• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 26: Battle in the Deep Blue

“Ughhh, what happened?” Spike asked as he regained consciousness, he realized that he was in a different place which he didn't know, "Where am I?"

The whole place seemed like a warehouse without any furniture, but the strangest thing was that there was a kind of huge glass box surrounding Spike, it seemed that he could not get out of there since there was no way out, “Where are Rumble and Button? ”

Spike began to feel cold and also the ground felt cold for some reason, then he realized when he looked at the reflective surface of the glass, he no longer had his clothes on, the only thing he was wearing green swimming trunks.

"What the hell, where are my clothes?" Spike shouted scared.

Looking around, Spike saw his friends unconscious on the ground, they were also wearing swimming trunks, Rumble's were black while Button Mash's were red.

"Rumble, Button, wake up," Spike shook them awake, to which Rumble woke up.

“Ouch, I feel like I got hit by a train,” Rumble said as he regained consciousness, then realized his situation, and started asking Spike questions, “Spike, where are we, how long were we unconscious and why are we almost naked? ”

Spike was surprised by how calm Rumble took his situation, "Hey, aren't you worried?"

“Yeah, but being crazy won't get us out of here, now help me wake up Button,” Rumble replied as they headed to where Button Mash slept.

“Button, wake up, Button,” Rumble told him but Button Mash didn't move.

“Wait let me try,” Spike said as he walked over to Button and whispered, “Game Over, you want to continue, press Continue, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2……”

“CONTINUE, CONTINUE, I WILL INSERT A COIN, I WILL NOT GIVE UP,” Button Mash yelled, waking up furiously.

"Wow, he woke up that easy," Rumble said.

"Where we are?" Button Mash asked and then looked at Spike and Rumble, "Umm, we decided to go swimming or something."

Spike and Rumble shook their heads.

But then Button Mash remembered the girls who had knocked them out, "Wait a minute, the Dazzlings, it was them, they kidnapped us and we ended up here."

"Oh no, what do you think they want from us?" Spike asked.

“They've already kidnapped us, perhaps they'll hand us over to the Dark Crystal Knight,” Button Mash replied.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no," Spike said repeatedly.

“Hey, calm down,” Rumble yelled at them, “We know we're trapped and we can't get out and that's kind of scary, but we won't be able to think straight if we're terrified, so I'll ask again, does anyone have a good idea?”

The 3 of them started to think about how to get out until they heard a voice, "I hope you slept well."

At that moment, through a part of the enormous glass box, a door opened which was difficult for them to distinguish because it was hidden very well with all the glass, and the Dazzlings entered, and to make the situation even more strange, they were wearing bikinis, Adagio's was purple, Aria's was green, and Sonata's was pink.

Seeing them, the boys had been stunned by their beauty, but remained calm…. the best they could.

“Oh look, I think the boys were wowed by our swimsuits,” Sonata laughed.

“Ughhh, I guess we can't blame them,” Aria said emotionlessly as she looked at herself in the reflective surface of the glass.

“Oh my 1up,” exclaimed Button Mash, “I had a dream like this once when I was 12.”

“I don't think this will end well like that dream, Button,” Spike told him.

“Are you…..?” Button asked to which Spike continued for him, “You girls…. Did you undress us?”

“Unfortunately yes,” Adagio replied with a flirtatious smile, while Button and Spike had blushed brightly, “Hey, why are you so embarrassed?”

“Yeah, it's not like you have anything we haven't seen before,” Sonata added.

"Oh my gosh, these girls have no limits," Spike thought.

Seeing that none of his friends said anything important, Rumble decided to speak first, "What do you want from us?"

Hearing that, Spike and Button Mash remembered that they were still kidnapped, "Where are our beyblades?"

"And what the hell is this crystal prison?"

“Okay, we'll explain everything, but first, here you go,” Adagio said as she handed the boys back their beys, along with their launchers.

The boys took them, but they realized something.

“Wait, this is new,” Button Mash said, noticing that his beyblade had an extra piece on its performance tip.

"Yes, what is this?" Spike asked.

"It's part of the new battle mode, which you guys are helping us test," Aria replied coolly.

“So, it's time for the fun to begin,” Sonata said as she pulled out a remote and pressed a button.

Suddenly a kind of compartment opened in the middle of the glass ceiling and from there water began to enter which was filling the entire space.

“What the….?” Rumble asked in surprise as the space began to flood.

And as it was obvious, Spike and Button Mash were worried when they felt the rising water gradually covering part of them.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Spike yelled in shock.

"We're going to drown," Button Mash shouted in fear.

"I do not know how to swim."


"We're going to die."


“Thats enough of you two,” Rumble yelled as he smacked Spike and Button on their heads.

“Ouch,” Spike and Button complained at the same time as they rubbed their heads.

“It is clear that they are not going to drown us, what do they think they are, mermaids?” Rumble told them.

