• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 31: I Will Protect My Friend

Author's Note:

I'm sorry this episode was so short, but I have other fics to update, still I hope you enjoy it.


The sound of metal beys colliding echoed in the arena.

The next battle of the quarterfinals was taking place, the chosen bladers were displayed on the screen on the ceiling of the gym.


It was a fierce battle between Scootaloo and Trixie, the 2 were giving everything to emerge victorious.

“You're so strong Scootaloo,” Rumble encouraged her from the stands.

"Dude, I think you're the one yelling the loudest," Spike said, covering his ears.

“Yeah, you haven't even yelled like that for us,” Button Mash stated as he also covered his ears.

“Come on, Squirt,” Rainbow Dash cheered from the stands, “Take out that second-class witch.”

"Hey who said that?" asked Trixie who turned around and heard Rainbow Dash, "At least I'm still in this tournament, Rainbow Crash."

"Oh, you want to fight," said Rainbow who was preparing to head to the center of the gym, "I'll hit you so hard you'll land on Las Pegasus."

"Hold your horses Rainbow," Applejack stopped her, "You can't fight here."

"Why not?" Rainbow Dash asked.

“For 2 reasons, violence is not allowed,” AJ told her.

"And the other reason?"

“You'd be setting a bad example for your little sister,” AJ replied as she pointed at Scootaloo, who was watching intently.

"I guess you're right, all I can do is cheer her up," Rainbow said and then yelled at Scootaloo, "SCOOTS, BEAT HER FOR ME."

“As you order,” Scootaloo responded with determination.

The beys kept spinning in the beystadium and at that moment Scootaloo's bey, Xtreme Raptor, was hit repeatedly by Trixie's bey, Illusion Master.



"Hehe, sorry brat, but you are no match for the Great and Powerful Trixie."

"You don't know all my tricks, I suggest you be careful, because there will be no mercy," answered Scootaloo with a smile.

“You're just trying to scare me, but it won't work. Because not only am I the Great and Powerful, I am also the Unscareable Trixie….” Trixie answered but was interrupted by a sound.


“AHHHH,” Trixie yelled as she saw her bey stagger.

“Relax unscareable Trixie,” Scootaloo told her, “because that wasn't my final attack.”

“Uh Oh,” Trixie said knowing she was in trouble.

"XTREME RAPTOR, USE YOUR CLAW TWISTER," Scootaloo ordered her bey which began to spin uncontrollably.

"ILLUSION MASTER, QUICKLY DODGE HIM," Trixie ordered her bey, who generated a kind of smoke screen and disappeared.

“You're not going to fool me anymore,” Scootaloo said as Xtreme Raptor began to clear the smoke.

She saw through my illusion, Trixie thought.

“NOW,” Scootaloo yelled, and at that moment, Xtreme Raptor hit Illusion Master with incredible force and speed.

And in that moment.


Illusion Master did Burst exploding and disassembling into 3 pieces.

“Oh Nuts,” Trixie exclaimed.

Celestia: Burst Finish.

Luna: The winner with a score of 3 – 1 is Scootaloo.

“Yay, I win,” Scootalo cheered.

The 7 mane applauded in the stands, they were all happy, but Rainbow Dash stood out among the 7, she was proud of her little sister.

"Very well done, Squirt, you managed to secure a place in the semi-finals."

“Thank you Rainbow,” Scootaloo thanked and then she turned to the pews when she heard her name being called.

“Well done Scoots, even I didn't see that attack coming,” Rumble encouraged.

"Rumble, she's 8 feet from us, not 30," Spike said, still covering his ears.

“You don't have to yell so loud,” Button Mash said with his ears covered.

Luna: With that we conclude today's battles.

Celestia: So we will announce the next bladers.

The students were thinking, only Flash, Rumble, Button and Sweetie were left.

At that moment, the screen showed 2 images announcing the bladers that would fight in the next round.


"Us," Sweetie Belle said looking at Button Mash, "means only one of us will get through to the semi-finals."

“Sweetie, I, I....” Button was going to say but was cut off.

"Button don't worry about me, you taught me very well, I even think too well, so don't go easy on me or you'll regret it for life," Sweetie Belle told him determinedly.

