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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 40: New Powers Unlocked

Things seemed to be going well for Spike, he had managed a Burst Finish, thanks to that, he took the lead.

However, things didn't turn out so easy, due to all the pressure applied, Spike's launcher had broken.

"This doesn't look good at all," Spike thought through gritted teeth.

“No Spike,” Button Mash said, “Tell me you have a spare.”

"Certainly not with me right now," Spike replied, then turned to the Principals, "Will I have time to replace the launcher?"

“We can give you 15 minutes, if you don't get a launcher by then, you'll be disqualified,” Principal Celestia told him.

"Well, I guess that's fair enough," Spike said, at which point he ran off.

“I hope you do Spike, I really would hate to win like this,” Button Mash said to himself.

“Spike has it tough,” Flash Sentry said.

“I could lend him my launcher,” Apple Bloom added, “but I guess it wouldn't be the same.”

"I hope Spike is lucky, do you think he'll make it Twily?" asked Twilight Velvet.

But when she did not receive an answer, she realized that his daughter was not there.

"Twily?" asked Night Light, "Where did she go?"

Spike was in his locker, he opened it and it had several simple launchers.

"Okay, which one should I use," Spike thought.

But it was there for a long time, he quickly looked at his phone and realized that 8 minutes had already passed, "Ahhhh, it's useless, I guess I'll take this one and hope I have a chance."

"Spike," he heard a voice, turned around and realized that Twilight Sparkle was coming towards him.


"Spike, did you manage to get a launcher?" Twilight asked.

“Yes,” he showed her the launcher, “Luckily it was in my locker.”

However, Twilight was concerned, she had recently become a blader, but she knew that Spike couldn't do much with a basic launcher.

"But Spike, I don't think you can launch with full power using that one."

"I know," Spike replied, "but I don't have a choice, it's this or lose."

At that moment, Spike was going to go to the gym but was stopped by Twilight Sparkle.

"No Spike," she stepped in front of him, "You have a choice."

"Huh?" asked Spike who was confused.

Twilight smiled, she began rummaging through her bag, "I was thinking of giving it to you when the tournament was over, since it's only a prototype, but I think you need it right now."

Spike couldn't believe what he was seeing, from her bag, his sister had taken out a purple launcher with drawings of green flames, which seemed to be a String Launcher, "Holy Guacamole, Twilight, is that for me?"

"That's right, analyzing your play style, I decided to build you a launcher that fits you specifically," Twilight replied smiling, "I wasn't a good sister before, I didn't support you in this, so let me support you now, let me give you the chance that you show the world what you're made of, bro."

Tears began to well up in Spike's eyes, who couldn't stop smiling, "Twilight, I… I don't know what to say."

"How about Let it Rip," Twilight suggested.

At that moment Spike approached his big sister and gave her the biggest hug, "Thank you Twi, for everything, and don't think badly, I've always known you're a great sister."

"Dawww Spike," Twilight hugged him back.

Back in the gym.

There were 5 minutes to go and Spike wasn't there.

"Where will it be?" wondered Apple Bloom, "If he doesn't make it on time..."

“He will arrive,” Flash Sentry told her.

Meanwhile the Principals were counting down the remaining time.

Luna: 4 minutes.

Button Mash was nervous, "Spike, you'd better hurry."

But at that time.

Spike appeared with a determined look and with the new launcher in his hand.

Celestia: Looks like Spike made it on time.

Luna: And not only that, he managed to get a new launcher, and from its design, it seems that it will perform very well.

Button Mash smiled, "I see you got a new one."

"Yeah," Spike replied, then pointed to the stands, "You can thank Twilight."

Twilight had returned to her seat.

"Where were you Twily?" asked her mother.

"I had to take care of certain things," Twilight Sparkle replied.

But Flash realized something, the launcher that Spike had in his hands swore he had seen it before, "How curious, I would swear I had seen a design like that on your computer."

Twilight smiled, "Heh, you got me."

"Twi, that launcher, did you design it?" asked Apple Bloom.

Twi nodded as her parents smiled.

"You're a great sister, Spike is lucky to have you," her father said to which Twi blushed.

“I see,” Button Mash said, looking over to where Spike's family was sitting, “I see she tried really hard to do it, the question is, will it be enough to withstand your power?”

"You bet," Spike replied as he moved into a battle stance.

Celestia: Now that Spike got a new launcher.

Luna: I think it would be time to continue the battle.

But at the time, Spike was having trouble, which didn't go unnoticed.

