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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 39: Against My Best Friend

The next semi-final battle was about to start, the 2 remaining bladers were Spike and Button Mash, best friends since they were 7 years old, they had done a lot of things together and beybattles were no exception, however, today was different, it was not a beybattle like the previous ones, this represented something bigger since it would decide which of the 2 would reach the true final of the tournament and face his friend, Rumble.

Celestia: It will be an interesting battle, don't you think Luna?

Luna: That's right, you can even feel the emotion that the participants are emanating.

“Well Spike, it's been a long road,” Button Mash told him.

Spike nodded smiling, "Honestly, I didn't think it would get this far, but for a friend to be there near the end fills me with excitement."

Button smiled, "I feel the same way, so you have to treat this beybattle differently than the others we've had before."

"Of course," Spike replied.

“And I don't plan to lose, but it's not just because I want to win, but because I also want to thank you, and that will be by defeating you,” Button added.

Spike was confused, "What do you want to thank me for?"

“Because in addition to being the one who taught me this great game, you were the first person from this school who spoke to me, the first who offered me his friendship,” the gamer replied.

A tear of joy and nostalgia came out of Spike's right eye, after wiping it away, the dragon boy smiled, "I'm the one who should thank you, I don't know what my school life would have been like if I hadn't met you."

After exchanging such emotional words, the two gave each other a strong handshake.

"I wish you luck, and I hope you don't lose so easily."

“Funny, I was going to say the same thing.”

In the distance, Rumble watched in fascination and amazement at his best friends' battle, "Good luck you two."

“My, this promises to be something unforgettable,” Velvet said in amazement.

“Our children have come so far, I couldn't be more proud,” Cream Heart added to which Velvet nodded.

Windy Whistles stepped closer, "Then why don't you put more spirit in your cheers?"

"What do you mean, Windy?" Velvet asked.

"I think you two should use this," Windy lent the two of them some pom poms.

“Great way to liven up the atmosphere,” Velvet said as she took the pom-poms.

“I don't know, I've never been a cheerleader, I don't know how to do it,” Cream Heart said a little embarrassed.

“You shouldn't feel ashamed, Cream Heart,” Windy told her, “You know how important it is to cheer on a contestant, and I'm sure you want your son to win.”

Cream Heart smiled and accepted the pompoms, at the moment of taking them, she began to shake them, "You know what, I accept, GO BUTTON."

“I love your spirit,” Velvet said and at that moment she began to wave her pom-poms, “But my son will be the winner, GO SPIKE.”

Twilight Sparkle, hearing her mother, put her hands to her eyes, blushing, "How embarrassing."

But Night Light just smiled, "That's my wife."

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle laughed as they witnessed the attitude of their boyfriends' mothers.

"I guess it could be worse," Spike said as he witnessed his mother's cheering, "At least they have sportsmanship."

“At least we can say that no one will forget this tournament,” Button Mash added to which Spike nodded.

Luna: I'd ask them to inspect the opponent's bey, but I doubt they'd want to do that.

The boys agreed.

Celestia: Very well, then get ready, because the battle is about to begin.

As they placed their beys into the slots, the two began to reminisce about the first time Spike showed Button Mash a beyblade.


At the Sparkle family home.

"Whoa, what's that Spike?" asked a 7-year-old Button Mash.

“It's my bey,” replied a 7-year-old Spike, “His name is Emerald Flame.”

“I've never seen anything like it,” said the gamer.

"Well, get ready because Flame will surprise you," the green-haired boy answered as he placed Emerald Flame in the slot of his launcher, "LET IT RIP."

Spike pulled the string on his launcher and launched Emerald Flame.

“Amazing,” Button Mash said in surprise.


Spike, Button Mash, and Cream Heart were in front of the same toy store where Spike got Emerald Flame.

"It's there," Spike pointed to the toy store.

“This is great,” Button said excitedly, then he looked at his mom, “Thank you mom.”

Cream Heart smiled, “You deserve it Button, your grades have increased, you can choose whatever you want.”

“Spike look,” Button Mash said as he and Spike approached the glass of the toy store where the beys were.

“Looks like there are new beys,” Spike said.

As Button Mash looked out the window, one of them caught his attention, a bey who would be his partner in the future.

“I choose you,” Button Mash said, thinking of the bey he pointed to.

Returning to the present, Button Mash was looking at Digital Debug, "Since that day, you have been by my side, no matter if your parts have changed, for me you remain the same."

At that moment, Digital Debug began to glow, to which Button smiled, "Let's win this battle."

Spike looked at Emerald Flame, which was glowing, "You've been with me for a long time and thanks to you, I've grown as a person and as a blader, so I won't let you down, we'll be the winners."

Spike and Button Mash exchanged glances, both had determined smiles, "Get ready Spike / Get ready Button."

And at the same time they both yelled, "BECAUSE EMERALD FLAME / DIGITAL DEBUG WILL NOT GIVE UP."

Celestia: Let the countdown begin.

Luna: 3

Spike slotted Emerald Flame into his launcher and got into a battle stance.

Celestia: 2

Button Mash placed Digital Debug in the slot of his glove and got into a battle stance.

