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Beyblade EQG - MechaTomX

A teenager discovers his passion for the beyblade, he will show what he is made of in the next great tournament that will decide who is the best blader

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Ep 19: Beybattle Royale

Spike, Rumble and Button Mash were talking in a video chat.

"Hello, do you hear me?" Rumble said as his audio cut out.

“Rumble, I think you have a bad connection to internet,” Button Mash replied.

Several minutes passed.

“Grrr, I hate technology,” Rumble said angrily.

“Okay okay, I just wanted to show you this,” Spike said as he sent a photo that appeared to be an announcement for a small event.

In the photo, many beyblades were found spinning in a beystadium, and at the top it said: BEYBATTLE ROYALE.

“Wow, what is that?” Rumble asked.

"Obviously it's a flyer," Button Mash responded.

"I already know it's a flyer," Rumble said frustrated.

"Then why did you ask?" Button Mash asked with a bored expression.

"You're lucky a computer screen protects you Mashy," Rumble replied.

"That's enough," Spike interjected, "we've got better things to do than argue over this."

Spike began to explain to them that the beystore would be hosting a small battle royale just for fun, it wouldn't be an official tournament and there wouldn't be any prizes.

"Very interesting, don't you think? It would serve as training,” Spike said excitedly.

The other 2 boys were amazed.

"This tournament will only be for the first 15 bladers who sign up, I'm going straight to the store, don't you want to come too?" Spike asked Rumble and Button.

"Sorry Spike, but I'm going to be busy today," Button replied dejectedly declining the invitation, but then smiled, "But it doesn't mean I won't train for the next round, just wait and see."

Suddenly, Button Mash went offline.

Spike wasn't surprised, normally Saturdays were Button's relaxation days, obviously he wouldn't go, but saying he would train in another way caught his attention.

“I'll have to turn down your offer too Spike, I'll train another way too,” Rumble said, “But I wish you the best of luck.”

Rumble also logged out.

"Well, I guess it'll just be me," Spike said as he prepared to head to the beystore.

Meanwhile at Button Mash's house.

Button was modifying a white launcher.

“There, now you can launch with more precision and power,” said Button Mash handing over the launcher.

"Thank you very much Button, you are very generous, but are you sure you don't want to go to that event with Spike?" Sweetie Belle said upon receiving the launcher.

"No way Sweetie, for now I prefer to focus on every probability of a beybattle," Button said as he typed various codes on his laptop.

Sweetie Belle was surprised by the speed at which Button Mash was typing, "Wow, you sure are good at programming, I thought…."

"Did you think I was just someone whose only talent is playing video games?" Button Mash replied smiling, "I don't blame you for thinking that because that's what I am, but I'm also more than that."

Sweetie Belle smiled.

“If I want to have a chance against Spike and Rumble I have to go all out and that briefcase in that corner will help me,” Button Mash said as he finished typing and picked up the briefcase.

He opened it.

"Will that work?" Sweety asked.

Button just nodded.

Meanwhile at Rumble's house.

Rumble was with Scootaloo, in the center of the room, there was a beystadium whose center rotated.

"Does this serve to control the balance?" Scootaloo asked in amazement.

“Yeah, good training for bladers who have speed on their side, so we're in control,” Rumble replied inspiredly.

Scootaloo just smiled.

On the streets of Canterlot.

Spike was riding his bike to the beystore.

"I wonder what kind of bladers there will be," he thought as he continued to pedal.

At that moment, he saw someone in the distance, it was Apple Bloom who was walking.

Spike walked over to her and braked.

“Apple Bloom.”

She heard his voice and turned around.

“Spike, how are you, good to see you,” Apple Bloom said with a smile.

"I'm fine Apple Bloom, in fact, I notice you're going to the mall," Spike said.

Apple Bloom nodded.

"Well, don't you want me to take you?" Spike asked.

“Your such a gentleman,” Apple Bloom said with a smile.

"Hey, that's just me," Spike said proudly.

