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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 16: The Strongest Pegasi

Spike was telling his friends about his battle with Pharynx and all the information he managed to get out of him, after finishing, his friends were thoughtful.

"Hmm, curious," Button Mash said.

"What is curious?" Ember asked.

"Why precisely at this moment?" Button Mash resplied with another question.

"You could be more specific," Scootaloo said.

"I don't think it's weird that a super villian is trying to beat Spike and just happens to have a tournament on the same day," replied Button Mash.

"You're right, do you think the Dark Crystal Knight had something to do with the organization of this tournament?" Apple Bloom thought.

"I guess, it can't be a coincidence," Smolder said.

"So this can't just be me, it's all of us, we have to be careful," Spike said.

"You mean that the Dark Crystal Knight may have more cronies who want to face us?" Sweetie Belle asked terrified.

"Unfortunately yes," Spike replied looking at the ground.

"Hey, but don't be discouraged, you and Flash have already defeated 2 of their sidekicks, I don't think they're that powerful," Rainbow Dash said without showing signs of fear.

"I don't know Rainbow, at the moment they are unknown enemies, with those we must not lower our guard," said Flash Sentry.

"I guess one of you two has a plan," Ember asked, pointing at Spike and Button Mash.

They just nodded.

"So what is the plan?" Smolder asked.

"Run away and hide," Spike and Button Mash said at the same time.

"WHAT?" yelled all his friends present.

Spike and Button looked at each other confused.

"Running away and hiding? I thought you were the brave one" Spike asked Button.

"Hey, that was going to be my plan, and in what universe am I the brave one?" Button responded with another question.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe in the mushroom kingdom, you, mr 8-bit ," replied Spike losing patience.

"Wow, look who's insulting me, bad idea, I say it because you don't know how to hide your Power Ponys fanfiction," Button answered annoyed.

"You did what?" Spike asked surprised and scared.

"Yes and let me tell you that you are a predictable writer, you only created Fading Bloom so that HumDrum would have a girlfriend, what a waste of character," Button Mash replied with an angry look.

That comment infuriated Spike, "What did you say, Punk."

Button replied slowly and loudly "WORST… .OC… .EVER."

Spike with all the anger in the world, took off his jacket and showed his slim arms forming a battle stance, "I will teach you that my writing and drawing skills are not just to impress girls."

"Bring it on Dragon Boy, bring it on," replied Button Mash just as furious.

"No, people. Let's be smart and bring it off, ”said Flash Sentry, trying to intervene.

"Oh, so now the waifu thief is gonna preach to us," Pinkie Pie replied.

"Waifu what?" asked Flash Sentry.

It looked like a fight was going to start but luckily someone else interfered.

"ENOUGH," Twilight Sparkle yelled making everyone turn to her.

"I understand that you are scared, but fighting between you will not solve anything, it will only make things worse," Twilight said to Spike and Button, that comment made them react.

"Sorry, Button," Spike said ruefully.

"No, I'm sorry Spike, take things too far by mentioning your secret fanfic," replied Button Mash.

"What secret fanfic?" asked Apple Bloom.

Spike blushed and quickly wanted to change the subject, “NO, IT'S NOTHING APPLE BLOOM, um…. Where we were?"

Smolder replied, "Evil bladers chasing us."

"Oh right," Spike replied.

"Shouldn't we, call the police?" Fluttershy asked.

"And what are we going to tell him? That a group of villains are attacking us with spinning tops, ”Rainbow Dash replied.

"They would think we are crazy." Button Mash said.

The discussion continued but they were interrupted by the voice of the Principal Celestia through a speaker.

Celestia: It's time to introduce the participating bladers.

Everyone returned to their respective seats, the discussion about the Dark Crystal Knight's sidekicks could wait, at this time they had to give encouragement to their friend, Rumble.

Luna: In the red corner, a formidable student from Canterlot High, our physically strongest student and the winner of the best muscle award, 15 years old, Bulk Biceps.

Suddenly a loud noise from a wall breaking was heard, the students realized that it was Bulk Biceps, a student with great muscles, who appeared breaking one of the walls of the gym.

"YEAHHHHHH," shouted Bulk Biceps as he approached the stage.

Luna: Bulk Biceps you're going to have to fix that.