“Though I admit it would be pretty cool to be one,” Sonata interrupted.

"Keep dreaming Sonata," Aria told her.

“Anyway, just stop yelling and calm down, or you could make the situation worse,” Rumble finished.

Button and Spike nodded a little sheepishly.

At that moment, the water stopped, reaching up to his waist.

“Very well, we will explain how this works,” Adagio said as she took out her bey and launcher.


Adagio launched her bey and the boys were surprised to see that the beyblade spun on top of the water without sinking.

“Wow,” Spike, Button Mash, and Rumble all said at the same time.

"Exciting, don't you think?" Aria asked them.

“This is the Water System, the new mode in which beyblades can spin on top of water, making battles more interesting,” Sonata told them.

"But it also requires balance," Adagio added as her bey sank, "If you are not one with your bey, then it will sink."

The boys understood the explanation.

"Alright Sonata, before we start, could you pass me my beyblade," Adagio asked Sonata.

"Hey why don't you do it?" Sonata asked.

“Because I don't want my beautiful hair to get wet when I dive in,” Adagio replied.

“I guess that makes sense,” Sonata said, then dove down to pick up Adagio's bey.

"I assume you already understood everything?" Aria asked them.

“We want a battle against you using the Water System,” Sonata told them.

“Sure thing, that's why we're in bathing suits,” Rumble replied.

"Yeah, I was already worried, I thought the worst waking up like this," Spike added.

“Ugh, I'm relieved, it's just a beybattle,” Button Mash finished.

“Oh no, you shouldn't be relieved,” Adagio told them.

"What?" Spike asked.

“Look, it's a small bet, if you guys win this one-point battle, we'll set you free and we won't kidnap you again,” Adagio told them.

“And what will happen to us if we lose?” Rumble asked.

The Dazzlings looked at each other with evil smiles, they approached the boys, they felt nervous being so close to them.

“The Dark Crystal Knight thinks that if you lose to us, you will no longer be considered a threat to him,” Adagio told them.

Aria walked over to Rumble and said, "And he told us that if you guys lost, we could do anything with you."

"Wait what?" Rumble asked nervously.

“I'm scared,” Button Mash said scared.

Sonata walked over to Button to hug him, and said, "And you should be, because I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with you, because when he said anything, we meant it, hehehe."

Nervous, Spike watched as Adagio approached him and whispered in his ear, "So, you guys don't want to lose."

At that moment Adagio kissed Spike on his cheek.

"Umm, umm," Spike couldn't think of a response.

“Dawww, they're so adorable,” Sonata said, then she kissed Button on his cheek.

“Don't worry, we'll be gentle when you lose,” Aria said, then kissed Rumble on his cheek.

After that the Dazzlings went to their respective corners and took out their beys and placed them on their launchers.

Spike, Button and Rumble looked at each other blushing, they thought the same thing, "WE CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE."

“I'm only 13, tempting as it is, this is wrong,” Button Mash said.

“We all have 13 Button, but you're right, I wouldn't want to be, um, what's the word, touched, by mermaids,” added Rumble.

"Hey, I hope you take this beybattle a little more seriously than necessary, I remind you that I have a girlfriend," Spike added with a determined look, but still a little scared, "And Im not going to cheat on Apple Bloom."

“Hey Spike, you shouldn't push yourself this time, your hand is still bandaged,” Button told him and then turned to Rumble, “And you won't be able to do your high jump with the space so tight, so let me be the offensive force this time.”

Spike and Rumble nodded.

The 3 of them placed their beys on their launchers and got into battle stance.

“Looks like they're ready, so let the countdown begin,” Adagio said.




And the 6 shouted at the same time:


The 6 beyblades fell into the water and the boys were amazed to see their beys as if they were floating.

"Wow, that's amazing," said Rumble.

"It really works," Spike said.

But his stunned thoughts were interrupted when Adagio's beyblade hit Spike's.


“Well done, Sea Huntress,” Adagio was saying to her bey.

"Ahh, sure, concentrate, come on Emerald Flame," Spike was saying.

“Too bad your flames go out in the ocean, where you'll be fish food,” Adagio told him as the 2 beys collided.

Rumble's beyblade collided with Aria's, Rumble having a hard time keeping control of his beyblade in the water.

“Ughh, damn it,” Rumble complained.

"Looks like you're in trouble, I think you'd rather be fighting in the air," Aria told him, then ordered her beyblade to attack, "Hit him, Leviathan."

But Rumble made Cloud Slayer dodge the attack.

“It doesn't matter if I'm in the water, neither I or Cloud Slayer aren't going to give up,” Rumble replied.

Button Mash's beyblade made precise jumps in the water, which caused Sonata to be shocked.

“Woooow, what a fun way to have a beybattle,” Sonata told him.

“Umm, sure, it's my style, straight out of video games,” Button said that last bit under his breath.