Both: 1

Spike braced himself, clenching his fists to keep from letting go of his launcher and prepared to jump, while Button Mash began pressing the buttons on his glove launcher.

And suddenly all those present shouted:


Spike jumped up, pulled the string with all his might and launched Emerald Flame into the beystadium.

Button with a lot of force in his right arm, launched Digital Debug into the beystadium.

The 2 beys were spinning in the beystadium.

Digital Debug began to jump while Emerald Flame spun at full speed.

"Time to execute our attack," Spike said but gasping as he saw Emerald Flame coming into the center of the beystadium losing control, "Oh no."

“You forget that this beystadium is special,” Button Mash reminded him.

"Don't consider this," Spike thought, "Watching Rumble battle, I thought I could dominate the terrain in this beystadium, but I guess the experience is totally different, not only do I have to control where Flame will go, I also have to adapt to move smoothly through the rotating area.”

"Be careful, Flame," Spike said as his bey avoided the traps.

“Oh no, Spike is at a distinct disadvantage,” Twilight Sparkle said with concern.

"Why do you say that Twily?" asked her mother.

“Just look at how Button's beyblade moves,” he pointed to the beystadium, Velvet looked, after a few seconds, she understood.

“It's like the odds are against Spike,” added his father.

"Well I don't care who has the advantage, I'll always root for my baby," Twilight Velvet said and then began waving the pom poms she was holding, "FIGHT, SPIKE, FIGHT."

Spike listened to his family's encouragement, he smiled, "I won't let them down."

The reason why Button Mash and Digital Debug had an overwhelming advantage over Spike and Emerald Flame, was because Digital Debug was constantly jumping, so if he fell into a trap, he could quickly escape before the time limit, as well as being able to avoid the rotating area easily, it was as if he could control the battlefield.

Spike start to think about a strategy he could use, but he had to do it fast.

"What's up, Spike?" asked Button Mash, "Are we too fast for you?"

"I'll show you who's the fastest," Spike replied, "Emerald Flame, go get him."

"No Spike," Twilight Sparkle yelled, "It's just what he wants you to do."

"Dammit," Flash Sentry exclaimed, "How could he fall so easily into his trap?"

“Now Debug, dodge it,” Button Mash said as his bey jumped high, but still took a small hit from Spike's bey, “I think I underestimated it.”


"Very good, Flame," Spike said with a smile.

The smile faded, because Spike saw that the deflection from that small blow sent Emerald Flame into a trap.

“Uh oh,” Spike exclaimed.


Emerald Flame crashed against the wall of the trap, but several seconds had already passed since she fell there.

Spike hung his head and sighed.

Button Mash smiled, “Nice Job buddy.”

Luna: It's a Trap Finish.

Celestia: Point for Button Mash, the score is 1 – 0

“Yay, well done Button,” Sweetie Belle yelled.

“That's my son,” Cream Heart yelled as she waved her pom-poms.

“Wow, he has skill, not just on the battlefield, but off it as well,” Caring Hearts said as she watched her son.

Rumble nodded, "That's right mom, Button is very smart, he configured and created his own launcher, but you still haven't seen Spike's strength, those 2 really manage to surprise anyone."

Button Mash picked up his beyblade, "Very well done Debug, unfortunately we won't be able to use that same trick twice, Spike will be a bit stupid, but he's not that stupid."

“I heard you,” Spike told him as he picked up his beyblade.

“Oh, I think I thought out loud,” Button Mash said.

"Oh come on Spike, let him stay out of your head," Apple Bloom yelled.

"That's right Spike," Twilight Sparkle yelled, "Remember that even if Button is strong, you can always keep going."

“That was very poetic and clichéd,” Apple Bloom told her.

"Thanks, I read about it on the internet," Twilight Sparkle replied.

Spike nodded nervously, "I have to focus."

Button Mash put Digital Debug back into its glove slot.

"I can't help but be excited and a little terrified," Spike thought, but then he looked at Emerald Flame, "But we won't give up, right Flame?"

Spike felt a strong energy coming from Flame, he smiled, "Let's win."

Luna: Looks like the bladers are ready for the next round.

Celestia: Button Mash has the lead, but I'm sure Spike won't give up.

Luna: But enough speculation and let the countdown begin.

Celestia: 3

Spike placed Emerald Flame in the slot of his launcher, "At least I know how the rotating area works, when you experience it firsthand, or in this case, own metal, and you can know for sure the effects it has, I'll use that in my favor in this round.”

Luna: 2

Button prepared himself and got into a battle position, "It seems that he is planning something and from what I can intuit, it has something to do with this beystadium, you have to be careful."

Both: 1

Spike jumped and Button Mash threw with all his might.

And suddenly all those present shouted:


“Let it Rip,” Spike and Button Mash yelled at the same time as they tossed their beys into the beystadium.

But without anyone noticing, a crack formed in Spike's launcher.

"You know what to do, Flame," Spike said as Emerald Flame spun around the rotating area.

“Jump faster, Debug,” Button Mash said as his bey approached the rotating area.