Apple Bloom giggled and decided to get on the bike, luckily the seat was big enough to accommodate 2 passengers.

“Okay, hold on,” Spike said as he started pedaling again.

Apple Bloom hugged Spike to avoid falling, this made Spike blush a little, but he kept pedaling.

"Are you going to the Beybattle Royale Spike by any chance?" asked Apple Bloom.

Spike was surprised, "You guessed Apple Bloom."

“I guess both great minds think alike,” Apple Bloom replied.

"Will you participate too?" Spike asked smiling.

Apple Bloom gladly nodded.

“Well, what are we waiting for, lets go,” Spike said as he sped off.

Minutes passed and suddenly they were already in the parking lot of the mall.

“Looks like we're on time,” Spike said.

"Yeah, I highly doubt that…" Apple Bloom was interrupted by a yell from Spike.


Apple Bloom saw the reason why Spike screamed, it was because a black car was approaching them, it seemed that the driver was not paying attention.

“Oooooh, SWEET APPLE SAUCE,” Apple Bloom yelled as the car got closer to them.

Suddenly Spike made a maneuver to avoid the car and avoid the collision.


“Ahhhh,” Apple Bloom and Spike yelled as they dodged around the car and fell into a puddle.

"Ughh, that was close," Spike said recovering from the fall.

"You say it," said Apple Bloom and then looked at the car, "Hey, if you're going to drink don't drive."

Then the glass of the car began to lower revealing the driver.

"Flash?" Spike and Apple Bloom said at the same time.

"Spike, Apple Bloom, hello," he greeted them and then remembered almost running them over, "Sorry, the brakes picked a bad time to go off."

"And that's why, you always have to do security checks every month," said Twilight who was in the passenger seat, "Oh, hey Spike, hey Apple Bloom."

"Hello Twilight," they both said at the same time.

"May I ask what are you doing here?"

Apple Bloom showed Twilight the Beybattle Royale flyer.

“Wow, that's fun,” Twilight Sparkle said.

“Yes it is, I'd like to participate,” Flash Sentry said.

Twilight just smiled, it was obvious that Flash would be up for something like that.

"Great, but we've got to hurry, we don't know if there are any spots available yet," Spike said as he headed for the mall entrance.

Apple Bloom followed him, but the 2 were stopped by Twilight and Flash.

"Wait a minute, Spike, I don't think you should come in with wet clothes," Twilight said.

Spike and Apple Bloom remembered that their clothes were wet from falling into a puddle.

"But we didn't bring any more clothes, and we can't go home, we'd waste a lot of time," said Apple Bloom.

"Fortunately, I always come prepared," Flash said confidently.

"What do you suggest?" Spike asked.

Flash went to the trunk of his car and opened it.

There was a big bag there.

“I have extra clothes in case something like that happens,” Flash said, opening the bag as he lent some of his clothes to Spike and Apple Bloom.

Spike and Apple Bloom were shocked.

"Flash, why do you have clothes in your car?" Spike asked.

"I am always prepared for any situation," Flash said with a smile, then Twilight spoke.

"That's not true, it turns out we just stopped by a laundromat to pick up his clean clothes," Twilight said.

"Twilight, they were buying it."

"Sorry Flash," Twilight said with a giggle.

After that, Spike and Apple Bloom went to the bathrooms to change their clothes.

A few minutes later.

"Wow, this makes me look smarter," said Apple Bloom.

"Wait a minute, that's mine," Twilight told Flash as she glared at him.

"What, can't I have your clothes as souvenirs?" Flash asked jokingly.

Then Spike came out.

"It's amazing, I feel like I'm some kind of delinquent or some kind of criminal," Spike said and then nervously glanced at Flash, "No offense Flash."

“None taken,” Flash said.

"Well, let's not waste any more time," the 4 headed to the beystore.

Mr. Torch was behind the counter, waiting for enough bladers to arrive to start the Beybattle Royale.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Mr. Torch saw Spike, Apple Bloom, Flash Sentry, and Twilight Sparkle enter.

