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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 8: Dancing in the Tight rope

"Now Heart Striker," shouted a girl with green skin and greenish-white hair, that girl is Lyra Heartstrings who was having her battle against Pipsqueak, a boy a little short for his age with white skin with a brown spot surrounding his eye and his hair was brown.

In the beystadium, a mint green bey launched the attack against a defending brown beyblade, in that quick confrontation the green beyblade won, taking the brown beyblade out of the beystadium.

Celestia: Ring Out.

Luna: which means that Lyra Heartstrings will win with a score of 2-1, she will be the one who will advance to the next round.

"Yes, yes, yes, I won," said Lyra, hopping, then she went to hug her friend Bon Bon, who was the next blader to participate in the next battle.

Spike, Rumble and Button Mash approached the corridor that Pipsqueak had gone through, although they did not talk much to each other, Pipsqueak was still his classmate, they wanted to make sure that he would be fine after his defeat.

"Hi Pip, how are you?" Spike asked touching the boy's shoulder, but when he turned around, he had a happy face.

"I'm fine, what? Did they think that I would be depressed about my defeat? " Pipsqueak asked laughing.

"Well we ... MPHHHMPHGHH ...," Rumble spoke but was interrupted by Button Mash covering his mouth.

"Heh, don't worry about me, I'm aware that I wasn't going to win, I just got Storm Ship 2 days ago, I only participated because FeatherWeight asked me to," replied Pipsqueak showing them his blade.

The boys looked at each other surprised, Pipsqueak clarified the situation, it turns out that FeatherWeight thought it was great news for the school newspaper, since FeatherWeight is the one who is in charge of said newspaper, according to Pipsqueak, FeatherWeight wanted some members to participate to have a more experience close to the beyblade, instead of just reporting it, but no one seemed to be interested, being his best friend, Pipsqueak decided to participate along with it.

"Well, I hope FeatherWeight at least gets lucky," Spike said.

“Hahahaha,” Pipsqueak started laughing “I like FeatherWeight, but that guy doesn't even know how to hold a launcher. "

"That means?" Rumble asked but was interrupted by a noise coming from the gym.


The boys headed there.

Celestia: Speaking of the fastest Burst Finish in the world.

Luna: Certainly sister, maybe we should speak to the Guinness World Records.

Celestia: But going back to professional comments, the winner of this battle is Bon Bon.

Luna: With a score of 2-0 she will advance to the next round.

In the beystadium, there was a blue and pink colored beyblade spinning while the other one that was a black and white color was laying in parts.

There was FeatherWeight a thin brown haired boy, but he did not seem to be sad with his victory, as Pipsqueak had said, he was interviewing the winner of the match, Bon Bon, a girl with blue and pink hair.

"It was a great battle, how did you plan your strategy," FeatherWeight asked as he jotted everything down in his notebook.

"It's classified," Bon Bon replied seriously.

"Excuse me?" FeatherWeight asked, surprised.

"I mean, you shouldn't know too much, because if you did, it would have to make you disappear," Bon Bon said in a terrifying tone.

“I… I… I…,” FeatherWeight wanted to ask something but no words came out of his mouth, he was too scared to do so.

Bon Bon started laughing out loud "Hahahahaha, this is a joke, fear not little one."

FeatherWeight just chuckled nervously as Bon Bon left the gym.

Meanwhile in the girls' bathroom, Bon Bon was talking on the phone.

Bon Bon put on some sunglasses and said to his phone, “Agent Sweetie Drops reporting, the beyblade operation is working well, the name I gave my beyblade is Top Secret, the results of the battles vary and there are many bladers. whose potential I do not know, I will let you know more personal information about them later. "

Bon Bon ended his call and turned around, there he saw his friend Lyra Heartstrings with a surprised face.

Bon Bon got nervous, "Lyra, I can explain."

Back in the gym, the boys were wondering about the next ones who would participate, they quickly found out thanks to the Principals.

Celestia: Let's go to the next match.

