're right, I must tell her."

Minutes passed and the Dazzlings were thinking.

"They were very strong, I must admit, but don't forget, we still have one infiltrator left in the tournament, so they will have to be stronger by then."

Ep 27: Technological Duel

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It was the day of the last 2 battles, the group was in the schoolyard, Spike, Rumble and Button Mash were telling their friends about the Dazzlings.

"And after that we were released," Spike said.

The reactions were varied.

The mane 7 had been left with their mouths open.

Flash Sentry had an eye twitch.

Smolder and Ember looked at each other.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon blushed.

And the CMCs had great suppressed anger on their faces.

At that moment Diamond Tiara spoke up, "I can't believe they were kidnapped just to try out a new battle mode, wearing bikinis and swiming trunks."

“At least we got out of that one, they weren't evil,” Button Mash said with a blush on his face.

“But they were crazy,” added Rumble.

At that moment Apple Bloom approached Spike.

"I'm sorry Apple Bloom, I didn't mean to…" Spike said but was interrupted by Apple Bloom as she hugged him.

"Spike, don't apologize, I'm not mad, this isn't your fault," Apple Bloom told him and then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Spike smiled, "Thanks Apple Bloom."

At that moment Twilight approached, "That explains why you were late at home, and it also explains why your hair was wet."

"Sorry to worry you Twi, I didn't think the Dark Crystal Knight would go this far this time," Spike told Twilight.

"You must have been so scared," Twilight said, hugging Spike to which Rarity joined in the hug, "My poor little Spikey-Wikey, we should have been there for you, but we didn't do anything."

"There's nothing you could have done, at least everything's fine now," Spike said as he was suffocated by Twi and Rarity's double hug, "Umm girls, I can't breathe."

“Why is he the only one who gets hugs?” asked Button Mash.

“Dawww, don't feel bad Mashy, we love you two so much,” Pinkie Pie said as she hugged Button so tight it choked him.

"Okay, I won't complain again," Button said as he gasped.

Rumble laughed but then he saw Fluttershy who was looking at him with a smile.

"Umm I'm fine, I don't need a…" Rumble said but was cut off when Fluttershy hugged him.

"You don't need to hide it Rumble, everyone needs a hug," Fluttershy said.

“I thought you were shy,” Rumble told her.

The CMCs laughed upon witnessing the scene, but quickly acted.

"Ok well show's over," Sweetie Belle said pulling Pinkie away from Button.

"Bladers can't be distracted," Scootaloo said, pulling Fluttershy away from Rumble.

"Especially the bladers who have a girlfriend," said Apple Bloom, with her gaze it was not necessary to separate Rarity and Twilight from Spike because when they saw her they slowly moved away.

Spike, Rumble and Button just giggled nervously.

In the gym

Celestia: Great day for the end of the second round of the tournament.

Luna: The last 4 bladers will fight this time for a place in the 3rd round, only 2 of them will be able to advance.

Celestia: And the lucky ones selected are.

The principal Celestia pressed a button and a screen came out of the ceiling, on that screen the next blader appeared.

Luna: It's Button Mash.

"Good luck Button," Spike, Rumble, and Sweetie Belle said at the same time.

Celestia: And your opponent is.

Celestia pressed another button and the selected blader was:

Luna: Microchips.

“Very interesting,” said Microchips with a smile on his face.

Luna: These students have something in common, they are very skilled in the area of ​​programming.

Celestia: So today's battle may involve technology, which is definitely impressive.

A few minutes later.

Button Mash was getting ready, he was in his locker, from there he took out a briefcase.

"I don't have muscles like Rumble or have great determination like Spike, yet they accept me as I am."

He opened the briefcase and smiled, "But still, I'll prove myself, I won't be strong or cunning, and maybe I'm more of a coward than Spike but I'm smart, that's my advantage."

Microchips was in his locker he was using his laptop on which he was checking his bey's data.

"Very good, just a few adjustments and you'll be good to go."

"Hey Micro," a voice said.

Microchips turned his vision away from the screen and saw Flash Sentry walking towards him.

"Hello Flash, what do you want?"

"Nothing, I'm just here to cheer you up," Flash replied.

“Thank you Flash, considering who my opponent is,” Microchips said.

“Yes, Button Mash, he may be just a kid but he's got a lot of skill,” Flash Sentry told him.

“Yes, I looked it up,” Microchips said as he showed him the data of various bladers in his notebook that he noted down, “He is one of the best bladers in this tournament, one wrong step and he will destroy me.”

“That's a bit of an exaggeration,” Flash said.

“Well a little bit, but I've got to stay calm and not make him mad, Snips and Snails learned this the hard way,” said Microchips.

Flash laughed, "Hehe, well just avoid talking bad about his mother."

“Hehe, yeah,” Microchips laughed but then put on a serious face and picked up his beyblade, “But getting serious, I'm sure he's planning something right now, and believe me I'm telling you, me and Code Breaker won't give up.”

"Thats the spirit, buddy," Flash said as he bumped fists with him, "And good luck."

Microchips smiled and headed to the gym.

In the gym, the students were waiting to see the next battle.

Celestia: It's time for the battle to begin

Luna: In the red corner, our favorite gamer, the mighty Button Mash.

Button, who had that strange briefcase, entered nervously and went to the center of the gym, hearing the praise from the public he blushed, "I think I'll never get used to this."

“Come on Button,” Spike yelled, wondering at that briefcase Button had.

“You are very skilled,” Rumble yelled.

“Good luck Mashy,” Sweetie Belle yelled as she blew him an air kiss.

Button Mash's eyes turned into hearts, "Wow, thanks Sweetie."

Celestia: And in the blue corner, from our smartest students, the code breaker, Microchips.

Microchips like Button, nervously advanced to the center of the gym.

"Don't give up Microchips, you can win," shouted Flash Sentry.

At that moment Spike looked at him raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, sorry Spike, I know Button…."

Spike cut him off as he smirked, "Its okay Flash, Microchips is your friend, and you're right to cheer him up."

Flash Sentry smiled seeing that Spike understood his situation.

Celestia: Inspect your opponent's bey.

The 2 saw each other's bey, but since they had already seen them in action, they had nothing else to analyze so they quickly returned the bey to its respective owner.

Luna: Alright, now get ready.

Microchips took out his launcher which was a yellow string launcher with an integrated antenna, at that moment he hit a switch on his glasses and suddenly on the reflective surface the words: BEY ON could be read.

“Microchips sure did take this too seriously,” Flash Sentry said in surprise.

“I imagine with that device it will be easier for him to calculate the variables in this fight, which will give Button more trouble,” Spike said.

But Button was not far behind and opened the briefcase.

"Now what is he doing?" Rumble asked.

From the briefcase, Button took out a strange glove-shaped device, curiously, that glove had buttons as if it were a video game controller, in the palm of his hand he had a slot to place a beyblade.

"It can't be," Spike said.

"What's that Spike?" asked Apple Bloom.

“Yeah, it looks like a game controller,” Scootaloo added.

"It's because it's a game controller," Spike replied with a hand to his forehead, "Clearly Button overdid it."

"What a curious launcher," said Microchips.

“This is my Power Glove Launcher,” Button Mash replied, “I managed to mod a lousy game controller and turn it into a deadly weapon.”

“Hehe, I'd like to see how good you are with that failure of design,” Microchips told him as he placed his bey on his launcher.

“You will see in this battle,” Button replied as he placed his bey into the slot he had installed in the palm of the glove.

Luna: Wow, I'm not expecting that, I also have one of those, I hope Button tells me how to modify it, I want to do it too.

Celestia: Sister, remember that we are narrating, keep your professionalism.

Luna: Ugh alright, let the countdown begin.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And all the students present shouted:


The 2 bladers launched their beys into the beystadium.

But in Button's case, he used his whole arm to throw it.

"Ouch, note to self, improve throwing form."

The beys crashed into each other.

But Button couldn't seem to control his, "Come on Digital Debug, the release is unstable but you are strong."

"Oh no, it must be the first time he's used that launcher," Sweetie Belle said worriedly.

“Okay Code Breaker, do a 45 angle boost,” Microchips ordered to which his bey went straight into a corner of the beystadium.

No one was surprised by that because they already knew his plan, the same one he used against Time Turner.

The moment he collided, the recoil made him collide with Digital Debug, causing the latter to lose his balance.

“Debug,” Button Mash yelled worriedly.

“He's defenseless, attack Code Breaker,” Microchips ordered as Code Breaker headed for Digital Debug to hit him.

But just as they were about to collide, Digital Debug jumped high which dodged the attack.

"WHAT THE..." asked Microchips.

"You thought I'd be dumb enough to let me beat like that, that was a bluff," Button admitted with a winning smile and then ordered his bey to attack in the air, "Digital Debug use the Stomp."

And descending, Debug crashed into Breaker causing him to lose his balance and stop spinning.

“Ah gravity thou art a heartless witch,” was the only thing Microchips could say upon seeing such an attack of 9.8 m/s2.

Celestia: Code Breaker stopped, survival finish.

Luna: The score goes 1-0 in favor of Button Mash.

“Very good Button,” Spike and Rumble said at the same time.

Microchips picked up his bey with a smile and put it back on the launcher, "Good thought, but that trick won't work a second time."

“I know, the advantage was the element of surprise,” Button Mash replied as he picked up his bey and placed it in his glove slot.

Luna: This is very intense, it seems that the winner will be the one who best calculates the possibilities.

Celestia: In a boundless row loaded with lots of 1's and 0's, just like in a system.

Luna looked at Celestia confused.

Celestia: It doesn't hurt to put a little more passion into the narrative, Lulu.

Luna: Don't call me Lulu.

Celestia: Sorry, anyway, it's time for another countdown.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


Again, the 2 bladers launched their beys into the beystadium, only Button launched it in a strong way but much less exaggerated and theatrical compared to the last one.

This time since he didn't have the element of surprise, Digital Debug started jumping around the stage as it was his main style.

"That's your ultimate power," Microchips said, "Very impressive, Super Mario Bros."

"Is that an insult or a compliment?" Button asked.

“It's a compliment, it's impressive that you were able to translate one of your passions into this sport,” responded Microchips.

"Oh thanks."

“But that doesn't mean I'll have mercy on you, CODE BREAKER, ANGLE THRUST 20,” Microchips ordered his bey.

Code Breaker hit one of the corners causing it to bounce back towards Digital Debug.

“Nice try, but we'll dodge that,” Button said as Digital Debug jumped up to dodge Code Breaker's attack.

“I knew you'd do that,” Microchips said as Code Breaker hit another corner, recoling off, and was thrown directly at Digital Debug.

“Impossible,” Button Mash didn't think Microchips was 2 steps ahead of him.

“CODE BREAKER ATTACK,” Microchips ordered as Code Breaker hit Digital Debug hard as he landed, knocking him off balance.


“DEBUG,” Button yelled worriedly, as his bey landed on the beystadium only to stop spinning.

Luna: And Digital Debug stopped the victory goes to Microchips and Code Breaker.

Celestia: Which puts the score at a 1-1 draw, the next battle will decide everything.

“Well done Microchips,” shouted Flash Sentry.

"Oh, Button," Sweetie Belle said worriedly.

“This doesn't look good at all,” Spike said.

"Button will need to plan something new if he wants to win," added Rumble.

Button picked up his beyblade and looked at Microchips, "You're very strong."

“Thank you,” Microchips replied.

“However,” Button continued, “I'm not going to lose, I'm not going to get beat here, I've been playing this for years and I won't let my nerves get the best of me.”

At that moment Button placed his bey back into the slot in his glove and got into battle stance.

Luna: That is the passion of a blader.

"Well, I'm not going to lose either," Microchips said as he pressed some buttons on his glasses, "MAXIMUM POWER."

On the reflective part of his glasses could be read the words: MAX POW.

Celestia: Incredible, it seems that the 2 will go with everything.

And one last countdown was made:




And this time only the 2 bladers shouted:


The 2 beys landed in the beystadium.

This time they collided with more intensity.

“IT'S TIME FOR YOUR SPECIAL ATTACK, CODE BREAKER, USE YOUR SLIDING UNLOCKABLE,” Microchips ordered as Code Breaker collided with a corner but with infernal recoil speed.

It was so fast that it seemed like a lot of beyblades.

“BUTTON,” Spike and Rumble yelled, worried about their friend at the same time.

Digital Debug took the attacks, which caused Button to get upset, "Digital Debug, please resist."

“There's no other way, I have to use the special move,” Button thought.

“This is over,” Microchips said.

But at that moment, Button Mash showed him the arm where he had the glove.

“Yes, it's over, but I'm not going down without a fight, one of us will lose,” Button said as he began to make strange moves.

“Oh no, Button Mash went crazy,” said Rumble.

“I think he was crazy before, but,” Spike added.

“No guys, look, it's part of his plan,” Sweetie Belle told them.

Button raised his gloved arm 2 times, "Up, Up."

Then he lowered his arm 2 times, "Down, down."

Then, he moved the glove to the left and then to the right 2 times, “Left, Right, Left, Right.”

And to finish, he closed his fist and punched into the air, “B, A, SPECIAL MOVE, VICTORY CODE.”

Afterwards, his beyblade turned almost entirely red and started spinning to the left.

“Reverse rotation,” Microchips yelled in surprise.

Digital Debug started to move faster and managed to block Code Breaker breaking his momentum.

"Impossible, how much power does that bey have," Microchips used his glasses to scan but he got scared when the following number appeared on the reflective surface: 9000.

Microchips took off his glasses scared and broke them using his fist, "IT'S OVER 9000!"

“Button managed to strengthen Digital Debug,” Rumble said in amazement.

“For a moment I thought I'd summon 30 extra lives,” Spike said with a nervous laugh.

“NOOOOWWWW,” Button Mash yelled as Digital Debug landed one last hit on Code Breaker, sending him flying.

“AHHH,” Microchips yelled as he saw his bey sent out of the beystadium.

Luna: That's a Ring Out.

Celestia: Which means the winner is Button Mash with a score of 2 – 1.

The students clapped excitedly at the incredible battle.

Button fell to the ground tired, "Wow, that was close, I didn't think I could control it."

"Your power exceeded my expectations, I hope you win the next battle in the 3rd round, I have faith in you Button," was all Microchips said as he picked up his bey and threw his broken glasses on the ground, at which point he left the place .

“Microchips, thank you very much,” Button told him as Micro walked away.

“YOU DID IT BUTTON,” Spike and Rumble yelled happily for their friend.

“WELL DONE MASHY,” Sweetie Belle told him.

Flash Sentry smiled then his eyes went to the place where Microchips was retreating.

Microchips reached his locker, sighed, and grabbed a new pair of glasses.

"You did very well in that battle," Flash Sentry told him as he approached him.

“Umm, thanks Flash, but I…”

"Micro, you have nothing to be ashamed of, who would have thought he was such a strong opponent," Flash told him.

"Do you really think that?" I ask Microchips.

"Dude, you made Button get hurt just to beat you, you obviously have talent, today was just bad luck, I'm sure you would have gone further in this tournament."

Microchips smiled, "Thanks Flash, I'm going to get stronger."

“Congratulations on your victory,” Sweetie Belle said as she hugged Button Mash.

“Hehe, thanks Sweetie,” Button Mas said with a blush.

Spike and Rumble smirked at Button Mash.

“Oh please grow up,” Button Mash told them.

Celestia: That was an incredible battle.

Luna: But now it's time to present the last battle.

And obviously, these will be the bladers that will fight for the spot in the third round.


“Okay Ember, it's your turn,” Smolder said encouraging her older sister.

"Good luck Ember," Spike told her.

“Thanks guys, I can handle him, plus it'll be the perfect opportunity to avenge Smolder,” Ember said determinedly.

Meanwhile in one of the bathrooms.

"Very well Thorax you know what to do," said the Dark Crystal Knight who was speaking with Thorax on the phone.

“Don't worry, I won't let you down,” Thorax said as his beyblade alternated between black and green.

Ep 28: Shapeshifter Revelation

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Canterlot High Gym.

Celestia: This second round was full of emotion.

He said that pointing to Button Mash.

Luna: A little crazy.

He said while pointing at Flash Sentry and Cheese Sandwich, the latter giving a thumbs up while Flash covered his eyes with his hand.

Celestia: And of course, love is not lacking.

He said pointing to Spike and Apple Bloom to which they blushed.

Luna: But now it's time for our last battle of the day.

Celestia: Precisely sister, now let's introduce the bladers, in the red corner, a strong girl with the heart of a dragon, Ember.

Luna: And in the blue corner, the blader who can copy the power of his opponents, the shapeshifter, Thorax.

Ember and Thorax entered the gym, Ember had a serious expression while Thorax did not stop smiling like he always did.

Spike was sitting next to Apple Bloom, they were both nervous, something that Smolder noticed.

"What's wrong with you? Do you think Ember will lose that easily?”

“No, Smolder, it's not that,” Apple Bloom replied.

"But Thorax's style is similar to a guy named Pharynx, who works for the Dark Crystal Knight," Spike continued.

"You suspect he might be…" Smolder said but was interrupted by Spike.

"Let's not jump to conclusions, Thorax seems to be a good boy."

At this time, Ember placed her bey on her launcher, and thought about the previous battle Thorax had, “He can copy my bey for sure, I should calm down, don't make any rash moves, and defeat him with a quick attack before he can copy my bey technique, only then will I defeat him.”

Thorax seemed unconcerned, just kept smiling.

A little annoyed Ember thought, "Definitely, I will avenge my little sister and take the smile off that shape-shifter's face."

Celestia: Very well, as our bladers are already prepared.

Luna: It's time for the countdown to begin.

Thorax and Ember moved into battle stance.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


At that moment, Ember and Thorax launched their beys into the beystadium.

The 2 fell and began to spin on it.

“YOU CAN BEAT HIM, EMBER,” Spike and Smolder yelled at the same time cheering on their friend and sister.

The beys were colliding with each other, Ember was planning her strategy.

"Okay, the moment he changes form, his bey is vulnerable," Ember thought.

Thorax was only ordering his bey weak attacks as if provoking Ember.

“Very well Light Shifter keep it up,” Thorax said.

“I know what you're trying to do, you want to provoke me into using Blood Stone's special move, but it won't work,” Ember told him.

"I have no choice, I'll have to order Light Shifter a quick shift," Thorax thought without losing his smile and said to Ember, "Wow, it seems you discover my plan."

Ember noticed that Thorax's bey began to glow, at which point she ordered Blood Stone to attack, "NOW BLOOD STONE."

Blood Stone approached Light Shifter.


And It push him making him leave the beystadium

“She did it, she got him out of the beystadium,” Spike said.

“And Thorax couldn't copy her special move because she didn't use it, which means he won't be able to fight well this round,” Smolder added.

Celestia: Ring out.

Luna: That's a point for Ember who takes the lead with a score of 1 – 0.

Thorax picked up his bey, "Looks like I'm in trouble."

Ember smiled as she picked hers up, "I'm not that easy to beat."

Celestia: Alright, it's time for the battle to continue, it's time for the countdown to begin.

Thorax and Ember moved into battle stance.

Just like his previous duel with Smolder, Thorax pulled out another launcher, one of the same type as Ember's.

Ember wasn't surprised, she knew Thorax would do something like that.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


At that moment, Ember and Thorax launched their beys into the beystadium.

The 2 fell and began to spin on it.

Thorax's beyblade moved differently due to the change of launcher.

“Changing the launcher to get closer to my style won't do you any good, I haven't used my special move, so you won't copy my full power,” Ember said confidently.

“That's what you think,” Thorax said as his smile turned into a wicked grin.

“A shapeshifter has more tricks up his sleeve,” Thorax said as his bey began to glow.

“Light Shifter, use your Light Copycat.”

"He's going to change his form, but won't that backfire on him?" Smolder asked a little nervously.

"I think he lost his mind and made a desperate move," replied Apple Bloom.

Flashbacks of Vietnam began to appear in Spike's memories.

Several days ago.

Pharynx replied "Oh, it's nothing, I just hope to see your surprised face."

Spike didn't understand what Pharynx was referring to, but then Pharynx ordered his bey to make the first attack.

"NOW DARK SHIFTER, TAKE DOWN THAT LOSER, DARK COPYCAT," Pharynx yelled and suddenly, Dark Shifter began to move differently, now moving rapidly around the beystadium, just like Emerald Flame.

"It can't be," Spike said as Emerald Flame was pushed away by Dark Shifter.

"I told you you'd be surprised, weakling," Pharynx said, "This is Dark Shifter's special move, the Dark Copycat, an attack that allows me to turn him into the type of bey he's fighting, it works so much better when I use it in a balance type like yours hahaha. "

"Oh, holy gems," Spike exclaimed in shock.

"No, he can't, he's a good guy."

“That won't do you any good, Blood Stone, finish it off,” Ember said.

But at that moment, upon colliding, Light Shifter had transformed, but did not transform into Blood Stone.

“It can't be, that's my….” Smolder said.

It had transformed into Smolder's beyblade, Royal Claw.

“Impossible,” Ember said as the Blood Stone spun around the transforming bey.

“Surprised right,” Thorax said with a bit of arrogance, “Light Shifter not only copies his opponent, but he can also copy all the opponents he has defeated.”

"That idiot," Rainbow Dash said angrily.

“Using her little sister's bey to torment her,” AJ continued.

"That's pretty low," Rarity finished.

As the beys collided with each other, Ember was hesitant, but decided to continue the battle.

“Blood Stone, go get him,” he ordered his bey and then looked at Thorax, “Don't think I'll fall into your trap, I'll keep fighting with everything I've got, that's what makes me the strongest blader in my shop. ”

"Umm, the shop belongs to our father," Smolder said.

“YOU'RE THE ONE NOT TO UNDERESTIMATE ME, LIGHT SHIFTER, SPECIAL MOVE, FIRE HOPE,” Thorax yelled as his bey changed its rotation and began to engulf itself in flames.

"Steal his special move," Ember hissed, then glared at him and yelled, "BLOOD STONE, IT'S TIME FOR THE SPECIAL MOVE, POWER FLAME."

At that moment, Ember's bey began to engulf in blue flames and went straight towards Thorax's bey.

“ATTACK,” Ember and Thorax yelled at the same time as their beys collided with such force that the flames of both colors that engulfed them expanded to the ceiling of the gym.


“AHHHH,” Smolder and Apple Bloom yelled.

“That's a lot of power,” Spike yelled.

Celestia: Oh my, where are the beys.

Luna: Sister, you should look up.

They all looked up and saw that the 2 beys went flying.

Celestia: Oh, it looks like the battle will be decided when one of them hits the ground.

Ember saw the situation a little frustrated, but Thorax smiled, the reason was because...


Bloodstone burst.

"No," Ember thought.

Luna: Umm, um, that's a Burst Finish.

Celestia: So I guess the winner with 1-2 is Thorax.

Few students applauded, many were confused by that change of personality in Thorax.

"Ember," Smolder said in a low tone.

"She fought with all her might," Spike said despondently, "But it was still useless."

Ember was picking up the pieces of her bey to put it back together, she still couldn't believe that she had lost.

"I'm sorry Smolder, I should have been stronger."

But his moment of mourning was interrupted, by an evil laugh.


Everyone present looked in the direction the laughter was coming from.


And from one of the windows, entered a figure that Spike recognized.

"The Dark Crystal Knight," Spike said with an expression of anger and concern.

Luna: We just fixed that window.

"I'm sorry about that, I'll make sure to pay for the damages," the Dark Crystal Knight apologized, but at that moment he took the microphone from Vice-Prime Luna, "Attention everyone, I'm glad you witnessed this great battle."

The students were confused, they didn't know how to react to such a guy dressed as a supervillain.

“I expected no less of my student,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, indicating Thorax.

“It is an honor to be trained by you, my lord,” Thorax said, kneeling before the Dark Crystal Knight.

“IT CAN'T BE,” Spike, Rumble, and Button Mash yelled at the same time, feeling betrayed.

"So my suspicions were correct," Spike said, "Thorax works for the Dark Crystal Knight."

“As you can see, Thorax far outclasses all bladers in this tournament, I suggest you give up now, because the weak do not deserve to play this amazing game,” the Dark Crystal Knight said to all the spectators.

"Who does that guy think he is?" Sunset asked.

"I know, first attack Spike and his friends, and now this, having one more infiltrator in this tournament," Twilight added.

"Grrrrr," Spike was furious at that statement.

“It's very simple, give up now, if you don't want to end up like her,” Thorax said smiling pointing at Ember.

Ember glared at him as Thorax continued.

“She is considered one of the strongest and yet she was defeated by me, if that is really strength, then her efforts are in vain, she is weak, just like all of you.”

"I've had enough," Spike said as he headed into the center of the gym.

"Spike, what are you going to do?" asked Apple Bloom.

"Im going to do the thing I should have done since I met the Dark Crystal Knight," Spike replied as he stepped forward.

"Could I see your bey?" Thorax asked Ember, but Thorax didn't wait for the answer and took the Blood Stone from her.

“Hey,” Ember exclaimed.

Thorax began to examine the Blood Stone, "Ughh, it looks like you haven't modified it in years, you weren't going to win the tournament with this thing."

"What did you say?" Ember asked angrily.

"Hey, I'm just telling the truth," Thorax replied.

“Okay, I got it, could you give me back my bey now,” Ember said wanting to end the conversation.

“With that expression you clearly missed the point,” Thorax told her.

“Anyway, just give it to me,” Ember ordered.

"Do you think you can intimidate me?" Thorax asked, but at that moment.


“OUCH,” Thorax groaned in pain as a beyblade had been thrown at him, hitting his hand and releasing the Blood Stone, Ember took that opportunity to retrieve it.

The bey that was launched at him was Emerald Flame.

"THATS ENOUGH," Spike shouted as he had his launcher in hand, he approached with a furious expression.

All the spectators were surprised that he had raised his voice to Thorax.

"Spike, what is he doing?" Twilight asked nervously.

The Dark Crystal Knight also walked over, "It's about time you showed yourself."

Spike spoke to them with a great deal of anger, "Listen, I can take a lot of things done to me."

"You can threaten me."

"You can make fun of me."

"You can even send lunatic bladers to kidnap me and I really don't care."

Spike continued without losing the attention of Thorax and the Dark Crystal Knight.

"But no one, and I repeat, no one, makes fun of my friends," Spike declared, "So I order you to stand down, or else we're gonna have a trouble."

The Dark Crystal Knight frowned, "Is that a threat?"

"No, it's a warning," Spike replied.

“Oh no,” Twilight said nervous.

"Woo hoo, that's the way you talk, Spike," Rainbow said excitedly.

“Very well, if you are serious, then you should be Thorax's next opponent,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"What?" Spike asked.

"Yes, it would be interesting and fun to open round 3 with our battle, dragon lord," Thorax told Spike.

Celestia: Umm, you can't change the rules that easily, for this to happen the challenger must accept, otherwise the battle won't take place.

"Well, we'll follow the rules, so what do you say Spike, this is your decision," the Dark Crystal Knight told him trying to provoke him.

"Do you really think Spike will go down with that?" asked Button Mash.

"It's more than clear that it's a trap, only an idiot would accept it," added Rumble.

“Damn, it's attacking his weak spot,” Sunset Shimmer said.

“Don't worry, Sunset, my little brother isn't stupid to fall for his provocations,” Twilight Sparkle said, but then.

"I accept," Spike said with determination surprising everyone, even the Dark Crystal Knight.

"He accept?" Rumble and Button Mash asked at the same time.

"Spike," Apple Bloom worried.

"Wow, the boy's got some nerve," Rainbow Dash said.

"Speak too soon, he's a bit stupid," Twilight Sparkle said, "What am I going to do with you, Spike."

“He agreed, that was easier than I thought,” the Dark Crystal Knight thought.

Luna: Umm, well, since Spike agreed, the duel that will open the 3rd round will be.

Celestia: Spike VS Thorax, next week in the quarterfinals.

“Hehe, I wish you luck, because you're going to need it,” Thorax said.

"The one who needs it will be you, I'm going to beat you, no, I'm going to finish you off and with that I'll avenge Ember and Smolder," Spike replied determinedly.

After that, Spike turned to the Dark Crystal Knight, "And when I defeat him and this tournament is over, the next one will be you."

All the spectators who were not aware of the situation began to cheer for Spike, clapping and cheering for him.

“Grr, watch your words brat, Thorax let's go,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he retreated through the same window he broke.

"See you later," Thorax said as he escaped through another window.


"OUCH," Thorax groaned in pain as he broke the window, "I thought it was open."

As they left, Spike saw the screen announcing the next fight, he looked a little nervous, but he still stayed, this time he wasn't going to fight out of anger, he would fight to defend his friends.


Ep 29: The Flame of Revenge and Hope

View Online


Spike yelled as he launched his bey into a beystadium, he was in the backyard of his house, he was training for his next battle against Thorax.

After several minutes, Emerald Flame stopped, Spike picked it up.

“It's not enough to beat Thorax, one more time, LET IT RIP,” Spike said, then proceeded to launch his bey into the beystadium.

More minutes passed and Emerald Flame stopped.

“Once again, I'm not done yet,” Spike said as he went back to pick up his beyblade.

And Spike kept repeating the same procedure for several more minutes.





After nearly an hour, Spike was exhausted from training, but still continued.


Spike launched his bey again.

"I have to win, otherwise I'll let my friends down, I can't lose," Spike said, and then Spike yelled, "I WILL NOT LOSE."

"Oh, I'm worried about Spike," Twilight Sparkle said as she watched her little brother through her bedroom window.

"Yeah, he's acting like Applejack during Applebuck season," Rainbow Dash said.

“Hey,” Applejack exclaimed.

"Oh, poor thing, he must have the pressure of his next battle," Fluttershy said.

“We can't blame him, it was like making a promise to Ember and Smolder,” added Sunset Shimmer.

"It's a heavy load to carry, even for Spikey-Wikey," Rarity said.

“Yeah, think about how crazy that is, one day you're having fun with your friends playing those spinning tops and the next day you have to face off against a supervillain,” Pinkie Pie added.

"Pinkie, this is serious, Spike is just a kid, he's not the main character in an anime," Twilight Sparkle said, but before they could resume their conversation, they heard a sound coming from the backyard.


The Mane 7 looked out the window and saw Spike on the ground as if he had lost consciousness.

“SPIKE,” Twilight yelled as she and her friends headed out into the backyard.

“Ughh,” Spike grumbled and then got up, he saw Emerald Flame spinning in the beystadium, but a few seconds later another beyblade appeared, one that Spike knew.

Light Shifter.

"What the hell?" Spike asked, he looked up and saw Thorax.

"Hi Spike," Thorax greeted him.

"Thorax, what are you doing here?" Spike asked nervously.

“I was just passing by, saw you training and thought it was funny,” Thorax said.

"Funny?" Spike asked with fury in his eyes.

"Funny is the fact that you think that by training you will beat me, I'm sorry to be honest but our difference in power is abysmal, I have been trained by the Dark Crystal Knight, while you are only the strongest blader in your small town."

"Oh yeah, well you'll see," Spike said and then ordered Flame an attack, "Emerald Flame, attack."

"Hehehe," Thorax laughed, "Light Shifter, destroy it."

Emerald Flame was heading towards Light Shifter to attack him, but upon colliding, Flame went flying while Light Shifter continued to spin in the beystadium.

"Impossible," Spike said.

“And that's not all,” Thorax said, pointing to Emerald Flame which was still in the air.

Emerald Flame Burst, but it wasn't just a Burst.

Emerald Flame explode into a thousand pieces.

"NOOOOOOO," Spike yelled with tears in his eyes, "why did you do that?"

"Sorry Spike, orders from my boss," Thorax said as he stepped back.

As he left, Spike began to pick up various parts for his bey, but as he did so, he heard voices.


Spike looked up and saw Button Mash, Rumble, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Ember, and Smolder.

All 7 spoke at the same time, "Spike, you let us down."

“We had a future as bladers,” said Apple Bloom.

“We just wanted to have fun,” Rumble said.

“And you didn't even keep your promise,” Ember said.

Spike was scared, he didn't know what was happening, then he saw that his friends had their beys in their hands, but seeing them, he could realize something horrible.

The beys were cracked and seemed to have been destroyed.

"No, this is my fault," Spike said as he fell to the ground, but he could still hear the voices of his friends.

"You let us down, Spike."

"You let us down, Spike."

"You let us down, Spike."

Then I hear another voice calling him.



After several seconds he saw his older sister in front of him.

“Snap out of it!” Twilight Sparkle yelled causing Spike to react.

"Huh?" Spike said (who was still on the ground) realizing that Thorax wasn't there, then he saw that his bey hadn't been destroyed, all that was some kind of dream, or a nightmare.

“Are you okay?” Twilight asked.

Spike looked around to really be sure the nightmare was over and that was confirmed by seeing Emerald Flame, who was in the beystadium but wasn't spinning because it had stopped.

"Yeah, I'm fine Twi, why wouldn't I be?" Spike asked as his right eye twitched.

“Spike I'm really worried. I mean this beybattle against Thorax is really getting to you. You've been so anxious all day that you completely forgot about the fun. Why don't you just relax and go hang out with your friends,” Twilight told him.

Spike didn't know how to respond, but after a few seconds of processing, he realized that Twi was right.

"You're right Twi, I guess I've freaked out because of everything that's going on," Spike told her, "I just feel like I can't let anyone down."

"Spike, you're not failing anyone," they all heard a voice.

The Mane 7 and Spike turned to see Apple Bloom, Ember, and Smolder standing in the doorway.

"Girls, what are you doing here?" Spike asked surprised that Apple Bloom was accompanied by other girls instead of Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

"Bloom told us what happened, and we came to see your little show," Ember said.

Spike felt sorry for his performance while he was in his daymare.

"And I agree with your sister, yes you should take a break and relax," Smolder added.

"Girls, I…" Spike said but was interrupted by a hug from Apple Bloom.

"It's okay Spike, we understand you," said Apple Bloom.

“We just want you to know that we don't care about the outcome of the battle,” Smolder said.

“Win or lose won't change our perception of you,” Ember said.

“No matter what happens, we'll still love you,” Apple Bloom said, then kissed Spike on the lips.

Everyone except Ember and Rainbow Dash awed at this, as the two pulled away from one another.

“Wow, just… wow,” was all Spike could say at that kiss.

"Come on Spike, let's relax today," Apple Bloom said as she took Spike by the arm and led him away.

"I guess a break would be nice, thanks guys," Spike said as he was dragged away by Apple Bloom, but then turned to Twilight, "And thank you too Twi."

"You're welcome Spike, have fun," Twilight said as Spike, Apple Bloom, Ember, and Smolder left the room.

"Well, that was convenient," Sunset Shimmer said, "I guess we weren't so necessary this time."

The Mane 7 except Twi nodded.

“At least Twi was a good emotional support, but I'm sure something like that has already happened,” Rarity said.

“It was in a similar situation, only it was the other way around, it was Spike who calmed down Twilight in one of her many freak outs,” AJ said.

The girls laughed at that memory while Twi smiled a little sheepishly.

Canterlot Mall

Spike, Apple Bloom, Ember, Smolder, Rumble, Button Mash, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle were at the theater watching a movie.

“I have to admit, this movie is better than I expected,” Spike said as he sipped his soda.

“You can say that again,” Apple Bloom said as she sipped her soda.

In the movie a boy with blue hair was shown, he was wearing a red baseball cap and a red vest with blue jeans, he had a white beyblade with a blue dragon image in the center, " And I won't let you keep my beyblade and ruin this sport."

The guy who looked like the villain of the movie spoke up, “And who can stop me? You?" he laughed, "Hehe, don't make me laugh."

“Hehehe,” Button Mash laughed.

“That guy has the most overacted voice I've ever heard,” Sweetie Belle laughed.

Back in the movie the hero placed his bey on his launcher and jumped up to launch it, "LET IT RIP."

Scootaloo nearly spits out her soda as she notices something, "Is that where you got your running bey launch from?"

Rumble replied a bit sheepishly, "Well, it's kind of childish but his moves are amazing and very useful."

“I think it's fascinating,” Scootaloo said making Rumble smile and blush.

After several minutes the movie came to an end, "NOW DRAGOON, GALACTIC STORM," the beyblade began to create a type of tornado, with which it destroyed the villain's beyblade, who shouted, "NOOOOOO, MY POWER, IS GONE."

“We can beat him,” Smolder said seriously as he ate popcorn.

“We can definitely beat him,” Ember stated eating.

In the movie, the hero gave a final message before the credits, "The reason I won is because I believe in Dragoon, but also, they are my friends, I always have them by my side and with them supporting me, I will never lose any battle."

"Awww, that's a nice message, don't you think Spike?" Apple Bloom said as she looked at Spike who was crying.

"Ahhhh, he's right, I have friends who support me and I will support them, since they are the most valuable thing I have," Spike said with tears in his eyes, "5 stars Bloom, this movie deserves 5 stars."

After the movie ended, the group left the theater, Button Mash, Sweetie Belle, Rumble and Scootaloo were at the entrance of the theater waiting for the rest of their friends who were in the bathroom.

“It was nice,” Rumble said.

“Yeah, with all the crazy stuff that's happened to us, I think we deserved a break,” said Button Mash.

But at that moment, they heard a voice approaching them.


“What the…OUCH,” Button complained as he felt a tackle coming from behind him.


"Mashy, it's good to see you again."

Button (who was blushing) turned around and saw Sonata Dusk hugging him.

“So… Sonata? What are you doing here?" Button Mash asked nervously as the mermaid blader continued to hug him.

