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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 38: A Flying Victory

The battle between Rumble and Scootaloo continued, the latter took the lead with her last victory being a Burst Finish, giving her 2 points out of the 3 she needed, she only needed one more point to win, which meant that any simple victory would be a pass guaranteed to the final fight.

Rumble was having no luck, he had only gained a single point, which meant if he wanted to end this once and for all without losing any more power, he had to win with a Burst Finish.

Rumble had already rearmed his bey, and spoke to him, "Scootaloo and Xtreme Raptor are really strong, do you think we can beat them?"

His bey began to glow.

Rumble smiled, "I knew I could count on you, Cloud Slayer."

Scootaloo smiled, "Looks like he's going to give his 200%, but it doesn't matter, we'll stop him, no matter how strong he gets."

Her bey began to glow.

Luna: This is getting more intense.

Celestia: I think the public thinks the same.

In the bench.

“Come on Rumble,” Spike and Button Mash yelled to cheer their friend on.

In the stands.

“Come on Scootaloo,” Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle yelled to encourage their friend.

“Don't give up Rumble,” Caring Hearts yelled.

"Keep it up, beat him, show him who's the number one," shouted Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles as she waved her pom-poms, "SCOOTALOO, SCOOTALOO."

“Keep it up, squirt,” Rainbow Dash yelled.

“Come on little one, you have to come up with a plan,” Thunderlane thought.

Luna: As we see that our bladers are ready, we will start the third battle.

Celestia: The countdown begins.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1.

At that moment, Scootaloo and Rumble got ready, Scootaloo to make her jump and Rumble was running at full speed to jump, and at that moment, all the students shouted:


“Let it rip,” Scootaloo yelled as she did a jumping backflip, but she was surprised to see Rumble, “No way.”

Rumble jumped higher and began to spin in the air moving his legs like a helicopter, which surprised the spectators, "HAAAAAA."

"Holy Guacamole," Spike said, "I'd probably have broken my legs by now if i do that."

“And they say I steal my techniques from various video games,” Button Mash said with a pout, “While Rumble is doing Chun-Li's kick.”

“Gyahh,” Rumble groaned in pain as he hit the ground but then smiled as his bey successfully landed on the beystadium.

"I'll admit it's faster than before," Scootaloo said, "But it's nothing Xtreme Raptor can't do."

“We'll see,” Rumble replied.

The 2 beys were spinning in the beystadium, collisions were inevitable.


“Come on Cloud Slayer,” Rumble said as his bey spun at top speed, managing to collide with Scootaloo's bey.


Xtreme Raptor was pushed into a corner of the beystadium about to fall into a trap.

“Come on Xtreme Raptor, I know you can do more than that,” Scootaloo said as her bey managed to avoid the trap, “That was close.”

"Come on squirt," Rainbow Dash yelled, "You know what to do."

“On command,” Scootaloo said as her bey went to attack Rumble's with similar speed, “Don't hold back, Xtreme Raptor.”


Xtreme Raptor had hit Cloud Slayer.

"Damn, I forget she still has Rainbow Meteor´s disc," Rumble thought.

The 2 beys collided with each other.

"I must think of a plan and quickly," Rumble said, "Cloud Slayer, be careful."

"Time to use our special move," Scootaloo said.

“That's right,” Rumble thought, “Sonic Rainboom takes a while to charge up, even if it's just 2 seconds, it'll be enough to beat it.”

“Get ready Xtreme Raptor,” Scootaloo said.

Xtreme Raptor began to charge up energy as Cloud Slayer directly approached her.

“CLOUD SLAYER, NOW,” Rumble yelled as his bey closed in with great speed.

Cloud Slayer was getting closer, he was only inches away.

"Hehe," Scootaloo laughed.

"Huh?" Rumble wondered.

And at that moment, when they were 5 centimeters away, Xtreme Raptor dodged Cloud Slayer's attack.

“No way,” Rumble said surprised.

