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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 20: The Evil Empress

Previously, our heroes had signed up to participate in the Beybattle Royale, what they didn't have was a blader who appeared to be a good person but was actually quite the opposite.

“Hahahaha, they won't beat me,” shouted Cozy Glow with a laugh.

There were only 4 bladers left, Cozy, Apple Blomm, Flash and Spike.

"Flash Heart, take her out," Flash was the first to order his beyblade to attack.

“Interesting, I thought all 3 would come for me at once,” said Cozy Glow.

“I will defeat you, after all, I learned what it's like to be an honorable blader, and you're not,” Flash said making Cozy Glow angry.

“Grrrrrr, how dare you,” Cozy Glow reacted angrily.

"Okay, she fell to my taunt, better attack now," Flash thought and then yelled, "FLASH HEART, IT'S TIME, SPECIAL MOVE, SHINNING IMPACT."

"Okay Flash, you managed to trick her" Spike thought happily.

But just as Flash Heart was going to hit Power Empress, it dodged the attack.

"WHAT?" Spike, Twilight, Flash and Apple Bloom yelled at the same time.

"But how?" Apple Bloom wondered.

“Do you three think you can fool me?! I know a diversion when I see it!” Cozy Glow replied.

“Oh no,” Twilight said.

“Oh yes,” the Dark Crystal Knight thought as he hid himself.

"NOW POWER EMPRESS, GET OFF HIM," Cozy ordered her beyblade to attack Flash's.

And in that moment.


Power Empress collided with Flash Heart, the latter exploding in a burst finish.

“FLASH HEART,” Flash yelled as he saw his beyblade disarmed, but inside he was relieved that it hadn't been destroyed.

“Ummm….um…..well there are only 3 contestants left,” Mr. Torch narrated, he was still amazed at Cozy Glow's power, “Maybe Ember and Smolder could have beaten her, but I support them in all their decisions.”

Meanwhile somewhere else.

We were inside a comic book store, but in the center there was a big beystadium, although not as big as the one seen in the beystore.

There, voices were heard.


2 beyblades were launched into the beystadium.

One beyblade was reddish with pink in the center, while the other was Royal Claw.

“Come on Royal Claw, attack,” ordered Smolder who was having the battle.

Ember was sitting watching her little sister in the beybattle.


Suddenly as if it were nothing, the reddish pink beyblade collided with Royal Claw, the latter managed to remain stable while the other was disarmed.

“Oops, I guess that's a Burst Finish, so victory is yours Smolder,” said a girl with reddish-brown skin and pink hair.

“Thank you, Mina, for letting me do the challenge,” Smolder replied to the girl.

"You're welcome and you're the first girl your age to complete it, no other girl has managed to beat the best bladers in this shop in one day, you earned a spot on the victory wall," the girl said with pink hair, whose name was Mina.

“Victory Wall? What's that?" Smolder asked, but before she could ask any more questions a camera flash was heard.


Mina pulled out a large camera and shot it directly into Smolder's eyes.

“UGHHH,” Smolder was stunned by the flash right into her eyes.

At that moment, a photo came out of the camera, one where Smolder came out with her pupils dilated, Mina took it and put it on a wall along with other photos of other bladers, they all seemed older than Smolder.

Mina took a microphone and announced to the entire store, "Attention Dragon Town Comics customers, it is an honor to announce a new addition to the victory wall, a 13-year-old blader with great strength, Smolder."

All the customers in the store began to clap.

“Very good, well done Smolder,” Ember said.

Smolder smiled, then the 2 sisters decided to leave the place, but not before being intercepted by Mina.

"Before you go, can I ask you something?"

"Umm, sure," Smolder replied.

“It is clear that you are very good at playing, why did you come to a small shop like this?”

Smolder and Ember looked at each other.

“Don't take this the wrong way, I'm glad to have more clients, but aren't you wasting your talent here?” asked Mina.