“With Emerald Flame spinning around, I won't be able to fight calmly,” Button Mash thought as he looked at the beystadium, “But his jumps are very fast, so he can avoid being a victim of the spinning area.”

"Hold on, Emerald Flame," Spike thought about what to do next, but then he saw Digital Debug, as he was jumping in the rotating area, which was very small, he could see that the directions where he jumped and landed were limited, "That's it."

“We have to resist, Emerald Flame will run out of energy at any moment,” Button Mash said, “Just make sure to dodge or block a possible surprise attack.”

“Now attack,” Spike said as his bey went straight for Button Mash's bey, which had dodged the attack.


“You missed,” Button Mash said.

"Again," Spike said, and his bey went straight for Digital Debug.

Which he dodged again.


"Again," Spike said.


"Again," Spike said, but the same results.


And it happened repeatedly, but the result was the same.

“No matter how hard you try, you won't beat Digital Debug,” said Button Mash.

“No, Button's beyblade keeps jumping around,” Twilight Velvet said worriedly, “Spike's beyblade won't be able to hit him like that.”

"Don't worry Mrs. Sparkle, Spike has been playing this for years, besides knowing Button longer than all of us, I'm sure he has a plan even if it doesn't seem like it," Apple Bloom told her.

“Apple Bloom is right, Spike has grown up,” Night Light added.

Velvet smiled, "It's true."

And at that moment, Emerald Flame was again going towards Digital Debug.

“This one will be easy,” Button Mash said, “Keep dodging.”

But at the moment when he was going to dodge, Emerald Flame vanished.

Spike smiled, "Heh."

Button Mash was surprised and frowned, “Where is he? Where did he go?"

"There," Spike pointed up, Button looked in that direction and couldn't believe his eyes, it was Emerald Flame which was descending directly towards Digital Debug.


This was a blow that he couldn't dodge.

“You,” Button said to Spike, “you used all those missed attacks to increase your speed.”

"That's right," Spike said with a smile, "And I didn't know it could generate an Emerald Flame illusion, that was a bonus."

Button Mash ground his teeth.

Good tactic, works well against Button in this situation, Rumble thought.

“Oh no, Button,” Sweetie Belle said with concern.

"They were right, Spike is smarter than he looks," Cream Heart thought worriedly.

"Now you are at my mercy," Spike said, "Emerald Flame."

At that moment, Emerald Flame began to hit Digital Debug without stopping.




“Damn,” Button Mash said as he watched his bey being dragged into the spinning area.


Emerald Flame burst into green flames and hit Digital Debug so hard that he couldn't fight back.


Managing to disarm it into 3 pieces.

"Nice one, Flame," Spike said, smiling.

Celestia: Wow, who knew, Spike managed to come back and now he's the one in the lead.

Luna: The score is 1 – 2 in favor of Spike, he only needs one more win to advance to the next round, but I'm sure Button won't give up the win so easily.

“Yeah, cool move Spike,” Night Light yelled.

"That was a good plan, I wouldn't have thought of it," Twilight Velvet said, "That's right Spike, you're very smart."

“I couldn't expect less from Twilight Sparkle's little brother,” Flash Sentry said making Twilight blush.

"Oh Flash."

“Ughh, save it for when you're alone,” Apple Bloom told them.

Button Mash picked up Digital Debug parts and put it back together, "That was a pretty good move, Spike."

"I must give you credit," Spike told him, "Fighting someone like you makes my brain cells explode."

“Well, it'll be worse for you,” Button showed Digital Debug, “because that trick won't work for you a second time.”

"Bring it on," Spike replied as he showed Emerald Flame, "You're my best friend, and that's exactly why I'll be the one to defeat you."

“And like I said before, that is how I am going to thank you,” Button Mash replied, “By defeating you.”

Luna: Oh sweet boys.

Celestia: Let's not let their flame go out, let's start the countdown.

Luna: 3

Spike and Button placed their beys in their launcher slots.

Celestia: 2

The two of them got into battle stance.

Both: 1

And then everyone present shouted:


“Let it Rip,” Button Mash yelled as he launched his bey.

“Let it…” Spike said as he began to pull the string of his launcher, but at that moment.


His launcher had been broken into pieces.

"What the..." Spike said in surprise.

The entire audience gasped.

Celestia: Oh no.

Luna: Looks like we're having technical issues.

"No," Spike said, still shocked, "This can't be happening."

"Spike," Button thought worriedly.

“Oh no, his launcher,” Velvet said worriedly.

"Isn't there another blader who can lend him one?" asked Nightlight.

"The problem is that Spike designed his launcher to be attached to Emerald Flame, using another one might be difficult for him," Apple Bloom replied, then she looked at Spike, "Please don't let it all end here."

Spike just observed the situation while loading the parts of his broken launcher, "This got complicated."

"Please Spike, do something, I'd hate to win like this," thought Button Mash.

Author's Note:

Spike's launcher broke, how will he get out of this?

And I'm sorry for the delay, I've been concentrating on other things, but if things go well, the 3 fanfics I'm working on, this one, the main one and the Vanguard one, will end before the end of the year.

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