• Published 31st May 2021
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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 41: Button Mash Lv Up

Spike and Button Mash's battle had concluded, where the goddess of victory had smiled on Spike.

Even so, Button was happy for his friend, he was in his locker, he was a bit exhausted from using so much power and energy which he transmitted to his beyblade.

“He was a lot stronger than we thought,” Button told his beyblade as he leaned against his locker, “Hehe, geez, and I wanted a rematch with Rumble.”

"Button," came a squeaky voice.

Button Mash turned and saw Sweetie Belle walking towards him.

"Hey Button, are you okay?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"I'm fine, Sweetie," Button replied with a smile, "Although I admit, I really wanted to win."

"Button," was all Sweetie could say, and she moved closer to him to hug him.

Button hugged her back, clearly the loss affected him a bit.

"Button, I'm sure you'll prove yourself the best blader another time," Sweetie Belle told him, "And besides, to me, you're still the champion."

At that moment Sweetie Belle kissed Button Mash, who accepted the kiss.

Seconds passed and the couple broke apart to catch their breath.

Button smiled, "Thanks Sweetie Belle, nice to have you."

Sweetie Belle smiled, but that tender moment was interrupted when they heard a voice coming from the hallway, a voice they recognized.

"Oh no."

Carefully, they approached a corner to avoid being seen, when they peeked out, they saw who had been bothering them since the tournament began.

The Dark Crystal Knight.

"What is he doing here?" asked Button Mash.

“I don't know, but it can't be a good thing,” Sweetie Belle replied.

The Dark Crystal Knight had a phone in his hand, he spoke, "Okay Cozy, do what you want, I'll take care of Spike, I'll finish him off so fast he won't know who hit him."

“That idiot, he's still after Spike,” Sweetie Belle said with a frown.

Button gritted his teeth, "Something has to be done, Spike has a battle pending, we can't let the Dark Crystal Knight weaken Spike before their battle."

"But what can we do?" asked Sweetie Belle.

Button began to analyze the scene, he saw that there was no one else with the Dark Crystal Knight, besides seeing the restroom door was open.

“I have an idea,” Button Mash said, then leaned over to Sweetie Belle to whisper the plan.

After a few seconds, Button finished speaking.

"You're crazy? That's very risky, not to mention stupid,” Sweetie Belle told him.

“I know, but right now I'm already out of the tournament, this won't affect me, but if I don't do anything, it might end up affecting Spike,” Button replied.

Sweetie sighed, she then pulled out a rope, "I guess we don't have a choice, okay, on the count of 3."

Button nodded and got ready, he could still hear the Dark Crystal Knight.

“I should have entered through the window, I haven't been to this school in a long time, who would say that the remodeling was successful,” the Knight said.

Back with Button, he waited for Sweetie Belle to finish counting, “1, 2…”

Button then thought about the bad things that would happen if the plan failed, but his thoughts were interrupted when he heard Sweetie Belle's voice, "3."

“NOW,” Button Mash yelled, that warning cry to the Dark Crystal Knight.

"What the hell?" the Knight wondered as Button charged towards him at top speed.

“HAAAAAA,” Button Mash lunged at the Dark Crystal Knight, causing them both to end up in the school restroom.

"What the hell are you doing?" asked the Dark Crystal Knight on the ground, he was barely recovering from the punch that Button Mash gave him.

But Button didn't answer him, he got up and went to the restroom door, he closed it and yelled, "Now Sweetie Belle."

Sweetie Belle heard it even when she was on the other side of the door, at that moment she used the rope that she had taken out earlier and used it to jam the door.

"It's done Button."

Button smiled when he heard her.

At that moment the Dark Crystal Knight recovered from the attack and stood up, "Wait, you didn't."

Quickly, he ran to the door to confirm his suspicions and sure enough, the door was closed.

"Why did you do that?" the Dark Crystal Knight asked angrily, "Now we're locked up here."

"Because you were going to mess with Spike before his final battle," Button Mash replied, standing his ground.

“Look brat, this has nothing to do with you,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

"Of course it has to do with me," Button interrupted, "Spike is my friend, my best friend, and I'm not going to stand around and watch you try to interfere with his goal."

At that moment, the two of them were looking at each other with fury, but then the sound of a toilet was heard when someone flushed the chain.


They turned to the source of the sound and saw Trixie, who blushed.

