• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 42: Unbreakable Apple

A few minutes before.

Cozy Glow was walking through the halls of Canterlot High until her cell phone started ringing.

She answered the call, "Hello Mr. Knight, what is the problem?"

“The problem is that one of the dragon boy's foolish friends got in our way and agreed to something stupid,” the Dark Crystal Knight told her, “Anyway, we won't be able to get close to him today.”

“Oh, that's disappointing,” said Cozy Glow.

“I know, but since there's nothing else to do, I'll give you the day off,” the Dark Crystal Knight told her.

"I admit that doesn't sound too bad," Cozy Glow replied, "Well, I can't go against Spike, but can I go for someone else?"

“Umm I guess so,” the Dark Crystal Knight said confused, but after a few seconds he understood what was happening, “Oh no, it's Apple Bloom right?”

“That's right, I'm going to finally put that little cowgirl in her place,” Cozy Glow replied with a wicked look.

The Dark Crystal Knight sighed, "You already beat her once, and I don't know what the hell you see in Spike but I don't think your victory will make him love you."

"I know," replied Cozy Glow, frowned, "But I'm still not going to give up, I won't be able to do much, but I'll make him see that I'm someone more valuable than Apple Bloom."

Seeing that he couldn't do anything to stop her, the Dark Crystal Knight let her continue on her personal mission, "Well, good luck I guess, just don't do anything stupid or you might get yourself in big trouble."

"Don't worry Mr. Knight," Cozy replied and then she saw the group she was looking for along with Trixie carrying Button Mash who was unconscious, she followed them, "I have everything under control."

"And at this moment, the tension was increasing, the last sidekick of the Dark Crystal Knight has made her appearance seeking to terrify a blader who overflows with talent, the battle promises to be devastating with 2 girls who surely do not have the defeat in their mind," Spike said.

“Spike, this is not the time to become the announcer,” Sweetie Belle told him.

"Someone had to, Pinkie Pie isn't here and Button is practically dead," Spike replied making Sweetie Belle slap him.


"He is not dead," said Sweetie Belle.

"Ouch, I know he's not dead Sweetie, I just made his noble sacrifice sound more heroic," Spike said as he rubbed his cheek, "Though I don't think I should use the word sacrifice either."

"Dont you have something else to do?" Scootaloo asked, "Like, cheer up your girlfriend."

“Especially since Cozy already beat her before,” Rumble added.

Spike smiled, "Apple Bloom can take her, I don't know how to explain it, but I can see it in her eyes."

"That's right," Apple Bloom replied with a determined smile, "Because today I plan to balance the scales."

"You sound very brave cowgirl," Cozy Glow told her with a wicked smile, "Let's see if you can hold it up during our battle, and to make it more interesting, I propose that the winner get Spike."

"I'm sorry?" Spike asked.

"He's not a prize to be earned," Apple Bloom replied with a frown.

“Surely he won't think that when I destroy your beyblade,” Cozy Glow challenged.

"Don't I get a say in this?" Spike yelled but the girls just ignored him.

“Very well, I accept,” said Apple Bloom determinedly.

"She accepted?" thought Spike a little worried.

"You sure Apple Bloom?" Scootaloo said, "You remember what happened last time."

"Yes," Apple Bloom replied with a frown.

"Are you sure?" asked Sweetie Belle, "Because the implications of this battle…"

"That won't happen this time," Apple Bloom said before turning to the curly girl.

“Just to be clear,” Rumble spoke up, “do the rules of a tournament beybattle apply here?”

"Are you crazy?" asked Cozy Glow, "It's a street fight and there are no rules on the street."

"Of course it's a duel to the death," Apple Bloom replied.

"Oh no, she's already lost her mind," Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle thought while Spike was still shocked by what they said earlier.

"But I'm generous, so I'll give you the chance to accept my superiority now and give me Spike as a prize for my victory," Cozy Glow told her.

Which angered Apple Bloom, "Never, I'd rather see Spike dead than by your side."

"Wait a minute, what?" Spike asked even more scared.

“That's easy to fix,” she replied with a wicked smile, then placed her bey in her launcher, “So, shall we get started?”

Apple Bloom nodded, Cozy had humiliated her in there last battle, using her strong beyblade, Power Empress, she needed to do this, not for who gets Spike, but for herself, "Your on."

Spike approached a little nervous, "Well, since I'm the announcer, I'll do the countdown and it goes without saying that I'll be impartial."

The 2 girls nodded, at that moment Apple Bloom placed her bey in her launcher, "We have to show her how much we've improved, we can win, Golden Apple."




And Spike, Apple Bloom and Cozy Glow yelled at the same time:


The 2 bladers threw their beys to the floor of the infirmary.