"Sorry Vice-Principal Luna," Bulk Biceps said ruefully.

Celestia: And in the blue corner, our newest addition, transferred from Crystal Prep, a boy who will surprise us with his competitive spirit, 13-year-old Rumble.

Rumble was approaching the center of the gym running with a determined smile, ready for battle.

Rumble heard some screams so he turned to see, "You can do it, Rumble, do your best and Cloud Slayer."

It was Spike and Button Mash, Rumble smiled, he was happy to have them as friends.

Suddenly Rumble remembered his past.

1 month ago.

Rumble was in a classroom, he was wearing the Crystal Prep uniform, as always he was bored in the classroom, not talking to anyone.

"Hey, you're going to try to pass the next national exam," said one of the students.

“Yes, it will be the best to secure a scholarship,” another of the students replied.

Rumble who was sitting, heard the conversation in the distance.

"Jeez, this place is so boring, they don't think about anything other than studying," thought Rumble in frustration.

Suddenly the bell rang.

"Well, I'm leaving here," Rumble proceeded to leave the room, but when he opened the door there were 2 other students blocking it, Rumble was going to politely ask them to let him pass, but before he could do so the students reacted.

"Ahhh, Rumble sorry," said one of the students.

"We didn't mean to bother you," the other pulled away so he could pass.

Rumble just kept going, but he could hear the students from afar.

"Wow, Rumble always looks so scary."

"Shut up, he might hear you."

Indeed Rumble listened, but he simply went to his locker, there he made sure that no one was there, he opened his locker and there was his beyblade Cloud Slayer.

"Everyone here judges me by my appearance, they think I'm some kind of bully, I haven't done anything wrong, why do they treat me like that? It's not fair," Rumble thought while shedding tears of fury.

Rumble was holding his beyblade.

"Cloud Slayer, you are my only friend."

Present Time.

"Cloud Slayer, you are my only friend," Rumble said, "Or so I thought, but I met Spike and Button Mash, of course you are still my friend Cloud and thanks to you I got to know them."

Rumble took out his beyblade and looked at it.

"I will never forget the day my brother said we were going to be transferred, I didn't know how to feel, but today, all I feel now is happiness."


On the benches.

Spike and Button Mash had tears in their eyes, that was noticed by the CMCs.

"Are you crying?" Scootaloo asked.

"Men have feelings too," Spike replied, shedding more tears.

Apple Bloom smiled upon hearing his answer.

"He was very brave, he spent more time alone than the two of us and yet he still retains his enthusiasm and his smile, as if he had accumulated infinite lives, that is why we are so proud of Rumble, our friend," replied Button, trying to hold back his tears, didn´t work.

"How sweet, your friendship is like ours, where you can be yourselves," Sweetie Belle said while Apple Bloom nodded.

"Except I don't cry," Scootaloo said trying to protect her pride, to which the other Crusaders looked at her with a face that said "SERIOUSLY."

"Hey I've never cried for anything like feelings," Scootaloo said.

"Will you show her the video or will I show it to her?" asked Apple Bloom.

"What?" Scootaloo asked.

"I will," Sweetie Belle said as she pulled out her cell phone and showed Scootaloo a video, "You must see this, miss who never cries."

In the video were Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo crying hugging Tank, their pet turtle.

"TANNNNKK," Rainbow Dash yelled crying.

"WE DON'T WANT YOU TO GO," Scootaloo screamed in tears.

The video ended and Scootaloo was embarrassed.

"That was just one time, it doesn't count," Scootaloo said trying to protect her pride.

"Does not count? You acted like Tank was going to die, ”Apple Bloom responded.

"Ughh," Scootaloo gave up as Aple Bloom and Sweetie Belle giggled.

Back with Rumble, he turned his gaze to the stands, specifically a boy with black skin and white hair, his older brother Thunderlane "THUNDERLANE, THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME HERE."

In the stands.

Thunderlane looked at his brother with a smile, "It was a good idea to bring him here and I also have to thank his friends, I haven't seen my brother smile like that in a long time."

Bulk Biceps approached the center of the gym, took out his beyblade, "YEAAAHHH, get ready little one, because you are about to witness the brute force of Bulk and his partner, Thunder Nimbus."