"Spike, nice to see you, I imagine you're here to participate," Mr. Torch said.

"The pleasure is mine, Mr. Torch, and yes, we did come to participate," Spike replied.

"That's great, just when there are only 4 spots left," said Mr. Torch.

“Actually, I won't be participating,” Twilight said, after all, she wasn't a blader, “I just came here to cheer you on.”

“Oh, I guess we'll just have to wait a few more minutes and if no one shows up I'll have to start with just 14 people,” Mr. Torch said.

But at that moment the doorbell rang again, everyone looked and saw a 13-year-old girl, her skin was pink, she had scarlet eyes, she wore a white dress, black sneakers, she had a backpack with a drawing of a chess tower, but what the most outstanding thing about that girl was her light blue hair which was styled with many curls.

The girl entered, she had a nervous expression.

"Welcome to Beystore, can I help you?" asked Mr. Torch.

"Oh, hello, I came to participate in this event, if you don't mind," the girl said sweetly.

"Of course, with you we already have enough bladers, it will start in 10 minutes," Mr. Torch said.

As they got ready, Spike and Apple Bloom approached the girl.

"Hi, I'm Apple Bloom, this is Spike, are you a blader too?" asked Apple Bloom.

"Hello, my name is Cozy Glow, it's nice to meet you," she introduced herself and greeted them in the most formal way possible, "Sure, I'm a blader, but I don't think I'm as good as you."

Spike and Apple Bloom were surprised to see Cozy Glow's good mannerisms when speaking, as if she had a much higher education.

"Don't worry, if you're determined you can learn quickly, that's the best thing about beyblade, Apple Bloom only started playing a little over 2 weeks ago and she's already pretty good at it," Spike said.

“Seriously, that's great,” said Cozy Glow cheerfully, “I hope we can be friends after this battle.”

Spike and Apple Bloom smiled.

Minutes passed and Mr. Torch told the participants to get ready.

They went to the central part of the store where there was a very large beystadium for 20 people, quickly all the participants were placed in position.

Twilight was sitting in one of the chairs watching the upcoming battle.

Spike, Flash Sentry, Apple Bloom, and Cozy Glow stood together each had their bey out and placed it on their launcher.

Cozy Glow's beyblade was pink except for the center which was blood red, and his launcher was black, which confused Spike, he thought his launcher would be a more cheerful color.

“Alright, I'll tell you how this works, here when your beyblade stops or bursts it's eliminated, there's no second chance, the last one of the 15 beys that keeps spinning will be the winner,” Mr. Torch said.

Everyone understood, so then the countdown began.





Then Spike, Flash, Apple Bloom, Cozy, and 11 other bladers launched their beys into the huge beystadium.


But quickly a beyblade burst.

"What the....?" asked a random guy.

"Nice job Flame," Spike said cheerfully.

“And we already have the first eliminated, it seems that Spike started strong,” Mr. Torch said, narrating the match.

"Very well done Spike, but do you think you can do this?" Apple Bloom said as she ordered her beyblade to attack, "Golden Apple, maximum armor."

Another beyblade headed straight for Golden Apple hoping to break its ultimate armor, but upon colliding……


And quickly, the beyblade was launched out of the beystadium.

“Ring Out, we already have another eliminated,” Mr. Torch announced.

"Nice move," Spike told Apple Bloom.

“I try,” Apple Bloom replied.

But as they spoke, the sound of a beyblade bursting was heard again.


Spike and Apple Bloom turned their eyes to the beyblade responsible for it, they were shocked to see Flash's beyblade taking out not one, but 3 other beyblades, ringing out 2 and bursting the other.

Spike and Apple Bloom were amazed at such a feat while Flash only cracked a smile loaded with confidence.

"Impressive, Flash Sentry managed to eliminate 3 bladers at once, it is clear that he has great power, now there are only 10 contestants," Mr. Torch announced.