Button was relieved that Sweetie had such a competitive spirit, "Thanks Sweetie, let's have the best battle."

“I sure do,” Sweetie replied, then kissed Button on the cheek.

Button blushed and smiled, "I'll never get enough of this."

“I know you don't,” Sweetie responded with an equally flushed face.

"Dawww, the two of them look so cute together," Rarity said, looking into the distance.

“It looks like this tournament will have another love battle,” Sunset Shimmer said.

“If Spike can do it, I think Button has a chance, too,” Twilight Sparkle added.

In the halls of the school.

There was the Dark Crystal Knight along with Pharynx.

“Here it is, this is Spike's locker,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, pointing to a locker.

"Is this really necessary?" Pharynx asked him.

"He beat Thorax, that's enough for me," the Dark Crystal Knight replied, "Besides, it will only be a one point battle."

“I see,” Pharynx replied.

"Do you have the letter?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

“Here it is,” replied Pharynx, handing over an envelope, he opened it and the following could be read:

Spike, it seems that you and your friends have defeated almost my entire army, I must let you know that I have never received such a humiliation in my life, but I am a fair guy, so I have a proposition for you that I don't think you want to refuse, after classes come see me i'll be in the junkyard we'll play a one point beybattle, if you win i'll give up my plan and you'll never see me again but if i win everything will stay the same and you and your friends will still be watched by me.

PS: And come alone.

“Ok, there doesn't seem to be any flaws in my plan,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he returned the letter to the envelope and placed it in Spike's locker.

After that, the Dark Crystal Knight and Pharynx left the place.

1 hour later in the junkyard.

Pharynx and the Dark Crystal Knight were at the junkyard just as they had agreed.

"Classes should be over by now," the Dark Crystal Knight said, "He should be here soon."

But Pharynx was looking at him with a doubtful expression.

"What?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

“A junkyard? really? Let me guess you picked this place?” Pharynx replied with another question.

“What's wrong with it? It's private,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

“This is a place where people think criminals make their plans,” Pharynx replied, continuing, “This is like, "Oh, I saw this in a movie, oh, look at me.”

"So where do you do this “villian stuff,”?” the Dark Crystal Knight asked in frustration, "Enlighten me."

“I don't know, how about Taco Bell? Half the beybattles I've ever done with strangers went down at Taco Belle,” Pharynx replied.

The Dark Crystal Knight just looked at him with a confused expression as Pharynx continued.

“Nice and public, open 24 hours, nobody ever gets arrested at Taco Bell, hell, why not the mall?”

The Dark Crystal Knight sighed, it was obvious that Pharynx thought too much.

At that moment they heard footsteps, which they assumed was Spike.

“It's here,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he readied his beyblade.

But they were surprised to see that it wasn't Spike.

"Rumble?" They both said at the same time.

“Surprised? I expected it, I think you expected to see someone else,” Rumble told them with a serious and defiant look.

"But how?" the Knight asked.

"Next time you check to make sure Spike's locker is correct," Rumble said, holding up a key that said 19.

"I thought Spike's locker was 19," Pharynx said.

“But it is 19,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied, pulling out a sheet of paper on which was written the number 19, “According to the Dazzlings, this is his locker number.”

“My lord, I am sorry to tell you that paper is backwards,” Pharynx told him.

"WHAT?" The Dark Crystal Knight said as he turned the paper over, "It wasn't 19, it was 61."

"Improve your writing for future business," Rumble said and looked around, "But why you chose this place, Taco Bell was closed today?"

The Dark Crystal Knight looked at Pharynx in astonishment as he had a look that said "I told you so."

“Anyway, Spike isn't here, you'll fight me,” Rumble told him.

"And why should I?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight.

"If you can't beat me then you're not even worth Spike's time," Rumble replied, "You'll have to get past me if you want to hurt my friend."

“Hehe, I must admit you have piqued my interest,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

“We're either going to talk all night, or we're going to get this party started,” Rumble said as he showed her his beyblade, Cloud Slayer.

“Very well, I will accept your challenge,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

At that moment, it started to rain.

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