"Good luck Apple Bloom, show her you're not weak, show her you're a great blader," Spike thought.

"Very good Golden Apple, keep your distance," Apple Bloom ordered her bey, she knew that Cozy Glow was very smart so a desperate attack would be a very stupid thing to execute.

“Apparently you're not that dumb,” Cozy Glow told her, “I see you learned from your past experience.”

"Thank you," Apple Bloom replied.

“However, you won't beat me just defending yourself,” Cozy said and then ordered her bey to attack, “Power Empress, attack.”


Power Empress hit Golden Apple causing it to lose a bit of stability.

Apple Bloom frowned.

"Don't let her get the better of you, upgrade your armor," Apple Bloom ordered her bey which began to glow.

“Nice move,” Scootaloo said.

“So Cozy will also have to keep her distance, otherwise her beyblade will lose power,” said Sweetie Belle, “Keep it up Apple Bloom.”

“You have good friends,” Cozy Glow told her with a frown.

"My best friends," replied Apple Bloom, "don't you have any?"


Cozy's reaction made Apple Bloom back off a bit.

“I'm not like you,” Cozy Glow told her, “In my school, there were other girls who also liked beyblade, they always played together, but one day I showed up, they invited me to play beyblade, I was happy because no one had invited me before, I managed to win all my battles with many Burst Finishes, I was happy, but over time, my so-called friends began to meet behind my back, and when I finally confronted them, they no longer wanted anything to do with me.”


“I'm sorry, but we don't want to play with you anymore,” one girl told Cozy Glow.

"But why?" Cozy asked.

“We get bored in your fights, you always beat us, you figure out a strategy and use it against us,” another girl replied.

“But, that's just my playstyle,” Cozy Glow told them.

“Then take your playstyle to another place,” another girl told her.

"But, but..." Tears began to well up in Cozy Glow's eyes.

And at that moment another of the girls took Power Empress away.

"Hey, give it back to me."

“You want it, look it up,” the girl threw the bey straight at a wall.


"NOOOO," Cozy Glow yelled as she ran to where her beyblade was thrown, when she picked it up, she realized that that girl had thrown it so hard that it damaged the attack ring.

"Hehehe, good luck fixing it, come on girls, let's keep playing," one of the girls sneered and together with all of them, she proceeded to leave, leaving Cozy Glow on the ground crying as she clung to her damaged beyblade.

At that moment, Cozy thought that it was her fault, that she should have held back, maybe she would still have her friends if she had, but that little thought changed when she saw the state of her beyblade.

"No, it's their fault, they were just not as strong as me, and they wanted me to lower myself to their level, a friend should always support you, and they, grrr, they were just envious of my talent, that's why you are my only friend, Power Empress, and I will not let the world tell me to hold back."

Months passed, during that time, Cozy Glow spent her time repairing Power Empress, making it more powerful, while training to become even stronger.

And graduation day came.

Cozy Glow reached out to the girls who had abandoned and humiliated her.

“Oh, it's you,” one of the girls said, “What do you want?”

"One last beybattle, I won't see you again after today, that's why I'm going to say goodbye, even though you were mean to me, you were the first ones who spoke to me, that's why I want there to be no grudges between us," Cozy Glow told them showing a fake smile.

The girls were surprised to see that Cozy didn't hold a grudge against them.

"And I have an idea, why don't we turn this into a battle royale?" asked Cozy Glow.

The 5 girls looked at each other, smiles formed, clearly planning to go all against Cozy, "Okay Cozy, we accept."

“Yay,” Cozy said excitedly.

And at that moment the battle began:


“Let's go get her girls,” said one of them.

But at that moment, Cozy's smile turned into a sinister smile.



At that moment, the girls' beys burst into a thousand pieces, making it impossible to repair them.


“Hehe, in the end you girls were just weaklings, I guess you didn't even have the right to consider yourself bladers,” Cozy Glow sneered as she picked up her bey and left.

“Hey come back here, don't think you're going to get away with this,” one of the girls tried to pounce on Cozy, but she was quick to react.

“Hold right there,” Cozy quickly placed Power Empress in her launcher and aimed it right at the girl who was going to attack her, causing the girl to raise her arms, “I just hope you roll in your misery, for being so weak, hehehe.”

Cozy Glow left the place while listening to the cries of those who she once believed were her friends, "Your cries are so satisfying, right Power Empress."

She looked at her beyblade with a smile.

"We will be the strongest no matter what happens, we will not let anyone be above us."

<End of Flashback>

Cozy Glow had finished telling her story, causing those present to gape.

"Wow, that's rough," was all Spike could say.

"Wow, I'm not saying that justifies what you did earlier, but holy apple sauce, I really don't know what to say," Apple Bloom told her.