"Hey, I know you, you're the one who kidnapped Button," said Sweetie Belle who seemed to be jealous, then dragged Button away from her, immediately after, Sweetie hugged Button, "And I'm the only girl who can call him Mashy.”

"Party Pooper," Sonata pouted.

"Wow Sonata, you are always the first to jump into the sea," said Aria Blaze who approached them, next to her was Adagio Dazzle accompanying her.

"The Dazzlings," Rumble said through gritted teeth, "I don't mean to be rude, but what are you doing here?"

“It's not obvious, we came to see the same movie,” replied Adagio.

“We deserve a break too don't you think Rumble,” Aria told him with a wink at which Rumble blushed.

That made Scootaloo upset.

At that moment Thorax and Pharynx arrived, who were accompanied by the Dark Crystal Knight.

"Wow, it seems we bladers think alike," he said the Dark Crystal Knight, "I see you saw this movie too."

“At least we don't walk into a movie theater wearing a Halloween costume,” Scootaloo said insulting the Dark Crystal Knight.

“Hehe, I like you,” the Knight said.

At that moment Apple Bloom, Smolder and Ember came out of the bathroom and witnessed the scene.

“The Dark Crystal Knight and his minions,” the 3 girls said at the same time and quickly approached.

“Wow, the whole group is here,” Thorax said.

“Whatever you guys are planning, you won't get away with it,” Ember said.

"Said the girl who lost to Thorax," Pharynx scoffed.

“You better watch out,” Smolder said angrily.

“The same goes for you,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

And suddenly everything turned into a spectacle of hateful looks.

The Crusaders and Dazzlings looked at each other with hate.

Smolder and Ember couldn't help but frown at Thorax and Pharynx.

While the Dark Crystal Knight watched Button and Rumble looking directly at him without either showing fear.

They were like that for a few seconds but then...

Spike arrived on the scene unaware of what was happening.

"Hey guys, can you believe that they have Mr. Pibb and Dr. Pepper?" Spike asked but then he realized the situation.

All the bladers looked at him.

"Oh gems," Spike sighed, "Not another fight."

“I think the Dragon boy is right, let's save this for the tournament,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"Where your last battle will be, because Thorax will crush you," Pharynx said trying to scare Spike.

But this time, Spike acted differently, "No, because I'm not afraid anymore, so you don't want to intimidate me because it won't do."

That answer surprised even the Dark Crystal Knight, it made Spike's friends smile.

“Wow, I don't know if it was the tone of his voice, but now I think he's a little more handsome,” Adagio said.

"Are you serious?" Thorax asked curiously instead of maliciously.

"Thats right, I'll repeat it if need be," Spike said, "I'm not afraid."

"Spikey," Cozy Glow appeared behind Spike causing Spike to react.

"AHHHHHHH," Spike yelled and then hide behind Apple Bloom.

"What's wrong with you, precious? You remain enthralled since our last meeting,” Cozy Glow told him.

“Make her go away,” Spike told Apple Bloom to which she nodded.

“You better stay away Cozy,” the cowgirl told her.

"And who are you to order me?"

Apple Bloom smiled, "Turns out I'm his girlfriend."

"His girlfriend?" Cozy Glow asked in surprise, then she growled.

“I think we'd better go,” Pharynx said.

“You won this time Bloom, but remember, I was the one who gave him his first kiss,” Cozy Glow said as she backed away.

Spike (who was still hiding behind Apple Bloom) frowned.

“And don't come back, crazy woman,” Apple Bloom yelled.

As the group retreated the Dark Crystal Knight and Thorax stayed behind to say one last thing.

"I wish you luck tomorrow, Spike," Thorax said, then left the room.

“Because you're going to need it,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, then left the room.

Spike remained thoughtful, but then he adopted a serious posture.

"Guys, don't worry about me, because I won't lose, since I will always have you supporting me."

Hearing that, all of his friends smiled, they were happy that Spike didn't feel bad.

“Daww,” Apple Bloom said as she hugged him.

“You know he's copying the line from the hero of the movie, right,” Button told Rumble.

"We better not ruin his moment Button."

The next day, at Canterlot High.

The principals had already announced the bladers who approached the beystadium.

Thorax was approaching from the blue corner, which didn't receive as many applause but he didn't care.

After Spike approached the blue corner, he received the applause and encouragement of almost all the students present, but the ones he heard the most were those of his friends.

"Come on Spike."

"You can beat him."

"We trust in you."

Spike smiled remembering that.

Being close, the 2 did the processes of checking the bey.

“You will need more than luck if you are to defeat me,” Thorax told him.

Spike didn't say anything.

Then the countdown started.





The 2 launched their beys into the beystadium.

"This battle represents many things," Spike said remembering everything that happened, "but it also represents my pride as a blader, and that's why…."

Spike paused and then continued.


Ep 30: The Battle We Cannot Lose

View Online

The battle between Spike and Thorax had begun, their beyblades Emerald Flame and Light Shifter spinning in the beystadium with a lot of power, the beys colliding with each other with an even more epic meaning, because this fight was no longer to advance to the next round of the tournament , it was a fight that represented the pride of the bladers.

“Emerald Flame, go get him,” Spike ordered and at once, Emerald Flame hit Light Shifter hard with a great power.


Light Shifter was swaying, but Thorax was still relaxed.

"Tchh, he's relaxed, he's planning on letting this round go to waste so he can copy Emerald Flame's power when he loses," Spike thought, "I have to beat him now, with a Burst Finish."

Emerald Flame kept attacking Light Shifter, but Light Shifter did nothing to hit back.

"Hey, that jerk is making fun of Spike," Rainbow Dash said.

"No Rainbow, it's more than that, it's part of his plan," Twilight Sparkle said.

“Remember that his bey can copy the beys that have defeated him, and since Emerald Flame is very strong, he is confident that he will defeat him in the next round, darling,” Rarity said.

“That guy is more dangerous than he looks,” Flash Sentry said.

"I can confirm that," Smolder said.

Ember nodded, she knew how powerful Thorax and his beyblade Light Shifter were, to win, Spike would need to be careful not to fall into their traps.

"Wait a minute, what are you doing here?" Smolder asked, "You're still in the tournament, you should sit on the benches."

“I found that the bleacher seats are more comfortable,” Flash replied.

Spike, be very careful, Apple Bloom thought.

"I must end this."


Emerald Flame enveloped itself in green flames and with high speed, headed for Light Shifter.

“It has to be a Burst Finish, please make it a Burst Finish,” Rumble said.

“Otherwise Spike will be finished and his arms will be broken,” Button Mash said causing everyone to glare at him.

"Ok i overreacted, his arms will be fine, win or lose."

“Bring it on Spike,” Thorax said, smiling.

Emerald Flame was a few centimeters close to Light Shifter.


Emerald Flame pulled Light Shifter out of the beystadium.

Come on, burst, burst, BURST, Spike thought nervously.

At that moment a sound was heard.


Spike looked over to where Light Shifter fell and saw that he was separated in 3 pieces.

"It can't be, I made it, I made it," Spike yelled excitedly.

"WELL DONE SPIKE," Twilight Sparkle yelled excitedly.

“Hehe, and he's supposed to be the Dark Crystal Knight's right-hand man,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Left hand, right hand appears to be Cozy Glow,” Twilight said.

"Don't you think that was too fast?" Flash Sentry asked.

Ember and Smolder nodded, "Wait a minute, something's wrong, look at Thorax."

Thorax had a serious look but without losing his smile.

"What happened?" Spike asked, "I didn't think he'd take defeat so well."

Celestia: Ring Out, a point for Spike with a score of 0 – 1.

"WHAT?" Spike asked in surprise.

“WHAT?,” the Mane 7 asked in surprise.

"WHAT?" Flash Sentry asked in surprise.

"Impossible," Rumble said.

“He is done,” said Button Mash.

"But Thorax's bey did Burst," said Apple Bloom.

Luna: I see that many are confused, so let us show the replay.

On the screen a replay of the last few seconds was shown, at the moment that Light Shifter flew out of the beystadium, there, it was clearly seen that he was disarmed, but they saw that half a second before, the bey had hit the ground, so technically it was a Ring Out.

Celestia: It was clearly a Ring Out so Thorax still has another chance.

Spike glared at Thorax.

Thorax picked up the pieces of his bey and put them in their respective places while smiling at Spike.

“It seems my time is not yet up, but yours may be drawing near,” Thorax said as his bey glowed.

"Don't underestimate me," Spike replied.

"Damn, he got my power," Spike thought nervously, "Come on Spike, you can't let this guy intimidate you."

Luna: Alright bladers, get ready for round 2.

Thorax and Spike placed their beys on their launchers and got into a battle stance.

Celestia: The countdown begins.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


Spike and Thorax forcefully launched their beys into the beystadium, which began to spin colliding with each other.

Spike noticed that Light Shifter began to glow.

"It's going to change its shape," Spike said.

"Light Shifter, go get Emerald Flame," Thorax ordered his bey who had transformed into Emerald Flame.

"Oh no," said Smolder, "It's going to destroy it."

"You have to trust Spike, after all, he's fighting with his soul," Ember told her.

“Spike,” Twilight Sparkle thought as she held onto her skirt with all her might.

Apple Bloom was staring, with a serious look, as if she was waiting for something.

"Now Light Shifter, use Overdrive," Thorax ordered his bey as he addressed Emerald Flame.

But at that moment.


Emerald Flame had disappeared.

"Huh, where did he go?" Thorax asked.


Light Shifter was hit by Emerald Flame, which fell from above.

“It can't be,” Thorax said as his bey stumbled.

"I've been training, I've always been so focused on knowing what trick you'd use, but you have a weakness, you don't have anything new," Spike told him, smiling.

"I guess you got me," Thorax said.

“You can use Ember's tricks, Smolder's tricks, and even mine, but I already know how they play and how to counter anything you throw at me,” Spike said confidently.

"He's been training for this," Apple Bloom said with a smile, "Now beat him Spike."

"Alright Spike, you got it," Twilight yelled, encouraging her little brother.

In the beystadium Emerald Flame continued to anticipate his clone's attacks.


Emerald Flame dodged Light Shifter's attack.


Emerald Flame dodged Light Shifter's attack again.


“You won't beat me if you keep dodging without attacking,” Thorax said, starting to lose patience.

"I can beat you just by dodging, I have your records, you've only copied beys whose performance tip is flat or semi-flat, in general stats, it doesn't matter who you copy, yours will stop first, giving me an automatic win," Spike explained.

"Wow, I didn't even understand what he said, you should be proud Twi, he learned to speak your brainiac language," Rainbow Dash told Twilight Sparkle.

“Spike is also very smart, even if he doesn't seem so, Rainbow,” Twilight Sparkle replied with a smile.

“Grr, change of plan,” Thorax said as Light Shifter turned into Blood Stone.

"I told you, it doesn't matter what bey Light Shifter turns into," Spike said, "You won't beat me like that."

Thorax with a serious look, put his hand to his ear, he had a communicator, "Mr. Knight, he became stronger, I request permission to use the secret technique."

"Permission granted Thorax," he heard the Dark Crystal Knight's voice over the comlink.

At that moment, Spike began to notice a mysterious aura surrounding Thorax.

"No way," Spike thought, "He's still holding something back."

"LIGHT SHIFTER, IT'S TIME TO USE YOUR SECRET TECHNIQUE, CHANGELING CLONE," Thorax shouted and suddenly Light Shifter began to alternate between different forms, sometimes he changed and was Emerald Flame, other times he was Royal Claw and other times he transformed into Blood Stone.

“It's official, he and his beyblade went crazy,” said Button Mash.

“Looks like it's going to explode,” Rumble added.

But at that moment, Light Shifter started to glow and then…

Light Shifter create 2 other beyblades behind him, they were identical to him, they were…


"Oh no," Spike said, "Flame, run away from them."

"Once again, Light Copycat," Thorax ordered his bey, or rather, his beys, to do their special move, as each beyblade glowed it transformed into a different one.

The one on the left transformed into a Blood Stone.

The one on the right transformed into Royal Claw.

And finally the one in the center transformed into Emerald Flame.

"Why does not surprise me?" Spike said to himself as he witnessed Thorax and Light Shifter's new power.

"Now, it's time for you to find out why the Dark Crystal Knight chose me," Thorax said and then ordered his bey to attack, "Light Shifter, triangle formation."

“Flame, dodge,” was all Spike could command his beyblade.




Emerald Flame dodged the attacks of the 3 Light Shifters, but as he did so, Spike felt something strange, something he couldn't stop, something that made him smile.

But at that moment, Emerald Flame was surrounded by the 3 enemy beys.

"Damn," Spike said.

“NOW, TRIANGLE OF DEATH,” Thorax yelled as the 3 beys charged at Emerald Flame.


Light Shifter and his clones pulled Emerald Flame out of the beystadium.

Celestia: Ring out.

Luna: Which is a point for Thorax, this makes the score tied at 1 – 1.

Several students had been transfixed by the power of Thorax and his beyblade.

“Clones, a strategy I haven't seen,” said Button Mash.

“The Dark Crystal Knight wasn't going to make things easy for him,” Rumble added.

I trust you, Spike, Apple Bloom thought.

“No, just when Spike had it all under control, that guy still had another ace up his sleeve,” Twilight Sparkle said.

“Hey, that's cheating,” Pinkie Pie yelled.

"Yeah, it's unfair, those are cheap shots," Rainbow Dash added, "I mean, it's 3 on 1."

Celestia: I can see there's confusion, but that's a legal technique.

Luna: It doesn't break the rules since technically he only throw a beyblade.

Celestia: However, if one of Thorax's beys bursts or gets knocked out of the beystadium.

Luna: Thorax will have lost the round even if the other 2 beys keep spinning.

“Fair enough,” Thorax said upon hearing the Principals.

“Oh come on,” Sweetie Belle complained, then Scootaloo covered her mouth before she started cursing, “Mphphh mphh.”

"Hehe," Spike laughed.

"What is so funny?" Thorax asked curiously.

"I don't know, I just, for some reason, feel good," Spike replied.

Thorax looked at him for a moment, but after a few seconds he smiled too.

"I see why the Dark Crystal Knight considers you so special," Spike told him as he picked up his bey.

Thorax's bey stopped spinning, causing the 2 clones to vanish, at which point Thorax picked up his bey, "And I can see why he has his eye on you."

Celestia: Alright, get ready for the third and final round.

Luna: This will decide which blader will go to the final.

Celestia: Bladers get ready because the countdown begins.

Spike and Thorax placed their beys on their launchers and got back into battle stance.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And this time, only Spike and Thorax shouted:


Thorax jumped up which he used to propel the launch of his beyblade.

While Spike stood his ground and threw it very quickly, generating a green flame in his hand when he pulled the string.

The moment the 2 beys fell into the beystadium, they left many cracks.

Luna: Speaking of breaking down everything in its path.

Celestia: At least this time it wasn't the structure of the building.

“Light Shifter you know what to do,” Thorax said as Light Shifter summoned his 2 clones which morphed back into the beys he had defeated.

Emerald Flame was running from the 3 Light Shifters.

Spike smiled, "I think I know what's wrong with me."

Thorax watched him carefully.

“I took back something that I had lost, since the day this tournament started,” said Spike, “The excitement and fun that a beybattle can offer us.”

"I like your style," Thorax told him, "I'm glad you're okay, but I won't show you any mercy."

Light Shifter approached Emerald Flame which hit him deflecting the first one, but the other 2 were still behind him.

"Then come with everything you have Thorax," Spike told him and the battle continued.

Thorax smiled and then his beys struck harder.

The beys started to collide with each other, Emerald Flame had a bit more difficult situation for fighting against 3 beys at the same time, but it was stable.

“SHIFTER,” Thorax yelled excitedly.

"FLAME," Spike yelled excitedly.

All the students were fascinated by such a display of power between beyblades and bladers.

“FIGHT SPIKE, FIGHT,” his sister cheered from the stands.

"DON'T GIVE UP SPIKE, YOU CAN DO IT," his friends encouraged him.

“SPIKE, I KNOW YOU'RE THE BEST, THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOU,” his girlfriend encouraged.

While other students had sided with Thorax.




At that moment, Spike felt the same aura on Thorax, and for some strange reason he could see a strange equine creature with insect wings and a horn manifest behind Thorax.

"IT'S TIME TO USE ALL OUR SHIFTER POWER, TRIANGLE OF DEATH," Thorax yelled as Light Shifter and his clones surrounded Emerald Flame like before.

Spike smiled, "I told you not to underestimate me."

Thorax felt a mysterious aura surround Spike and for some reason, he could see some kind of dragon manifest behind Spike.

"NOW FLAME, LET'S RISK EVERYTHING, BECAUSE NOTHING WILL STOP US IN THIS TOURNAMENT, OVERDRIVE," Spike shouted as Emerald Flame engulfed himself in green flames, at the same time that he was trapped by Light Shifter's Triangle of Death.

When he was no longer able to escape, Emerald Flame was hit many times by the Light Shifters.




"Hold on a little longer, Flame."

The 3 beys were getting closer to Emerald Flame.

"GYAHHHH," Spike yelled.

At that moment.

Emerald Flame and the 3 Light Shifters were shot towards the ceiling.

"It can't be, he resisted," Thorax said, "But it all ends here Spike."

"So you say," Spike said, "FLAME, NOW."

With the last of her strength, Emerald Flame managed to descend even faster hitting the 3 Light Shifters.

“No, is not possible,” Thorax said.

"Nothing is impossible Thorax," Spike said.

At that time many students did not see the beys falling, they saw a small dragon pushing an insectoid equine creature into the beystadium.

And at the moment of colliding.


A huge explosion shook the beystadium and the entire gym.

That explosion sent all 3 Light Shifters shooting out of the beystadium almost hitting Thorax in the process, "Ahhh."

Everyone in the gym, even Spike, gasped.

At that moment the 2 clones of Light Shifter vanished.

Celestia: Certainly, that came out of nowhere.

Luna: But you have to stand firm, so with a Ring Out, the winner of this battle and the one who will go to the next round is.

Both: Spike.

All the students applauded.

"I can't believe it" Rainbow Dash cheered.

"I would never have seen that one coming" Twilight Sparkle said.

"Spike made it," Smolder said in surprise.

“He kept his promise,” Ember said.

"He did it, he did it," celebrated Rumble and Button.

Spike looked at the stands, he could hear the voices of his friends who believed in him.

And in that moment.


Spike was tackled by Apple Bloom who came over to give him a big hug.

"You did great Spike," Apple Bloom said and then kissed him on the cheek.

“That was a victory kiss? Because I like it,” Spike said blushing.

"You did great," Spike and Apple Bloom heard Thorax approach, "Despite everything I threw at you, you didn't give up, maybe I don't deserve it but excuse my attitude a few days ago, I just want you to know that I respect you as a blader.”

Thorax proceeded to withdraw.

"Wait," Spike said, "That battle was amazing, you were the star of the show with that clone attack, and what I'd like to say, your bey seemed to react very well to you, you seem to have a strong bond, and a person with that kind of bond with his bey can't be a bad person."

Thorax smiled, "I, I was only recruited because the Dark Crystal Knight did a lot for me, I just hope that one day, when this is all over, we can be friends."

Thorax left the place.

Spike smiled.

"I'm sure you can be friends," Apple Bloom told him.

"Thorax, thank you."

In the lair of the Dark Crystal Knight.

Thorax knocked on the door.



"Come in."

Thorax entered and saw the Dark Crystal Knight in his chair, he was watching the battle through his screen.

“I must admit, I was impressed by you, Thorax,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

Thorax smiled.

"Yeah, no kidding, he got so excited he fell off his chair multiple times," added Cozy Glow.

“I think he didn't need to know that,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, turning away.

“Well, I think you know what I'm here for,” Thorax told him as he handed Light Shifter over.

"What? I dont understand" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

"The deal was to beat Spike, I couldn't keep it," Thorax said, "So I don't deserve Light Shifter."

"Thorax, I know I asked you to defeat Spike, but I realized that you are a great blader, don't feel inferior to anyone even if you have lost," the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

“Thank you very much,” was all Thorax could say as he tried to hide his tears.

“I think Light Shifter would be better off with you,” the Dark Crystal Knight told her as he handed Light Shifter back.

“I, I promise I'll get stronger,” Thorax said as he backed away with Light Shifter.

“That was very nice of you,” Cozy Glow said, “Do you need to keep up those supervillain looks?”

“There are things that cannot be easily explained, Cozy,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he removed his mask waiting for the right moment.

Ep 31: I Will Protect My Friend

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The sound of metal beys colliding echoed in the arena.

The next battle of the quarterfinals was taking place, the chosen bladers were displayed on the screen on the ceiling of the gym.


It was a fierce battle between Scootaloo and Trixie, the 2 were giving everything to emerge victorious.

“You're so strong Scootaloo,” Rumble encouraged her from the stands.

"Dude, I think you're the one yelling the loudest," Spike said, covering his ears.

“Yeah, you haven't even yelled like that for us,” Button Mash stated as he also covered his ears.

“Come on, Squirt,” Rainbow Dash cheered from the stands, “Take out that second-class witch.”

"Hey who said that?" asked Trixie who turned around and heard Rainbow Dash, "At least I'm still in this tournament, Rainbow Crash."

"Oh, you want to fight," said Rainbow who was preparing to head to the center of the gym, "I'll hit you so hard you'll land on Las Pegasus."

"Hold your horses Rainbow," Applejack stopped her, "You can't fight here."

"Why not?" Rainbow Dash asked.

“For 2 reasons, violence is not allowed,” AJ told her.

"And the other reason?"

“You'd be setting a bad example for your little sister,” AJ replied as she pointed at Scootaloo, who was watching intently.

"I guess you're right, all I can do is cheer her up," Rainbow said and then yelled at Scootaloo, "SCOOTS, BEAT HER FOR ME."

“As you order,” Scootaloo responded with determination.

The beys kept spinning in the beystadium and at that moment Scootaloo's bey, Xtreme Raptor, was hit repeatedly by Trixie's bey, Illusion Master.



"Hehe, sorry brat, but you are no match for the Great and Powerful Trixie."

"You don't know all my tricks, I suggest you be careful, because there will be no mercy," answered Scootaloo with a smile.

“You're just trying to scare me, but it won't work. Because not only am I the Great and Powerful, I am also the Unscareable Trixie….” Trixie answered but was interrupted by a sound.


“AHHHH,” Trixie yelled as she saw her bey stagger.

“Relax unscareable Trixie,” Scootaloo told her, “because that wasn't my final attack.”

“Uh Oh,” Trixie said knowing she was in trouble.

"XTREME RAPTOR, USE YOUR CLAW TWISTER," Scootaloo ordered her bey which began to spin uncontrollably.

"ILLUSION MASTER, QUICKLY DODGE HIM," Trixie ordered her bey, who generated a kind of smoke screen and disappeared.

“You're not going to fool me anymore,” Scootaloo said as Xtreme Raptor began to clear the smoke.

She saw through my illusion, Trixie thought.

“NOW,” Scootaloo yelled, and at that moment, Xtreme Raptor hit Illusion Master with incredible force and speed.

And in that moment.


Illusion Master did Burst exploding and disassembling into 3 pieces.

“Oh Nuts,” Trixie exclaimed.

Celestia: Burst Finish.

Luna: The winner with a score of 3 – 1 is Scootaloo.

“Yay, I win,” Scootalo cheered.

The 7 mane applauded in the stands, they were all happy, but Rainbow Dash stood out among the 7, she was proud of her little sister.

"Very well done, Squirt, you managed to secure a place in the semi-finals."

“Thank you Rainbow,” Scootaloo thanked and then she turned to the pews when she heard her name being called.

“Well done Scoots, even I didn't see that attack coming,” Rumble encouraged.

"Rumble, she's 8 feet from us, not 30," Spike said, still covering his ears.

“You don't have to yell so loud,” Button Mash said with his ears covered.

Luna: With that we conclude today's battles.

Celestia: So we will announce the next bladers.

The students were thinking, only Flash, Rumble, Button and Sweetie were left.

At that moment, the screen showed 2 images announcing the bladers that would fight in the next round.


"Us," Sweetie Belle said looking at Button Mash, "means only one of us will get through to the semi-finals."

“Sweetie, I, I....” Button was going to say but was cut off.

"Button don't worry about me, you taught me very well, I even think too well, so don't go easy on me or you'll regret it for life," Sweetie Belle told him determinedly.

Button was relieved that Sweetie had such a competitive spirit, "Thanks Sweetie, let's have the best battle."

“I sure do,” Sweetie replied, then kissed Button on the cheek.

Button blushed and smiled, "I'll never get enough of this."

“I know you don't,” Sweetie responded with an equally flushed face.

"Dawww, the two of them look so cute together," Rarity said, looking into the distance.

“It looks like this tournament will have another love battle,” Sunset Shimmer said.

“If Spike can do it, I think Button has a chance, too,” Twilight Sparkle added.

In the halls of the school.

There was the Dark Crystal Knight along with Pharynx.

“Here it is, this is Spike's locker,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, pointing to a locker.

"Is this really necessary?" Pharynx asked him.

"He beat Thorax, that's enough for me," the Dark Crystal Knight replied, "Besides, it will only be a one point battle."

“I see,” Pharynx replied.

"Do you have the letter?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

“Here it is,” replied Pharynx, handing over an envelope, he opened it and the following could be read:

Spike, it seems that you and your friends have defeated almost my entire army, I must let you know that I have never received such a humiliation in my life, but I am a fair guy, so I have a proposition for you that I don't think you want to refuse, after classes come see me i'll be in the junkyard we'll play a one point beybattle, if you win i'll give up my plan and you'll never see me again but if i win everything will stay the same and you and your friends will still be watched by me.

PS: And come alone.

“Ok, there doesn't seem to be any flaws in my plan,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he returned the letter to the envelope and placed it in Spike's locker.

After that, the Dark Crystal Knight and Pharynx left the place.

1 hour later in the junkyard.

Pharynx and the Dark Crystal Knight were at the junkyard just as they had agreed.

"Classes should be over by now," the Dark Crystal Knight said, "He should be here soon."

But Pharynx was looking at him with a doubtful expression.

"What?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

“A junkyard? really? Let me guess you picked this place?” Pharynx replied with another question.

“What's wrong with it? It's private,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

“This is a place where people think criminals make their plans,” Pharynx replied, continuing, “This is like, "Oh, I saw this in a movie, oh, look at me.”

"So where do you do this “villian stuff,”?” the Dark Crystal Knight asked in frustration, "Enlighten me."

“I don't know, how about Taco Bell? Half the beybattles I've ever done with strangers went down at Taco Belle,” Pharynx replied.

The Dark Crystal Knight just looked at him with a confused expression as Pharynx continued.

“Nice and public, open 24 hours, nobody ever gets arrested at Taco Bell, hell, why not the mall?”

The Dark Crystal Knight sighed, it was obvious that Pharynx thought too much.

At that moment they heard footsteps, which they assumed was Spike.

“It's here,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he readied his beyblade.

But they were surprised to see that it wasn't Spike.

"Rumble?" They both said at the same time.

“Surprised? I expected it, I think you expected to see someone else,” Rumble told them with a serious and defiant look.

"But how?" the Knight asked.

"Next time you check to make sure Spike's locker is correct," Rumble said, holding up a key that said 19.

"I thought Spike's locker was 19," Pharynx said.

“But it is 19,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied, pulling out a sheet of paper on which was written the number 19, “According to the Dazzlings, this is his locker number.”

“My lord, I am sorry to tell you that paper is backwards,” Pharynx told him.

"WHAT?" The Dark Crystal Knight said as he turned the paper over, "It wasn't 19, it was 61."

"Improve your writing for future business," Rumble said and looked around, "But why you chose this place, Taco Bell was closed today?"

The Dark Crystal Knight looked at Pharynx in astonishment as he had a look that said "I told you so."

“Anyway, Spike isn't here, you'll fight me,” Rumble told him.

"And why should I?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

"If you can't beat me then you're not even worth Spike's time," Rumble replied, "You'll have to get past me if you want to hurt my friend."

“Hehe, I must admit you have piqued my interest,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

“We're either going to talk all night, or we're going to get this party started,” Rumble said as he showed her his beyblade, Cloud Slayer.

“Very well, I will accept your challenge,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

At that moment, it started to rain.

Ep 32: The Dark Knight's Shield

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Spike was in the junkyard.

"Hell, where did he go?" Spike wondered to himself.

"And why did he come to this place?" Spike wondered again.

A few hours before.

Rumble was in his locker, opening it he found a letter, "Huh, what is this?"

Rumble read the letter.

Spike, it seems that you and your friends have defeated almost my entire army, I must let you know that I have never received such a humiliation in my life, but I am a fair guy, so I have a proposition for you that I don't think you want to refuse, after classes come see me i'll be in the junkyard we'll play a one point beybattle, if you win i'll give up my plan and you'll never see me again but if i win everything will stay the same and you and your friends will still be watched by me.

PS: And come alone.

"Oh no, this is bad," Rumble thought, "Though it looks like the idiot got the locker wrong, since this letter was addressed to Spike."

"Hi Rumble," he heard a voice approaching, Rumble turned to see Spike, Button and the Crusaders approaching.

Nervous as he hid the letter, Rumble replied, "Oh hey guys, what are you doing here?"

“Ummm, we study here,” Button Mash replied.

"Oh, that's great," Rumble said nervously.

"Are you OK?" Spike asked.

"Of course, it couldn't be better," Rumble proceeded to walk away, "Anyway, I've got to go do something in particular, see you tomorrow."

Rumble ran off.

As he walked away he thought, "I'm not going to let that lunatic continue to torment us, and I won't allow him to continue to harass Spike like that, I'll put a stop to all this stupidity."

"Okay that was weird," Scootaloo said.

“Even for him,” Sweetie Belle said.

"And it's clear he's hiding something, he wasnt being honest," added Apple Bloom.

"Huh?" Spike asked.

“Oh come on, I grew up with AJ,” replied Apple Bloom, “I can spot lies.”

"Why would he have lied?" Button Mash asked.

"I don't know," Spike replied, "But I think I'll follow him, just in case he tries to do something."

“I'll go with you,” Button Mash told him.

"But Button, your battle is tomorrow and you must train," Spike told him.

“But Rumble is my friend too, I can't abandon him,” Button responded.

"Button, I understand how you feel, but imagine how Rumble would feel," Spike told him, "He wouldn't want you to give up your battle just for him."

"I…. i,” Button wanted to protest, but he couldn't find a good reason.

"Don't worry, I'll follow him," Spike told him.

Button was hesitant, but decided to leave everything to Spike, "Okay, just be careful."

"I'll go with you," Apple Bloom told him.

"No, it could be dangerous, I'll go first, and if I'm not back in an hour, call the police," Spike told her.

Apple Bloom could only nod, but she was a little scared, especially considering that Spike wasn't the bravest boy, but she wish him good luck anyway.

Spike smiled and proceeded to follow Rumble stealthily.

Present time.

Spike was still looking for his friend, and at that moment he heard voices up ahead.

"Anyway, Spike isn't here, you'll fight me," Spike looked at Rumble who looked like he was going to face the Dark Crystal Knight, Pharynx was there too although it was obvious he was just going to be a spectator.

"Damn Rumble, what have you gotten yourself into," Spike said as he ducked out of sight of the Knight or Pharynx.

"And why should I?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight to Rumble.

"If you can't beat me then you're not even worth Spike's time," Rumble replied, "You'll have to get past me if you want to hurt my friend."

“Hehe, I must admit you have piqued my interest,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

“We're either going to talk all night, or we're going to get this party started,” Rumble said as he showed her his beyblade, Cloud Slayer.

Rumble, he's protecting me, Spike thought.

“Very well, I will accept your challenge,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

At that moment, it started to rain.

“Oh holy gems,” Spike said as he buttoned up his jacket to try to avoid getting wet from the rain.

“Alright, get ready,” Rumble told the Dark Crystal Knight as he placed his bey on his launcher.

“You'll be sorry,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied as he placed his bey on his launcher.

But there was something strange, the bey looked different, the first time he saw it, the same day when they met the Dark Crystal Knight, his bey was white with several blue fragments, but now it had a black attack ring.

"So he upgraded his bey," Rumble thought, "He'll need more than that to defeat Cloud Slayer."

At that moment, the countdown began.





The 2 launched their beys to the ground and at that moment they began to spin.

Cloud Slayer was the first to take the initiative.

“Cloud Slayer, show him no mercy,” Rumble said to his bey.

Rumble's bey began to attack Knight's.



The Dark Crystal Knight smiled, "I see you are tougher than I thought, it would be a mistake to underestimate you, Crystal Barrier, do your thing."

“Crystal Barrier, a very cool name I must admit,” Rumble said.

But at that moment...


“WHAT THE….” Rumble exclaimed when he saw what had happened.

Crystal Barrier created a kind of force field which pushed Cloud Slayer.

"A force field, so that's his special move," Spike said as he watched them from a distance.

“Hehe, now you see our difference in power is abysmal you brat,” the Dark Crystal Knight mocked him.

“Grrrr, don't think protecting yourself with an air shield will beat me,” Rumble replied angrily, then ordered his bey to continue attacking, “Cloud Slayer, don't let that stop you.”

Cloud Slayer advanced towards Crystal Barrier to try to hit him, but he went through again.


Cloud Slayer was pushed out of the force field.

“Grrr, Cloud Slayer, again,” Rumble said to his bey.

“No matter how hard you try, you will not pass my barrier,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

And the result was always the same, no matter how many times Cloud Slayer got close.




Cloud Slayer was always pushed.

"Can't you think of anything else?" Pharynx wondered.

"Rumble, what are you planning?" Spike wondered.

"Tschhh," Rumble was starting to get tired, but then smiled, "So your force field isn't invincible."

"What are you talking about, in case you didn't notice, my force field is…" the Dark Crystal Knight said but was interrupted by Rumble's yell.


Cloud Slayer approached Crystal Barrier.

“YOU DON'T GET IT, YOU DAMN IGNORANT,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled.

But at that moment.


“WHATTT?” exclaimed the Dark Crystal Knight, “NOOOOO.”

Cloud Slayer had managed to break through Crystal Barrier's force field.

“Very good Cloud Slayer,” Rumble said, at that moment, being so pressed within the force field, Cloud Slayer started pummeling Crystal Barrier repeatedly like there was no tomorrow.




“Grrrr,” the Dark Crystal Knight exclaimed in fury.

“You might as well undo your force field, unless you want to see your bey Burst,” Rumble scoffed.

“DAMN IT,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as Crystal Barrier nullified his force field.

“That brat sure has talent,” Pharynx said, “But my lord will not give in so easily.”

"Alright Rumble, you got it," Spike said to himself.


Cloud Slayer went straight in a diagonal line to attack Crystal Barrier.

"He did," Spike thought as he clenched his fist and smiled, "Finally, the Dark Crystal Knight has been defeated."

Suddenly, like a sword, Crystal Barrier Burst in the most graceful way possible.

“THE VICTORY IS MINE,” Rumble yelled as he celebrated.

The Dark Crystal Knight had been defeated…..

Or so they believed.

“Hehehehehehe,” the Dark Crystal Knight began to laugh madly.

"Huh?" Rumble looked at his bey and it kept spinning, only now it didn't have any black in color, it was white and blue again, "But it's not possible, I saw how your bey was disarmed."

“Take a good look,” the Dark Crystal Knight pointed at a falling piece.

Rumble finally noticed the black attack ring in the ground and worried, "I didn't beat him, I just broke his armor."

"It can't be," Spike said surprised, "That asshole has an attack ring under another attack ring."

Rumble was overwhelmed that he let his guard down, and that moment was seized upon by the Dark Crystal Knight.


Crystal Barrier went straight to Cloud Slayer.


Cloud Slayer did Burst.

Rumble didn't react, he expected that, but even so, it was very hard for him even if he didn't express it.

“I knew you would win my lord, never doubt you,” Pharynx told him.

"Thank you Pharynx," the Dark Crystal Knight thanked as he picked up his bey, then he looked at Rumble, "Certainly, the Dazzlings were right, you are very strong."

Rumble glared at the Dark Crystal Knight in fury and frustration at not being able to defeat him.

"I suppose that is all for today," the Dark Crystal Knight proceeded to withdraw.

"Wait a minute, are you leaving?" Pharynx asked him as he followed him, at that time the 2 had already left the place, leaving Rumble on his knees who was still tired.

"Sorry Cloud Slayer, I should have been stronger," tears began to well up in Rumble's eyes as he reassembled his bey.

But at that moment, Rumble felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned around and saw Spike who came out of hiding when the Dark Crystal Knight and Pharynx left the place.

"Spike, how long have you been there?"

"Long enough," Spike replied.

“I, I'm sorry, I wanted to end this once and for all, but I wasn't strong enough, I'm sorry,” Rumble said as he tried to hide his tears.

"Rumble, you went alone to face the Dark Crystal Knight, and you did it to protect us, you lost, but everything you did, is the very definition of strength," Spike told him.

"Spike," Rumble said surprised.

"I'm glad you're our friend," Spike offered his fist.

Rumble smiled and bumped his fist into Spike's, "I'm the one who should be."

“And besides,” Spike said, “At least you revealed his bey's secret, we already know how to beat him,” Spike said to which Rumble nodded.

"Well, it's getting late, and I have a feeling this rain is going to get worse, I think it's time to go home," Spike told him.

“Yeah, you're right, and tomorrow we have to cheer for Button,” said Rumble.

At that moment, the 2 went to Spike's house since it was the closest one, something was certain, they would continue fighting regardless of the obstacles, and one thing was certain, one day they would defeat the Dark Crystal Knight.