"I, I thought I was skilled, but I saw that in this world there are many skilled people in the most hidden places," Smolder began to remember her fight with Thorax, she frowned, but then smiled, "So I decided to start a training , I will search every store possible for skillful bladers and beath them, only then will I become stronger.”

“I'm glad you kept going, Smolder,” Ember said.

“You have passion, I like it,” Mina said.

As the two of them proceeded to leave, Ember caught a glimpse of one of the photos on the victory wall.

In it was a boy with red skin, prickly orange hair and a sinister look, and his name was written under the photo.


Back to the beybattle at Beystore.

There were only 3 beyblades left spinning, Emerald Flame, Golden Apple and of course Power Empress.

Spike and Apple Bloom could only wait for Cozy Glow to make the first move, they were too terrified to dare throw the first punch.

“You two sure are boring, okay, THIS WILL END HERE AND NOW,” Cozy Glow said this last yelling.

"This is awful," Spike said, "Apple Bloom, take evasive action."

But it was too late because Cozy Glow ordered Power Empress the next attack, "GODDESS BARRIER."

Cozy Glow's beyblade started getting black cracks on its attack ring again.

But this time, Emerald Flame and Golden Apple were directly sucked into Power Empress like a black hole.

“Oh no,” Apple Bloom said as she saw the beyblades being absorbed.

Spike saw the scene and in one last desperate attempt, ordered his beyblade to execute one last attack "FLAME, SAVE GOLDEN APPLE."

Apple Bloom was surprised to hear that, "What?"

"Well, this is not what I planned," the Dark Crystal Knight said, "But it is worthy of a Knight."

"Spike," Twilight Sparkle said proudly of her little brother.

As Golden Apple was being sucked in, Emerald Flame directly advanced and pushed it out of the vortex.

Unfortunately this caused a weakened Emerald Flame to hit Power Empress's barrier.


And quickly, Emerald Flame was thrown out of the beystadium.

"SPIKE," cried Apple Bloom sadly.

“OH GOLLY,” said Cozy Glow angrily.

"Why did you do that?" asked Apple Bloom.

“I don't know, but I felt like Flame wanted to defend you, like my beyblade had spoken to me,” Spike replied.

At that moment Cozy Glow became even more enraged, "You idiot, you ruined everything, you and I were supposed to be the last remaining bladers," saying that, Cozy Glow calmed down and smiled coquettishly at Spike, "But it also confirms that you are a good subject, besides being very handsome.”

"Excuse me?" Spike asked confused.

Apple Bloom felt jealous.

“Yes, it is a quality that the Dark Crystal Knight would approve of,” said Cozy Glow causing everyone to gasp.

"Do you work for him?" asked Apple Bloom.

Cozy Glow just nodded.

"But you're just a little girl, why are you with him?" Flash Sentry asked.

Twilight was also confused as to how a little girl could have allied herself with someone as mysterious as the Dark Crystal Knight, "But why?"

“I suppose each will have their reasons,” the Dark Crystal Knight said, emerging from his hiding place.

"You," Spike said angrily.

"I wouldn't waste my time with hateful looks, when what's really important is supporting your little friend, don't you think so, Spike?" said the Dark Crystal Knight.

Spike's eyes widened, he had to cheer Apple Bloom, "Apple Bloom, do your best."


Golden Apple began to spin into a golden beyblade, just what happened in her battle against Twist and Sugar Rush.

The attack between barriers began the 2 beyblades collided and the 2 were still in the center without being able to push the other.

"Come on, Golden Apple," said Apple Bloom a bit tiredly.

But Cozy Glow didn't flinch.

“If that is all your power….” Cozy Glow said quietly but then yelled, "SO I HOPE YOU WILL WALL IN YOUR MISERY FOR BEING SO WEAK."

Power Empress began to spin rapidly as the black cracks on her attack ring completely covered it, "OUR ATTACKS ARE SIMILAR, BUT I CAN DO SOMETHING YOU CAN'T, DUMB COWGIRL, I CAN INCREASE THE POWER OF MY BARRIER."