Luna: In the red corner, a boy who is the pride of boy scouts, his prowess on the field shows off his great skills, 13-year-old Skeedadle.

At the center of the gym a child with light blue skin with blue hair with some yellow lines approached, he seemed confident but he walked in without accelerating his pace.

Celestia: And in the blue corner, dance floor terror, former winner of last year's 13-year-old dance contest, Tender Taps.

At the center of the gym a boy with orange skin and purple hair combed back was approaching, he stopped for a moment before running forward jumping that made him look fabulous.

On the benches the boys saw the rivals interested.

"I wonder what kind of battle this is going to be," FeatherWeight said as he began to jot down notes in a notebook.

"Before you start, I could see your beyblade, I'd like to know what type it is," Rumble asked kindly.

"Oh sure," FeatherWeight agreed, displaying a black and white beyblade.

Button looked at him closely and said "Hmm, defense-type, that explains a lot, Bon Bon's blade had an advantage as a Stamina-type."

Celestia: I hope you're ready.

Luna: Because the battle is about to begin.

The 2 bladers took out their blades, Skeedadle's was an attack beyblade, its color was blue with yellow in the center while Tender Taps's beyblade was a balance beyblade so neither would have the advantage in this battle, its color was purple with orange in the center.

Celestia said "Inspect your opponent's bey."

The boys proceeded to check each other's bey, nothing was out of place, so they proceeded.

Later, Skeedadle took out his launcher, it was a strange launcher because it was not a ripcord launcher or a string launcher, many of the students who saw it were left wondering how the beyblade of that thing would launch.

The doubts would be dispelled when from his pocket, Skeedadle took out a long tiny rope and began to tie it in the center of the launcher where it fitted perfectly.

"Now what is he doing?" Pipsqueak wondered.

Spike just looked at Skeedadle with a look of surprise and said, "He's going to speed up."

FeatherWeight did not understand well and asked "How to increase the speed?"

"The longer the ripcord of a launcher, the faster the beyblade will be launched," Rumble replied.

"Yes, but ripcord has its weak point, you can't make it too long because the beyblade becomes uncontrollable or useless, so some choose to use string launchers," said Button Mash.

"But this guy is using a small rope, it means he must have experience, I wonder why the other guy still hasn't gotten his launcher," said Rumble.

While they argued, Tender Taps got into a strange position, it seemed that he was going to prepare for a dance fight, at that moment he placed his beyblade in one of his boots, these had a slot to place the bey.

This surprised the boys who watched it from the benches.

"It can't be," Spike said.

"Is he… .." asked Button Mash.

"No, I don't think he will," Rumble replied.

The principals began the countdown.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And everyone screamed.


Skeedadle pulled the rope of his launcher as hard as he could, causing his beyblade to move at an unmatched speed as he landed on the beystadium.

But the real surprise was seeing Tender Taps launch a kick which sent his bey flying into the beystadium.

"OH MY GOSH," Spike said.

"He did, I didn't think it was possible, but he threw his bey with his legs," Rumble said.

"Has anyone else seen what I saw?" asked Pip.

"I saw more then meets the eye," Button said.

"Please don't involve robots in this Button," FeatherWeight replied.

Meanwhile in the beystadium the battle still showed no signs of starting, because Tender's beyblade took the center but what attracted the most attention was that Skeedadle's beyblade was spinning on the edge of the beystadium.

"How did you manage to make it turn with such precision?" Tender asked Skeedadle.

He replied "I'm very adept at tying knots, I'm so obsessed with it that I decided to base my beyblade style on something similar."

Skeedadle's beyblade was starting to spin faster.

"It's like my beyblade is an expert at running a tightrope."


Skeedadle's beyblade was pushed by Tender's in less than 5 seconds.

"Oh shoes," Skeedadle said as he saw his beyblade outside the beystadium.

Luna: That's a ring out, 1 point for Tender Taps

"But remember that when you live on the edge, sometimes you can fall," said Tender Taps.