“It can't be,” Spike and Button said in surprise, neither thought Xtreme Raptor had such reflexes, maybe it was due to his disc, but it was still amazing nonetheless.

“That was quick,” Rumble told her.

"Did you really think I was really dumb to not to anticipate your next attack?" Scootaloo asked.

"I don't think you're dumb," Rumble replied, "In fact, I think I'm the dumb one for attacking directly."

“Hey, you just made a mistake,” Scootaloo told him, “Although, that mistake will cost you the game.”

"What?" Rumble asked.

But then he realized that Cloud Slayer was right behind Xtreme Raptor, "Oh no."

“NOW XTREME RAPTOR, BLOW IT OUT,” Scootaloo yelled as her bey headed for Cloud Slayer.

"Dammit," was all Rumble could say as it was too late to turn his beyblade.


Cloud Slayer was hit by Xtreme Raptor, that hit sent him flying.

Celestia: Looks like we're about to have a winner.

“GRRRR, CLOUD SLAYER, DON'T GIVE UP,” Rumble yelled at the top of his lungs, Scootaloo could feel an aura emanating from Rumble and his beyblade.

“CLOUD SLAYER,” Rumble kept yelling and then…

Cloud Slayer landed right on the edge of the beystadium, shocking the students.

Celestia: That was very close.

Luna: It's too early to celebrate, if he loses his balance, there's a 50% chance he'll get out of the beystadium.

"Come on Cloud Slayer," said Rumble, who smiled as he saw his bey falling into the beystadium.

"So that's the way it is," Scootaloo said smiling.

"IT'S THE TIME, CLOUD SLAYER, USE YOUR SPECIAL MOVE, WIND BLADE," Rumble ordered as Cloud Slayer went straight in a diagonal line to attack Xtreme Raptor.

“WELL, WE WONT HOLD BACK, XTREME RAPTOR, USE THE SPECIAL MOVE, SONIC RAINBOOM,” Scootaloo ordered as Xtreme Raptor went straight to attack Cloud Slayer leaving a rainbow mark in the beystadium.

Rumble could feel an aura emanating from Scootaloo and her beyblade.

“Gyahhhhh,” the two yelled as their beys nearly collided.

And in that moment…


The 2 beyblades collided so hard that it caused an explosion that shocked everyone present.

And at that very moment.


The 2 beyblades burst apart.

Scootaloo and Rumble had been surprised, although they felt tired from having used a lot of energy in those attacks.

"So..." Rumble said.

"Who won?" Scootaloo asked.

"Or was it a tie?" Rumble asked.

The principals stared at each other for a few seconds, until later, they announced the winner.

Celestia: And the winner is...

Luna: Rumble.

"Huh?" Rumble wondered as he rearmed Cloud Slayer.

A replay was shown on the screen, it was shown in a part of the video that Xtreme Raptor was the first to Burst but only half a second before Cloud Slayer.

“Guess you won,” Scootaloo said as she rearmed Xtreme Raptor.

“Scootaloo,” Rumble said as he reached over to comfort her, but Scootaloo sprang into action before he did.

“It was my hardest fight,” Scootaloo told him smiling as she offered her hand for a handshake, “And if I'm going to lose to someone I'm glad it's to you, since I know you're the strongest, even stronger than Spike and Button Mash.”

Rumble smiled and accepted the handshake, "Thank you Scootaloo, indeed, and I know you are the strongest of the Crusaders, no doubt about that."

And while that comment was meant well, it made Spike, Button Mash, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle pout.

“Good luck in the finals,” Scootaloo said to which Rumble nodded as the two continued their handshake.

Celestia: They have a great spirit of competition.

Luna: That's right, so we have to thank them for this great battle.

Suddenly all the spectators began to applaud, not only Rumble, but also Scootaloo.

“God job Rumble,” Thunderlane thought, proud of his little brother.

“You did it Rumble, you won,” said Caring Hearts.