Meanwhile in Dark Crystal Knight's lair.

"My lord, why did we have to retreat?" Pharynx asked, "We were able to get more information out of him."

The Dark Crystal Knight was going to respond, but at that moment, he fell to the ground.


“My lord,” Pharynx exclaimed and went straight to help him.

"It's nothing, it's just that I used a lot of energy in that battle, that kid, grrr, no one had broken the Crystal Barrier armor," the Dark Crystal Knight said frustrated, even though he won the battle, he felt like a defeat.

Ep 33: Strengthening the Bonds

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It was a new day, the sun began to rise, lighting up the city of Canterlot.

At the Sparkle family home, Spike was asleep on a sofa bed, but his sleep was interrupted by the sound of his alarm clock.


"Ugghh, I hate mornings," said Spike who had woken up, he rubbed his eyes with his hands, he looked around wondering why he wasn't asleep in his bed, he directed his gaze to the place where his bed was and he realized, "Oh, that's why."

Rumble was asleep in his bed.

There he remembered what happened, after his battle against the Dark Crystal Knight it started to rain, so they decided to take refuge in Spike's house, the rain lasted all night so Spike invited Rumble to spend the night in his house, which he accept not without first notifying his family.

"I hope yesterday's battle was helpful, because after Button, the next battle will be yours," Spike thought as he looked at the beystadium he had in his room, there were Emerald Flame and Cloud Slayer.

“Mmnhhdgggg,” Rumble muttered as he woke up.

"Good morning."

"Again, thanks for your hospitality," Rumble thanked Spike.

"Nah, it was nothing," Spike replied, "Actually, I think this is the first time I've invited you to my house."

“Don't blame yourself, the tournament has kept us busy,” Rumble told him and then looked around, Spike's room was full of comic books and drawings that Spike must have drawn, “Wow, you do like comic books.”

"What can I say," Spike said a little smugly, "I'm a first-rate collector."

Rumble chuckled, then picked up his bey, "Hope Button Mash gets lucky."

"Button is very strong," Spike said with a smile, "Win or lose, it won't change what we think of him."

Rumble grinned.

While they were talking, Rumble saw a photo where Spike and Twilight Sparkle were, but there was another boy, a taller one, with white skin and two-tone blue hair, that made Rumble curious.

"Spike, who is he?"

"Oh, this is Shining Armor, my older brother," Spike replied.

"Do you have an older brother?" Rumble asked again, "Why haven't I seen it?"

"Well, the thing is, he's already married and moved out," Spike replied, "He's a good brother, he taught me and Twi a lot of things."

“You seem to admire him a lot,” Rumble said, smiling.

At that moment they heard a voice.

"Boys, it's breakfast time, if you don't hurry, you'll be late for school."

It was his mother's voice, the boys decided to get ready and go down to the dining room.

A few minutes later, in the dining room.

The Sparkle family and Rumble were having breakfast.

"Rumble right?" Night Light asked to which Rumble nodded, "Spike has told us a lot about you."

“Yeah, he's told us how dedicated you are to beyblade,” added Twilight Velvet.

"Well, I like it and would like to improve it, Mr. and Mrs. Sparkle," Rumble answered a bit sheepishly.

"Although it's weird that it was just the two of you, why wasn't Button with you yesterday?" asked Night Light.

Spike and Rumble looked at each other, but Spike spoke up, "Button had to train, after all, today is his battle."

"Oh, I understand, but then what were you guys doing yesterday?" Twilight Velvet asked.

The boys gulped, they couldn't tell them they were going to fight a masked lunatic.

Spike was about to say something but Rumble jumped in, "We're staying after school, we had to do homework for next week."

Night Light and Twilight Velvet believed the lie, but Twilight Sparkle hadn't believed them at all, she thought, "They're hiding something, Spike only does his homework a day before due date."

"Well, I hope you have luck in the tournament," Night Light told them, "Although looking at you, it seems to me that you are the strongest."

"Hehe, thanks dad," Spike thanked him for the compliment.

"Well, one should never let one's guard down no matter who one's opponent is," Rumble said, "But thank you for the vote of confidence, Mr. Sparkle."

"No, thanks to you, Rumble," Twilight Velvet said, "We're glad Spike has made a new friend, and a very loyal one."

Rumble listened carefully.

"Before we moved, our kids didn't have any friends," Twilight Velvet continued.

"Umm, mom," Spike said, and Twilight Sparkle continued, "I don't think we'd want to remember that part of our lives."

"Yeah, it's pretty embarrassing," Spike added, feeling embarrassed.

"Hey, don't worry, I won't judge you," Rumble clarified, "Actually, I had those problems too, I didn't have any friends at Crystal Prep, so I'm glad I met you, you Spike, Button and the others."

Twilight Velvet and Twilight Sparkle put their hands on their hearts, they were moved, Night Light and Spike just smiled.

After breakfast, Twilight, Spike, and Rumble got ready to head to school.

On the way, Twilight decided to ask them about what they did yesterday.

"Hey, I'd like to know what really happened, and I want the truth."

Spike sighed, he didn't think Twi would catch on so quickly, "Okay Twi, turns out it was another Dark Crystal Knight plan."

Spike and Rumble began to tell Twi about Rumble's battle against the Dark Crystal Knight.

"It can't be," exclaimed Twi terrified, "Spike, we have to put a stop to this, that's why you didn't tell mom and dad, so they wouldn't worry."

"Thats right," Spike replied, "But I guess we're not going to be able to hide it for long."

"I'm sorry to say it Spike, but your parents must know what's going on, we don't know what that crazy guy is planning right now," Rumble told him.

"Ughh, fine, but I'll tell you when the tournament is over," Spike said.

"I agree with Rumble, Spike, this stopped being a simple game days ago," Twilight told her, to which Spike nodded doubtfully.

Arriving at Canterlot High, they headed to their corresponding classrooms.

But before they parted ways, Twilight walked over to Spike and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Spike, I know this has all been difficult for you, but I want you to know that you're not alone, you have me, it's a big sister's duty to take care of her little brother," Twilight said, "Don't forget, you can always count on me."

Spike smiled, feeling touched, "Thank you Twilight, I'm glad to have you in my life."

Then, the 2 siblings hugged each other and then headed to their classrooms.

Spike and Rumble were on their way to their classroom but were intercepted by Button Mash on the way.

"Hey Spike, hey Rumble."

"Button, good morning, how was your training?" Spike asked.

“Great, I will give my full power in this battle,” Button Mash answered, but then he ask them what they feared, “And now you are going to explain to me, what happened yesterday?”

A bit hesitant, Spike and Rumble began to explain to Button about the whole thing with the Dark Crystal Knight, ending with Button's jaw dropping.

"Oh no, they're injured, did something happen to you?"

“No no, we're fine Button,” Rumble replied.

"Yeah, I could tell the Dark Crystal Knight was scared by our abilities and ran away," Spike said, clenching his fist.

Rumble and Button Mash just looked at him with a dry look.

"Ok, I think I exaggerated that part," Spike said, causing all 3 of them to laugh.

"It looks like they at least got the situation under control," Button said.

“Just a little bit, it was more of a luck factor,” Rumble replied.

“The next time the Dark Crystal Knight makes his move again, I'll be ready, I'll show him he can't scare us,” Button Mash said.

“Me too, now that we know his style of play, nothing can surprise us anymore,” Rumble said.

"Yeah, that dork will pay for get you two into this, it's my fault," Spike said.

"Spike, this isn't your fault, we all know the risk," Rumble said.

“And as your friends, we will fight by your side, always,” said Button Mash.

“Guys,” Spike said with tears in his eyes, “I know this isn't something men do, but….”

“Group hug for good luck?” asked Button Mash smiling.

“Yeah, a group hug for good luck,” Rumble said smiling, “Oh what the heck.”

The 3 gave each other a group hug.

"Good luck with your battle Button," Spike and Rumble told him.

“Thanks guys, I'll give it my full power,” Button Mash said with a tear in his eyes as they continued the hug.

The hug ended when they heard Rarity's voice behind them.

"Dawww, that's so cute."

“Gyahhh,” the 3 of them yelled as they turned around and saw Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity.

"Umm, how much did you see?" Spike asked.

"We saw enough, but don't worry squirt, that doesn't make any of you any less masculine," Rainbow Dash replied.

"Yes, it's very nice that you can have such a strong bond of friendship," Rarity said.

"Quoting my brother, Eeyupp," Applejack said, "Just like Apple Bloom and her friends."

"Hehe, I think they should be called the Male Crusaders," Rainbow Dash said laughing, "What do you think AJ?"

"Ah think they could use a more original name, but Male Crusaders is a nice distinction," Applejack replied.

"Hehe, very funny," Spike replied sarcastically.

"Button, be very careful, Sweetie Belle was training like crazy yesterday, just thinking about the battle she will have against you," Rarity told him.

Button just smiled, "She, she's unique."

“And let me tell you that you have my approval,” Rarity told him.

"Wait what?" asked Button blushing intensely.

“See you later,” the girls said goodbye, giggling at the sight of Button blushing.

"You heard that Button, Rarity gave you her blessing," Spike told him.

“Just don't let it affect your battle, Romeo,” Rumble told him.

Button came to his senses but without losing his smile, and headed to the gym, "Okay, it's time."

“Good luck Button,” Spike and Rumble said at the same time and headed to the benches to witness the big battle to come between Button and Sweetie Belle.

Ep 34: The Rhythm Video Game that Touched Hearts

View Online

In the gym.

Celestia: The wait is over.

Luna: That's right sister, because the next battle is approaching.

Celestia: In the red corner, our favorite gamer, and master of technology, Button Mash.

Button walked into the gym, he could hear his friends cheering him on even with all the voices echoing.

"Do it Button, fight with your pixelated heart," Spike told him.

“Yes, jump, hit and dodge,” Rumble said.

"Really? Jump, hit and dodge? Spike asked.

“Well, his bey jumps around like an Italian plumber,” Rumble replied.

“I know, but it also sounds like song lyrics,” Spike finished.

Button giggled and headed into the center of the gym, "This is going to be tough, but I can do it I guess."

Luna: And in the blue corner, the cute voice of our school with its very sweet tones, Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie entered the gym, she could hear her friends cheering for her even with all the voices that echoed.

“Sweetie, the power of your voice will bring you victory,” Apple Bloom told her.

“Yes and if you win we'll sing with you in the choir,” Scootaloo told her.

“It's supposed to be a reward, not torture, to hear your voice off key,” Apple Bloom told her.

“My voice isn't out of tune,” Scootaloo told her with a pout.

“Whatever you say,” Apple Bloom finished.

“I want to win, but I don't want to hear Scootaloo sing,” Sweetie thought, and then she walked into the center of the gym.
Upon arrival, she and Button Mash met face to face.

"Hi, Sweetie."

"Hello, Mashy."

That nickname made Button blush, "Well, I guess our battle begins."

“That's right, it would happen sooner or later,” Sweetie Belle replied.

“We just have to have fun,” Button Mash told her, “Trust me, it'll be for the best.”

Sweetie Belle smiled, "I hope there are no hard feelings."

“I'm not going to lose Sweetie Belle, but if I lose to you, it'll be worth it,” Button replied making Sweetie blush.

“I guess between the two of you it won't be necessary to inspect your rival's bey,” Vice Principal Luna told them.

The 2 shook their heads.

Luna smiled, "Then prepare for the battle to begin."

The two nodded and got ready.

Sweetie Belle took out her launcher and placed Sweet Tone there, immediately afterwards she took the control bracelet that Button had given her and placed it on her wrist.

Button Mash took out his Power Glove Launcher and placed Digital Debug in the slot on the palm of the glove.

Celestia: If you're ready, it's time for the countdown.

“Good luck,” Button Mash told her.

"Break a leg," Sweetie Belle told him.

"That won't stop me from playing video games."

"Button, it's just an expression," Sweetie Belle told him.

“Oh,” Button replied, feeling a bit stupid.

“This is going to be interesting,” Scootaloo said.

"I know, even I can't guess the outcome," Rumble added.

"Sweetie Belle, do your best," Rarity told her, "Fight with your heart."

Sweety smiled.

Luna: Ready, 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students present shouted:


The 2 bladers launched their beys into the beystadium.

But in Button's case, he used his whole arm to throw it.

"Wow, this time I didn't hurt my arm," thought Button Mash smiling.

Sweetie Belle sprang into action the moment the beys landed, "Sweet Tone, you'll take care of the first attack."

Digital Debug started jumping around avoiding the other bey's collisions.

"I have to be careful, Sweetie Belle has many ways to attack thanks to the device I gave her," Button Mash thought and then smiled, "Of course, that makes the battle better and more fun."

“Sweetie is going to have trouble landing a shot,” Applejack said.

"I'm sure she'll find a way," Rarity added, "After all, she's counting on her voice for this battle."

Button began pressing the buttons on his Power Glove Launcher, "Ok Digital Debug, time to go into Grind mode."

Digital Debug stopped its jumps and collided with Sweet Tone.


But the punch didn't seem to do much.

"Umm, is that supposed to do something?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"You'll see Sweetie," Button Mash smiled, "Keep it up."

And the attacks continued.




But none seemed to work.

“I don't understand a thing that's going on,” Rumble said.

"I, wait, don't tell me," said Spike who seemed to understand the situation, "Button, that's very risky."

“I won't let my guard down,” Sweetie Belle said as she placed her bracelet in front of her face and began to sing, “Sweet Tone, show him your sweet moves, la la la.”

Sweet Tone began to move majestically like an ice skater.

Sweetie kept singing while Button looked worried.

"Damn, I see she's 100% mastery of the device," Button thought.

"Now Sweet Tone," Sweetie Belle ordered without losing her beautiful voice, "SPECIAL MOVE, MELODIOUS DIVA SYMPHONY."

“A, A, A, A,” Sweetie Belle sang with such a beautiful intonation that it touched many of the spectators.

"Wow, Sweetie sure is brave," Fluttershy said, "I could never sing in front of that many people."

"It takes courage, but if you really love it, you'll get over your stage fright, Fluttershy," Rainbow Dash told her making Fluttershy smile.

And moved by the intonation, Sweet Tone approached towards Digital Debug which could not have dodged it in time.


Digital Debug was blown away.

“Debug, recover,” Button Mash yelled, and at that moment, his bey managed to move a bit and landed on the beystadium, “Very good.”

"Do you think my special move is that weak?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"Huh?" Button Mash wondered and then looked back at the beystadium and saw his bey wobble, "Oh no."

At that point, Digital Debug stopped.

“Oops,” said Button Mash who went to pick up his bey.

Celestia: Survival Finish, the winner is Sweet Tone.

Luna: The score is 1-0 in favor of Sweetie Belle.

"Button, what are you doing?" Rumble said with concern.

But Spike remained thoughtful, "Button, you only get this one chance, make it count."

"Sweet, well done Sweetie Belle," Rarity encouraged, "Come on Fluttershy, Sweetie needs your energies to cheer her up."

Yay,” Fluttershy yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Nice one, Belle," said Apple Bloom.

"She's on fire," Scootaloo said.

Sweetie Belle picked up her beyblade, she looked at Button Mash smiling, "So what do you think?"

"I think you've improved a lot, Sweetie," Button replied, then smiled, "But I'm not one to give up victory easily."

At that moment, Button Mash placed Digital Debug in the slot of his Power Glove Launcher.

Sweetie Belle did the same by placing Sweet Tone in her launcher slot as well as adjusting her bracelet.

Luna: Second battle, are the bladers ready?

Sweetie nodded while Button checked his Power Glove Launcher.


Celestia: Then let the countdown begin.

Luna: Ready, 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students present shouted:


The 2 bladers launched their beys into the beystadium.

But again, in Button's case, he used his whole arm to throw it.

"Ouch, I overdid it this time, but it'll be worth it," thought Button Mash smiling.

Just like the previous battle, Sweetie went all out, placed her bracelet near her mouth, and began to sing.


Sweet Tone approached Digital Debug and gave him a very strong blow which sent the latter to the other end of the beystadium.


“Ahh, Debug,” Button Mash yelled.

“Come on,” Sweetie Belle chanted, “Go for it, Win the battle and thats decided.”

Sweet Tone changed her attack mode to a faster one.

"She's doing very well," said Apple Bloom.

“Sweetie is going to win,” Scootaloo said.

"I'm sorry Button, I don't want to see you lose, but this is a competition," thought Sweetie Belle ready to land the final blow.

“Damn, there's no other choice, it's now or never,” Button Mash said as he began pressing the buttons on his Power Glove Launcher.

"Now Sweet Tone," ordered Sweetie Belle, "SYMPHONY OF THE MELODIOUS DIVA."


And with all the grace of a dancer, Sweet Tone hit Digital Debug, launching him out of the beystadium.

“BUTTON,” Spike and Rumble yelled in concern for their friend.

Seeing that, Button continued pressing the buttons on his Power Glove, "Grrr, why I gave you such a long command, even executing a Shoryuken is easier."

Luna: It seems the winner is….

"No," Button interrupted as he raised his Glove, "Digital Debug, I know you can still give much more."

At that moment, Digital Debug started to glow and managed to push himself to land on the beystadium.

Celestia: Digital Debug still stands.

Luna: It was certainly a good recovery.

"Interesting," Sweetie Belle said with a smile, "does this have anything to do with the previous battle?"

Button Mash smiled, "That's right, Sweetie, that time, Digital Debug was gaining experience points in Grind mode."

Sweetie listened carefully.

"And when your character gains a lot of experience in a video game," Button said and then yelled, "THEN LEVEL UP."

Digital Debug finished glowing, but its colors had changed, except for the brown parts, which remained the same, the black parts became gray and the red parts became purple.


"Well, I knew Button was planning something, but I didn't think it would be an evolution," Spike said.

“I was certainly surprised,” Rumble said, “Although the colors remind me of a SNES controller.”

"This is Button we're talking about, the guy has a Power Glove as a launcher, I think we shouldn't be surprised by his next tricks anymore," Spike told him.

Celestia: An impressive turn of events, Button's beyblade has grown stronger.

Luna: But after taking all those hits, can he take down Sweetie Belle's?

Celestia: I think we're about to find out.

“Now,” Button ordered his bey who jumped high landing on top of Sweetie Belle's.


Sweet Tone staggered.

"It can't be," Sweetie Belle exclaimed in surprise, "He got a lot of power, maybe I'm seeing Button's maximum power."

“Attack,” Button Mash ordered Digital Debug.

Sweetie Belle smiled, "We can't be left behind, go get him, Sweet Tone."

Sweetie began to sing making Sweet Tone move majestically.

And suddenly the 2 beys collided with each other.





Digital Debug began to walk the corners of the beystadium.


Sweet Tone started chasing after him dealing him some weak blows as a result.



The 2 beys were still unexploded.

“BUTTON MASH,” Spike and Rumble yelled at the same time.

“SWEETIE BELLE,” Apple Bloom and Scootaloo yelled at the same time.

“Gyahhhhh,” Sweetie Belle and Button Mash yelled as their beys collided.


The noise was so loud that it made everyone present stumble, including the bladers.

And in that moment.


There was the sound of a bey that Burst made.

Button and Sweetie approached the beystadium to see the final result, a result that was announced by the principal Celestia.

Celestia: And with a Burst Finish, the winner is…..

Luna: Button Mash!

Everyone in the gym had been surprised by such a battle, but the one who was most surprised was Button Mash.

"I... made it," he said wearily as he approached the beystadium, he saw his bey keep spinning until he made burst too, "Looks like I only won by a small margin."

"You did Button," Sweetie Belle told him as she walked over to him.

"Sweetie," said Button who couldn't continue talking, he didn't know how to feel, on the one hand he was happy to advance to the semi-final but also felt sorry for eliminating Sweetie from the tournament, "I, umm."

"It was so much fun," Sweetie Belle said smiling, "I have to thank you for everything, I got here thanks to you, you helped me improve a lot."

Button Mash smiled.

Sweetie Belle was about to walk away, but before she did, she approached Button Mash again, "One last thing, I'd like to give you something."

Button Mash was going to ask what it was but was interrupted by Sweetie Belle, "This."

Sweetie Belle kissed Button Mash on the lips.

Button was caught off guard by this action, but quickly melted into the kiss, accepting Sweetie Belle's feelings for him.

The entire field erupted in a cheer as the two kissed, this last almost a full minute before they pulled away.

When they finished kissing, Button with a smile and blushing say, "Wow, just wow."

Sweetie replied with a blush, "You are so cute."

"Oh, I'm so happy for her," Rarity said as she wept with joy at her little sister's newfound love, to the point where her makeup smeared, "Button, take care of her."

“Very well done Button,” said Rumble.

"You won not only in beyblade, but also in love," said Spike, "And victory is what a gamer always seeks."

"That was beautiful," said Apple Bloom.

"Sweetie may have lost," Scootaloo said, "But I'm proud of her."

At that moment, Sweetie Belle and Button Mash returned to the benches.

Celestia: It was another beautiful battle.

Luna: Where we witness young love.

Celestia: And to close with this round.

Luna: We ask the last participants to come closer.

Celestia: Flash Sentry.

Luna: And Rumble.

"It's my turn," Rumble said as he walked into the center of the gym, "It's going to be great."

"Be careful," Spike said, "Flash has a strong will."

Rumble nodded, feeling doubtful, but he knew he had to get stronger in order to win.

“Good luck Rumble,” Scootaloo told him.

Rumble smiled and nodded.

“It's my turn,” said Flash Sentry who was still in the stands, “Rumble is a tough opponent.”

"But so are you," Twilight Sparkle told him, "Go over there and show him the power you've gained."

Flash Sentry smiled, then gave Twilight a kiss, "Thank you Twi."

Twi just smiled blushing.

Flash advanced to the center of the gym for what promised to be one of his most difficult battles.

Ep 35: Road to the Semifinals

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The battle between Sweetie Belle and Button Mash had been a great battle, leaving the students who saw it moved, there was power, surprises and love.

But now, it was time for another battle between 2 bladers with similar styles.

A battle that promised to be epic.

Celestia: The previous battle was a very good one.

Luna: But now it's time to move on to today's last battle.

Celestia: In the red corner, a skilled blader who can fight at a professional level with just 1 year of practice, Flash Sentry.

Flash Sentry approached the center of the gym, he could hear the voices cheering him on as Twilight and Spike were sitting very close to the red corner.

“Come on Flash, fight and win,” Twilight Sparkle yelled.

"Good luck Flash," Spike said.

Luna: And in the blue corner, another powerful blader even for his age and with a lot of practice, Rumble.

But Rumble did not appear.

Celestia: Looks like Rumble isn't here yet.

Many wondered where he was, but their doubts were dispelled when they saw him enter through the red corner.

“I thought i was going to go in the red corner, my mistake,” Rumble said as he entered that way.

“Good luck Rumble,” Spike and Button Mash said at the same time.

"You can beat him," Scooatloo told him.

Although he was running, Rumble could hear his friends cheering him on.

Rumble got on his side and faced Flash.

"Flash, before we begin, let me say that it will be an honor to face someone so strong, your battles have impressed me," Rumble told him.

“Thank you Rumble, coming from you, it means a lot,” Flash Sentry replied.

Rumble smirked, "But don't think I'm going to go easy on you."

Flash smiled upon hearing it, "Oh yeah, well, me neither."

Celestia: Inspect your opponent's bey.

The 2 handed over their bey to the other to check it out.

Flash started looking at Cloud Slayer, "Cloud Slayer, an ATTACK type bey like mine, he's very strong, his hits are like a sword, but it's nothing Flash Heart can't beat, the problem would be his speed, I have to work on it, something so that it does not affect me.”

Rumble watched Flash Heart as he thought of a plan to deal with him, “Flash Heart, ATTACK type, just like Cloud Slayer, is a danger if we add the dedication and effort that Flash has put into his bey, a wide variety of attacks special, I must dodge those attacks, if I can at all.”

After analyzing them, they returned the bey to its rival.

"Everything's fine."

“Likewise, there is nothing unusual.”

Spike looked at them with a doubtful look.

"What's wrong Spike?" asked Button Mash, "You're acting a little weird today."

"It's not that, it's just..."

"You don't know who to cheer for, do you?" asked Apple Bloom.

Knowing he couldn't lie to her, Spike nodded, "It's just, Rumble is one of my best friends, but I know Flash and maybe in the future he'll be part of the family, so it's hard."

Apple Bloom placed her hand on Spike's shoulder, "No matter what happens, just enjoy this battle."

Spike smiled, "Thanks Apple Bloom."

Spike turned to see where Rumble and Flash were, he didn't care who won, he would congratulate them both.

Luna: If all is well, then let the countdown begin.

Flash and Rumble placed their beys on their launchers and got ready, especially Rumble, who took a few steps back to make his special launch.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And suddenly, all the students shouted:


When the bladers launched their beys into the beystadium, the two of them did something that caught their attention.

“Ahhh, Let it Rip,” Rumble ran to the beystadium and jumped high.

But what surprised everyone is that Flash also made a jump.

“Let it rip,” Flash yelled as he did a standing backflip.

“Awesome,” Spike and Button said at the same time.

“Whoa Flash, that's very clever,” Twilight Sparkle said in surprise.

"I see he took it pretty seriously, too," Rainbow Dash added, "I have to admit, it's impressively cool."

“Coming from you, that says a lot,” Applejack finished.

The 2 beys fell into the beystadium.

"Wow, how did you do that?" Rumble asked.

“With a lot of practice and a strong desire to achieve victory,” Flash Sentry replied.

Rumble smiled, "Well you won't get it, Cloud Slayer attack."

Cloud Slayer dove straight at Flash Heart to attack him.

Here he comes, his classic sword attack, Flash Sentry thought.

“Flash Heart, go for the front one,” Flash Sentry yelled.

Flash Heart collided with Cloud Slayer causing both of them to bounce in different directions.

“Hmm, interesting,” Rumble said.

"I know how you beat Soarin, he tried to dodge your attack and paid the price," Flash Sentry told him, "But note that your attacks are too fast to dodge, so it's best to attack without running away."

"He investigated me, this will be harder than I anticipated," Rumble thought.

“Now Flash Heart,” Cloud Slayer began to take Flash Heart's blows.



“I have to do something, but I can't attack him without him countering first,” Rumble thought.


"Got it," Rumble thought, "I'll have Cloud Slayer dodge it."

Rumble watched as Flash Heart went towards Cloud Slayer, that was the moment.

“Now,” Rumble ordered causing Cloud Slayer to avoid the collision.

But Flash Sentry smiled, "You fell for the trap."

"Huh?" Rumble asked but his doubts were dispelled when Cloud Slayer was thrown away.


Due to a hit from Flash Heart.

“The nature of our beys, which are of the same type, is attack, dodging can be counterproductive, we move to attack, but when we dodge, we are exposed to attack,” explained Flash Sentry.

“That's right, since I couldn't consider it, fear and doubt got the best of me this time,” Rumble thought as his bey stopped.

Luna: Survival Finish, the winner is Flash Heart.

Celestia: The score goes 0-1 in favor of Flash Sentry.

"All right, Flash," Twilight Sparkle encouraged.

“Looks like Flash did his homework and did a little digging,” said Sunset Shimmer.

“Looks like Rumble is in trouble,” said Button Mash.

“He'll find a way out of this,” Scootaloo told him.

Rumble picked up his bey and looked at Flash, "You're stronger than I expected."

“I won't have as much experience as you, but let your guard down just a bit and you'll get more surprises,” Flash replied as he placed his bey on his launcher.

"Thanks for the advice," Rumble thanked as he placed his bey on his launcher.

Luna: Second battle.

Celestia: Ready?

Rumble took a few steps back while Flash got into position.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

Rumble ran into the beystadium as Flash did his standing backflip.

And all the students shouted:


The bladers launched their beys into the beystadium, the moment they landed, they began to attack due to the nature of their type.

“Alright Flash Heart, don't break your offense,” Flash Sentry ordered as Flash Heart's attacks grew stronger.


Rumble was beginning to think, but he had to do it fast, since Cloud Slayer was outmatched by Flash Heart, he remembered that his speed was in his favor.


Cloud Slayer was thrown into a corner of the beystadium, but Rumble had an idea.

"That's it," Rumble thought.

“CLOUD SLAYER, SPECIAL MOVE, WING BLADE,” Rumble said as his bey went straight in a diagonal line, which confused Flash and the audience.

“Why did he use that attack, he's so far away from Flash Heart,” Spike wondered.

"Maybe he's planning something," Scootaloo replied.

“The angle, it's perfect, I get it,” said Button Mash.

Cloud Slayer rushed towards a corner of the beystadium, which he used as a ramp and propelled himself up.

"Is that supposed to do something?" Flash Sentry asked.

"You'll see," Rumble said, "Now Cloud Slayer."

"What?" Flash wondered when he looked up and understood what was happening, Cloud Slayer was descending like a meteor.

“Ahhhhh,” Flash yelled.

“WE HAVE THE VICTORY NOW, CLOUD SLAYER, MAX POWER,” Rumble yelled, and at that moment, his bey landed on Flash's.


“Very well,” Rumble said smiling, “We did it.”

But his smile faded as he listened to Principal Celestia's narration.

Celestia: Survival Finish, the winner is Cloud Slayer.

"Impossible," said Rumble seeing Flash's bey in one piece, after seeing it, he smiled, "He really is a tough guy, nothing can stop him."

Flash smiled upon hearing this, "You'll know I'm not going to lose."

"Uff, that was pretty close," Twilight Sparkle said.

In the distance was Thunderlane looking at him with emotion, "Don't give up Rumble, you can beat any opponent, no matter how strong he is or the tricks he pulls up his sleeve."

“Oh, what a thrill, I don't know what's going to happen in the next round anymore,” Scootaloo said.

Spike and Button Mash just watched nervously.

Luna: Last battle, only one will be the winner.

Celestia: Ready?

Rumble took many more steps back than last time as Flash got into position but this time, he seemed to lean more on his legs.

“Come on, Flash,” Rumble told him.

Flash nodded, “Bring it on.”

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

Rumble sprinted towards the beystadium at infernal speed, while Flash jumped much higher, allowing him to do a double backflip.

"HOLY GEMS," Spike said.

And this time, only the bladers shouted:


The two of them launched their beys into the beystadium with all possible force.

Rumble and Flash landed at the same time as their beys.

“Impressive,” Rumble said.

"Even I was shocked, a little more and I break my neck," Flash Sentry said scratching the back of his neck.

“Flash, that was stupidly dangerous, don't do it again,” Twilight yelled at him.

“Sorry Twi, I just got excited,” Flash replied.

The 2 beys started hitting each other.



“FLASH HEART, GO GET HIM,” shouted Flash Sentry.


The 2 beys continued to attack each other with no sign that they were going to stop anytime soon.


“FLASH HEART, MAX POWER,” Flash Sentry ordered his bey, which moved even faster toward Cloud Slayer.

"THAT WON'T TAKE US DOWN, CLOUD SLAYER," Rumble yelled as Cloud Slayer also closed in on Flash Heart.


That caused a small explosion that made everyone present stumble.

“Gyahhh,” Spike and Button yelled at the same time.

“Ahhh,” Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rarity yelled at the same time.

"There's no way the two of them are still spinning after this," said Sunset Shimmer.

A kind of cloud of smoke was generated in the field.

Celestia: What happened here?

Luna: Sister look.

Celestia: It can't be.

Luna: The 2 beyblades keep spinning.

While that was happening, the bladers were starting to get tired, it was to be expected, using a lot of energy had exhausted them.

“Wow… I didn't think that…. You could withstand my attack,” Rumble told him wearily.

“For a child… you're very skilled,” Flash answered wearily.

“Hey, I'm technically a teenager, I'm 13 years old,” Rumble replied with a pout.

And at that moment the gym filled with voices cheering the bladers on.




They smiled.

"Well, I guess we have to continue this battle," Flash said.

“Of course, nothing would excite me much more,” Rumble replied.

"FLASH HEART, TIME FOR YOUR LAST ATTACK," Flash Sentry said to his bey.


“SHINNING IMPACT,” Flash Heart launched his best attack.

“WING BLADE,” Cloud Slayer launched his best attack.


The 2 beys collided again exploding the gym including several of its windows.

When the smoke cleared, no spectators could see any spinning beyblades.

"What happened?" asked Twilight Sparkle

What the...?" Spike and Button Mash asked.

Luna: Celestia, where are the beyblades?

Celestia: Lulu, I think you should look up.

Hearing that, all the students looked up, and saw that the 2 beys fell at the same time as they kept colliding in the air.

“GYAHHHH,” Rumble and Flash yelled in an attempt to keep their bey in the air.

“This is crazy,” Spike said.

“The winner will be the longest in the air,” said Scootaloo.

"LET'S GO," they both yelled at the same time.


"HE IS VERY…. STRONG." Flash said which also lost energy.

Suddenly, a sound was heard.


As his beys fell, Flash lost his balance and fell to his knees.

At that moment, Flash Heart landed outside the beystadium.

"So it all ends here," Flash thought with a smile on his face.

“WE… DID IT,” Rumble said and at that moment, he fell to the ground.

Luna: Ring Out, victory for Cloud Slayer.

Celestia: Which means that the winner of this battle with a score of 2 – 1 is Rumble.

The students applauded, happy and excited at such a show of power in that beybattle.

Luna: But let's not forget his opponent, who gave us a great show.

Flash walked over to Rumble, "You did very well."

“Thank you Flash, but, you didn't make it easy for me, I'm sure you would have advanced further in this tournament,” Rumble replied.

"There's nothing to be done about it," Flash told him, "I hope you have luck in your next battles."

Just then, they saw Spike, Button Mash, Scootaloo, and Twilight Sparkle approaching them.

“Rumble, it was amazing,” Button Mash told him.

"You almost gave us a heart attack," Spike told him.

“But you managed to get the win,” Scootaloo finished.

Rumble smiled, "Thank you guys, for everything."

Twilight approached Flash, "It was a great battle, no matter the result, for me you are the best."

Flash smiled, and then saw Spike approaching.

"Flash, that was awesome," Spike said.

"Thanks Spike, though I guess I'll get this far."

"Flash, you're a great blader, and I'm happy how far you've come," Spike told him.

Flash smiled, "Then everything will depend on you Spike, be careful, because the remaining bladers are very strong, they are your friends."

"I'll be careful" Spike replied with a smile as he gave Flash a fist bump.

Celestia: With this, we conclude the quarterfinals.

Luna: And it was too epic, but now, it's time to choose the lineup for the semi finals.

Luna pressed a button and the screen with the remaining 4 bladers appeared, she pressed the button again and the screen showed the following result.

Celestia: And these are the bladers that will fight in the semifinals.

Spike, Button Mash, Rumble and Scootaloo looked more closely than the others, at the screen, because they would be the next to fight.



"Button," Spike said looking at Button Mash.

“Spike,” Button Mash said as he looked at Spike.

The 2 were surprised, the friends were going to face each other.

But the ones who were the most surprised were Rumble and Scootaloo and when they exchanged glances, they both blushed.

Luna: The next round will be in 2 weeks, so we wish the bladers good luck.

Celestia: And we announce that due to the few battles, the finals will take place on the same day, which means that it will also be the last day of the tournament, we wish you good luck and see you.

Celestia and Luna withdrew.

The remaining 4 bladers knew that the next round would be one they would not forget.

Twilight and Flash were kissing in the hallway.

"Wow," Flash reacted to the kiss, "It's definitely a big consolation prize."

Twilight laughed, "I would have given it to you regardless of the outcome."

"I'm fine with that," Flash replied as he kissed Twi.

After the kiss ended, Twi asked him, "Hey Flash, even though you've exhausted yourself, you never lost your smile, why?"

"I wouldn't know how to answer you, Twi," Flash answered, taking out his bey, "You'd think I'm crazy, but Flash Heart gave his best, I'm feeling it, that's why I'm happy and I don't regret anything even if i lose."

“I don't think you're crazy, since this tournament started, I've realized how much it means, especially to Spike and his friends,” Twi said.

"Yeah, this is a special feeling," said Flash putting his bey in his backpack.

At that moment, Twilight left the place, "See you tomorrow."

"See ya Twi," Flash said goodbye.

“Things you can experience in the beyblade, mmm,” Twilight thought, and then an idea popped into her head, at which point, a smile spread across her face.

Half an hour later, at the Bey Store.

The door bell rang, which meant that a customer arrived, so Mr. Torch introduced himself and prepared to serve him, "Welcome to the Bey Store, how can I help you?"

But he was surprised when he saw the customer.

Ember, who was also there, was also surprised, "Twilight, it's weird seeing you here without Spike."

"Hello Mr. Torch, hello Ember, I'm not with Spike today, but I'm here to buy something," Twilight Sparkle replied with a smile.

Ep 36: Sibling Bonding

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It is what was heard, the sound of water splashing.

"Ugh, finally, I needed some time to relax," Spike said as he caught his breath.

Spike was swimming in the pool of his house, precisely, in the backyard, he was wearing green swim trunks with a dragon's head drawn, there were 2 weeks left for the last battles of the tournament, he thought about training, but he decided to use that day to rest, like all his friends, who also decided to take the day off, he was relaxing since his parents were out, so today he had the house to himself.

As he swam, he thought about what would be in store for him.

“My next battle is against Button Mash, the first friend I had the same age as me, the two of us have played this game for years, so it will be difficult, but at the same time I am excited, fighting with a friend in the finals, it will be great, and fun, and I'm sure it will be epic."

But at that moment, he stopped and leaned against a corner of the pool.

Spike began to remember his previous battles in the tournament and the powerful opponents he faced, each battle was a lesson learned for him, his battle against Rainbow Dash where he allowed himself to be controlled by his negative emotions.