"Grrrr, don't think you have an advantage over me," Skeedadle replied.

Another countdown started





The beyblades fell back onto the beystadium.

Skeedadle's bey kept moving along the edge of the beystadium.

"You didn't learn anything, did you, let's finish this, Killer Moves, hit him with everything," Tender Taps ordered his beyblade.

But Skeedadle just laughed.

At that moment, Killer Moves collided with Skeedadle's bey sending him flying, but instead of sending him out of the beystadium, he sent him flying at a vertical angle.

“CAN'T BE,” Tender Taps yelled.

"Now I'll show you who will fall off the tightrope, FATE STRING, DO YOUR MAGIC," Skeedadle yelled.

And at that moment, Fate String landed on Killer Moves but it seemed that the blow had no effect, Tender was relieved for a moment, but he noticed that the direction his bey was moving was out of the beystadium, he tried to do something but it was too late, Killer Moves was spinning outside the beystadium.

Celestia: And that's a Ring Out too, which means it's a point for Skeedadle.

Luna: This leaves them tied with a score of 1-1, the next battle will decide everything.

Celestia and Luna: Final Round, get ready.




And with all the might in the world the 2 bladers screamed.


This time, the 2 blades fell with power to the beystadium.

Fate Strings turned around the edge of the beystadium again, this worried Tender Taps, since it was his best attack.

"NOW, FATE STRING," Skeedadle yelled as Fate String began to go straight for the Killer Moves.

And in that moment…….

Tender Taps began to move mysteriously at the same time that his Killer Moves eluded Fate String.

"What the… ..?" Skeedadle said.

On the benches the boys were surprised to see Tender Taps move strangely, then they realized what he was really doing.

"Is he dancing?" Pipsqueak asked.

“Sounds like it,” FeatherWeight replied as he wrote in his notebook the following that would show in the school newspaper: DANCER STUDENT CONTROLS HIS BEYBLADE WITH STYLE AND BIG MOVEMENTS.

In battle you could see that Killer Moves moved to the rhythm in which Tender Taps danced, each time changing from one style to the other.

First as simple dances, then it became Break Dance, then to resist the attacks of Fate String it began to take the center with a style similar to ballet.

But suddenly he began to make straighter attacks and this step to tap dancing.

"I taught him that," Apple Bloom said to the other Crusaders.

“NOW FOR THE GREAT ENDING,” Tender yelled as he did a backflip which surprised everyone including the Dark Crystal Knight who was watching the battle from the ceiling.

And quickly Killer Moves jumped upside down landing on Fate String, causing it to disarm.

"No," Skeedadle thought.

Celestia: Burst Finish, with a score of 3-1.

Luna: Therefore, the winner is Tender Taps.

Celestia: But let's not forget your opponent, I certainly don't make things easy for him.

Several claps rang out, it was an incredible battle, it was not only for Tender Taps, other students were cheering for Skeedadle, after that, Skeedadle picked up the parts of his bey to put it back together.

"It was a good fight buddy," said Tender Taps.

"Sure you do, I hope you can better refine those steps in the future," Skeedadle replied.

"Very well we will announce the next battle," Celestia said.

“The selected bladers are Flash Sentry and Heath Burns,” Luna said.

Spike was surprised when he heard that, it was time to see Flash fight professionally, he turned to see Flash, who had a serious smile but at the same time seemed not to underestimate his opponent.

But he quickly turned to see Heath, he had a horrible sinister smile as he pulled out a black and red beyblade.
Spike turned away to avoid disturbing Heath who looked dangerous.

One thing was for sure, the next battle would be anything but boring.

Author's Note:

Well, it was time for another chapter to go up, I regret not having been so constant but my duties as a university student leave me busy, even so I hope you can enjoy this chapter, and no, there will be no Bon Bon spy plot, I just put that as a joke in the series will not be something that affects history.

The next battle will be a tribute to another fic that inspired me to write this one.

Thanks so much for reading.

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