Cozy Glow expected that reaction, "And just a few weeks ago I met the Dark Crystal Knight, he saw potential in me so he offered me this opportunity to help him, which I agreed to."

"Cozy Glow, I know it must feel good to have someone appreciate you, but you're allying with the wrong people again," Apple Bloom told her.

“Shut up, if you have something to say then beat me, but it's impossible,” Cozy Glow yelled at her.

"Well if that's the case, then you don't leave us a choice," said Apple Bloom and then she gave an order to her beyblade, "GOLDEN APPLE, SPECIAL MOVE, BLOOM BARRIER."

Golden Apple headed to the exact spot to collide with Power Empress, but before colliding, Golden Apple changed its color to being a 100% gold beyblade.

“Oh Golly, you really think you can outdo us,” Cozy Glow said and then she yelled, “YOU'RE A FOOL, SPECIAL MOVE, GODDESS BARRIER.”

Cozy Glow's beyblade started getting black cracks on its attack ring.

Golden Apple was directly sucked into Power Empress like a black hole.

"Apple Bloom," Spike thought.

“APPLE BLOOM NO,” Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo yelled at the same time.

Cozy smirked, "It's all over cowgirl."

But Apple Bloom did not give up, "Golden Apple, show her that we have grown."

Golden Apple began to spin, she avoided being absorbed by Power Empress's attack.

The attack between barriers began the 2 beyblades collided and the 2 were still in the center without being able to push the other.

But this time, it was different, Cozy really noticed Apple Bloom's increase in power, "This is impossible, how did she become so powerful in such a short time?"

"NOW GOLDEN APPLE," Apple Bloom yelled.

At that moment her bey began to attack Power Empress's barrier.



“STOP TRYING, YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T BEAT ME,” Cozy Glow yelled as her bey also attacked Apple Bloom's bey's barrier.



"Maybe," Apple Bloom said, "but I won't let that stop me from trying, I have to much riding on this to stop now."

"Like what?" Cozy Glow asked.

"Everything," Apple Bloom said. "My friends and family who have supported me until now, who've been there for me when I needed them, even if I'm out of this tournament."

Cozy raised an eyebrow

Apple Bloom closed her eyes and thought back to all her friends who were working hard in the tournament, her brother and sister who helped and believed in her and Spike the boy who stole her heart, then she looked at Spike and smiled at him, "I can't lose here, not to you."

And as if he was reading her mind, Spike blushed very hard, a big smile formed on his face and a tear of happiness flowed.



The beys kept hitting each other.

But after several hits, Golden Apple's barrier began to crack, and she could see how it lost its golden color.

“Hehehe, it seems your barriers are still weak,” Cozy Glow sneered but at that moment…

Power Empress began to lose power and its barrier was also cracking.

“Wait what?” Cozy wondered.

“GOLDEN APPLE,” Apple Bloom yelled as in a split second her bey turned golden and went straight for Cozy Glow's, taking advantage of its staggering.

"It...can't be," Cozy Glow said, not believing what was happening.


Power Empress was thrown so hard that it ended up Burst.

"I think I get it now, why did you choose her," Cozy Glow thought as she closed her eyes.

Everyone was speechless at what had just happened, until finally the silence was broken by Spike.

"SHE DID IT!" He screamed as he jumped into the air.

"YAY!" Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle screamed happily.

Apple Bloom fell to her knees, panting after the tough battle, but she still smiled, she'd made it, she'd settled the score.

“Bloom,” Apple Bloom looked up to see Cozy standing over her, “Congratulations, you prove me your not weak.”

"Cozy," Apple Bloom was surprised to see her opponent accept defeat honorably.

"But that won't change the fact that I'm still working for the Dark Crystal Knight," Cozy backed out, "See ya."

"Wait," Apple Bloom yelled causing Cozy Glow to stop.

"You forget this," Apple Bloom handed over the Power Empress parts.

“Thank you,” Cozy thanked.

"And if you ever want to start over, you should come to us, maybe we can be friends one day."

"I... I'll think about it, for now I have to be alone for a while," Cozy Glow left the place, and without anyone noticing, she smiled as a tear of joy flowed from her eyes.

Everyone was celebrating, even Spike approached Apple Bloom to give her the biggest hug, "You did it Apple Bloom."

But at that moment, Principal Celestia's voice came from the loudspeaker.

"The last battle of the tournament will be in an hour, it's time for the remaining 2 bladers to give us a show."

Spike and Rumble stared at each other, they smiled and had 0 intentions to lose.

“Bring it on,” they said at the same time.

Author's Note:

With this, all of the Dark Crystal Knight's sidekicks have been defeated, and now the final battle of the tournament is about to begin.

Happy New Year.

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