The battle against Apple Bloom where his heart played an important role, returning to feel what he stopped feeling for Rarity so many years ago.

And the battle against Thorax, which was to defend the honor of his friends, Ember and Smolder, which he achieved and although Thorax was considered an enemy before that, at the end of the battle he became a friend.

Spike looked up at the sun with a smile, he was grateful for those past experiences.

At that moment, Spike heard the sound of a door opening.

"Huh?" Spike looked over and noticed that Twilight Sparkle had walked out into the backyard.

"Hey Spike."

"Oh hey Twilight," Spike greeted her, "I thought you were with the girls or Flash."

"I could say the same for you," Twilight replied, "Why you are not with your friends, or Apple Bloom?"

Spike blushed at the tone with which Twilight mentioned Apple Bloom, but after a few seconds, he replied, "Button Mash decided to lock himself in his house all weekend to play his video games, Rumble's family will get out of town for 3 days, Apple Bloom is with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo at her clubhouse, Ember and Smolder are busy working at the store and I don't know where Thorax is, although we're not that close right now, I mean, he used to work for the Dark Crystal Knight.”

“Oh wow, everyone seems to be busy, and don't worry about Thorax, I'm sure when this tournament is over, you will forget all the bad things of the past,” Twilight replied with a smile, “And well, the girls are busy, AJ is at Sweet Apple Acres, Sunset, Fluttershy, Pinkie and Rarity are at their part-time jobs while Rainbow Dash is at the skate park and Flash is at a band meeting, so today is a day just for Twilight.”

"Oh," Spike answered, "Welcome to the club I guess."

“Speaking of that, can I join you at the pool? It's really hot today,” Twilight asked him.

Spike nodded, "Of course, it would be nice to have some company."

Twilight smiled, "Thanks Spike."

Spike smiled, but his smile faded as he watched his big sister begin to undress in front of him, causing him to blush.

"Twi, what are you doing?" Spike asked looking away, "You shouldn't take off your clothes in front of me."

But Spike looked back and noticed that Twilight Sparkle had her bathing suit on under her clothes.

"Hehe, you should have seen your face," Twilight said with a laugh by the time she was ready, "I already had it on under my clothes, haha."

"Haha, funny Twi," Spike replied sarcastically.

Spike looked at her, Twilight was wearing a blue strapless bikini, on the left side of the top a pink 6-pointed star was drawn.

“Huh, I didn't know you had a blue bikini,” Spike told her.

"Rarity made it for me," Twilight replied, "Spike, why are you trembling?"

Spike realized that he was trembling a little, "Sorry Twilight, it's just that the last time I saw a woman in a bikini, well, it wasn't pretty at all."

"Oh right, Adagio," Twilight Sparkle said, "Makes sense, she kidnapped you, knocked you out, and forced you to have a beybattle on a water stage while wearing bathing suits."

"Well, at least I won that battle," Spike replied with a relieved smile, "Though I think I'll be staying away from the beach for a while."

Twilight smirked, "Does that mean you're afraid of mermaids now?"

"Ummm, no," Spike said, turning away clearly lying.

"Really?" Twilight asked and then she jumped into the pool.


Twilight swam over to where Spike stood, "Because your expression tells me otherwise."

Spike turned away trying to protect his pride, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Hmph, so that's how it's gonna be, huh?" Twilight raised her eyebrow, then she wrapped Spike around her arms, so that he could not escape, "Well, if you won't admit your fear, then you won't mind having a mermaid by your side."

Spike gasped and looked up at Twilight, "You wouldn't dare."

An evil smirk grew on Twilight's face. "Try me."

"Please, Twi," Spike shivered, but he couldn't deny that he was smiling, “Don't do it.”

"Then admit it, you're afraid of mermaids," Twilight told him as she made sure Spike didn't escape her arms.

"I won't," Spike yelled as he tried to free himself, but it was useless, his big sister had held him down too well.

"Then you leave me no choice," Twilight Sparkle breathed out and shook her head, and at that moment, she started to tickle her little brother, "I'm sorry it had to be this way, Spike."

"Please….. hahaha….. Twi…" Spike laughed as his big sister tickled him, "Don't do it."

"I am a mermaid and you are my prey," Twilight told him as she continued to tickle him, "Now I will drag you to the bottom of the sea."

“Hahahaha…. Nooooo…"

“Hold your breath,” Twilight told him as she submerged Spike, she had also submerged herself.

Underwater, Twi waited for Spike to start moving, that would be the sign that he would run out of air and at that moment she would decide to surface.

But the plan failed her.

She realized that Spike was keeping calm underwater, the seconds passed and she was beginning to lose her breath, so she had no other choice and surfaced.

Twilight and Spike caught their breath as they left, Spike looked at her with a smile, although he was still exhausted from Twi's tickles, “Ha…. maybe you are a mermaid….. but I am a puffer fish.”

"A puffer fish?" Twilight asked.

“Well, you know, a puffer fish is….” Spike said but Twilight Sparkle cut him off.

"Of course," Twilight exclaimed, "A puffer fish isn't the strongest or the fastest and it's easy prey, like you Spike."

"I didn't mean that part, Twi," Spike pouted.

Twi laughed at Spike's reaction, “Sorry I'm just playing with you, but I do know that puffers can inflate themselves to 3 times their size and they do it to intimidate predators, just like you did with Pharynx. ”

"Hehe," Spike laughed, "I don't know if I could intimidate him."

“Even so,” Twilight continued, “will you admit that you are afraid of mermaids?”

"No," Spike answered.

"Interesting answer, Spike," Twilight told him, "I think you're forgetting that you're still at my mercy, little bro."

Spike remembered that his big sister still had her arms around his waist, meaning he still couldn't get away from her, "Oh no."

"I suppose that…." Twilight continued smiling, "The puffer fish will have more tickles."

Spike gulped, again, it wasn't going to be pretty.

Several minutes passed.

“HAHAHAHAHA….. TWI… STOP….” Spike laughed as Twi kept tickling him.

"I think you know what to say, Spike," Twilight replied.

That made Spike's willpower crack, “OK…. HAHAHA….. I ADMIT IT….. I'M AFRAID OF MERMAIDS.”

Hearing that, Twilight stopped tickling him, "You see, it wasn't that hard."

Spike took long and deep gasps for breath before he finally recovered, “Speak for yourself…. Phew…. You are not the one who was tickled.”

"I guess so," Twilight said, "So how do you feel now, the worst is over."

"To be honest, Twi," Spike replied, "It wasn't that bad, and I think it was fun, I feel like I needed that."

Twilight smiled, "A lot has happened these last few weeks, Spike, a little fun is a healthy thing."

"You're right," Spike admitted with a smile, "Thanks Twi, but next time, let me know if you're going to do something crazy."

"Of course Spike," Twilight replied with a smile, then she kissed his forehead, "How about we relax swimming this time."

Spike nodded, "I can't think of anything better."

The 2 siblings spent the next hour swimming and playing in the pool throwing water at each other.


"Aha," Spike splashed water on Twilight, "And I'm not just a puffer fish, I'm also a sea dragon."


“Then i will keep this water frozen, for all I know, ice kills dragons,” Twilight replied, throwing water at Spike.


"You got that from a video game."


"It's mythology Spike, the logic isnt exact."


After an hour, the 2 siblings had gotten out of the pool, they lay down on some beach chairs they had, and decided to sunbathe.

“Ah, this is relaxing,” Spike said as he lay back sunbathing.

“Tell me about it,” Twilight added as she lay back sunbathing, “This is nice, and the best part is that it's just only you and me.”

"Just like old times, don't you think?" Spike asked.

What Spike asked made Twilight remember her childhood, before moving to Canterlot.

She remembered when she was a little girl, she only had one friend, and that was her little brother, Spike.

Although she also had her older brother Shining Armor, but he did have his group of friends from school, Twilight and Spike weren't very social, so they didn't have any friends in Ponyville.

Spike also remembered, all those nice moments spent by Twilight's side when they lived in Ponyville, he smiled.

The two came back to reality.

"Yeah, and even though we grew up, I wouldn't trade those moments for anything," Twilight said as she extended her arm to Spike.

"Me neither, Twi," Spike held out his arm so the two of them could take the other one hand.

They knew that even though they made friends when they arrived in Canterlot, one thing was clear.

Twilight Sparkle's first friend was Spike.

And Spike's first friend was Twilight Sparkle.

The night had come, so the two of them had put on their pajamas, but before that, they sat down in the living room.

"Spike," Twilight said as she walked over to Spike, "There's something I want to show you."

"What is it, Twi?" Spike asked, but at that moment, Twi backed away.

After a few seconds, she came back.

"It's this," Twi unclenched her fists and Spike saw something he didn't think his sister would have.

It was a beyblade.

"WHOA, TWI, IS THAT…" Spike was nearly speechless.

Twi giggled at her little brother's reaction, but then her smile faded, "I'm surprised you're not mad."

"Huh?" Spike asked, "Why would I be mad?"

“Because of how hypocrit I was.”

"What are you talking about?"

"Spike, since we moved here, Principal Celestia helped me make friends, I was very happy to meet them, but I feel like I forgot about you when I met them," Twilight answered with a tear in her eyes, "I made friends , but you were alone all year before you met Button Mash, then you became interested in beyblade.”

"Twi," Spike placed his hand on his big sister's shoulder.

"You had found a new passion, and you know what I did, I said that was just a silly toy and made fun of you, if I had been a better sister, I would have supported you and maybe even bought one much sooner and so on the 2 of us could have played together, but no, instead I just thought you were crazy, and now that this whole tournament started….”

Twilight wanted to continue, but Spike placed his hands on her cheeks and spoke to her.

“Twilight, look at me,” Spike told her, “you're not a bad sister, you're someone with a heart as big as your brain, we just didn't see eye to eye that time, but that was it, and you should be proud of what you've become for the passing of the years.”

Twi smiled and hugged him, "Thanks Spike, I'm glad you're such a good brother."

The 2 hugged each other for about half a minute until Spike wanted to ask her about the beyblade.

Twi explained that she had bought it at the Beystore after seeing the battle between Flash and Rumble.

Her beyblade was a purple color but the attack ring was navy blue.

"I have to admit, it looks amazing, and it's a BALANCE type just like Emerald Flame," Spike said as he looked at Twilight's beyblade, "And did you give it a name yet?"

"Well, I think it should be called..." Twiligh Sparkle replied as she looked around looking for inspiration for a name, seeing that in her school notebook she had a drawing of a purple unicorn, she thought of a good name, "Harmony Unicorn."

"Whoa, great name," Spike said to which Twilight smiled.

At that moment Spike had an idea, "We should have a beybattle."

Twilight nodded with a smile, "Sure Spike, but, where, there's no beystadium here."

"Actually," Spike said as he pulled out a smaller beystadium from under the couch, "Yes, there is."

"Wait, did you hide a beystadium in there the whole time?"

"Sure, they're all over the house, even in the bathroom," Spike replied.

"Why would you have a beybattle in the bathroom?" Twilight Sparkle asked again.

"Oh, right," Spike responded, feeling a bit silly, "I guess I didn't think it through very well."

“Well, let's ignore that, I want to know what this bad girl is capable of,” Twilight said as she took out her beyblade.

"Thats right," Spike replied, pulling out his beyblade.

He placed it on his launcher, Spike realized that Twilight's launcher was a very simple one, a default one with a weak grip, "I'll make adjustments to your launcher later."

"Thanks Spike," Twilight thanked knowing that Spike's launcher was better.

And then the countdown began.





The siblings launched their beys into the beystadium.

“Come on, Harmony Unicorn,” Twilight yelled, but then she saw her bey stumble, “Wait, be careful.”

"Don't worry Twi, it's your first battle, it's normal that your bey still can't control herself."

Harmony Unicorn was still out of control until she collided with Emerald Flame.


Making it stop.

“Oh no,” Twi said as she picked up her bey.

"Sorry Twi, I think I should have explained it better."

"No, okay, let's have another beybattle," Twilight Sparkle replied with a smile.

"You're right, you learn through experience," Spike said.

And again, they had many more beybattles.





With each beybattle Twi gained more experience and became more skilled.


The 2 continued with their beybattles.

"I thought you would be tired Twi."

"Your joking? I can do this all day, if I could read 10 books in one weekend."

And their battles continued.

A car parked in front of the house.

Out of it came Night Light and Twilight Velvet.

“I bet they'll be surprised we're early,” Velvet said.

"I wonder if they had a party in our absence," added Night Light as he entered the house.

"Oh please Night Light, you know our children wouldn't do that," Velvet told him as she walked into the house.

"You're right, this place looks spotless," Night Light said as he noted that their home was very clean, "But where are Twilight and Spike?"

“Dawwwww, Night Light, look,” Twilight Velvet pointed to one of the couches in the living room.

Night Light turned to see Twilight and Spike fast asleep with Twilight lying on the couch and Spike laying his head on her shoulder, which made him smile.

“They look so adorable,” Velvet said smiling as she took a photo of them with her cell phone.

“I think we should let them rest,” Night Light said to his wife as they retired to their room, “That brings back memories, though.”

In the hallway they saw a picture of a 6-year-old Twilight and a 4-year-old Spike, in the exact same positions they were sleeping.

And without anyone seeing it, the beyblades they had left in the beystadium began to glow, and although they were asleep, somehow, Twi and Spike could feel their energy.

Ep 37: Strength and Speed, All or Nothing

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The sun began to rise.

In Spike's room, an alarm clock started to go off.

The spikey green haired boy woke up from his long sleep to turn it off.

"Usually I hate mornings," Spike said, "But for some reason, I feel great today."

Later, he looked at a calendar that he had on his wall, which had a specific day marked with a circle, and there you could read the following:


Spike smiled when he read it, today was the big day, the one that would define the absolute winner, he spent these last 2 weeks training with his friends.


“EMERALD FLAME, USE THE OVERDRIVE,” Spike yelled as his bey went straight for Flash Sentry's bey.


Flash Heart had Burst while Emerald Flame was spinning with all its energy.

"That's 3 wins in a row," Rarity said, "And they've all been with a Burst Finish, he's not holding anything back."

"If he wants to win, then he has to think about ending every battle with a Burst," Applejack said.

"Who next?" Spike asked as he turned to the girls and Flash, "This little dragon will prove he's not that weak."

“Wow,” Flash Sentry said, rearming his beyblade.

Twilight Sparkle smiled, she had never seen her little brother with such energy, "I will be your next opponent."

Spike smiled, "Thank you sis, remember I won't hold back at all."

"I'd be offended if you did," Twilight replied.

"This will be fun," Rainbow Dash said.

“It's only been a week since Twi got her bey, but it seems like it's been longer because she's mastered it to perfection,” added Sunset Shimmer.

"Alright guys, fun time," Pinkie Pie said, "Ready?"

Spike nodded with a smile as he placed Emerald Flame on his launcher.

Twilight nodded with a smile as she placed Harmony Unicorn in a new launcher Spike had given her, it was similar to the one Spike had, only it had stars instead of flames.

And the countdown begins.





The siblings launched their beys about to have another great battle.

End of Flashback

At that moment, Spike picked up Emerald Flame at his desk and spoke to him, "We're going to do our best today, buddy, and no matter what happens, we'll always give 100%."

A few minutes later, Spike had left his room and headed to the dining room where his family was waiting for him.

“There is the future champion,” Night Light told him.

"Hehe, thanks for the emotional support, dad," Spike said with a hand on the back of his neck, "But it's too early to celebrate, my friends are just as strong."

"But you don't plan to lose right?" Twilight Velvet asked smiling.

"Thats right," Spike answered with a smile, "I know my friends are strong, but that doesn't mean they beat me, because in the end, I managed to change for the better, I know I sound arrogant, but it's what my heart feels."

Twilight Sparkle smiled upon hearing it.

"Oh, Spike," Velvet said with tears in her eyes, then went to hug Spike, "I wish your big brother could see you, you really changed, that's why I'm proud of you."

"Yes, Shinning will be surprised when we tell him," Twilight Sparkle added, joining the hug.

“Dad… help… I can't…. Breathe,” Spike complained as he gasped for air from his mother and sister choking him, to which Night Light laughed.

At Rumble's house.

He was getting ready, he took his beyblade while looking at the window.

After a long time, he had come this far, against opponents who surpassed him in age and strength.

"Those battles, do you know what it means, Cloud Slayer?"

There was a moment of silence.

“They were great experiences, experiences that got me where I am,” Rumble said and jumped out the window.

"And now it's time for the finals, let's go all out, Slayer," Rumble was about to head to the school when he was interrupted by a voice.

"Rumble, you forgot to eat your breakfast."

Rumble turned around and saw a tall woman with the same skin and hair color but with a more formal hairstyle.

"Oh, sorry mom," Rumble apologized as his stomach growled.

His brother Thunderlane had seen the show, "Hehe, never change lil bro."

At Button Mash's house.

Button Mash was having breakfast with his mother and brother Gibson.

As they ate breakfast, Button moved his arm discreetly under the table.

Well, it wasn't that discreet since his brother noticed.

"And now what the hell are you doing?"

His mother had noticed that her youngest son moved his arm very strangely.

“Special training,” Button answered, still waving his arm, “This way I can control Digital Debug's movements more smoothly, which will increase my chances in future battles.”

"Oh," his brother was surprised at such a firm response from Button, he knew he changed a lot in a good way, so he just smiled and continued eating breakfast.

While his mother smiled hearing him so determined, "I'm sure you'll do very well, Button."

“Thanks mom,” Button Mash replied with a smile.

At Scootaloo's house.

She was checking her bey so that it didn't have any flaws.

After several minutes, she put it back together, "Very good Xtreme Raptor, today is the grand finale and we will open the first battle, and our opponent is none other than Rumble, which could be the toughest battle we will have."

Scootaloo was in high spirits and at that moment she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

“It's open,” Scootaloo said.

The door opened, her older sister, Rainbow Dash, entered.

"Hey, how are you feeling, squirt?" Rainbow Dash asked, "I hope you're not nervous about your battle with Rumble."

Scootaloo smiled with a confident expression, "Not at all, Rumble is a very strong boy, but I'm not going to lose to him, at the same time I respect him and he respects me as an equal."

"Are you sure you just respect him, because I think there's something more than just respect between you," Rainbow Dash told her making Scootaloo blush.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Scootaloo looked away to avoid Rainbow Dash seeing her blush.

Rainbow laughed at her little sister's reaction.

"Changing the subject, I think you should surprise him in your battle," Rainbow Dash told her drawing his attention, "He knows your bey, so I suggest a change in your strategy."

“Rainbow, I appreciate your advice,” Scootaloo said as she looked at her beyblade, “But I'm not going to fight without Xtreme Raptor.”

“I know, that's why I want to lend you this,” Rainbow replied as she handed Scootaloo something.

“Rainbow is that….” Scootaloo replied surprised to receive the object that her sister gave her.

Spike was walking through the streets of Canterlot on his way to school, Twilight had offered him a ride with Flash Sentry, but Spike turned him down as he thought walking would do him good.

"Spike," came a voice, and Spike turned to see Rumble approaching.

"Rumble, good morning," Spike greeted him.

“I assume you're ready for the tournament,” Rumble told him.

Spike was going to nod but at that moment, another voice interrupted him.

“He better be ready, because he will face me.”

Spike and Rumble turned to see Button Mash approaching.

“And of course I am,” Spike said as he fist bumped Button Mash.

“I will tell you that I am going to be impartial in your battle, I am not going to encourage anyone,” Rumble told them, “Don't take this the wrong way, but in the end it doesn't matter who wins, I will beat them in the end.”

The 3 of them smiled and headed to Canterlot High.

The 3 were so excited they had so much to say along the way, but there were no words to express how they felt, participating in the final stage with their best friends was something they had only seen in stories from a shonen anime.

After several minutes, the 3 had arrived at Canterlot High without having said a word on their way.

But at that moment, they saw the Crusaders approaching.

“Scootaloo,” Rumble said breaking the silence.

“Rumble,” Scootaloo greeted.

Their friends didn't say anything so as not to ruin the moment between the two of them.

“We opened the first battle,” Scootaloo told him.

“I know, honestly, I couldn't be more excited,” Rumble replied.

"And just so you know, I intend to defeat you," Scootaloo told him with a determined look, "I think it will be the best way to thank you for the help you have given me."

Rumble smiled, "I don't need you to thank me, just having this battle with you makes me happy."

“Huh, that sounds pretentious,” Scootaloo said, “Do you think you can beat me?”

"I don't think so," Rumble replied with a determined look, "I know."

Scootaloo smiled.

“Gosh, you could break this tension and kiss once and for all,” Sweetie Belle yelled at them.

That made Rumble and Scootaloo blush.

“Umm, well, I guess I'll see you at the gym,” Scootaloo said with a blush.

As she walked away with her friends, they could see that Scootaloo was hitting Sweetie Belle on the head.

"Hehe," Rumble laughed nervously, "I think we should go too."

Spike and Button smirked.

The 3 headed to the gym.

In the gym.

The last remaining bladers were the only ones sitting on the bench this time, the others were sitting in the stands, ready to cheer them on from there.

"Hey Spike," Apple Bloom spoke up from the stands, "Aren't those your parents?"

Spike looked where Apple Bloom was pointing and noticed that his parents were sitting next to Twilight Sparkle.

"Oh, yes," Spike answered, "I wouldn't know they were coming."

“And it's not just your parents, look,” Button Mash pointed out.

Spike, Rumble, Button Mash, and Scootaloo noticed the families of the remaining bladers sitting in the stands.

Near his brother Thunderlane, Rumble saw his mother sitting.

Button Mash watched his mother and brother in the stands as well.

While Scootaloo saw her parents Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles sitting next to Rainbow Dash, what stood out the most was that Windy Whistles had pom-poms in her hands as if to cheer her on like a cheerleader.

“Our parents are here,” Scootaloo said.

“I think they came to see us fight in the finals,” added Rumble.

From the stands.

"I didn't imagine the whole school would be involved," said Night Light.

"Remember what Spike said, it's more than just a game," Velvet reminded him, "While I'm also surprised there were so many people, I wish I'd brought the camera to record this."

“Don't worry, I came prepared,” they heard a voice approach, they turned and saw Button Mash's mother with a video camera.

"Hello Cream Heart," Velvet greeted, "I see you did come prepared."

“Well, Button Mash has been working really hard for this, I want to let him know how proud I am of him, that's why I'm not going to stop filming,” replied Cream Heart as she began to calibrate her camera.

"Excuse me," they heard another voice approaching and saw a woman very similar to Rumble.

"Hi, what do you need?" greeting Night Light.

"Are you by any chance Spike's parents and Button Mash's mother?" asked the woman.

The 3 nodded, to which the woman smiled, "My name is Caring Hearts, I am the mother of Rumble, who has told me a lot about his friends, Spike and Button."

“Oh, it's nice to meet you,” Velvet said as the others introduced themselves.

“I imagine you came to cheer your son up, too,” Cream Heart told him.

“Of course, I know he can win,” replied Caring Hearts, “But I also wanted to let you know how grateful I am to your children.”

"Huh?" they wondered at the same time.

“Before he came here, Rumble had no friends, he was always alone,” Caring Hearts told them but then smiled, “But that all changed after he met Spike and Button Mash, because every day he comes home, he does. with a smile."

“We also have Rumble to thank,” Velvet said.

“Yes, our children have brought out the best in them because Rumble was there to encourage them,” said Cream Heart.

Night Light smiled, “Those 3 seem to complement each other.”

Caring Hearts smiled, "That's good to know."

"You say what you want," Bow Hotfooh and Windy Whistles approached, "But the winner will be our daughter."

“I see you haven't changed, Windy,” Caring Hearts said, smiling.

“Do you two know each other?” Cream Heart asked.

“Caring and I were cheerleaders at Crystal Prep,” replied Windy Whistles as she held up her pom-poms, “Although I was always the best cheerleader.”

Caring Hearts didn't say anything just smiled.

“That's why we know Scootaloo will win,” said Bow Hothoof ripping off his shirt revealing that he had another shirt with Scootaloo's name on it.

"Do you always wear that thing?" asked Night Light.

“Actually, its laundry day,” Bow replied sheepishly, “But it's still pretty cool.”

The principals arrived at the gym.

Celestia: Before we begin.

Luna: Let's give a round of applause to the other bladers who couldn't make it this far.

Celestia: They were important in their battles standing in the way of these 4 remaining bladers.

The camera zoomed in on Spike, Rumble, Button Mash and Scootaloo who just waved nervously as they listened to the applause from the other students.

Luna: Since this tournament started, we have seen great battles.

Celestia: But we remind you that there can only be one winner.

Luna: And he or she is standing in this gym, right now, please come closer.

Spike, Rumble, Button Mash and Scootaloo approached the center of the gym, Spike and Button Mash were nervous while Rumble and Scootaloo only walked forward with a smile.

Celestia: And now introducing the bladers who gave their all to get here.

Luna: We have the dragon boy, Spike, and his beyblade, Emerald Flame.

Celestia: The powerful and agile, Rumble, and his beyblade, Cloud Slayer.

Luna: The game master, Button Mash, and his beyblade, Digital Debug.

Celestia: And last but not least, the fierce skater, Scootaloo, and her beyblade, Xtreme Raptor.

The entire gymnasium was filled with applause from the other students and their families.

"Yeah Spike," shouted Night Light and Twilight Velvet.

“Come on Rumble,” Caring Hearts yelled.

“You can win Button,” Cream Heart yelled.

But the ones who cheered much more, were Scootaloo's parents who did not stop shouting her name, at the same time that Windy Whistles waved their pom-poms, "SCOOTALOO, SCOOTALOO, SCOOTALOO."

Celestia: We like to see your excitement, now it's time to explain the rules.

Luna: Since it's the finals, the rules will change a bit.

That made many students doubtful as well as excited about the changes that would be implemented in this final.

Celestia: First of all, the winner will be decided when he gets 3 points instead of 2.

"3 points," Flash Sentry said, "That will make things more intense."

“It also means that even if a Burst Finish is achieved in the first battle, the match will continue,” Twilight Sparkle added.

Luna: And the second rule will be the most exciting.

At that moment, Luna pressed a button on the stage where they were standing, that made the center of the gym open and from it, a new beystadium emerged.

The remaining 4 bladers were shocked to see that.

When the beystadium emerged, it could already be seen completely, it was slightly larger than the previous one, it was dark blue, but what made it stand out from the other beystadium was that it had a huge red circle in the flat area where the beys rotate and it had 3 holes located in the corners.

Celestia: I bet you were surprised.

The 4 nodded without saying anything.

Luna: This is the Ultimate Max Japanese Beystadium, one that will increase the difficulty of the fight to another level.

Celestia: See those holes? They are traps, if a bey falls into a trap, it doesn't matter if it keeps spinning, it will count as an automatic defeat, giving your opponent a point.

Spike swallowed hard, his bey was the most likely to be pushed into one of those damn traps.

Rumble and Scootaloo showed concern due to how fast their beys were that in the worst case, they would fall into a trap.

But Button Mash didn't even flinch because he had full control in Digital Debug, plus he could always make it jump.

Luna: And one last thing, that red zone is dangerous.

Luna took out a remote control and pressed a button, the red area began to rotate counterclockwise.

"It can't be," Rumble and Scootaloo said at the same time.

Celestia: You better be careful how you throw your beyblades, the red zone can be your worst enemy, but if you play your cards right, it could also be your greatest ally.

Luna: That's all about the new rules, the first battle will be in 15 minutes, Rumble VS Scootaloo.

Celestia: We wish them the best of luck.

Celestia and Luna withdrew.

Rumble and Scootaloo stared at each other, there was a lot of excitement in the air.

Meanwhile, in the lair of the Dark Crystal Knight.

“Hmppf, Cozy Glow, time to go,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he stepped back.

"Don't you plan to watch the finals from here?" asked Cozy Glow.

"It's more comfortable, but I'd rather see it live," the Dark Crystal Knight replied, "Besides, we have to make our move."

"Oh hehehe, I get it," Cozy laughed wickedly as she picked up her beyblade, Power Empress, "That cowgirl will know her place once for all."

Back at Canterlot High.

There were only a few minutes left before the battle began.

But Rumble was nervous, "Usually this doesn't happen to me, but, I'm in the finals and my opponent is Scootaloo."

“I knew this would happen,” said Button Mash.

"What's happening here?" Scootaloo arrived at the place.

Rumble didn't know what to say, he didn't want her to think he was nervous, but luckily, Spike came to the rescue, "Rumble was about to tell us an intellectual joke."

"An intellectual joke?" asked Scootaloo.

“Yeah, they're the funniest, come on Rumble, tell it,” Button Mash told him.

“Um okay,” Rumble started to think it, luckily he found a joke to tell, “There's this farmer, and he has these chickens, but they won't lay any eggs, so, he calls a physicist to help, the physicist then does some calculations, and he says, um, I have a solution, but it only works with spherical chickens in a vacuum.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” Spike and Button Mash laugh almost loosing their air.

But Scootaloo froze as if she didn't get the joke while Spike and Button continued to laugh.

"Hehe, that was pretty good," Spike said.

“Totally,” added Button Mash.

After they finished laughing, they looked at Scootaloo.

"Oh, sorry, I've just, I've heard it before," Scootaloo said as she retreated to the center of the gym.

“Okay, it wasn't what I imagined, but I feel better now, im not nervious anymore,” Rumble said as he approached the center of the gym.

"Glad to hear that," Spike said.

And at that moment they heard the voice of Vice Principal Luna.

Luna: The battle starts in 1 minute.

Celestia: So we ask you to inspect your opponent's bey.

“I don't think it's necessary,” Rumble said.

“As a matter of fact, I think so,” Scootaloo told him, handing him her bey.

Rumble saw that the disc he had under his attack ring had changed, it had the 7 colors of the rainbow, "Interesting, it seems that you changed the disc."

“That's right,” Scootaloo replied as she handed him bey back to him.

“But that won't be enough to beat me,” Rumble told her, handing her bey back to her.

"We'll see."

Luna: If all is well, then let the countdown begin.

Scootaloo and Rumble placed their beys on their launchers and got ready, especially Rumble, who took a few steps back to make his special launch.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And suddenly, all the students shouted:


When the bladers launched their beys into the beystadium, the two of them did something that caught their attention.

“Ahhh, Let it Rip,” Rumble ran to the beystadium and jumped high.

But what surprised everyone is that Scootaloo also made a jump.

“Let it rip,” Scootaloo yelled as she did a standing backflip.

“Come on Rumble,” Caring Hearts yelled.

“You can do it, little brother,” Thunderlane yelled.

“Come on Scootaloo,” Bow Hothoof yelled.

“Attack him with everything,” Windy Whistles yelled as she waved her pom-poms.

“Beat him and show him that you can be stronger than him,” Rainbow Dash yelled.

The 2 beys fell into the beystadium.

"Are you trying to copy my style?" asked Rumble.

“There's nothing wrong with learning from the best, although I'm missing the parth when I run like a lunatic,” Scootaloo replied.

“I'm not a lunatic, I'm…..”

Rumble was going to reply but stopped when he saw the 2 beys having a hard time staying stable.

“Whoa, watch out Xtreme Raptor,” Scootaloo was saying.

The 2 beys rotated in a crazy way, this was due to the rotating area.

“Damn this is harder than I thought,” Rumble said.

But Scootaloo was the one with the most problems.

Xtreme Raptor could not be controlled as well as before.

"Oh no, it's because of the new disc," Scootaloo thought knowing that she hadn't tested the disc yet, and at that moment, her bey lost control and ended up falling into one of the holes, or rather, into a trap.

Celestia: Its a Trap finish.

Luna: Which means that Rumble is ahead with a score of 0 – 1

“Yes,” Spike and Button Mash said at the same time, happy for Rumble.

“Scootaloo,” Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle said at the same time, worried about Scootaloo.

“Good start, Rumble knows what he's doing,” Caring Hearts said to Thunderlane, who nodded with a smile.

"Scootaloo, I..." Rumble started to speak but Scootaloo cut him off.

“Don't pity me, I'm not defeated yet,” she told him, smiling.

Rumble smiled hearing that, he knew his friend was not going to give up.

Scootaloo took her bey and she was a little nervous, but her nerves went away hearing her sister's words from the stands.

"Scootaloo, believe in yourself and your bey more, you can do great things, you must keep that in mind," Rainbow Dash yelled at her.

Scootaloo smiled and got ready for her next round.

Celestia: Let's go with the second round, 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And suddenly, all the students shouted:


And with all their might, Rumble and Scootaloo launched their beys into the beystadium.

Since they already knew what to expect, they had better control of their beys.

"Alright, I see you've got it down, but Cloud Slayer will show no mercy," Rumble said, then spoke to his bey, "Go get her."

Cloud Slayer went straight towards Xtreme Raptor hitting it causing it to bounce.

“Okay, you can do it,” Scootaloo told her bey as she took another hit.


And after the last punch.


Xtreme Raptor was blown away.

“SCOOTALOO NOOO,” Sweetie Belle yelled in fear, while Apple Bloom covered her mouth.

But Rainbow Dash didn't seem worried, "It's time, do your thing, squirt."

"Alright," Scootaloo said with a smile, "We've got this round."

"What?" asked Rumble surprised.

“XTREME RAPTOR,” Scootaloo yelled as her bey fell into the beystadium and headed straight for Cloud Slayer, “SPECIAL MOVE, SONIC RAINBOOM.”

“Sonic Rainboom?” Rumble asked.

“Sonic Rainboom?” Spike, Button, Sweetie and Apple Bloom asked.

“That's right,” Rainbow Dash replied, “Sonic Rainboom.”

At that moment Xtreme Raptor left a rainbow mark on the beystadium as she approached Cloud Slayer at a devilish speed.

Rumble was able to put the puzzle together in his mind, "The new disc, it's Rainbow Dash's beyblade disc, Rainbow Meteor."

"That's right, Rainbow Dash was very kind to lend me her disc, plus now I feel like she's fighting by my side," Scootaloo replied.

Rumble finished processing everything, but as he did, he heard Scootaloo again, "ATTACK."


Cloud Slayer was hit so hard that it caused him to Burst.

"Oh no," Rumble thought.

Luna: Burst Finish.

Celestia: That's 2 points for Scootaloo, who is closer to winning, 2 – 1

"Yay Scootaloo," said Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.

"That's my sister," Rainbow said proudly.

“Way to go, Scootaloo, Scootaloo,” her parents cheered her on.

"Rumble, I know you're capable of getting out of this, focus," Thunderlane thought.

Rumble picked up the pieces of his bey and put it back together, "If it hadn't been a 3-point fight, I would have already lost, I have to be careful, or else it could all be over for me."

On the roof of the gym.

The Dark Crystal Knight and Cozy Glow were watching the battle.

“I was expecting a lot more from Rumble,” said Cozy Glow, “What a disappointment.”

“He is not defeated yet,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

“Oh please, I admit, that spherical chicken joke, that was hilarious, but it was straight downhill from there,” added Cozy Glow.

"But that Scootaloo girl, she's impressive, very strong, too bad we can't investigate any more bladers, let's just wait for these battles to end, because they're in for a big surprise," the Dark Crystal Knight concluded.

Ep 38: A Flying Victory

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The battle between Rumble and Scootaloo continued, the latter took the lead with her last victory being a Burst Finish, giving her 2 points out of the 3 she needed, she only needed one more point to win, which meant that any simple victory would be a pass guaranteed to the final fight.

Rumble was having no luck, he had only gained a single point, which meant if he wanted to end this once and for all without losing any more power, he had to win with a Burst Finish.

Rumble had already rearmed his bey, and spoke to him, "Scootaloo and Xtreme Raptor are really strong, do you think we can beat them?"

His bey began to glow.

Rumble smiled, "I knew I could count on you, Cloud Slayer."

Scootaloo smiled, "Looks like he's going to give his 200%, but it doesn't matter, we'll stop him, no matter how strong he gets."

Her bey began to glow.

Luna: This is getting more intense.

Celestia: I think the public thinks the same.

In the bench.

“Come on Rumble,” Spike and Button Mash yelled to cheer their friend on.

In the stands.

“Come on Scootaloo,” Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle yelled to encourage their friend.

“Don't give up Rumble,” Caring Hearts yelled.

"Keep it up, beat him, show him who's the number one," shouted Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles as she waved her pom-poms, "SCOOTALOO, SCOOTALOO."

“Keep it up, squirt,” Rainbow Dash yelled.

“Come on little one, you have to come up with a plan,” Thunderlane thought.

Luna: As we see that our bladers are ready, we will start the third battle.

Celestia: The countdown begins.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1.

At that moment, Scootaloo and Rumble got ready, Scootaloo to make her jump and Rumble was running at full speed to jump, and at that moment, all the students shouted:


“Let it rip,” Scootaloo yelled as she did a jumping backflip, but she was surprised to see Rumble, “No way.”

Rumble jumped higher and began to spin in the air moving his legs like a helicopter, which surprised the spectators, "HAAAAAA."

"Holy Guacamole," Spike said, "I'd probably have broken my legs by now if i do that."

“And they say I steal my techniques from various video games,” Button Mash said with a pout, “While Rumble is doing Chun-Li's kick.”

“Gyahh,” Rumble groaned in pain as he hit the ground but then smiled as his bey successfully landed on the beystadium.

"I'll admit it's faster than before," Scootaloo said, "But it's nothing Xtreme Raptor can't do."

“We'll see,” Rumble replied.

The 2 beys were spinning in the beystadium, collisions were inevitable.


