• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 34: The Rhythm Video Game that Touched Hearts

In the gym.

Celestia: The wait is over.

Luna: That's right sister, because the next battle is approaching.

Celestia: In the red corner, our favorite gamer, and master of technology, Button Mash.

Button walked into the gym, he could hear his friends cheering him on even with all the voices echoing.

"Do it Button, fight with your pixelated heart," Spike told him.

“Yes, jump, hit and dodge,” Rumble said.

"Really? Jump, hit and dodge? Spike asked.

“Well, his bey jumps around like an Italian plumber,” Rumble replied.

“I know, but it also sounds like song lyrics,” Spike finished.

Button giggled and headed into the center of the gym, "This is going to be tough, but I can do it I guess."

Luna: And in the blue corner, the cute voice of our school with its very sweet tones, Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie entered the gym, she could hear her friends cheering for her even with all the voices that echoed.

“Sweetie, the power of your voice will bring you victory,” Apple Bloom told her.

“Yes and if you win we'll sing with you in the choir,” Scootaloo told her.

“It's supposed to be a reward, not torture, to hear your voice off key,” Apple Bloom told her.

“My voice isn't out of tune,” Scootaloo told her with a pout.

“Whatever you say,” Apple Bloom finished.

“I want to win, but I don't want to hear Scootaloo sing,” Sweetie thought, and then she walked into the center of the gym.
Upon arrival, she and Button Mash met face to face.

"Hi, Sweetie."

"Hello, Mashy."

That nickname made Button blush, "Well, I guess our battle begins."

“That's right, it would happen sooner or later,” Sweetie Belle replied.

“We just have to have fun,” Button Mash told her, “Trust me, it'll be for the best.”

Sweetie Belle smiled, "I hope there are no hard feelings."

“I'm not going to lose Sweetie Belle, but if I lose to you, it'll be worth it,” Button replied making Sweetie blush.

“I guess between the two of you it won't be necessary to inspect your rival's bey,” Vice Principal Luna told them.

The 2 shook their heads.

Luna smiled, "Then prepare for the battle to begin."

The two nodded and got ready.

Sweetie Belle took out her launcher and placed Sweet Tone there, immediately afterwards she took the control bracelet that Button had given her and placed it on her wrist.

Button Mash took out his Power Glove Launcher and placed Digital Debug in the slot on the palm of the glove.

Celestia: If you're ready, it's time for the countdown.

“Good luck,” Button Mash told her.

"Break a leg," Sweetie Belle told him.

"That won't stop me from playing video games."

"Button, it's just an expression," Sweetie Belle told him.

“Oh,” Button replied, feeling a bit stupid.

“This is going to be interesting,” Scootaloo said.

"I know, even I can't guess the outcome," Rumble added.

"Sweetie Belle, do your best," Rarity told her, "Fight with your heart."

Sweety smiled.

Luna: Ready, 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students present shouted:


The 2 bladers launched their beys into the beystadium.

But in Button's case, he used his whole arm to throw it.

"Wow, this time I didn't hurt my arm," thought Button Mash smiling.

Sweetie Belle sprang into action the moment the beys landed, "Sweet Tone, you'll take care of the first attack."

Digital Debug started jumping around avoiding the other bey's collisions.

"I have to be careful, Sweetie Belle has many ways to attack thanks to the device I gave her," Button Mash thought and then smiled, "Of course, that makes the battle better and more fun."

“Sweetie is going to have trouble landing a shot,” Applejack said.

"I'm sure she'll find a way," Rarity added, "After all, she's counting on her voice for this battle."

Button began pressing the buttons on his Power Glove Launcher, "Ok Digital Debug, time to go into Grind mode."

Digital Debug stopped its jumps and collided with Sweet Tone.


But the punch didn't seem to do much.

"Umm, is that supposed to do something?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"You'll see Sweetie," Button Mash smiled, "Keep it up."

And the attacks continued.




But none seemed to work.

“I don't understand a thing that's going on,” Rumble said.

"I, wait, don't tell me," said Spike who seemed to understand the situation, "Button, that's very risky."

“I won't let my guard down,” Sweetie Belle said as she placed her bracelet in front of her face and began to sing, “Sweet Tone, show him your sweet moves, la la la.”

Sweet Tone began to move majestically like an ice skater.

Sweetie kept singing while Button looked worried.