“That's fun, but I won't give up, come on Deeps Dweller,” Sonata said.

His beyblade was chasing Button Mash's.

After several minutes of battle, the Dazzlings were beginning to get bored that neither of them lost.

"Girls how about we do our special attack?" Adagio asked them, to which Aria and Sonata nodded.

"They're planning something," Spike said.

“You have to be careful,” Rumble said.

“Stop jumping around Digital Debug for a moment,” Button Mash ordered his bey.

“Now is the time,” Adagio said.

“SEA DIVA SWIRL,” all 3 yelled at the same time.

At that moment her beys, Sea Huntress, Leviathan and Deeps Dweller started spinning one after the other.

“OH NO,” shouted Spike, Rumble and Button Mash who already knew what the Dazzlings were planning.

The beyblades began to form a kind of whirlpool which began to absorb the boys' beys, Emerald Flame, Cloud Slayer and Digital Debug.

“This is bad,” said Button Mash.

"This is worse than bad, we're going to lose and we'll be at their mercy," Spike said scared because he felt that Emerald Flame was going to burst at any moment.

“CALM DOWN ALREADY,” Rumble yelled, drawing their attention.

“Look at that, I think they're getting worked up,” Aria scoffed.

"Oh, poor things," Sonata said feeling sorry.

“Wait a minute, the one with the rough face looks like he has a plan,” Adagio told them.

“Okay guys get closer,” Rumble ordered.

Spike and Button walked over and Rumble started whispering in their ears.

Afterwards, he finished speaking.

"Very risky," Spike said.

“But we don't have a choice,” added Button Mash.

“NOW,” the boys yelled at the same time, at which point their beys allowed themselves to be sucked into the whirlpool.

"What's wrong with them?" Aria wondered in surprise.

“Looks like they lost their minds,” Sonata added.

But Adagio remained thoughtful, “Wait a minute… no.”

As the 3 beys were absorbed at the same time in a sudden way, they collided at the same time, and miraculously none burst, and being fired so quickly by the rebound, they ended up breaking the whirlpool.


“They broke the whirlpool,” Adagio said in surprise, “No wonder the Dark Crystal Knight has his sights on them.”

"It's time, attack."

“GYAHHH,” Spike yelled.

“AHHHH,” Rumble yelled.

“RAHHHH,” Button Mash yelled.

And at that moment his beys hit the Dazzlings' beys so hard, causing them to Burst.

"Surprising," Sonata said.

“I hate to admit it, but that blew me away,” Aria said.

“We did it,” Spike said cheerfully, then bumped fists with Button and Rumble.

“We did it,” said Button Mash.

“It was a good fight, although the Water System lacks perfection,” Rumble said, then looked at Aria, “Umm, no offense.”

“We are not offended, which is why this battle was a beta test,” Aria told them.

“Next time we will improve the Water System,” said Sonata.

"But a deal is a deal," Adagio told them as she drained the water with her controller and opened doors in the glass, "You are free to go."

They proceeded to leave the place as fast as they could, but Spike stopped, "Before we go, can I ask you something about the Dark Crystal Knight?"

“You already did, but yeah,” Aria replied.

"What do you want to know about him?" Adagio asked.

"What do you want from us and why do you work for him?" Spike asked.

“Technically those were 2 questions, but we can only answer the second one,” Sonata replied.

"I guessed so," Spike said.

“You just have to understand that the Dark Crystal Knight has his sights on you, but he doesn't play dirty, he will never cheat in any of the beybattles he organizes, thats why we are with him” Adagio told him.

"Got it, thanks for clearing it up for us," Spike thanked her.

“And we can also see that you girls aren't that bad,” Rumble told them.

"Oh, and why do you think that?" Aria asked them.

“For your beys, you treat them very well, they have a great blader spirit, you may be a little crazy, but you are not evil,” replied Button Mash.

“Dawww, you're cute,” Sonata said as she hugged Button Mash, making Button Mash blush even more remembering that they were wet and still in bathing suits.

“Ummm, thanks,” Button responded nervously as they walked away.

"Well, I guess we'll go now," Spike waved goodbye to them.

“See ya,” Rumble said goodbye.

The Dazzlings graciously escorted them out, but not before handing them back their clothes.

Outside the place.

"Guys, we need to tell our friends about this," Rumble told them.

"You're crazy, what will Apple Bloom say if she finds out about this?" Spike asked.

"Spike, AB will find out sometime and she will be mad at you for not telling her," Button added.

Spike sadly nodded, "You're right, I must tell her."

Minutes passed and the Dazzlings were thinking.

"They were very strong, I must admit, but don't forget, we still have one infiltrator left in the tournament, so they will have to be stronger by then."

Author's Note:

Well, finally a 3 vs 3 battle, and trying out a new battle mode which will have more impact in the sequel to this fic.

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