Rumble enthusiastically replied, "AWESOME, you better not hold back, because we will fight with all our might."

"YEEEAHHHH," Bulk said upon hearing Rumble's reply.

Luna: Alright, now it's time to inspect your opponent's bey.

Rumble gave his bey to Bulk, Bulk did the same.

"Hmm, an ATTACK type like mine, this could be trouble," Rumble thought as he looked at Bulk's bey.

"I can handle this, this one looks weaker than Thunder Nimbus," Bulk Biceps thought as he looked at Rumble's bey.

The 2 returned the beyblade to its respective owner.

"Do you think he can make it?" asked Flash Sentry.

"It's Rumble, he's got this match won," Spike replied.

"Yes, why do you think he could lose?" Button Mash asked.

"Because you haven't seen his opponent's launcher," Smolder replied.

Spike and Button Mash looked at Bulk's launcher, Spike fainted when he saw it.

"For the love of Palutena, what the hell is that?" Button Mash asked when he saw Bulk´s launcher.

Bulk's launcher looked like a bazooka, he even put his beyblade in the mouthpiece like he was loading some kind of ammo.

"Um, is that allowed?" Rumble asked the Principals.

Celestia: Bulk, is that weapon real?

"No, principal, it's just an altered launcher," Bulk replied as he showed them the launcher, it was clearly not dangerous.

"Okay Rumble, you have to be very careful, you don't know what kind of advantage that launcher will give him, but you can do it," Rumble thought.

"That thing must be heavy," Twilight said.

"I'm not surprised, Bulk is the strongest student," Sunset replied.

Fluttershy was just shaking.

Rumble placed his bey in his launcher, Bulk noticed that the ripcord was longer.

"Hah, so you made the ripcord longer, I hope you don't think you're the first to use that silly trick, it won't work on me," said Bulk Biceps.

Rumble just replied, "Bring it on."

Celestia: Alright, it's time for the countdown.

The 2 bladers took up a battle position.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

Both: 1

And all the students shouted:


Rumble and Bulk threw their beyblades into the beystadium.

Rumble pulled the ripcord harder to make Cloud Slayer go faster.

Bulk pulled the trigger of his bazooka launcher and his bey was fired like a missile.

"AHHHHHHHH," Spike (who had woken up a few seconds ago) and Button Mash yelled, "That's a lot of speed."

"What do you mean?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"The reason Rumble lengthened his launcher ripcord was to double the speed of his bey," Spike replied.

"But because of the boost the bey received from Bulk, his speed is 4 times higher, it makes him more unstable, but now Rumble can only win if he keeps dodging his attacks and running away," added Button Mash.

"And that's the problem, Rumble isn't someone who runs away, he's someone who always attacks first, but in this battle, it won't do him any good to play that way," Spike finished.

"CLOUD SLAYER, GO FOR HIM," Rumble ordered his bey.

Cloud Slayer headed to attack Thunder Nimbus, but at the moment of colliding, Thunder Nimbus began to lose stability quickly, that would be good news for Rumble… ..

If only Cloud Slayer hadn't been fired from the beystadium.

"WHAT?" Rumble said.

Celestia: Ring Out.

Luna: That's a point for Bulk Biceps who leads the score 1-0.

"YEAHHH," shouted Bulk Biceps.

"Can't be, apparently he was faster than Cloud Slayer," Rumble thought.

"Brother, I know you can win," Thunderlane thought.

Rumble didn't know what to do, he couldn't match his opponent's speed by lengthening the ripcord, he was trapped, but suddenly he heard a voice that made him react.

"RUMBLE, I know you can win, don't you dare lose this round," Scootaloo yelled.

The crusaders were shocked, the only time Scootaloo yelled like that was to cheer Rainbow Dash on.

Rainbow Dash just smiled upon hearing her little sister with spirit.

Hearing that, Rumble began to think of a possible strategy, until it seemed like he found one.

"What's wrong little one? Are you overwhelmed by my incredible show of force? " Bulk Biceps asked.

Rumble replied, "No, I'm just thinking about the fact that your muscles won't give you victory."

"We'll see," Bulk replied as he placed his bey in the slot of his bazooka launcher.