"Damn, I see she's 100% mastery of the device," Button thought.

"Now Sweet Tone," Sweetie Belle ordered without losing her beautiful voice, "SPECIAL MOVE, MELODIOUS DIVA SYMPHONY."

“A, A, A, A,” Sweetie Belle sang with such a beautiful intonation that it touched many of the spectators.

"Wow, Sweetie sure is brave," Fluttershy said, "I could never sing in front of that many people."

"It takes courage, but if you really love it, you'll get over your stage fright, Fluttershy," Rainbow Dash told her making Fluttershy smile.

And moved by the intonation, Sweet Tone approached towards Digital Debug which could not have dodged it in time.


Digital Debug was blown away.

“Debug, recover,” Button Mash yelled, and at that moment, his bey managed to move a bit and landed on the beystadium, “Very good.”

"Do you think my special move is that weak?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"Huh?" Button Mash wondered and then looked back at the beystadium and saw his bey wobble, "Oh no."

At that point, Digital Debug stopped.

“Oops,” said Button Mash who went to pick up his bey.

Celestia: Survival Finish, the winner is Sweet Tone.

Luna: The score is 1-0 in favor of Sweetie Belle.

"Button, what are you doing?" Rumble said with concern.

But Spike remained thoughtful, "Button, you only get this one chance, make it count."

"Sweet, well done Sweetie Belle," Rarity encouraged, "Come on Fluttershy, Sweetie needs your energies to cheer her up."

Yay,” Fluttershy yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Nice one, Belle," said Apple Bloom.

"She's on fire," Scootaloo said.

Sweetie Belle picked up her beyblade, she looked at Button Mash smiling, "So what do you think?"

"I think you've improved a lot, Sweetie," Button replied, then smiled, "But I'm not one to give up victory easily."

At that moment, Button Mash placed Digital Debug in the slot of his Power Glove Launcher.

Sweetie Belle did the same by placing Sweet Tone in her launcher slot as well as adjusting her bracelet.

Luna: Second battle, are the bladers ready?

Sweetie nodded while Button checked his Power Glove Launcher.


Celestia: Then let the countdown begin.

Luna: Ready, 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students present shouted:


The 2 bladers launched their beys into the beystadium.

But again, in Button's case, he used his whole arm to throw it.

"Ouch, I overdid it this time, but it'll be worth it," thought Button Mash smiling.

Just like the previous battle, Sweetie went all out, placed her bracelet near her mouth, and began to sing.


Sweet Tone approached Digital Debug and gave him a very strong blow which sent the latter to the other end of the beystadium.


“Ahh, Debug,” Button Mash yelled.

“Come on,” Sweetie Belle chanted, “Go for it, Win the battle and thats decided.”

Sweet Tone changed her attack mode to a faster one.

"She's doing very well," said Apple Bloom.

“Sweetie is going to win,” Scootaloo said.

"I'm sorry Button, I don't want to see you lose, but this is a competition," thought Sweetie Belle ready to land the final blow.

“Damn, there's no other choice, it's now or never,” Button Mash said as he began pressing the buttons on his Power Glove Launcher.

"Now Sweet Tone," ordered Sweetie Belle, "SYMPHONY OF THE MELODIOUS DIVA."


And with all the grace of a dancer, Sweet Tone hit Digital Debug, launching him out of the beystadium.

“BUTTON,” Spike and Rumble yelled in concern for their friend.

Seeing that, Button continued pressing the buttons on his Power Glove, "Grrr, why I gave you such a long command, even executing a Shoryuken is easier."

Luna: It seems the winner is….

"No," Button interrupted as he raised his Glove, "Digital Debug, I know you can still give much more."

At that moment, Digital Debug started to glow and managed to push himself to land on the beystadium.

Celestia: Digital Debug still stands.

Luna: It was certainly a good recovery.

"Interesting," Sweetie Belle said with a smile, "does this have anything to do with the previous battle?"

Button Mash smiled, "That's right, Sweetie, that time, Digital Debug was gaining experience points in Grind mode."

Sweetie listened carefully.

"And when your character gains a lot of experience in a video game," Button said and then yelled, "THEN LEVEL UP."

Digital Debug finished glowing, but its colors had changed, except for the brown parts, which remained the same, the black parts became gray and the red parts became purple.


"Well, I knew Button was planning something, but I didn't think it would be an evolution," Spike said.

