• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 43: The Grand Final, Wind VS Fire

In the gym.

All the spectators were excited, because in just half an hour they would witness the final battle between the 2 most powerful bladers in the tournament.

But their own families were the most excited.

“This is fascinating,” Night Light said excitedly, “Spike was able to make it this far.”

“Soon we will have a new champion,” Twilight Velvet added excitedly.

“I wouldn't be sure,” Caring Hearts interrupted them, she was smiling, “Because my son will be the ultimate winner.”

"Oh really?" Velvet smirked, "You don't know the things Spike can do."

“I'm sure Rumble will have new things to show for it as well,” Caring Hearts replied.

Twilight Sparkle was going to interfere, she knew how competitive her mother could be, especially when it's a family matter, but she found it strange to see that Rarity was accompanied by Caring Hearts, she was carrying a strange bag.

"I can see that you are both very excited," Rarity told them with a smirk.

"Rarity, what is this about?" asked Twilight Sparkle.

"Well, all this excitement has given me a lot of inspiration and I'd like to capture it," Rarity replied, further confusing Twilight.

"Sorry, but I don't understand you," Twilight Sparkle said.

"Just follow us, you too Mrs. Sparkle, I think you'll like what I have planned," Rarity told her.

Confused, mother and daughter decided to follow Rarity.

In the boys' locker room.

Spike was changing his clothes, due to the effort he made, his clothes were already very sweaty, while he put on his shirt, he began to think about what his final battle would bring him.

"Everything will be decided now, no matter what happens, I have to win."

“Wow, looks like you've made some progress,” Rumble told him, also preparing himself.

"What are you talking about?" Spike asked.

"That you've gotten over your nerves," Rumble replied, "Do you remember how terrified you were when the tournament started?"

Spike swallowed, he did not expect Rumble to see him in that state.

"It gave you stage fright, in a way it was funny."

"Hehe, that's something I try to forget," Spike chuckled.

“I don't think you want to forget it, you'll need the laugh on your side when I'm became the winner of this tournament,” Rumble replied.

Spike smiled, "Well, you can forget about that, because you're in the presence of the future champion."

"Well, it would be funny to see a champion without pants," Rumble told him.

Spike looked down and realized he hadn't put his pants on yet, "Ahh, geez."

Quickly Spike had already secured his pants, "You think you're so funny?"

"Say that to your pants," Rumble replied.

The two looked at each other seriously, 30 seconds passed and neither of them looked away, but after that moment, Spike and Rumble began to laugh.


"What was that?"

"I don't know, it's something cliche I commonly see in shonen anime."

Then they both stopped laughing and smiled.

"Let's push ourselves in this last battle," Rumble said to Spike as he offered his hand for a shake, "For Button."

Spike smiled and accepted the handshake, "We'll do our best for Button."

“We will not allow his death to be in vain,” Rumble added.

"I'M NOT DEAD," Button Mash yelled from the infirmary causing Spike and Rumble to giggle.

In the infirmary.

Is it necessary to stay in bed? I feel better now,” asked Button Mash who was lying on a bed.

“I'm sorry Button, but we need to make sure you're really okay and I need to remember that you passed out just a few minutes ago,” Nurse Red Heart replied.

“It makes sense to me that you listen to the nurse, sweetie,” Cream Heart added.

“But I don't want to miss my friends' battle,” said Button Mash.

“Don't worry about it Mashy,” Sweetie Belle replied, “They're streaming it on the Canterlot High website.”

"Really?" Button quickly took his cell phone, entered the school website and sure enough, the battle was going to be broadcast online, "Great, I'm not going to miss it."

Cream Heart smiled, she was glad every time she saw her son so excited to see his friends.

In the sewing room.

There were the Mane 7, Caring Hearts, and Twilight Velvet.

"Rarity, tell me this is a joke," said Twilight Sparkle, who was blushing, "Should we really wear this?"

"Believe me," Rainbow Dash replied, "You're not the only one who has objections to all of this."

"I don't see what the is problem," Rarity replied, "Don't you want to support them?"

"Well yeah," Twilight Sparkle replied, "But wearing these outfits."

“It's a bit embarrassing,” Flutteshy added.

"Girls, remember that Spike and Rumble need our full support, we need to cheer up for them," Rarity told them.

Twilight Sparkle sighed, "Okay, I'll do this if it's to cheer up my little brother."

“I don't know why you look so worried Twi, I like these outfits, they make me feel younger,” Velvet added.

“I can't believe Rarity volunteered to do this, she's amazing,” said Caring Hearts.

"You gave me the idea, Miss Hearts," Rarity said, "I just decided to put my talent to good use."

In the halls.

Spike and Rumble headed to their respective corners, waiting for the announcement so they could go inside and have the final battle.

They listened to the voices of the principals.