"How I use this?" Spike wondered when he saw that the design of the launcher was a bit strange, the string instead of being located inside, it was mostly loose, making launching the bey difficult, Spike didn't know what to do, of course there was a slot, but he didn't know what to do with the string.

Celestia: Spike, everything is right.

"Yeah yeah," Spike replied as he looked at the launcher, "Wait a minute."

Spike then used his phone to call Twilight.

Twilight's phone rang, she answered, "Spike?"

“Hehe, I think I forgot to ask you, how do I use this launcher,” Spike said.

"Oh right, I forgot to tell you, sorry, I should have been more clear."

Twilight began giving instructions to Spike, "You see that protruding part next to the string, that's where you'll put the string, you'll wrap it through it, like a classic spinning top, when you go to launch it, you should untangle the string with all your strength.”

"Oh, I get it," Spike said as he tangled the string around the protruding surface, "Nice, a little primitive, but just as efficient, if not better."

“That is an interesting launcher,” thought Button Mash, “this is going to be tough.”

Luna: I think we can continue now, are you ready?

Button Mash and Spike nodded.

Celestia: So let's start the countdown.

Luna: 3

Spike slotted Emerald Flame into his launcher and got into a battle stance.

Celestia: 2

Button Mash placed Digital Debug in the slot of his glove and got into a battle stance.

Both: 1

Spike braced himself, clenching his fists to keep from letting go of his launcher and prepared to jump, while Button Mash began pressing the buttons on his glove launcher.

And suddenly all those present shouted:


Spike jumped up, pulled the string with all his might and launched Emerald Flame into the beystadium.

But in that something happened that nobody expected, at the moment of pulling the whole string, Spike was shot by the recoil.

“AHHHH,” Spike yelled as he was shot towards the gym wall, the impact serious as it left cracks in the wall.


"SPIKE," Apple Bloom yelled in concern.

"Oh no, what happened?" asked Nightlight.

"No, I'm a fool," Twilight Sparkle thought worriedly.

Button with a lot of force in his right arm, launched Digital Debug into the beystadium.

But quickly Button was going to approach Spike, clearly worried about his friend, "Spike are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Button," Spike said, recovering himself, "Just a slight pain."

"You call that a slight pain?" Button Mash asked worriedly, “You literally went flying and hit a wall.”

"Hehe, Ouch," Spike laughed as he rubbed his back, "Trust me, this isn't the first time this has happened to me and from experience I can tell you that it won't be the last."

Button's jaw dropped.

"Hey, don't get distracted, remember we have a beybattle," Spike said pointing to the beystadium.

The 2 beys were spinning in the beystadium.

Button decided to focus on the game.

Digital Debug began to jump while Emerald Flame spun at full speed.

But Spike was surprised as Emerald Flame was spinning too fast, to the point that he couldn't control it.

"Emerald Flame watch out," Spike yelled as his bey avoided one of the traps.

“Digital Debug, jump,” Button Mash ordered his bey which dodged the uncontrolled attacks.

"Oh no, what did I do?" Twilight wondered.

"What do you mean Twilight?" asked Apple Bloom.

"When creating a launcher like this, I don't consider the power of the launch, it makes the bey move faster and have more power, but now that I realize it, it also makes it difficult to control."

"And by using so much power?" Flash Sentry asked.

"It can cause a horrible recoil that could hurt the blader," Twilight replied tearfully, "How come I didn't consider that?"

"Does that mean Spike..." Apple Bloom wondered.

"ATTACK, EMERALD FLAME," Spike yelled as Emerald Flame went to attack Digital Debug.

But at that time.

Emerald Flame began to lose control, which Button Mash noticed.



Digital Debug managed to hit Emerald Flame which landed outside the beystadium.

“Ooops,” Spike said as he saw his bey outside the beystadium.

Luna: Ring out.

Celestia: Button Mash is the winner, with that he ties the score, 2 – 2.

Luna: The next battle will decide which of the 2 bladers will advance to the final.

Everyone present was thrilled by Button's victory and was now looking forward to the battle that would decide his fate in the tournament.

“Very good Button, keep it up,” Sweetie Belle encouraged.

“That's my baby,” Cream Heart yelled.

Button smiled, he had managed to tie the game, but there was something else that worried him.

"Spike, are you okay?" he asked his friend, who had picked up his beyblade.

Spike smiled, "Of course I'm fine, in fact, I find this new launcher challenging, which some would upset, but not me, my big brother told me that I possessed the power of a dragon, so I hope you will fight with all your strength in this last round, because you're going to need it, Button."

Spike slotted Emerald Flame back into his launcher and then entangled the string again.