“Come on Cloud Slayer,” Rumble said as his bey spun at top speed, managing to collide with Scootaloo's bey.


Xtreme Raptor was pushed into a corner of the beystadium about to fall into a trap.

“Come on Xtreme Raptor, I know you can do more than that,” Scootaloo said as her bey managed to avoid the trap, “That was close.”

"Come on squirt," Rainbow Dash yelled, "You know what to do."

“On command,” Scootaloo said as her bey went to attack Rumble's with similar speed, “Don't hold back, Xtreme Raptor.”


Xtreme Raptor had hit Cloud Slayer.

"Damn, I forget she still has Rainbow Meteor´s disc," Rumble thought.

The 2 beys collided with each other.

"I must think of a plan and quickly," Rumble said, "Cloud Slayer, be careful."

"Time to use our special move," Scootaloo said.

“That's right,” Rumble thought, “Sonic Rainboom takes a while to charge up, even if it's just 2 seconds, it'll be enough to beat it.”

“Get ready Xtreme Raptor,” Scootaloo said.

Xtreme Raptor began to charge up energy as Cloud Slayer directly approached her.

“CLOUD SLAYER, NOW,” Rumble yelled as his bey closed in with great speed.

Cloud Slayer was getting closer, he was only inches away.

"Hehe," Scootaloo laughed.

"Huh?" Rumble wondered.

And at that moment, when they were 5 centimeters away, Xtreme Raptor dodged Cloud Slayer's attack.

“No way,” Rumble said surprised.

“It can't be,” Spike and Button said in surprise, neither thought Xtreme Raptor had such reflexes, maybe it was due to his disc, but it was still amazing nonetheless.

“That was quick,” Rumble told her.

"Did you really think I was really dumb to not to anticipate your next attack?" Scootaloo asked.

"I don't think you're dumb," Rumble replied, "In fact, I think I'm the dumb one for attacking directly."

“Hey, you just made a mistake,” Scootaloo told him, “Although, that mistake will cost you the game.”

"What?" Rumble asked.

But then he realized that Cloud Slayer was right behind Xtreme Raptor, "Oh no."

“NOW XTREME RAPTOR, BLOW IT OUT,” Scootaloo yelled as her bey headed for Cloud Slayer.

"Dammit," was all Rumble could say as it was too late to turn his beyblade.


Cloud Slayer was hit by Xtreme Raptor, that hit sent him flying.

Celestia: Looks like we're about to have a winner.

“GRRRR, CLOUD SLAYER, DON'T GIVE UP,” Rumble yelled at the top of his lungs, Scootaloo could feel an aura emanating from Rumble and his beyblade.

“CLOUD SLAYER,” Rumble kept yelling and then…

Cloud Slayer landed right on the edge of the beystadium, shocking the students.

Celestia: That was very close.

Luna: It's too early to celebrate, if he loses his balance, there's a 50% chance he'll get out of the beystadium.

"Come on Cloud Slayer," said Rumble, who smiled as he saw his bey falling into the beystadium.

"So that's the way it is," Scootaloo said smiling.

"IT'S THE TIME, CLOUD SLAYER, USE YOUR SPECIAL MOVE, WIND BLADE," Rumble ordered as Cloud Slayer went straight in a diagonal line to attack Xtreme Raptor.

“WELL, WE WONT HOLD BACK, XTREME RAPTOR, USE THE SPECIAL MOVE, SONIC RAINBOOM,” Scootaloo ordered as Xtreme Raptor went straight to attack Cloud Slayer leaving a rainbow mark in the beystadium.

Rumble could feel an aura emanating from Scootaloo and her beyblade.

“Gyahhhhh,” the two yelled as their beys nearly collided.

And in that moment…


The 2 beyblades collided so hard that it caused an explosion that shocked everyone present.

And at that very moment.


The 2 beyblades burst apart.

Scootaloo and Rumble had been surprised, although they felt tired from having used a lot of energy in those attacks.

"So..." Rumble said.

"Who won?" Scootaloo asked.

"Or was it a tie?" Rumble asked.

The principals stared at each other for a few seconds, until later, they announced the winner.

Celestia: And the winner is...

Luna: Rumble.

"Huh?" Rumble wondered as he rearmed Cloud Slayer.

A replay was shown on the screen, it was shown in a part of the video that Xtreme Raptor was the first to Burst but only half a second before Cloud Slayer.

“Guess you won,” Scootaloo said as she rearmed Xtreme Raptor.

“Scootaloo,” Rumble said as he reached over to comfort her, but Scootaloo sprang into action before he did.

“It was my hardest fight,” Scootaloo told him smiling as she offered her hand for a handshake, “And if I'm going to lose to someone I'm glad it's to you, since I know you're the strongest, even stronger than Spike and Button Mash.”

Rumble smiled and accepted the handshake, "Thank you Scootaloo, indeed, and I know you are the strongest of the Crusaders, no doubt about that."

And while that comment was meant well, it made Spike, Button Mash, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle pout.

“Good luck in the finals,” Scootaloo said to which Rumble nodded as the two continued their handshake.

Celestia: They have a great spirit of competition.

Luna: That's right, so we have to thank them for this great battle.

Suddenly all the spectators began to applaud, not only Rumble, but also Scootaloo.

“God job Rumble,” Thunderlane thought, proud of his little brother.

“You did it Rumble, you won,” said Caring Hearts.

As Scootaloo walked away, she could hear her family's cheers.

"Squirt, no matter the outcome, that battle was spectacular," Rainbow Dash yelled, clearly proud of her little sister.

“You never gave up, you always fought hard,” Bow Hothoof told her.

“That's why you'll always be our champion, Scootaloo, Scootaloo,” Windy Whistles yelled as she continued to wave her pom-poms.

Hearing that, a smile formed on Scootaloo's face at the same time that she shed a tear.

“Well, I guess that was the end of the Crusaders in this tournament,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Even so, I fought with all my might, just like the two of you, so I don't regret anything,” Apple Bloom told her.

“Me neither,” Sweetie Belle answered determinedly.

"Very well done Rumble," Spike said.

"Now it's just the 3 of us," said Button Mash, "No offense Spike, but I plan on having my rematch with Rumble."

"I'm sorry to tell you that you won't, because I'll be the one to defeat you and advance to the finals," Spike replied, smiling.

Button smiled, "Funny, I was about to say the same thing."

Rumble smiled at the encouragement of his family and friends, he was going to return to his seat on the benches, but a sound from his cell phone prevented him, when he checked it, he saw that it was a message from Scootaloo, it read the following:

Meet me at my locker ASAP.

Rumble decided to excuse himself and go to the hall where the lockers were, there was Scootaloo waiting for him.

"Thanks for coming Rumble, I wanted to tell you something," Scootaloo said to which Rumble listened intently.

“Well, ever since this tournament started and I met you, everything, it's been different, and I've liked that,” Scootaloo told him.

“I know what you mean, and I'm glad I met you, a different feeling than I had with Spike and Button,” Rumble told her.

“I think I know that feeling,” Scootaloo said with a blush, “And I'd like to give you something I didn't think would be my style.”

Rumble smiled, he already knew what was going to happen, he approached Scootaloo and held her with his arms, "Don't worry, it's not mine either."

The 2 closed their eyes, and what they felt was their lips kissing.

After several seconds, they parted ways.

"Wow," Scootaloo said, "I didn't expect it to be this nice."

Rumble smiled.

But that moment was interrupted when they heard a voice.

“Daww that's cute,” they turned around and saw Sweetie Belle who was recording the scene on her cell phone.


"I knew you'd go somewhere private to claim his lips," Sweetie Belle told her, "But that didn't stop me from recording the sweet moment."

"Sweetie Belle, give me that cell phone," said Scootaloo, angry and blushing at the same time, who began to chase Sweetie Belle.

“Ahhh,” Sweetie Belle yelled as Scootaloo chased after her.

"Hehe," Rumble laughed, though he didn't like being filmed either, though that could wait, he had feelings for Scootaloo ever since that time in the clubhouse weeks ago.

But now was not the time for that, it was time to see the next battle between his friends, the battle that would lead to the final.

Back in the gym.

“You shouldn't have been so rude,” Sweetie Belle said with an ice pack on her head.

“And you shouldn't have uploaded that to your social media,” Scootaloo told her with a pout.

"Why? Are you embarrassed?"

“No, but I'm new to having a boyfriend, I don't want to draw attention to myself,” Scootaloo answered.

“I agree with that,” Rumble spoke to them from the benches.

Celestia: That was a lot of fun and excitement, but now, get ready for the next battle, Spike VS Button Mash.

Luna: This battle will be one of the best in this entire tournament, one where 2 great friends will face each other and only one will emerge victorious, will they be ready for such a challenge?

Spike and Button Mash approached the gym excitedly, answering that question at the same time as they prepared for a battle they would never forget.

"Of course."

Ep 39: Against My Best Friend

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The next semi-final battle was about to start, the 2 remaining bladers were Spike and Button Mash, best friends since they were 7 years old, they had done a lot of things together and beybattles were no exception, however, today was different, it was not a beybattle like the previous ones, this represented something bigger since it would decide which of the 2 would reach the true final of the tournament and face his friend, Rumble.

Celestia: It will be an interesting battle, don't you think Luna?

Luna: That's right, you can even feel the emotion that the participants are emanating.

“Well Spike, it's been a long road,” Button Mash told him.

Spike nodded smiling, "Honestly, I didn't think it would get this far, but for a friend to be there near the end fills me with excitement."

Button smiled, "I feel the same way, so you have to treat this beybattle differently than the others we've had before."

"Of course," Spike replied.

“And I don't plan to lose, but it's not just because I want to win, but because I also want to thank you, and that will be by defeating you,” Button added.

Spike was confused, "What do you want to thank me for?"

“Because in addition to being the one who taught me this great game, you were the first person from this school who spoke to me, the first who offered me his friendship,” the gamer replied.

A tear of joy and nostalgia came out of Spike's right eye, after wiping it away, the dragon boy smiled, "I'm the one who should thank you, I don't know what my school life would have been like if I hadn't met you."

After exchanging such emotional words, the two gave each other a strong handshake.

"I wish you luck, and I hope you don't lose so easily."

“Funny, I was going to say the same thing.”

In the distance, Rumble watched in fascination and amazement at his best friends' battle, "Good luck you two."

“My, this promises to be something unforgettable,” Velvet said in amazement.

“Our children have come so far, I couldn't be more proud,” Cream Heart added to which Velvet nodded.

Windy Whistles stepped closer, "Then why don't you put more spirit in your cheers?"

"What do you mean, Windy?" Velvet asked.

"I think you two should use this," Windy lent the two of them some pom poms.

“Great way to liven up the atmosphere,” Velvet said as she took the pom-poms.

“I don't know, I've never been a cheerleader, I don't know how to do it,” Cream Heart said a little embarrassed.

“You shouldn't feel ashamed, Cream Heart,” Windy told her, “You know how important it is to cheer on a contestant, and I'm sure you want your son to win.”

Cream Heart smiled and accepted the pompoms, at the moment of taking them, she began to shake them, "You know what, I accept, GO BUTTON."

“I love your spirit,” Velvet said and at that moment she began to wave her pom-poms, “But my son will be the winner, GO SPIKE.”

Twilight Sparkle, hearing her mother, put her hands to her eyes, blushing, "How embarrassing."

But Night Light just smiled, "That's my wife."

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle laughed as they witnessed the attitude of their boyfriends' mothers.

"I guess it could be worse," Spike said as he witnessed his mother's cheering, "At least they have sportsmanship."

“At least we can say that no one will forget this tournament,” Button Mash added to which Spike nodded.

Luna: I'd ask them to inspect the opponent's bey, but I doubt they'd want to do that.

The boys agreed.

Celestia: Very well, then get ready, because the battle is about to begin.

As they placed their beys into the slots, the two began to reminisce about the first time Spike showed Button Mash a beyblade.


At the Sparkle family home.

"Whoa, what's that Spike?" asked a 7-year-old Button Mash.

“It's my bey,” replied a 7-year-old Spike, “His name is Emerald Flame.”

“I've never seen anything like it,” said the gamer.

"Well, get ready because Flame will surprise you," the green-haired boy answered as he placed Emerald Flame in the slot of his launcher, "LET IT RIP."

Spike pulled the string on his launcher and launched Emerald Flame.

“Amazing,” Button Mash said in surprise.


Spike, Button Mash, and Cream Heart were in front of the same toy store where Spike got Emerald Flame.

"It's there," Spike pointed to the toy store.

“This is great,” Button said excitedly, then he looked at his mom, “Thank you mom.”

Cream Heart smiled, “You deserve it Button, your grades have increased, you can choose whatever you want.”

“Spike look,” Button Mash said as he and Spike approached the glass of the toy store where the beys were.

“Looks like there are new beys,” Spike said.

As Button Mash looked out the window, one of them caught his attention, a bey who would be his partner in the future.

“I choose you,” Button Mash said, thinking of the bey he pointed to.

Returning to the present, Button Mash was looking at Digital Debug, "Since that day, you have been by my side, no matter if your parts have changed, for me you remain the same."

At that moment, Digital Debug began to glow, to which Button smiled, "Let's win this battle."

Spike looked at Emerald Flame, which was glowing, "You've been with me for a long time and thanks to you, I've grown as a person and as a blader, so I won't let you down, we'll be the winners."

Spike and Button Mash exchanged glances, both had determined smiles, "Get ready Spike / Get ready Button."

And at the same time they both yelled, "BECAUSE EMERALD FLAME / DIGITAL DEBUG WILL NOT GIVE UP."

Celestia: Let the countdown begin.

Luna: 3

Spike slotted Emerald Flame into his launcher and got into a battle stance.

Celestia: 2

Button Mash placed Digital Debug in the slot of his glove and got into a battle stance.

Both: 1

Spike braced himself, clenching his fists to keep from letting go of his launcher and prepared to jump, while Button Mash began pressing the buttons on his glove launcher.

And suddenly all those present shouted:


Spike jumped up, pulled the string with all his might and launched Emerald Flame into the beystadium.

Button with a lot of force in his right arm, launched Digital Debug into the beystadium.

The 2 beys were spinning in the beystadium.

Digital Debug began to jump while Emerald Flame spun at full speed.

"Time to execute our attack," Spike said but gasping as he saw Emerald Flame coming into the center of the beystadium losing control, "Oh no."

“You forget that this beystadium is special,” Button Mash reminded him.

"Don't consider this," Spike thought, "Watching Rumble battle, I thought I could dominate the terrain in this beystadium, but I guess the experience is totally different, not only do I have to control where Flame will go, I also have to adapt to move smoothly through the rotating area.”

"Be careful, Flame," Spike said as his bey avoided the traps.

“Oh no, Spike is at a distinct disadvantage,” Twilight Sparkle said with concern.

"Why do you say that Twily?" asked her mother.

“Just look at how Button's beyblade moves,” he pointed to the beystadium, Velvet looked, after a few seconds, she understood.

“It's like the odds are against Spike,” added his father.

"Well I don't care who has the advantage, I'll always root for my baby," Twilight Velvet said and then began waving the pom poms she was holding, "FIGHT, SPIKE, FIGHT."

Spike listened to his family's encouragement, he smiled, "I won't let them down."

The reason why Button Mash and Digital Debug had an overwhelming advantage over Spike and Emerald Flame, was because Digital Debug was constantly jumping, so if he fell into a trap, he could quickly escape before the time limit, as well as being able to avoid the rotating area easily, it was as if he could control the battlefield.

Spike start to think about a strategy he could use, but he had to do it fast.

"What's up, Spike?" asked Button Mash, "Are we too fast for you?"

"I'll show you who's the fastest," Spike replied, "Emerald Flame, go get him."

"No Spike," Twilight Sparkle yelled, "It's just what he wants you to do."

"Dammit," Flash Sentry exclaimed, "How could he fall so easily into his trap?"

“Now Debug, dodge it,” Button Mash said as his bey jumped high, but still took a small hit from Spike's bey, “I think I underestimated it.”


"Very good, Flame," Spike said with a smile.

The smile faded, because Spike saw that the deflection from that small blow sent Emerald Flame into a trap.

“Uh oh,” Spike exclaimed.


Emerald Flame crashed against the wall of the trap, but several seconds had already passed since she fell there.

Spike hung his head and sighed.

Button Mash smiled, “Nice Job buddy.”

Luna: It's a Trap Finish.

Celestia: Point for Button Mash, the score is 1 – 0

“Yay, well done Button,” Sweetie Belle yelled.

“That's my son,” Cream Heart yelled as she waved her pom-poms.

“Wow, he has skill, not just on the battlefield, but off it as well,” Caring Hearts said as she watched her son.

Rumble nodded, "That's right mom, Button is very smart, he configured and created his own launcher, but you still haven't seen Spike's strength, those 2 really manage to surprise anyone."

Button Mash picked up his beyblade, "Very well done Debug, unfortunately we won't be able to use that same trick twice, Spike will be a bit stupid, but he's not that stupid."

“I heard you,” Spike told him as he picked up his beyblade.

“Oh, I think I thought out loud,” Button Mash said.

"Oh come on Spike, let him stay out of your head," Apple Bloom yelled.

"That's right Spike," Twilight Sparkle yelled, "Remember that even if Button is strong, you can always keep going."

“That was very poetic and clichéd,” Apple Bloom told her.

"Thanks, I read about it on the internet," Twilight Sparkle replied.

Spike nodded nervously, "I have to focus."

Button Mash put Digital Debug back into its glove slot.

"I can't help but be excited and a little terrified," Spike thought, but then he looked at Emerald Flame, "But we won't give up, right Flame?"

Spike felt a strong energy coming from Flame, he smiled, "Let's win."

Luna: Looks like the bladers are ready for the next round.

Celestia: Button Mash has the lead, but I'm sure Spike won't give up.

Luna: But enough speculation and let the countdown begin.

Celestia: 3

Spike placed Emerald Flame in the slot of his launcher, "At least I know how the rotating area works, when you experience it firsthand, or in this case, own metal, and you can know for sure the effects it has, I'll use that in my favor in this round.”

Luna: 2

Button prepared himself and got into a battle position, "It seems that he is planning something and from what I can intuit, it has something to do with this beystadium, you have to be careful."

Both: 1

Spike jumped and Button Mash threw with all his might.

And suddenly all those present shouted:


“Let it Rip,” Spike and Button Mash yelled at the same time as they tossed their beys into the beystadium.

But without anyone noticing, a crack formed in Spike's launcher.

"You know what to do, Flame," Spike said as Emerald Flame spun around the rotating area.

“Jump faster, Debug,” Button Mash said as his bey approached the rotating area.

“With Emerald Flame spinning around, I won't be able to fight calmly,” Button Mash thought as he looked at the beystadium, “But his jumps are very fast, so he can avoid being a victim of the spinning area.”

"Hold on, Emerald Flame," Spike thought about what to do next, but then he saw Digital Debug, as he was jumping in the rotating area, which was very small, he could see that the directions where he jumped and landed were limited, "That's it."

“We have to resist, Emerald Flame will run out of energy at any moment,” Button Mash said, “Just make sure to dodge or block a possible surprise attack.”

“Now attack,” Spike said as his bey went straight for Button Mash's bey, which had dodged the attack.


“You missed,” Button Mash said.

"Again," Spike said, and his bey went straight for Digital Debug.

Which he dodged again.


"Again," Spike said.


"Again," Spike said, but the same results.


And it happened repeatedly, but the result was the same.

“No matter how hard you try, you won't beat Digital Debug,” said Button Mash.

“No, Button's beyblade keeps jumping around,” Twilight Velvet said worriedly, “Spike's beyblade won't be able to hit him like that.”

"Don't worry Mrs. Sparkle, Spike has been playing this for years, besides knowing Button longer than all of us, I'm sure he has a plan even if it doesn't seem like it," Apple Bloom told her.

“Apple Bloom is right, Spike has grown up,” Night Light added.

Velvet smiled, "It's true."

And at that moment, Emerald Flame was again going towards Digital Debug.

“This one will be easy,” Button Mash said, “Keep dodging.”

But at the moment when he was going to dodge, Emerald Flame vanished.

Spike smiled, "Heh."

Button Mash was surprised and frowned, “Where is he? Where did he go?"

"There," Spike pointed up, Button looked in that direction and couldn't believe his eyes, it was Emerald Flame which was descending directly towards Digital Debug.


This was a blow that he couldn't dodge.

“You,” Button said to Spike, “you used all those missed attacks to increase your speed.”

"That's right," Spike said with a smile, "And I didn't know it could generate an Emerald Flame illusion, that was a bonus."

Button Mash ground his teeth.

Good tactic, works well against Button in this situation, Rumble thought.

“Oh no, Button,” Sweetie Belle said with concern.

"They were right, Spike is smarter than he looks," Cream Heart thought worriedly.

"Now you are at my mercy," Spike said, "Emerald Flame."

At that moment, Emerald Flame began to hit Digital Debug without stopping.




“Damn,” Button Mash said as he watched his bey being dragged into the spinning area.


Emerald Flame burst into green flames and hit Digital Debug so hard that he couldn't fight back.


Managing to disarm it into 3 pieces.

"Nice one, Flame," Spike said, smiling.

Celestia: Wow, who knew, Spike managed to come back and now he's the one in the lead.

Luna: The score is 1 – 2 in favor of Spike, he only needs one more win to advance to the next round, but I'm sure Button won't give up the win so easily.

“Yeah, cool move Spike,” Night Light yelled.

"That was a good plan, I wouldn't have thought of it," Twilight Velvet said, "That's right Spike, you're very smart."

“I couldn't expect less from Twilight Sparkle's little brother,” Flash Sentry said making Twilight blush.

"Oh Flash."

“Ughh, save it for when you're alone,” Apple Bloom told them.

Button Mash picked up Digital Debug parts and put it back together, "That was a pretty good move, Spike."

"I must give you credit," Spike told him, "Fighting someone like you makes my brain cells explode."

“Well, it'll be worse for you,” Button showed Digital Debug, “because that trick won't work for you a second time.”

"Bring it on," Spike replied as he showed Emerald Flame, "You're my best friend, and that's exactly why I'll be the one to defeat you."

“And like I said before, that is how I am going to thank you,” Button Mash replied, “By defeating you.”

Luna: Oh sweet boys.

Celestia: Let's not let their flame go out, let's start the countdown.

Luna: 3

Spike and Button placed their beys in their launcher slots.

Celestia: 2

The two of them got into battle stance.

Both: 1

And then everyone present shouted:


“Let it Rip,” Button Mash yelled as he launched his bey.

“Let it…” Spike said as he began to pull the string of his launcher, but at that moment.


His launcher had been broken into pieces.

"What the..." Spike said in surprise.

The entire audience gasped.

Celestia: Oh no.

Luna: Looks like we're having technical issues.

"No," Spike said, still shocked, "This can't be happening."

"Spike," Button thought worriedly.

“Oh no, his launcher,” Velvet said worriedly.

"Isn't there another blader who can lend him one?" asked Nightlight.

"The problem is that Spike designed his launcher to be attached to Emerald Flame, using another one might be difficult for him," Apple Bloom replied, then she looked at Spike, "Please don't let it all end here."

Spike just observed the situation while loading the parts of his broken launcher, "This got complicated."

"Please Spike, do something, I'd hate to win like this," thought Button Mash.

Ep 40: New Powers Unlocked

View Online

Things seemed to be going well for Spike, he had managed a Burst Finish, thanks to that, he took the lead.

However, things didn't turn out so easy, due to all the pressure applied, Spike's launcher had broken.

"This doesn't look good at all," Spike thought through gritted teeth.

“No Spike,” Button Mash said, “Tell me you have a spare.”

"Certainly not with me right now," Spike replied, then turned to the Principals, "Will I have time to replace the launcher?"

“We can give you 15 minutes, if you don't get a launcher by then, you'll be disqualified,” Principal Celestia told him.

"Well, I guess that's fair enough," Spike said, at which point he ran off.

“I hope you do Spike, I really would hate to win like this,” Button Mash said to himself.

“Spike has it tough,” Flash Sentry said.

“I could lend him my launcher,” Apple Bloom added, “but I guess it wouldn't be the same.”

"I hope Spike is lucky, do you think he'll make it Twily?" asked Twilight Velvet.

But when she did not receive an answer, she realized that his daughter was not there.

"Twily?" asked Night Light, "Where did she go?"

Spike was in his locker, he opened it and it had several simple launchers.

"Okay, which one should I use," Spike thought.

But it was there for a long time, he quickly looked at his phone and realized that 8 minutes had already passed, "Ahhhh, it's useless, I guess I'll take this one and hope I have a chance."

"Spike," he heard a voice, turned around and realized that Twilight Sparkle was coming towards him.


"Spike, did you manage to get a launcher?" Twilight asked.

“Yes,” he showed her the launcher, “Luckily it was in my locker.”

However, Twilight was concerned, she had recently become a blader, but she knew that Spike couldn't do much with a basic launcher.

"But Spike, I don't think you can launch with full power using that one."

"I know," Spike replied, "but I don't have a choice, it's this or lose."

At that moment, Spike was going to go to the gym but was stopped by Twilight Sparkle.

"No Spike," she stepped in front of him, "You have a choice."

"Huh?" asked Spike who was confused.

Twilight smiled, she began rummaging through her bag, "I was thinking of giving it to you when the tournament was over, since it's only a prototype, but I think you need it right now."

Spike couldn't believe what he was seeing, from her bag, his sister had taken out a purple launcher with drawings of green flames, which seemed to be a String Launcher, "Holy Guacamole, Twilight, is that for me?"

"That's right, analyzing your play style, I decided to build you a launcher that fits you specifically," Twilight replied smiling, "I wasn't a good sister before, I didn't support you in this, so let me support you now, let me give you the chance that you show the world what you're made of, bro."

Tears began to well up in Spike's eyes, who couldn't stop smiling, "Twilight, I… I don't know what to say."

"How about Let it Rip," Twilight suggested.

At that moment Spike approached his big sister and gave her the biggest hug, "Thank you Twi, for everything, and don't think badly, I've always known you're a great sister."

"Dawww Spike," Twilight hugged him back.

Back in the gym.

There were 5 minutes to go and Spike wasn't there.

"Where will it be?" wondered Apple Bloom, "If he doesn't make it on time..."

“He will arrive,” Flash Sentry told her.

Meanwhile the Principals were counting down the remaining time.

Luna: 4 minutes.

Button Mash was nervous, "Spike, you'd better hurry."

But at that time.

Spike appeared with a determined look and with the new launcher in his hand.

Celestia: Looks like Spike made it on time.

Luna: And not only that, he managed to get a new launcher, and from its design, it seems that it will perform very well.

Button Mash smiled, "I see you got a new one."

"Yeah," Spike replied, then pointed to the stands, "You can thank Twilight."

Twilight had returned to her seat.

"Where were you Twily?" asked her mother.

"I had to take care of certain things," Twilight Sparkle replied.

But Flash realized something, the launcher that Spike had in his hands swore he had seen it before, "How curious, I would swear I had seen a design like that on your computer."

Twilight smiled, "Heh, you got me."

"Twi, that launcher, did you design it?" asked Apple Bloom.

Twi nodded as her parents smiled.

"You're a great sister, Spike is lucky to have you," her father said to which Twi blushed.

“I see,” Button Mash said, looking over to where Spike's family was sitting, “I see she tried really hard to do it, the question is, will it be enough to withstand your power?”

"You bet," Spike replied as he moved into a battle stance.

Celestia: Now that Spike got a new launcher.

Luna: I think it would be time to continue the battle.

But at the time, Spike was having trouble, which didn't go unnoticed.

"How I use this?" Spike wondered when he saw that the design of the launcher was a bit strange, the string instead of being located inside, it was mostly loose, making launching the bey difficult, Spike didn't know what to do, of course there was a slot, but he didn't know what to do with the string.

Celestia: Spike, everything is right.

"Yeah yeah," Spike replied as he looked at the launcher, "Wait a minute."

Spike then used his phone to call Twilight.

Twilight's phone rang, she answered, "Spike?"

“Hehe, I think I forgot to ask you, how do I use this launcher,” Spike said.

"Oh right, I forgot to tell you, sorry, I should have been more clear."

Twilight began giving instructions to Spike, "You see that protruding part next to the string, that's where you'll put the string, you'll wrap it through it, like a classic spinning top, when you go to launch it, you should untangle the string with all your strength.”

"Oh, I get it," Spike said as he tangled the string around the protruding surface, "Nice, a little primitive, but just as efficient, if not better."

“That is an interesting launcher,” thought Button Mash, “this is going to be tough.”

Luna: I think we can continue now, are you ready?

Button Mash and Spike nodded.

Celestia: So let's start the countdown.

Luna: 3

Spike slotted Emerald Flame into his launcher and got into a battle stance.

Celestia: 2

Button Mash placed Digital Debug in the slot of his glove and got into a battle stance.

Both: 1

Spike braced himself, clenching his fists to keep from letting go of his launcher and prepared to jump, while Button Mash began pressing the buttons on his glove launcher.

And suddenly all those present shouted:


Spike jumped up, pulled the string with all his might and launched Emerald Flame into the beystadium.

But in that something happened that nobody expected, at the moment of pulling the whole string, Spike was shot by the recoil.

“AHHHH,” Spike yelled as he was shot towards the gym wall, the impact serious as it left cracks in the wall.


"SPIKE," Apple Bloom yelled in concern.

"Oh no, what happened?" asked Nightlight.

"No, I'm a fool," Twilight Sparkle thought worriedly.

Button with a lot of force in his right arm, launched Digital Debug into the beystadium.

But quickly Button was going to approach Spike, clearly worried about his friend, "Spike are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Button," Spike said, recovering himself, "Just a slight pain."

"You call that a slight pain?" Button Mash asked worriedly, “You literally went flying and hit a wall.”

"Hehe, Ouch," Spike laughed as he rubbed his back, "Trust me, this isn't the first time this has happened to me and from experience I can tell you that it won't be the last."

Button's jaw dropped.

"Hey, don't get distracted, remember we have a beybattle," Spike said pointing to the beystadium.

The 2 beys were spinning in the beystadium.

Button decided to focus on the game.

Digital Debug began to jump while Emerald Flame spun at full speed.

But Spike was surprised as Emerald Flame was spinning too fast, to the point that he couldn't control it.

"Emerald Flame watch out," Spike yelled as his bey avoided one of the traps.

“Digital Debug, jump,” Button Mash ordered his bey which dodged the uncontrolled attacks.

"Oh no, what did I do?" Twilight wondered.

"What do you mean Twilight?" asked Apple Bloom.

"When creating a launcher like this, I don't consider the power of the launch, it makes the bey move faster and have more power, but now that I realize it, it also makes it difficult to control."

"And by using so much power?" Flash Sentry asked.

"It can cause a horrible recoil that could hurt the blader," Twilight replied tearfully, "How come I didn't consider that?"

"Does that mean Spike..." Apple Bloom wondered.

"ATTACK, EMERALD FLAME," Spike yelled as Emerald Flame went to attack Digital Debug.

But at that time.

Emerald Flame began to lose control, which Button Mash noticed.



Digital Debug managed to hit Emerald Flame which landed outside the beystadium.

“Ooops,” Spike said as he saw his bey outside the beystadium.

Luna: Ring out.

Celestia: Button Mash is the winner, with that he ties the score, 2 – 2.

Luna: The next battle will decide which of the 2 bladers will advance to the final.

Everyone present was thrilled by Button's victory and was now looking forward to the battle that would decide his fate in the tournament.

“Very good Button, keep it up,” Sweetie Belle encouraged.

“That's my baby,” Cream Heart yelled.

Button smiled, he had managed to tie the game, but there was something else that worried him.

"Spike, are you okay?" he asked his friend, who had picked up his beyblade.

Spike smiled, "Of course I'm fine, in fact, I find this new launcher challenging, which some would upset, but not me, my big brother told me that I possessed the power of a dragon, so I hope you will fight with all your strength in this last round, because you're going to need it, Button."

Spike slotted Emerald Flame back into his launcher and then entangled the string again.

But at that moment her cell phone rang again, it was Twilight.

"Spike, I'm sorry, it's my fault you lost."


But Twilight continued, "I designed that launcher poorly, I didn't expect its power to cause painful recoil."

"Twilight, it's okay, I…" Spike said but Twilight cut him off again much to his frustration.

"Oh no, how are you, tell me that your hearing still works, how are your bones, that crash must have been..."

But this time Spike interrupted her by yelling, "TWILIGHT, SNAP OUT OF IT."

“Ahhh, too loud.”

"Twilight, don't worry, it's actually fun," Spike told her.

"But Spike, you could get hurt," Twilight told him.

"Don't worry sis, I just have to throw better, do you remember what Shining said about me?"

Twi smiled as she remembered her big brother's words, "That you have the power of a dragon."

"Exactly, that's why I'm not going to give up, I'm going to give my all in this beybattle or I'll die trying."

"Spike," Twilight yelled in fear.

"Okay, I won't die trying, geez," Spike hung up.

“Looks like you're ready,” Button Mash told him.

“More than ready, I'm going for the gold,” Spike said, pointing his launcher.

“Then I'll have to stop you, because victory will be mine,” said Button Mash who began pressing a rapid combination of buttons on his Power Glove Launcher.

Celestia: The spirit of a blader has no limits.

Luna: We wish you the best of luck, but now it's time for the countdown.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And this time, only Spike and Button Mash yelled:


Button with all the strength in his arm, threw his beyblade into the beystadium, this time he did it to the point of causing him pain again.

“Gyahh,” Button groaned as he rubbed his arm.

While Spike, gave a small jump, this time recognizing the power of his new launcher, however this did not stop him from launching with power, at the moment of launching his beyblade, Spike was again the victim of the painful recoil, but managed staying upright and firm using all his strength, this time he avoided colliding with the wall.

"Ahhh," Spike grumbled as he resisted the recoil by staggering back a bit.

"Come on Spike," Apple Bloom yelled.

“Come on Button,” Sweetie Belle yelled.

“Go for him, Spike,” Twilight Velvet yelled.

“Finish him, Button,” Cream Heart yelled.

This time, the 2 beys were moving at a fast speed, but they both managed to maintain their posture and spin to their best.

“Come on Digital Debug,” Button Mash yelled, his bey going to hit Spike's, but Spike dodged.


"Nice one Flame," Spike said with relief.

“Ok, new plan,” Button Mash said as he pressed more buttons on his Power Glove Launcher.

Digital Debug began to move in a different way, deflecting, this deflection made him head towards Emerald Flame, hitting him.


"Flame," Spike yelled as his bey was saved from falling into one of the traps.

“We know you're fast, and unpredictable, so we will be too,” Button Mash told him.

Spike frowned, Button was really serious.

"Emerald Flame, surround the beytadium," Spike said.

His bey began to spin around the beystadium.

Button Mash frowned, "That won't work for you."

“Attack,” Spike said as Emerald Flame broke his move to collide with Digital Debug, who couldn't dodge due to the illusion of speed the green flame bey created.

“Gahh,” Button felt tired from so much effort, but he stood his ground, “We won't give up.”

"Neither do we," Spike replied, looking exhausted.

Button Mash smirked, "I wouldn't be so sure about that."

Spike gulped at that, it could only mean one thing, "You'll do your special move."

"Exactly," Button replied and began to make movements with his glove.

Button raised his gloved arm 2 times, "Up, Up."

Then he lowered his arm 2 times, "Down, down."

Then, he moved the glove to the left and then to the right 2 times, “Left, Right, Left, Right.”

And to finish, he closed his fist and punched into the air, “B, A, SPECIAL MOVE, VICTORY CODE.”

Afterwards, his beyblade turned almost entirely red and started spinning to the left.

“Reverse rotation,” Spike yelled.

"You and your 30 extra lives code don't scare us," Spike said and suddenly began to think, "It's going to be very difficult trying to unbalance Digital Debug, even with my special move, but there's one I could try."


"Rainbow, I'm not sure that's a good idea," Spike said a little doubtfully.

"Spike, it's literally a powerful attack, and I'm saying this from experience, what's the worst that could happen?"

"Hurting one of my friends," Spike replied, "That could happen."

"Spike, we can help you control it," Scootaloo told him, "A blader shouldn't be afraid of a possibility and you won't grow if you think that way."

"Rumble told you that right?" Spike asked to which Scootaloo nodded with a blush on her face.

"Okay, just promise you'll stop me if something bad happens," Spike told them to which Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo nodded.

Twilight Sparkle reached out to comfort him, "Don't worry bro, you're not alone in this."

<End of Flashback>

"It's now or never, I hope it works out," Spike said as he watched his bey being absorbed by the power of Digital Debug, "Emerald Flame, get ready, it's time to apply what we practiced."

Button Mash worried, "What is he talking about?"


“It can't be,” said Button Mash.

Celestia: Luna, maybe that's the attack he used in his first fight.

Luna: That's right sister, but this time it looks different, I don't know how to explain it but…

Celestia: You don't feel there is evil in the attack, do you?

Luna: That's right.

Emerald Flame was wrapped in a green fire which looked more extensive and the shade of green was more prominent.

"Please, let everything go well," Twilight Sparkle said, worried about her little brother.

“DIGITAL DEBUG, SHOW YOUR MAXIMUM POWER,” Button Mash shouted as his bey braced itself for any hit.

"GYAHHHHHHH," Spike yelled as Emerald Flame approached, "NOW FLAME."

At that moment a great collision was heard and all the students were surprised to feel the strong impact of the 2 beys.


“AHHHHHHHH,” Spike and Button Mash yelled at the same time as their beys collided.

