• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 7: The Photogenic Dragon

Author's Note:

Before starting, I am sorry that this chapter is so short, I wanted to make longer chapters but my university studies prevent it, even so I will try to bring constant chapters, and it will not be one chapter per battle, there will be chapters where there will be up to 3 battles, all It depends on the importance of the character in the story, without more to add, enjoy reading:coolphoto:

It was already time for Ember's battle, she did not look nervous, although she knew that she could lose at any moment, she was more excited by the spirit of competition that was within her asking her to give her best.

Celestia and Luna announced the arrival of the contestants.

Celestia: We prepare for the next battle, in the red corner, a girl who is not intimidated by anyone, recently transferred from another city and a great blader long before this tournament, 14 years old, Ember.

Luna: And in the blue corner, a girl who knows how to take the best photos, she can be a little impulsive if we talk about photography but she knows how to do her job well, 15 years old, Photo Finish.

Ember was approaching the beystadium at the same time as her opponent, her opponent was a girl with light blue skin and gray white hair, that girl's name is Photo Finish, apparently she had a hobby of being a photographer and always carried a huge camera with her wherever she goes.

Ember looked a little strangely at Photo Finish, she wondered where her launcher was stored, if all she saw was that huge camera, even so she decided not to think much and introduce herself "Nice to meet you, I'm going to do my best in this battle so I hope you do your best too. "

Say no more! I, Photo Finish, will capture za magiks of this battle, ”she said and then took her camera“ switching to launcher mode. ”

After pressing several buttons the camera lens seemed to change shape, now you could not see a glass, what you could see was a large empty space, then Photo Finish took out of its bag a black beyblade with light blue and purple in it center and place it inside the empty space.

"You've got to be kidding me, her launcher is her camera," asked Spike in surprise.

“We bladers will always look for ways to adapt our play style, sometimes to have a synergy with our blade, we decide to use things that we use in our daily routine to have a power that transcends,” Button Mash mentioned seriously.

"Wow, that was very poetic Mashy, who would say that behind that screen would be a tender and sensitive boy," said Sweetie Belle making Button Mash blush.

"Em well i, i, i …… .." said Button Mash blushing.

Celestia: All right, the countdown begins.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And suddenly, all the students in the gym including the 2 participating bladers screamed.


The 2 beys fell to the beystadium, the bey from Photo Finish took center first, it seemed to be a resistance bey.

"Yes, Yes, keep that pose Photo Snaps," Photo Finish ordered her beyblade (apparently her name was Photo Snaps) and suddenly her camera returned to its normal state, immediately afterwards she began to take many photos of her beyblade while turning, the bad thing is that she had not removed the flash from his camera.

"Ahhhhhhh, hey, what's wrong with you, are you crazy?" Ember asked a little annoyed, since several of the flashes had blinded her a bit.

"Ember, watch out," Spike yelled from the bench.

"What?" Em ber said as she regained her vision and realized that Photo Snaps was starting to hit Blood Stone.

"Dodge it, Stone," Ember yelled as Blood Stone avoided the attack.

"Ha, it looks like you survived the attack," Photo Finish said.

Ember, a bit annoyed and still rubbing her eyes from the flashes said, "That was a dirty, photogenic, but dirty move."

Luna noticed that and said "Photo Finish, that was an illegal move, if you shoot a flash directly into the eyes of your opponent again you will be disqualified."

"I get it, I guess I'll have to turn the intensity down a bit," said Photo Finish.

Ember realized that it was not Photo Finish's intention to cheat when she saw her expression, to correct her mistake a bit she said "Okay, we were all wrong, why don't we continue with the fight?"

"I like that, that this has an ending worthy of capturing in a photo," said Photo Finish as he began to take many photos of the beystadium, only this time without flash.

The beyblades readied themselves and began to charge their maximum attacks.

“BLOOD STONE IS THE TIME, SPECIAL MOVE, POWER FLAME, ” Ember yelled as her bey seemed to be engulfed in blue fire and lunged straight for Photo Snaps.

"PHOTO SNAPS, TIME TO SHINE, SPECIAL MOVE, SHINE SHOOT, " shouted Photo Finish as she did not stop taking photos, while that was happening, Photo Snaps began to shine, and suddenly began to rotate faster but without leaving the center.

"Holy Gems," Spike yelled.

"I don't want to see," Sweetie Belle said covering her eyes.

"So epic," Rumble and Scootaloo said at the same time.

The 2 beys collided, as in the previous duel, causing a small explosion that made several students stumble.

What Ember saw she couldn't believe, was Blood Stone fired outside the beystadium, thinking she was going to lose the first battle, Ember could only smile at the strength of her opponent, but a second before Blood Stone hit the ground , Photo Snaps was disarmed in a Burst Finish.

"Unimaginable," Photo Finish said in surprise.

Celestia: That's a Burst Finish.

Luna: That means that the winner of this battle with a score of 2-0, is Ember, she will be the one to advance to the next round.

Several students began to applaud for Ember's victory.

"Very well done Ember," Spike yelled.

"That's the spirit," Rumble yelled.

"Way to go sister," Smolder yelled.

Ember approached Photo Finish and said "It was a good fight, I would like to face you again one day."

Photo Finish replied "The feeling is mutual, but I still consider this a victory for me."

"What do you say?" Ember asked confused.

"I say nothink. Photo Finish lets her work speak for itself, ”said Photo Finish as she took out of her camera several photos that she took in the beybattle, they were photos of Photo Snaps and Blood Stone, even though they were rotating, the photos were incredible, it seemed impossible that someone as Photo Finish you will be able to take as many photos in a single battle.

"Wow, these photos are amazing," Ember said.

"Thank you, I wish you the best of luck in the next round," said Photo Finish.

"I'm going to do my best, it's a promise," Ember said raising her fist in the air, something that caught the attention of Photo Finish.

"Hold that pose! Ja Ja! You have the power! Prepare the launcher !, ”Photo Finish said as she took many photos directly of Ember, but this time she took them with flash, leaving Ember a little stunned.

"Hold on! What the— ?! Ahhhhhhhhhh, ”Ember yelled.

After that, the students were eager to wait for the next battles.

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