But at that moment her cell phone rang again, it was Twilight.

"Spike, I'm sorry, it's my fault you lost."


But Twilight continued, "I designed that launcher poorly, I didn't expect its power to cause painful recoil."

"Twilight, it's okay, I…" Spike said but Twilight cut him off again much to his frustration.

"Oh no, how are you, tell me that your hearing still works, how are your bones, that crash must have been..."

But this time Spike interrupted her by yelling, "TWILIGHT, SNAP OUT OF IT."

“Ahhh, too loud.”

"Twilight, don't worry, it's actually fun," Spike told her.

"But Spike, you could get hurt," Twilight told him.

"Don't worry sis, I just have to throw better, do you remember what Shining said about me?"

Twi smiled as she remembered her big brother's words, "That you have the power of a dragon."

"Exactly, that's why I'm not going to give up, I'm going to give my all in this beybattle or I'll die trying."

"Spike," Twilight yelled in fear.

"Okay, I won't die trying, geez," Spike hung up.

“Looks like you're ready,” Button Mash told him.

“More than ready, I'm going for the gold,” Spike said, pointing his launcher.

“Then I'll have to stop you, because victory will be mine,” said Button Mash who began pressing a rapid combination of buttons on his Power Glove Launcher.

Celestia: The spirit of a blader has no limits.

Luna: We wish you the best of luck, but now it's time for the countdown.

Celestia: 3

Luna: 2

Both: 1

And this time, only Spike and Button Mash yelled:


Button with all the strength in his arm, threw his beyblade into the beystadium, this time he did it to the point of causing him pain again.

“Gyahh,” Button groaned as he rubbed his arm.

While Spike, gave a small jump, this time recognizing the power of his new launcher, however this did not stop him from launching with power, at the moment of launching his beyblade, Spike was again the victim of the painful recoil, but managed staying upright and firm using all his strength, this time he avoided colliding with the wall.

"Ahhh," Spike grumbled as he resisted the recoil by staggering back a bit.

"Come on Spike," Apple Bloom yelled.

“Come on Button,” Sweetie Belle yelled.

“Go for him, Spike,” Twilight Velvet yelled.

“Finish him, Button,” Cream Heart yelled.

This time, the 2 beys were moving at a fast speed, but they both managed to maintain their posture and spin to their best.

“Come on Digital Debug,” Button Mash yelled, his bey going to hit Spike's, but Spike dodged.


"Nice one Flame," Spike said with relief.

“Ok, new plan,” Button Mash said as he pressed more buttons on his Power Glove Launcher.

Digital Debug began to move in a different way, deflecting, this deflection made him head towards Emerald Flame, hitting him.


"Flame," Spike yelled as his bey was saved from falling into one of the traps.

“We know you're fast, and unpredictable, so we will be too,” Button Mash told him.

Spike frowned, Button was really serious.

"Emerald Flame, surround the beytadium," Spike said.

His bey began to spin around the beystadium.

Button Mash frowned, "That won't work for you."

“Attack,” Spike said as Emerald Flame broke his move to collide with Digital Debug, who couldn't dodge due to the illusion of speed the green flame bey created.

“Gahh,” Button felt tired from so much effort, but he stood his ground, “We won't give up.”

"Neither do we," Spike replied, looking exhausted.

Button Mash smirked, "I wouldn't be so sure about that."

Spike gulped at that, it could only mean one thing, "You'll do your special move."

"Exactly," Button replied and began to make movements with his glove.

Button raised his gloved arm 2 times, "Up, Up."

Then he lowered his arm 2 times, "Down, down."

Then, he moved the glove to the left and then to the right 2 times, “Left, Right, Left, Right.”

And to finish, he closed his fist and punched into the air, “B, A, SPECIAL MOVE, VICTORY CODE.”

Afterwards, his beyblade turned almost entirely red and started spinning to the left.

“Reverse rotation,” Spike yelled.

"You and your 30 extra lives code don't scare us," Spike said and suddenly began to think, "It's going to be very difficult trying to unbalance Digital Debug, even with my special move, but there's one I could try."


"Rainbow, I'm not sure that's a good idea," Spike said a little doubtfully.

"Spike, it's literally a powerful attack, and I'm saying this from experience, what's the worst that could happen?"

"Hurting one of my friends," Spike replied, "That could happen."

"Spike, we can help you control it," Scootaloo told him, "A blader shouldn't be afraid of a possibility and you won't grow if you think that way."

"Rumble told you that right?" Spike asked to which Scootaloo nodded with a blush on her face.