In the gym.

Celestia: This day will be one that no one will forget, our first Beyblade tournament was a success, 32 bladers participated, but only one can be the champion.

Luna: And that is the title for which our 2 remaining bladers will fight, the strongest in the tournament will give us their 100% to obtain the trophy, they have a powerful spirit, Spike and Rumble.

Celestia: Then to your positions and we'll start the show, in the red corner, the blader with the power and heart of the dragon, Spike.

Spike came around the red corner with a big smile on his face, "It's time."

"Do your best Spike," Smolder encouraged.

"You better win," Ember told him.

"Come on Spike you can do it," Flash Sentry yelled at him.

"Yeah son," yelled Night Light.

He advanced while listening to the encouragement of the people, the strangest thing is that he saw his father in the stands but there was no sign of his mother and sister, "Where will they be?"

Spike reached the center of the gym.

Luna: And in the blue corner, the blader faster than a bullet, Rumble.

Rumble came around the blue corner with a determined smile on his face, "It's all or nothing."

"Come on bro," yelled Thunderlane.

"Don't embarrass me by losing," said Soarin.

"YEAHHH," yelled Bulk Biceps.

He advanced while listening to the encouragement of the people, the strangest thing is that he only saw his brother in the stands but there was no sign of his mother, "Maybe she's in the bathroom."

Rumble made it to the center of the gym, meeting Spike again face to face.

"Rumble, did you notice our mothers are gone?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, it's very weird," Rumble replied as he turned to the stands, then he realized something, "Wait, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom aren't there either."

Spike turned around and there was no sign of his girlfriend, "Ok this doesn't make sense, we know Sweetie Belle is with Button in the infirmary, but where are the others?"

Rumble nodded, but then he saw something coming from the same red corner that Spike had entered, he smiled and started to laugh, "Hehehe, Spike, I think you should turn around."

"What's so funny for…" Spike said as he turned around but when he saw what Rumble was referring to he stopped talking, by which time he had blushed.

From the red corner had entered Apple Bloom, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Pinkie Pie and even Twilight Velvet, who were wearing cheerleading outfits.

"What the…" Spike said in surprise.

Celestia: Looks like the cheerleaders have arrived.

"Alright!" Pinkie turned to the other cheerleader girls, "Let's cheer with all our hearts."

"I hope Spike likes my performance," thought Apple Bloom.

"I couldn't agree more with you Pinkie, let's do our best girls," Velvet said very excited, "For my son."

"Mom," Twilight said sheepishly, "Oh that's fine."

“Fight Spike, win the battle,” the cheerleaders sang, some like Twilight Sparkle embarrassed, but others like Pinkie and Twilight Velvet enjoying it, while Apple Bloom and Sunset did a good job.

"Wow," was all Flash could say when he saw Twilight dressed like that.

"I bet you wish you were in Spike's place," Microchips told him.

"I won't deny that I'd like to see Twilight in that outfit for me," Flash Sentry replied, "But I don't know how I'd feel if I saw my mother wearing it too, poor Spike."

Seeing his girlfriend wearing that kind of outfit made Spike hold his nose in case he got any nosebleeds.

"Wow, Apple Bloom looks really cute, but seeing my mom and sister in those outfits brings me mixed emotions," Spike thought.

While Rumble couldn't stop laughing, "Looks like you have cheerleaders, Spike, and one of them is your mom, hahaha."

"Do you think it's fun?" Spike asked sarcastically.

"I won't deny that it is," Rumble replied.

Spike stared at Rumble with a frown, but a few seconds later a smile formed on his lips, "Looks like I'm not the only one who has cheerleaders."

Rumble's pupils dilated upon hearing that, he turned around and realized that Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and even Caring Hearts had entered the blue corner, wearing cheerleading outfits.

Luna: Looks like more cheerleaders have arrived.

"Thunders and lightnings," Rumble exclaimed in shock, he clearly liked seeing Scootaloo wearing that outfit, but he felt a bit embarrasing to see other girls like Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Applejack cheering him on, and seeing his mother dressed like that was not something he could describe.

“Alright girls, time to move the pom-poms,” Caring Hearts told them to which they nodded.

"Remind me why I'm doing this," Fluttershy said nervously.

"Because Rainbow asked you to," Applejack replied, "And besides, that outfit looks better on you than it does on us."

“I agree,” Rainbow Dash replied, “and I only did this because of Rarity who designed the outfits just for us and because Scoots begged me.”

“I'm very grateful Rainbow, Rumble will be very pleased,” Scootaloo said.

“Sure it will be, let's get started,” Caring Hearts told them.

“Come on Rumble, Burst this battle,” the cheerleaders sang, but the only ones enjoying it were her mom, AJ, and Scoots, it seemed like Rainbow Dash would rather be anywhere at the moment, while Fluttershy was doing her best even with his shyness.