"It is very risky what I am going to try, there is a great possibility that it will fail," thought Rumble as he placed his bey in his launcher and then looked at Bulk, "But if I don't do it, I will lose."

Luna: The second round begins.

Rumble started backing up until he was 3 meters from the beystadium, this surprised all the students.

"What is he doing?" Sweetie Belle asked.

Spike shook his head, "I don't know, but I know he's not trying to escape."

"Now what are you doing? Trying out some crazy and lame technique? you won't be able to launch your beyblade from there, ”said Bulk Biceps.

Rumble just replied, "You'll see."

"Yeah, whatever," said Bulk.

Celestia: Umm okay, let's start the countdown again.

Luna: 3

Celestia: 2

At that moment, Rumble started running towards the beystadium.

"This brat lost his mind," said Bulk Biceps.

Celestia and Luna: 1

And as he approached the beystadium, Rumble jumped high while pointing his launcher.

All the students were surprised at such a feat, yet they shouted:


Except Bulk, he yelled, "YEAHHH."

The 2 beys were thrown into the beystadium.

"CLOUD SLAYER GOT FOR HIM," ordered Rumble upon landing, several students got confused, he tried to do the same and ended up losing, why do it again?

But this time, Cloud Slayer wasn't thrown out of the beystadium.

"WHAT ?," said Bulk Biceps.

"Now it all makes sense," Spike said.

"Yes, the momentum generated by jumping and acceleration increased Cloud Slayer's speed, he is now 4 times faster," Button Mash replied.

After several seconds, due to its instability, Thunder Nimbus began to lose energy, so Bulk yelled, "Thunder Nimbus, hold on."

"IT'S THE TIME, CLOUD SLAYER, USE YOUR SPECIAL MOVE, WIND BLADE," Rumble ordered as Cloud Slayer went straight in a diagonal line to attack Thunder Nimbus.

Suddenly, like a sword, Thunder Nimbus disarmed in the most graceful way possible.

"NO," shouted Bulk.

Many students were left with their mouths open, a 13 year old boy defeated the strongest student.

Celestia: That was unexpected.

Luna: It practically came out of nowhere, but it's still a Burst Finish.

Celestia: Which means that the winner, with a score of 1-2, is Rumble.

"Yeahhhhh," this time Rumble yelled as he jumped.

Rumble heard that from the benches they were cheering him on.

"Very good Rumble," Spike and Button Mash yelled at the same time, of course there were evil bladers who were targeting them, but united they could defeat them, they remembered that when they saw Rumble in his beybattle.

“I knew you would win,” Scootaloo yelled.

"For just a kid, you fought really well," said Bulk Biceps.

"Thanks, but I had to improvise a new technique, I was just lucky," Rumble replied as they both shook hands.

All the students were applauding, they were excited at that quick but epic battle.

Several minutes later.

"That trick was great," Spike said.

“How in the blooming apples did you do that? asked Apple Bloom.

“You jumped and threw like some kind of superhero or anime protagonist,” added Sweetie Belle.

"You should show me," Scootaloo said.

"How did you learn it?" Button Mash asked.

"Hehe, I've actually seen this trick before," Rumble replied ruefully.

"Has anyone else done it already?" Spike asked.

"Yes, I mean no, well, theres a TV show, it's actually an anime, where a boy named Tyson…." Rumble told his friends, in the distance his brother Thunderlane was watching with a smile.

"You've made good friends Rumble, I couldn't be more proud of you."

Meanwhile, in one of the school bathrooms.

A young man with green skin and purple eyes in its entirety, he was looking at himself in the mirror, then he took out a beyblade from his backpack, the beyblade was orange with green in the center, he did not identify what type it was.

"It's just a short time away, so I can make my move," said the boy.

It seems that things will get more intense for our heroes, what will hold for them in the last battles of the first round? find out in the next episode.

Author's Note:

Yes, maybe the battle was too short again, but they needed to know the backstory of Rumble and I didn't want it to cover 2 chapters, so I had to put it all in one, the next episode will be the last battles of the first round of the tournament.

Also, there are many references here, I will not say all, but the launcher used by Bulk is inspired by the one used by Crusher in Beyblade G Revolution.

Guess which character I was inspired by for Rumble´s backstory (is not from beyblade.)

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