“I was certainly surprised,” Rumble said, “Although the colors remind me of a SNES controller.”

"This is Button we're talking about, the guy has a Power Glove as a launcher, I think we shouldn't be surprised by his next tricks anymore," Spike told him.

Celestia: An impressive turn of events, Button's beyblade has grown stronger.

Luna: But after taking all those hits, can he take down Sweetie Belle's?

Celestia: I think we're about to find out.

“Now,” Button ordered his bey who jumped high landing on top of Sweetie Belle's.


Sweet Tone staggered.

"It can't be," Sweetie Belle exclaimed in surprise, "He got a lot of power, maybe I'm seeing Button's maximum power."

“Attack,” Button Mash ordered Digital Debug.

Sweetie Belle smiled, "We can't be left behind, go get him, Sweet Tone."

Sweetie began to sing making Sweet Tone move majestically.

And suddenly the 2 beys collided with each other.





Digital Debug began to walk the corners of the beystadium.


Sweet Tone started chasing after him dealing him some weak blows as a result.



The 2 beys were still unexploded.

“BUTTON MASH,” Spike and Rumble yelled at the same time.

“SWEETIE BELLE,” Apple Bloom and Scootaloo yelled at the same time.

“Gyahhhhh,” Sweetie Belle and Button Mash yelled as their beys collided.


The noise was so loud that it made everyone present stumble, including the bladers.

And in that moment.


There was the sound of a bey that Burst made.

Button and Sweetie approached the beystadium to see the final result, a result that was announced by the principal Celestia.

Celestia: And with a Burst Finish, the winner is…..

Luna: Button Mash!

Everyone in the gym had been surprised by such a battle, but the one who was most surprised was Button Mash.

"I... made it," he said wearily as he approached the beystadium, he saw his bey keep spinning until he made burst too, "Looks like I only won by a small margin."

"You did Button," Sweetie Belle told him as she walked over to him.

"Sweetie," said Button who couldn't continue talking, he didn't know how to feel, on the one hand he was happy to advance to the semi-final but also felt sorry for eliminating Sweetie from the tournament, "I, umm."

"It was so much fun," Sweetie Belle said smiling, "I have to thank you for everything, I got here thanks to you, you helped me improve a lot."

Button Mash smiled.

Sweetie Belle was about to walk away, but before she did, she approached Button Mash again, "One last thing, I'd like to give you something."

Button Mash was going to ask what it was but was interrupted by Sweetie Belle, "This."

Sweetie Belle kissed Button Mash on the lips.

Button was caught off guard by this action, but quickly melted into the kiss, accepting Sweetie Belle's feelings for him.

The entire field erupted in a cheer as the two kissed, this last almost a full minute before they pulled away.

When they finished kissing, Button with a smile and blushing say, "Wow, just wow."

Sweetie replied with a blush, "You are so cute."

"Oh, I'm so happy for her," Rarity said as she wept with joy at her little sister's newfound love, to the point where her makeup smeared, "Button, take care of her."

“Very well done Button,” said Rumble.

"You won not only in beyblade, but also in love," said Spike, "And victory is what a gamer always seeks."

"That was beautiful," said Apple Bloom.

"Sweetie may have lost," Scootaloo said, "But I'm proud of her."

At that moment, Sweetie Belle and Button Mash returned to the benches.

Celestia: It was another beautiful battle.

Luna: Where we witness young love.

Celestia: And to close with this round.

Luna: We ask the last participants to come closer.

Celestia: Flash Sentry.

Luna: And Rumble.

"It's my turn," Rumble said as he walked into the center of the gym, "It's going to be great."

"Be careful," Spike said, "Flash has a strong will."

Rumble nodded, feeling doubtful, but he knew he had to get stronger in order to win.

“Good luck Rumble,” Scootaloo told him.

Rumble smiled and nodded.

“It's my turn,” said Flash Sentry who was still in the stands, “Rumble is a tough opponent.”

"But so are you," Twilight Sparkle told him, "Go over there and show him the power you've gained."

Flash Sentry smiled, then gave Twilight a kiss, "Thank you Twi."

Twi just smiled blushing.

Flash advanced to the center of the gym for what promised to be one of his most difficult battles.

Author's Note:

I hope you like it, Button really shined.

Now we will see the battle between 2 great bladers.

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