"Wow, Scootaloo," Rumble thought as he covered his nose, "But they didn't have to overdo it."

"It's still a nice gesture," Spike told him, "Surely this was Rarity's idea."

To which Rumble smiled, "I think so, they care that much for us to do this."

"So we have to give our all in battle," Spike said.

“Only then will we make their cheers count,” Rumble added.

Luna: Looks like our bladers are ready.

Celestia: If that's the case, then to your positions.

Spike and Rumble took out their beys and launchers, the two of them placed the bey in the launcher's slot, Rumble began to take a few steps back while Spike began to tie the string of the launcher.

Luna: The last battle of the tournament will begin in…

Celestia: 3

Rumble was placed a few meters away from the beystadium.

Luna: 2

Spike mentally prepared himself not to suffer from the recoil caused by his launcher.

Both: 1

Rumble sprinted towards the beystadium while Spike threw his best launch.

And all the students shouted:


Rumble upon reaching the beystadium jumped and managed to launch his beyblade.

Spike pulled the string so hard that a small green flame sprang up as he threw it.

The 2 beys fell to the beystadium.

Cloud Slayer landed like a plane, but Emerald Flame bounced back.

"Failed to launch?" Rumble thought, but then he caught Spike's look, who didn't seem to be concerned.

At the moment when Cloud Slayer would hit Emerald Flame, Emerald Flame dodged it with one of his bounces.

Rumble frowned, he had already realized what Spike was planning.

Spike smiled, "We got it, go ahead Flame."

Celestia: Incredible, Emerald Flame dodged Cloud Slayer.

“Nice one Spike,” Apple Bloom said while moving her pompoms.

“But of course, dodging that way he can go for Cloud Slayer without expecting a counter,” Twilight Sparkle said.

“Hey, now's not the time to talk, pick up those pom-poms and wave them,” said Sunset Shimmer.

Bloom and Twilight nervously complied.

“Good thinking Spike,” Velvet yelled as she waved her pom poms like there was no tomorrow.

“Hit with your full force,” Spike said to his bey, “Flame, use the Overdrive.”

Emerald Flame surrounded herself with green flames and went straight to attack Cloud Slayer.

“Grrr, Cloud Slayer,” Rumble yelled at the top of his lungs, and at that moment his bey spun around so he could face Cloud Slayer.

"Whoa, how did he do that?" asked Rainbow Dash who still had her pom poms in the air.

"Must have been overtrained, just look at him," Scootaloo pointed out to Rumble who seemed to have lost energy making his bey perform said action.

"Tschh, who knew Spike would force me to use such a risky technique in the first battle," Rumble thought while feeling a pain in his neck.

“Wind Blade,” Rumble yelled making his bey perform its special move, which collided with Spike's bey special move.


The 2 beys collided, neither seemed to have the advantage, until Rumble yelled, "SLAYER."

Cloud Slayer began to overpower Emerald Flame.

"Oh no," Spike said.

And in that moment.


Emerald Flame was taken out of the beystadium.

"Flame," Spike yelled, but the moment Emerald Flame was in the air, it burst causing Spike's eyes to go wide.

Rumble smirked as he picked up his beyblade.

“Yeah Rumble,” Rainbow and Scoots celebrated at the same time.

“My son is very strong, I don't know what they expected,” Caring Hearts said proudly.

"Oh no," Apple Bloom said as she saw that Spike's bey had lost the first battle.

"Come on Spike, don't give up," Twilight Velvet said nervously.

But Twilight Sparkle smiled, "Wait, this was Spike's plan."

"What do you mean Twi?"

“He intentionally drained Rumble this round, he didn't even use his full power since he wasn't affected by the recoil, if Spike stays that way, he'll be victorious,” Twi replied.

Hearing that, the cheerleaders on Spike's side smiled.

Celestia: Burst Finish.

Luna: 2 points for Rumble, the score goes 0-2 in favor of Rumble.

Celetia: Rumble only needs one more point to win the tournament.

Luna: Which won't make Spike's situation any easier.

But Spike didn't seem worried, he was smiling, he rearmed his bey, "Nice attack buddy, the plan worked, now we just have to make it stronger."

Rumble rubbed his shoulder at the effort he made and looked at Spike, “We have the advantage, but I think we fell into his trap, he made us work too hard in the first fight so that we're weak in the next one, but that won't stop us.”

Spike just shot a determined look at Rumble, who frowned.

"I shouldn't have underestimated it," Rumble said but then he smiled, "But I think this will make our battle even more fun, well played dragon boy, a bit of a dirty but clever trick at the end."

Rumble and Spike stared at each other with victorious smiles, ready for the next battle.

Author's Note:

We reached the final battle of the tournament, who will be the winner?

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