But at that moment, Emerald Flame couldn't bear the impact and was thrown out of the beystadium, “FLAME, NOOOOOOO.”

"It can't be," Flash Sentry said.

"No, Spike," Apple Bloom worried.

While Twilight Sparkle had remained motionless, still surprised by the result.

Velvet and Night Light knew that this would be hard for Spike, but they were equally proud of him for everything he had gone through to get to where he was.

“You won Button,” Sweetie Belle yelled.

“You did it,” Cream Heart yelled.

“YEAH,” Button Mash yelled, as he watched Spike's bey come inches above the ground.

But at that time.


“What the…” Button Mash said in surprise.

His bey had Burst in that instant.

Even Spike was surprised.

Almost everyone present had gone silent, unsure who had won until Celestia decided to speak.

Celestia: The winner is…

Luna: SPIKE.

"I, I won?" wondered Spike who had clearly seen his bey outside the beystadium.

But his doubts were dispelled when the video of the replay was shown, in which Digital Debug could be seen to Burst a second before Emerald Flame hit the ground.

"I won," Spike said, then Spike celebrated, "I did it."

“Sure you did,” said Button Mash who had fallen to his knees, “It was an intense battle, but you proved your superiority, I hope you don't disappoint me in the final, dragon boy.”

Spike came over and helped him up, but it was difficult for him, since he was also exhausted, "I hope they give me a break before it comes to that, because you didn't give me an easy time, Button."

"And I didn't mean to," Button smirked.

"Thanks for that Button," Spike said as he offered his hand for a handshake.

To which Button agreed, "Next time, I won't lose."

"Me neither," Spike replied.

Luna: A big round of applause for our bladers, who gave their all for this spectacular display.

Applause could be heard in the gym, the whole public was moved.

"I must admit you surprised me," Rumble thought, "It would be fun fighting you Spike."

“Button did very well,” Sweetie Belle told Cream Heart.

She nodded with a smile, "He has worked hard and fought with everything, I'm so proud of him."

“That was a great battle, it was so exciting that…” said Apple Bloom who was very close to the edge of the stands and at that moment, she slipped, “…Whoa.”

“Apple Bloom,” Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo yelled in concern, they tried to get closer but it was too late.

"Got you," said Spike who had managed to catch Apple Bloom before she fell to the ground, he caught her and carried her in bridal style.

"Hi," was all Spike could say as he realized it was the first time he had carried a girl like that.

"Congratulations on your victory," Apple Bloom told him as she kissed him on the cheek, "And you can put me down now, I just fell, I didn't get hurt."

Spike blushed beyond power, he had no words, he just smiled the strongest.

Button left, went to his locker to which Sweetie Belle followed him.

While Spike's family celebrated.

“He did it, our baby did it,” Velvet said with tears in her eyes.

“He's not a baby anymore, Velvet,” Night Light told her.

"You did it Spike," Twilight Sparkle said, "But the battle with your friends isn't over yet, now you must face Rumble in the final round, not an easy battle, but I know you can do it."

Ep 41: Button Mash Lv Up

View Online

Spike and Button Mash's battle had concluded, where the goddess of victory had smiled on Spike.

Even so, Button was happy for his friend, he was in his locker, he was a bit exhausted from using so much power and energy which he transmitted to his beyblade.

“He was a lot stronger than we thought,” Button told his beyblade as he leaned against his locker, “Hehe, geez, and I wanted a rematch with Rumble.”

"Button," came a squeaky voice.

Button Mash turned and saw Sweetie Belle walking towards him.

"Hey Button, are you okay?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"I'm fine, Sweetie," Button replied with a smile, "Although I admit, I really wanted to win."

"Button," was all Sweetie could say, and she moved closer to him to hug him.

Button hugged her back, clearly the loss affected him a bit.

"Button, I'm sure you'll prove yourself the best blader another time," Sweetie Belle told him, "And besides, to me, you're still the champion."

At that moment Sweetie Belle kissed Button Mash, who accepted the kiss.

Seconds passed and the couple broke apart to catch their breath.

Button smiled, "Thanks Sweetie Belle, nice to have you."

Sweetie Belle smiled, but that tender moment was interrupted when they heard a voice coming from the hallway, a voice they recognized.

"Oh no."

Carefully, they approached a corner to avoid being seen, when they peeked out, they saw who had been bothering them since the tournament began.

The Dark Crystal Knight.

"What is he doing here?" asked Button Mash.

“I don't know, but it can't be a good thing,” Sweetie Belle replied.

The Dark Crystal Knight had a phone in his hand, he spoke, "Okay Cozy, do what you want, I'll take care of Spike, I'll finish him off so fast he won't know who hit him."

“That idiot, he's still after Spike,” Sweetie Belle said with a frown.

Button gritted his teeth, "Something has to be done, Spike has a battle pending, we can't let the Dark Crystal Knight weaken Spike before their battle."

"But what can we do?" asked Sweetie Belle.

Button began to analyze the scene, he saw that there was no one else with the Dark Crystal Knight, besides seeing the restroom door was open.

“I have an idea,” Button Mash said, then leaned over to Sweetie Belle to whisper the plan.

After a few seconds, Button finished speaking.

"You're crazy? That's very risky, not to mention stupid,” Sweetie Belle told him.

“I know, but right now I'm already out of the tournament, this won't affect me, but if I don't do anything, it might end up affecting Spike,” Button replied.

Sweetie sighed, she then pulled out a rope, "I guess we don't have a choice, okay, on the count of 3."

Button nodded and got ready, he could still hear the Dark Crystal Knight.

“I should have entered through the window, I haven't been to this school in a long time, who would say that the remodeling was successful,” the Knight said.

Back with Button, he waited for Sweetie Belle to finish counting, “1, 2…”

Button then thought about the bad things that would happen if the plan failed, but his thoughts were interrupted when he heard Sweetie Belle's voice, "3."

“NOW,” Button Mash yelled, that warning cry to the Dark Crystal Knight.

"What the hell?" the Knight wondered as Button charged towards him at top speed.

“HAAAAAA,” Button Mash lunged at the Dark Crystal Knight, causing them both to end up in the school restroom.

"What the hell are you doing?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight on the ground, he was barely recovering from the punch that Button Mash gave him.

But Button didn't answer him, he got up and went to the restroom door, he closed it and yelled, "Now Sweetie Belle."

Sweetie Belle heard it even when she was on the other side of the door, at that moment she used the rope that she had taken out earlier and used it to jam the door.

"It's done Button."

Button smiled when he heard her.

At that moment the Dark Crystal Knight recovered from the attack and stood up, "Wait, you didn't."

Quickly, he ran to the door to confirm his suspicions and sure enough, the door was closed.

"Why did you do that?" the Dark Crystal Knight asked angrily, "Now we're locked up here."

"Because you were going to mess with Spike before his final battle," Button Mash replied, standing his ground.

“Look brat, this has nothing to do with you,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

"Of course it has to do with me," Button interrupted, "Spike is my friend, my best friend, and I'm not going to stand around and watch you try to interfere with his goal."

At that moment, the two of them were looking at each other with fury, but then the sound of a toilet was heard when someone flushed the chain.


They turned to the source of the sound and saw Trixie, who blushed.

"Did the Great and Powerful Trixie enter the wrong restroom?"

"YOU'RE AN IDIOT," the Dark Crystal Knight yelled at Button Mash, "This is the ladies' room."

“Oh, that explains why it's so clean,” Button said, looking around.

"What's going on here?" Trixie asked.

“What's going on here is that there's going to be a beybattle,” Button Mash replied.

“So you want to settle this with a beybattle,” the Knight told him.

On the other side of the door, Sweetie Belle's voice was heard, who was worried, "Button, don't do it, you just had your beybattle with Spike and you're probably exhausted."

“You should listen to your girlfriend, this can't be good for your health,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

“You focus on your own health and I'll focus on mine,” Button Mash told him.

“Don't worry Sweetie, I'm tougher than I look, plus this guy needs all the help he can get, while I'm relying only on Digital Debug,” Button said through the door.

"And if I defeat you? Will you get out of my way?" asked the Knight.

“That's right, if you defeat me, you can do whatever you want, but if you can't, then I forbid you from going near Spike for today,” Button Mash told him.

“Normally I'd be outraged if you put conditions in front of me, but since we're locked in here, I guess I don't have a choice,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him and at that moment, he pulled out his beyblade and placed it in his launcher.

Button smiled and did the same.

“However, by seeing the condition you are in, we will make this a one point battle,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

“I'm fine with that,” Button Mash replied, which seemed strange to him, the Dark Crystal Knight would have a supreme advantage if it was a 2-point battle, “It seems if he's a blader with dignity, however, if I get too confident , everything will end."

“Good luck Mashy,” Sweetie Belle called through the door, making Button blush and smile.

Just then Sweetie Belle's phone began to ring, she answered, "Hello."

"Sweetie Belle, where are you?" Scootaloo's voice was heard.

"You've been in the lockers for a long time, did something happen?" Apple Bloom asked.

“You have no idea,” Sweetie Belle replied as she began to tell them everything.

In the gym.

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom had been shocked when they heard everything Sweetie Belle told them.

“Button Mash is fighting the Dark Crystal Knight,” Scootaloo said.

“I hope he can beat him,” said Apple Bloom.

"I know Button can beat him," Sweetie Belle told them on her cell phone, "And don't say anything to Rumble and Spike, they can't know this, they're in no condition to have a beybattle against that psycho."

“Umm Sweetie, I think you should have told us that earlier,” Scootaloo told her.

"Why?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"Because we've been listening to everything," said Spike and Rumble who were standing next to Scootaloo and Apple Bloom.


“Remind me why the Great and Powerful Trixie is doing this,” Trixie said as she stood between the two of them.

“Because there is no referee around and we need this fight to be fair,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

“Don't worry Trixie, it's just a one point battle,” Button said as he got into a battle stance.

“You will regret challenging me,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he moved into a battle stance.

"Okay? I guess it's time for the countdown,” Trixie said.




And at that moment Button Mash and the Dark Crystal Knight shouted at the same time:


With all their might, they both threw their beys into the beystadium.

“Go Digital Debug,” Button yelled as his bey began to jump around the place, this time there was no beystadium, the entire bathroom floor was the combat area.

But as his bey moved, Button noticed that it was going much slower, “Oh no, I'm really exhausted and couldn't get a good launch.”

“Crystal Barrier, activate your shield,” the Dark Crystal Knight ordered.

Crystal Barrier created a kind of force field which pushed Digital Debug.

But Button was not surprised, "So that's the famous barrier."

“That's right, a powerful barrier that will keep out the weak,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

“Don't worry, we'll easily break that barrier,” Button Mash said making the Knight angry.


“Grrr,” Button started firing commands into his Power Glove launcher, making his bey do better tricks, but none were for attacking.

"And now what are you doing?" wondered the Dark Crystal Knight.

"NOW," Button yelled but at that moment, he fell, dropped to one knee, "Gahhh."

“You're obviously still not recovered from your previous battle,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him, then witnessed his bey's attack miss, only for Digital Debug to land on the barrier.

“Grggh,” was all Button could say as he tried to get up.

"Don't worry, everyone will soon forget your defeat," the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

But at that moment, with his remaining energy, Button Mash stood up, "Maybe, but what they won't forget, will be your defeat."

"What?" asked the Knight.

“Digital Debug, use your reverse rotation,” Button Mash said as he began to input commands into his glove.

Button's bey began to spin counterclockwise, that surge of energy destabilized Crystal Barrier's barrier.

“No, wait, Crystal Barrier get out of there,” the Dark Crystal Knight ordered.

"Too late, now hit him hard, Digital Debug," Button ordered his bey which delivered the strongest blow it could have landed.


The blow was so strong that both beys were sent flying.

“Impossible,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

“Hehe,” Button laughed, looking tired.

The 2 fell at the same time, neither was spinning.

“That's a tie, one point for both of you,” Trixie announced.

“Damn, I trusted and let my guard down,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he picked up Crystal Barrier.

“Hehe, you didn't expect that from me, I researched your technique, I knew that trying to Burst would be useless, but I did it, I did it,” Button Mash said, but at that moment.


Button fell to the ground with his eyes closed.

"Ahhh, what happened to him? Is he dead?" Trixie asked.

The Dark Crystal Knight approached Button who had lost consciousness, "No, he just fainted from overexertion."

“And to think that he still fought me, just to protect his friend, that's very admirable,” he said as he carried Button, “I guess I'll retire.”

"Huh?" Trixie asked.

“The deal was if I couldn't beat him, it was a tie, technically I couldn't beat him,” the Knight told her as he handed Button over to Trixie, “Here, take him to the infirmary.”

"Wow, it's not heavy at all," Trixie thought.

And at that moment, the Dark Crystal Knight kicked the door down.

"Wait, could you go out all the time?" Trixie asked.

“That's right, but I couldn't refuse a battle,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied as he withdrew.

“Wow, couldn't this situation be more bizarre,” Trixie said.

And at that moment, the Crusaders, Spike and Rumble, arrived at the place, who were surprised to see Button Mash unconscious and see Trixie carrying him in bridal style.

"What the…" Rumble said.

"We've been kidnapped by mermaids before," Spike told him, "But I didn't think a witch would try to do something with Button now."

Rumble nodded without looking away.

“Hehe, don't worry, he's not dead, he just passed out,” Trixie told them.

Sweetie Belle who misunderstood everything, wanted to attack Trixie, "Get your dirty hands off him, witch."

But Apple Bloom and Scootaloo stopped her, "No Sweetie, don't do it."

A few hours later in the infirmary.

Trixie finished telling what happened, "And that's what happened, the Great and Powerful Trixie would never touch a kid like him."

“Trixie, our age difference is only 2 years,” Sweetie Belle told her.

“It's still surprising that Button managed to get a tie against the Dark Crystal Knight,” Spike said.

"He's a great tactician, I'm sure he used that to his advantage," Rumble added, "But still, fighting with little energy, that's crazy."

“I agree, if I got hurt using the new launcher that Twilight gave me, I don't even want to imagine what Button had to go through to hold his ground,” Spike finished.

At that moment, the nurse Red Heart arrived, "Your friend will be fine, I just notify his mother, he just need to rest for a while."

“Whew, that's a relief,” Sweetie Belle said as they all looked at Button Mash who was on a bed.

“He fought like a brave man, just to protect a friend,” Rumble said.

“Just like you, Rumble,” Scootaloo said hugging him making him blush.

"I have to thank him when he wakes up, if it wasn't for him, I might have had to deal with the Dark Crystal Knight," Spike said.

"Don't worry Spike, even if Button failed, I'd protect you from him," Apple Bloom told him making Spike blush.

"Apple Bloom," Spike walked over to her and they both kissed.

But again, the tender moment was ruined when they heard a voice.

“Dawww, how cute, and pathetic at the same time.”

They all turned and saw Cozy Glow at the door of the infirmary.

"You," Apple Bloom told her with fury in her gaze.

"Cozy," Spike said a bit nervously.

“Those were some nice and pretty words, cowgirl,” Cozy Glow said to Apple Bloom, “Protect Spike from the Dark Crystal Knight, hehe.”

Apple Bloom frowned upon hearing her.

"But can you protect him, FROM ME?" Cozy Glow challenged her while holding her beyblade.

"You betcha," Apple Bloom answered her.

Ep 42: Unbreakable Apple

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A few minutes before.

Cozy Glow was walking through the halls of Canterlot High until her cell phone started ringing.

She answered the call, "Hello Mr. Knight, what is the problem?"

“The problem is that one of the dragon boy's foolish friends got in our way and agreed to something stupid,” the Dark Crystal Knight told her, “Anyway, we won't be able to get close to him today.”

“Oh, that's disappointing,” said Cozy Glow.

“I know, but since there's nothing else to do, I'll give you the day off,” the Dark Crystal Knight told her.

"I admit that doesn't sound too bad," Cozy Glow replied, "Well, I can't go against Spike, but can I go for someone else?"

“Umm I guess so,” the Dark Crystal Knight said confused, but after a few seconds he understood what was happening, “Oh no, it's Apple Bloom right?”

“That's right, I'm going to finally put that little cowgirl in her place,” Cozy Glow replied with a wicked look.

The Dark Crystal Knight sighed, "You already beat her once, and I don't know what the hell you see in Spike but I don't think your victory will make him love you."

"I know," replied Cozy Glow, frowned, "But I'm still not going to give up, I won't be able to do much, but I'll make him see that I'm someone more valuable than Apple Bloom."

Seeing that he couldn't do anything to stop her, the Dark Crystal Knight let her continue on her personal mission, "Well, good luck I guess, just don't do anything stupid or you might get yourself in big trouble."

"Don't worry Mr. Knight," Cozy replied and then she saw the group she was looking for along with Trixie carrying Button Mash who was unconscious, she followed them, "I have everything under control."

"And at this moment, the tension was increasing, the last sidekick of the Dark Crystal Knight has made her appearance seeking to terrify a blader who overflows with talent, the battle promises to be devastating with 2 girls who surely do not have the defeat in their mind," Spike said.

“Spike, this is not the time to become the announcer,” Sweetie Belle told him.

"Someone had to, Pinkie Pie isn't here and Button is practically dead," Spike replied making Sweetie Belle slap him.


"He is not dead," said Sweetie Belle.

"Ouch, I know he's not dead Sweetie, I just made his noble sacrifice sound more heroic," Spike said as he rubbed his cheek, "Though I don't think I should use the word sacrifice either."

"Dont you have something else to do?" Scootaloo asked, "Like, cheer up your girlfriend."

“Especially since Cozy already beat her before,” Rumble added.

Spike smiled, "Apple Bloom can take her, I don't know how to explain it, but I can see it in her eyes."

"That's right," Apple Bloom replied with a determined smile, "Because today I plan to balance the scales."

"You sound very brave cowgirl," Cozy Glow told her with a wicked smile, "Let's see if you can hold it up during our battle, and to make it more interesting, I propose that the winner get Spike."

"I'm sorry?" Spike asked.

"He's not a prize to be earned," Apple Bloom replied with a frown.

“Surely he won't think that when I destroy your beyblade,” Cozy Glow challenged.

"Don't I get a say in this?" Spike yelled but the girls just ignored him.

“Very well, I accept,” said Apple Bloom determinedly.

"She accepted?" thought Spike a little worried.

"You sure Apple Bloom?" Scootaloo said, "You remember what happened last time."

"Yes," Apple Bloom replied with a frown.

"Are you sure?" asked Sweetie Belle, "Because the implications of this battle…"

"That won't happen this time," Apple Bloom said before turning to the curly girl.

“Just to be clear,” Rumble spoke up, “do the rules of a tournament beybattle apply here?”

"Are you crazy?" asked Cozy Glow, "It's a street fight and there are no rules on the street."

"Of course it's a duel to the death," Apple Bloom replied.

"Oh no, she's already lost her mind," Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle thought while Spike was still shocked by what they said earlier.

"But I'm generous, so I'll give you the chance to accept my superiority now and give me Spike as a prize for my victory," Cozy Glow told her.

Which angered Apple Bloom, "Never, I'd rather see Spike dead than by your side."

"Wait a minute, what?" Spike asked even more scared.

“That's easy to fix,” she replied with a wicked smile, then placed her bey in her launcher, “So, shall we get started?”

Apple Bloom nodded, Cozy had humiliated her in there last battle, using her strong beyblade, Power Empress, she needed to do this, not for who gets Spike, but for herself, "Your on."

Spike approached a little nervous, "Well, since I'm the announcer, I'll do the countdown and it goes without saying that I'll be impartial."

The 2 girls nodded, at that moment Apple Bloom placed her bey in her launcher, "We have to show her how much we've improved, we can win, Golden Apple."




And Spike, Apple Bloom and Cozy Glow yelled at the same time:


The 2 bladers threw their beys to the floor of the infirmary.

"Good luck Apple Bloom, show her you're not weak, show her you're a great blader," Spike thought.

"Very good Golden Apple, keep your distance," Apple Bloom ordered her bey, she knew that Cozy Glow was very smart so a desperate attack would be a very stupid thing to execute.

“Apparently you're not that dumb,” Cozy Glow told her, “I see you learned from your past experience.”

"Thank you," Apple Bloom replied.

“However, you won't beat me just defending yourself,” Cozy said and then ordered her bey to attack, “Power Empress, attack.”


Power Empress hit Golden Apple causing it to lose a bit of stability.

Apple Bloom frowned.

"Don't let her get the better of you, upgrade your armor," Apple Bloom ordered her bey which began to glow.

“Nice move,” Scootaloo said.

“So Cozy will also have to keep her distance, otherwise her beyblade will lose power,” said Sweetie Belle, “Keep it up Apple Bloom.”

“You have good friends,” Cozy Glow told her with a frown.

"My best friends," replied Apple Bloom, "don't you have any?"


Cozy's reaction made Apple Bloom back off a bit.

“I'm not like you,” Cozy Glow told her, “In my school, there were other girls who also liked beyblade, they always played together, but one day I showed up, they invited me to play beyblade, I was happy because no one had invited me before, I managed to win all my battles with many Burst Finishes, I was happy, but over time, my so-called friends began to meet behind my back, and when I finally confronted them, they no longer wanted anything to do with me.”


“I'm sorry, but we don't want to play with you anymore,” one girl told Cozy Glow.

"But why?" Cozy asked.

“We get bored in your fights, you always beat us, you figure out a strategy and use it against us,” another girl replied.

“But, that's just my playstyle,” Cozy Glow told them.

“Then take your playstyle to another place,” another girl told her.

"But, but..." Tears began to well up in Cozy Glow's eyes.

And at that moment another of the girls took Power Empress away.

"Hey, give it back to me."

“You want it, look it up,” the girl threw the bey straight at a wall.


"NOOOO," Cozy Glow yelled as she ran to where her beyblade was thrown, when she picked it up, she realized that that girl had thrown it so hard that it damaged the attack ring.

"Hehehe, good luck fixing it, come on girls, let's keep playing," one of the girls sneered and together with all of them, she proceeded to leave, leaving Cozy Glow on the ground crying as she clung to her damaged beyblade.

At that moment, Cozy thought that it was her fault, that she should have held back, maybe she would still have her friends if she had, but that little thought changed when she saw the state of her beyblade.

"No, it's their fault, they were just not as strong as me, and they wanted me to lower myself to their level, a friend should always support you, and they, grrr, they were just envious of my talent, that's why you are my only friend, Power Empress, and I will not let the world tell me to hold back."

Months passed, during that time, Cozy Glow spent her time repairing Power Empress, making it more powerful, while training to become even stronger.

And graduation day came.

Cozy Glow reached out to the girls who had abandoned and humiliated her.

“Oh, it's you,” one of the girls said, “What do you want?”

"One last beybattle, I won't see you again after today, that's why I'm going to say goodbye, even though you were mean to me, you were the first ones who spoke to me, that's why I want there to be no grudges between us," Cozy Glow told them showing a fake smile.

The girls were surprised to see that Cozy didn't hold a grudge against them.

"And I have an idea, why don't we turn this into a battle royale?" asked Cozy Glow.

The 5 girls looked at each other, smiles formed, clearly planning to go all against Cozy, "Okay Cozy, we accept."

“Yay,” Cozy said excitedly.

And at that moment the battle began:


“Let's go get her girls,” said one of them.

But at that moment, Cozy's smile turned into a sinister smile.



At that moment, the girls' beys burst into a thousand pieces, making it impossible to repair them.


“Hehe, in the end you girls were just weaklings, I guess you didn't even have the right to consider yourself bladers,” Cozy Glow sneered as she picked up her bey and left.

“Hey come back here, don't think you're going to get away with this,” one of the girls tried to pounce on Cozy, but she was quick to react.

“Hold right there,” Cozy quickly placed Power Empress in her launcher and aimed it right at the girl who was going to attack her, causing the girl to raise her arms, “I just hope you roll in your misery, for being so weak, hehehe.”

Cozy Glow left the place while listening to the cries of those who she once believed were her friends, "Your cries are so satisfying, right Power Empress."

She looked at her beyblade with a smile.

"We will be the strongest no matter what happens, we will not let anyone be above us."

<End of Flashback>

Cozy Glow had finished telling her story, causing those present to gape.

"Wow, that's rough," was all Spike could say.

"Wow, I'm not saying that justifies what you did earlier, but holy apple sauce, I really don't know what to say," Apple Bloom told her.

Cozy Glow expected that reaction, "And just a few weeks ago I met the Dark Crystal Knight, he saw potential in me so he offered me this opportunity to help him, which I agreed to."

"Cozy Glow, I know it must feel good to have someone appreciate you, but you're allying with the wrong people again," Apple Bloom told her.

“Shut up, if you have something to say then beat me, but it's impossible,” Cozy Glow yelled at her.

"Well if that's the case, then you don't leave us a choice," said Apple Bloom and then she gave an order to her beyblade, "GOLDEN APPLE, SPECIAL MOVE, BLOOM BARRIER."

Golden Apple headed to the exact spot to collide with Power Empress, but before colliding, Golden Apple changed its color to being a 100% gold beyblade.

“Oh Golly, you really think you can outdo us,” Cozy Glow said and then she yelled, “YOU'RE A FOOL, SPECIAL MOVE, GODDESS BARRIER.”

Cozy Glow's beyblade started getting black cracks on its attack ring.

Golden Apple was directly sucked into Power Empress like a black hole.

"Apple Bloom," Spike thought.

“APPLE BLOOM NO,” Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo yelled at the same time.

Cozy smirked, "It's all over cowgirl."

But Apple Bloom did not give up, "Golden Apple, show her that we have grown."

Golden Apple began to spin, she avoided being absorbed by Power Empress's attack.

The attack between barriers began the 2 beyblades collided and the 2 were still in the center without being able to push the other.

But this time, it was different, Cozy really noticed Apple Bloom's increase in power, "This is impossible, how did she become so powerful in such a short time?"

"NOW GOLDEN APPLE," Apple Bloom yelled.

At that moment her bey began to attack Power Empress's barrier.



“STOP TRYING, YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T BEAT ME,” Cozy Glow yelled as her bey also attacked Apple Bloom's bey's barrier.



"Maybe," Apple Bloom said, "but I won't let that stop me from trying, I have to much riding on this to stop now."

"Like what?" Cozy Glow asked.

"Everything," Apple Bloom said. "My friends and family who have supported me until now, who've been there for me when I needed them, even if I'm out of this tournament."

Cozy raised an eyebrow

Apple Bloom closed her eyes and thought back to all her friends who were working hard in the tournament, her brother and sister who helped and believed in her and Spike the boy who stole her heart, then she looked at Spike and smiled at him, "I can't lose here, not to you."

And as if he was reading her mind, Spike blushed very hard, a big smile formed on his face and a tear of happiness flowed.



The beys kept hitting each other.

But after several hits, Golden Apple's barrier began to crack, and she could see how it lost its golden color.

“Hehehe, it seems your barriers are still weak,” Cozy Glow sneered but at that moment…

Power Empress began to lose power and its barrier was also cracking.

“Wait what?” Cozy wondered.

“GOLDEN APPLE,” Apple Bloom yelled as in a split second her bey turned golden and went straight for Cozy Glow's, taking advantage of its staggering.

"It...can't be," Cozy Glow said, not believing what was happening.


Power Empress was thrown so hard that it ended up Burst.

"I think I get it now, why did you choose her," Cozy Glow thought as she closed her eyes.

Everyone was speechless at what had just happened, until finally the silence was broken by Spike.

"SHE DID IT!" He screamed as he jumped into the air.

"YAY!" Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle screamed happily.

Apple Bloom fell to her knees, panting after the tough battle, but she still smiled, she'd made it, she'd settled the score.

“Bloom,” Apple Bloom looked up to see Cozy standing over her, “Congratulations, you prove me your not weak.”

"Cozy," Apple Bloom was surprised to see her opponent accept defeat honorably.

"But that won't change the fact that I'm still working for the Dark Crystal Knight," Cozy backed out, "See ya."

"Wait," Apple Bloom yelled causing Cozy Glow to stop.

"You forget this," Apple Bloom handed over the Power Empress parts.

“Thank you,” Cozy thanked.

"And if you ever want to start over, you should come to us, maybe we can be friends one day."

"I... I'll think about it, for now I have to be alone for a while," Cozy Glow left the place, and without anyone noticing, she smiled as a tear of joy flowed from her eyes.

Everyone was celebrating, even Spike approached Apple Bloom to give her the biggest hug, "You did it Apple Bloom."

But at that moment, Principal Celestia's voice came from the loudspeaker.

"The last battle of the tournament will be in an hour, it's time for the remaining 2 bladers to give us a show."

Spike and Rumble stared at each other, they smiled and had 0 intentions to lose.

“Bring it on,” they said at the same time.

Ep 43: The Grand Final, Wind VS Fire

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In the gym.

All the spectators were excited, because in just half an hour they would witness the final battle between the 2 most powerful bladers in the tournament.

But their own families were the most excited.

“This is fascinating,” Night Light said excitedly, “Spike was able to make it this far.”

“Soon we will have a new champion,” Twilight Velvet added excitedly.

“I wouldn't be sure,” Caring Hearts interrupted them, she was smiling, “Because my son will be the ultimate winner.”

"Oh really?" Velvet smirked, "You don't know the things Spike can do."

“I'm sure Rumble will have new things to show for it as well,” Caring Hearts replied.

Twilight Sparkle was going to interfere, she knew how competitive her mother could be, especially when it's a family matter, but she found it strange to see that Rarity was accompanied by Caring Hearts, she was carrying a strange bag.

"I can see that you are both very excited," Rarity told them with a smirk.

"Rarity, what is this about?" asked Twilight Sparkle.

"Well, all this excitement has given me a lot of inspiration and I'd like to capture it," Rarity replied, further confusing Twilight.

"Sorry, but I don't understand you," Twilight Sparkle said.

"Just follow us, you too Mrs. Sparkle, I think you'll like what I have planned," Rarity told her.

Confused, mother and daughter decided to follow Rarity.

In the boys' locker room.

Spike was changing his clothes, due to the effort he made, his clothes were already very sweaty, while he put on his shirt, he began to think about what his final battle would bring him.

"Everything will be decided now, no matter what happens, I have to win."

“Wow, looks like you've made some progress,” Rumble told him, also preparing himself.

"What are you talking about?" Spike asked.

"That you've gotten over your nerves," Rumble replied, "Do you remember how terrified you were when the tournament started?"

Spike swallowed, he did not expect Rumble to see him in that state.

"It gave you stage fright, in a way it was funny."

"Hehe, that's something I try to forget," Spike chuckled.

“I don't think you want to forget it, you'll need the laugh on your side when I'm became the winner of this tournament,” Rumble replied.

Spike smiled, "Well, you can forget about that, because you're in the presence of the future champion."

"Well, it would be funny to see a champion without pants," Rumble told him.

Spike looked down and realized he hadn't put his pants on yet, "Ahh, geez."

Quickly Spike had already secured his pants, "You think you're so funny?"

"Say that to your pants," Rumble replied.

The two looked at each other seriously, 30 seconds passed and neither of them looked away, but after that moment, Spike and Rumble began to laugh.


"What was that?"

"I don't know, it's something cliche I commonly see in shonen anime."

Then they both stopped laughing and smiled.

"Let's push ourselves in this last battle," Rumble said to Spike as he offered his hand for a shake, "For Button."

Spike smiled and accepted the handshake, "We'll do our best for Button."

“We will not allow his death to be in vain,” Rumble added.

"I'M NOT DEAD," Button Mash yelled from the infirmary causing Spike and Rumble to giggle.

In the infirmary.

Is it necessary to stay in bed? I feel better now,” asked Button Mash who was lying on a bed.

“I'm sorry Button, but we need to make sure you're really okay and I need to remember that you passed out just a few minutes ago,” Nurse Red Heart replied.

“It makes sense to me that you listen to the nurse, sweetie,” Cream Heart added.

“But I don't want to miss my friends' battle,” said Button Mash.

“Don't worry about it Mashy,” Sweetie Belle replied, “They're streaming it on the Canterlot High website.”

"Really?" Button quickly took his cell phone, entered the school website and sure enough, the battle was going to be broadcast online, "Great, I'm not going to miss it."

Cream Heart smiled, she was glad every time she saw her son so excited to see his friends.

In the sewing room.

There were the Mane 7, Caring Hearts, and Twilight Velvet.

"Rarity, tell me this is a joke," said Twilight Sparkle, who was blushing, "Should we really wear this?"

"Believe me," Rainbow Dash replied, "You're not the only one who has objections to all of this."

"I don't see what the is problem," Rarity replied, "Don't you want to support them?"

"Well yeah," Twilight Sparkle replied, "But wearing these outfits."

“It's a bit embarrassing,” Flutteshy added.

"Girls, remember that Spike and Rumble need our full support, we need to cheer up for them," Rarity told them.

Twilight Sparkle sighed, "Okay, I'll do this if it's to cheer up my little brother."

“I don't know why you look so worried Twi, I like these outfits, they make me feel younger,” Velvet added.

“I can't believe Rarity volunteered to do this, she's amazing,” said Caring Hearts.

"You gave me the idea, Miss Hearts," Rarity said, "I just decided to put my talent to good use."

In the halls.

Spike and Rumble headed to their respective corners, waiting for the announcement so they could go inside and have the final battle.

They listened to the voices of the principals.

In the gym.

Celestia: This day will be one that no one will forget, our first Beyblade tournament was a success, 32 bladers participated, but only one can be the champion.

Luna: And that is the title for which our 2 remaining bladers will fight, the strongest in the tournament will give us their 100% to obtain the trophy, they have a powerful spirit, Spike and Rumble.

Celestia: Then to your positions and we'll start the show, in the red corner, the blader with the power and heart of the dragon, Spike.

Spike came around the red corner with a big smile on his face, "It's time."

"Do your best Spike," Smolder encouraged.

"You better win," Ember told him.

"Come on Spike you can do it," Flash Sentry yelled at him.

"Yeah son," yelled Night Light.

He advanced while listening to the encouragement of the people, the strangest thing is that he saw his father in the stands but there was no sign of his mother and sister, "Where will they be?"

Spike reached the center of the gym.

Luna: And in the blue corner, the blader faster than a bullet, Rumble.

Rumble came around the blue corner with a determined smile on his face, "It's all or nothing."

"Come on bro," yelled Thunderlane.

"Don't embarrass me by losing," said Soarin.

"YEAHHH," yelled Bulk Biceps.

He advanced while listening to the encouragement of the people, the strangest thing is that he only saw his brother in the stands but there was no sign of his mother, "Maybe she's in the bathroom."

Rumble made it to the center of the gym, meeting Spike again face to face.

"Rumble, did you notice our mothers are gone?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, it's very weird," Rumble replied as he turned to the stands, then he realized something, "Wait, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom aren't there either."

Spike turned around and there was no sign of his girlfriend, "Ok this doesn't make sense, we know Sweetie Belle is with Button in the infirmary, but where are the others?"

Rumble nodded, but then he saw something coming from the same red corner that Spike had entered, he smiled and started to laugh, "Hehehe, Spike, I think you should turn around."

"What's so funny for…" Spike said as he turned around but when he saw what Rumble was referring to he stopped talking, by which time he had blushed.

From the red corner had entered Apple Bloom, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Pinkie Pie and even Twilight Velvet, who were wearing cheerleading outfits.

"What the…" Spike said in surprise.

Celestia: Looks like the cheerleaders have arrived.

"Alright!" Pinkie turned to the other cheerleader girls, "Let's cheer with all our hearts."

"I hope Spike likes my performance," thought Apple Bloom.

"I couldn't agree more with you Pinkie, let's do our best girls," Velvet said very excited, "For my son."

"Mom," Twilight said sheepishly, "Oh that's fine."

“Fight Spike, win the battle,” the cheerleaders sang, some like Twilight Sparkle embarrassed, but others like Pinkie and Twilight Velvet enjoying it, while Apple Bloom and Sunset did a good job.

"Wow," was all Flash could say when he saw Twilight dressed like that.

"I bet you wish you were in Spike's place," Microchips told him.

"I won't deny that I'd like to see Twilight in that outfit for me," Flash Sentry replied, "But I don't know how I'd feel if I saw my mother wearing it too, poor Spike."

Seeing his girlfriend wearing that kind of outfit made Spike hold his nose in case he got any nosebleeds.

"Wow, Apple Bloom looks really cute, but seeing my mom and sister in those outfits brings me mixed emotions," Spike thought.

While Rumble couldn't stop laughing, "Looks like you have cheerleaders, Spike, and one of them is your mom, hahaha."

"Do you think it's fun?" Spike asked sarcastically.

"I won't deny that it is," Rumble replied.

Spike stared at Rumble with a frown, but a few seconds later a smile formed on his lips, "Looks like I'm not the only one who has cheerleaders."

Rumble's pupils dilated upon hearing that, he turned around and realized that Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and even Caring Hearts had entered the blue corner, wearing cheerleading outfits.

Luna: Looks like more cheerleaders have arrived.

"Thunders and lightnings," Rumble exclaimed in shock, he clearly liked seeing Scootaloo wearing that outfit, but he felt a bit embarrasing to see other girls like Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Applejack cheering him on, and seeing his mother dressed like that was not something he could describe.

“Alright girls, time to move the pom-poms,” Caring Hearts told them to which they nodded.

"Remind me why I'm doing this," Fluttershy said nervously.

"Because Rainbow asked you to," Applejack replied, "And besides, that outfit looks better on you than it does on us."

“I agree,” Rainbow Dash replied, “and I only did this because of Rarity who designed the outfits just for us and because Scoots begged me.”

“I'm very grateful Rainbow, Rumble will be very pleased,” Scootaloo said.