As Scootaloo walked away, she could hear her family's cheers.

"Squirt, no matter the outcome, that battle was spectacular," Rainbow Dash yelled, clearly proud of her little sister.

“You never gave up, you always fought hard,” Bow Hothoof told her.

“That's why you'll always be our champion, Scootaloo, Scootaloo,” Windy Whistles yelled as she continued to wave her pom-poms.

Hearing that, a smile formed on Scootaloo's face at the same time that she shed a tear.

“Well, I guess that was the end of the Crusaders in this tournament,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Even so, I fought with all my might, just like the two of you, so I don't regret anything,” Apple Bloom told her.

“Me neither,” Sweetie Belle answered determinedly.

"Very well done Rumble," Spike said.

"Now it's just the 3 of us," said Button Mash, "No offense Spike, but I plan on having my rematch with Rumble."

"I'm sorry to tell you that you won't, because I'll be the one to defeat you and advance to the finals," Spike replied, smiling.

Button smiled, "Funny, I was about to say the same thing."

Rumble smiled at the encouragement of his family and friends, he was going to return to his seat on the benches, but a sound from his cell phone prevented him, when he checked it, he saw that it was a message from Scootaloo, it read the following:

Meet me at my locker ASAP.

Rumble decided to excuse himself and go to the hall where the lockers were, there was Scootaloo waiting for him.

"Thanks for coming Rumble, I wanted to tell you something," Scootaloo said to which Rumble listened intently.

“Well, ever since this tournament started and I met you, everything, it's been different, and I've liked that,” Scootaloo told him.

“I know what you mean, and I'm glad I met you, a different feeling than I had with Spike and Button,” Rumble told her.

“I think I know that feeling,” Scootaloo said with a blush, “And I'd like to give you something I didn't think would be my style.”

Rumble smiled, he already knew what was going to happen, he approached Scootaloo and held her with his arms, "Don't worry, it's not mine either."

The 2 closed their eyes, and what they felt was their lips kissing.

After several seconds, they parted ways.

"Wow," Scootaloo said, "I didn't expect it to be this nice."

Rumble smiled.

But that moment was interrupted when they heard a voice.

“Daww that's cute,” they turned around and saw Sweetie Belle who was recording the scene on her cell phone.


"I knew you'd go somewhere private to claim his lips," Sweetie Belle told her, "But that didn't stop me from recording the sweet moment."

"Sweetie Belle, give me that cell phone," said Scootaloo, angry and blushing at the same time, who began to chase Sweetie Belle.

“Ahhh,” Sweetie Belle yelled as Scootaloo chased after her.

"Hehe," Rumble laughed, though he didn't like being filmed either, though that could wait, he had feelings for Scootaloo ever since that time in the clubhouse weeks ago.

But now was not the time for that, it was time to see the next battle between his friends, the battle that would lead to the final.

Back in the gym.

“You shouldn't have been so rude,” Sweetie Belle said with an ice pack on her head.

“And you shouldn't have uploaded that to your social media,” Scootaloo told her with a pout.

"Why? Are you embarrassed?"

“No, but I'm new to having a boyfriend, I don't want to draw attention to myself,” Scootaloo answered.

“I agree with that,” Rumble spoke to them from the benches.

Celestia: That was a lot of fun and excitement, but now, get ready for the next battle, Spike VS Button Mash.

Luna: This battle will be one of the best in this entire tournament, one where 2 great friends will face each other and only one will emerge victorious, will they be ready for such a challenge?

Spike and Button Mash approached the gym excitedly, answering that question at the same time as they prepared for a battle they would never forget.

"Of course."

Author's Note:

That was a good battle, but now comes the epic, Spike VS Button Mash, a battle between best friends that will put them to the test.

And before I leave I want to thank you, my readers, because this story reached 2000 views, I didn't think it was possible, sometimes I don't want it to end but there are more stories I plan to write, so I promise that the end it will be epic.

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