“LET'S GO FLASH HEART, SHINNING IMPACT,” Flash ordered his beyblade to do its special attack.

The seconds passed and the battle became intense, several of the bladers began to unsuccessfully attack Spike's beys, Apple Bloom and Flash Sentry but they didn't even flinch.

“Oh no,” there was a cry.

Spike directed his eyes to the source of the scream and saw a worried Cozy Glow.

The reason was because the remaining 6 bladers except for them teamed up to all go against Cozy.

Cozy's beyblade was being chased by 6 other beyblades, noticing that, Spike decided to take the initiative.

“EMERALD FLAME, GO TO ONE OF THEM AND HIT IT WITH YOUR OVERDRIVE,” Spike ordered his beyblade, which pulled one of them out of the beystadium.


“And there goes another blader out there,” Mr. Torch announced.

“Hey, what are you doing, stay out of this,” said the random guy who was eliminated.

“I don't know where you learned to play, but 6 vs 1 doesn't seem fair to me,” Spike replied.

“Thank you very much Spike,” said Cozy Glow.

"You're welcome Cozy," Spike replied.

"But it doesn´t matter how you look at it though," Cozy Glow's tender tone changed to a more frightening one, "This battle is unfair, but not for me."

Spike, Apple Bloom, and Flash Sentry were speechless upon witnessing Cozy Glow's pitch change.

Cozy Glow continued to speak wickedly, "It's unfair to the poor pathetic bladers, who think they can beat me, they're just trash, I suggest you give up and lick my shoes."

The other 5 bladers heard that and felt insulted.

"How dare you?"

"You're a brat."

"Respect your elders."

"I'll make you cry."

"Enough talk guys, attack, all against her," ordered the last of them.

5 beyblades were heading towards Cozy Glow's beyblade ready to destroy it.

But at that time, Cozy just smiled, "You are all pathetic."

As the beyblades closed in, she yelled commanding her beyblade to make an attack, "POWER EMPRESS, DESTROY THEM WITH YOUR SPECIAL ATTACK, GODDESS BARRIER."

Cozy Glow's beyblade started getting black cracks on its attack ring for some strange reason.

And the moment the 5 beyblades collided with the Power Empress.


Spike watched the scene in horror, 3 of the attacking beyblades were destroyed, but the worst awaited the other 2 who were thrown out of the beystadium.

The other 2 beyblades shot out, hitting their owners.



“Ouch,” one of them groaned in pain as he was hit by his own beyblade, then fell to the ground in a faint, the other did the same.

Apple Bloom who was watching was annoyed, "You did it on purpose, right?"

“Did they think i was just a cute and sweet girl? How sweet, they must know that appearances can be deceiving," Cozy Glow laughed, "Well, there would be no point in lying, of course it would, it's fun to hurt them."

"You're crazy," said Apple Bloom.

“I'll take that as a compliment if it comes from a dumb cowgirl,” said Cozy Glow.

Spike hearing this got upset, "Back off."

"Dawww, did I hurt your girlfriend feelings," said Cozy Glow.

Spike began to get angry, his eyes began to change, now they looked like the eyes of a dragon, but then he remembered something.

Flash back.


End of Flashback.

Spike remembered the last time he succumbed to anger, his eyes returning to normal.

"Are you okay Spike?" Flash Sentry asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry, I'm not descending into darkness like Cozy did."

“HAHAHAHAHA, you 3 can't beat me,” Cozy Glow laughed maniacally.

Spike, Apple Bloom and Flash Sentry looked horrified, but kept calm, knowing that it would be difficult to beat her.

“You guys can beat her,” Twilight thought worried about the situation they were in.

While without anyone noticing, the Dark Crystal Knight entered the store, and hidden from a corner began to witness the beybattle.

To be continue.

Author's Note:

Congratulations to nightshroud96, who found out who the mystery girl was at the end of episode 15.

Sorry for the delay, here is the next chapter, I didn't plan to include Cozy Glow in this story but I got good ideas, look forward to the next chapter.

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