“Sure it will be, let's get started,” Caring Hearts told them.

“Come on Rumble, Burst this battle,” the cheerleaders sang, but the only ones enjoying it were her mom, AJ, and Scoots, it seemed like Rainbow Dash would rather be anywhere at the moment, while Fluttershy was doing her best even with his shyness.

"Wow, Scootaloo," Rumble thought as he covered his nose, "But they didn't have to overdo it."

"It's still a nice gesture," Spike told him, "Surely this was Rarity's idea."

To which Rumble smiled, "I think so, they care that much for us to do this."

"So we have to give our all in battle," Spike said.

“Only then will we make their cheers count,” Rumble added.

Luna: Looks like our bladers are ready.

Celestia: If that's the case, then to your positions.

Spike and Rumble took out their beys and launchers, the two of them placed the bey in the launcher's slot, Rumble began to take a few steps back while Spike began to tie the string of the launcher.

Luna: The last battle of the tournament will begin in…

Celestia: 3

Rumble was placed a few meters away from the beystadium.

Luna: 2

Spike mentally prepared himself not to suffer from the recoil caused by his launcher.

Both: 1

Rumble sprinted towards the beystadium while Spike threw his best launch.

And all the students shouted:


Rumble upon reaching the beystadium jumped and managed to launch his beyblade.

Spike pulled the string so hard that a small green flame sprang up as he threw it.

The 2 beys fell to the beystadium.

Cloud Slayer landed like a plane, but Emerald Flame bounced back.

"Failed to launch?" Rumble thought, but then he caught Spike's look, who didn't seem to be concerned.

At the moment when Cloud Slayer would hit Emerald Flame, Emerald Flame dodged it with one of his bounces.

Rumble frowned, he had already realized what Spike was planning.

Spike smiled, "We got it, go ahead Flame."

Celestia: Incredible, Emerald Flame dodged Cloud Slayer.

“Nice one Spike,” Apple Bloom said while moving her pompoms.

“But of course, dodging that way he can go for Cloud Slayer without expecting a counter,” Twilight Sparkle said.

“Hey, now's not the time to talk, pick up those pom-poms and wave them,” said Sunset Shimmer.

Bloom and Twilight nervously complied.

“Good thinking Spike,” Velvet yelled as she waved her pom poms like there was no tomorrow.

“Hit with your full force,” Spike said to his bey, “Flame, use the Overdrive.”

Emerald Flame surrounded herself with green flames and went straight to attack Cloud Slayer.

“Grrr, Cloud Slayer,” Rumble yelled at the top of his lungs, and at that moment his bey spun around so he could face Cloud Slayer.

"Whoa, how did he do that?" asked Rainbow Dash who still had her pom poms in the air.

"Must have been overtrained, just look at him," Scootaloo pointed out to Rumble who seemed to have lost energy making his bey perform said action.

"Tschh, who knew Spike would force me to use such a risky technique in the first battle," Rumble thought while feeling a pain in his neck.

“Wind Blade,” Rumble yelled making his bey perform its special move, which collided with Spike's bey special move.


The 2 beys collided, neither seemed to have the advantage, until Rumble yelled, "SLAYER."

Cloud Slayer began to overpower Emerald Flame.

"Oh no," Spike said.

And in that moment.


Emerald Flame was taken out of the beystadium.

"Flame," Spike yelled, but the moment Emerald Flame was in the air, it burst causing Spike's eyes to go wide.

Rumble smirked as he picked up his beyblade.

“Yeah Rumble,” Rainbow and Scoots celebrated at the same time.

“My son is very strong, I don't know what they expected,” Caring Hearts said proudly.

"Oh no," Apple Bloom said as she saw that Spike's bey had lost the first battle.

"Come on Spike, don't give up," Twilight Velvet said nervously.

But Twilight Sparkle smiled, "Wait, this was Spike's plan."

"What do you mean Twi?"

“He intentionally drained Rumble this round, he didn't even use his full power since he wasn't affected by the recoil, if Spike stays that way, he'll be victorious,” Twi replied.

Hearing that, the cheerleaders on Spike's side smiled.

Celestia: Burst Finish.

Luna: 2 points for Rumble, the score goes 0-2 in favor of Rumble.

Celetia: Rumble only needs one more point to win the tournament.

Luna: Which won't make Spike's situation any easier.

But Spike didn't seem worried, he was smiling, he rearmed his bey, "Nice attack buddy, the plan worked, now we just have to make it stronger."

Rumble rubbed his shoulder at the effort he made and looked at Spike, “We have the advantage, but I think we fell into his trap, he made us work too hard in the first fight so that we're weak in the next one, but that won't stop us.”

Spike just shot a determined look at Rumble, who frowned.

"I shouldn't have underestimated it," Rumble said but then he smiled, "But I think this will make our battle even more fun, well played dragon boy, a bit of a dirty but clever trick at the end."

Rumble and Spike stared at each other with victorious smiles, ready for the next battle.

Ep 44: The Grand Final, The Outcome Between The Scale and The Feather

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As the Beyblade Tournament Finals continued at Canterlot High, the battle between Spike and Rumble raged on.

In the first round, Rumble had managed to land a Burst Finish in exchange for using a rather risky move, injuring himself quite a bit in the process, and apparently, that was Spike's plan.

"This is our chance, Flame, we'll go again, but stronger," Spike told his bey.

Rumble frowned, he was rubbing his shoulder, he looked at his bey and spoke, "We won't lose to that kind of trick, we won't give up, Slayer."

“I can't believe Spike came up with that plan,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Velvet, that's cheating,” Caring Hearts yelled angrily.

Twilight Velvet, who was on the other side of the gym, smirked, "Well, what do you want me to do?"

“Technically he didn't cheat,” Apple Bloom said.

"That's right, I read the rule book, it's not an illegal move," Twilight Sparkle added.

"Well, no matter what tricks Spike uses, he's going to need more than that to beat Rumble," Scootaloo said.

Celestia: A spectacular move.

Luna: But it's time to start the second battle.

Celestia: Rumble only needs one point to be crowned champion.

Luna: But will Spike be able to beat him even without having any point at this moment?

Celestia: We'll know now, bladers to your positions.

Spike and Rumble noded, took out their beys and launchers, the two of them placed the bey in the launcher's slot, Rumble began to take a few steps back while Spike began to tie the string of the launcher again.

Luna: The second round of the last battle of the tournament will begin in…

Celestia: 3

Rumble was placed a few meters away from the beystadium.

Luna: 2

"This is going to hurt a little," Spike thought.

Both: 1

Rumble sprinted towards the beystadium while Spike threw his best launch.

And all the students shouted:


Rumble upon reaching the beystadium jumped and managed to launch his beyblade.

Spike pulled the string so hard that a small green flame sprang up as he threw it, but Spike suffered some pain from the recoil, "Aghh."

“Oh Spike, don't overdo it,” Apple Bloom and Twilight Sparkle yelled at the same time.

"Don't worry girls, he looks like he knows what he's doing," Sunset Shimmer told them, "Keep moving those pom-poms anyway."

The girls nodded and continued with their cheerleading stand.

The 2 beys fell to the beystadium.

Both landed with great stability and speed.

"Attack him, no mercy," Spike yelled, at which point, Emerald Flame was the first to land a punch.


Emerald Flame had hit Cloud Slayer, but Cloud Slayer didn't flinch.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Rumble.

Spike ignored the question and continued with his bey, "Again."


Emerald Flame hit Cloud Slayer again, but the one who suffered the knockback was Emerald Flame, sending him far away.

Rumble realized what was happening, but it was already too late to react, "Wait a minute, maybe..."

"Flame, jump," Spike said.

Using the momentum from his punches, Flame managed to jump using the beystadium's sloping surface, landing directly on Cloud Slayer.


Cloud Slayer was sent towards one of the traps.

“Hold on, Slayer,” Rumble said, this causing his bey to avoid the trap.

"Ufff," Rumble was relieved, wiping sweat from his brow and looking at Spike, "I'll admit you're good at strategizing."

"Thanks Rumble," Spike thanked, "But you're like an impenetrable wall, it seems like nothing can knock you down."

"Years of training," Rumble replied with a grin, "And now I'll make it count, Cloud Slayer."

Rumble ordered his bey to attack Spike's bey.

"Dodge it Flame," Spike ordered making his bey dodge the attack.

“That was close,” Flash Sentry said.

“But Spike can't win like this,” Ember added.

“But if it's put his guard down, my little brother will be in trouble,” Thunderlane finished.

"Grr, don't let him get away," Rumble ordered his bey.

"It's yours, Flame, now," Spike yelled as his bey went straight for Rumble's.

But Rumble managed to foresee the attack so he took evasive action, "Careful, Cloud Slayer."

Cloud Slayer had narrowly dodged Emerald Flame's attack.

Luna: Hits and just misses.

Celestia: It was close for Emerald Flame, but close does not take the trophy.

Luna: Cloud Slayer is really fast.

“Boost yourself,” Spike said as his bey bounced off one of the beystadium walls.

"Huh?" Rumble wondered, since it seemed strange to him since the direction in which Flame bounced was not pointing one bit towards where Cloud Slayer was, "Maybe he missed the bounce."

"No I didn't," Spike replied with a smirk, then he pointed to the beystadium, "Look over there."

Rumble looked and realized that Flame landed in the spinning area, that made his bey change direction towards where Cloud Slayer was, and to make matters worse, it did it with even more speed.


"NOW FLAME, USE THE OVERDRIVE," Spike yelled as his bey collided with Rumble's.


But Cloud Slayer resisted being bursted.

Doing his best, Rumble continued to fight alongside his bey, "Don't let him take you down, you're the strongest bey."

"Grrr, he really is a tough guy," Spike said, "EMERALD FLAME, CONTINUE YOUR ATTACK."

Spike began to feel the pressure of the 2 beys colliding, "Noooo."

"It's not that easy to sustain an attack like that, is it," Rumble told him.

"FLAME, AHHHH," Spike yelled with his best effort.

“SLAYER,” Rumble yelled.

Celestia: Ahhh, Luna, that's a lot of power.

Luna: You can say it again.

At that moment, it caused such a huge impact that it caused the bladers to stumble.


"Gyahhh," Spike yelled as he fell to the ground on his back.

“Ahhh,” Rumble yelled as he stumbled.

From the ground, Spike could see Emerald Flame being thrown from the beystadium.


Rumble looked at the beystadium and saw that his bey kept spinning, he smiled, since he already had the tournament won.

"Well done Slayer," Rumble said but then he looked at Spike who had a slightly strange look, it seemed a serious expression, then Rumble understood everything, "I know that look, he hasn't given up yet."

And in that moment.


"WHAT THE..." Rumble yelled.

Cloud Slayer Burst just a few seconds before Emerald Flame hit the ground.

Luna: Impressive, Cloud Slayer seemed to have won but Emerald Flame resisted much more.

Celestia: And because of that resistance, the victory of this battle goes to Emerald Flame, thanks to that, the score has been tied, 2 – 2.

"Well done Spike," Apple Bloom yelled excitedly as she waved her pom-poms.

"That was very unpredictable, crazy, had a high chance of failing, and it still worked," Twilight Sparkle said in surprise.

"Twily, you know your brother, being unpredictable and crazy is a part of him," Twilight Velvet told her, "And for that we love him."

Twilight and Apple Bloom smiled.

“That came out of nowhere,” Scootaloo said.

“Now I regret training him,” Rainbow Dash said.

“You still have a chance Rumble,” Caring Hearts yelled as she waved her pom-poms.

“That's right, Rumble only lost this round because Spike's bey was slow to land,” Scootaloo said.

From the infirmary.

“Wow, what an incredible display of power,” Button Mash was surprised to see the broadcast of the battle.

"Spike planned that, or he improvised?" asked Sweetie Belle.

“A little of both,” Button replied.

"Well done Spike," Flash Sentry encouraged.

“I admit we didn't expect it,” Ember said, “Victory is closer for him.”

Spike couldn't contain the excitement he felt, he jumped into the air, "Yeahhh, you did it Flame."

Rumble was still in shock, "What the hell happened?"

Spike picked up his bey, "It was risky, but we caught up with it, now we just need to get past it."

Rumble picked up the pieces of his bey and put it back together, but as he did, a smile spread across his face, "I don't know why, but I'm so excited because I feel like I could spit fire."

Spike heard him, "I think that's something I should say, my bey is called Emerald Flame and I like dragons."

"Oh please, what else could I say?"

"Good point."

“In any case, I'm glad our first match was in the final round of a tournament,” Rumble said.

Spike realized that he was right, he hadn't had a beybattle with Rumble since he met him, Spike smiled, "You're right Rumble, which means this battle is and will be even more special than it already is."

They both smiled determined to start the third and final round.

Celestia: It's time for the third round.

"Wait," Rumble interrupted, "can I call a time out?"

Luna: Time out granted.

This made the viewers doubtful.

"Sorry Spike, I need a few minutes to process everything," Rumble apologized.

"Don't worry Rumble, in fact I needed to calm down a bit too, so much intensity made me nervous," Spike answered trembling.

Celestia: We'll take a 10-minute break.

The 2 bladers nodded and returned to their corners.

"Dude, what happened?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"What happened is that I underestimated him," Rumble replied, "I've seen his battles before but Spike is unpredictable."

"Spike may lack masculinity, but that doesn't mean he's not powerful," Fluttershy told him.

"This is bad, I could use all my strength to have the advantage, but he is very smart and he knows that I am thinking about it and he is going to devise a strategy to counter me, or maybe he is thinking that I am thinking that he is thinking in a strategy and think of something so that my thought…”


At that moment Scootaloo threw a bucket of water at Rumble.

"Hey, was that necessary?" asked Rumble who was now wet.

"Yes, it was necessary," Scootaloo replied, "You're overthinking it."

"But Spike..." Rumble said but was interrupted by Scootaloo.

"I know he's very smart, but you shouldn't let that intimidate you, just play with your style and you'll win, after all, it's the style that defined you as a blader," Scootaloo told him.

Rumble smiled upon hearing his girlfriend's words, but then he remembered the Dark Crystal Knight, "But, if that's the case, why couldn't I defeat the Dark Crystal Knight."

“Because the Dark Crystal Knight is not a blader who has the necessary harmony, and I know that even you could beat him in a rematch,” Caring Hearts replied.

Thunderlane's voice was heard from the stands, "No matter what happens Rumble, we will always be proud of you."

Rumble smiled again, "I'm glad you're here today to support me."

“And we always will,” Scootaloo replied.

“Just don't expect to see us wearing these ridiculous outfits next time,” Rainbow Dash said, pointing to the cheerleading outfits.

They all laughed hearing that.

"Spike, you're shaking again," Twilight Sparkle told him.

"I know Twi," Spike replied trying to calm down, "But Rumble is tougher than I thought."

"And how did you find out, from his way of throwing his bey or from his obvious musculature?" asked Sunset Shimmer.

"I don't have time for sarcastic comments Sunset," replied Spike who was still nervous, "He's seriously strong, he could shoot real bullets with those things, while I just have noodle arms."

"Spike," Apple Bloom said but Spike continued.

"I don't know what to do, I'm finished, how do I increase my muscles in 10 minutes?, AHHH it's useless, I'm going to be crushed under a lot of rubble created by Cloud Slayer which will be used to build my tombstone, and my epitaph will say: "Here lies Spike, he died because he wasn't strong enough and he's a geek with an obsession with mythological fire-breathing reptiles."

"Okay, that's it," said Apple Bloom determinedly.


At that moment Apple Bloom hit Spike in the face with a large ice pack.

"Ouch," Spike groaned from the pain of the blow as he rubbed his face in pain, "That hurt."

"I'm sorry Spike, but you were freaking out," Apple Bloom apologized.

“And the ice will help you stop shivering,” Sunset Shimmer added.

"But it doesn't work like that," Twilight Sparkle said as she took the ice pack from her, "Give me that."

At that moment, Twilight placed the ice pack on Spike's head, unbelievably, the bag melted in a few seconds.

"Thanks," Spike thanked, "I needed that."

“Yes we notice that, I think you should relax sweetie,” Twilight Velvet told him.

"It's hard to relax when Rumble…" Spike said but was interrupted by Apple Bloom.

"And what if Rumble has physical strength on his side, and maybe he's braver, but don't let that stop you from advancing, because you're smarter, remember to enjoy this battle as you always do and you will triumph," Apple Bloom told him.

Spike smiled upon hearing his girlfriend's words, "Thank you, having you by my side makes me feel like I have a chance."

“It's because you have it,” Flash Sentry yelled from the stands.

“So go over to that beystadium and show the gray boy with the cool haircut who he's messing with,” Ember yelled from the stands.

“They are right, you are stronger than you think,” Night Light added.

Spike nodded and returned to the beystadium.

Celestia: Looks like the bladers have already been able to take their break.

Luna: So the show must go on.

Spike and Rumble approached the beystadium to decide once and for all the winner of the tournament.

The motivating words seemed to have an effect, since neither looked nervous, on the contrary, both had determined looks.

Spike took out Emerald Flame, but before placing it in his launcher, he looked at him, "Together we got this far, we'll be ready for anything."

At that moment, the Emerald Flame began to glow, Spike smiled as he witnessed the glow.

Rumble took out Cloud Slayer, just like Spike, he watched him, "No matter what happens, nothing will knock us down, you've been with me a long time, so I'll always fight by your side."

At that moment, Cloud Slayer began to glow, Rumble smiled as he witnessed the glow.

And at the same time Spike and Rumble spoke: "It's you and me against the world."

Hearing each other, the two of them giggled.

"I guess I should thank you Spike," Rumble said, "You make it more fun."

"I have many talents," Spike replied with a smile.

"Well, it will all end here, I will crush you as I crushed Button Mash."

"Don't compare me to Button Mash, I was the one who taught him how to play."

From the infirmary.

Button heard that and frowned, "Hey."

“Though that's true sweetie,” Cream Heart told him.

"Zeykamiff!," Button complained in a strange language when he remembered that it was indeed Spike who taught him how to play.

“Button, I was young too and I know you said something rude,” his mother told him.

"Oh rats."

At that moment Rumble placed Cloud Slayer in his launcher and began to take steps back, "Well if that's the case, then all I can do is wish you luck."

Spike smiled, "Same here, I wish you luck, because you're going to need it."

Celestia: The last battle begins, the countdown begins.

Spike placed Emerald Flame in his launcher and then adjusted the string, "Let's fight, Flame."

Luna: 3

Rumble was preparing to take his running shot, "It's time, buddy."

Celestia: 2

They both stood their ground, ready to give it their all, and unaffected by what they saw, Rumble saw strange bat-like wings on Spike's back, and Spike saw strange angel wings on Rumble's back, but being so focused on the battle, no one gave it any importance.

Both: 1

At that moment, Rumble began to run directly towards the beystadium, this time it was the most powerful since he left a huge current of air behind him, when he approached the beystadium he jumped as high as he could.

But what surprised him was that Spike also jumped as high as he could, so hard he ended up hurting his legs, "Gyahhh."

And suddenly the 2 bladers shouted:


Risking injury, Rumble ended up pulling too hard on the string that broke his launcher.

But what surprised him was to see Spike in the air doing the same thing, only he had a more unstable launcher, he was sent flying thanks to the terrible rebound effect of his launcher, "Ahhhhh."

“Spike,” his friends and family yelled as they watched Spike crash into a wall.


"Ouchh, don't worry Twilight, the launcher is still intact," said Spike who was pressed against the wall.

“Spike you idiot,” Twilight Sparkle yelled.

"I hope you know what you're doing," said Apple Bloom.

Rumble had fallen to the ground, but since he jumped too high, he didn't have time to stabilize.


"Ouch, my back," Rumble grumbled in pain as he fell onto his back.

But those risky throws had paid off as both beys landed in the beystadium with plenty of power built up and ready to unleash on their respective opponent.

"Very good Slayer, you did it."

"You did it too Flame," Spike said as he peeled off the wall and approached the beystadium even with all the pain he had in several of his bones.

The beys were going so fast that they used parts of the beystadium as if they were ramps and were lifted colliding in the air.

"Go Emerald Flame," Spike yelled.

“Give it your all, Cloud Slayer,” Rumble yelled.


The 2 beys collided in the air with a lot of power, sending the spectators reeling.

Luna: This battle is on another level.

Celestia: Almost at a divine level and it's just getting started.

The 2 beys kept colliding in the air, neither seemed to want to give up, but at that moment they landed separating simultaneously.

"Use Overdrive," Spike ordered his bey.

Emerald Flame was engulfed in flames and went straight for Cloud Slayer.

But Rumble reacted quickly, "Counter with Wind Blade."

And in the most graceful way possible, Cloud Slayer fended off Emerald Flame's attack with his own attack.


They collided at the same time and again separated.

"Grrr," Spike grumbled, as he began to think about what he could do, "The spinning zone."

"Flame, go to the spinning area," Spike yelled as his bey headed for that area.

“We won't fall for the same trick twice,” Rumble said, “Cloud Slayer, be ready to dodge any of his attacks.”

Cloud Slayer kept away from the spinning zone, he was spinning around it waiting for any attack from Emerald Flame.

"Spike's plan failed?" Sunset wondered.

"I doubt it, Spike knows that even if Rumble isn't the smartest, he wouldn't do something that foolish," Apple Bloom replied.

“I know he has a good plan,” Velvet added.

In the beystadium, Emerald Flame had taken over the center of the beystadium.

“So if you're not going to attack me, you're going to wait for my bey to stop,” Rumble said.

"I admit that was one of my plans," Spike replied, "but I think you figured it out."

"Of course I noticed and don't think you'll get away so easily because your plan failed, that mistake will cost you victory," Rumble said and then ordered his bey to attack, "Cloud Slayer use your new special move, Hurricane Blade.”

"Hurricane Blade?" asked Spike.

"That's right," Rumble replied, "Hurricane Blade, see the result for yourself."

Cloud Slayer began to spin around the beystadium at full speed, he was going so fast that he ended up creating a huge vortex of wind, but it wasn't a normal wind, Emerald Flame who was in the center of the vortex began to take damage.


"What the…" Spike said.


"Gyahh," Spike whined, "even I felt the pain."




Emerald Flame lost more stability as the gusts of wind hit it.

"It's time to act, we won't lose like this," Spike said and then ordered his bey to do his special move, "Flame, use the special move, Greed Overdrive."

At that moment Emerald Flame regained stability by being wrapped in green flames but in an uncontrolled way, the flames consumed the entire beystadium.

Celestia: The beystadium is in fire.

"Don't worry, Principal Celestia, it's a controlled hell," Spike assured her.

Suddenly the flames were consumed in the hurricane, creating a kind of hurricane of fire.

“GRRRR, CLOUD SLAYER, PUT THE FIRE OUT,” Rumble yelled with a frown.

At that moment, Cloud Slayer executed a maneuver in the air falling into the fire, which seemed to be the end of the battle.

But the hurricane began to weaken.

The flaming hurricane had vanished and only the 2 beys remained, but they had changed.

The 2 beys started to glow brightly.

"What's going on?" Rainbow Dash wondered.

“I'd say it's not scientifically possible, but I'd better not ruin the moment,” Twilight Sparkle said.

"Flame?" Spike wondered when he saw his bey.

"Slayer?" Rumble wondered as he saw his bey.

Emerald Flame finished glowing and now he had green flames, but spinning around him.

Cloud Slayer finished glowing and now had small sparkles of electricity surrounding him.

Celestia: This is amazing.

Luna: It seems that the beys have awakened a new power.

“AWESOME,” Spike and Rumble yelled at the same time.

"What do you say Spike, let's put on a show and at the same time show who the true champion is," Rumble told him with a determined smile.

"You don't need to ask me, it's obvious that Flame and Slayer are ready to go full force," Spike replied with a determined smile.

“Oh yeah,” Scootaloo exclaimed.

“Something epic is coming up,” said Apple Bloom.

“FLAME / SLAYER, ATTACK,” the 2 bladers yelled at the same time.


The 2 beys collided, but this time, the impact was so great that one of the gym windows broke.

"CLOUD SLAYER," Rumble yelled, as his bey lashed out at Spike's, driving him close to a trap.

"FLAME, RESIST," Spike yelled, so his bey managed to push Rumble's bey away from the trap.

“GO GET HIM,” they both yelled at the same time.


The 2 beys were sent to fly.

" THEY HAVE NOT DEFEATED US YET , " Spike yelled as Emerald Flame regained stability in the air.

“CLOUD SLAYER, SHOW HIM YOU CAN GET BACK TOO,” Rumble yelled as Cloud Slayer regained his footing.


And this time the 2 beys collided in the air, the clash was so strong that it shocked the spectators.

From the lightning and flames that emanated from those clashes, some no longer saw the 2 beys fight, some saw a baby dragon fight against a pegasus foal.

“DON'T GIVE UP,” Rumble yelled.

"YOU CAN DO IT," Spike yelled.




After several collisions, the beys looked like they were about to fall.

"IT'S YOUR CHANCE," Spike yelled.


And at that moment, both bladers shouted the name of their special attacks, "GREED OVERDRIVE / HURRICANE BLADE."

In the air, the beys executed their most powerful techniques, it was a great visual spectacle for the spectators, but what they realized later was that when they collided, they fell at a devilish speed to the beystadium as if it were a meteor falling down.

“Uh oh,” Spike exclaimed.

Luna: The beys will fall to the beystadium in a few seconds, what will it be...


And at that moment the 2 beys landed causing a huge explosion throughout the gym.

And at that moment, Spike with all his might shouted, "FLAME."

“SLAYER,” Rumble yelled with all his might.

The two of them focused their energy on that last attack.

The astonished cries of the spectators were heard, some fell from their seats, others were paralyzed when they saw that this explosion ended up destroying a large part of the beystadium, even destroying all the windows.

Even in shock the Principals remained professional in narrating the battle.

Celestia: Fortunately we have insurance.

Luna: The good thing is that it doesn't look like any bystanders got hurt.

Celestia: But where are the bladers?

Celestia asked that because there was a lot of dust which covered the central part so no one could tell how the bladers or their beyblades were doing.

"Oh no, what happened?" Scootaloo asked trying to brush away the dust.

"Please, may everything be alright," Apple Bloom worried.

After several seconds, the dust had cleared, and the bladers could be seen.

Spike and Rumble stood without saying a word, they saw that the beystadium was completely destroyed from the impact of the combined attacks.

Emerald Flame and Cloud Slayer were spinning in the only stable parts of the beystadium.

Celestia: The bladers seem to have given it their all.

Luna: But who will be the winner?

The 2 bladers continued to look at each other as their beys continued to spin.

But at that time.

Cloud Slayer started to stagger.

And as if they were connected, Rumble fell to his knees on the ground.

“Rumble,” Scootaloo yelled in concern.

"You did very well Rumble," thought his mother, Caring Hearts.

“You did your best little bro,” Thunderlane smiled.

Seeing that, all Spike could do was raise his arm in victory.

Rumble smiled, "Looks like it's all over."

Spike said nothing and let his friend continue.

"You did it Spike, I think I'm happy that it was you who defeated me, I would have been happy too if it had been Button, you proved that you are the strongest blader, you have the power of a dragon, thanks for fighting with me," spoke Rumble while Cloud Slayer was losing power, he was going to stop at any moment.

But Spike still didn't respond.

Rumble found that fact strange, he tried to get up but his legs were weak, "Spike?"

With all the pain in his bones, Rumble stood up, "AHGGHH."

He looked at Spike and covered his mouth with his hands at the condition his friend was in.

"No," Rumble said concerned, "Spike."

"What's going on?" asked Apple Bloom, "Why Spike doesn't move?"

Twilight Sparkle took out a pair of binoculars and focused her eyes on her little brother. Twi got scared when she saw him.

“No, no no no,” Twilight exclaimed with tears in her eyes.

"Twily what's happening?" asked her mother, Twilight Velvet.

"Its Spike, look," she handed the binoculars to her mother.

She looked at Spike and couldn't believe her eyes.

"Honey what happened to Spike?" asked Night Light who had approached.

"Spike," Velvet answered sadly, tears in her eyes, "He's not conscious."

"WHAT?" Night Light yelled, quickly he grabbed the binoculars "Lend me those."

As he approached Spike's face, he showed no expression, and his beautiful green eyes full of life, now they were eyes with a grayish green tone and lifeless, and although Spike was unconscious he was still standing with his arm raised.

"It can't be," Night Light said with tears in his eyes, "He's not even conscious and the only thing that keeps him standing is the power of his will and his desire for victory."

"Noooo Spike," Apple Bloom began to cry, "You fought until the end just for us to see how strong you have become, you already showed us, you showed us that you are the strongest blader, you can stop now."

Unable to hide her tears, Twilight Sparkle continued, "Spike, we've always been proud of you, you don't have to carry that weight."

Velvet and Night Light nodded tearfully.

In the stands, Ember, Smolder and Flash had been left in shock, equally worried about their little friend.

Even the cheerleaders in Rumble side also felt sorry that none of them could say anything, only Rarity was the only one who can talk.

"Noooo, my little Spikey-Wikey," Rarity cried.

"Spike..." Rumble was going to speak but he fell to the ground again because of the pain he felt.

And even though he was unconscious, Spike managed to get out a few last words, "Thanks for everything, Flame."

Immediately afterwards, Spike smiled and fell to the ground, closing his eyes but not losing his smile.


And when it fell to the ground, something happened in the beystadium.


Emerald Flame had Burst, disarming.

"No," Rumble thought but couldn't say anything because he fainted at that moment.

And Cloud Slayer stopped spinning.

Everyone in the beystadium was quiet, some sobs could be heard, clearly it was a battle that no one would forget even if they tried hard.

"SPIIIIIIKE," yelled and cried Apple Bloom with tears in her eyes when she saw her boyfriend fainted in the floor.

Even with sadness and pain, the Principals approached to declare the winner of the tournament, they saw the 2 unconscious bladers on the floor clearly they would have to take them to the infirmary.

"The winner is... Rumble."

Ep 45: The Dragon's End

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"Ouch, what happened to me?" Spike wondered as he opened his eyes, he felt that a few seconds ago everything had gone out, little by little he began to recover his senses, the pain in his bones was more than evident but he was too tired to complain, when his vision had faded, accustomed to the strong light, he realized that he was in the infirmary, he was on a stretcher, next to him, was Apple Bloom who had fallen asleep while sitting.

"Apple Bloom?" Spike wondered and even though he hadn't screamed, that was enough to wake her up.

As she woke up, Spike looked around and saw that his parents and Twilight were there.

"Spike, you're awake," Apple Bloom told him with a smile and a tear in her eye, "I was afraid the worst would happen."

Spike felt a bit guilty for overexerting himself to the point of worrying his loved ones, "Don't worry Apple Bloom, I hardly felt it."

Apple Bloom hugged Spike, the hug was so strong that he groaned a bit in pain, "Ouch Apple Bloom, I don't think my bones will get better if you break them again."

"I'm sorry," Apple Bloom apologized, "Just don't do something like that again without thinking about the consequences."

Spike nodded, the sound of their conversation reaching his family, "Is awake?"


His family reached out to him, just as Apple Bloom hugged him too tight.

“Spike, I'm glad you're okay,” Twilight Velvet said.

"How do you feel?" asked Night Light.

"Spike, how many fingers do you see?" Twilight Sparkle asked while showing 3 fingers of her hand.

"Hey, don't worry," Spike soothed, "I'm fine, I can't get knocked down that easily."

"Spike, you should be more careful with that launcher in the future," Twilight Sparkle told him.

"I admit I overdid it," Spike apologized, "but at least in that battle..."

Spike stopped, he began to remember just what had happened.

"Where is Emerald Flame?" Spike asked a little anxiously.

"Here it is," Apple Bloom handed over his beyblade.

When Spike took it, he definitely remembered that last battle.

“I…lost,” Spike said quietly as a tear formed in his eye.

"Spike," Twilight reached out to try to comfort him.

Spike squeezed her hand, not so hard to keep from disarming Emerald Flame, "I…"

More tears began to well up in Spike's eyes, he no longer concealed the fact that he was crying, "I, I didn't win, I gave it my all, I trained the best I could, I defeated powerful rivals and still it wasn't enough."

Neither Apple Bloom nor her family knew what to say, they just let him continue talking, they thought that the healthiest thing for Spike at that moment would be to vent.

Spike looked at Twilight, "I'm sorry Twi, you made that launcher for me and I couldn't use it right, I think I failed you, I wasn't strong enough."

"No Spike," Twilight said as she reached over to hug him, "You haven't failed anyone."

"But I..." Spike was about to continue, but Apple Bloom cut him off.

"Spike, you and Rumble literally turned this tournament from a simple game of spinning tops to something magical, you showed great performance, you even got hurt because of it, and yet you say you're not strong enough?"

"Apple Bloom."

"I'm not going to let you say those things one more time, because all of us in this room know how talented you are," Apple Bloom told him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Spike smiled and blushed.

“We all have days like this, Spike,” his father told him.

“And we are proud of what you have become,” his mother told him.

“Even when I said negative things about beyblading in the past, you never gave it up, you stood your ground and showed us all that you could achieve great things,” his sister told him.

"And I know this will sound weird, but what is Emerald Flame feeling?" asked Apple Bloom.

At the moment of asking that question, Spike felt the metal of his beyblade, it felt a little warmer, he couldn't describe it with words but he still tried his best, "Emerald Flame feels... Happiness."

"Exactly, he's happy to have you as his partner, and to have been able to have that beybattle," Apple Bloom told him.

Spike smiled, but he couldn't help but let go of his tears, he started to cry, but this time it wasn't out of sadness, but because he was grateful for the people around him who believed in him.

"Ouchh... ouch, that was the hardest battle I've ever had," Rumble's voice came out.

Everyone turned and saw Rumble and Button Mash arriving at the place, Button had already recovered, but Rumble had bandages on his arms and legs.

"Rumble, what happened to you?" Spike asked.

"You're not the only one who got hurt in the battle, ouch," Rumble replied as he groaned in pain, "I guess I shouldn't have bothered the dragon if I didn't want to face the heat."

"You did something dumber than that, you got into the sleeping dragon's mouth," scoffed Scootaloo who arrived at the place accompanied by Sweetie Belle.

“I admit that was a good one, but I don't think this is the time to make jokes about our hurt boyfriends,” added Sweetie Belle.

“Metaphorically, their battle made my pants burn,” Button Mash told them.

Sweetie Belle looked at him seriously.

“Sorry,” Button Mash apologized, “I couldn't take it.”

"Well, putting that aside, maybe I won, but boy, will it take years to recover from this experience," Rumble told him as he held out his arm to shake Spike's hand, "You're a great blader and a great friend, I hope to have a battle like this in the future.”

Spike smiled, wiped away his tears, and accepted the handshake, "Of course, and next time I'm not going to lose."

"Well, neither do I," Rumble replied.

“Umm, guys, one of you will have to lose,” Button told them, this made all three of them laugh at the same time.

“Just don't get hurt again in the next battle,” Twilight Sparkle told them.

"Good idea, maybe I need a launcher like yours," Rumble told him.

“I guess it's nice to be young,” Night Light said to his wife, listening to their conversation.

"So you say we are old?" Twilight Velvet replied.

"Umm, noooo?" replied Night Light, avoiding looking his wife directly into her eyes.

After several minutes, Spike and Rumble had already recovered a little bit, at which point they all decided to head to the gym where there was a podium in front of the beystadium.

At the bottom of the podium were Scootaloo and Button Mash who both wore bronze medals around their necks.

In the middle part of the podium was Spike who wore a silver medal around his neck.

And at the top was Rumble who wore a gold medal around his neck.

At that moment, the Principals entered, carrying a huge trophy, the top part was in the shape of a beyblade.

The entire gym broke out into a brilliant round of applause, not a single seat occupied as the audience all stood up to cheer for the tournament winners.

Spike, Rumble, Button and Scootaloo couldn't believe this was happening, as they looked around, smiling a brilliant smile at the many people in the stands, Twilight Velvet, Caring Hearts, Cream Heart and Windy Whistles were crying out in joy, while Thunderlane just smiled with pride at his little bro achievements, the other Crusaders were applauding for Scootaloo's performance, Gib, Button's older brother was watching the event from afar, he simply smiled at what his brother had achieved, Flash Sentry, Ember and Smolder gave Spike a thumbs up as he listened to the squeals of happiness from Twilight and her friends.

Celestia: Canterlot High Beyblade Grand Tournament is over.

Luna: The battles we witnessed were out of this world.

Celestia: And the 32 bladers showed their talent.

Luna: But only one of them managed to triumph over the others.

Both: Ladies and gentlemen, we present our champion, Rumble.

Applause was heard around, at that moment, the Principals handed the trophy to Rumble who kindly received it, but as soon as he took it, "Ahhhh."

The trophy was very heavy for him, logically, Rumble still had his arms tired and sore, since he still had his bandage, therefore, Rumble accidentally dropped the trophy.

"Watch out," Spike said as he caught the trophy, and at that moment handed it to Rumble, "Here Rumble this is yours."

"It's an honor to receive the trophy from another blader who also deserves it," Rumble thanked him as he did his best to keep the trophy in his broken arms.

"Someday, Rumble," Spike replied, looking up at the sky, "Someday."

Applause filled the gym again, but Rumble felt the applause from his friends louder, even more from those who were close to him, Spike, Button Mash and his girlfriend Scootaloo.

Several days later.

The Sparkle family was waiting in a car, everyone except Spike.

"Spike, hurry up, the party's starting any minute," Twilight Sparkle warned him.