"Did the Great and Powerful Trixie enter the wrong restroom?"

"YOU'RE AN IDIOT," the Dark Crystal Knight yelled at Button Mash, "This is the ladies' room."

“Oh, that explains why it's so clean,” Button said, looking around.

"What's going on here?" Trixie asked.

“What's going on here is that there's going to be a beybattle,” Button Mash replied.

“So you want to settle this with a beybattle,” the Knight told him.

On the other side of the door, Sweetie Belle's voice was heard, who was worried, "Button, don't do it, you just had your beybattle with Spike and you're probably exhausted."

“You should listen to your girlfriend, this can't be good for your health,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

“You focus on your own health and I'll focus on mine,” Button Mash told him.

“Don't worry Sweetie, I'm tougher than I look, plus this guy needs all the help he can get, while I'm relying only on Digital Debug,” Button said through the door.

"And if I defeat you? Will you get out of my way?" asked the Knight.

“That's right, if you defeat me, you can do whatever you want, but if you can't, then I forbid you from going near Spike for today,” Button Mash told him.

“Normally I'd be outraged if you put conditions in front of me, but since we're locked in here, I guess I don't have a choice,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him and at that moment, he pulled out his beyblade and placed it in his launcher.

Button smiled and did the same.

“However, by seeing the condition you are in, we will make this a one point battle,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

“I'm fine with that,” Button Mash replied, which seemed strange to him, the Dark Crystal Knight would have a supreme advantage if it was a 2-point battle, “It seems if he's a blader with dignity, however, if I get too confident , everything will end."

“Good luck Mashy,” Sweetie Belle called through the door, making Button blush and smile.

Just then Sweetie Belle's phone began to ring, she answered, "Hello."

"Sweetie Belle, where are you?" Scootaloo's voice was heard.

"You've been in the lockers for a long time, did something happen?" Apple Bloom asked.

“You have no idea,” Sweetie Belle replied as she began to tell them everything.

In the gym.

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom had been shocked when they heard everything Sweetie Belle told them.

“Button Mash is fighting the Dark Crystal Knight,” Scootaloo said.

“I hope he can beat him,” said Apple Bloom.

"I know Button can beat him," Sweetie Belle told them on her cell phone, "And don't say anything to Rumble and Spike, they can't know this, they're in no condition to have a beybattle against that psycho."

“Umm Sweetie, I think you should have told us that earlier,” Scootaloo told her.

"Why?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"Because we've been listening to everything," said Spike and Rumble who were standing next to Scootaloo and Apple Bloom.


“Remind me why the Great and Powerful Trixie is doing this,” Trixie said as she stood between the two of them.

“Because there is no referee around and we need this fight to be fair,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

“Don't worry Trixie, it's just a one point battle,” Button said as he got into a battle stance.

“You will regret challenging me,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he moved into a battle stance.

"Okay? I guess it's time for the countdown,” Trixie said.




And at that moment Button Mash and the Dark Crystal Knight shouted at the same time:


With all their might, they both threw their beys into the beystadium.

“Go Digital Debug,” Button yelled as his bey began to jump around the place, this time there was no beystadium, the entire bathroom floor was the combat area.

But as his bey moved, Button noticed that it was going much slower, “Oh no, I'm really exhausted and couldn't get a good launch.”

“Crystal Barrier, activate your shield,” the Dark Crystal Knight ordered.

Crystal Barrier created a kind of force field which pushed Digital Debug.

But Button was not surprised, "So that's the famous barrier."

“That's right, a powerful barrier that will keep out the weak,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied.

“Don't worry, we'll easily break that barrier,” Button Mash said making the Knight angry.


“Grrr,” Button started firing commands into his Power Glove launcher, making his bey do better tricks, but none were for attacking.

"And now what are you doing?" wondered the Dark Crystal Knight.

"NOW," Button yelled but at that moment, he fell, dropped to one knee, "Gahhh."

“You're obviously still not recovered from your previous battle,” the Dark Crystal Knight told him, then witnessed his bey's attack miss, only for Digital Debug to land on the barrier.

“Grggh,” was all Button could say as he tried to get up.

"Don't worry, everyone will soon forget your defeat," the Dark Crystal Knight told him.

But at that moment, with his remaining energy, Button Mash stood up, "Maybe, but what they won't forget, will be your defeat."

"What?" asked the Knight.