And with a superior attack Power Empress launched Golden Apple out of the beystadium, which was shot at a devilish speed.

But the bad thing is that the beyblade was aimed at Apple Bloom.

“Apple Bloom watch out,” Twilight Sparkle yelled.

“Ahhh,” Apple Bloom yelled as she used her arms to try to cover herself and minimize the damage.

At that moment, Spike stepped in front of Apple Bloom to prevent her beyblade from hitting her.

“Spike NOOOO,” Apple Bloom yelled.

And in that moment.


Golden Apple hit Spike in the stomach.

“UUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH,” Spike groaned in pain as he took the hit from the Golden Apple, after which he fell to the ground.

"SPIKE," Twilight and Flash leaned in closer.

"Spike, are you okay?" asked Apple Bloom worried.

"Ouch, don't worry Apple Bloom, at least I didn't lose my personality," Spike said jokingly, but still feeling pain.

Mr. Torch had to announce the winner, even though he didn't want to, “Ummm, the winner is….. umm…. Cozy Glow.”

However, Cozy Glow didn't smile, she kept a straight face, "So I win, I don't really care."

Cozy walked over to Spike, who was still on the ground.

Apple Bloom stood in front of her, "Now what do you want, you already beat us, so why don't you run off with your master and……….."

Apple Bloom couldn't finish speaking because Cozy Glow pushed her to the ground.

"Ugh, this isn't over, I'll beat you next time," Apple Bloom said on the floor.

“You might want to drag yourself up to my level first,” Cozy Glow said taunting her.

Cozy Glow spoke to Spike, "Even though you lost, you kept your composure, and you fought honorably even though I played dirty."

“Ugh…. I will always fight honorably, no matter how rotten my opponent is… ughh… a beybattle…. I will always put my heart into a beybattle,” Spike said still sore.

"Hehehe, you're so silly," Cozy Glow sneered, "But you're also so cute."

At that moment, she took Spike with her hand and pulled him close, "We'll meet again."

Then, Cozy Glow kissed Spike on the lips against his will, Spike tried to resist, but the pain prevented him, Spike couldn't escape.

Twilight and Flash gasped at Cozy Glow's action, while Apple Bloom frowned furiously.

Cozy Glow finished kissing Spike as a string of saliva formed between their tongues.

Spike had been shocked by Cozy Glow's action, he couldn't say anything, he couldn't express anything.

Cozy Glow smiled evilly, "Judging by your reaction…."

Spike glared at her.

"That was your first kiss right?" asked Cozy Glow.

Spike didn't say anything in an attempt to protect his pride.

"Hahahaha, I think so, let me tell you that you tasted very good."

"Yeah, it was his first kiss and it was with me, what do you think cowgirl," Cozy Glow told Apple Bloom.

An annoyed Apple Bloom launched directly to hit Cozy.


But she couldn't but was stopped by Flash and Twilight.

“Apple Bloom, don't do it,” Flash said holding her up.

"Let me go, let me give her what she deserves."

"Apple Bloom, we are all angry just like you, but that's just what she wants, for you to lose your composure," Twilight said, also holding her.

“You are nosy, alright, time to go,” Cozy said as she walked out of the shop along with the Dark Crystal Knight.

"I think that kiss was unnecessary Cozy."

Cozy just laughed.

Apple Bloom continued to stare at Cozy Glow, not able to get their battle out of her head. She had been completely helpless against her, but she swore the next time they met she would settle the score.

As they walked away, all of his friends, his sister, and even Mr. Torch walked up to Spike, "Spike, you're okay?" they all asked, they worried about him, because of everything that happened so fast.

Spike couldn't say anything, there was a lot going on in his head, so he could only yell in anger and despair, "AHHHHHHHHH."

Author's Note:

Well, that was the power of Cozy, she is crazy, in the next chapter we will return to the main tournament.

By the way, Mina is a character from the MLP comics, I would have liked her to appear in the main series.

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