To celebrate Rumble's victory, and the performance of the others, Pinkie Pie decided to throw a huge party at Sugarcube Corner, which almost everyone would attend.

Spike who was in the hallway of his house, was admiring a shelf full of medals and trophies, on that shelf were several trophies and many medals from 3rd to 1st place, some trophies were from science fairs and others were from sports, there were also some acknowledgments attached to the wall.

These belonged to Spike's siblings, who had earned them with their hard work, the only thing that belonged to Spike was a drawing award next to several Twilight science awards.

"At least, I managed to do what I could, and for that I'm happy with what I did," Spike said as he placed his silver medal on the shelf, which, for some strange reason, he felt stood out from the rest of the medals. and trophies from his older siblings, he simply smiled.

"Boy you did, Shining will be happy to see that," Twilight Sparkle told him as she approached, "What am I saying, he'd be happy even if you didn't get a medal."

"I'm sorry if we made you feel bad in the past," Twilight apologized as she hugged her little brother.

"There's nothing to apologize for Twilight, I've always loved you and Shiny," Spike said as he accepted his sister's hug and hugged her back.

Twi smiled as she shed a tear, after a few minutes, the two of them separated and headed to the car.

"Why did it take so long?" asked their mother.

"I was putting my medal up, with the other trophies," Spike replied a little embarrassed.

Night Light and Twilight Velvet smiled upon hearing that.

"That medal will have a special place, no matter where it is," his father told him to which Spike smiled.

“It's special, just like the blader who owns it,” Twilight Velvet added.

Spike felt something in his pocket, he quickly took out his beyblade and he could feel that warmth that he felt in the infirmary.

Emerald Flame was also smiling.

Sugarcube Corner.

When the Sparkle family arrived, they were greeted by Pinkie Pie.

"Congratulations," Pinkie said pulling a party popper along with everyone else, “The tournament runner-up has arrived.”

Upon hearing that, Spike received compliments from several of his classmates and other upper grade students.

Spike smiled though he was nervous about being overwhelmed by so many people as he walked through the party, though he was quickly able to find his friends seated at a table.

“Hey Spike,” Rumble greeted.

“Come here,” Button Mash greeted.

"Hello guys," Spike greeted as he sat down at the table, "I imagine you were gloriously received as well."

“Well, being the champion helps a lot,” Button replied as he took a sip of his milkshake, “And with my arms finally healed, it feels like a million bucks, I have to say that Cloud Slayer really shined in that battle, but he didn't as much as Flame.”

“I think I could get used to this,” Button added as he took a sip of his milkshake, “Now that I've modified my launcher, controlling Digital Debug will be easier.”

"Well, Twi modified my launcher to prevent me from getting hurt when using it, I think it will be very useful not only for me, Emerald Flame will have less pressure on her attacks," added Spike.

"Here Spike," Pinkie Pie approached as she handed Spike a milkshake, "Courtesy of the house."

"Wow, thanks Pinkie," Spike thanked.

The Crusaders were sitting at another table.

“Congratulations Scoots,” Apple Bloom congratulated her.

“You were the best of the 3,” added Sweetie Belle.

"Nah, I know you girls are just as capable as me," Scootaloo told them, "But don't worry, we'll train to beat our boyfriends in the future."

“Yeah,” all 3 girls said at the same time.

"Don't you feel like someone will kick our butts in the future?" Spike asked them.

The boys felt nervous hearing that question, but for some reason, they nodded.

“I can't believe Twi has taken a liking to this game,” Fluttershy said.

"I don't know if it was thanks to Spike or Flash," Rarity said.

“Probably a little of both,” AJ added.

“Yeah, this will make things really fun,” Rainbow Dash added.

"You said so RD," Pinkie Pie told him.

While Sunset Shimmer just smiled.

Twilight was having a beybattle.

Pinkie had set up a beystadium at Sugarcube Corner, and to continue learning the game, Twilight decided to challenge Ember, who had defeated Spike in the past.

But to make things interesting, it had become a tag battle.

Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry VS Ember and Smolder.

“You're doing great, Twi,” Flash told her as their beys spun around the beystadium.

“Okay, I'm doing it, I'm doing it,” Twilight was saying, but…


Her beyblade had burst.

"Ahh, not again," Twilight complained.

“Don't be discouraged Twi,” Ember told her as she and Smolder picked up her beys.

"Everyone learns at their own pace," Smolder told her, "And you're doing great."

"She's right," Flash told her as he picked up his bey, "A few more battles and you might even be able to fight even against the champion."

Spike and Apple Bloom approached, eager for a beybattle.

"Hey Twi, would you like to fight us?" Spike asked them.

"Sounds good," Flash Sentry replied.

Twilight smiled, "Sure Spike, it would be like a double date."

Flash smirked while Spike and Apple Bloom blushed beyond belief.

“Young love,” Twi and Flash laughed at the same time as they got ready.

“Okay, time to start,” but before they could start, there was a blackout.


The light was gone, causing minimal panic.

"Calm down, don't freak out," Pinkie Pie announced clearly freaking out a bit.

"What happened?" Spike asked.

"Maybe it was a fuse," Twilight said.

"Or maybe it was me," they heard a voice that Spike recognized.

"Oh no," Spike said fearfully, "He's here."

The light returned.

Spike looked around, but he didn't see anyone suspicious in the place, "Ugh, I think it was just my imagination."

But Spike looked at Twilight and she was in shock.

"Twi, what's wrong?"

Twilight didn't say anything, she just pointed to the roof of the place.

Frightened, Spike looked up and saw him.

"Enough running away, I WILL DESTROY YOU, HERE AND NOW," the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as he leaned against a chandelier on the ceiling.

“THE DARK CRYSTAL KNIGHT,” Spike's friends and Twilight's friends yelled in fear.

"The WHO?" Night Light and Twilight Velvet wondered.

He jumped and landed in front of Spike causing him to swallow hard.

At that moment, Spike knew he couldn't run anymore, he clenched his fists because he knew he was in a difficult situation.

Final Episode: The End of a Story, The Knight Against the Dragon

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The fun and joy that had set the party at Sugarcube Corner faded when the Dark Crystal Knight made his dramatic entrance, he had returned to defeat Spike once and for all.

The young green-haired boy was nervous and scared, but more because of the situation rather than the fear that the Dark Crystal Knight instilled.

"Enough running away, I WILL DESTROY YOU, HERE AND NOW," the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as he leaned against a chandelier on the ceiling.

“THE DARK CRYSTAL KNIGHT,” Spike's friends and Twilight's friends yelled in fear.

"The WHO?" Night Light and Twilight Velvet wondered.

He jumped and landed in front of Spike causing him to swallow hard.

At that moment, Spike knew he couldn't run anymore, he clenched his fists because he knew he was in a difficult situation.

"Spike," his father spoke to him, "who is he?"

"And why is he in a disguise?" asked his mother.

Spike swallowed, he hadn't told his parents about the Dark Crystal Knight for fear that they would worry, he didn't know what to say, he looked both ways to see if someone could help him, unfortunately Twilight was just as nervous, but at that moment, Apple Bloom approached him to calm him down.

At that moment, through the front door, all the bladers allied with the Dark Crystal Knight entered with the exception of Heath Burns.

"Hi Spike," Thorax greeted, to which Pharynx rolled his eyes.

"Hi Thorax," Spike greeted him back, even knowing he was on the wrong side, Thorax was already a friend.

“Hello handsome,” Cozy Glow and Adagio Dazzle said at the same time.

"Oh no, please not hers," Spike said nervously and scared.

“Great, only this was left,” said Apple Bloom sarcastically.

The last to enter were Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk, who winked at Rumble and Button Mash, which Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle did not like.

The situation couldn't get even more out of control, in that Apple Bloom approached Spike.

"Spike, I think it's time you were honest with your parents," Apple Bloom told him.

"Listen to your girlfriend and spit out the beans," the Dark Crystal Knight told him, "and do it quickly because I'm losing my patience."

Spike just lowered his head, although he didn't want to say it, he knew it was for the best, besides he couldn't find a better excuse to tell his parents that a cosplayer had been harassing him since the tournament started.

"Mom, dad, I have something to tell you," at that moment Spike began to explain to his parents everything that the Dark Crystal Knight had done, since he first appeared on the outskirts of Canterlot High to the last battle that Button Mash had against him, it went without saying that Night Light and Twilight Velvet were more than surprised.

"Well, I think that's all," Spike finished telling them, while his parents couldn't decide what was crazier, everything their son had been through those days or the tranquility with which he recounted all those events.

"Twilight, did you know about this?" Night Light asked his daughter, who sadly agreed looking down at the ground.

"Why didn't they tell us anything?" Twilight Velvet asked.

"Because I thought you gonna freak out, I didn't want you to worry," Spike replied.

“And I bet you didn't tell them for fear they'd ban you from beyblading,” the Dark Crystal Knight added.

"Shut up, you're not helping," Spike told him.

“I'm not trying to help you, stupid boy,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

"Whatever," Spike got fed up with talking to him, then he turned to his parents, "Mom, dad, I'm sorry, I should have told you a lot sooner."

There was silence for a few seconds, in those seconds that passed, Spike kept his head down, he expected any disapproval from his parents, he expected to hear that they were disappointed, but those words didn't come.

"Spike, we're not mad at you, we're not disappointed either," Night Light told him.

"Huh?" Spike's eyes snapped open, surprised by what his father told him.

“I admit this is all hard to process, but you told us everything you went through with your friends, who went out of their way to protect you,” Twilight Velvet added, “You really thought we were going to take all of that away just because of a lunatic with a mask."

“Okay, enough of making fun of my mask,” the Dark Crystal Knight interrupted, “what I decide to do with my outfit is my own business.”

"It's my problem too when you're dressed like a freaking final boss from some cheap RPG," Button Mash told him causing the Dark Crystal Knight to glare at him, this scared Button, "Sorry."

“And one way to return the favor to your friends is to defeat that guy,” NIght Light encouraged him.

Spike was touched that his parents were with him, supporting him even through everything that happened.

"You can do it Spike," Twilight Sparkle encouraged, "finish him off."

"Twilight," Spike said as he also heard his sister cheering him on, soon he heard the voices of all his friends in the room.

“Don't let him intimidate you,” Ember told him.

"Destroy it before he does," Smolder told him.

"You can beat him, the beyblade wouldn't be the same without you," Flash Sentry told him.

At that moment Rumble and Button Mash approached.

“You know how he fights, we know you can win,” Button Mash told him to which Spike nodded with a thumbs up.

"He won't destroy Flame, that's a fact, break his barrier," Rumble advised.

"I plan to," Spike replied determinedly.

"Today, the story will be different, this time it will be the Kind Dragon who will save the Princess from the Evil Knight," Apple Bloom told him.

"A good analogy, but the princess is..." Spike said but was interrupted by Apple Bloom who kissed him on the mouth, Spike melted into that kiss the moment their lips connected.

After a few seconds, they finished kissing, a thread of saliva formed between their mouths, Spike could only smile at Apple Bloom's response, "In case you didn't notice, I'm the princess."

Spike blushed like he was on fire.

“What a sweet moment,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he pulled out his launcher, “But stop putting this off and face me properly.”

Spike nodded seriously, to which Apple Bloom stepped back to give him space, he took out Emerald Flame.

“Spike, here, catch,” Twilight Sparkle yelled as she hurled Spike's launcher at him.

Spike jumped up and caught the launcher in the air, an action that impressed several onlookers, "Thank you sister."

The Dark Crystal Knight looked at him warily, clearly Twilight Sparkle had modified the launcher, "It will be a little more difficult than I anticipated."

"But just one question before our battle," Spike told him to which the Knight nodded.

"Why are you still interested in defeating me?" Spike asked, "I didn't win the tournament, I don't think I'm the blader you're looking to destroy."

The Dark Crystal Knight laughed, “You think I measure a blader's power based on his victories, you literally used so much power that even your beyblade exploded, your friend was just lucky his bey spin for much longer.”

Although Spike was flattered by the Dark Crystal Knight's comment for being impressed with his level, he became furious to hear him to insult Rumble, "I'm sorry but I have to ask you to retract, Rumble is just as powerful a blader as I am."

“Hehehe, you make me laugh, that's why I'll give you an alternate way to end this,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

Spike raised an eyebrow.

“I will spare your bey's life, I am not going to destroy it, I only ask you to renounce this, run away from here, but I will stay with Emerald Flame,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

Spike gasped, a feeling of anger taking over him, "No, I'm not going to run away, I'm not leaving my friends at your mercy and there's no way I'm going to give you Emerald Flame."

“How dare he,” Rumble and Button Mash said at the same time.

"Oh, aren't you afraid of me?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

"Of course I'm afraid of you, I can't deny that," Spike replied, looking down, but then he raised his head with a determined look, "But my older brother, Shining Armor, taught me a very valuable lesson."

"And what did he teach you?"

"That bravery isn't the absence of fear," Spike replied as he began to tie the string to the launcher, "It's our ability to act even with the fear surrounding us."

The Dark Crystal Knight frowned.

"And if it means you stop infecting the beyblade world, then I'll stop you, even if I fear you," Spike finished as he slotted Emerald Flame into his launcher.

“If that's the way it will be,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied placing Crystal Barrier on his launcher, “I guess I'll have to take it off you, when I defeat you.”

Spike and the Dark Crystal Knight got into battle stance.

"If you don't mind, I'll be the referee," Thorax announced as he placed himself in the middle of the two, "This will be a battle like the ones in the final of the tournament, the first blader to get 3 points will be the winner."

The 2 agreed.

“3 points,” Smolder said, “Interesting.”

“This could be good for Spike, he can have a wider margin of recovery,” Ember added.

And at that moment, the countdown began.


“It all ends here,” Spike said as he prepared himself.


“Show me your strength, little one,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he braced himself.


"Spike, win," he heard his family's voice, Spike smiled.

And at that moment, Thorax shouted:


The 2 launched their beys to the beysatdium and at that moment they began to spin.

Emerald Flame took advantage of the moment to circle around Crystal Barrier.

"Be very careful, Flame," Spike said, "Avoid centered blows."

“I see you learned from your friends,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him, “But it won't be enough, Crystal Barrier.”


With considerable speed, Crystal Barrier struck Emerald Flame.

"Ahh, I didn't anticipate that," Spike said.

“The Dark Crystal Knight is playing a bit of offense,” Button Mash said.

“Spike will have to think about it, when to attack and when to dodge,” Rumble added.

Emerald Flame kept spinning, avoiding contact with Crystal Barrier.

"Grrr, you want a fight," said Spike who was already losing his cool, "Well, you'll have a fight."

“No Spike,” Twilight Sparkle yelled.

"He's just provoking you," Apple Bloom yelled.

But it was already late, Emerald Flame was going straight towards Crystal Barrier.

“Crystal Barrier, activate your shield,” the Dark Crystal Knight ordered.

Crystal Barrier created a kind of force field which pushed Emerald Flame.

"Dammit," Spike complained, "I fell into his trap."

He looked at the beystadium and realized that the Emerald Flame was losing energy, it would soon stop spinning, "Come on Spike, think."

But something caught his attention about Crystal Barrier, he saw that it was in the center.

"Wait a minute, maybe," Spike thought, and then a smile spread across his face, "I've got it."

The Dark Crystal Knight raised an eyebrow at his face, quickly seeing the beystadium, he saw that Emerald Flame didn't dare to attack him, he just revolved around Crystal Barrier, it seemed strange to him until he thought of something, “Wait, perhaps he wants to lock me in a vortex.”

The Knight looked at Spike who simply smiled as if he had the battle won.


Crystal Barrier began to chase after Emerald Flame.

"EMERALD FLAME, RUN," Spike yelled.

“You will not escape,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him, “Strike him, Crystal Barrier.”

Crystal Barrier approached from behind Emerald Flame, he was going to attack him, but at that moment…


Emerald Flame had disappeared, which surprised the Dark Crystal Knight.

"Where is he?" he asked himself.

“Twilight, look,” Apple Bloom pointed out, seeing Spike's bey feat.

“Incredible,” Twi replied in amazement.

Spike chuckled, "Behind you."

Emerald Flame had appeared behind Crystal Barrier.

“Barrier, watch out,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"FLAME, ATTACK," Spike yelled and at that moment.


Crystal Barrier was hit so hard that he was thrown out of the beystadium.

"Grrr," the Dark Crystal Knight glared at Spike.

Spike smiled at his reaction, "Don't underestimate me."

“Ring Out,” Thorax announced, “One point for Spike and Emerald Flame, 1 – 0.”

"Yes," Spike celebrated, "That's how things are done at home."

Rumble and Button Mash gave a thumbs up in approval.

"Very well done Spike," Apple Bloom encouraged.

"That's right, you tricked him," Twilight Sparkle added.

“Way to go son,” said Night Light.

“Keep it up,” Twilight Velvet yelled.

“Sounds like it was worth doing a little digging,” Smolder said.

“He even investigate his opponent in the heat of battle,” Ember added, “That takes a lot of bravery.”

"And so he got the point," Flash Sentry said, but then turned to a serious look, "But it's too early to celebrate, Spike won't use that same tactic a second time because it won't do him any good."

"You're right," Rumble approached, "That lost the element of surprise."

“But the Dark Crystal Knight must not lower his guard either,” Button Mash added.

At that moment, the Dark Crystal Knight picked up Crystal Barrier, he looked at Spike and smiled, although no one could tell from the mask he was wearing, "Not bad at all, but you'll need more than cheap tricks if you want to take us down."

Picking up Emerald Flame, Spike looked up at the Knight with a determined smile, "That's right, we know this trick won't work again, but we don't worry, because we'll end everything in the next battle."

“So you say you intend to beat me with a Burst Finish,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, “Too much arrogance for someone so small.”

"I told you not to underestimate me, that includes my height," Spike said as he glared at him, at which point he slotted his bey into his launcher.

The Dark Crystal Knight followed suit, “Then prove me wrong.”

"Next battle, the countdown begins," Thorax announced.


Spike wrapped the string around the launcher.


The Dark Crystal Knight stretched out his arms and got into a battle stance.


Spike got into a battle stance.

And at that moment, Thorax shouted:


Spike jumped up and with all his might, yanked on the launcher's string, launching Emerald Flame into the beystadium.

The Dark Crystal Knight yanked on the launcher's string with all his might, launching Crystal Barrier into the beystadium.

The 2 beys landed.

"Crystal Barrier."


At that moment Crystal Barrier attacked Emerald Flame.

"Grrr," Spike grumbled with a frown.

“I go on the offensive so fast?” Rumble wondered.

“This is bad,” Button Mash said, “With that, the Dark Crystal Knight changed his strategy.”




Crystal Barrier kept hitting Emerald Flame, which drove Spike crazy.

"Flame," Spike yelled.

"Hehe, what's up Spike," the Dark Crystal Knight sneered, "Are you too cowardly to attack?"

At that moment, Crystal Barrier took the center of the beystadium, which Spike didn't care about.


"No, Spike," Apple Bloom yelled.

“He's just provoking you again,” Twilight Sparkle added, but Spike seemed to ignore her warnings.

“ATTACK,” Spike yelled.

“You fell for it,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, “Crystal Barrier, activate your force field.”

At that moment, Crystal Barrier created his force field while Emerald Flame went straight towards him engulfed in green fire.

But Spike smiled, "Did you really think I was that dumb?"

"What?" the Dark Crystal Knight wondered, and at that moment, Emerald Flame avoided the collision, “What the?”

“I knew you would activate your shield at the moment of my attack,” Spike stated, “but you left your rear unprotected.”

"Damn, how did you find out?" the Dark Crystal Knight wondered.


At Button Mash's house a few days before, was the trio of bladers who reached the highest in the tournament.

“I can say that for my battle,” Button Mash said.

“You say you have a theory that the Dark Crystal Knight's bey shield has a weak point,” Spike said.

“I can assure you,” Button Mash stated, “if he protected his rear, it would mean something.”

"I remember that, in my battle, my most powerful attacks were to his back," Rumble said, "I think that would be his weak point."

Spike smiled as he received help from his friends.

"I can't believe it, Spike tricked him again," said Apple Bloom.

"And we were afraid of that fool," Twilight Sparkle said, "He might look powerful, but he clearly doesn't seem to be planning any good strategies."

"Forgive me for doubting you Spike," Twilight Sparkle said to herself, remembering how easy it was to tease her little brother in the past, "You've really grown up."

Back to the battle.

"NOW FLAME, ATTACK IT FROM BEHIND," ​​Spike yelled as his bey began to attack the force field.


Crystal Barrier began to wobble.

“NOOO, THE SHIELD,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled.

And in that moment…

The sound of a bey bursting was heard.

"Nice," Spike said, clenching his fist.

"You did it Spike," Rumble celebrated, "You beat it."

“And the icing on the cake, is that you beat him so easily,” added Button Mash.

But something weird happened, they heard giggles coming from the Dark Crystal Knight bladers.

“How foolish,” Pharynx sneered.

“As if Mr. Knight falls for it that easily,” Aria Blaze added.

So they understood the situation.

"Wait, oh no, his armor," Rumble said.

"Hehehe, do you think you've won?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

"What?" Spike wondered as he looked at the beystadium, Crystal Barrier was still spinning, while his ring was separated from him, "Oh no."

"What happened there?" asked Twilight Sparkle.

"It didn't beat him," Apple Bloom replied, "That just made him lose his armor."

"Oh please," Twilight Sparkle complained, "That can't be legal."

"That's right," Twilight Velvet added, "He's cheating."

"Unfortunately," Spike replied, "It's a legal move."

“They need to update that rule book,” said Night Light.

“I have to admit, you really did scare me,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him, “And I can't forgive that.”

"Damn," Spike said, a little scared.

“Crystal Barrier, special move,” the Dark Crystal Knight ordered, “Armor Strike.”

At that moment, Crystal Barrier went to where his ring was and caused it to bounce, and worst of all, the direction it bounced, was headed for Emerald Flame.

"Run away from there, Flame," Spike yelled in desperation.

Unfortunately, Flame didn't manage to escape in time and was caught in the middle of Crystal Barrier's attack and his ring.


"Flame," Spike yelled as he saw his bey take that quick attack.

"Finish him, Barrier," the Dark Crystal Knight yelled, there his bey hit Spike's so hard that the latter burst.

Spike was speechless.

“Burst Finish, 2 points to my lord and Crystal Barrier, the score is now 1 – 2.”

"Well done my lord," Pharynx celebrated, "One more point and the bey is yours."

“Oh Golly,” Cozy Glow exclaimed, “My lord never ceases to amaze us.”

“It was so fast I could barely see it,” said Adagio Dazzle.

Spike collected the pieces of Emerald Flame and put it back together.

"You knew that Crystal Barrier had an armor," the Dark Crystal Knight told him, "But I bet you didn't know that it could be used as a weapon once it was released."

Spike gritted his teeth, "I knew you might have tricks up your sleeve, but don't think you can intimidate me with that, you can pull off all the tricks you want, damn it, even if your bey fired laser beams, it would still fight."

"Laser beams, that wouldn't be a bad idea," the Dark Crystal Knight wrote that last on a notepad.

"And it's true that you might have a good bey with a too good special move," Spike continued, "But I can still win, that spinning armored shield won't get the better of me."

“Yeah Spike,” Button Mash said.

“That's how you talk,” Rumble added.

"Do you really think that?" The Knight said as he placed his bey on his launcher, "That means you haven't contemplated the true power of Crystal Barrier."

"Neither have you contemplated the true power of the Emerald Flame," Spike replied as he placed his bey in his launcher, when he did, he quickly wrapped the string around it.

"If all is well, then time for the next battle," Thorax announced, and at that moment, the countdown began:




And at that moment, Thorax shouted:


Spike jumped up and with all his might, yanked on the launcher's string, launching Emerald Flame into the beystadium.

The Dark Crystal Knight yanked on the launcher's string with all his might, launching Crystal Barrier into the beystadium.

The 2 beys landed perfectly.

Spike watched Crystal Barrier, he was relieved to see that she had taken center, "He is playing in defense this time."

"My lord, are you sure that is a good idea?" asked Pharynx.

“Yes,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied, “Let's see how powerful he is, if he wants to win, he will have to pass through the shield.”

"Go for it, Emerald Flame," Spike yelled as his bey went straight for the Dark Crystal Knight's.




Emerald Flame was hitting Crystal Barrier, who was unfazed by those attacks.

“It's useless, your attacks have no effect on my shield,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"Please," said Apple Bloom, "make it all right."


Emerald Flame kept attacking but Crystal Barrier's shield was too strong.

“TIME TO COUNTER-ATTACK, CRYSTAL BARRIER,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as his bey managed to push Spike's bey to the edge of the beystadium, “IT'S TIME TO DESTROY YOU.”

"GYAHHHH, NOW, FLAME," but Spike didn't give up and used that attack as some sort of booster.

"What the hell?" exclaimed the Dark Crystal Knight.

"GREED OVERDRIVE," Spike yelled, at that moment, Emerald Flame was covered in even greener flames and headed towards Crystal Barrier.


Emerald Flame managed to hit Crystal Barrier so hard, to the point of breaking through the shield.

“AHHHHH,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as he watched his bey being sent flying.

"AND DON'T THINK WE'RE DONE," Spike yelled.

At that moment, Emerald Flame rushed towards Crystal Barrier, and hit him a second time, finally knocking him out of the beystadium as the sound of a beyblade Burst was heard.

“IT'S IMPOSSIBLE,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as he saw his defeated bey.

Emerald Flame landed in the beystadium, he kept spinning, Spike (Who was tired from using his maximum attack) smiled and looked at the Dark Crystal Knight with a winning smile, "How you like that."

Needless to say, all the viewers were shocked.

“Damn, I guess it's all over,” Adagio said.

"But he still gonna pay us, right?" asked Sonata.

“She said it's over,” Aria replied.

“My lord,” Pharynx said in disbelief that the Dark Crystal Knight was bested like that.

After a few seconds of processing, Spike's friends smiled and celebrated.

“NICE,” Button Mash yelled.

“YOU DID IT DRAGON BOY,” Rumble yelled.

“GOOD ATTACK SPIKE,” his parents yelled.


"HE WON'T BE ABLE TO TAKE YOU AGAIN FEEL..." Twilight Sparkle yelled but was interrupted by Thorax.

"It's too early to celebrate, you should check the condition of Crystal Barrier."

"What do you mean Thorax?" Spike asked, but as he got closer, he understood what Thorax was referring to.

"I couldn't burst Barrier," Spike said to himself when he saw Crystal Barrier outside the beystadium with his ring out of place, "All I did was take his armor off, again."

“Ring Out, 1 point to Spike and Emerald Flame, tying the score at 2 – 2,” Thorax announced.

“I knew my lord would not go down without a fight,” Cozy Glow said.

"He's very strong, although that boy is giving him a fight," said Adagio Dazzle, "besides being handsome."

“For the first time Adagio, you and I agree on something,” Cozy Glow replied.

"Ahhh, too bad," Apple Bloom said, "Spike already had him on the ropes."

"Don't worry Apple Bloom," Twilight Sparkle reassured her, "That's good news."

"She's right," Rumble said.

“It means he can still beat him,” Button Mash added.

“That was close,” the Dark Crystal Knight said furiously as he picked up the pieces of his bey, “I have had enough of you, either join me, or die.”

"Die?" Spike asked a bit surprised.

"Sorry, that was a poor choice of words, but basically something similar, only you would still be alive," the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

Spike frowned, "I'd rather be dead than betray my friends, including Emerald Flame, so come on old man, get ready for the final battle."

“You'll see that tough-guy façade will be gone soon,” the Dark Crystal Knight threatened as he placed Crystal Barrier into his launcher slot, “When I'm done with you, you won't touch a bey in your life again for the fear I've will cause on you.”

Spike simply placed Emerald Flame in the slot of his launcher and wrapped the string around it, he looked at him with a defiant look and said only one thing, "Bring it on."

"Final battle," Thorax announced, "To your positions."

And the countdown began.


Spike started to brace himself, bent his knees to take his leap.


The Dark Crystal Knight flexed his muscles and then placed his hand on the string to make his strongest launch.


"For my friends, for my family, and for the beyblade," Spike jumped as high as he'd ever taken, "We'll show you what we're capable of, Flame."

And at that moment, Spike and the Dark Crystal Knight shouted:


“HAAAAA,” the Dark Crystal Knight yelled as he launched his beyblade.

“GYAHHHH,” Spike yelled as he launched his beyblade into the air, but didn't think of a way to land, “Oh no, I jumped really high, AHHHHHHH.”

"AHHHHH," Twilight Sparkle yelled as she saw that Spike was about to land where she was.


Spike landed on top of Twilight.

"Ouch," Spike groaned, "Sorry about that sis."

“Its okay bro, ouch,” Twi groaned in pain, “It's not like this is the first time this has happened to me.”

At that moment, the 2 beys landed in the beystadium.

"Now, go get him," Spike said to Emerald Flame, who headed for Crystal Barrier.

“Stop it with your shield,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, at that moment, Crystal Barrier generated the force field that made Emerald Flame repel.


"Overdrive," Spike yelled as his bey engulfed itself in green fire and charged towards Crystal Barrier.

“Everything you do is useless, you can't beat me,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as his bey took the impact of Spike's bey.

“Interesting,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

"Keep it up," Spike yelled as Emerald Flame continued to slam into the force field.




The blows did not stop, which made the Dark Crystal Knight lose his temper, "Grrr, you don't understand, you insolent."

"DON'T GIVE UP SPIKE," Spike heard the voices of his friends and family encouraging him, he smiled as he heard them, "We won't give up."

“You have good people supporting you,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, “but that doesn't change anything, it won't change the outcome of this battle.”

"We'll see about that," Spike said, "GO FOR HIM, FLAME."

"DESTROY IT, BARRIER," the Dark Crystal Knight yelled at the same time Crystal Barrier changed back to the offensive,

"FLAME," Spike yelled.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH,” the 2 bladers yelled at the same time.

And in that moment…


A huge explosion went off in the beystadium, and throughout Sugarcube Corner, causing all the spectators to stagger from the impact.

When the impact ended, the beystadium was observed, the first thing that was seen when the smoke cleared, was Crystal Barrier, who still had the force field, and the Dark Crystal Knight standing as if nothing.

However, it was not the same in Spike's case, he was on the ground, as if he had lost the battle, since Emerald Flame seemed to be staggering.

Seeing that, the Dark Crystal Knight sneered, "I told you that you would not be able to defeat me and yet you fought with everything knowing that you were going to lose, that you hoped to win with this."

"A blader doesn't run from a battle, even if it's a losing battle," Spike replied, unable to get up, "Grr, and I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's too early to celebrate."

"What?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

At that moment, he looked at Crystal Barrier and could feel it, the force field was gone, "Oh no, the barrier is broken."

"NOW FLAME, GYAHHHHH," Spike yelled as he stood up, his arms and legs aching, but he couldn't help but feel emotion.

With her last strength, Emerald Flame went straight towards Crystal Barrier.


“FULL POWER FLAME, SPECIAL MOVE, GREED OVERDRIVE,” Spike yelled, and at that moment, both beys collided with each other.

And several spectators claimed to see a knight in white armor with black parts, fight against a purple dragon with green spikes.


“GYAHHHHHHH,” the two of them yelled, but Spike was the one who suffered the most from feeling pain.

Another explosion went off, and at that moment, Spike gave one last command to his bey, "DO IT NOW FLAME."

At that moment, Emerald Flame hit Crystal Barrier so hard.

Managing to get him out of the beystadium to the amazement of the Dark Crystal Knight.

“Incredible,” was all the Dark Crystal Knight could say as he saw his bey outside the beystadium and Spike's bey still spinning in the beystadium.

Thorax took a few seconds to process, but finally announced the final result, "Ring Out, by the score of 2 – 3, the winner is Spike."

"I, I won..." thought Spike who couldn't believe his ears, after a few seconds of processing it, all he could do was raise his fist in the air in victory.

And quickly, Sugarcube Corner was filled with cheers for their champion.

“THAT WAS AMAZING SPIKE,” the Sparkle family yelled, proud of their son/little brother.



"Rumble, Button..." He was going to continue but Spike was interrupted when they approached him, accidentally hitting him and because of that the three of them fell to the ground.


"Ouch, you don't think I've been hurt enough today," Spike told them.

“A hero doesn't complain about pain,” they replied, the 3 laughed after a few seconds.

"SPIKE," Apple Bloom yelled as she came running over.

"We'd better give him his space," Button and Rumble ran out of the room, allowing Apple Bloom to pounce on Spike.


"Ouch, my bones," Spike groaned again in pain, but he didn't care too much anymore, especially with his girlfriend nearby, "Apple Bloom, tell me I won and I'm not dead."

"You won Spike, you won," replied Apple Bloom with tears in her eyes, "I knew you would make it."

At that moment Apple Bloom gave Spike the longest kiss she could give, who totally melted in the kiss.

After a few seconds they broke apart to catch their breath, Spike spoke, "Thank you, Apple Bloom, for everything you've done for me."

Apple Bloom smiled as Spike wiped away her tears.

"Good job Spike," Ember told him.

"I won't be able to recover from that," Smolder added, then she turned to Ember, "We must train a lot more to be stronger than him, don't you think sister?"

Ember nodded.

"You did very well, Spike," Flash Sentry told him.

"Thank you guys," he thanked them.

Spike got up and saw his family approaching.

“We never doubt you,” Night Light said.

“We always knew you would achieve great things,” Twilight Velvet said.

"Mom, Dad," Spike said with tears in his eyes.

"And most importantly, you stood your ground, you defended your ideals and you won, I'm proud of you brother," Twilight Sparkle told him.

"Sister," Spike was no longer hiding his tears of joy, and at that moment, he was embraced by his family.

Meanwhile, with the Dark Crystal Knight.

He had stared at his bey, expressing no emotion.

His companions watched him without knowing what to do or say.

"My lord," Cozy Glow reached out to try to cheer him up but was surprised by a laugh coming from him.

“Hahahaha,” the Dark Crystal Knight laughed but not in an evil way, it was a sincere and warm laugh.

His companions were definitely speechless, they had never seen their leader with a defeat, but they never imagined what his reaction would be and they definitely didn't imagine it would be one where he laughed happily.

“Hehe, I guess that's all,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, taking out envelopes from his pocket and handing them to his companions, “Here's your pay for the help you gave me.”

They all took an envelope which contained a lot of money, they were grateful.

"Thank you very much my lord, but what are you going to do now?" asked Cozy Glow.

“Yes, your goal was to defeat that boy,” Pharynx added.

"But now..." Thorax said but was interrupted as the Dark Crystal Knight approached Spike.

"Hey Spike," he called, getting his attention, Spike looked a bit intimidated but listened, "That was a spectacular battle."

"I must say, I had fun, even though you were threatening me," Spike said with a smile.

“Hehe, about that,” the Dark Crystal Knight said with his hand on the back of his neck, “That was not my intention.”

"Your intention was to destroy me?" Spike asked.

“Not either, nothing sinister,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

"Then why did you do all those things that haunted Spike?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

“It was a test, though I admit I did overdo it,” the Knight replied.

"A test?" Spike asked.

"There is a bigger tournament in the future, one that promises to be even more intense than this one, the company that organized it assigned me to test you and your friends, to see if they were worthy of being participants in that tournament," the Knight replied, "It's called, the Umbrum Tournament."

Everyone was surprised to hear of a possible new tournament.

“And I must say, you passed,” the Knight told them, “all of you Canterlot bladers have been admitted.”

Those words caused a great impact and emotion in the bladers present.

"A new tournament."

“Definitely go inside.”

"This will be fun."

"Wow, who would have thought, but why did they send you specifically for me?" Spike asked.

The Dark Crystal Knight chuckled, "I guess it's time to show you."

The Dark Crystal Knight began to remove his mask.

At the time of taking it off, it revealed the face of a white-skinned young adult with long blue hair, with a regal appearance for any woman to consider him handsome.

Spike and Twilight were shocked beyond words, speechless for a few seconds, but Spike managed to blurt out a word, "It's you."

"It's good to be back," said the blue haired man whom Twilight and Spike seemed to know.

“SHINING,” Twi and Spike yelled at the same time who hugged him very tightly.

“I've missed you both,” he hug them back.

“It can't be, Shining Armor, you were the Dark Crystal Knight,” his parents said.

“Yes I was,” Shining told them.

“We've missed you too,” Twilight said with tears in her eyes.

“I'm glad to see how much you've grown,” Shining Armor told them.

"Everything has been so different without you," Spike said with tears in his eyes.

"Spike who is he?" Ember asked.

"He's my older brother, Shining Armor," Spike replied.

"He was always the Dark Crystal Knight?" Apple Bloom asked.

"It was too obvious, didn't anyone else know?" added Pinkie Pie.

"I'm proud Spike, you really are strong," Shining told Spike.

"Shining, thank you," Spike replied with tears in his eyes, knowing that everything he went through was not in vain.

Several days later.

There were Spike, Rumble and Button Mash on the roof of the school, they had a determined look.

"The Umbrum Tournament," Spike said as he held up Emerald Flame.

"Where great bladers compete," Rumble added as he held up Cloud Slayer.

"And where the challenges will be greatest, I can't contain my excitement," said Button Mash as he held up Digital Debug.

"Are you ready," Shining Armor asked them, he stopped wearing his Dark Crystal Knight gear.

"Yes, Coach Armor," the three boys said at the same time, as they embarked on a journey that would bring many emotions to come in the Umbrum Tournament.

And so, this story ended, with the promise of a great tournament and the reunion of a dear older brother, what challenges would await Spike and his friends in the future, it doesn't matter, because they would be ready to face them.