“Digital Debug, use your reverse rotation,” Button Mash said as he began to input commands into his glove.

Button's bey began to spin counterclockwise, that surge of energy destabilized Crystal Barrier's barrier.

“No, wait, Crystal Barrier get out of there,” the Dark Crystal Knight ordered.

"Too late, now hit him hard, Digital Debug," Button ordered his bey which delivered the strongest blow it could have landed.


The blow was so strong that both beys were sent flying.

“Impossible,” the Dark Crystal Knight said.

“Hehe,” Button laughed, looking tired.

The 2 fell at the same time, neither was spinning.

“That's a tie, one point for both of you,” Trixie announced.

“Damn, I trusted and let my guard down,” the Dark Crystal Knight said as he picked up Crystal Barrier.

“Hehe, you didn't expect that from me, I researched your technique, I knew that trying to Burst would be useless, but I did it, I did it,” Button Mash said, but at that moment.


Button fell to the ground with his eyes closed.

"Ahhh, what happened to him? Is he dead?" Trixie asked.

The Dark Crystal Knight approached Button who had lost consciousness, "No, he just fainted from overexertion."

“And to think that he still fought me, just to protect his friend, that's very admirable,” he said as he carried Button, “I guess I'll retire.”

"Huh?" Trixie asked.

“The deal was if I couldn't beat him, it was a tie, technically I couldn't beat him,” the Knight told her as he handed Button over to Trixie, “Here, take him to the infirmary.”

"Wow, it's not heavy at all," Trixie thought.

And at that moment, the Dark Crystal Knight kicked the door down.

"Wait, could you go out all the time?" Trixie asked.

“That's right, but I couldn't refuse a battle,” the Dark Crystal Knight replied as he withdrew.

“Wow, couldn't this situation be more bizarre,” Trixie said.

And at that moment, the Crusaders, Spike and Rumble, arrived at the place, who were surprised to see Button Mash unconscious and see Trixie carrying him in bridal style.

"What the…" Rumble said.

"We've been kidnapped by mermaids before," Spike told him, "But I didn't think a witch would try to do something with Button now."

Rumble nodded without looking away.

“Hehe, don't worry, he's not dead, he just passed out,” Trixie told them.

Sweetie Belle who misunderstood everything, wanted to attack Trixie, "Get your dirty hands off him, witch."

But Apple Bloom and Scootaloo stopped her, "No Sweetie, don't do it."

A few hours later in the infirmary.

Trixie finished telling what happened, "And that's what happened, the Great and Powerful Trixie would never touch a kid like him."

“Trixie, our age difference is only 2 years,” Sweetie Belle told her.

“It's still surprising that Button managed to get a tie against the Dark Crystal Knight,” Spike said.

"He's a great tactician, I'm sure he used that to his advantage," Rumble added, "But still, fighting with little energy, that's crazy."

“I agree, if I got hurt using the new launcher that Twilight gave me, I don't even want to imagine what Button had to go through to hold his ground,” Spike finished.

At that moment, the nurse Red Heart arrived, "Your friend will be fine, I just notify his mother, he just need to rest for a while."

“Whew, that's a relief,” Sweetie Belle said as they all looked at Button Mash who was on a bed.

“He fought like a brave man, just to protect a friend,” Rumble said.

“Just like you, Rumble,” Scootaloo said hugging him making him blush.

"I have to thank him when he wakes up, if it wasn't for him, I might have had to deal with the Dark Crystal Knight," Spike said.

"Don't worry Spike, even if Button failed, I'd protect you from him," Apple Bloom told him making Spike blush.

"Apple Bloom," Spike walked over to her and they both kissed.

But again, the tender moment was ruined when they heard a voice.

“Dawww, how cute, and pathetic at the same time.”

They all turned and saw Cozy Glow at the door of the infirmary.

"You," Apple Bloom told her with fury in her gaze.

"Cozy," Spike said a bit nervously.

“Those were some nice and pretty words, cowgirl,” Cozy Glow said to Apple Bloom, “Protect Spike from the Dark Crystal Knight, hehe.”

Apple Bloom frowned upon hearing her.

"But can you protect him, FROM ME?" Cozy Glow challenged her while holding her beyblade.

"You betcha," Apple Bloom answered her.

Author's Note:

Happy holidays, I'm glad I was able to publish this chapter before Christmas.

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