"Okay, just promise you'll stop me if something bad happens," Spike told them to which Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo nodded.

Twilight Sparkle reached out to comfort him, "Don't worry bro, you're not alone in this."

<End of Flashback>

"It's now or never, I hope it works out," Spike said as he watched his bey being absorbed by the power of Digital Debug, "Emerald Flame, get ready, it's time to apply what we practiced."

Button Mash worried, "What is he talking about?"


“It can't be,” said Button Mash.

Celestia: Luna, maybe that's the attack he used in his first fight.

Luna: That's right sister, but this time it looks different, I don't know how to explain it but…

Celestia: You don't feel there is evil in the attack, do you?

Luna: That's right.

Emerald Flame was wrapped in a green fire which looked more extensive and the shade of green was more prominent.

"Please, let everything go well," Twilight Sparkle said, worried about her little brother.

“DIGITAL DEBUG, SHOW YOUR MAXIMUM POWER,” Button Mash shouted as his bey braced itself for any hit.

"GYAHHHHHHH," Spike yelled as Emerald Flame approached, "NOW FLAME."

At that moment a great collision was heard and all the students were surprised to feel the strong impact of the 2 beys.


“AHHHHHHHH,” Spike and Button Mash yelled at the same time as their beys collided.

But at that moment, Emerald Flame couldn't bear the impact and was thrown out of the beystadium, “FLAME, NOOOOOOO.”

"It can't be," Flash Sentry said.

"No, Spike," Apple Bloom worried.

While Twilight Sparkle had remained motionless, still surprised by the result.

Velvet and Night Light knew that this would be hard for Spike, but they were equally proud of him for everything he had gone through to get to where he was.

“You won Button,” Sweetie Belle yelled.

“You did it,” Cream Heart yelled.

“YEAH,” Button Mash yelled, as he watched Spike's bey come inches above the ground.

But at that time.


“What the…” Button Mash said in surprise.

His bey had Burst in that instant.

Even Spike was surprised.

Almost everyone present had gone silent, unsure who had won until Celestia decided to speak.

Celestia: The winner is…

Luna: SPIKE.

"I, I won?" wondered Spike who had clearly seen his bey outside the beystadium.

But his doubts were dispelled when the video of the replay was shown, in which Digital Debug could be seen to Burst a second before Emerald Flame hit the ground.

"I won," Spike said, then Spike celebrated, "I did it."

“Sure you did,” said Button Mash who had fallen to his knees, “It was an intense battle, but you proved your superiority, I hope you don't disappoint me in the final, dragon boy.”

Spike came over and helped him up, but it was difficult for him, since he was also exhausted, "I hope they give me a break before it comes to that, because you didn't give me an easy time, Button."

"And I didn't mean to," Button smirked.

"Thanks for that Button," Spike said as he offered his hand for a handshake.

To which Button agreed, "Next time, I won't lose."

"Me neither," Spike replied.

Luna: A big round of applause for our bladers, who gave their all for this spectacular display.

Applause could be heard in the gym, the whole public was moved.

"I must admit you surprised me," Rumble thought, "It would be fun fighting you Spike."

“Button did very well,” Sweetie Belle told Cream Heart.

She nodded with a smile, "He has worked hard and fought with everything, I'm so proud of him."

“That was a great battle, it was so exciting that…” said Apple Bloom who was very close to the edge of the stands and at that moment, she slipped, “…Whoa.”

“Apple Bloom,” Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo yelled in concern, they tried to get closer but it was too late.

"Got you," said Spike who had managed to catch Apple Bloom before she fell to the ground, he caught her and carried her in bridal style.

"Hi," was all Spike could say as he realized it was the first time he had carried a girl like that.

"Congratulations on your victory," Apple Bloom told him as she kissed him on the cheek, "And you can put me down now, I just fell, I didn't get hurt."

Spike blushed beyond power, he had no words, he just smiled the strongest.

Button left, went to his locker to which Sweetie Belle followed him.

While Spike's family celebrated.

“He did it, our baby did it,” Velvet said with tears in her eyes.

“He's not a baby anymore, Velvet,” Night Light told her.

"You did it Spike," Twilight Sparkle said, "But the battle with your friends isn't over yet, now you must face Rumble in the final round, not an easy battle, but I know you can do it."

Author's Note:

And that was the semifinal of the tournament, you can imagine that the next battle will be the last, but this story still has 4 more battles left, I hope you enjoy them.

And if you have trouble imagining Spike's Launcher, just check out Daishi's new Launcher in Beyblade G Revolution episode 43

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